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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 18, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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jobina: to stories right now iti 6:00, students boycotting handling of covid in their schools, >> parents right behind them. >>we need to acknowledge that and a return to normal as quickly as we can. reggie: living with covid-19. doctors describing the way we need to rethink the virus right now and the encouraging signs that go with it. jobina: if you haven't been outside yet, go out there and look up. are you hearing any werewolves? drew is telling us about the special full moon that is up right now. reggie: good morning. it is tuesday, january 18. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we are going to start with drew tuma's forecast. drew: take a look at visibility. we have some dense fog in spots, especially sonoma and marin county.
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we have improved to four miles in napa. that is where we had our problems mott early this morning. -- problem spot early this money. your day is chipping up like this. the sun is up at 7:22, the fog lingering into the 8:00 hour. moderate air quality. it is cooler compared to yesterday, temperatures in the low 50's 50's to middle 60's. reggie: thank you. if you have kids in oakland unified, school could look different today. students are to manning better protection from the omicron variant. most families see -- most families voted to keep their kids home the entire week. teachers will only be out today to show their support and will participate in a rally outside of the school. >> this is focused around what they are bringing to the classroom and what they could be taking home. they have younger siblings who could not be vaccinated. >> its purchase -- it's
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important to me to participate in the walkout because this is trying to help schools become safer for the kids who attend. reggie: some student demands have already been met. many were asking for protective masks, which were delivered last week. some teachers say they want more kobe testing threat the district. jobina: the cdc is recommending schools cancel extracurricular activities to curb the cranberry and. . we asked a doctor during our 3 p.m. show, getting answers. >> hanging out . it is those kinds of activities that seems to be driving transmission. that is why the recommendation is to do less of those activities. jobina: she went on to say that there is a belief that
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transmission is higher with indoor sports instead of outdoor. reggie: all undergrad classes that cannot be conducted online, like labs and our practice, will go back in person. so will all credit courses. undergrad courses like lectures are scheduled to resume in person on monday. jobina: for the first time in a month, average case rates in the bay area have dropped week to week. another encouraging sign for where we are headed in the pandemic. take a look at the data from san francisco's 70 average from "the new york times." we're not seeing the same rapid rise basalt during the holidays. the bay area 70 average dropped 4% compared to this time last week. the question many have right now is how we treat this pandemic going forward. our reporter amy hollyfield is live with what doctors are saying. amy: good morning. two bay area doctors are saying we cannot keep going back and forth with these mandates anymore. they are really pushing the
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medical community to rethink how we approach living with this virus and how we approach moving forward. they want to stop blanket mask mandates. these are two doctors out of ucsf. they are saying we even need to stop mask mandates and schools. they think we should get rid of the mask requirement in schools on it january 28. that is next friday, 12 weeks after the last school age child was axing eligible. the doctors argue these mandates have no place in a post vaccine world. >> our abundance of caution approach has caused a lot of harm. since so many of us are vaccinated and well protected, either from natural immunity or vaccination immunity, we need to knowledge that and return to normal as quickly as we can. amy: also starting to talk about this approach and agree with these two doctors. one journal published a piece
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called "a national strategy for the new normal of life with covid," saying omicron is pushing covid toward a virus we can live with we also talked to professor public health who said that as long as a variants keep appearing, it is too soon to lift mandates. it appears doctors are starting to take the side of it being time for a new approach for living with discovered virus. reporting live in the east bay, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: thank. san francisco residents, early voting starts today. the ballot includess things, including recalling three school board members. the mail-in ballots have already been delivered to your homes. you can also go to city hall starting today. it is open monday through friday, from 8:00 to 5:00, and weekends starting's -- starting for berry five from 11:00 to 4:00. jobina: we are no longer no lonr
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life at capitol hill. it looks like the middle of a press conference. voting rights legislation is being taken up. this encourages early and mail-in voting. passage to be a challenge, with a number of republicans and two democrats vowing to vote against it. mlk day, which was yesterday, his family held a march to pass the bills, saying that they must in on the right set of history. reggie: bay area residents with families in tonga are waiting anxiously to hear from their family members. there was a massive volcano eruption and tsunami on saturday. ash is so heavy at the airport . ships wit the supplies are also on the way. communication with the has been limited. the true extent of devastation is unknown. liberty, from one city, is
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consumed with concern. her 11-year-old son lives on the island. she last spoke with him on friday before the volcano erupted. >> it's really tough. i can't sleep. i just stay up and think about him. reggie: in oakland, shipping company is stepping up to send relief supplies. it is accepting donations from the public near the port of oakland. they are in need of essentials like water, masks, and relief goods. there is also plan to send to ships of supplies -- two ships of supplies. supplies will be distributed by the government of tonga. jobina: bay area family in shock over the death of their loved one, inexplicably pushed onto the subway tracks in new york city. the way she is being remembered this morning. reggie: the time is turning. the bandwagon growing now. the u.k. testing out the idea of a four-day workweek.
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a new program coming soon. drew: we are taking a look at the rainfall this month. so far, the only showers we have seen the first week of january. since then, we have been totally dry and will likely finish the rest of the month in that dry pattern. today is
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reggie: happening now, the wolf moon. you're looking at the first full moon of the year. the old farmer's almanac said it got that name because wolves were thought to how more frequently this time of year. this is one of 12 full moon's that we will see this year. two of them qualify as super meds. those are full moons that are brighter and closer to earth than normal. they appear larger in the sky. drew: it's really pretty. i saw last night.
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if you missed this one and you want to know when you can see the next full moon, next month our full moon is on february 16. this gets the nickname the full snow moon. right now, we have visibility issues in the north bay. there is half a mile in santa rosa. other places, we are doing ok. fog will linger to the 8 a.m. hour. later this afternoon, a fair amount of sunshine, partly cloudy skies. temperatures today are little bit cooler than yesterday. 57 in the city today, 58 in oakland. 62 in san jose, 61 in santa rosa, 62 in fairfield. let's see how the roads areoadse doing this morning. frances: with an accident slowing things down on northbound 101 passed highway 87. the three left lanes are blocked.
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this is going to be the slow stretch this morning. if you want to consider 280, that is an alternate. but there is that long term closure from the 280 connection ramp to the guadalupe bay parkway still blocked due to emergency roadwork. you can see the red traffic on northbound 101 heading through san jose. we have news that the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights have been turned on. jobina: thank you. at 6:00, even dear know with the good deals are. >> come on. come on. jobina: there it goes. oh my goodness. this young dolehide to be shoot out of a dollar general store on sunday. it walked in just a few steps behind a couple, but you see it made it out safely, he just got a little scared. reggie: a well-known shopping mall in the south bay is in the middle of a massive remodel, but
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cruise just had to pause construction because of what they discovered underground. plus. >> all of a sudden, they started taking me a little more seriously. >> this guys legit. >> he is not just here to pick up women or whatever. jobina: ok. the new knitting club formed in
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your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ reggie: and east bay families morning after a loved one died when she was pushing part of a subway in new york city. melissa was born in berkeley and grew up in fremont. there will be a candlelight vigil tonight in san francisco that starts at 6:00 in chinatown. a six to one-year-old confessed shortly after his arrest. investigators say he is homeless
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and emotionally disturbed, with several prior arrests. witnesses say he approached the girl from behind in chapter into the path of the train. she was killed instantly. she was a consultant at her volunteer work with the junior league, including helping the homeless. >> she clearly had a very strong passion for the one-on-one with these populations in need. she was a very compassionate soul who wanted to be rewarded by that direct impact and directly working with those individuals. reggie: simon is awaiting a likely arraignment on murder charges. michelle's family released a statement on how they were member her. she was brilliant, beautiful, kind, intelligent mormon -- intelligent woman who loved her friends. she was taken too soon in the senseless act of violence and we pray she gets the justice she deserves. jobina: if you can believe it, couple and their dog got out of
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this house after it slipped off its foundation and collapsed yesterday morning. it's is outside of seattle. fire officials responded to a call for flooding the house started to move. the couple inside said it happened in just a flash. >> i was airborne out of the bed. >> there were boulders everywhere, rocks, trees. jobina: officials believe a water main break caused it to collapse. dozens of neighbors were first to evacuate. reggie: construction as shopping mall has been pause because of contaminating material on the property. they will have to get rid of chemicals left behind from drycleaners and an automotive center. they submitted reports to county officials about he may have been exposed. albers plan to dig out 32 feet of soil to build underground parking and say that will lower the chances any contaminants will be found above the garage. wo we workweek,
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up. that is growing. in the u.k., it is now trying a four-day work week. about 30 companies have been trying it out for six months since june. the trials being run by cambridge university, oxford college, and other universities. it is becoming more popular. the ceo of the san francisco tech company "bolt" recently required -- recently acquired a permit for four-day workweek. jobina: well had to get creative during the pandemic, including picking up hobbies. one that has grown is knitting. there is a group in minnesota that loves to knit. >> knitting a simple fishermen hat. jobina: it is an art form that can be healthy and healing. one man says he taught himself how to knit when he was trying to quit smoking and it worked. he says he has not smoked sense. >> it's nice to find other guys
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who are actually excited about yarn and text all creation. the different things you can do with it, a great social outlet. you are coming into a community of people who were all excited about what they're working on. jobina: the knitting club has about 60 members. they meet regularly at coffee shops, breweries, and knitting shops. lovely. reggie: i think it's lovely. i could never do this. jobina: cachet want to make? i made this hat for my best friends baby. do you see it? drew: oh, wow. jobina: i posed with it and everything. it took me two days. but i am slow. drew: i thought that was fast. reggie: did you teachers up to do that? jobina: my mom crochet's, nits, and sows. i am really into the whole sustainable fashion thing. i have not bought close in two years. i will rent or make something.
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drew: that's amazing. when you teach me? i have always been jealous of people who can it. it looks so calming. jobina: who was it that was knitting? drew: mciver from the u.k.. he now has a fashion line of sweaters. jobina: see? that is your future. drew: that is so cool. we are tracking fog in the north bay, which is our biggest concern this morning. when you see a zero on the screen, that is dense fog. when you travel on 101 in this region or 37, you can see that pocket of fog. santa rosa has a half-mile of visibility. this lingers through the 8 a.m. hour. utrnal measuler with satellite.h we hav clos co of our weather pattern. this is the reason why we are
6:21 am
dry and remain dry through the forecast for the next seven days. right now, we are in the 30's and 40's. with that fog in santa rosa, it is cold right now. 51 in half moon bay. later on as a cooler afternoon compared yesterday. upper 50's to lower 60's. air quality remains in the moderate category. across the state, it is dry and cooler. 64 in a lay with partly cloudy skies. 63 the high in san diego. back here at home, it is upper 30's and middle 40's through tonight. we will likely see fog developing again in the north bay. here's the next 10 days. that storm tracker means to our north. the next chance possibly of rain , we are looking around february 1 or february 2. we will keep you updated on that. here's your accuweather 7 day forecast. for the next seven days, a little bit of sun today. almost springlike by friday. this we, get your outdoor activities planned. 60's with a lot of sunshine.
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jobina: thank you. now it's turned to ginger. good morning. ginger: did i hear sustainable fashion? yes. i think a lot of us have some knit work to learn from you. anyway, i am looking forward to seeing all of you on the program this morning. we have to get started with what i think a lot of us are listening in on. the urgent warning from 70 executives at airlines, saying that the new cell phone technology rolling out tomorrow could cause catastrophic crisis for air travel. my husband was getting on a plane this morning. he was like, great, perfect timing. also ahead, new details on the synagogue standoff. what we are learning about how it all came to an end and the warning from federal officials to faith-based communities around the country. and then it is the epic jeopardy winning streak that so many of us are talking about. amy schneider now up to third place on the all-time list. we will look at what's behind all of these hot streaks in the
6:23 am
last two years. did something change? finally, we have one of the teachers in this nation, which there are many, but specifically one who has been helping out with merging the tech divide. there are some a surprises. that into so much more coming up here on "gma." reggie: i was on instrument this morning i sell doing jumping jacks. ginger: i mean, i have been light, she is a maniac, maniac. that is me all morning. can i go inside now? reggie: yes, but we do appreciate the flashdance because that is amazing. we will see you at 7:00.
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or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. reggie: happening today, the new spinoff series "how i met you father" is on hulu. >> he showed up 20 mislead. reggie: this is the h
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anticipated spinoff since the sick, "how i met your mother" when off the air. hilary duff plays the main character. the writer says she is putting a new spin on the series and updating it to reflect real life. >> bring people together that don't have all the same expenses. it makes for a more interesting life and it makes for more interesting television. reggie: like the original series, it will have audiences guessing who is the father. the first two episodes premiere today on hulu and we have all said it, too. everyone on the show is ridiculously attractive. new at 6:00, what is inside a zoo in siberia and should probably be a disney movie. jobina: a three legged lion, two tigers, and a labrador are roommates. i have to check this out. the keepers say they are all friends. they have been growing up
6:27 am
together since july of last year. line clubhead -- the lion club had to lose its leg and the labrador was brought in to keep it company. the two tire cups of been brought in and now they are all a family. reggie: that reminds me of "the fox and the hound." did you see that when? the fox and the hound our friends when they should really be sworn enemies. i am hoping for these two. at a certain age, that can't happen anymore, right? watch the movie and you will see what happens. more coming your way at 6:30. a deadly path for california college students. the announcement coming from the government today. jobina: plus, the future is now. the new "jetsons" vehicle that can be yours for a not so small price. reggie: if you hedged -- if you
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: top stories is wake upau at 6:30. student sick out for safety. what caught in the east bay set to begin later this morning. students, parents, and teachers saying they are left with no choice than to get the message across by not going to school. a nearby school district is taking a different approach. jobina: encouraging co-returns both in the bay area and other regions of the country. and there is word as a combined vaccine coming from moderna. it is really planning to tackle both the flu and covid in a single dose. reggie: the winds just keep on coming for amy schneider. she is passing the best of jeopardy's best and not too many left in her way. she is hinting at what she is hinting at what she might do next. morning on this tuesday, january 18. you are watching abc 7 news,
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live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. first, we're going to get a look at the forecast. drew: we are tracking some foggy spots in the north bay right now. his ability is low and parts of napa county. take a look at the map right now. down the half-mile in santa rosa, half-mile in fairfield. that fog will linger through the 8 a.m. hour. partly cloudy skies over the city and here's how your day is shaping up. sunrise at 7:22 this morning. later on into the afternoon, you can see that we have a lot of sunshine. air quality again remains on the moderate side today and tomorrow. in the afternoon, it is cooler today compared to yesterday. today will be in the middle 50's to low 60's. not too bad for this time of year. sunset is at 5:16 later on. jobina: thank you. there is growing evidence that the omicron search may begin to peek in parts of the u.s.
6:32 am
it is down 17% in new york city and new jersey in the last week. so many hospitals nationwide continue to feel the strain, with too many covid patients and to few staff. after anthony fauci says it is still unknown if we can expect another variant, but he says covid will stay with us. >> is not that you're going to illuminate this disease completely. we are not going to do that. but hopefully, it will be at such a low level that it doesn't disrupt our normal social, economic, and other interactions with each other. jobina: testing is about to become a bit easier. insurance companies are now reimbursing up to eight at-home test per month. the government website launches tomorrow to distribute four test per household. reggie: some teachers in two east bay school district's are taking different approaches to the pandemic today. 700 students and 112 teachers
6:33 am
hayward unified tested positive after winter break. they ended up being short staffed. testing sites were overwhelmed, so they just sent the students home. and while in oakland, students are refusing to go to class. they are staging a walk out, to manning better safety precautions, including more testing. >> they have had months to put the safety procedures in place. the things that we are asking for now are things that we have been asking for for months. reggie: students are also demanding cdc approved masks. oakland unified says they were delivered last week. kaiser is now offering some patients a fourth covid vaccine. that is because they gave nearly 4000 patients the wrong dose at walnut creek in the fall. amy hollyfield is live with this mixup. amy: they did give a smaller dose. they are offering another shot, but they are not making it sound
6:34 am
like these patients need to rush out to get it, saying this lower dosage they got should not significantly reduce their immunity. kaiser has sent out a notice to be 3900 patients who did not get the full dose of the vaccine. this happened at the kaiser medical center in walnut creek last fall. this impacted patients who got the wiser vaccine, not moderna or johnson & johnson. kaiser says they have determined it is an isolated incident resulting from some staff misunderstanding instructions. teens and adults are supposed to receive an adult -- a dose of .3 milliliters of the vaccine. these people received .26 to . . milliliters. kaiser says they are monitoring staff to make sure this does not happen again. jobina: thank you. a small study out of israel is giving us clues about the effectiveness of a fourth dose
6:35 am
of pfizer's vaccine. the study looked at 100 54 medical personnel in tel aviv and found a fourth dose raised into body levels, but those with the extra dose or only slightly less likely to get a breakthrough omicron infection. researchers pointed out the vaccine was still effective at protecting against severe illness. those who do get breakthrough cases had mild or no symptoms. reggie: moderna is working on a shot that covers both the flu and covid-19. the company is combining a flu shot and covid booster into one dose. the goal is to have it available for people who have concerns about getting multiple shots every winter. that is not going to be ready until the fall of 2023. it would only be available to some countries at the start. jobina: as omicron variant started to sweep the nation, businesses in the bay area made drastic decisions, some closing up shops. owners say they don't know how much they can hold on. one opened up an ice cream
6:36 am
in the district two decades ago he temporally closed up two weeks ago. >> now we are just looking at our options. what are we going to do? jobina: he hopes to reopen by the end of the month, but is waiting to see how the omicron search plays out. according to the valencia quarter business association, 40% of businesses are taking an omicron break due to the highly transmissible therein. if you want to stay up-to-date, we have more information on our website. just head over to reggie: governor newsom set to announce 45 colleges and universities taking part in volunteer service to help with emergencies and disasters, the state will subsidize tuition for participating students. they will get $10,000 for hours of service. the governor is set to make that announcement at 11:30 this morning.
6:37 am
jobina: building a better bay area is looking at ways to tackle climate change. raising billions of dollars for electric cars and charging stations. the measure would provide funding to expand the charging infrastructure and help lower income people buy electric vehicles. supporters have until the end of the month to decide whether to tax personal or corporate income for the measure. they will need to gather more than 600,000 signatures by july to get it on the ballot. we should note the taxpayer association is opposing the measure, saying californians are taxed enough. abc 7 has a full line of stories about climate change, storm watch, and all of that coverage. you can watch it on our bay area connected tv app. you can download it for free wherever you stream. reggie: digging into the concerns over the rollout of 5g. what we could see starting tomorrow. jobina: you're looking live at
6:38 am
the big board of the new york stock exchange. we will have another update on the markets, next. reggie: neighbors on it next-door talking about this fedex driver delivery in san francisco. he could not hide from the doorbell cam. drew: you never can. looking at live doppler 7, or we have low visibility issues in the north bay this morning. we are down 2.25 mile visibilitt in some areas. santa rosa is down to a half mile. you're certainly impacted by this fog early this morning. it will linger through the 8 a.m. hour. right now, we are mainly in the 30's and 40's. it is certainly chilean spots. where down to 36 in santa rosa. 37 in napa 50 in the city. as we go hour-by-hour, the first thing this morning, fog will
6:39 am
lift by adm temperatures are little slow to warm today compared to yesterday. we are only in the low to middle 50's by lunchtime. in the afternoon, we will see some high, thin clouds streaming in from the north. it will be partly cloudy later on today. cooler compared to yesterday. 57 across the city, 58 in oakland, 61 in santa rosa. this is closer to where we should be in this time of year. we should be in the middle 60's. we have that air quality issue, where moderate air quality is expected not only today, but also tomorrow. partly cloudy skies and here's your air quality. the next 48 hours, it remains unchanged. we will have haze in our atmosphere. we are not going to with air-quality of the next several days. it is cooler this afternoon, no matter where you go. dryer in southern california after rain yesterday. sacramento is up to 60 degrees.
6:40 am
it's get a check of traffic with francis. frances: good morning. one a hotspot is in the south bay, causing 15 minute to 20 minute delays. an earlier crash at 87 has just cleared, but there is a new injury accident on north 101 at 880. that will slow things down because injuries have been reported. if you want to take 280, that is your best bet. the off ramps to guadalupe parkway have been reopened. traffic is backed up on north on 880 if you are headed up toward the airport. the toll plaza at me during lights are on. a note crash -- a new crash is reported at the berkeley curve. we will give you an update on that, too. we will have more news after this break.
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reggie: happening today, nastro the size of the golden gate bridge will pass close to earth. no need to worry. according to nasa, there is no threat to us. asteroid is 1.2 million miles away, traveling over 47,000 miles per hour. it should pass us at 1:51 p.m. nasa has been tracking this since 1994. they say another object like this will come this close to earth for 200 years. if you want to spot this asteroid, you will need a
6:44 am
telescope. jobina: new developments. korea has launched another ballistic missile test. it is the fourth so far this year. they claim it was guided missiles that hit their targets. in response to the recent test, the biden administration has announced new sections against north korea and at some russians are accused of backing the program. reggie: as he reaches when you're not office, president biden is announcing he is facing challenges. pres. biden: i'm disappointed in things we have not gotten done. reggie: two of his top priorities are the bill back better social spending plan and voting rights legislation, but they are stalled in the set -- in the senate. president biden went into office vowing to get the pandemic under control. pres. biden: we now have a national strategy to beat covid-19. it is based on science, not politics. we are very different today than we were a year ago. even though is to have problems. reggie: the president has
6:45 am
delivered on several key campaign provinces. he signed into law the american rescue plan. it was a nearly $2 trillion covid stingless bill. there was also the bipartisan infrastructure bill that became law. jobina: new developments. top airline executives are warning against an aviation catastrophe when at&t and verizon launch 5g tomorrow. it could make some large aircraft unstable. the concern is whether signals could interfere with a device that pilots use to tell them how far they are from the ground and helps them land in a poor visibility. expiratory the devices might fail because of potential confusion with 5g signals. >> this is unsafe. manufacturers said so, our airlines are saying so, the faa is saying so, and so are pilots. jobina: at&t and verizon have not commented on this latest morning, but in the past they have said the technology is
6:46 am
safe. reggie: now for your morning money report. prices could now be jumping for your oj. it is being brought on by the small scrap of florida oranges since world war ii era in 1945. according to "the wall street journal," a disease affecting orange trees is affecting them and affecting overlord production. we are learning more details about the upcoming iphone. reports say apple's next device will be the apple sce plus 5g. it will have a 4.7 h -- 4.75 inch screen. taking a look at the new york stock exchange. not a great way to start. very down about 525 points. jobina: now to a flying machine straight out of " the jetsons." this is called " the jets in one." it seats one person.
6:47 am
the real headline is license is required because it weighs so little. the company hopes to start delivery year. one of the founders spoke to cnet about the invention. he called it a jet ski for the air. at 6:00, not exactly how you want a package to be delivered. a fedex driver checked a box onto the front porch of a san francisco home. >> will. -- wow. jobina: didn't see that coming. adorable camera captured the instance last week. fedex said it will send a memo to drivers about it after the recipient contacted them. that person says they don't want this to happen again and posted this video on next door, where it went viral. people are commenting about the driver, saying, "it could be tom brady in disguise."
6:48 am
drew: i'm just happy sometimes that my packages don't get stolen. reggie: exactly. drew: if it gets to my doorstep, then i got it. reggie: i would like to take that person to a carnival. they could win every game. i'm not sure if this is the right job for that person, but carnival. jobina: yes. i was impressed the person decided to get something delivered to their front door to be honest. drew: sometimes you have to. someone stole my tinsel four years ago. i don't know who it was, but if you're watching, that is a personal attack. if you are watching, you know who you are. i am still bitter about it. [laughter] drew: let's talk about the lie look outside. i wanted to decorate for christmas. stole my tinsel.
6:49 am
allies look outside. some low clouds and the sun is on its way out. we are starting out with some visibility issues. it is mainly in the north bay right now. we're pretty much down to a half-mile from napa to santa rosa. fog will lift after 8 a.m. this morning. that is where we have the thickest fog at this hour. we have some rain in southern california. it was not a lot, but less between four hours had some measurable rain. it is pushing up to the east. we had high clouds from that storm throughout our day yesterday. high-pressure still firmly in control right here. that is why we remained dry today and through the week. right now, temperatures through the 30's and 40's. 36 in santa rosa, 39 in palo alto. winter jackets are needed, but the rain gear is taking another break today. a cooler afternoon compared to yesterday. 57 in the city, 58 in oakland. we had about 60 in concord. blend of stars and clouds overnight, clouds developing again in the north bay.
6:50 am
upper 30's and middle 40's as we head into wednesday. teacher weather over the next 10 days. rain remains out of the forecast. storm track continues to stay to our north. what we are watching is likely february 1 or february 2, a storm tries to make its way into northern california. we will keep you updated on that. here's your accuweather 7 day forecast. not much change over the next couple of days. it is almost springlike on friday. we can is another nice one. dry weather and temperatures in the 60's. reggie: now we watch drivers on black ice. look at them going all over the road. this is in north carolina. wow. a lot of close calls here. amazingly in this video, you don't see anyone actually hitting another vehicle or even the side of the road. a storm dropped snow and ice across the state, knocking out thousands of -- power to thousands of people. there were over a hundred
6:51 am
crashes on sunday alone because of the icy roads. temperatures are below freezing today. hoping to camp in yosemite this summer? a lottery system is your best bet. starting at 7 a.m., in 10 minutes, through february 6, you can submit your name and $10 for early access reservation at the north pines campground. 640 people will be picked at random. after those people have a chance to confirm the reservations, any remaining tickets will go on general sale later this spring. yosemite put the new system in place after some people complained that the old system was unfair. jobina: a family zoo has a tribute to betty white. they opened the betty white memorial garden yesterday. it was her 100 birthday. she was a friend and longtime trustee at the zoo, and a friend an animal advocate. a hot dog company donated $3000 to the zoo from the proceeds of the sale of a hot dog named in betty white's honor. google changing the white news
6:52 am
-- white noise feature on its devices. many people who use mb adenoids to fall asleep say the new white noise is too quiet and muffled. the other issue is the sound now loops every 10 minutes instead of every hour. apparently, adults don't like it, kids don't like it, parents say their children are throwing tapped rooms -- throwing tantrums over the change. one mom says her toddler who is had the same noise since birth has had a meltdown. that was an interesting story. [laughter] jobina: a 37 euros mom just ran into the record books. she finished the houston marathon in two hours, 19 minutes, 12 seconds. that is the fastest marathon time for an american woman, crushing the previous record set 16 years ago by a full 30 seconds. she wasn't american runner inn college. she suffered an ankle injury in college, but eight years later, she laced up her running shoes
6:53 am
again, running her first marathon in 2017, just seven months after giving birth to her second child. this past week and her determination paid off. >> i keep checking it to make sure that's what i read. i can't believe it. >> it's kind of like my mom is famous and it's cool to have a famous mother. jobina: don't you love kids? the mother says seeing her kids at the finish line was one of the happiest moment of her life. she calls her accomplishment a dream come true. reggie: you may see a lot more of any schneider on jeopardy even after her winning streak ends, which, by the way, it has not. she told l.a. times that she would consider hosting jeopardy if she was asked. last night, she says the soft where engine earring fro fro fro has the most wins from the show's history and is just a few wins away from catching up to matt amodio. >> i'm a big baseball fan. there are times when two of the
6:54 am
best players ever are on the field at the same time. then, ego decades without somebody that good. i am loath to try to interpret too much beyond that. reggie: i don't know what he just said, but what i needed to hear from him was, congratulations, amy you are amazing. that's what i needed to hear. we can take that one again. [laughter] reggie: now all of a sudden, i am amy schneider's agent. she is set to win $1 million, making her the most successful female contestant and a transgender contestant of all time. you can watch her keep this winning streak going weeknights at 7:00 right here on abc 7. i told you earlier, jobina, that she did miss fridays final jeopardy. you are asking me what the question was or what the response was. jobina: what was the question and response? reggie: it is, 60,000 are at rest and a memorial open in 1969
6:55 am
and the creator of a -- an extinct volcano in the state. jobina: oh. hawaii. reggie: that's right. more specifically, it is punch bowl. it is the cemetery where they buried a lot of the world war ii vets. i actually knew that one. jobina: go reggie. reggie: no one got it right on the whole panel. our beloved amy schneider answered, "what is california?" she was so far ahead that she won anyway. love you, amy. jobina: it is 6:55 on this tuesday. we are going to meet amy they be before the end of the week. reggie: yes. jobina: i will tell, see. reggie: coming up next, the seven things you need to know for today. jobina: download the app and
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jobina: if you're just joining us, here the some things to know. number one, if you have kids in oakland unified, school could look a little different today. several schools are planning to take part in a student sick out. they are demanding better protections from omicron variant. reggie: health experts say we are well on our way to living with covid, as we do with other infectious diseases. two doctors from ucsf wrote an article that says it is time to take a new approach. we need to stop restrictions based on metrics that are no longer clinically relevant. jobina: kaiser in walnut creek says it is notifying patients after nearly 4000 people were given a low dose of pfizer vaccine by mistake. kaiser is offering infected patients another shot. reggie: early voting begins today in san francisco. the ballot includes a number of items today, including deciding whether to recall three school
6:59 am
board members. election day is february 15. drew: we are tracking partly sunny skies this morning. it is also a cooler afternoon. fog in the north bay. honored -- moderate air quality today. highs in the 50's and low 60's. frances: traffic is heavy and a couple of spots because of earlier accidents. northbound 101 has a delay. northbound 880 is slow as well if you're headed toward the airport. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up. jobina: a group of men in minnesota are sharing their love for knitting. many people picked up hobbies during the pandemic. they say it is an art form that can be healthy and healing. there are about 60 members and they meet gillooly at coffee shops. -- they meet regularly at coffee shops. reggie: you said you knit. how long did it take you to make that hat? jobina: two days for the hat. my mom was helping because she is the crochet queen. frances: i have been working on
7:00 am
a scar for the last five years. drew: did -- different timelines. reggie: francis literally flies to the air o good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. on this tuesday an urgent warning from the nation's airlines about the potential for a catastrophic crisis. stark alert. airlines ceos warn about the new 5g cell phone technology set to launch in less than 24 hours and say it's unsafe threatening to ground certain planes stranding thousands of passengers. what the faa is saying and how it could impact the supply chain and vaccine distribution. shifting surge in the fight against omicron. where the nation is seeing signs of a slowdown and areas of high transmission. now what dr. fauci is saying about the future of the virus. this morning, how you can get those free at-home testing kits from the government and what moderna is saying about a possible covid-19 flu booster combo.


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