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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 17, 2022 3:30am-4:00am PST

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breaking overnight on "world breaking overnight on "world news now" the major winter storm slamming the northeast right now. >> it's already left destruction across the south, where it's headed next. also this morning, new images and new details from that weekend eruption in the south pacific, sending tsunami waves across the ocean, impacting the u.s. west coast. the nation of tonga pleading for help. the showdown over voting rights legislation ahead of debate on capitol hill tomorrow. and on this mlk day, what martin luther king iii is saying about the issue and what he's telling people to do today. and the nfl's brothers playing in two different games in two time zones on the same
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day. see if mom makes it to both. it's monday, january 17. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you know mom's going to do her best to get to every game. e in the nfl and the nfl playoffs. >> and her story is actually remarkable. i can't wait to tell you her story. she did everything she possibly could just to get there. way to go, mom. >> yes, she did. does your mom ever show up to your press conferences? >> press conferences, no. >> she's watching you, though, of course, of course. we'll get to that story and some fun stories later in the show. we are going to begin with the deadly winter storm taking aim now. >> yeah, it's moving into new england overnight, but it's now blamed for at least two deaths
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in north carolina. >> and here in new york, the storm started as snow but quickly changed to rain. the heavier snow is falling further inland. the storm's damage can be seen into the deep south. much of the southeast hit with a treacherous wintry mix this weekend. the snow and ice taking a toll on travel. >> trying to make it as safe as possible. we'll do everything in our best power to keep roads clear. >> virginia police say they have responded to more than 650 traffic incidents. parts of the carolinas seeing near whiteout conditions. >> please don't take unnecessary chances with this dangerous winter storm. stay put and stay safe. >> this dramatic scene in durham, north carolina. the driver survived after his truck skidded off an overpass. more than 95% of flights at charlotte-douglas international airport canceled. >> hopefully something opens up, but for right now, it's a waiting game for me right now. >> in roswell, georgia, this bridge to the cultural arts center is badly damaged. from arkansas to florida, to north carolina, tens of thousands are without power. and with strong winds in the forecast that number could grow.
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in ft. myers, florida, an ef-2 tornado touching down and leaving more than two dozen homes destroyed. >> i've seen some stuff come up, but this came up quicker than anything i've ever seen. >> edward murray was trapped under the rubble. >> fire department got here, and the fire department was great. they were strong, hard-working men who came in through that rubble to get me. >> new york's governor urging everyone to stay off the roads. >> because overnight is going to be very unpredictable. and with the darkness and ice on the roads and high winds, this could be a very dangerous situation. >> what's next for the storm? we get the forecast from wabc's jeff smith. >> this high impact, multi-faceted storm continues into the northeast, tracking a lot of snow by daybreak. buffalo down to pittsburgh gtting some of the heaviest snow bands. parts of new england getting into the act as well. though the coastline will have turned into rain by that point. midday things start to wind down but not before upwards of nearly a foot and a half of snow falls in a place like buffalo.
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the wind will be another factor, gusting up and over 60 miles per hour along the new england coast well into the day on monday. and that will drive water onshore. we have coastal flood warnings in effect. new england coast all the way down through the tri state area, including long island and parts of the jersey shore. big storm out there, be careful if you're traveling around the northeast today. we'll send it back to you, andrew and faith. >> all right, jeff, thank you. police have taken two teens in the uk into custody in connection with a ten-hour standoff in texas. it's not clear what charges they may be facing. the fbi says the gunman behind the siege in the dallas-ft. worth area is a british citizen who demanded the release of a pakistani terrorist convicted of trying to kill u.s. army officers. a rabbi and three others ran out of the temple unharmed. the suspect was killed as the s.w.a.t. team rushed in.
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the senate is prepared to debate voting rights tomorrow even though joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are not willing to change the filibuster to pass the legislation. martin luther king iii called her out for refusing to change the rules. he said history will remember her unkindly. >> i feel bad that we're still having this fight. but it is said that a people that do not remember their history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. and so we have to finally get it right. we need to have legislation in place so that it never has to be addressed again. >> he will lead another march today in washington, d.c. there's new evidence of russian military activity along russia's border with ukraine.
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tanks, trucks and other heavy equipment is seen being transported on trains there. there are already more than 100,000 russian troops amassed at that border. and the u.s. believes russian operatives are already inside ukraine and could soon be planning to stage an incident that russia could use as a pretext for invasion. e pafic. morning, new images ovn the explosion triggered tsunami alerts for millions of people. here's rhiannon ally. >> reporter: this morning, new video of waves from that powerful south pacific volcano reaching the west coast. >> it is happening, y'all. it is happening. >> reporter: the high waters crashing into the shores of pacifica, california after a massive volcano erupted under water saturday near tonga. a remote island east of australia in the south pacific.
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a second eruption sunday triggered tsunami warnings in the region and evacuations were ordered. the island nation now says there's an urgent need for food and water. >> none of us have heard from anybody at any time. we still trust, even though we haven't heard from them for almost 24 hours now. but we believe, you know, have hope that something good's going to come out from this. >> reporter: also this morning, concern that the undersea communications cable to tonga may have been cut off, making it hard to communicate with anyone on the island. australia and new zealand are launching surveillance flights to assess the damage. but the pilots are battling a thick cloud of ash. >> there is a tsunami advisory in effect. stay out of the water. >> reporter: while tsunami advisories have since receded, authorities have had to rescue several beachgoers in northern and southern california. many residents had to scramble.
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>> the water just came in, took the dock out and started pulling like you see there, the edge of the balcony's off. >> reporter: and in south america, two people were killed in unusually high waves in peru. the eruption triggered three sonic booms felt around the world. one expert saying this was arguably the biggest volcanic eruption in the past century. andrew, faith? >> rhiannon, thank you. let's go back to sunday. there were a lot of nfl playoff games, and a busy day for one mom. >> i think you're going to like this story. donna kelce's boys, jason and travis, were both at work in the playoffs more than 1,000 miles apart. first she was in tampa watching jason take on the buccaneers. that didn't end well. and then mom was off again. off to kansas city for her for
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the evening part of that doubleheader. >> so ms. kelce made it to missouri just in time to watch her youngest son travis throw and catch a touchdown pass in kc's dominant win over pittsburgh. the eagles were not as fortunate, so now there's only one kelce son moving on. that's pretty cool. that's a long day. >> it really is. a little tidbit here. people on twitter were talking about how someone should have told her these games were on television. she could have stayed home and watched both. but it's not the same, right? >> mom's got to be there, right? coming up, the new smallest apartment in new york city. is it mine? >> probably. plus, one of the hottest new gadgets from ces, and how bird buddy is taking bird watching to a new level. plus, as if the rising cost of gas, heat and food aren't enough, why watching your favorite shows and movies on netflix just got more expensive.
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here in new york, hundreds of tearful mourners gathered at a mosque to pay final respects to 15 of the 17 people who died when their bronx apartment building went up in flames. the victims, including eight children, had ties to the small african nation of gambia. the fire was blamed on an electric space heater. a scandal involving an inappropriate relationship has cost a top school one of its top officials. mark schlissel has been removed as president of the university of michigan. an investigation revealed he had
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a relationship with a school employee. the dismissal comes six months after he announced a zero tolerance policy for relationships between supervisors and subordinates. prince harry is battling the british government over security when he and his family are in the uk. he and meghan lost publicly-funded police protection when they stepped down as royals. they pay for their own team while in the u.s. but they can't legally do their job in the uk. so harry claims that makes trips to britain too dangerous if for example they were to bring their children to see their great-grandmother, the queen. the issue is now playing out in british courts. netflix had a weekend debut that affected all of its subscribers -- higher fees. the streaming service has raised prices on all of its plans in the u.s. and canada between $1 and $2 a month. basic service is now $10. 4k services up to $20. the changes will be rolled out gradually for existing subscribers. all right, coming up, unique gadgets, including an electric
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toothbrush that claims to brush your teeth in ten seconds. and a tiny apartment went viral. but now a new yorker says his place is even smaller. you'll see it just ahead. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ i love you for your pink cadillac ♪ ♪ ridin' in the back ♪ ♪ cruising down the street ♪ welcome back to "world news now." if the consumer electronics show is any indication, the future is here and now, from smart contact lenses to a color-changing bmw. we can't get enough of the innovations at the 2022 show in las vegas. of course we cannot talk gadgets without the giz wiz himself, dick debartolo here to bring us the other showstoppers from ces.
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happy new year, dick. we begin with high-tech doorbells. >> exactly. if you get a lot of packages, take a look at this. it's a dual-camera doorbell. it's mounted on the door, but it has two cameras, so the front-facing camera lets you see the carrier, but the camera at the bottom will let you see the package that the person leaves. so now you have a double view. when a package comes you get a notification on your phone. you can also move the lower camera and see all of your porch. >> amazing, porch pirates do not stand a chance. up next, something for the teeth? >> absolutely. take a look at this, a fast way to brush them all. y-brush unveiled a new toothbrush concept that reduces the time to brush your teeth from two minutes to just ten seconds. it brushes the surfaces of all teeth of the upper and lower jaw, one at a time, with 34,000 nylon filaments fixed in the flexible "y" shape.
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do one surface for five seconds. flip the brush, then do the other surface for five seconds and you're finished. >> because two minutes is too much to ask of course. let's talk about the new think book. >> okay. this is from lenovo, if you're a multi-tasker, it's a 17-inch laptop and has a built-in 8-inch tablet. now you can use them in unison, or you can have them do individual tasks. so it's great if you want a video to continue from one screen to the other or if you have a very long document, and it comes with a digital pen. and that's coming out in may. >> looking forward to may. and next a reason to go green in your own living room. >> absolutely. this is from samsung. and it's a remote. last year they had a remote that used solar power. now they say that in the air, wi-fi routers and tvs put out
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radio frequencies. they harness it to power the remote. >> that is absolutely incredible. and a little birdie told me this last product is something we should all be excited about. >> it's for birds and bird lovers. bird buddy allows you to get a close-up view of birds in your backyard. fill it with seed, charge the wi-fi-enabled camera, place it in the notch in bird buddy and install it in your yard within range of your wi-fi. when birds learn about your new feeder and come to eat, you will get a notification on your smartphone. you can take their photo and ai can identify the bird species. >> what do you think? are you going to get the bird buddy yourself? >> i am. all you're going to see is pigeons, but i'll get it. >> i love it. giz wiz dick debartolo, thank you. check out dick's website at or
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"the mix" is next. thank you so much. >> thank you. it's great fun, bye. thank you so much. >> thank you. it's great fun, bye. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized we needed a way to supplement our income. if you have $100,000 or more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without
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♪ ♪ time now for "the mix." and we are starting with golden grounds, and we mean that literally. >> the potato chip maker is making the perfect chip with soil grown from select nfl stadiums. >> we worked with nfl teams to gather soil from their home grounds and shipped it to a potato farm and mixed the secret soil into the fields and grew potatoes with it. don't worry, we kept the rival teams separate.
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>> the chips won't be released in stores, but for the next week you can have a chance to win a bag yourself by entering the sweepstakes. i guess you could say it's crunch time. what about the teams that have turf and not ground? >> i don't know, maybe under the turf. does the potato taste salty from all the sweat? >> ooh. i guess there's only one way to find out, entering the sweepstakes. >> i just made it nasty. just try it out. next to the battle for new york's tiniest apartment. >> i feel like every apartment is the tiniest apartment. back in december we profiled aspiring actor a.j. weber whose apartment went viral. remember he was paying $1,000 a month for it. he claimed it was the smallest apartment in new york. >> not so fast. a comedian living elsewhere in manhattan begs to differ. ron urban says his apartment, sized just like weber's at 100 square feet is actually tighter,
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because it's six feet wide. >> yeah, but he's got the flex of the exposed brick there, which i'm sure his landlord's charging him double the rent just for that. neither man has their own bathroom. they use a common bathroom in the hallway. weber pays $1200 a month for his space. urban pays a relatively cheap $950. >> out, out. next to the world's largest cast iron skillet cruising down the highway. >> the 14,000-pound cast iron skillet was traveling to the future home of the lodge cast iron museum in south pittsburgh, tennessee. >> hopefully it doesn't rain, because you don't want that thing to rust. it's being billed as the world's largest pan being hauled on the back of a flatbed truck. >> it is expected to be an attraction for the museum when it opens this summer. and what could be the most adorable bear cub ever. >> an andean bear was caught on
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camera playing in a tiny pool at a refuge in bolivia. i love these videos. >> what a cutie.
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right now, on "america this morning" a deadly winter storm hitting right now. icy roads from georgia to main, this tractor trailer left dangling from an overpass, 2 feet of snow possible inland while coastal areas brace for high winds, flooding and power outages, who to expect this morning. breaking overnight, two new arrests with a hostage situation at a synagog in texas, president biden calling it an act of terror, what we're learning about the hostage take you are and how he got into the united states. supply chain whiplash just when you thought things were getting better, why you may have
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to wait even longer for some of the products you buy in the


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