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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 16, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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chase. make more of what's yours. >> tsunami conditions impact the bay. and tonight scientist react. >> tonight, san francisco is seeing an increase in covid-19 cases among teenagers. an expert explains how ho keep -- how to keep your kids protected. >> i'll have your forecast. abc7 news starts right now. announcer: building a bert bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. dion: ocean waves traveled 5,000 niles bay area coastline following this underwater eruption in tonga. the science behind the scare. we are learning there is an underwater volcano not far from the bay area. just how common they are and the real risk they pose. good evening. i'm dion lim.
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you're watching abc7 live at 11:00 live here on ashes 7 and wherever you stream that eruption sent a gash of plume, gas and steam 12 miles into the air. getting that information may take several more days. the tsunami knocked out phone service in much of tonga. huge waves had a significant impact on their capital. damaging shots along the coast -- shops along the coast. it ripped the boat dock off a building. waves flooded santa cruz harbor. j.r. stone has a look at just how common underwater volcanos are and the lasting impact they have in our environment. j.r.: these are images of the destruction from the volcano. >> this was magma maybe from an
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underwater landslide that encounter the sea water and exploded really violently. j.r.: wendy says the power of this eruption is incredible. saying that loud booms were heard in alaska. tsunami advisories were issued along the west coast. the surge could be seen in capatol, a. tsunami activity is actually harder to predict after an undersea volcano like this than say an earthquake. usg's jessica ball says there are 160 submarine volcanos within 100 miles of the california coast. >> so we don't have to worry about anything in the immediate sense. but that's something that agencies like the usgs are
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always keeping an eye on. >> in fact, the town of clear lake and much of the actual lake there are on top of a volcano field. the most recent eruption occurring 11,000 years ago. >> there are evidence that volkanism occurred through large bodies of water. nothing loik what was experienced in tonga. but it could send out big pressure waves and similar stratospheric maybe type eruptions. >> stovall says strong eruptions can cool the entire earth for a period of years. but so far her colleagues studying data from tonga have calculated any numbers to suggest that is the case here. j.r. stone, abc7 news. dion: sunday worship took on a somber tone near the bay area. many are hard broken and anxious today expressing deep concern for their homeland, friends and
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family. >> i saw -- i saw the wave coming in right into the -- in the front yards of where i grew up. and i couldn't imagine the fear if you stand there watching this coming and you don't know how long it's going to come. dion: she says communication has been difficult between the mainland u.s. and tonga. liafa has not heard from a sister who lives on the island. she says the residents of tonga need our empathy, support and prayers. our commitment focusing now on health. covid case rates among teenagers are soaring that's ardcog to the most recent city -- that's according to the most recent city data. luz. you've look into this. what is driving the quick rise here? luz: there are several factors crediting to the increase in cases among teenagers.
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one is mixing or gatherings over the holidays but also cases don't go up and teenagers don't have a robust immune response against virus. >> over 1500 san franciscoians are testing positive for covid-19 every day this. accord dog the latest city data. now the age group the highest number of infections are 12 to 17 year-olds. >> i think a bunch of kids now are like going to outdoor parties. because like nothing has changed in school other than the fact that omicron started. >> 12 year-old benjamin is right about one of the main contributing factors. >> probably there's a level of mixing that's happening in the 12 to 17 year-old that is is not happening as much in the younger ages. and much of that mixing probably happened during the winter break. >> u.c., profess or of pedia tricks believes testing is also play ago role. teenagers are getting tested now at higher rates.
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>> when testing -- the older kids tend to have symptoms more and therefore they're getting tested also outside of the school context because they're more likely to have symptoms. so the 5 to 11 year-olds are not liking to have those symptoms. >> benjamin is vaccinated but testing and maxing don't be key to keep him and his family safe. >> i just tested today and i was negative. i try to be safe. >> even though 12 to 17 year-olds have the highest rate of infections in the city, this 18 year-old says many around him are leeing their guard down. >> i could tell from my point of view that it's slowly people didn't care. there are bond fires happening at beaches. nothing's changed really. we still need be safe. >> according to the latest, california data, 86% of 12 to 17 year-olds in san francisco are fully vaccinated. yet, only 23% are boosted.
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in fact, boosting became available for this age group less than two weeks ago. dr. bardic emphasized the need continue vaccinating to prevent community spread early on in the newsroom, luz pena, abc7 news. dion: thanks to you. to the south bay where health officials have a message to the public. stop going the emergency room for a covid test. they're seeing thousands of people check themselves in just to get tested for covid. that has overwhelmed nurse and doctors who are taking care of an yup tick in patients. more than 100 people looked to be tested in december that's a jump of november's figure which was more than 7300 people. in the east bay, oakland businesses must now post a notice saying they will require proof of vaccination starting february 1st. that includes best businesses where food is served as well as entertainment venues, gym,
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senior facilities city hall and city-owned facilities. people 12 years and older must provide proof of vaccination. and we are committed to getting answers to your questions about covid and vaccines. you can always head to abc7 to submit your question. moving on to a big day for 49ers fans the nine won a thrilling playoff game against their rivals the dallas cowboys earlier today. now, sit on to green bay. abc7's chris alvarez joins us with a look at that time wild firn -- inish and has your heartbeat slowed? >> it was beating real quick. i'm sure you heard all that emotion out of the sports office. this niners-cowboys game was super and wild the game came down the final play. niners up by six. the clock is tick. dak prescott runs it.
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cowboys need to get up and spike the ball but he gives it to his certain and not the referee. the referee has to spot the ball that is a rule. jumps in between. but time runs out. just an insane way for the game to end. the niners went 23-17. kyle shanahan was sure that was the end. the way it ended, he was holding his breath. >> i thought it was over. i was very confident it was done. i was just nervous that sometimes when you're real confident, sometimes it changes. you're never fully sure until they let you know. >> the officiating wasn't -- you know, we should haven't had any problems getting the ball spotted there. is that what you're looking for? >> san francisco will play at green bay saturday night in a rematch after a loss earlier this season. must more coming up in just a matter of sports. the loan green bay, guess what?
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three degrees. it's going to be cold. >> dion: i feel cold thinking about it. bubble up, chris. chris: ok. dion: a group of rob necessary the east bay snatch add french bulldog its owner. >> in reality, it's like you're stealing someone's child. dion: and in this case those thieves then targeted the same victim again just hours later. plus, martin lutherking jr. celebrations will look a lot different. no celebration train in the bay area, but you can still honor the legacy of this civil rights leader. spencer: a mild day of weather for the holiday and a pretty mild weekend ahead. i'll have the forecast
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dion: quite a scene. new at 11:00, a side show took over an oakland freeway earlier this afternoon. this video shows drivers on the southbound lane near 880 near the brooklyn basin. traffic as you can see is at a stand still. abc7 has contacted the highway patrol. we have yet to hear back. a castro valley woman is the target of a french bulldog theft at gun point. and the suspect stole her purse and car. she was walking tito along north bridge road saturday evening. four to five suspects with guns rushed up and stole her purse and dog. for four hours -- about four hours later, the suspects using the keys inside the stolen purse
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drove off with megan's car. her family is raising money through a go fund me. son joshua said they were aware of the bulldog thefts but never expected it to happen in castro valley >> it makes me nervous for other people. it also makes me nervous that this is happening in our society right now and people think that this is ok. and think of this as a quick way to make a dollar. when in reality, it's as if you're stealing someone's child. we do everything with him. he is a member of our family. so when you take a dog, it's like taking someone's kid. dion: the alameda county sheriff's office is working the investigation and asks anyone with information come forward. tomorrow is martin lutherking jr. day. and the bay area is finding ways to honor dr. king's legacy december the latest covid surge. oak land's police anti-terror project will host a carr van tomorrow. it will wrap up a series of virtual celebration that is have
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been happening over the long holiday weekend. san francisco's celebrations are going virtual with all indoor events moving online. the city's m.l.k. march and parade has been canceled. caltrans has canceled this year's celebration train because of covid. it usually runs on mlk day and urges people to celebrate virtually. through events organized by the northern california dr. martin n lutherking jr. community foundation. cal hopes to host the event next year. spencer christian standing by. and things are feeling springy spencer: they're going to feel springier. live doppler 7, you'll notice an area of rainfall offshore. this is out to sea. but some sprinkles that come up from the central coast out toward gill roy and mount hamilton. santa rosa reported a sprinkle
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of rain. right here, 53. 50 in oakland and mountain view. 53 in san jose. nice view from the east bay hills camera we have high clouds right now. but most of the area is dry. temperature readings right now are in the mid to upper 40's. mid to up xl's at concord and livermore. one more life view looking across the embarcadero. partly cloudy overnight. bright and mild day tomorrow for m.l.k. dethatched dry pattern, mild pattern continues on to next week. here's a forecast. during the overnight hours we will see a continual flow of high clouds. we're not likely to get any precipitation. but there's enough moisture that there could be a sprinkle or two. not likely. we expect dry conditions through the day tomorrow as well. overnight low, temperatures will be in the low to mid 40's in our inland areas.
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we expect temperatures to be in the mid 40's. and highs tomorrow will be 60 at half moon bay to low 60's right along the bayshore line the mildest weather will be in the mid 60's. inland east bay a little bit oh on the cool side. up in the north bayh we'll see highs of 60 to about 63 degrees at santa rosa. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. you can see it's going to be a dry week ahead. mainly bright skies. we'll see a mix of sun and clods clouds tomorrow, tuesday and wednesday. but skies get sunnier on thursdayful look at that time warm-up. friday, saturday and sunday, high temperatures will reach into the mid 60's along the bayshore line with low 60's on the coast that's not your typical january weather. but looks pretty pleasant to me. >> definitely not typical, spencer, thanks. this may be a sign that the cowboys were slightly off before today's playoff started.
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len: early voting starts this week for san francisco special election next month. voters will decide on an an assess or recorder. some will vote to fill the assembly see ballots have been mailed. and voters can send those back or start voting early tuesday. election day is february 15th. all right. back to the big playoff game the dallas cowboys got off to the wrong foot before they took ton 49ers. linebacker vander herb's name look closely was misspelled on the back of his number 55 jersey during pregame warm-ups. the c and the s were transposed in his name. and have vander e
11:24 pm
the jersey in the game. and abc news caught up with some happy 49ers fans in walnut creek. it was a nail biter especially in the second half. fans were on the edge of their seats. >> brutal man. i lost my voice. i was nervous but they got it done. and now we've got green bay. >> yeah. yeah, we're excited. we're excited for next week. [laughter] dion: his voice. and with today's victory, niners fans do have bragging rights in the long standing rivalry with the cowboys. chris alvarez still has his voice. chris: my guy charlie lost his voice. let's tal talk about the cowboyd niners.
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>> 49ers-cowboys one of the greatest rivalries in al of football maybe in all of sports. hard to believe after all those battles, today was the first playoff duel since january of 1995. deebo samuel and the boom box, the niners were ready to go. penalties crushed the cowboys all game long. second and 28. dak prescott picked off by williams. next play. get it to deebo samuel. he's so good with the football in his hands. 26 yards to the house. 23-7, niners and all those cowboys fans at jerry world. ooh. jimmy garoppolo made one huge mistake, picked off by anthony
11:29 pm
brown. led to a cowboy score. dallas was down six and it came down final play. 14 second to go dallas has zero time-outs. dak prescott runs it. dak gives the ball to the center. not the referee. the referee has to spot the ball by rule. and with all that going on, the ballgame hits triple zeros. san francisco will play at green bay next saturday night in the division. >> how sit for you guys? >> yeah. just a little bit of a roller coaster, like, that was wild. a lot of ups and downs a lot of unknowns. i think the niners make for great tv. >> h highs and lows. never felt like it was getting away from us. i always felt in control of the game. it made for some good tv, i guess. [laughter] >> great tv. warriors fin finishing their
11:30 pm
four-game road trip in minnesota. they didn't have steph or drae. game high 26. ooh. and a flex. dubs down six at the break. golden state taken the lead in third. jordan poole splash. team high 20. kuminga getting more and more comfortable in this dubs' offense. 19 points from the 19 year-old. impressive. but the wolves tend quarter on a 12-1 run. anthony edwards, last year's top pick slams it home. dubs lose, 119-99. golden state opens up bay seven-game homestand tuesday night abc7 sports is sponsored by river rock casino. eight and negative eight on thursday. so that 22, three day on sad looking much better. almost miami like on saturday. [laughter] negative eight? how do you guys do this? >> i'm not going go that far. i'll all i'm going to say is get ready, chris. get all the cold weather gear
11:31 pm
item in your position. >> i'll try. negative eight is a real number. dion: just ahead, have a plan and be prepared. that's the message from bay area first responders in the wake of yesterday's tsunami advisory. what they say when we can learn ahead of funeral natural disasters. and the world's number one tennis player will not come people after all novak djokovic responds to being deported for being unvaccinated a
11:32 pm
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dion: the bay area is still
11:35 pm
reacting to saturday's tsunami advisory which cause a lot of excitement and anxiety. it brought a lot oh water to the region. corne ll bernard says it is a wake-up call for all of us. >> it began with a volcanic eruption. this is capitola where tsunami waves rushed in sad. >> seriously. >> big waves crashed on to the pacifica waterfront. >> holy bleep. -- holy [beep]. >> in tiburon, it ripped a boat dock sending boats spinning out of control. panicked residents ran to safety the water receded but the damage was done. neighbors said they never expected it. >> i will take tsunami alerts more seriously now. yeah. >> more than 100 people were
11:36 pm
evacuated from their boats as a precaution. >> i got an ss-72 message. i'm signed up for those alerts. >> thousands of people received the alerts about the tsunami advisory. first responders say it helped notify the public of possible danger. police and fire crews worked the area. >> this is so important to remember why preplanning is -- is essential in making sure that you and your family and your loved ones can get out of a dacer safely. >> last summer, geologist updated hazard maps showing where worst case flooding could impact the area in the east bay, the surge could reach parts of west oakland. in san francisco, parts of fisherman's wharf and the financial district could be impacted. >> the tsunami aren't going to be that large. but there's still a potential
11:37 pm
for two to three feet of flow depths to knock people down and injure them. >> san francisco has evacuation routes along the waterfront. >> having a plan, practicing the plan saves lives. >> if you live near a coastal, the best plan is to move to myer ground. create a family emergency plan. where to meet if you get separated in the newsroom, i'm cornel bernard. dion: a dangerous winter storm swepted through parts of the northeast. this is a look at the capital beltway. the snow and ice is take ago toll on travel dozens of accidents have been reported throughout the region. traffic almost dime a screeching halt. 1200 flights at charlotte douglas international are now grounded. new york's governor is urging everyone to stay off the roads.
11:38 pm
>> because overnight is going to be very unpredictable. wand the darkness and ice on the road and hig w ousands areloda o north carolina with strinds in the forecast that grow. two dozenses as i ripped through a trailer park in north myerser, florida. that's two arrests have been made in the uk. police in manchester, great britain have taken two teenagers into custody fors after the the hostage situation in colleyville, texas. the suspect was shot dead after an f.b.i. hostage rescue team stormed the synagogue. he was demanding the release of a convicted terrorists who is in
11:39 pm
federal prison. president boyden called the hostage take an act of terrorism. >> we have this capacity to deal with assaults on particularly the anti-semitism that is growing up. they should rest assured that we are focused. the attorney general is focused in ■makingsurewedeal with these kind of acts dion: u.s. and british counter rich authorities are working to determine. there oth throughout who knew of this plot. for australian open gets underway without the defending champion, novak djokovic. he flew out sunday night. >> here's brit: net. >> tonight, novak djokovic deported after staying and defending his australia title. he flew to dubai after the judge unanimously held his second visa
11:40 pm
cancellation. >> orders of the court are one, the amended application. >> the nine-time australian open champion argued he opened the country on a medical exemption because he had recovered from covid-19 last month. his visa was cancelled upon his arrival. djokovic won an appeal allowing him to stay in the country and practice eagle in court decided his fate. >> djokovic releasing a statement say h saying he's exty disappointed. i hope we can now all focus on the game and tournament i love. >> unable to play the top ranked players now potentially face ago three-year ban from australia. scott morrison facing the decisions. australia expect the sacrifices they make to be protected. >> a bay area county is set to vote on a band of natural gas in
11:41 pm
knew construction. >> and the bay area humane society is offering something honoring betty white. >> i'll have the accuweather foreca
11:42 pm
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dion: electricity could be the soul power source in the county. the county board of supervise ors is set to prohibit the installation of natural gas in new homes the board voted 4-1 back in august to ask staff to work on the new rules. members said state laws now mandate solar for most new developments. supervise ors are scheduled to consider the issue during tuesday's meeting. fans of betty white can honor her legacy and her love of animals by bringing home a loving pet. the human society of silicon
11:45 pm
valley is waving adoption fees starting tomorrow through the end of the month. all of this is part of the betty white challenge. white would have turned 100 years old on monday the campaign helps pay tribute to her love of animals. the society has named some dogs and cats after betty white's best known character es. well, every fall, monarch butterflies make their way to monterey county before moving on to mating season. you have a few months to see them before they fly away. dustin dorsey has the story from pacific grove. >> nestled along the monterey coast, a natural beauty that you could only see a few more weeks this year to witness it you have to look you. they make pacific grove their winter home >> some years we have thousands. and other years -- last year was zero. the year before that was 60's. and the year before that was about 800. this year we've been blessed to
11:46 pm
have, you know, at peak 14,000. >> last count, 9 ok 511. they make their annual trip to monterey county because of the perfect conditions. they cluster together through the winter. but today we had some incredible views. >> sorry, there was a burst. >> this time of the year. yeah, we get sometimes hundreds of monarch that is suddenly just live a tree and are flying. oh, my goodness. so yes, if you come, you might be able to witness something like that. it's pretty magical. >> people come from across the globe. i've never been before. and i wasn't the only one taking in the beauty for the first time. >> i'm very impressed. it's -- it's a beautiful place just to walk through. but to see the butterflies here makes it very special. >> spectacular. it's totally unique. it's not like anything i've ever seen before. california is so spectacular when we connect with nature, we
11:47 pm
goat connect through a deeper level. >> but the time to make a connection with these beautiful butterflies will only last a few more weeks before they live for mating season. if you haven't visited before and seen things like that, now is the time. >> next year, we don't know how many we'll have. if you're interested and you're able to come come before mid february. come and see the monarchs. >> dustin dorsey, abc7 news. dion: spencer if i feel calm watching it on tv, i would like to see nit real life. spencer: yeah, there's something to see. finally a monarch that has my allegiance. >> we're going to have some high clouds. and programs some off-shore showers. we are likely not going to get me weather weather. and a bright day form with filtered sunshine. it will range from low to mid 3040's. around the base shoreline and on
11:48 pm
the coast. low 60's along the bay mid 60's which will be our mildest region only about in the upper 60's. here's a forecast intermission take us through the week. tomorrow there is a slight, slight chance of moisture from that weakening system to our south. it could produce a sprinkle or two. it won't amount to much. then you can see, dry weather. seven-day forecast temperaturtes will have a steady range. but thursday, friday and into the weekend, we'll see high temperatures soaring into the mid 60's. and i love 60's on the coast that's considered warm weather for late january. dion? dion: spencer, thanks. let's get to chris alvarez with another preview of sports. chris? chris: coming up in sports. you've we've got all urinal action including 49ers.
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>> the nfl rebranded the opening week of the playoff this is week to super wild card weekend, six games over three days with the cardinals and rams right here on abc7. but this afternoon in dallas, the niners and cowboys game was super and wild. the sun was shining bright sunday afternoon at at&t stadium. how is anybody supposed to catch the football even see it? watch out. the final minutes of the fourth quarter were wild including deebo samuel's run with third and 10 with 90 seconds to go. was marked short. how short? inches short. tried to spot the football without allowing the umpire to properly marked the ball. all the confusion took off the
11:53 pm
final seconds of game as the clock expired. the niners beat the cowboys 23-17. >> i'm glad the referee ran into the center. i'm happy about that. other than that, i just feel like the guys went out there and did they job. came home with the win. >> we should vice president had any problem to get the ball spotted there is that what you're looking for? >> i know he's going to come in and touch the ball. he needs to be closer to the ball or whatever. but in hindsight, it's tough to accept. >> it was getting crazy at the end. but our defense was good. and they got a stop. we have to build off this win. >> winnings is always awesome no matter how you do it. obviously, we have things that we have to fix or learn from, would say because we almost let that one get away from us. our team stepped up and we got the win. >> how about the pride of san mateo? tom brady and the bucks hosting the eagles. the seven-time super bowl champion threw for 271 and two
11:54 pm
scores. finds rob gronkowski. 24-0 tampa bay. jalen hurts picked off by shaq barrett, one-hand. so nice we show it twice. 31-15 bucks. tampa bay will host the winners of cardinals-rams game. the chiefs hosting the steelers and what is his likely final game. mahomes underhands it to jarret mackinnon. we're tied at 7-7. all k.c. , mahomes through five touchdowns and 25 minutes of game action. 348 yards to travis kelce. chiefs win 42-21. chiefs will host the bills next sunday night to basketball now and the warriors' big three reunion going to have to wait three three more weeks. draymond green tweaked his left calf. he's been diagnosed with an issue in his lower back.
11:55 pm
stephen curry missed tonight's game. and his status for the yup coming homestand is unknown. dubs did have klay thompson in monday. he played three of the four games on the road trip. tonight, scored 13 points on 5-14 shooting in 23 minutes the warriors are ramping up clay's minutes. why would he would love to get back to his normal all-star form, he understands he has to get back to his dominant game in due to time. >> i just know i'm going to get keeping better. it's rare someone taken off to playing nba games from the end it dominating. >> i'm going to get to that point, but i just have to be patient. the last few years taught me what patience is really about. >> kevin durant will miss four to six weeks with a sprained m.c.l. in his left knee. le return after the all-star break which is late february. bad news for warriors fans who
11:56 pm
were hoping to see durant play at chase center. you will know where it airs. right here on abc7. cameron brink's parents to watch number two stanford and utah. cardinals cop roaring bake. just over 5:30 to go. it's all cameron brink. let's check in on mom and dad. brink inside right here. get her the ball. she knows what to do with it. hoop and the foul. now she's fired. 24 points 11 rebounds. # 3-73. that's five wins in a row. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino, dion? dion: celine dion is canceling her shows because of health issues. she's recovering from severe and persistent muscle spasms. he remaining performances of her
11:57 pm
time. and that have been cancelled. if your bought tickets your credit card will be refound funded. >with our abc7 bay area app. you can find it on am tv. android tv. fire of the and row cue. just serge abc7 banked area. download it any time for free. and that's it for tonight. i'm dion lim. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. for al of us mere, thanks for joining us. joining us. we'll see you in the everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium. and the novarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price. covered california. this way to health insurance.
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. breaking news. >> it's very likely this situation would have ended very badly had we not had professional, consistent negotiation with the subject. >> a dramatic hostage rescue overnight at a texas synagogue. the fbi moving in after a nearly


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