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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 15, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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lockdowns. good morning. it is saturday, january 15. you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00 a.m. live right now on hulu and wherever you stream. i am julian glover. we will get to that story in a moment but we start with a look at the forecast with lisa argen. lisa: good morning. are we getting used to this dry weather? i think so. we have mild temperatures that will continue to start the weekend. high clouds throughout much of california due to a system offshore not bringing any rain. it is bringing a mild start and the fog is patchy. 37 in campbell. 39 in danville. fog by the delta. air quality once again moderate in the east bay, the north bay, and san jose do to high pressure and with the cloud cover we have 40's and 50's for most of us but
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the outlying areas from san jose to livermore and ukiah, a colder start. they quarter-mile in fairfield. a half mail -- half mile in santa rosa. partly to mostly cloudy and temperatures into the 60's for most. upper 50's coastline with some hazardous seas. julian: a tsunami advisory has been issued for the west coast after a tsunami hit the largest island reportedly sending waves flooding into the capital after an underwater volcano in the south pacific exploded. we have satellite imagery showing the eruption and you can see the massive ash cloud and shockwaves. a tsunami warning has been issued for the island. tsunami advisories were issued as far away as new zealand. the pacific tsunami warning center said tsunami waves of 2.7
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feet high on the largest island. no word yet on any injuries. happening now, you can get at home covid-19 tests at no cost through your insurance. all you need to do is buy the test online or in stores and have them paid for at the time of purchase or get reimbursed by submitting a claim. insurers must pay for up to eight tests per individual per month. there is no limit if a doctor orders more tests. it is part of president biden's plan to increase access to rapid tests across the country. the white house has launched its website to distribute free at home tests. every household can order four starting wednesday and they will ship between seven to 12 days after you order them. overwhelming demand is prompting santa cruz to open a new testing site. it opens today at the county fairgrounds. registration is required. what the second straight day,
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california's test positivity rate declined. it is still near record high at 22.9%. the state reported nearly 100,000 new cases for the fourth straight day. we are taking a look at sfo this morning where flights to china have been few and far between. in the coming weeks traveling from the u.s. to china could become nearly impossible. the chinese government is blocking flights trying to limit the spread of covid ahead of the lunar new year and winter olympics. ryan curry explains the impact being felt by bay area businesses. ryan: february 1 is the chinese new year with traditionally brings into the homeland -- many to the homeland. the new year is coming the same week as the start of the winter olympic's. however, what was supposed to be a popular month for tourism has changed into a series of lockdowns and restrictions to help limit the spread of the omicron variant. >> china is serious about
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omicron and they have olympic games going on. that is why they have been blocking flights coming in. ryan: edward runs a travel company. he says traveling to china from the u.s. is nearly impossible. normally he says there are eight flights leaving sfl to china every day. he says now there is only one and that may soon change to zero. >> only one route is going to china. besides that, -- ryan: travelers have to request special visas to visit. china is only letting people for business reasons or to see loved ones and serious health conditions. it is at the point where he says his business is losing money. >> no business. we have to pay utilities, rent, everything. that is a negative income. ryan: he says anyone traveling to china has to quarantine for
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21 days and no spectators are allowed at the olympic events. he is what -- it is why he is telling people to delay trip to china for a few months. >> i would tell them to wait a few months. ryan: ryan curry, abc 7 news. julian: the cdc updated its mask guidance officially saying cloth masks are not as protective against covid-19 as other masks. your health is a key part of building a better bay area. luz peña spoke to a medical professor who has been researching which masks are best. luz: the cdc is changing its mass guidelines, recommending n95 and k and 95 -- a cloth mask. >> they have much worse filtration efficiency. luz: cloth masks do not fit is tight. professor of medicine dr. steven studied the effectiveness of masks during the pandemic. >> in an issue about a nice k
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mask is it feels very nice around the face that can get into your respiratory system. luz: n95's are designed to filter out 95% of small particles. according to stanford medical experts, one test of cloth masks only show 18% to 25% efficiency. regardless of this announcement, two years of the pandemic have created new habits. >> i just chose the mask that was the most breathable for me. >> i have two layers inside. luz: he recommends increasing the protection of a cloth mask if you want to wear one. >> if you start with a surgical mask and you add a cloth mask on top of it and that cloth mask is tight fitting, it will bring the surgical mask in and give you better fitting. luz: some people are opting to
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switch masks depending on the setting. >> in the shopping mall or the grocery stores, i prefer n95 masks. luz: the doctor agrees with that and here is when you should replace an n95. >> if you are just going to the store, you can use your same mask for multiple days. luz: in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. julian: there are a few things you can look out for on an n95 mask to be sure you are buying the real thing. the name of the company should be on the front along with the model number. also look for the filter series that notes the efficiency like n95 or higher. we posted tips on our website. in the east bay, hayward junior high school it's -- high school students are due to return to in person this week. the school board made that decision last night. amanda del castillo explains the new koba taking measures they
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also agreed on. amanda: the hayward unified humidity can expect a so-called soft entry as the district ends its week of district -- distance learning. district leaders were warned against going virtual, an option that could have cost them millions. when students get back my safety measures will include shortened school days will allow students and staff to access testing offered by the district after school. >> grabbing meals to minimize the lunch interactions and staff meetings virtually. amanda: the board of education met friday to decide whether it would extend remote learning and continue a loss of $2.5 million every time campus was closed. >> that does not make this easier. amanda: michelle smith mcdonald with the office of education says nearly all other districts have continued to offer in person instruction. >> the state has given school two pathways. in person instruction or the choice of independent study. amanda: independent study is for
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parents reluctant to send their kids back to school. the option requires parent to sign a contract with the district allowing the student to complete schoolwork with little supervision. this is different from remote learning where campuses were shut down and teachers taught class online. that is no longer an option in california. the meeting bought mixed reaction. >> what you are talking about is not enough. >> help us out with the kids. it is not good for our kids. amanda: the board voted in favor of returning in person. >> is not perfect, but we are also trying to do everything we can to cooperate with the state. amanda: amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. julian: if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest headlines, we have more information on our website. just had to abc 7 news coronavirus. we will check back in with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: good morning.
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we have clouds and mild temperatures to start off the long weekend. san francisco and the low 50's. there is fog in the north bay and the east bay and a few 30's in some of the valleys. we will talk about a mild weekend and how long the dry weather will last when we see you right after this. julian: thank you. also ahead, the fallout after an investigation. pallets of ppe found sitting out in the rain. the inspections underway and where the equipment will be donated. plus, red in dallas. that is what 49ers fans are hoping for tomorrow's big wildcard game against the cowboys. the group that is
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julian: mondays martin luther king jr. day and leaders are finding a way to honor dr. king's legacy despite the omicron variant.
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san francisco hosted the virtual martin luther king jr. day celebration. >> dr. king said our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that truly matter. julian: the mayor urged san franciscans to do their best to promote racial equity, inclusion, and fairness. she said despite the progress, it is important not to become complacent across the bay, the project is hosting virtual events all weekend long after canceling in person plans for the second year. >> we just realized with the surge of omicron, it was not safe. julian: the series of events will culminate in a car caravan on mlk day on monday in oakland. caltrain has canceled this year's celebration train that usually runs on martin luther king jr. day because of the surge of cases. officials say those interested in celebrating should
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participate in virtual events organized by the northern california dr. martin of the king junior community foundation. caltrain hopes to hold the event next year. a tip led abc 7 news reporter dave noyes to pallets of personal protective equipment just sitting out in the rain in the san mateo county event center. he shows you what has happened since his report aired thursday night right here on abc7. dave: more than 20,000 square feet of boxes in the rain, personal protective equipment worth more than $10 million. this is your federal tax dollars, hospital gowns, face shields, goggles, and more outside at the san mateo county event center since september. that story is getting reaction across the country. >> it has to be investigated. dave: congresswoman jackie spare came to san mateo to talk transportation but we ask about the major ppe mistake we uncovered.
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she called it troubling but said to remember the county has been a leader in drive-through testing, vaccinations, and boosters. >> we need to keep in mind that san mateo county has been at the forefront and we have one of the highest levels of vaccination rates in the country and that is all good news for all of us. dave: our story was something the event center ceo did not want you to see. >> why is all of this stuff going to waste here? >> can you stop filming? dave: no. i need to ask questions. the county manager told me he did not know all of that ppe was sitting out exposed to the elements for months. >> it clearly is a mistake by the county. ultimately, i am responsible for the county so i take full responsibility for it. dave: he has learned that staff moved the ppe outside to accommodate the software as a service annual conference number 27th through the 29th. he does not know why the
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supplies were not moved back inside but he is hiring an independent investigator to look into it and calling in the marines. >> every single piece is being inspected and right now we are running over 90% that we are finding is still in perfect condition. dave: james brown of the marines is organizing a distribution of the ppe that can be salvaged. he said the rain damage to the exterior boxes, but the plastic bags inside saved many of the items. the veterans advocacy group will be giving it away to qualified groups on january 25 by appointment only. >> we do not want anyone to put this on ebay because that is money laundering. you are taking federal taxpayer dollar purchase products and turning it into cash for you. we will not allow that at all. what we do want to do is put this in the hands of any organization that serves the community. if you are out there serving the homeless or doing a food kitchen or a shelter, treating patients,
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any of that. dave: groups with a mission can find more details on the website. dan noyes, abc 7 news. julian: this story started with a tip and you can contact dan noyes and the i-team if you would like to see a story investigated. go to or pick up the phone and call 1-888-40i team. voters will decide on a new recorder and whether to recall three school board members. some residents will vote to fill an assembly seat. voters can return their ballots by mail. election day is fed rate 15th -- election day is february 15. the 49ers faithful are ready to take over dallas for tomorrow's
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wildcard matchup against the dallas cowboys. there is a group of fans who believe red and gold in north texas, the dfw empire says members are snatching up those tickets. >> it is time to get tickets and planning for a party. >> i had a talk to my wife into letting me buy tickets. julian: the faithful say they are ready to make dallas feel like a home game and several bay area landmarks will be illuminated in red and gold tonight at tomorrow's game. those include sfo and san francisco in san jose city hall. so many people excited for the big game. we want to check in with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: we are starting out mild. we have the cloud cover out there and we would like it dry for the long weekend. we will have to enjoy it and hope for some rain and a change in the weather pattern in the days ahead. it looks like we will be waiting towards the end of the month. it is high clouds streaming up
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from a system offshore and that has allowed for the milder start, hazy sunshine, and moderate air quality as high is putting a lid on the atmosphere. we are going closer here and you can see the mostly cloudy start underneath this with limited fog but we have a huge volcanic eruption over near tonga yesterday and that has created a tsunami advisory for the entire west coast of the u.s. from washington to oregon and california and some higher waves of one to two feet are expected from around 7:30 along the california coast, san francisco in particular. this will last through mid day so this is a series of some hazardous waves that will come in one to two hours after this initial arrival time so good idea to stay off the beach and out of the water for the boaters. right now looking at temperatures in the 40's and 50's. 36 in campbell. up in the north bay we have clouds and that is why we are
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mild but we also have the fog toward fairfield. those upper 30's around danville this morning. this vantage point shows a good-looking view so the perspective is good without the fog but once the sun comes up, you will notice that we are back into that moderate air quality today, tomorrow martin luther king jr. holiday on monday and into tuesday. eight to nine degrees milder with the cloud cover and we are cooler san jose to livermore. also up toward ukiah. as we look toward emeryville, we will see temperatures above average with widespread 60's despite the cloud cover. with the mild weather into the holiday weekend, we will get slightly cooler monday into tuesday. unfortunately, no rain, from the high clouds that continue to inundate us. you can see the green there. be some moisture around southern california and santa barbara as far north as monterey. for us, it is a mixture of high clouds, sun, moderate air quality through the holiday.
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looking at temperatures cooling down a bit into monday and tuesday. where is the storm track? well into british columbia. that is why we are thinking the end of the month looks better for rain. 60's today and looking at 60's tomorrow for sunday, we are cooler on monday, the holiday and tuesday, continuing to see a few more 50's. 62 in oakland today. 64 santa rosa. 65 in san jose. the seven day forecast, looking at the mild winter weather and that winter dry spell continuing through the work week. the mildest temperatures are coming into the end of next week. we could even see a few records. i did not put any 70's on the map but some of those outlying areas could see them next weekend. this is what we have. julian: a warm sunny stretch for this long weekend ahead. thank you. just ahead, only a few weeks left to see thousands of monarch butterflies like that one right
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a breakthrough eczema treatment. julian: eva p joining us now to show us what is coming up this morning at 7:00 on good morning america. eva: state of emergency. the major winter storm sweeping across the country. our team is tracking the snow and rain expected to make traveling treacherous this weekend and as temperatures drop, what you need to know about heating your home. plus, the escalating crisis at the russia-ukraine border. officials claiming russia is creating a pretext to invade the country. we are breaking down where the russians are moving their forces and what the biden administration is saying. and super wildcard weekend is here. the nfl playoffs are taking off his holiday weekend and the senior nfl insider will join us with what teams to watch and who has the most to prove.
6:25 am
it is all ahead on gma. julian: every fall, monarch butterflies start making their way to monterey county to ride out the colder months for moving on from mating season and now you have a few more weeks to see them before they fly away. abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey has the story from pacific grove. dustin: nestled along the monterey coast, a beauty you can only see for a few more weeks this year. to witness it, you have to look up. every fall of monarch butterflies make pacific grove their home. >> some years we have thousands and other years, last year it was zero. the upper for that, it was about 800. every year is different. -- the year before that, it was 800. every year is different. dustin: around september, monarchs make their trip to monterey county because of the perfect conditions. they cluster together through the winter but today, we had
6:26 am
some incredible views. >> i encourage people to visit. it is a beautiful time. that was a burst. this time of the year, we get sometimes hundreds of monarchs that suddenly leave a tree and they are flying. if you come, you might be able to witness something like that. it is pretty magical. dustin: people come from across the globe to visit the monarchs in pacific grove. i have never been before and i was not the only one taking in the beauty for the first time. >> i am very impressed. it is a beautiful place just to walk through but to see the butterflies here makes it very special. >> it is spectacular. totally unique. not like anything i have seen before. california is so spectacular and when we connect with nature, we get to connect on a deeper level with our environment around us. dustin: the time to make a connection with these beautiful butterflies will only last a few more weeks before they leave her mating season so if you have not visited before and seen things like this, now is the time.
6:27 am
>> next year, we do not know how many we will have so if you are interested, come before february. dustin: enjoy a monarch moment of zen in monarch -- monterey county. dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. >> you are the third longest running contestant in jeopardy history. julian: oakland's amy schneider overtook one of jeopardy's greatest champions. she won her 33rd consecutive game, putting her ahead of james for the number three spot on the all-time consecutive wins list. can jennings? that man holds the all-time consecutive wins record with a streak of 74 games. schneider's total winnings now stand at $1,111,800. you can watch amy try and keep her streak alive. jeopardy airs weeknights at 7:00 p.m. right here on abc7.
6:28 am
very fun to watch her succeed. still to come this morning -- >> this was a kick in the teeth. julian: anger and confusion. how businesses and the north bay are dealing with a new health order that temporarily ban large gatherings. plus, train cargo theft thousands of packages stolen and look at the boxes left behind. the trash situation looking living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. julian: good morning. you are watching abc 7 news live right now on hulu and wherever you stream. as you grab the coffee, we want to start with a look at the forecast now with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: good morning.
6:31 am
it is mild for most of you but some of you have temperatures in the 30's with some fog but right here, oakland, berkeley, or render, and san leandro all at 50. as you look out toward livermore and pleasanton, just some upper 30's. 36 in santa rosa. the high clouds allowing for a milder start from nevada to oakland but colder for livermore and san jose. visibility three quarters of a mile santa rosa. down to 1/8 of a mile with a dense fog advisory toward the delta into the san joaquin valley. moderate air quality due to that high-pressure that has kept the atmosphere capped and with that, the high clouds allowing for moderate air quality. by 9:00, we have some 50's. noon time more 60's. it is above average with high clouds and sun. we will talk about the weekend and the martin luther king
6:32 am
holiday in a few minutes. julian: thank you. now to some developing news, massive chemical fire that swept through a warehouse in new jersey is under investigation. look at the flames. 200 firefighters responded to this 11 alarm fire at majestic industries in passaic. the company makes furniture for casinos and bingo halls. each year, the space with a plant that manufactures chlorine for pools. the main plant has not been affected by the fire. residents are being asked to keep their windows closed and stay inside. one firefighter was treated at the hospital for minor injuries. the cdc has issued new guidance for masks. it says cloth masks provide the least amount of objection -- protection and in some cases, you might want to wear higher-quality masks like n95. christine sloan has the details. christine: as the
6:33 am
cases and hostile as asians to record highs, the cdc is out with new guidance on masks, warning that cloth masks provide the least protection and that n95 and kand 95 might be a better option, especially for people at high risk of infection or severe disease. but health officials stopped short of urging all americans to update their face coverings. >> if those masks are not available, a lower quality masks like a surgical mask or double-masking is better than no mask at all. christine: the government is rolling out a program for at home covid tests. americans can get eight tests per month. what insurance companies say it will take time to put the new system in place -- but insurance companies say it will take time to put the new system in place. >> you will be reimbursed for that purchase. it will be bumpy in the next several weeks. christine: as for the free rapid tests the president promised to
6:34 am
americans, the white house says those will be available to order next week at and those ship number from seven to 12 days. meanwhile, the omicron variant is surging, infecting 780,000 americans each day. >> it came about really fast. i thought it would be over but after all of the holidays, it hit really hard. christine: new data from a company that analyzes wastewater across the country shows the omicron surge could be peaking. christine sloan, abc news, new york. julian: in the north bay, there is confusion in the business community over sonoma county's health order that temporarily bans public gatherings to slow this spike in covid cases. as grenell bernard tells us, the order has taken businesses by surprise, leaving many paying the price.
6:35 am
>> this was a kick in the teeth. grennell: it has been a tough week for the chamber of commerce ceo who says he was caught off by the recent health order banning large republican and/or an outdoor event for 30 days to help slow the spread of covid cases. >> we have businesses that are not reliant on events at all who are calling us up saying we just lost all of our business for the next two months because people feel like sonoma county is unsafe. grennell: the order left businesses scrambling. at the center, sports and entertainment had to cancel two upcoming comedy shows and lost some corporate events and private parties. >> frustration is where we are right now. we want to do what is right. we want to comply with the health orders and the requests, but they are not very clear. grennell: the domestic theater just canceled all of its upcoming concerts. the website says it is looking to reschedule all of them.
6:36 am
officials have asked residents to volunteer you -- voluntarily shelter-in-place and limit themselves to essential travel only. the county is seeing its biggest covid surges in yet. more than 80 people hospitalized and giving advanced warning to business leaders was impossible. >> the order went into effect very quickly because we want to get in front of this. i am afraid that we are already behind the rapid increase in cases and hospitalizations. grennell: the russian river brewing company has pushed back the blowout -- rollout of beer until march 25th. >> we did not feel comfortable inviting 25,000 people to visit our hubs during the release while the county is asking people to stay-at-home. grennell: the county hopes the health order will slow the spread of the variant, allowing people to return to normal life. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. julian: today marks 13 years since the miracle on the hudson.
6:37 am
on this day in 2009 captain's ellenberger was flying a plane when it hit a flock of birds. he went on to do what many considered to be the impossible and successfully landed the plane in the hudson river. 155 people were evacuated from the plane and rescued. the miracle on the hudson is the most famous emergency landing in modern aviation history. this could be why some of your packages that you ordered might not be arriving on time. thieves now targeting freight trains. in southern california, the thefts have doubled. the trash situation along the pacific line is the train wreck. they say they see people jumping over the tracks, just taking the packages right off the train. items left behind include covid tests, and a lot of them. union pacific says the thieves are looking for extensive items like electronics, clothing, and purses.
6:38 am
officers have arrested more than 100 people in the past few months but none have been contacted for any court appearances. several key indicators seem to show that economic recovery from the pandemic is slow going. news reporter stephanie sierra has a closer look at the situation in san francisco. stephanie: over the past month, it has felt eerily silent in san francisco's financial district. quiet street corners, conference rooms empty. >> omicron made us take a step back. stephanie: that chamber of commerce reports a 20% drop in foot traffic since omicron hit the bay area in december. >> we have seen that dip in the downtown from office and tourism taking a to very time out. stephanie: the time out not reflected on the roads. there has been a too percent to 13% drop in traffic moving into this city over the past month according to the metropolitan transportation commission. >> the figures on the bay bridge
6:39 am
are very comparable to where they where precisely at this time last year. keep in mind, we were at the peak of the delta waves a year ago. stephanie: at that time, we did not have to deal with this, but more like this. michelle, who works at an i.t. consulting company in san francisco, expects that to be the norm. >> we actually asked everybody to work remote from home. >> are you concerned about going back fully? >> i am more concerned about actually larger companies empty so it has become a different kind of fear. economic and isolation fear. stephanie: new data from the chamber of commerce shows 15% of companies plan to stay remote permanently. another 15% are not coming back to the office, with the majority, more than 50% adopting
6:40 am
a hybrid model. >> we were so excited when we last spoke that we thought downtown was going to come back january 4 and many companies made those plans to come back to the office and had to postpone them. stephanie: major tech companies like facebook have pushed back their return to the office until late march. airbnb delayed even further until september. popular stock trading app robin hood going nearly fully remote. paypal following suit, telling employees that will be an option until further notice. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. julian: still ahead on abc seven mornings, diversifying wine country. a black owned winery is the focus of a new tv show. why the cast hopes this will open some doors. and we take a look outside this morning from our roof cam here at abc7. we will check back in with lisa argen in a second for a look at hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant to the owner of a large manufacturing firm.
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julian: today san franciso's rec and park is hosting the first of four job fairs. it will be held at harris playground. positions include food service workers, summer camp assistance, lifeguards, recreation leaders, and a park planning internship. you can find more information at the next job fair is next saturday. the national park service is waiving interest fees for five days this year and the first day is monday. the dates are on your screen. martin luther king jr. day, is the first one. the next one is in april for the first day of national park week followed by the anniversary of the great american outdoors act, national public lands day, and veterans day. the park service oversees more than 400 national parks. only one third had admission fees ranging from five dollars. now we check in with lisa.
6:44 am
lisa: it is 49 in conco how about 39 in livermore and yesterday, we made it up to 67 at the concord airport. more mild conditions on the way. can we get rid of the high clouds and what about the rain? we will talk about it next. julian: thank you. also, the warriors bounce back with jonathan come and go leading the way in a blowout win. chris alvarez has the highlights in sports. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate to severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within keeping you one step ahead of eczema. hide my skin? not me. and that means long-lasting clearer skin... and fast itch relief for adults. with dupixent, you can show more skin with less eczema. hide my skin? not me.
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julian: in sports, the nfl super wildcard weekend gets underway. the las vegas raiders take on the cincinnati bengals at paul broun stadium at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow, the warriors wrap up their third road game in minnesota. they try to snag -- snap a two game losing streak. here's chris alvarez with the
6:47 am
highlights. chris: good morning. 41 down at 41 to go entering friday night's game against chicago warriors are halfway through their 82 game regular season. golden state looking to break out of a mini slump. they lost four of the last five. living the dream. andre had four steals. check out the back pass to damion lee. even andre is emplaced -- is impressed with himself. the steel and the show time. they are up 22. milwaukee scored 77 on the dubs. a season high for golden state and they keep it going. baseline hammer, game-high 25 off the bench for the kid. dubs win, steve smiling through the mask post game. >> that orange ball that we play
6:48 am
with went into the orange ring and it stayed in and it went through the net that is hanging from that orange ring. that is what happened. chris: good stuff. the stanford women taking on colorado. they are the only undefended division i men's or women's. the flex, cardinal fight back. it gives stanford the lead for good in the fourth. ashton hit two huge threes down the stretch to help the cardinal get the lead and stretch it out. cardinals won 60 to 52. 49ers in cowboys play sunday afternoon in dallas. the 49ers tackle trent williams, wide receiver. while individual accolades are great, he has one goal in mind, winning the super bowl. >> one of the things that we talked about, like i stated we still have one goal left and
6:49 am
that is trying to get that ring. not everybody you see on this team will be part of the team so you just take that into consideration and bond with your brothers and put it out there for each other and give it your all. chris: cannot wait until kickoff. enjoy the rest of your day. back to you. julian: lots of folks counting down to kickoff. let's get a check on the forecast with lisa argen as you wake up with those on this saturday. a mild saturday morning. lisa: it is. temperatures are in the 50's and as we look at live doppler 7, you can see the high clouds throughout the entire state of california and there looks to be moisture offshore. we could see some sprinkles right along southern california but the high clouds winning out today, allowing for partly to mostly cloudy skies. you can see the camera shaking. upper level winds breezing over 20 miles an hour that has allowed for some very dry air to move and. 51 san francisco. 50 in oakland.
6:50 am
41 mountain view. 47 santa clara. it looks like a painting. it is a live shot from zephyr coals in the sierra nevada where you can see the snowcapped mountains and the clouds. 37 santa rosa road. 39 livermore. mid upper 40's in the north bay. we have a huge explosion in the south pacific around tonga has allowed for a salami advisory for the entire west coast of the u.s.. -- a tsunami advisory for the entire west coast of the u.s. one to two feet waves above the initial wave height we would be expecting. this is approaching the west coast. high tide is at 9:09 in san francisco. it corresponds with high tide. we could see some strong currents and definitely some rip currents out there. it is advised to stay off of the beaches but we are not expecting any sort of inundation just an advisory. as we look outside from our
6:51 am
crews camera, moderate your quality with a ridge of high pressure staying with us and that atmosphere is putting pressure down on us where we live with a higher pressure higher up in the atmosphere allowing for that moderate air quality. eight and nine degrees warmer from the east bay a little cooling livermore and san jose. not everyone experiencing those 50's. there is our exploratorium camera. cloudy skies with areas of fog. mild temperatures and looking at the dry pattern as we get into the rest of the week and the weekend. the high clouds will stay with us today. tomorrow, this is your saturday into sunday, even into martin luther king jr. monday looking at partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions. monday and tuesday should be cooler but as for the storm track, nowhere near california. all the way into next week and next weekend we stay dry. we call this our midwinter dry spell. not unusual. i hope it goes away. 60 for your sunday continues
6:52 am
above average and then we cooled off monday into tuesday. highs today with partly to mostly cloudy skies. 62, 64 santa rosa. 65 san jose. the forecast we will keep it above average through tomorrow then slightly cooler for the holiday. a mix of clouds and sun and patchy fog into the middle of the week. it looks like our warm winter weather continues into next weekend. julian: looking good. thank you, lisa. there is a new show called "kings of napa." the scripted drama features something that is rare, a napa winery that is black owned. i spoke to the cast about to show and how to get open doors and the local group pushing to diversify wine country. >> get ready for a new drama filled series almost as juicy as the grapes that make the king family at the focus of the show
6:53 am
famous. i spoke to the stars ahead of the premier. >> this is a show about a very affluent african-american family in napa. we have a winery called the kings estate. >> my character is august king. she is very bold and she has a very strong vision for not only her family's legacy, but also the company. >> a black family at the helm of a successful wine business, a rarity on the screen and in napa valley. >> it is important to show a family in this position to open the door for everybody else watching. >> to family. >> we are less than 1%. >> the founder of longevity winds in livermore and the president of the association of african-american vendors makes diversifying wine country his vision through mentorship and scholarships. >> what are the obstacles? how can we make those smaller? how can we increase diversity in the industry overall? >> he said it starts with
6:54 am
awareness and is hopeful life will reflect art and that the "kings of napa" will encourage african-americans and other marginalized groups to get into the wine industry. >> it is really important that we show that that does exist. >> the stars described the show us -- >> beautiful and addictive. >> juicy and bold. >> just a hint of what it takes to make it in wine country. julian: a new episode of "kings of napa" airs every tuesday at
6:55 am
6:56 am
julian: happening today, the space and science center in oakland reopens after being closed due to the surge in covid cases. that means the return of interactive exhibits. astronomers will be on hand to give guests the chance to explore stars and planets. the observatory offers views 1500 feet above the bay. tickets are available on the website. we get one last check of the
6:57 am
forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: speaking of space, an ash cloud up to 20 miles has been reported to the volcano eruption in tonga. that has initiated an tsunami advisory along the west coast and this means waves of one to two feet and strong currents, but no inundation so do not worry, but stay away from the beaches and the boats. 62 in concord. 65 with high clouds today, above average throughout the afternoon for your saturday and sunday and then into the holiday monday, slightly cooler through tuesday. that mix of clouds and sun staying with us even warmer into next weekend. julian: thank you, lisa and thank you for joining us here for abc seven mornings. i am julian in for liz kreutz along with lisa argen. abc 7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. have a great day. gma is next.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. winter blast. the massive storm sweeping across the country, impacting 75 million americans. near whiteout conditions. hundreds of accidents, five states declaring states of emergency. plus, the deep freeze in the northeast. and home heating tips that can save you money. escalating crisis along the russia/ukraine border. unverified social media videos showing russian trained military heavy equipment. the warnings russia could be plotting a false flag operation as an excuse to invade. >> when there isn't an actual crisis to suit their needs, they'll make one up. >> russia's response and what the white house is saying this morning.


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