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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 14, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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stretching into the night, on how best to handle the covid cases sweeping from schools. >> a california super bowl one month from now. the big game has not had the west coast since five years ago. talking about why california is the perfect place to host. >> good morning on this friday, january 14. you are watching live. we will start with the forecast. >> dense fog in a lot of spots. this morning, it is thick. dense fog advisory in effect for a lot of us. close to the bay, shoreline, and the north bay. i have not seen fog is widespread in some time, many areas down to zero miles, oakland, san jose, santa rosa and petaluma. zero miles even at sfo. thick fog. san jose, 101. not a lot. a lot of headlights going north, taillights south, and fog early
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on, but we will break for hazy skies and 50's to 60's this afternoon. >> education is a key part of building a better bay area amid the pandemic. in the east bay, parents and teachers say they are struggling and worried. the west contra costa school district was up into the night talking about how to handle the covid cases there. amy hollyfield is live on what happened -- or didn't, amy. >> nothing happened. they will keep schools open. they will remain open. this was a meeting to listen. and it gave us a glimpse into how parents and teachers feel about this surge. the board did not have any plans on the agenda last night to vote on whether to close schools. it was a special meeting to listen. it went late into the night, tell 11:30, several parents calling for a return to distance learning. >>
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school don't feel safe coming to school. >> i believe there's an urgency for the district to pause. >> the west contra costa district did close schools friday and monday of this week to clean the buildings and pause during this spike in cases. but they are back in class now and some teachers held a sick out this week to protest being back. the district currently has more than 1500 students and faculty out sick with covid. board members say they will take recommendations to the superintendent. they will also continue to work on strategies to slow the spread of the virus, but schools are open for in person learning. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc7. >> a tentative agreement has been struck in san francisco between the school and several unions.
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hundreds of san francisco school teachers called for a sick out to demand more on-the-job protections. they called for the distribution of high-quality face masks to students and staff. 73,000 are in the process of being distributed. the district will provide an additional 10 days of covid sick leave for employees and weekly testing will continue to be offered to students and staff. schools will be closed in oakland today for what the district is calling a wellness day. they made the call after classes were canceled after -- canceled at nine schools. teachers staged a sick out to support students demanding more covid safety measures. the students are considering a walk out of their own next week. >> we don't want to go to school knowing that we and our families are unsafe. we don't want to go to school knowing that one of our friends could have covid. >> every day, we are receiving emails saying we are in close contact with positive covid cases and some teachers have gotten 20 this week or more.
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>> the district started handing out n95 masks to students yesterday. one of the provisions the union demanded. >> in the north bay, two school districts will be canceled today because of covid exposures. reach independent charter school will also be closed sevastopol. >> covid-19 rules going to affect that california businesses today -- go into effect at california businesses today. businesses have to offer paid time for employees exposed to covid. >> the supreme court has blocked the biden administration's vaccine or test requirement for large employers, arguing osha does not have the power to mandate that, but the court did uphold that for health care
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facilities. this as the administration announces more than 500 million free covid tests will be available soon. the president says action is needed to help deal with a record number of hospitalizations and singled out the unvaccinated. >> if you are unvaccinated, if they test positive, you are 17 times more likely to get hospitalized. as a result, they are crowding the hospitals, leaving little room for anyone else. >> the president also announced plans to make n95 masks available for free, saying it is part of america's -- every american's patriotic duty to fight covid. >> more trouble for novak djokovic. australia's immigration officials are asking him to report for an interview the -- this afternoon and planning to detain him after. he faces deportation after they revoked his visa for a second
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time. the 34-year-old is unvaccinated and a critic of vaccines. he entered the country with a special exemption in hopes of playing the ongoing australian open. his attorneys are hoping to appeal. >> the super bowl will be played in los angeles county in less than a month. nfl officials say the venue will not change. >> it has been an exciting season. so to cap pop with a full capacity super bowl at this unbelievable stadium is exciting. >> league officials met with l.a. county officials to talk about what to expect. masks will be mandatory for everyone inside sophia stadium in inglewood. >> the founder of a far right militia believed to be the main organizer of the january 6 capital attack -- january 6 capitol attack due in court. >> a southbay mom accused of throwing boozy, sex filled
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>> a major snowstorm is expected
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to roar across much of the country, and is expected to bring snow, rain, wind and ice. >> the atmosphere is always trying to balance itself out. when it is typically cold on the east coast, on the west coast, it is usually warm. that is the pattern we are in now. we also have dense fog. a dense fog advisory for a lot of us along the bay shoreline and north bay until 10:00 a.m., and you can see why. we switch to visibility mode. petaluma, napa, zero miles of visibility. if you are crossing the bay bridge, you will encounter this. zero miles in the southbay as well. that fog lifts after 10:00 a.m. the afternoon features hazy sunshine and moderate air quality. 61 oakland, 63 san jose, 65 santa rosa. the weekend, we continue that drive pattern.
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monday, mostly sunny, 60's. let's see how traffic is doing. good morning. >> good morning. this crash is where drew mentioned zero mile visibility. so in the napa, be careful. it is an overturned big rig on 121 near hare lane. use your low beams. there is slowing. this is emeryville. it has been socked in. i wanted to use it now because we can see some traffic, moving toward the bay bridge toll plaza. you will find thick fog into san francisco across the bridge. another live shot, the freeway, highway 87 almost disappearing in the distance, so you can get 90 idea of the difficulty you will experience, so be careful and give yourself some time. jobina, reggie? >> a san francisco home turning heads for all the wrong reasons. a $2 million sale. >> the man convicted for one of
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the most notorious crimes in american history, sirhan sirhan, denied
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>> the founder of the far right militia called the oath keepers is due in court, facing the most serious charges so far and last year's attack on the u.s. capitol. the fbi removed evidence from the dallas home of steward rhodes, who is alleged to have spent millions on weapons and tactical gear before the attack. he sent encrypted messages his followers before the attack, saying we will not get through this without a civil war and we
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must march en masse on the nation's capitol. if convicted, he could face 20 years in prison. >> a judge will be asked to rule that the san francisco police department violate the law -- violated the law. the aclu says they violated the law when the police department used a network of non-city security cameras to surveill protesters, arguing it could amount to illegal spying. >> the lawyer for sirhan sirhan says she will appeal governor newsom's decision to deny parole to sirhan sirhan. the governor rejected that, saying he has not taken responsibility for the assassination, and there is a lack of accountability required for his safe release. he called robert f kennedy's
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assassination one of the most notorious crimes in history. >> the southbay mother accused of throwing boozy, sex filled parties for her adolescent son and his friends is asking to be released on bail according to the mercury news. the lawyer for 47-year-old shannon o'connor says she poses no risk to the community as she awaits trial. the da's office says they will respond to the request next week. she faces 39 criminal counts. southern california's solar energy workers fear a utility billing change in the works could cost them their jobs. about 1000 workers and supporters marched to the california public utilities commission headquarters in san francisco yesterday, concerned about a proposal that would tax rooftop solar customers and reduce compensation for clean energy. protesters call it a money grab by big utilities who have lost profits to solar providers. however, a representative from affordable clean energy for all,
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a coalition of groups supporting the change, told abc 7 the protests missed the point. >> solar systems today are being paid for by customers who don't have them. those californians are disproportionately lower income, on fixed incomes, in managed communities. that is wrong and needs to be fixed. >> supporters of the proposal say the change means that everyone who uses the state's power grid would pay for the upkeep and maintenance of the grid. >> you might think a home selling for $2 million in san francisco is nothing out of the ordinary, but this sale is getting plenty of buzz for a good reason. the home is a fixer-upper. do you see what is on your screen? here it is. the real estate website called the real deal reports the home sold for $1.97 million. it has no bedrooms. you get two bathrooms. this ill a listing describes it
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as a contractor special and, i love this, the worst house on the best block. there is a backyard, if you want to call it that. some work here. >> the housing market. >> i am too bitter to comment. >> i am feeling the energy. >> know we valley, super sought out. people love it. >> gorgeous. >> the worst house on the best block. if you have the money, i'm sure they will flip it for $4 million. >> this will have no problem selling. >> let's keep tabs on this. let's see what happens in the future. >> i bet you it is going to be gorgeous. >> i am upset. >> the standard of the neighborhood -- gorgeous. so much fog. it is an issue for a lot of us. it is thick in san jose. this morning, it is really thick and a lot of spots. visibility right now zeroing san jose and you can see why from that vantage point.
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a quarter mile at sfo and oakland, so the east bay impacted, along with the north bay, a quarter-mile in napa. dense fog around the bay shoreline and the north bay, an advisory until 10:00 a.m., so use caution driving, leave extra distance between you and the car in front of you. 41 oakland, 35 santa rosa, 43 san mateo. fog lifts after 10:00 a.m. in the afternoon, mild, but we will see the sun sharing the sky with cirrus clouds. warmer today compared to yesterday, 60 in the city, 61 oakland, 65 santa rosa, 62 concord. overnight, stars and clouds. the fog returns tomorrow. 30's to mid 40's into saturday. future weather. we have shown you this all week. the pattern is not changing. i will let this go over the next
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seven days. you will notice northern california remains dry. the storm track remains well north for the perceivable future. and it is likely that the rest of january ands of dry -- january does end up dry. we are dealing with dense fog. mild. holiday weekend, fog, afternoon sunshine, air quality moderate, and the dry pattern continues next week. >> we will turn to ginger z with a look at what is happening on gma this morning. i know it will be cold where you are. >> it is going to be jis going by tomorrow morning. good morning to you, reggie, jobina, joe, everybody. we do not have a dry pattern ahead. i will be tracking a storm moving through parts of iowa, missouri today, and eventually give nashville even more snow. they have already blown past their seasonal snow total for the year, but will get more. we will also take you inside a
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children's hospital. many are seeing a dramatic increase in covid cases. there are at the same time new signs of hope because the worst of the surge might be over for some parts of the country. a new warning about apple air tags. why law-enforcement says they can be a threat. since it will be so cold, we want to tell you how to look hot, meaning your fashion. shuai will tell you how to where items -- we will show you how to where items ofthing -- how up onmamin >> we were talking about this segment yesterday, where people were wearing pajamas outside, normally. >> why? >> we always have to have something new and unique. i don't know. it is television so it looks fun. i think -- i have no idea, but the puffer code is fine. it works. .
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>> we all know hawaii is a stunning place to visit but there is more to the islands than beautiful beaches and sunshine. mike nicco had the best assignment visiting, and discovered a tour that combines education, adventure and beauty into one journey. it was made possible by our sponsor, hawaiian airlines, making it easy to find a nonstop. >> maui is full of beauty and wonder. we will take you on a journey that blends culture, education and nature, and of course, fun. i saw a side side side sid
6:25 am
never seen before. this tour journey exploring the ecosystem and watershed of a nature preserve in an unforgettable way. >> a pleasure to have you, we are stoked. let's get you on the trail. >> love it. invasives, plans not native for hawaii, are good for a couple things, number one eating. have you could've passionfruit? >> yes. >> well this is passionfruit. this is a vine, and it is growing over another invasive plant. there you go. so it is one of the things we get to do, eat. >> good. >> one of the things everyone comes to maui for, you go out because he went to see the bain tree -- the banyon tree.
6:26 am
this single one goes over there and keeps going up like a trembling. this is a perfect example of the root structure. you can see layers and layers building upon itself. if you notice, there is nothing. >> this is better than what you said. >> that is the summit. we basically came fromhe all the way up. this is the watershed. this is what we are predicting -- protecting. we wish everyone could see this and understand the importance of protecting the watershed and what we have. >> beautiful. we are also jealous. -- adventure, including more of him swinging from the trees, on >> looks amazing. >> that whole thing. >> gorgeous.
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i have to talk to mike later. >> for jumping up and down, the tan. >> the passionfruit. >> the passionfruit. >> ok. next at 6:30, someone trying to get their hands on fake covid-19 negative results and the consequences for those who try. >> a life of happiness. of course, it takes you back to hawaii with one man's birthday tradition. >> and sweet student loans, now canceled for thousands of americans. the key of the deal, part of your full morning money report. >> first, as we head to break, , princess cruises was born right here in california. for over 55 years, we've been helping californians
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i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive and i was having a hard time paying our other bills. but now for the first time in our lives, i can do both. covered california makes health insurance easier in every way with financial help for millions of us and free assistance to compare your options. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. go to announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> top stories right now, charting the spread of omicron. hopeful signs starting to appear for the bay area ahead of the
6:30 am
pandemic from a peculiar source. >> governor newsom is giving his vision for a greener california future. he has billion-dollar plans to transform your daily ride to work. >> give it up for the jeopardy champ, wow. oakland's own amy schneider hit her newest height yet, and she's not done going for the all-time record. we are proud of her. >> go, amy. i feel like she's our friend. have any of you met her? >> no. get her on the show. >> yes. midday live here we come. it is friday, january 14. you are watching live. >> when we say we want to meet someone on this show, usually it is kumasi. >> that's true, and it always happens. >> once kumasi puts it into the universe, it happens. >> she manifests it. >> she does. let's try and make that power happen for us.
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>> i don't see why not. what time is it? 6:30. friday. so by next week, we will have met amy schneider. >> we have decided. >> the fog is very dense in spots, reduced visibility, a fog advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. on the entire shoreline and north bay. zero mile visibility in oakland, san jose, petaluma, one mile at sfo, so the bay bridge is impacted, and a lot of roads are impacted. here is the picture. use low beams, extra distance. that sticks through 10:00 a.m. when hazy afternoon -- when it lifts, hazy afternoon. >> the biden administration regrouping after the supreme court blocked its vaccine mandate for large employers. this comes as the president announces new resources in the
6:32 am
fight against the virus. here is faith abubey. >> a newly published study found unvaccinated pregnant women this morning i a higher risk of complications from covid compared to those who are vaccinated. more than 20% of americans eligible for the shot have yet to get at least one dose. thursday, the supreme court ruling estimated 80 million workers in the private sector are free from a federal vaccine mandate. the order would have required osha to force large businesses to ensure their workers are vaccinated against covid or submit to weekly testing and wear masks. >> osha has not traditionally mandated other vaccines for other hazards that could be pose -- that could pose great risks, some might say. >> the labor secretary calling
6:33 am
the ruling a major setback to the health and safety of workers. the justices are allowing the biden administration to enforce a different mandate on health care workers. the president saying the decision will save lives. biden also announcing more help is on the way, including military medical teams fanning out to help overwhelmed hospitals with critical staff shortages, and a total of one million free at home covid test soon to be available through a government website launching next week. in the hospitals, as the variant surge continues, doctors say they see more kids sick with covid than ever before. >> we watch them struggle to breathe and on top of that we watch their parents struggle. >> the white house says the administration has a stockpile of more than 750 million high-quality masks, like the n95, available, but it is unclear if and how americans can get their hands on them. in washington, faith abubey, abc news. >> a shout out to the abc news
6:34 am
eye team as covid's face a backlog of patients needing imminent care. they have seen more covid patients during the last month than at any other time in the past two years. one emergency department is filling up with asymptomatic people wanting tests because they cannot find them anywhere else. >> everyone is feeling mentally and physically exhausted. we see a lot of sick patients. ambulance traffic is up 20% in the city over the last week. so any time that i'm in the emergency department, there are basically ambulance rigs lined up outside outside of our department, patients waiting for triage. >> emergency departments are seeing a similar surge in another county, up to 750 patients per day. nurses across the state demand the hospital industry invest in safe staffing and optimum work protectors.
6:35 am
many participated in a nationwide day of action yesterday. one san francisco nurse says people are working 12 hour shifts with outbreaks. >> we are asking our hospital to improve working conditions with safe levels of staffing, following our advice to grow the pool of available nurses that can work in different departments. >> nurses unions want the cdc to strengthen isolation guidelines but health care workers california is allowing asymptomatic covid positive health care workers to return to work right away to alleviate staffing shortages. >> if you are searching for a good sign in our omicron journey, look to the toilet. seriously. scientists are encouraged by the amount of the virus in our wastewater. reporter amy hollyfield is here with all the news you can use from the sewer. >> the life of a researcher, a scientist, not always glamorous, but we appreciate this information. this data suggests we may have
6:36 am
already hit our high point of covid cases in the bay area. the wastewater in santa clara county shows the covid levels have dropped significantly since the peak a week ago, last thursday. doctors are calling this an extremely promising sign, but this is just in the wastewater for now. they are not seeing it play out in real life, but they think this is a sign that's coming. >> from a society perspective, it is great, because as cases go down, we will probably have fewer restrictions, but we are always going to be nervous about hospitalizations until we see the number going down. >> so doctors say we should not get overconfident about these results, pointing out our covid levels are still higher than a year ago, so they still recommend that people get vaccinated, boosted and where a tightfitting mask, but this does look like some good news about our possible trending on this situation. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc7.
6:37 am
>> thanks. in the south bay, sharks fans have mixed emotions about an upcoming requirement that they must be posted against covid to attend home games. san jose is requiring people attending events at city-owned venues to be fully vaccinated and have a booster shot. attendees can show a negative covid test taken with -- taken within a couple days of the event if pcr, one day if it is an antigen swab. it takes effect february 4. >> you can still get covid, but hopefully it will be less of a problem than if you didn't have any shots at all. >> i think once we have these first two shots, that should have been enough. i don't think we should get the booster they should not mandate it. >> the city council unanimously passed a requirement tuesday. >> governor newsom stopped in the south bay to promote how his state budget will help california become more green.
6:38 am
the climate and environment are two things key to building a better bay area. at the santa clara caltrans station, newsom touted the money going toward expanding charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and buying heavy-duty zero emission vehicles like school buses. >> there is no state in america that comes close to a commitment of radically changing our system of transportation by cleaning and greening it. >> the governor's budget proposal still needs to go through the state legislature and, after that, a revision will be presented in may before it is up for a final approval in june. >> a startling scene in los angeles. for homes everywhere strewn about, thieves grabbing them. we will have the reason behind the mess. >> you are looking at the big board at the new york stock
6:39 am
exchange. we are down about 250 points. another update in moments. >> if you have been outside at all this week, you have seen the bay area sunsets. look at this. >> and the sunrise right now is also amazing. >> putting on a show. we have the reasons why we are seeing these vibrant skies. >> we will probably have another one this morning and later this evening so get the cameras out. fog is an issue for a lot of us, impacting the shoreline and north bay. let's take a tour down to street level. san jose very much impacted by this dense fog. 87, 280, and 101 through the south bay, you have dense fog. even oakland down to zero miles. parts of the bay bridge, east bay impacted by this early this morning, and the north bay, napa, petaluma, indicated by zero miles of visibility.
6:40 am
a dense fog advisory is in effect for the areas impacted with low visibility until 10:00 a.m., so use low beams, add extra distance between you and the car in front of you. the fog will lift. 30's and 40's. oakland is 41 with fog, 37 in nevada, 53 in half moon bay. the fog lifts about 9:00 this morning. another mild day in the afternoon. a blend of sunshine and cloud cover to finish our week. highs today under hazy sunshine and moderate air quality, 60 in the city, 61 oakland, 62 san rafael, 62 concord. traveling today, the entire state is dry. more cloud cover across southern california. a little bit warmer across the state today compared to yesterday. 71 los angeles, 42 tahoe later today. we will see how the holiday weekend is shaping up, tomorrow, sunday and monday coming up, but
6:41 am
first, a check of the roads. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. two injury accidents in the north bay, where the fog is thick. be careful in the area. a new crash reported southbound 101 around sausalito onto the golden gate bridge. it is blocking the left lane so we could see a slowdown but not bad so far. also it overturned big rig on 121 in napa, off to the right-hand side, but because it is overturned, it is causing slowing in both directions. we will take you outside. a hammer shop -- a camera shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. a fog advisory has been issued for the bay bridge. it is very foggy into san francisco along 101 off the bridge, so give yourself extra time. in san jose, 87, thick fog as well. no major problems other than the emergency closure on the 280
6:42 am
connection ramps to the guadalupe paper click
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>> a warning for anyone willing to go out and buy a fake covid test result. don't do that. second, a bay area cybersecurity company says your personal information may be at risk. maybe that is incentive enough. cybersecurity experts say they are seeing an influx of people selling fake negative covid pcr tests results -- test results. they are being sold on apps like telegram. some sellers are even claiming to register these with hospitals so they can be used to travel. >> that is another thing in creating fake documents out of card stock. >> the sellers take payments in
6:45 am
cryptocurrency, which is not traceable. they are also warning buyers of giving away your personal information to someone who obviously cannot be trusted. >> the union pacific tracks downtown los angeles. thieves are breaking into shipping containers, boxes littering the tracks. once the goods have been tossed out, others to swoop in looking for items. when amazon customer who returned an item had no idea her delivery and did interrupted that her delivery had been interrupted. >> you sent something back and had no idea it never made it to its destination. >> yeah. >> wild. union pacific says the stretch of track was cleaned just 30 days ago. police say they are increasing patrols and looking at other technology to stop these crimes from happening. >> your morning money report. if you have a student loan
6:46 am
through naviant, it could be canceled. the company, formerly known as celie may come has agreed to a settlement. -- as sallie a settlement. many states have accused it of making predatory loans. >> the settlement includes restitution for 43,000 residents, approximately $261 million in private debt cancellation for those living in california. >> it denies it violated any laws and says the allegations are unfounded. if you qualify for loan cancellation, you don't have to do anything. they will contact you later this year after age -- after a judge gives final approval of the settlement. new nominations to the board of the federal reserve could make it the most diverse ever. reuters reports the slate of nominees, if approved, would
6:47 am
include what would be the first black woman to serve on the board and just the fourth black man. it would also put women in four of the board's seven seats. taking a look at the new york stock exchange, down considerably before, and we remain there, down to 58 points. >> new fraud, this time with disability payments. scammers are using stolen identities to file phony claims. 345,000 disability claims have been frozen. the agency suspects most are phony, but some are legitimate benefits to the sick and disabled. >> it is like déjà vu all over again. they are once again treating legitimate claimants, this time for disability payments, as if they might very well be scammers. >> it is absolutely ridiculous that anyone has to go this long without getting paid and with no answers.
6:48 am
that is the frustrating part. >> we have learned the problem began with the medical database breach. scammers sold the identities of hundreds of doctors and used the credentials to authorize false disability claims. the agency has frozen accounts it believes are imposters and now requires real doctors to verify their identities before they can authorize disability payments. they have not say -- said how much money they paid the scammers. >> the speed limit is going down in several key districts. along some of the busiest corridors, it will be lowered to 20 miles an hour, down for 25, coming with the passage of a new state law allowing local jurisdictions to reduce speed limits in key areas. here is a map showing the streets involved. throughout the city, there are seven areas, including 24th street from valencia to san bruno, and the marina on fillmore between chestnut and union.
6:49 am
>> a stark warning for the future in the fight against climate change. any report by the international energy agency finds global demand for electricity surge 6% last year. researchers say renewable resources of electricity, as opposed to power stations that burn coal or natural gas, have not kept up with the growth in demand. the iea says the electric energy increase was fueled by a colder winter and the dramatic economic rebound from the pandemic that both drive -- that drove both prices and carbon emissions to new records. >> all week, we have been getting scenes like this picture you have. the sun and sunsets. chef's kiss. taking a look from our exploratorium camera. look at that. go outside -- keep the tv on -- but go outside and take a picture of what is going on. i could try to break down what is happening science wise, but
6:50 am
all i know is pretty picture. locally we have drew to explain. >> winter is actually the best season for sunrises and sunsets for a couple reasons. we have drier air this time of year which allows your eyes to see more of these vibrant colors, yellows, oranges and reds. we also get those beautiful hi cirrus clouds that bounce off the gorgeous colors in the morning and evening, at a lower sun angle, so longer time to experience the sunrise. >> so it is my actual eyes and the environment. >> yeah. in the summertime, you have more particles in the atmosphere so you don't have as many colors. >> look at that all working together. >> it is beautiful. get the cameras out. now, hard to see, because we have dense fog advisories until 10:00 a.m. along the bay shoreline and the north bay. half a mile in sfo now.
6:51 am
this is impacting a lot of us early this morning. it live 9:00, 10:00 a.m., and on again to hazy sunshine. highs today in the low and mid 60's for most. 60 san francisco, 61 oakland, 63 san jose, 62 concord. that live look from the exploratorium camera. a beautiful sunrise on the way but air quality will be moderate today and tomorrow no matter where you live. that is in the moderate zone. why? high pressure is in control over california. it is bringing the dry pattern but also the mild weather as well. underneath high pressure, where we live, sinking air that forces everything down to the surface, like smoke from wood-burning and pollutants from cars, and traps it all at the surface and keeps it there like a lid on our atmosphere. we need rain to mix out the atmosphere but that is not happening the next seven days. lots of sunshine over the holiday weekend and the dry
6:52 am
pattern will continue for the perceivable future into next week. -- for the into next week. >> i just took a picture of myself to the sunrise, so i am done. a mom is being shaved online because she revealed she was raising her abb -- her baby vegan. critics say it is not healthy for a seven-month-old. doctors weighing in and there is no shortage of strong opinions. this mom posted videos about this on tiktok. she says she never expected she would spark a so-called diet riot. >> people telling me i was being selfish and abusing my child be is i'm not giving them meet. -- meat. >> it can be safe to raise an intent or child vegan with careful planning and thoughtful additions to the diet that think
6:53 am
about brain development and retinal development. you can do a great job. >> consult with your pediatrician about this. good morning american will have a full report about the backlash coming up at 7:00. >> bay area kids have another place to play. wanda woods opened at the california academy of sciences in golden gate park. it is billed as a garden playscape where kids can be creative and use their imaginations while getting dirty at the same time. >> the average kid spends less than 10 minutes a day playing outside, 90% less than their parents and grandparents. we need to connect kids with nature for their health and the health of the places they live. >> the area includes quiet, intimate places where kids can invent art, jump around, places that will help improve their motor skills and social skills. >> opens very own jeopardy champion amy schneider is on an
6:54 am
incredible run, tied for third place for the number of consecutive games won. she's an engineering manager and has won 32 games and is the first trans contestant to qualify for the tournament of champions, also number three on the all-time consecutive wins list. jeopardy airs weeknights at 7:00 here on abc7. at 6:00, and hawaii, a 102-year-old man celebrated his birth day at the gymnasium. >> it is the third year he has done that. dr. james cho works out six days a week at a 24 hour fitness near honolulu. he's been a member for 25 years. he says his routine is why he has lived so long. look at the lei. >> i love that. >> is the same mickey mask? >> what? >> it will come back hopefully. >> it is. >> oh!
6:55 am
come on, dr. joe. he says he has gotten to know the staff and considers them family. >> look at this man. >> doing more than me. i love inca orchid -- love an orchid lei. you can never go wrong. >> is that what you were at your wedding? >> my mother-in-law. we had some specialty ones. but on every other occasion, an orchid lei is my go-to. does it make you feel special? >> it is beautiful. i wore one once at a luau. >> feels-like vacation. >> like the sunrise behind you. >> and i have the sunrise every morning please? >> beautiful. next, seven things you need to know. >> as we head to break, a live look outside.
6:56 am
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>> if you are just joining us, seven things you need to know. the west conference county schools are open for him person learning today and will remain open, but parents, some of them, are remain -- are demanding a return to distance learning. >> oakland unified has canceled classes today. yesterday, teachers at nine schools staged a sick out to support students demanding more covid safety measures. >> sewer data from santa clara county shows omicron may trend downward. virus levels at wastewater treatment plans have dropped significantly since the peak one week ago. >> the founder of the far right militia called the oath keepers is due in court today. he and others are facing seditious conspiracy charges. >> dealing with a dense fog advisory. until 10:00 a.m., all areas shaded in gray.
6:59 am
87 in the foreground, thick fog in the south bay. those left for hazy sunshine later. >> number six, the fog the biggest challenge for the commute. the bay bridge toll plaza, it is foggy into san francisco. 15 minute delays in napa on westbound 121 approaching an overturned big rig on the shoulder. >> 3.1 8 million dollars is how much this copy of action comics number one sold for adoption. the comic features the first appearance of superman. a collectibles marketplace purchased it on behalf of a private buyer. >> let me ask you, who are your favorite superheroes -- who were your favorite superheroes growing up? >> that man. -- batman. >> wonder woman. >> growing up, i did not participate in the superhero thing.
7:00 am
>> iceman for me. i like my men cold. good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, a deep freeze for millions and snow on the way as we head into the weekend. bitter cold blasting through the northeast. windchills set to plummet, dropping as low as 40 below zero in parts of new england and at least 12 states under winter storm watch. ginger is tracking the snow and the dangerous cold conditions right now. breaking news. overnight, north korea fires two ballistic missiles, happening just hours after accusing the united states of "escalating the situation" with sanctions. hospitals pushed to the brink. this morning, we're taking you inside a children's hospital in ohio admitting more patients for covid than ever before with less staff. and the supreme court setback for president biden's covid response.


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