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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 13, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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deck of the bay bridge after 5:00 this morning. this caused a series of other accidents and we have a live shot sky -- -- -- over how the backup has grown into oakland and the maze. the drivetime will take you over an hour just to get across the bay bridge, so this is a spot to avoid this morning. the three right lanes are blocked and it looks like the accident has passed treasure island, and sky seven is trying to zoom in on this crash. injuries have been reported and it will be out there for a while. you may want to consider the richmond-san rafael bridge, that's a 45 minute drive. reggie: and we are tracking issues not only on the bay bridge, but issues with fog right now. you can see visibility is not an issue on the bay bridge, but an issue in the north bay right now
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. fairfield, concord, about four miles visibility, solo clouds in several areas. that lingers through the 8:30 a.m. hour and lifts after the sun gets up here. we are in the 40's and 50's for the most part. san francisco, 51. what he three in vallejo. here is a live look from suter tower -- 43 in vallejo. here is a live look from sutter tower, temperatures in the 50's and lower 60's -- above average for january, guys. francis: -- as school districts are grappling with covid issues, teachers at several open schools say they will stage a sick out today to support students who are damaging -- demanding more covid safety measures. a group of students say it will stage a walkout on tuesday unless the demands are met.
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those demands include kn95 and n95 masks for all students, parents and students share their concerns at last nights meeting at at the oakland unified school board. >> we never said we wanted schools to get closed down. we want to go to distance learning we have all the materials to come back. it does take a mental health toll. >> get it together. listen to the community, the students, the educators who are telling you they do not feel safe. jobina: the district says schools are among the safest places for students. they have ordered enough kn95 masks for all students and the district has reached a tentative agreement with the teacher union regarding covid safety provisions, which includes extended covid leave. reggie: new vaccination requirements coming to mega-events in san francisco. anyone over the age of 12 has to be fully vaccinated two weeks before entry.
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everyone neveryone neveryone nen booster shot one week prior. that will apply to children ages 12 and 15 beginning march 1. children ages five to 11 have to be fully vaccinated or show proof of a negative test, and anyone two to four has to show proof of a negative test. a mega event in california includes any event with at least 500 people. now to oakland, which will starting next month, begin requiring vaccination proof for people to go into restaurants, bars, gyms, museums, city hall and more. you will see advisory notices going up by the end of this week so people are prepared. san jose has a booster shot mandate applying to big events at city-owned facilities. that new rule also applies to venue staff and they require city employees to get a booster if eligible. jobina: the state continues to
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expand testing and will add more mobile testing sites. >> 90% of the population is within a 30 minute drive of an optimum server site. while that is impressive, we realize it is not good enough, nor is the fact that there are lines appearing in sites like this all across the state. jobina: there are currently 50 sites and there will soon be 80, and 80 more national guard members are also being deployed. there are already 200 at various testing sites to help things move along more efficiently. the white house plans to launch its website for ordering covid tests this weekend as part of the biden administration's new testing initiative. he told pbs newshour the tests will start to arrive later this month. last month, the president promised in-home testing kits. earlier this week, the biden administration announced a new policy, requiring insurance companies to reimburse eight
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over-the-counter covid tests starting saturday. reggie: today, president biden announced he is deploying military medical teams to states overwhelmed by covid-19. that federal officials are expected to recommend americans upgrade from cloth masks cloth m masks or n95 masks if possible. the problem is they are hard to find. the cdc director saying is better than no mask at all. >> the best mask is one you will wear and keep on all day long. reggie: there are some signs of hope on the horizon. in new york, cases are plateauing. in boston, there has been a rapid drop of covid-19 detected in the wastewater. jobina: happening today, governor gavin newsom is coming to the bay area to talk about
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major transportation and infrastructure investments. this includes inventing -- advancing climate friendly projects. the governor is scheduled to be in santa clara county around 11:00 this morning and is expected to talk about how to support the movements of goods through california ports. reggie: all the cargo ships waiting to get to a spot in the port of oakland will soon be gone. new rules launched this week require the 200,000 ton ships to stay 50 miles off the coast while they wait for their docking assignment time. port of oakland officials say the goal is to reduce congestion, promote maritime safety, and reduce air quality effects. >> they may not give you the protection that is indicated by the product. jobina: top tips to spot the fake. dr. patel talking about the signs of a counterfeit mask and the best place to look for ones that are approved. reggie: and water wasters be
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gone. after months of falling short, one bay area county has achieved the 15% water conservation target. jobina: and major dilip -- francis: and major delays on the bay bridge because of a crash that happened about an hour ago. three right lanes are blocked. a sig alert has been issued. consider the san mateo bridge, the richmond-sand rail #1 for diatn #1 for psoriasis symptom relief and #1 for eczema symptom relief. gold bond. champion your skin.
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francis: welcome back. we have a traffic alert for the bay bridge. this is breaking news, an injury crash blocking three right lanes. it will be out there for a while. the chp has issued a sig alert. you can see the cleanup has started and injuries have been reported. it started with two cars racing on the upper deck of the bay bridge. they took off, but they caused
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this accident. a box truck also involved, some tow trucks there, they have some on the road to clear that up. in the meantime, the backup has grown. it is a parking lot across the upper deck of the bay bridge, from the maze past the treasure island area to this accident. you can see, it is just not moving at all. your alternate at this time is to take bart, you can wring your n95 mask, but you can also take the san rafael bridge, even taking the golden gate bridge is 45 minutes. the san mateo bridge is an alternate for you as well. no word from the chp has to -- as to when they will reopen the lanes, but this is a bad place to be this morning. you do not want to get stuck and at last checked, it is taking at least an hour to get across the
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bay bridge. petering lights are on, they are just not moving at all, but we will toss it to jobina right now. jobina: it is a parking lot right now, and i understand amy hollyfield is out there in the backup too. amy, where are you exactly? ? amy: hi, we are at the toll plaza. let me show you where we are -- we got in line at 6:03, 6:11 now, so we are eight to nine minutes into this and i can barely see the toll plaza head, -- toll plaza head, toll plaza ahead, so we have a ways to go. there are not a lot of people out this morning, so if you are going to be out, expect trouble at the toll plaza. the approach was not bad for us. let's take a look at sky seven, just so you can see what is happening and what is causing this.
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this is on the bay bridge, an accident that happened at 5:00 this morning and blocking a few lanes, and that's because chp six -- suspects some ca some cas were racing and crashed. when we get closer to the accident, details about what happened and who was involved, but the heads up right now is that you will be dealing this backup heading from the east bay into san francisco. the toll plaza is where we were experiencing it, the approach is not bad. not many people out these days. reporting live from almost at the toll plaza, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: thanks, amy. huge news when it comes to the drought. the drought monitor came out a few moments ago and we have completely eliminated exceptional drought and almost all of extreme drought across california. the entire region has improved to severe drought, much of southern california has improved
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to moderate drought, so we are inching in the right direction and are cautiously optimistic, because the next few weeks remain dry across california. look at this, the entire bay area is in severe drought now. it sounds weird to say that is an improvement, but it is. we are inching towards getting out of this drought. we are not out of it yet and today we have dry skies. slightly cooler up there, upper 50's to lower 60's. a live look outside from the exploratorium camera. today and tomorrow, we have moderate --. reggie: drew, thank you. the local bay area college that just told students how it is handling covid for the fall. jobina: plus, people who go out of their way to get covid just to get it over with. the reason why doctors say this is a bad idea. reggie: and discovering a new species of frog. the scientist who just got this discovery named in their honor. francis: a live look from the
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toll plaza from sky seven. injuries are involved in a crash and at
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jobina: san jose state will begin the next term with remote classes for the first six weeks of instruction. students who live on campus are required to take a covid test, must take a test again when they return, and be tested a -- every week after that. there is a new trend in the pandemic, where -- similar to pox parties, where parents expose their kids to chickenpox. people are doing this with covid-19. dr. say it is a bad idea to do
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this. you could end up getting severely ill, long-haul symptoms, and infecting the population. >> people are still dying from omicron. we are recording 1000 deaths per day in the united states. it is a very different ballgame. jobina: while there is evidence that omicron symptoms is less severe than other variants, the more transmission we have, the more likely another transmission is around the corner. reggie: kn95 and n95 masks are a hot seller, meaning counterfeit masks are also on the rise. companies sold $34 million worth of fake masks in november alone. many people who cannot find n95 masks or kn95 masks are turning to third-party online retailers, and they are more likely to be counterfeit, because they are made out of the u.s. and are harder to vet. if you discovered you bought a
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fake, don't throw it out. >> it is still safe to wear it. it will still give you some level of protection, but may not give you the level of protection indicated by the product. there are a lot of counterfeits out there. reggie: we have a link, to a certified government approved kn95 and n95 masks on our website. jobina: it's about time we talk about the viral game of wordle. it's a word game that gives you five guesses to answer the word of the day. it is always six letters long. after each guest, the tiles change colors. green means you have the right letter in the right spot. yellow means the right letter, but in the wrong spot. gray means it is not in the days word at all. good luck to you. it is the same word for everyone and you can only guess once a day. no app, it's just a website. you don't have to plug in any
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information, nothing but friendly competition -- how nice. reggie: i am trying it right now. i am on my third guess, letters in the right place so far and it starts with an a. jona: im ing. drew: there is an e. because i also have a computer. [laughter] i am scratching my head. reggie: i am told by people who have solved it already that it is a real tough one. jobina: angel? reggie: oh, put that in. drew: try it real quick. good guess, though. let's talk about accuweather. we have some fog out there in sonoma county. we track this each and every morning in the winter.
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mild visibility in santa rosa, , some clouds through petaluma, napa, 45 mile visibility, and temperature wise we are in the 40's and 50's. 51 in the city right now, 41 in san ramon, good morning, 47 in san jose, 41 in santa rosa with the low cloud cover. is slightly cooler today compared to yesterday by a couple of degrees, but these nue 63 in san jose, 60 in napa, 63 the high in concord. a little bit of fog through the delta and parts of the north bay. 30's reappear in the north bay, around the shoreline, low to mid 40's as we head into friday. friday, saturday, sunday, even monday for the holidays looking continues through the weekend.
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daytime temperatures, 40's to 50's, but overnight you drop into the teens, so typical for this time of the year. let's look at the forecast over the next seven days. we have been talking about this a lot. the storm track remains to the north and as we set this into motion, it stays there. california remains dry and i showed you the drought monitor a few moments ago -- we have improved across the state, but we are cautiously optimistic, because january will end up drier than average. the weekend is looking really nice and that drying pattern continues. jobina: thank you, drew. let's turn to ginger's the, live with a look coming up on -- ginger zee, live with a look at what's coming up on gma. and there is the birthday girl. ginger: we are celebrating with some not frigid weather -- it is kind of mild. i will take this.
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i will be tracking the whole winter storm. if you are traveling east sunday into monday, something you will want to watch as well, but we have so many headlines to get to hear on gma. it's about inflation first. americans are facing the most significant rise in prices in 40 years, and this morning, we will break down what's fueling the surge and how long the white house says it will take for prices to come back down. also, new hope in the fight against covid. we are learning more about omicron versus delta -- more than we thought we knew. some hospitals are overflowing with patients. and what president biden is announcing this morning to help ease the strain. and a new lawsuit for the set of alec baldwin's movie. what the armor is now saying -- armorer is now saying what happened. and we have some deals and
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steals, all coming up on gma. reggie: here is my birthday message to you. i think you have made it easier -- ginger: are you going to sing? reggie: no, but we could. i think you have made it a little bit easier for everyone to be a little bit more themselves, and i can't think of a better thing that somebody could do somebody else -- for somebody else, even strangers who see you on tv every day. i thank you for that. ginger: thank you, thank you, reggie. that is a wonderful birthday gift. i will take it. reggie: happy birthday and i hope they make it special for you too. we will see you what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste... ...surprise parties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks... ...for 3!...
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you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. jobina: for months after declaring a drought emergency, santa clara county reached its water conservation goal. they asked residents to cut water use by 15%.
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they announced that they hit the mark in october, cutting water to 16%. november was even better with a savings of 20%. heavy rains often cause people to turn off their yard sprinklers. drew: and this is a drought monitor from last week, much of the bay area was under severe drought and parts of the east bay were under extreme drought. watch what happens. we have completely erased the extreme drought, the entire bay area has improved to severe drought, severe is an improvement, but much of the bay area has been in exceptional drought. we are inching towards where we want to be, but we are optimistic because january will end up much drier than typical. highest slightly cooler in the upper 50's 50's to low 60's, with lots of sunshine. greta thunberg now has a new
6:27 am
species of frog named after her. it is called the greta thunberg rain frog, identified by its distinctive black eyes. they say, greta reminds us more than ever that every species on earth depends on us to and climate change. reggie: and people shopping at this record store in rome got to see the pope pop in for an unannounced visit. before he became pope, francis would often visit the store to buy some records before coming back to his home country of argentina. they were able to give him a cd of classical music. if i worked there, what would i recommend? jobina: i know, because can you be like meg thee stallion? reggie: that's interesting.
6:28 am
jobina: she's hot right now. reggie: a pope safe album. the weekennd -- i might give him the weeknd. it is kind of pope safe. up next, give yourself plenty of time, especially if you are going from oakland to san francisco. francis: good news for our commuters, all lanes are back open on the bay bridge. we will have all your deta
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reggie: sky seven is live over the bay bridge, where a major backup is finally starting to clear after a bad crash heading into san francisco. four lanes were blocked for quite a while, but those lanes have reopened in the last few minutes. na: s has been tracking this for over an hour now. what is the latest for people trying to come from the east bay
6:31 am
and to san francisco? francis: as you can -- into san francisco? francis: as you can see, the lights are still kawhi leonard full. i want to keep showing you the backup. the three right lanes were blocked shortly after 5:00, when reportedly, two cars were racing, and that caused a domino effect and accent with injuries and a box truck. they had put an the which blocka while, and later reopened all the lanes. they are still seeing the right lanes are a bit slick, so be careful making your way across to treasure island, where the crash was. it has been taking an hour to get across the golden gate bridge, but heading over the san rafael bridge, that is also going to take about an hour. the san mateo bridge is still a good bet, and the backup is
6:32 am
improving,, but it is still worth avoiding at this point. you might want to consider bart as well, they are not reporting any delays. amy hollyfield is also in the backup, giving us an update. for now, we will take you back to reggie. this is not a spot you want to be out, the bay bridge toll plaza. reggie: that looks bad, but i am glad the lanes are back open. let's get you back to the toll plaza. amy hollyfield was approaching at the last time we checked in, and she still is. hi, amy. amy: good morning, reggie. we are 30 minutes in. we have been in this back up since 6:03. we got to the toll plaza and are still not up there. we are getting closer. i know you say the lanes are open back on the bay bridge, but it does not feel like it out here. the residual backup is still an
6:33 am
issue this morning. let's look at sky 7 -- maybe you can see me in this mess. you can get a sense of what i am dealing with, where i am in all of this. the backup here. i will say, the approach wasn't bad. we could definitely tell we are not at pre-pandemic levels when it comes to traffic at all. we got to the backed up area at the toll plaza, without any problems at all. there are not many cars out on the road. we are dealing with issues to get to the actual toll plaza, sitting here for about ready minutes. hopefully this will clear up soon, it just takes a while because of the residual issues. you wear if you are leaving anytime soon, you might have to deal with this. if you have an hour until you leave the house, hopefully this will be eased up and you will be fine. reporting live from the bay bridge toll plaza, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: if you have our news app, you are one of the first to know about this problem on the
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bay bridge. download the app now to get notifications and push alerts. drew: traffic is a mess, but weather is cooperating this morning. we are on our way to anotheragja in the 40's 50's, 411 santa rosa, 47 currently in san jose. jackets needed, in a break from the rain, a live look from the exploratorium camera. early on this morning, a blend of sun and clouds. this afternoon is slightly cooler than yesterday, but upper 50's to lower 60's, above where we should be for this time of year. be now? -- jobina? jobina: workers expect -- to too offer paid sick leave. the supple metal covid-19 sick leave expired last sick -- september.
6:35 am
workers have only had access to the state-mandated three paid sick days since then, which is not enough to recover or quarantine if they become affected with covid-19. reggie: schools across the country continue to struggle to staff classrooms. the west contra costa superintendent even stepped into teach as other educators called out sick. dr. chris hearst says it gave him an appreciation for what teachers do. the district is saying 265 of its 430 educators called out sick every day. >> a little bit tired of being overworked with the covid situation, staff not showing up, teachers not showing up. everyone is just worried. reggie: the district is giving every teacher 2kn95 masks every week for the rest of the school year. students will have access to 10,000 free kn95 masks thanks to
6:36 am
a business owner. eugene lee has donated masks in the past to schools, emergency responders, and other groups. >> the security you feel when you have something like this in a time like this, it is invaluable. as a business owner, if i have access to this, it is my responsibility to provide that security to my community. jobina: he also donated 15,000 masks oakland emergency responders. his kids attend oakland city schools. reggie: the plan over what to do on violent crime and staffing shortages over the next 12 months. >> i want 2022 to be a safer year for the residents of oakland and the businesses. reggie: violent crime spiked last year with 130 four homicides, the most since 2006. one of the most high-profile cases was the murder of kevin nishida, a police officer
6:37 am
working as a security guard. >> in six months, i am hoping we get as close as we can to our authorized hiring, which is 737. i want to hire more local officers, as well as seeing an increase in the hiring of women officers. reggie: chief armstrong will focus on redeploying resources. he will move 48 officers to east oakland, an area that accounts for 60% of the city's 911 calls. jobina: president biden is pushing two voting rights bills that have stalled in the senate. the freedom to vote act would expand voting access and standardize voting laws across the country. the john lewis voting rights advancement act restores key provisions of the 1965 voting rights act, but have been weakened by the supreme court, forcing state with a
6:38 am
history of voter discrimination to get federal approval before redistricting. both acts are opposed by republicans, who have blocked them previously. reggie: san francisco's annual tribute to dr. martin luther king jr. has been canceled due to covid. organizers say indoor events will be moved online. the cancellation comes days after organizers of the mlk parade in hayward said their event is being postponed. jobina: many younger beer lovers will have to wait a little longer to get those bottles popping. reggie: and taking a look at the big board at the new york stock exchange, we are up. a look at how we are doing, but first, francis has an update on the bay bridge traffic jam. francis: the traffic jam is still out there, even though the ness crawl from oakland, from 580-24 to the toll plaza and the
6:39 am
meeting lights -- metering lights, but the upper deck, because lanes are open, is starting to move a little bit faster. unfortunately, with the backup to the metering lights, it will take you about an hour to get across the bay bridge. you might want to avoid it if you can. if not, it does seem to be improving a little bit now on the upper deck. as amy mentioned, hopefully, by the time you get there, this will be better. people have been heading to the richmond-san rafael bridge, and it has been slow getting to the metering lights and toll plaza at the richmond-san rafael bridge. it's the san mateo bridge isates also a good route and you might want to consider bart. drew: and the weather is certainly cooperating more than previous mornings. let's take you to live doppler 7 and put in invisibility road. then rosa is our worst spot --
6:40 am
in visibility mode. santa rosa is our worst spot, and here's live doppler 7 with our stubborn high, keeping us dry and milder. the storms getting pushed well north of california, so the rain right now for the for seeable future over seattle and portland. we see a few returns across southern california, that is evaporating before it moves on shore. future weather, 9:00 a.m., a blend of sun and clouds in the 40's and 50's. i lunchtime, slightly cooler compared to yesterday, but mostly sunny skies will remain in the forecast. 58 in the city today, 60 in oakland, 63 --, 61
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reggie: a new lawsuit has been filed in connection to the deadly shooting on the side of alec baldwin's movie, "rust." hannah guiterrez is suing the supplier of the arms and ammunition. she is claiming he sold her deadly ammunition mixed with live rounds. it's the cinematographer elena hutchins was killed in october after a gun held by baldwin discharged. jobina: legal options are running out for prince andrew after a of a case of sexual assault. now, andrew must decide to go on trial or sell out -- settle
6:44 am
out of court. dan abrams explains why a settlement is a possibility. >> we are talking about prince andrew, public pressure on the royals, and people now pressuring andrew to settle. as a result, i think it is certainly possible. jobina: prince andrew denies the allegations and says he does not remember meeting the girl. reggie: the new jobs report is out, and amid skyrocketing reports of inflation, the u.s. department of labor says -- claims were filed last week. it's an increase from the prior week, but continuing claims shrank by nearly 200,000 to nearly one point 5 million. this is the first time that continuing claims have fallen back to pre-pandemic levels. a new study finds that college undergrad enrollment has decreased nationally by a
6:45 am
million students since the pandemic began. enrollment has declined by 7% in that time span, leading to deep cuts in many schools, and an uptick in school mergers and closings. college enrollment has been shrinking for a decade, driven in part by a demographic shift. they say the pandemic has just accelerated the downward swing. this morning, we are learning more about how remote work is impacting san francisco's economy. 50% of office workers will stay remote in 2023. empty offices mean business taxl year, but revenue is expected to top $1 billion each year, higher than the pre-pandemic peak. and sales tax revenue is expected to grow a robust 26% this fiscal year. menlo park-based robin hood is making the leap to go almost
6:46 am
entirely remote, moving forward. the stock management app, most notorious for helping fuel last year's gamestop trading frenzy, made the announcement yesterday. a large segment of robin hood workers will not have any requirement to work here in the bay area. a select chunk will still need to commute or go into the office. bay area-based dropbox, salesforce, and adobe have also allowed permanent work from home. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange, we are up about 100 12 points this morning so far. jobina: and russian river's brewing company fans will have to wait a little longer to open a bottle. bottles will be available at russian river's brewpub starting march 25. new at 6:00, it is a candle with the scent that will warm your soul -- or make you hungry -- or sick?
6:47 am
campbell's has released to linton -- two limited edition scented candles, one that smells like grilled cheese and tomato soup, and one that smells like chicken noodle soup. they are available for purchase online. do either of you like these soups? reggie: i like the soup. drew: yeah. reggie: but i don't want to candle. drew: no. even during the holidays, with the sugar cookie candles, you have to avoid them. in your house smells like a bakery and you are hungry 24/7's. jobina: i want to smell it. i have a hard time believing you can re-create tomato and grilled cheese. reggie: i agree with you. before i go further in critiquing this, i need to be very upfront, i bought a candle that smells like the water in pirates of the caribbean. drew: yeah, and he got me on board. i bought one that
6:48 am
smelled like the haunted mansion. [laughter] jobina: between yourselves. reggie: this is going to be your birthday gift, jobina. drew: she's out. live doppler 7, we've got some visibility issues in the north band through the delta. let's see street level, where the problems are in santa rosa county. petaluma, three miles per -- of fog, in in in in in four miles, the fog not as thick. 51 in the city, 48 in hayward, 41 in san ramon, 47 in san jose. here's a gorgeous live look from the exploratorium camera. we have partly cloudy skies and cirrus clouds in our sky for much of the day today. we will have a lot of sunshine, but nonetheless, it is slightly cooler today compared to
6:49 am
yesterday. temperatures in the upper 50's 50's to low 60's, so these numbers are above where we typically are this time of the year, but yesterday, we were in the upper 60's with some upper 50's and a couple of spots. a couple of 30's repair tonight in the north bay, so slightly cooler compared to this morning. low to mid 40's around the shoreline. let's get you an update on the drought monitor. this is last week. you can see parts of the east bay were in extreme drought. fast-forward erased extreme drought across the entire bay area, so we are improving, but we are cautiously optimistic. we have a limited exceptional drought and january is going to end up much drier than normal. the next seven days, we are not tracking any wet weather across northern california, so we will keep you updated on the drought monitor.
6:50 am
saturday, sunday, monday, we remained dry with temperatures in the upper 50's to lower 60's. let's get an update on the bay bridge with francis. she has been tracking it all morning. francis: it is improving, if you are considering heading to the bay bridge toll plaza into san francisco. we have a live view from sky seven, and there is still quite a bit of a backup from the metering lights through the maze .but now that the lanes have been reopened on the upper deck of the bay bridge, it is moving once you get past the metering lights. it is not the parking lot we saw that was causing our long delays earlier. it is a good 35 to 45 minute delay, but if you were considering the richmond-san rafael bridge, that is not a good alternative. that will take you about an hour, so hold off heading into san francisco and hopefully, the backup will continue to improve as it has over the past 20 minutes or so. consider the san mateo bridge and bart also reporting no
6:51 am
delays. better news now, the bay bridge is recovering. for the south bay, it has not been too bad there along 101. a bit of slowing, but there is an emergency closure in the northbound and southbound to 80 connection ramp. 287 is closed until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. you might want to consider 280 to 880 or 101. the bay bridge toll plaza, delays are starting to improve, but it is a long wait of 30 to 45 minutes at this time. reggie? reggie: thanks, francis. some attractions could become free for people who live here. they are proposing legislation to make admission to the conservatory of flowers and the japanese tea garden free of charge for city residents. both are in golden gate park. they say every citizen should have access to the city's public spaces and cultural institutions.
6:52 am
jobina: this group of valeo residence is fed up with the number of potholes and their city, so they are taking matters into their own hands, going around with their own asphalt, filling potholes. they call themselves the valeo pothole vigilantes. gofundme has raised enough money for volunteers to buy their own supplies. >> we wanted to avoid people driving over potholes and damaging their vehicles, or having to avoid potholes and avoid other vehicles by having accidents. jobina: the city said a stop work notice to the vigilantes, saying the work is unpermitted. they are worried about the environmental impact if the work chips apart and goes down storm drains. they say they have no plans to stop. reggie: transgender kids who get earlier access to gender affirming treatments have better
6:53 am
mental health than those who don't. dr. jack turbin is the author ar of this study, and his analysis focuses on a 2015 survey of 27,000 transgender adults in the u.s.. it found earlier access to gender affirming treatments, like puberty blockers and hormone therapy, bettered mental health outcomes, especially for youth that started treatment in their early teens. >> people who accessed hormones as teens were less likely to have thought about suicide in the past year when we asked them. reggie: they were also less lily swith alcohol turbi hopes his findings will dispel thoughts about gender affirming treatments, which are often the focus of debate. for more resources, you can visit jobina: coachella has released
6:54 am
their lineup of artists for 2022. this begins in riverside county. notable performers are billie eilish, harry styles and kanye west. tickets are sold out for the first weekend. presale tickets for weekend two begin this friday at 10:00 a.m. reggie: new at 6:00, what you might want to wear for coachella. good morning america talking to a fashion expert for some tips on how to level up, level up, level up. jobina: i don't not know -- i don't know if ciara is on the line, but here's what she would say. >> pajamas, these are meant for out of the house. you can work from home and be comfortable all day in your pjs. when you go out at night, put on a belt to complete the look, put
6:55 am
on a pump, and you're are ready to go. >> 90's denim is back. >> lowrise is back. don't be afraid to go low. compare it with -- parent with -- pair it with a flow we blouse and make sure the j eans go below the boot. jobina: ok, ok. reggie: i'm sorry, that's really bad. jobina: this is coming up at 7:00 on gma ok. reggie: talk to me, please. jobina: silk sets that look like pajamas can work, i believe. what we just saw -- i am going to say eh. but also, what really gets me is the low rise jeans, how many times we have to discuss that
6:56 am
that is never going to come back. reggie: i rebuke this. all of this. that outfit especially with the pajamas, that was when you run into your mom in your kitchen in the morning. jobina: but you have to get the mail so you put on some shoes. reggie: she has not had her first cup of coffee yet. jobina: i am just going to skip it. also, the bay bridge.
6:57 am
6:58 am
hmm that's great. you're great! i'm here to save you. i'm good. cool. i think we should see other people. you know if you could just let your hair down. a little bit down! no no no no no. no no no! you're so far away, can't hear ya! the home with dunkin' is where you want to be. jobina: 6:58. number one, breaking news. all lanes of the bay bridge have opened up, but the damage has been done to your commute. two cars were racing before 5:30 this morning when the crash happened. you can see the big backup from sky seven. francis: the backup is starting to improve, still slow heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. if you are heading to the richmond-san rafael bridge, it is also backed up, a 30 minute
6:59 am
drive across. san mateo bridge, sluggish across, but the drive time is 20 minutes across the span into foster city. reggie: teachers at several oakland unified schools are planning on staging a sick out today. students are demanding more covid safety measures. jobina: attendees over 12 will have to be fully vaccinated, attendees 16 and older need to prove they have been boosted. reggie: the white house will launch its website for ordering covid tests by this weekend, pointing to the biden administration's new testing initiative. they will update the pandemic response around 7:30 this morning. you can watch it here l ive. drew: a cloudy day, to mature the upper 50's to lower 60's. jobina: and the trend that is sweeping the nation, wordle gives you five chances to
7:00 am
thwo. good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, americans facing the most significant rise in prices in decades. inflation nation. the biggest price jump in 40 years, hitting everything from your groceries to rent to gas. what's fueling the surge? this morning how long the white house is saying it will take for prices to come back down. supermarket workers on strike. thousands walking out at kroger-owned grocery stores, the latest to demand better pay from a major company. the reaction this morning. breaking news. help is on the way. president biden's announcement this morning, how the white house plans to tackle the omicron surge as the variant pushes some hospitals to a breaking point.


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