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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 13, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PST

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right now, on "america this morning," paying the price. inflation soaring, wages not keeping up. and now, thousands of supermarket workers are going on strike, and customers are finding more bare shelves. what is to blame and what can you expect in the weeks ahead. >> the price of masks sky-rocketing, up 600% in the last month. what doctors say you need know about the mask you wear and how to safely reuse it and what the white house is doing today to help hospitals overwhelmed by covid patients. >> the new lawsuit filed in connection with that fatal shooting on the set of alec baldwin's movie "rust" what the woman in charge of the guns on set claiming. >> a first in professional
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baseball. we hear from the first female manager of a team. why she is grateful for the struggles she has faced. >> trained assassins, how dolphins are reportedly being militarized. >> and how addicted to our phones are we? the amount of time we are spending on other mobile devices each day. this is "america this morning." >> good thursday morni iing everyone. >> we begin with your money and the rising cost of just about everything. >> with inflation on the rise, we have new reporting on when prices may come back down and the new challenges at grocery stores. >> an expert said 15% of grocery items are currently out of the stock because of supply chain issues and covid related staffing problems and thousands of supermarket workers are walking off the job. this morning, more americans are
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demanding better pay as inflation soars to a near 40 year high. >> i live in poverty because i cannot afford my rent, my phone, my food. >> reporter: more than 8,000 grocery store workers are on strike in the denver area. employees at kings supers in a dispute with the grocery chain overworking conditions and wages. >> 2.5 years almost, and i make 12.32 an hour. >> it will take me another two years to get to -- >> reporter: last month, consumer prices rose at the fastest pace since 1982, due to a combination of supply chain issues and booming consumer demand for products. >> our problem is not that our economy is too weak, our problem is that it's our economy is too strong. there's too much demand, relative to the supply capacity of our economy. >> reporter: across the country,
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gas prices are up nearly 50% in the last year. food like meat, poultry, fish and eggs, up 12.5%. rising costs are forcing dominos pizza to cut back on the number of chicken wings in the take-out order, instead of ten, you will get eight for the same price. the white house said that it could take the rest of this year for prices to come back down. >> many of youox on the annual 7% rate if we are trying to look at where we are headed, the month to month changes are more instructive. and most independent forecasters are continuing to project that we will see moderation in pricing increases over the course of 2022. >> reporter: in response to high inflation the federal reserve is expected to raise interest rates four times this year. >> house republican leader kevin mccatheter has rejected a request to cooperate with the investigation of the attack on
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the capitol. he called it illegitimate and politically motivated. he was in contact with trump before and after the riot. he initially blamed trump for the riot and then reversed course. the committee heard from mcenany yesterday, former president obama is endorsing the push to change the rules of the senate to pass voting rights legislation, obama said the filibuster is the only thing standing in the way of protecting our most cherished institutions. mitch mcconnell calling the speech by obama unpresidential. >> more people are trying to find medical grade masks. that means that prices are rising quickly. yet another set back when it comes to covid testing across the country. abc is here with more, faith, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to
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you, higher quality masks are becoming harder to find, meanwhile, americans may have to wait longer for the covid test results. this morning, high quality masks are the latest pandemic related product, americans are scrambling to find after the cdc said it's considering a new recommendation for people to upgrade their masks to the k-n95 or n95. >> the best mask you wear is the one you will wear and the one you can keep on all day long. >> reporter: the price of the higher quality masks are soaring. this top selling mask pack is $79, and it was $27. it can be worn for 40 hours and disinfected by placing them in a paper bag for five days. lawmakers are calling on the biden administration to send american made masks to homes. so many counter tcounterfits arg the market.
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>> i saw that 60% of the masks are counterfit. >> the omicron variant is fueling a uptick in numbers. >> you will see, at least eight ambulances sitting there right now. waiting to offload patients. >> reporter: this morning president biden will announce the first deployments of federal medical teams to six states to help overwhelmed hospitals. right now, positive signs. a new study shows the u-- the risk of dying from omicron is less than from the delta variant. this graph showing the steep drop in virus detected in boston's wastewater. doctors are looking at research claiming that compound in marijuana could prevent the virus from entering human cells. >> people need to be careful to understand that it's early data and it's in a lab and it's not translatable to the real world
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yet. >> as for the challenges, when it comes to testing, labs are warning about a growing number of the workers getting sick further delaying the results. elizabeth. >> faith, thank you. >> british prime minister boris johnson is been called to resign. he had a bring your own booze party during the lockdown. prince andrew, a judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit linked to jeffrey epstein. the judge did not buy andrew's claim that he is protected by a 2009 settlement putting the case further in the spotlight. the discovery process is what prince andrew is trying to avoid. meaning having to sit down and do a deposition. having to turnover documents.
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>> prince an true drew is the b royal story. it could cast a shadow over everything that the royal family does in the coming months. >> reporter: andrew could still appeal the ruling. >> a new delay ahead of the australian open that is set to begin monday. the draw is being delayed, which is the process that determines thes and women's singles brackets. the delay is all because of uncertainty surrounding novak djokovic. officials are deciding whether he can stay in the country, despite submitting false travel documents. >> fire crews in southern california have finally gained control over the fast moving fire. claims are raging for hours at a commercial complex northeast of los angeles, crews did manage to save a nearby strip mall. no injuries are reported. federal investigators are looking in to a cyber attack that crippled camera coverage in a prison. it rendered the door locks
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unuseable. and services at the jail are still being repaired. >> if you think americans spend too much time on their smartphone, there's evidence to support your argument. we spend just under 5 hours per day glued to our mobile devices. whether it's our phone or tablets. that is an increases of 30% in two years. time for a look at the thursday weather. ♪ ♪ >> and things are finally thawing out in the upper midwest and northeast, after bitter cold in recent days. the ice will get a chance to thaw today, and checking today's high temperatures, warmer than normal in many areas of the country. near 60s in the rockies and 50s in the northwest with. mean while, a new storm could drop eight inches of snow and then it will go to the deep south before arriving in the northeast sunday night. it's too early to predict where the rain/snow line will be
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>> we turn to the new lawsuit stemming from the deadly shooting on the set of an alec baldwin movie, the woman in charge of the guns on the set waging a new legal battle. >> reporter: this morning, the company that provided the ammunition for alec baldwin's film "rust" is facing a new lawsuit. the person in charge of handling the gun filing the lawsuit wednesday claiming that the bullet supplier seth kenny and pdq arm and prop sold distributed and advertised its props as dummy ammunition and not live rounds. hannah relied on and trusted that they would only supply dummy prop ammunition or blanks and no live rounds were to be on set. authorities say a live round was in the gun when it went off, killing one andher. the suit claims that kenny was click to blame gutierrez reed.
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saying that hannah had messed up. they said that the animosity stems from a disagreement they had. kenny denies providing any live rounds. >> it's not a possibility they came from pdq or from myself personally. when we send dummy rounds out, they get individually rattle tested before he they get sent out. >> as the investigation continues in to hutch in's death. alec baldwin maintained he is cooperating, despite not turning over his phone to authorities who has a warrant to search it. he saided that authorities are still specifying what is needed from the phone and that takes time. >> any suggestion that i'm not complying with anything about my phone is a lie. >> hannah gutierrez reed's
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lawyer has asserted somebody may is have sabotaged the set. they are trying to figure out how the live rounds got in the gun. >> a new move by the u.s. army to boost ranks is offering enlistment bonus up to $50,000. they are hoping the cash will attract highly skilled troops in the tight labor recruitment has been suffering in the pandemic. >> and a woman making history in baseball. >> and the mistake that police
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looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. back now with this truck in kansas city caught on camera losing its top going under a notoriously low bridge. police say the bridge is like a barber giving out plenty of flat tops. new revelations in the case of gabby petito, the woman murdered during a cross-country road trip. an investigation is now blaming police for making mistakes before petito's death. this morning, a new report reveals the mistakes police made back in august before gabby petito was found dead while on a road trip with her fiance brian laundrie. the investigation focusing on this domestic incident involving petito and laundrie in moab, utah. >> what's you guys' names?
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>> gabby, brian. >> reporter: an independent law enforcement agency found officers responding to reports of disorderly conduct made several unintentional mistakes that stemmed from the fact that officers failed to cite ms. petito for domestic violence. police spoke to laundrie and an emotional petito who admit they had been violent with each other and she hit him first. the officers had evidence showing an assault had taken place. the evidence presented provided probable cause for an arrest. based on the information provided, brian would have been the victim with gabby being the suspect. the report also blames the officers for not getting a statement from the 911 caller who reported seeing a man slapping a young woman. weeks after the incident petito was reported missing. her body was later found in nearby wyoming. the cause ruled a homicide. laundrie took his life several weeks later in florida. the laundrie family's attorney released a statement overnight defending the moab police saying, although the officers may not have followed the letter of the law in not citing gabby, i believe they did the best they could. to label every disagreement
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between couples a citable domestic violence incident is to criminalize human emotions and reactions that should be dealt with outside of the criminal code. the report recommends the officers be placed on probation. no response yet from gabby petito's family. the new york yankees have introduced the first woman to manage a team in the minor leagues. rachel balkovec will become the first full time female manager. she says the struggles she went through while climbing the ladder helped prepare her for the job. >> i've been in baseball for ten year, so it feels a little interesting to me that there's so much attention now but obviously society has changed. the world has changed. social media has changed, so we're celebrating women in sports a lot more than general than in 2012. bias and stereotypes will be around forever. i do think we've made a ton of progress. >> she's also worked as a
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emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today. . ♪ ♪ time to check the pulse of we begin with a new claim about dolphins being put on uses in the military. hamas claims to is have captured a military dolphin, wearing a harness with a spear gun device, capable of killing hamas fighters. >> reminding everyone of this scene. >> i have one simple can request, that is to have sharks with fricking laser beam
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withes -- >>arervi differe purpois. >> and next, a bizarre sight along lake michigan. >> the sculptures form when the sand is blown around with the right amount of wind. >> and during public comments about the pandemic, this happened. >> vaccinate your mom, vac nate your dad, vaccinate the happy, vaccinate the sad, vaccinate the babies, even if they have rabbies. >> i mean, someone give the man a beat. come on. the video is spreading on social media. and finally a breakfast mash up for cereal lovers. for cereal lovers. lucky charms and
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checking the top stories the cdc is updating the mask guidance as prices for n-9595955 masks soar. federal medical teams have been sent to six states to help with hospitals overwhelmed with covid patients. >> holmes will not be sentenced until september. she will remain free on bail for the next eight months. >> a reward of $400,000 is offered in the search for a new hampshire girl, harmony montgomery has not been seen, her father said he returned her to her mother and has not seen her since.
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>> a new snow storm moves in to the plains today and more rain and snow? the northwest. >> a simple word game that is the newest social media phenomenon. >> and here we are with wordle. >> okay, it's a free word game. guesses a five letter word in six tries or less, after each guess the tiles change colors. green means it's in the right spot and the right color. yellow means the letter is in thor word but in the wrong spot. gray means it's not in the word at all. it's like the old game show, lingo. >> times, t-i-m-e-s. >> it's the same word every day for everybody. you can only play once a day. >> the game was created by software engineer josh wordle as a gift for his partner who loves guessing games. there's no app just a website
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with no ads and you do not have to enter your e-mail. the rejection of the things have attracted people to the game because it feels innocent and it just wants you to have fun with it. recently in a move that many are calling s-h-a-d-y, this guy released wordle the app, a dollars annual subscription, twitter was not having it. steal is a five letter word, congrats. apple removed the game, and the man has apologized, meanwhile, josh wordle is happy his free no frils game is bringi iing peopl together. >> if you want to get in the game, there's a few words that you can use as first guesses to you can use as first guesses to narrow down the levels. i love you, man. i love you too.
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right now, on "america this morning," paying the price. inflation soaring, wages not keeping up. and now, thousands of supermarket workers are going on strike, and customers are finding more bare shelves. what is to blame and what can you expect in the weeks ahead. >> the price of masks sky-rocketing, up 600% in the last month. what doctors say you need know about the mask you wear and how to safely reuse it and what the white house is doing today to help hospitals overwhelmed by covid patients. >> the new lawsuit filed in connection with that fatal shooting on the set of alec baldwin's movie "rust" what the woman in charge of the guns on set claiming.


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