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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 12, 2022 7:00am-8:58am PST

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reggie: you always make o for our viewers in the west, omicron spreading rapidly in record numbers surging towards a peak. we'll tell what you it means this wednesday morning. omicron's record surge. nearly 1.5 million cases reported in 24 hours. the acting fda commissioner with an eye-opening warning saying most people are going to get covid. this morning, the states activating the national guard t plus, the new ftc warning about fake covid tests being sold online. dr. jha joins us live. heated exchange. dr. fauci firing back at senator rand paul. >> in usual fashion, senator, you are distorting everything about me. >> accusing him of spreading misinformation, leading to threats against fauci and his family and the frustrated hot
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mic moment. >> what a moron. voting rights fight. after president biden's powerful speech -- >> i'm tired of being quiet. >> -- overnight democrats call out their own for not bulging and the senate could vote in a matter of hours. why some biden supporters say it's too little too late. coming out swinging with novak djokovic back training on the tennis court, the superstar defends his actions after testing positive for covid last month as he fights to stay in australia. abc news exclusive. jamie lynn spears breaking her silence, opening up about what she describes as an unstable upbringing with her sister. >> how do you see your sister's state of mind currently? >> what she's saying about britney coming a mother at 17, her family, the conservatorship. >> what was your reaction when >> i don't know why we're in
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this position right now. >> and more. the emotional interview only on "gma" this morning. miracle crash landing. what happened when this medical helicopter went down in suburban philadelphia. how the hero pilot navigated power lines and buildings without hurting anyone on the ground. everyone on board survived, including a 2-month-old. the new rescue images this morning. ♪ and, oh, my, adele. the fiery new video from the superstar about to drop. plus, oh, my oscars, is hollywood's biggest night ready for a new host? this morning who might be swinging into the role. ♪ okay, that wasn't so subtle. good morning, america. good to be here with george and t.j. >> you remember when you used to wonder who would host the oscars. now we have to wonder if there will be a host. there is going to be one for the first time in a while.
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>> if that "spider-man" thing comes through my daughter's head will explode. >> he is hot right now. >> he is. >> lara will be along to answer some of those questions. george? we begin with new records in the pandemic. omicron now accounts for 98% of all new covid cases in the u.s. the cdc reporting 1.4 million new cases on monday alone. that includes a backlog from the weekend and a record 146,000 americans are currently hospitalized with covid. one hopeful sign we may be hitting a plateau in the ep cent er in new york. dr. jha is standing by live to talk to us. >> whit johnson starts us off from a hospital in new york as so many medical centers across the nation continue to feel the strain. good morning, whit. >> reporter: robin, good morning. a new study out of california offering more evidence that omicron may cause less severe illness than previous variants like delta. the problem is the virus is spreading rapidly like wildfire across the country in record numbers inundating hospitals. the acting head of the fda saying it's critical to make sure the health care system and essential services can still function.
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this morning, that stunning pandemic record. more than 1.4 million new covid cases in just 24 hours fueled in part by a weekend backlog. the highly contagious omicron variant now accounting for about 98% of new infections. the acting fda commissioner with this stark warning. >> i think it's hard to process what's happening right now which is most people are going to get covid. >> reporter: in the last week an average of nine americans testing positive every second. hospitals feeling the strain. the massachusetts governor activating 500 more members of the national guard and maine adding more than 160 guard but in n yste me h. vid numbers starting to plateau for the first time in weeks. hospitalizations also slowing down. >> this is to me a filmer of hope in a time when we desperately need that. >> reporter: on tuesday top onapth officials in the hot seat
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some lawmakers called confusing guidelines. >> i'm questioning the science. i'm glad you refrained from testing mandates but i'm questioning your communication strategies and it's no wonder that the american people are confused. >> i think right now we need to fcus on operations for hospitals and other essential services as this variant sweeps through the population. >> reporter: while there are breakthrough infections it's still the unvaccinated getting hit the hardest in this surge. health officials saying the unvaccinated are 17 times more likely to be hospitalized and 20 times more likely to die from covid. t.j.? >> wow, whit, thank you, as always. want to turn to the world health organization issuing a warning saying that more than half of all europeans could be infected
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with omicron over the next couple of months. our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is in london for us with more. hello, ian. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. europe expecting a tidal wave of omicron covid infections according to the world health organization. like in america, the variant is sweeping across towns and cities almost unhindered. in the first week of this year, get this, 7 million cases reported in europe. that's more than double in a two-week period. one estimate from the health institute forecasting more than 50% of the population throughout this region is going to be infected with omicron in the next six to eight weeks. however, mortality rates are now stable. as we've seen elsewhere it's those regions and countries with low vaccination rates seeing the biggest numbers of infections and there's no doubting that omicron is almost everywhere now. every single country in europe and central asia is reporting cases. the good news is that as we're seeing here in the uk, the vaccines are providing generally good protection against severe disease and death but because of
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the shear scale of transmission hospitalizations are on the rise and as the variant moves to areas and countries with low vaccination rates there are real fears the impact could be even worse. george? >> ian pannell, thanks. let's bring back dr. ashish jha. the dean of the brown university school of health. dr. jha, thanks for coming back. i know you've been extra busy in the stretch of hospital duty as we face record numbers of hospitalizations. tell us what you're seeing. >> yeah, good morning, george. thanks for having me back. what i'm seeing is a lot of patients with covid, some incidental, but a lot of people getting admitted with covid, almost all unvaccinated. a few are people who are vaccinated, high risk individuals who didn't get a booster. my personal experience the last couple of weeks haven't seen a single boosted person admitted to the hospital for covid so that's pretty remarkable given how widespread it is. >> it shows how powerful the booster can be and that study out of california, 70,000 cases, no one on a ventilator. >> yeah.
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no, this is another really piece of good news. look, the problem is that for unvaccinated people or people that have not gotten boosted that are high risk they're still getting quite sick from this but it does show omicron seems to have less of an effect on lung disease and that's hopeful. >> we're heading towards the peak of cases and peak of confusion. walk through again your best guidance for people if they do get -- if they do contact omicron -- contract omicron what, they should do, how long they should isolate and the aftermath. >> so the first five days after you've developed symptoms or test positive, those are your most contagious days. that's -- it's really critical you isolate during that time period. after that what i have been recommending is you get a test. if you're negative, i think you're good to go. if you can't get a test, it's essential people wear masks around others because some people will still continue to be contagious even though the first
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five days are the most critical. >> on those masks we know the cdc is weighing whether -- requiring these kn95s. what do you make of that? >> yeah, look, the most important mask, the best mask is the one you'll wear all day so if you can figure out a good well-fitting mask that fits your nose and mouth, that's the most critical. no doubt about it, kn95s, n95s, a series of masks much higher quality. i wear them all day in the hospital. that's what i recommend if people can do that in indoor settings. many of them are comfortable. key though, wear a mask you can tolerate all day. that's what's most important. >> dr. jha, thanks for your time and information. robin? now to the senate hearing about the administration's covid response and it got heated. dr. fauci accusing senator rand paul of spreading misinformation that has led to threats against him and his family. senior white house correspondent mary bruce has the latest for us. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, this was supposed to be a hearing about the urgent response to the pandemic. but when the republican senator tried to make it personal, fauci
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fought back taking on the senator for spreading false information that fauci said has made him a target. in a heated exchange dr. anthony fauci taking on senator rand paul accusing the kentucky republican of spreading dangerous lies about him for his own political gain. >> go to rand paul website and you see fire dr. fauci with a little box that says, contribute here. you can do $5, $10, $20, $100. so you are making a catastrophic epidemic for your political gain. >> reporter: fauci fed up saying paul's repeated false attacks are putting his life and his family at risk. >> what happens when he gets out and accuses me of things that are completely untrue is that all of a sudden that kindles the crazies out there and i have life -- threats upon my life, harassments of my family and my children.
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>> reporter: fauci describing a recent threat against him made by a california man arrested during a traffic stop in iowa. >> the police asked him where he was going and he was going to washington, d.c. to kill dr. fauci and they found in his car an ar-15 and multiple magazines of ammunition because he thinks that maybe i'm killing people. >> reporter: frustration boiling over at the hearing that was supposed to focus on the urgent pandemic response. republican senator roger marshal instead pressing fauci on his finances which are already publicly available. >> yes or no, would you be willing to submit to congress and the public a financial disclosure? >> my financial disclosure is public knowledge. >> where would we find it? >> all you have to do is ask for it. you're so misinformed, it's extraordinary. >> reporter: fauci exasperated caught on an open mic. >> what a moron.
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>> reporter: overnight fauci called it unfortunate that these republican senators are choosing to focus on personal attacks when so many americans are dying. now, in the hearing paul disputed fauci's characterization of these attacks, but, george, a short while later the senator was trying to fund raise off this heated back and forth. >> mary bruce, thanks so much. we'll stay at the white house where president biden pressured congress to enact new voting legislation with a major speech calling out opponents for being on the wrong side of history. even democratic hold-outs remain unmoved and cecilia vega has the story. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hi, george. good morning to you. yeah, the pressure is on. democrats right now are calling out their own overnight senate majority leader chuck schumer calling out joe manchin and kyrsten sinema for not bulging, but so far that pressure isn't working. president biden not holding back. >> i've been having these quiet conversations with members of congress for the last two months. i'm tired of being quiet. >> reporter: he's not naming names but clearly calling out moderate hold-outs in his own party for refusing to change senate rules so democrats can pass voting reform without republican support.
7:13 am
the president saying he wants to eliminate the filibuster for voting rights calling it a defining moment in history. >> every senator, democrat, republican and independent will have to declare where they stand, not just for the moment but for the ages. >> reporter: but even for some supporters it's too little too late. many advocates now publicly calling out the president for not making voting rights a priority sooner. >> you want to see him out there up on the hill in people's faces? >> we need him to lean in, cut some deals, hold some meetings, the same number he had for infrastructure, he needs to have for voting rights. >> reporter: 19 states passing restrictive voting laws in the wake of president trump's lies about a stolen election. many taking aim at things like early voting. georgia making it illegal to bring voters waiting in line food or water and limiting access to boxes where voters like bridget can drop ballots.
7:14 am
>> i heard the new 2.0 jim crow. it seems like that going backward. >> you feel like you're targeted as an african american woman in this state? >> yes. i do not appreciate that. >> reporter: she's a child care worker and says she's not sure how she'll vote. so we asked georgia's secretary of state, a supporter of this new restrictions. >> how would you tell her to vote? >> i tell her to put a stamp on it and mail it. >> reporter: he also tells me he believes that everyone in the state who wants to vote will be able to but many are not buying that. back in washington, george, the senate could take up voting rights as early as today but as you said at this point they still don't have those votes. george? >> sessi cecelia, thank you ver much. t.j.? to the economy now and new
7:15 am
numbers this morning about how fast inflation is rising. our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis joins us now with more, rebecca, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, t.j. good morning, and prices are rising and predicted to continue climbing throughout the year. where we're seeing it is everywhere. two of the biggest culprits are gasoline prices up more than 49.6% over the last year and used cars and trucks which are up 31.4% over the last year and you're really seeing it across the board in household items, meat, poultry, fish, up 12.8%, coffee up 6.3%, snacks up 5.6%. even the home itself, more expensive than this year, rents up 4.2% and there are really two culprits behind this. you have both the supply chain disruptions that have been brought about by the pandemic but there's also demand, americans continue to consume and have an appetite to spend. that's led to shortages and then it leads prices higher as well. the federal reserve is tracking this carefully. they say inflation is a severe threat to the future of this economy. t.j.? >> all right, rebecca jarvis, for us this morning, thank you
7:16 am
so much. robin? now to the big news about the oscars, hollywood's biggest night will have a host again and lara has more for us. good morning, lara. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. the big news coming in overnight, abc confirming we will go back to having a host at this year's academy awards.ot bs rs. e xtear, butow o e past. the academy scrambling to assemble a lineup of presenters instead of just one host and, you know, it did not seem to hurt the ratings, so they did it again, sticking with the host-free format in 2020 and again last year for the scaled back ceremony held at l.a.'s union station. but this year, everyone is ready to get back to the good old days, the academy, the producers of the show, the fans, they wall want the glitz and glamour of the award season especially in the wake of the practically invisible golden globe ceremony last weekend.
7:17 am
>> we know that you will be there. what do we know about who will host though? >> not a lot yet. abc has not given a single clue about who will host this year's academy awards. your guess is as good as mine but there is one name that's being floated around. it's come up time and again. it's tom holland. during a recent interview with "the hollywood reporter," the "spider-man" star told them he would be happy to take the job. "the hollywood reporter" said the academy heard the interview. they reached out to holland. nothing has been confirmed as of yet. the 94th academy awards will air right here on abc march 27th, the nominations will be unveiled february 8th. i got to tell you tom holland not a bad choice. he can sing, dance, very talented so we shall see. >> we know that george's daughter will be watching. >> and if zendaya joins him, forget about it. >> it's over if that's the case. i'm in. thank you, lara.
7:18 am
we'll check back with you for "pop news" later. coming up, this helicopter crash landing where an infant patient and three crew members survived. and will novak djokovic compete in the australian open? now what he is saying about these pictures and when the tennis star knew he tested positive for covid. but first, good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, robin. bundled up from here to boston. look at these images. they dropped to 8, the temperature. subzero windchills through most of the day. more cold air coming after a couple of mild days but cape cod, falmouth, massachusetts, but as i mentioned even colder air coming in by saturday. i will detail also a new storm coming at you. first, the sunny cities sponsored by prudential.
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we are right back on this wednesday.
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maisie: the most restrictive covenant rules in the bay area are now in effect and sonoma county. -- reggie:e:e:e:e:e: rules in the bay area are now in effect in sonoma county. this is all in effort to stop the spread of omicron. shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings are exempt from the new rules. here is a check on traffic. >> it is really interesting to see that they bridge toll plaza post holiday because look at that. very different story from the
7:24 am
bridge, which is packed right now. the first one in lexington hills. no estimated time as to when that will be open.
7:25 am
7:26 am
>> looking at temperatures right now, some chili spots away from the coast in the 40's. i the coast, in them -- in the 50's. have a look at that sunshine. a live look, mostly sunny skies on the way. later on this afternoon, nothing but sunshine. we are in a mild pattern. temperatures by 4:00 p.m. in the low 60's. reggie: a -- jamie lynn
7:27 am
breaking her silence on her complicated family and her uneasy relationship with her sister, brittany.
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i have more than 73. go for the handful! ♪ go easy on me baby ♪ welcome back to "gma." that of course is adele. "easy on me" the superstar singer has another brand new music video coming our way, dropping hours from now. lara will have all the details in pob ne"pop news..." more than 1.4 million new covid cases in the last 24 hours. hospitals are feeling the strain across the nation. some hopeful signs as well.
7:31 am
in new york state covid numbers are starting to plateau. protests overnight in north carolina after the deadly shooting of jason walker after being shot by an off duty deputy. bank of america slashed overgraft fees from $35 to $10. we'll tell you why it's happening. that's coming up in our second hour. it's time for our novak overnight thestar st statement trying toublic app around a test last nt questions about his travel declaration uponin austr. will reeve has more. good morning, will. >> reporter: t.j., good morning. as the saga winds its way through the australian legal system.
7:32 am
novak djokovic was unvaccinated and covid positive when he made two public appearance nes in sea last month. djokovic admitting he knew he was positive before one of them. all this coming as australian officials consider rescinding his visa. novak djokovic attempting to clarify the timeline surrounding his positive covid test on december 16th and his subsequent attendance at public events writing this is misinformation that needs corrected, particularly in the interest of alleviating broader concern in the community about my presence in australia. saying he took a rapid test which was negative and a pcr test on december 16th. the next day feeling asymptomatic, he presented awards to children at a tennis event at which point he says he had not received notification of a positive pcr test result. on december 18th.
7:33 am
now aware of his positive result he attended an in-person magazine shoot saying he did ur socially distant during the en appeale had his visa reinstated. overnight a spokesperson for australia said they're considering canceling his visa again. in an interview with australian television, djokovic's mother defended her son. >> don't throw him out. he is tennis player. he's not politician. he's not criminal. he's just tennis player, the best in the world. let him play. >> reporter: the grounds for recanceling his visa center around whether he lied on his
7:34 am
declaration form. djokovic called it human error and an administrative mistake on the patient of his agent who filled out the form. robin? >> will, thank you very much. st stay tuned. now to a medical helicopter crashing into a philadelphia neighborhood. gio benitez joins us from philadelphia with the latest. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning to you. you can see that wreckage behind me here. it's right next to that church. somehow this pilot also avoided all the homes in the area. there are several schools nearby too. now everyone this morning i morni miraculous landing n phadiaalteel narrowly missing a church. the hero pilot pulling off the
7:35 am
seemingly impossible. an infant and three crew members pulled from the wreckage incredibly with no life threatening injuries. >> they were like there's someone trapped underneath. >> reporter: a witness says her lyft driver stepped in to grab the infant before first responders got there. >> i knew it was a baby. it was a 2-month-old baby. it wasn't crying. >> reporter: the medical flight taking off around 1:00 p.m. tuesday from pennsylvania carrying that baby to a local children's hospital. witnesses say it was flying low before hitting the ground and toppling on its side. >> the noise was so loud. i thought maybe it was a bomb. >> reporter: the wreckage feet from the doors of this church in the middle of a neighborhood. small pieces of burnt debris all over the ground. the pilot navigating power lines
7:36 am
and building, landing safely without hurting anyone on the ground. >> it's a really difficult challenge for a of ctr t i are. >> reporter: our friends here at the abc station in philadelphia wpvi tell us the pilot is in stable condition. the other crew members doing well and so is that baby. again, just 2 months old. guys, this is truly a miracle. >> really is. glad all are safe and sound. thank you, gio. coming up juju chang's exclusive interview with jamie lynn spears. psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create the entrance they make, the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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back now with jamie lynn back now with jamie lynn spears out with a new book, "things i should have said" about growing up in the spears family. juju chang sat down with her an exclusive interview. this was emotional. >> absolutely. people forget that jamie lynn nd wh thsame her own trauma to parents as her sister, a child star herself with similar pressures inside that star-making machinery and for most of her life she says she was pretending that everything was okay even when things were terribly wrong and she has kept her silence about so much for so long until now. on her own path to stardom, jamie lynn spears, a teen queen of nickelodeon.
7:41 am
>> i had to go to boarding school. >> reporter: following in the footsteps of her famous sister, pop star britney spears. >> i adored her. i just really just -- she felt like everything to me. >> reporter: this morning jamie lynn spears now 30, an actress. >> not that simple. and at some point you have to own the path you're on. ♪ any girl would die for you ♪ >> reporter: songwriter and mother of two speaking out about the pressures she said came with her last name and her family's complicated dynamics in "things i should have said." >> why write this book now? >> it was really important to me to first off honor my voice. i have to do it or how else can i expect my daughters to stand up for themselves. >> reporter: she details an unstable end upbringing due in part to what she describes as her father's struggles with alcohol when she was young 6789 according to "the new york times," court documents show he
7:42 am
was in rehab. >> he spent most of my life in heinous behavior. his bouts of drinking caused me torment and sorry. how did that shape your life? >> for me it was -- created a lot of anxiety. the hardest part was like could i trust you? are you drinking? are you not? something no kid should have to question. >> reporter: she describes the close sister who was ten years old. >> i felt like she was another mom. >> reporter: jamie lynn says as years passed she noticed britney's behavior change. >> words you've used to describe her behavior over your lifetime was erratic, paranoid, spiraling. how do you see your sister's state of mind currently? >> i can't speak to anyone else's state of mind. i don't think that's fair. i'm allowed to say how i felt, because that matters.
7:43 am
it matters that i was in pain. >> reporter: in 2008 britney was put into a heavily scrutinized conservatorship. last j last june before it was dissolved britney testified calling it abusive, saying i would honestly like to sue my family and my family has lived off my conservatorship for 13 years. >> what was your reaction when the conservatorship was dissolved? >> i was happy. i was -- first off i don't understand when it was put into place i was 17 years old, i was about to have a baby so i didn't understand what was happening nor was i focused on that i was focused on the fact i was a 17-year-old about to have a baby. i understand just as little now as i did then. >> you talked about the role you were to play in the conservatorship. >> there was a time where my sister asked me if in her will i would be the person who assured
7:44 am
her boys got what they needed. whether she is in a conservatorship or not, that was a very normal thing, i thought. once i realized that, you know what, she's in a conservatorship, i felt like i just didn't want to be a part of until maybe she was out of the conservatorship. so there was no like me overseeing funds or something like that. if it was, it was a misunderstanding but either way i took no steps to be a part of it. >> reporter: revealing she even tried to give britney the resources she needed to end the conservatorship. >> i've always been my sister's biggest supporter so when she needed help i set up ways to do so. went out of my way to make sure that she had the contacts she needed to possibly go ahead and end this conservatorship and just end this all for our family if it's going to cause this much discord. why continue it? >> you didn't always agree with the conservatorship? >> it wasn't agreeing with the conservatorship. everyone has a voice, and it should be heard. if she wanted to talk to other people, then i did. i set it up and spoke to her legal team who i -- her legal team, previous legal team and
7:45 am
that did not end well in my favor. so i did take the steps to help, but how many times can i take the steps without -- you know, she has to walk through the door. >> reporter: there's been speculation of a rift. many of britney's fans attacking jamie lynn online noticing britney unfollowed her on instagram. britney also posting last july that her sister's tribute performance at the radio disney awards to remixes of her songs hurt her deeply. >> honestly, it was somewhat confusing to me about that and i actually have spoke to her about that and i was doing a tribute to honor my sister and all the amazing things she's done. >> but you've cleared that up with her?
7:46 am
>> i have cleared up with the fact that i don't think she's personally upset with me about that. truthfully i don't know why that bothers her. >> reporter: despite their complicated relationship jamie lynn says she still has a deep love for her big sister. >> what happened to that love? what has caused this rift between you? >> that love is still there 100%. i love -- i love my sister. i only -- i've only ever loved and supported her and done what's right by her and she knows that. so i don't know why we're in this position right now. >> she went on to describe it as often trying to protect her sister to her own detriment never really getting a chance to speak up for herself and it took a near-death experience for jamie lynn to find the courage to speak up for herself and we'll get into that in the next hour, george. we reached out to britney and her father jamie and neither responded. >> that was something. we know there's a lot more coming up. juju, thanks very much. >> we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
7:47 am
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coming up here on "gma," adele fans say oh my counting down to her "oh my god" music video. details with lara in "pop news." then i have a one-on-one with tom brady, yes, the g.o.a.t., but he tells me who the real g.o.a.t. is. robin, yes, that's coming up as well. stay with us on "gma." >> i'm in. i'm in. es zone? once-weekly ozempic® can help. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪
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penalty reversed! the result of the play is... breakfast. quaker oats, a super trusted super food. always a good call. four feet of snow in 48 >> reporter: four feet of snow in 48 hours. leavenworth, washington. beautiful images but there are parts of washington state in flood watch. they've had in a lot of places in western washington more than their monthly average already. it's only the 12th. my goodness. so much to get to on "gma." bank of america is cutting fees that cost americans billions. why we might see other banks doing the same.
7:55 am
“good morning america” is sponsored by quaker oats. a super trusted superfood. super. . a super trusted superfood.
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>> building a very feis a better bay area. >> can morning. this abc 7 morning. we look at the traffic. good morning. we are going to start in the south bay. the good news is that the alert we are following is lexington hills. it has cleared. it is still in effect because of roadway funding. according to the chp, this will not be open until 9 a.m.. heads up. southbound 282. the transition ramp is impacted. avenue offramp is closed. >> good morning. we're starting with temperatures in the 30's and 40's. that is away from the coast. along the coast. it is mild. currently half moon bay. a live look from suture tower, showing hayes in our atmosphere. moderate air quality today and tomorrow. things are warm and dry. this is how the day is shaping up. a lot of sunshine. by the afternoon, again, we will
7:57 am
have the 60's. it will stay dry through friday. >> thank you. coming up, and exclusive. jamie lynn spears is talking like she hasn't before about her fight to have her baby when she got pregnant as a teenager. how she took control of her life. we will new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. omicron's record surge. nearly 1.5 million covid cases reported in 24 hours. the acting fda commissioner with an eye-opening warning saying most people are going to get covid. this morning, the states activating the national guard to help and with at-home kits in high demand, the new ftc warning about fake covid tests being sold online. this morning, what to look out for and how to check that your test is fda authorized. consumer alert. the announcement from one of the nation's biggest banks on those painful fees that cost americans billions of dollars a year. abc news exclusive. jamie lynn spears breaks her
8:01 am
silence in an emotional interview, on becoming a mother at 17. how her family pressured her. >> you wrote everyone around just wanted to make the issue disappear. >> speaking about the near fatal atv accident that changed everything. >> when i thought i thought her i was so afraid her last thought was, why didn't i save her. >> how she's creating her own family now. one-on-one with tom brady. my interview with the superstar quarterback as he steps into a new arena. how the reigning super bowl mvp is getting ready for the future and calling his wife gisele the g.o.a.t. the fabulous life of these darling dogs. the captivating canines starring in "the new york times" best-seller's new series, they're just snow cute. >> and the force is strong with this one. ming-na wen joins us live and she's saying -- >> good morning, america.
8:02 am
and it is a good morning, america, because some traditions continue. we got a king cake from those two women right there. saints fans, a sheriff from the department of east baton rouge, and they brought this not just for me, they brought three of these king cakes, not just any king cake, joe gambino's king cake. this is going to go to your little because she has to find the baby. anybody who finds the baby, one year of good fortune, but that's so sweet they did that again. we thank them for that. tom brady, the dogs of aspen and some "star wars" star power on this busy wednesday morning, plus danielle brooks joins us. loved her in "orange is the new black" and now she's leveled up because she's teaming up with john cena. >> well, she had to work with you first. >> so talented.
8:03 am
>> she is great. you know the prices are going up and we talked to rebecca jarvis about inflation but, of course, your supermarket favorites have been going up. we have smart swaps that you can make to keep your pantry full, grocery bill low. new records on the pandemic. hospitals across the country are feeling the strain. some signs that it may be plateauing here in new york. it's an encouraging study out of california as well. we want to go back to whit johnson at that hospital back in new york. good morning, whit. >> reporter: george, good morning. here in new york as you noted there the governor's hopeful we might hit that crest, that peak, the plateau, so to speak, of covid cases in the state, but that's definitely not the case in other parts of the country. the acting head of the fda saying it's now critical to make sure the healthcare system and essential services can still function as the omicron surge continues to break new pandemic records. this morning, that stunning pandemic record, more than 1.4 million new covid cases in just 24 hours fueled in part by a weekend backlog.
8:04 am
the highly contagious omicron variant now accounting for about 98% of new infections. the acting fda commissioner with this stark warning. >> i think it's hard to process what's actually happening right now which is most people are going to get covid. all right? >> reporter: george speaking with dr. ashish jha this morning. >> walk through again your best guidance for people if they do contract omicron. >> the first five days after you've developed symptoms or test positive, those are your mot contagious days, it's really critical you isolate during that time period. after that, what i have been recommending is you get a test, if you're negative, you get a rapid test, if you're negative i think you're good to go. if you can't get a test it's essential people wear masks around others because some people will still continue to be contagious. even though the first five days is the most critical. >> reporter: an average of nine americans testing positive every second. hospitals feeling the strain. the massachusetts governor
8:05 am
activating 500 more members of the national guard and maine adding more than 160 guard members to support struggling healthcare systems. but in new york state, covid numbers starting to plateau for the first time in weeks. hospitalizations also slowing down. >> this is to me a glimmer of hope in a time when we desperately need that. >> reporter: and it's not just the u.s., this omicron wave is having a massive impact around the globe, the world health organization is now forecasting that the omicron variant could infect half of europe's population in the next six to eight weeks. robin. >> okay, whit, thank you. now to that major announcement from bank of america. slashing those painful overdraft fees after pressure from consumer advocacy groups and rebecca jarvis is back with that. good morning, again, rebecca. >> reporter: hey, robin, and these are the kind of pesky fees that can turn a $2 coffee into a
8:06 am
$36 expense if you're not careful and as you said, many consumer advocates regulators, lawmakers have been pushing on banks to do away or reduce these fees and now one of the largest banks in the country, bank of america, is reducing those fees from $35 to 10 beginning in may. they are also doing away with nonsufficient funds fees, starting next month. now, this is something that advocates have really pushed for, companies to do away with given how much money americans are spending on this, $15 billion according to the cfpb in 2019 and who is facing these fees the hardest? those who are most financially vulnerable in the country are facing these fees. the most but we have seen some other companies follow bank of america. earlier last year ally as well as capital one started reducing these fees and now analysts predict we're going to see more banks do it to stay competitive, guys. >> much needed relief for many.
8:07 am
all right, rebecca, thank you, thank you so much. coming up, the new warning about fake covid rapid tests for sale online. how to make sure the test you buy is fda authorized. and we have more of juju's exclusive interview with jamie lynn spears speaking out as never before about her fight to have her baby when she got pregnant at 16. the smart swaps to lower your grocery bill and one-on-one with tom brady about stepping into a new arena. stay with us on "gma." we are right back. ♪ ooh-la-la ♪ ♪ ooh-la-la ♪ if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. together, opdivo plus yervoy helps your immune system launch a response that fights cancer in two different ways. opdivo plus yervoy equals a chance for more time together.
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day here in new york city. welcome back to "gma," everybody, on this wednesday morning. tomorrow, we're looking forward to a first "deals & steals" of the new year with tory johnson, of course. >> coming on back. but right now, it's time for "pop news" because lara is coming on back and with riva making a return. good morning, again, lara. >> yes, enjoying a snack. good morning to you, robin, and, team, we are going to begin with a new music video from adele. her album "30" has spent six weeks at number one, her single "easy on me" has broken streaming records and she's not done yet. overnight, adele teasing a new music video for single "oh my god" posting a teaser on instagram. check this out. ♪ ♪
8:13 am
>> well, needless to say fans are going berserk. they're losing their minds. losing their minds and one commented literally oh, my god. even diane keaton writing excitedly, i can't wait. adele writing rested, reset, ready for 2022. there's so much coming. her "oh my god" video drops today at 12 noon. and maya angelou is making history this morning thanks to the u.s. mint. the agency officially releasing their new run of quarters featuring inspiring american women and angelou's is the first to be out. her depiction is inspired by her poetry, showing her next to a bird in flight and a rising sun. and also included in this rollout, astronaut sally ride,
8:14 am
suffragist, nina rewarren, wilma mankiller. the u.s. mint says they have feature 20 new quarters over the next four years and, guys, speaking of mint, girl scout cookie season officially upon us today and the girls in green have added a new one to their regular lineup. these are called adventurefuls. they are brownie-inspired cookies with caramel cream and sea salt, oh, my. the girl scouts making it easier than ever partnering with doordash, the delivery app working together with local troops so people all over the u.s. can order for pickup or delivery. the scouts will track inventory and fulfill the orders online and as always, proceeds, all proceeds will benefit local girl scout troops while teaching these girls a new level of entrepreneurial experience. i love that, but this could be very, very dangerous, guys. >> it could be and riva is getting new snacks again.
8:15 am
for awhile didn't have them. they're back. she's back. >> i know. she's -- she wants her adventurefuls. she knows it's girl scouts season. >> thank you, lara. now to our cover story. with omicron surging, a new warning about the fake covid rapid tests being sold online, becky worley joins us with what to look out for to make sure the tests you buy are fda authorized. good morning, becky. >> reporter: robin, good morning. with rapid covid tests in such high demand, scammers are seizing on the opportunity. so now warnings about fake tests on the market, not authorized for emergency use by the fda, so how can you make sure you buy a vetted test? this morning, a warning from the federal trade commission, fraudulent testing kits being sold online. >> we know that scammers are going to take advantage of this. we saw this earlier in the pandemic with other covid-related consumer supplies. >> reporter: the ftc flagging
8:16 am
test kits being sold that are not fda authorized, accuracy of the test results untested and unknown. >> besides not getting an accurate reading, you know, you could have covid and not know it. you could be spreading it amongst your family, friends, co-workers, the general public. >> reporter: while this is the brand that we've all come to know there are others. the fda has a website listing up to 40 other authorized brands like those from ihealth, and the on go test. >> the best advice we can give people is if you're going to spend money on a home test kit and you're shopping online for it, just make sure it's one that is fda authorized. >> now, when you're shopping online for these tests look at the name of the manufacturer of the test kit, not just the brand name. you sometimes have to cross reference that with the fda list which is available on their website, robin, just one more step and this is tricky right now.
8:17 am
>> it really is, so what tips did the ftc offer for avoiding unauthorized test, becky? >> well, they say like with any other online purchase you have to read the reviews. a lot of good info in there and also, search for the test name and then include the term scam or fraud to see if other people say it's not good, and if you choose to buy a testing kit online make sure you use your credit card so you can dispute the charge if you discover it's bogus. this is just not right when people are trying to stay healthy. >> that's right. trying to do the right thing, hey, becky, thanks so much. george. thanks. now to more of jamie lynn spears and her new book, "things i should have said." detailing what it was like becoming a mother at 17 in the public eye, her daughter's near-fatal atv accident and how she's taking care of her mental health. >> it takes great personal courage to talk publicly about your mental health and your family trauma especially if your last name is spears, but for the first time jamie lynn is sharing
8:18 am
details of her daughter's near-death experience, how it led her to a lot of painful truths and how it gave her the courage to share that truth. when jamie lynn spears revealed she was pregnant at 16 in december 2007, the intense scrutiny she faced rivaled the media circus that followed her famous sister's every move. i'm curious what you think about sort of the world that the paparazzi world of that time? >> i look back and i think, wow, how was this acceptable? why are you here? other than to shame me and to benefit off of a young girl who is going through something already so traumatic and so deep and personal. we say we do better but now go into comments on instagram and do it. >> reporter: before going public she said she felt pressured by members of her family and management team but she was adamant. you wrote and i'll quote you the entire spears team was already caught up in my sister's pr difficulties and everyone around me just wanted to make the issue
8:19 am
disappear. >> yeah, i think that the easy thing for possibly then would have been like let's just get this over with and like you go back to being the perfect little sister because that's your role. >> why do you think it makes you emotional still all these years later? >> i just thank god that i like, you know, thank god i stood up for myself and said exactly what i wanted. >> reporter: eventually jamie lynn said she was sent away to a remote cabin in the snowy northeast to avoid the news, no phone, no contact with the outside world for weeks. >> that time was -- it felt like you're almost suffocating. it was just like i can't -- i felt like, what was i going to do? i was a kid and maybe this isn't my best interest and maybe this is what i'm supposed to do because, of course i don't want to be, you know, hounded by the
8:20 am
paparazzi or the tabloids or allow them to control my narrative, but it felt like i was really being alienated. >> reporter: daughter maddie was born in june and jamie lynn left hollywood to raise her. when she was 8 a near-fatal accident changed both their lives forever. maddie flipped an atv and got trapped underwater for more than six minutes as jamie lynn frantically tried to rescue her. what stays with you that day? >> the biggest thought i think stays with me that like haunts me is that when i was trying to save her, when i thought that i had lost her i was so afraid that her last thought was, why didn't momma save me? i just hope she knows that like i was doing everything i could if that was the last thing that she lived, you know. >> reporter: maddie recovered. jamie lynn says the experience brought her closer to god and forced her to re-examine her
8:21 am
entire life including her own mental health struggles, the anxiety, depression and ocd she had been suppressing for years. >> it really was like to the point where my panic attacks were all-consuming, where i'm touching the doorknob seven times. it was consuming my life to the point where it was physically taking over me and i went and finally spoke to a therapist. at the time i, you know, took medicine and got back to a place to where i felt stable. >> it's quite clear throughout the book that you've come to a lot of self-discovery, a lot of painful realizations. >> so, i think that when your worse fear happens you get a lot less afraid of everything else. i think that it did. it made me re-evaluate everything and who i was as a person and where i needed to be btter. >> you know, jamie lynn is a songwriter and in true lyrical form as we were chatting she
8:22 am
said off the cuff sometimes you have to be shaken to the core to know what your core is. it sounds like a robinism, seriously, she is very much in touch with that core and what's real and meaningful in her life and we reached to out to her family and they did not respond to comments and you can see more of my interview with jamie lynn tonight on "nightline," george. >> there is so much there. let's go to ginger. >> thank you, george. good morning, everyone. seven consecutive days below average with temperatures in chicago and lake michigan starts to get that pancake ice. it is beautiful but staying below average for a lot of folks coming today, speaking of, caribou, maine, and looking at pictures from maine but caribou had a daytime high yesterday of 2 below zero. that was the coldest daytime high in nearly seven years and we have even coldeai to come in and sneak in for the weekend. by saturday morning, windchills in so many places after a mild couple of day, today and tomorrow, are going to drop. the bottom drops out and feels like 7 below in philadelphia saturday morning. 39 below up in l
8:23 am
all right, we turn now to the rising cost at the supermarket. we've got some strategies now for keeping your pantry full while saving some money. phil lempert is helping us out with smart swaps to survive the price surge. good morning to you. tell us first about this potato shortage. a lot of people have been hearing about it and fast food
8:24 am
fans going after their fries have been concerned about it. what is behind this? this shortage? >> well, t.j., it's all about climate change. if we look at what's going on with the potato crops this is throughout the entire world, we have less yields than ever before. and what that means for us americans, we consume about 30 pounds of french fries every year. so the bottom line is, it hasn't hit the u.s. yet. we are seeing it in asia, africa, but there are going to be shortages when it comes to those french fries. >> wow, 30 pounds, good night. let's start though with the smart swaps and talk about meat. it's gone up 21%. fresh fish and seafood up nearly 11%. what is your swap here for us? >> my swap is to stick with fish. fish is very healthy for us. but don't go to the fresh fish counter because you'll see those little signs that say, previously frozen. so head right to the frozen food case. keep in mind that these boats that catch the fish, they are
8:25 am
out there for weeks so they're actually freezing the fish on board. so go into the frozen fish case, look for those clear packages if you would, t.j. and this is, by the way, not just now but a tip forever. what you're going to get is a product that's actually fresher and you'll save about 40%. >> oh, good tip there. dairy prices, they've stayed steady for the most part and we have seen some increases and they could continue to go up. so what's your smart swap here? >> well, our smart swap is really to head to a different part of the supermarket. you look at that beautiful cheese table, makes your mouth water. you want to buy those fancy packages, forget about it. go to the dairy case. there is a standard of identity that the usda sets on certain cheeses, i'm talking about colby and mozzarella and swiss and parmesan. most of the cheeses we all have, so it's dictated by the government what that recipe is.
8:26 am
so, if you like new york state sharp cheddar cheese aged six months, go to the dairy case and, again, that ugly plastic packaging, get that and you'll save from 20% to 40% on that cheese and it's identical. >> and it's identical. the key there and i only have ten seconds left on ice cream. >> read those labels. read the net weight because even though the pint-size containers are all the same size, some are 14 and 16 ounces, so look for the store brands that are 16 ounces and look for the name brands that are 16 ounces. >> phil, appreciate you getting us through this quickly. thank you so much. stay with us on "gma." coming up, ming-na wen starring in "the book of boba fett."
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning. here's jobina with a look at traffic. jobina: good morning. before i take you to the maps, we have a new crash on walnut creek northbound 680 at north main street, one lane is blocked right now. now to the maps because we have a sig alert in effect in san jose. this has been here all morning. we should only have early minutes left, southbound 280 two state route 87, the transition ramp is impacted by roadway flooding and the offramp is closed. kumasi:
8:28 am
this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need
8:29 am
to build a future of unlimited possibilities. drew: thanks, see you soon. youo a live look outside from our east hills camera, there is hayes and the atmosphere -- haze in the atmosphere. air-quality on the moderate side today and tomorrow. later today, shaping up to be nice. by 9:00 a.m., a mix of sun and clouds, sunshine to the day. by 4:00, middle 60's. kumasi: we will have another abc
8:30 am
7 update in about 30 minutes. you can find the latest on our app and at ♪ and we are back now with ming-na wen, the star of "the joy luck club" and now she's joining "the book of boba fett." thank you for joining us this morning. tell us about boba fett. >> well, "the book of boba fett" is streaming on disney plus, and boba fett is so legendary. he is a "star wars" favorite, but he only had about five or six minutes between "empire strikes back" and "return of the jedi." means i survive.
8:31 am
my character fennec shand is saved by boba. >> i know it's beautiful and it's wonderful to talk to a disney legend. >> my alum. class of 2019. >> i know. we got in just before covid. we got in just in time to have a ceremony. >> we did. we had so much fun. oh, my gosh. you look beautiful. >> right back at you. i'm sorry about this, guys. what does it mean to you? you've hit the disney trifecta. my friend. the disney trifecta. >> yeah, yeah, you know, it's not what i strived for when i was growing up. never imagined this for my career and i am literally just living the absolute fantasy dream of my childhood. >> you call it the fantasy dream. look, there are a lot of "star wars" fans out there and then, there's a whole other level of "star wars" superfandom. i understand that you belong in
8:32 am
that -- >> t.j., you're one of them, right? >> i am. i didn't realize boba fett until you said it, he was only in five or six minutes between two movies but he had such an impact, but now here we are, so being the superfan that you are, what was it like to step on that set, to be a part of this "star wars" universe that you love so much? >> well, actually i have to admit i was not impressed. because what i walked in on was like a couple of rocks and some sand and it was literally like walking into a 99-seat theater, you know, one of those black box theaters, wow, this is the set? but then, but then then turned on the volume, which is this l.e.d. lit soundstage, and it was so transforming because suddenly when they put the lights up, there was tatooine and i was transported looking at
8:33 am
the binary sunset, it's one of my favorite scenes when luke skywalker walks out and he feels like he's never going to be able to fulfill his dream of becoming this pilot and i was there and, you know, i mean i tear up even now when i think about it, because it's just one of those moments where you go, wow, i've manifested this and if i can do it, anyone can, anyone can. you know, a little chinese girl, you know, an immigrant coming to this country with a single mom, you know, she remarried to a wonderful stepfather but seriously, this is the epitome of the american dream. >> and i want to show a clip in just a second but you said you never imagined this would be your future when you were growing up. what did you imagine? >> well, i mean when i was a little kid, you know, i was in
8:34 am
my room, i would like pretend i'm like the female han solo, you know, because i loved luke, i loved princess leia and i wanted to like be the rogue warrior, you know, to be in battles with them. never in my life did i imagine that i would actually become a character that, you know, with the legendary boba fett of all things. i still pinch myself. i really do, because i'm a kid again, you know, in a very big candy store. >> let's show everybody a clip. >> i've won the golden ticket. [ laughter ] that would be like the title. that would be on my tombstone i think, i've won the golden ticket. >> no question about it. we love seeing your smile. let's see a little bit of boba fett. >> if you wish to continue breathing, i advise you to weigh your next words carefully. >> hmm.
8:35 am
actually i may be able to rearrange some of the appointments that aren't as time sensitive as yours. so if you'll excuse me, i'll see what i'm able to do. >> that was a little heavy handed, don't you think? >> you do want the appointment or not. >> you should see t.j. leaning in. leaning in. >> that's how i talk to my kids. just kidding. >> it's quite rare to have a woman bounty hunter in the "star wars" universe so what does it represent to take on that role? >> well, you know, i've been really fortunate between "mulan" and marvel's "agents of shield" and now "the book of boba fett" to play these strong characters, and fennec shand for me, it was really important, especially in the "star wars" arena to infuse this woman who, you know, you know that she's had to struggle to be a female bounty hunter.
8:36 am
you don't see a lot of them and she's like legendary. she's this like master assassin and a mercenary, but i feel like with this story of "the book of boba fett," we're going to see a bit of her humanity, you know, who she really is and how she had to fight to get to where she is now. you know, she's cunning. she's fearless and those are all great images, even though she's supposed to be anti-hero. i kind of like the mix of the both. you have to understand people and i think with "star wars" that's what it's all about, finding hope and finding the humanity in all these characters. >> so well said, ming-na. >> is that a good answer? >> pretty fanstastic. thank you so much for coming in this morning. the third episode of "the book
8:37 am
of boba fett" is streaming now
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ take my ♪ take my breath ♪ back here with tom brady, superstar quarterback, super bowl mvp, super bowl champion. new title now, fashion designer. he is launching his own apparel brand. check the name out, guys. it's called brady. i talked to him one-on-one about now taking on the world of fashion.
8:40 am
>> touchdown, buccaneers! wow, was that easy for tampa bay. >> reporter: seven-time super bowl champ and reigning super bowl mvp, tom brady, has dominated the gridiron for more than 20 seasons. >> brady finds bell and bell walks into the end zone. >> reporter: but now, he's stepping into a new arena as a clothes designer, launching a new apparel brand called brady. how involved were you in the design process. >> very involved and i loved doing it. i've always kind of loved fashion and apparel and i wanted to be as hands on as possible. >> look, your wife says that you're more into clothes than she is, and we associate her with fashion. she is the fashion industry to a certain degree. is that true, though? you're more into clothes and fashion than she is. >> she's obviously in my view, you know, the g.o.a.t. of what she's done in her career and not only that but she's an
8:41 am
incredible person with the most amazing integrity. yes, she's been in fashion for a long time but i would say she has amazing taste and i think we're similar in ways that we don't compromise anything. >> how much was she engaged in this process? >> she's super helpful. like i said she has great taste and great sensibility too. >> together at the met gala in this showstopping look. do you remember your 2018 met gala look? it was all black, i think it had some gold trim on it. you looked like a prince walking through. tell me about that look. >> so i kind of like that look. it was -- met gala for a reason. i think you can go a little out on the edge for moments like that. so typically i kind of stick to more conservative looks. that one i went for it a little bit and some people loved it. i certainly -- when i look back, i'm like, why did i choose that? at the time i thought it was the
8:42 am
coolest thing in the world. >> reporter: brady being marketed in a unique way using college athletes finally allowed to profit on their name, image and likeness. what does it mean to be able to not just highlight these athletes but also compensate them, if you will, for the work that they are putting into it. >> i was a young athlete at one point. if i had this opportunity i would have jumped at it too. so it's nice to support these young athletes, that's something i'm really excited about. >> reporter: the launch of his new line comes days before the opening of the nfl playoffs. you ready for the eagles? >> they have a really good football team. last time i played those guys in the playoffs i my best this weekend along with my teammates but we'll be ready to go. >> all right, and brady launches today on his website. let's say hello again to ginger. hey, there. >> reporter: thanks, t.j. in case you missed it we did have the warmest december on record because it's not feeling like it now across the u.s. we also -- that was nearly seven degrees above average for the
8:43 am
month. amazing. also 20 separate billion dollar disasters in the year 2021. i do want to also mention that we had more than 1200 severe storm report, the most we've ever seen in the month of december and a lot of that had to do with two outbreaks mid to late december. my goodness and people in kentucky and illinois still cleaning up toda right now, we are in for a real treat. we have a great guest joining us. you know her from "orange is the new black." now she's starring in the new series "peacemaker," danielle brooks. welcome back to "gma." good to see you again and congratulations. you got married this past weekend and your daughter was a flower girl. how did she do? how did she do, danielle? >> oh, she was amazing.
8:44 am
she stole the show without a doubt. we had a great time. we were very covid safe. everyone was pcr tested and rapid tested and we had an amazing time, the best day of my life. >> congratulations. >> i don't know how to do a follow-up after you said that was the greatest day of your life. i hate to go into business now. i want to ask you about this show, "peacemaker,," your role, you're on this black ops team but this role in "peacemaker," the show, was actually -- they had you in mind when they wrote it. >> yes, james gunn, writer, creator, he is amazing. he had me in mind, he was a big fan of "orange is the new black." watched my work and was like, hey, i got this part for you and i was like, yes, please. he also has done "the suicide squad" for hbo max and does all the "guardians of the galaxy." i had an amazing time with john
8:45 am
cena, steve, the whole crew, it was amazing. it was amazing. freddie. >> well, amazing is one word. first time as an action hero. how did it feel? >> i loved it. anybody else want to hire me in action stuff, i'm down for it. and i was running in the field and just -- i got thrown across and falling out of the sky. it was a lot but i enjoyed -- >> you're popping out of the screen right now. >> maybe because i've been at home so long with the covid stuff, just all hyped. >> let's take a look at a clip. >> come on, man. don't use the "i" word, it's not cool. >> hey. >> what do we tell them? >> nothing. >> we just got shot at like, whoa.
8:46 am
like my adrenaline is pumping. pumping like glass breaking everything. you ever been shot at? >> no. >> so you were describing all the things. did you have a favorite when it comes to doing the stunts? what was your favorite thing to do? >> i think it was getting thrown across the room and my head bashed into the wall. literally my head. just being harnessed up was really fun. you know, robin, it's been really cool from going from playing mahalia jackson to this, we shot it in the same area that we shot mahalia jackson so i was there for ten months and had a great time there but i had -- yeah, it was great. >> and thank you for bringing up mahalia because congratulations. the critic's choice nominee for your starring role and we heard we know that you have the voice.
8:47 am
that's why you played mahalia. what does it mean to be able to play all these different types of roles? >> it's a blessing, you know, i always hoped my career would shape out like this and be super unique and different and i get to show all of what i did. i trained at juilliard and now i get to show the world like i am more than a box that so many plus size black women have been put in in the past. i'm so much more than that and i'm just grateful i get to share my gift and light with the world. in different ways. >> yes. no one will put you in the box. no one will put baby in the corner, no, indeed, not. continued blessings to you, danielle. excited for you. great to have you back on "gma." >> thank you so much. >> you got it. "peacemaker" premieres tomorrow on tag ou ♪ my heart behind the pocket of my shirt ♪ ♪ i just keep rolling ♪
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the go to photographer of escapism during lockdown for gray malin. he talks about "dogs of aspen." good morning, zohreen. >> reporter: hey good morning, george. gray malin is one of the famous photographers on instagram. his work is colorful, dreamy, whimsical. now he's out with a new series called "dogs of aspen" and i got a sneak peek at the work which you could say is pretty paw-some. imagine a world taken over by dogs. >> okay, perfect. >> good girl.
8:51 am
>> okay, we got it. >> reporter: it's the latest project from photographer gray malin. >> it's all posh pooches living the life. >> reporter: featuring doggies living the fabulous life starting in los angeles with dogs of beverly hills, then dogs of new york and now snowy mountaintops with dogs of aspen. >> i really wanted to shoot a series with the dogs and wanted to shoot in the show and my favorite destination is aspen. you're breathing fresh mountain air and you're inspired by the scenery. >> there we go. there we go. >> reporter: gray's most recent collection a major accomplishment for "the new york times" best-selling author who left his corporate job to do this full time. you started in corporate america then left with a camera and canines. >> everyone thought i had the coolest job ever but i secretly was really inspired by all the creatives i was working with and thought i really should go back to what i love. i really love photography. it gave me the courage to take a
8:52 am
step back and find my journey. >> reporter: an unbeaten palt that's taking him all around the world, photographing llamas, penguins with antarctica and, yes, man's best friend. >> all right. >> when you look at your photos, everything looks so calm but this is hard work out here. >> these dogs, though, are so amazing to work with, i mean, you can see right here wiley is perfectly sitting in the driver seat of the car. it's not always this easy. >> reporter: his photos now bringing a lot of joy and bark to spectators. it's taking the traditional people can't believe is real. i want people to feel like this is a getaway for them. like, did he really shoot all these dogs on the top of a mountain in aspen? yes, it happened. >> reporter: and gray's "dogs of aspen" series debuts at midnight. 10% of proceeds go to aspen
8:53 am
animal shelters but if you can't have this piece on your wall you can have them at your fingertips. his book, i have mine right here, "gray malin: the essential collection" is available now. his instagram page is pretty fantastic. >> thank you, zohreen.
8:54 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. jobina: goorning. arewi a look at traffic and a live picture from the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights are turned off at 8:04, interesting to see how the toll plaza commute has changed since the holiday. this should be wrapping up in the next minute or so. the sig alert in san jose because of roadway flooding on southbound 280 two the transition ramp has been impacted, and the ramp is still closed. drew: we are looking live from the tower. a fairhaz -- quality will be moderate for the foreseeable future. we need rain but not going to find that today. sunshine by 4:00 p.m. with low to mid 60's.
9:00 am
jobina: time for "live with kelly and ryan," and we are back at 11:00 for midday >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, award-winning film and theater actor, denzel washington. plus, gold medal winning author, lindsey vonn. plus, "new you in '22!" as we continue our simple swaps week. all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> kelly: hi, deja! oh, my gosh. that was so exciting. you missed it. deja, i miss seeing your face. okay, good, i thought you are adjusting your camera.


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