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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 12, 2022 6:00am-6:59am PST

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starting now in sonoma county. what you can and cannot do with new covid restrictions. the rest of the bay area has an answer if they are. adding back mandates. >> i subbed the entire third grade. a school social worker covered the entire first grade. we are exhausted. kumasi: tired teachers telling stories of exhaustion with sick outs and staffing troubles, straining bay area schools. reinforcements are on the way. reggie: good morning to everyone except for these crows. neighbors say they are being invaded by this like cloud of swarms. now they will do something about it. i did not see the solution coming. good morning, you're watching abc7 mornings on hulu live and wherever you stream. drew: we are tracking another
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warm winter day. monday and tuesday were mild and we keep that pattern today. this morning a, away from the coast, 30's to low 40's. 36 in santa rosa. here is exploratorium camera, plenty of stars up there. clear skies over the city and we are in store for sunshine. the sun is up at 7:24 and we will find the sun in full effect later this afternoon. reggie: governors are assuring emergency declarations as the omicron variant depletes vital health care resources. the cdc says the very it makes up 98% of all new cases. jobina is checking some pretty staggering numbers. jobina: 1.4 million cases in a single day over the weekend. that is a sixfold increase in covid cases just in the last month driven by the omicron
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variant. virginia has issued a month-long state of emergency to help health care facilities increase bed space and staff. maryland, maine, and massachusetts are leaning on the national guard as covid patients filled their hospitals. the's warning about the risk to the unvaccinated saying they are 20 times more likely to die from the virus. >> this is an extraordinary virus, the likes of which we have not seen even close to well over 100 years. it is a very widely virus. jobina: there is a glimmer of hope in new york. for the first time in weeks, the number of new cases in the state are dropping. as for at home covid test the biden administration promised, the first round will go out at the first of the month. reggie: today is the first date you will need a booster shot to get into an event at san jose's
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sap center. you have to show proof you got your booster in order to attend big events at city-owned facilities. that includes the convention center. the new rule applies to venue staff and requires city employees to get a booster if they are eligible. the next event is a sharks game tomorrow night. kumasi: abc7 is focused on education as we work to build a better bay area the pandemic. as the pandemic is impacting staff and students. this mninga new from keep schoos cess nmgns anxeti order toee stay open despite staffing shortages. amy hollyfield is one -- destroying us with more on what these new measures mean for schools. amy:he has issued a new executie
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order. it helps give schools more flexibility when filling the spots of teachers who call in sick during this omicron surge. he says the order cut some of the red tape in place when it comes to hiring substitute teachers or bringing back retired teachers temporarily as a schools deal with staffing shortages. one superintendent says this order will be a huge help. >> this will allow us to extend the amount of time people can stay in a classroom and sub. it will allow some flexibility getting people into jobs quicker. it will allow for retirees to be able to sub longer. that is fantastic. amy: it has not been easy for administrators. in hayward, they opted to go ahead and go against state and county guidelines and move towards distance learning. they have so many teachers shortages. at the oakland school for the
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arts, they closed a uld earn37tute tchers who the white house is stepping into the efforts this morning. the white house is announcing it is sending out 10 million covid cases to schools a month. the president has said he will do all he can to keep schools safely open. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield. kumasi: the most-- reggie: the most restrictive covid rules are in effect in sonoma county. outdoor gatherings are limited to 100 people. residents are being asked to stay home for 30 days except for essential business like going to work or grocery shopping. this is all an effort to help stop the spread of omicron. >> i hope it is just if you are sick, don't go around people. i don't like the idea that
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restrictions keep coming and going. >> caused by social gatherings, talking about what does spread the virus. it is not the businesses, the small businesses or gyms. shopping malls and restaurants and office buildings are exempt from the indoor gathering rules. kumasi: if you live in the rest of the bay area, don't expect new restrictions. health officials and other counties say they are leaning on high vaccination rates to keep hospitalizations low. the number of new covid cases is well over 10,000 in the bay area but hospitalizations are fairly low. reggie: the show must go on. despite covid, local theater productions are finding ways. "harry potter and the cursed child" strict protocols. rep is a two productions. >> we have people showing up and
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thanking us for keeping our doors open. at the same time, there are people just looking at the news and going, i'm not quite ready. we have more or less the same number of people who are opting out and asking for a rain check as we have people showing up. reggie: act has been dark since march 2020 but planning to raise the curtain january 21. theatergoers have to comply with strict rules including wearing a high-quality quality mask and being vaccinated. not even water bottles will be allowed. february 1 they're going to require boosters. kumasi: help for the un-housed, the mission to get safe shelter in california will take a major step forward. reggie: truly a miraculous survival, this chopper crash in suburban philadelphia, everyone was able to walk away unhurt. drew: live doppler 7 along with satellite, high-pressure and control bringing us another dry and sunny day.
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drew: we are still in that break from a wet weather today so expect another bright and warm day. back into the 60's, 66 in san jose. 62 in the city. 61 is the high in concord. across the state, if you have to travel, northern california is brighter than southern california. tahoe is beautiful, 50 degrees. we will find some high clouds streaming into southern california. l.a., palm springs topping out in the mid-70's. this dry pattern looks to last for the holiday weekend. we will look at the forecast in about eight minutes.
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jobina: we are going to start with a crash i am following in hayward. it looks like it is closer to union city on southbound 880. right past tennyson. speeds down to nine miles per hour in the area and one lane is blocked. heads up if that is part of your commute. hopping over to san jose, we have a signal lurked in effect and it will be there until 9:00 a.m. due to roadway flooding on southbound 280 to state route 80 tradition. a lik at t pza. 80 transition. wrapping up with a live picture in oakland. things are moving at the limit. kumasi: next next idea to curb violence and oakland being put to a vote. reggie: the mission to keep one bay area town crow free. >> when the sun starts coming
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around, they start coming around -- starts coming down, they start coming around. really close. reggie: some wild stories of
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reggie: governor newsom is scheduled to highlight his proposal to address the state's homelessness crisis. he plans to visit an encampment. he dedicated $14 billion to help the unhoused get off of the streets last year. the governor will head to l.a. to discuss the $2.7 billion covid-19 emergency response package he announced on monday. you can watch his speech at eight this morning on kumasi: with less than 10 months until the 2022 midterm
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elections, president biden has made his biggest push for national voting rights in georgia. pres. biden: past the freedom to vote act. pass it now. kumasi: the president challenged senators to stand against voter suppression, urging them to change senate filibuster rules to pass legislation. republicans are blocking it. georgia is one of 19 states that passed new restrictive voting laws. reggie: senior nato and russian officials will meet about growing tensions at the growing -- at the ukrainian border. there are thousands of russian troops stationed at the ukrainian border and the military began live fire drills. the u.s. and nato are pushing the kremlin to de-escalate the situation. russia is asking nato to pledge it will not allow ukraine into the amounts. the u.s. met with pressure, but no progress was made. kumasi: the senate passed a bill
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to award the congressional gold medal to emmett till. he was tortured and killed by white supremacists in mississippi. his mom insisted on an open casket funeral to demonstrate the brutality of his killing. his murder and the decision by his mother helped ignite the civil rights movement. senators said this is a recognition of what the family accomplished in their fight against injustice. lapd's police chief said they will revise training policies and protocols after the death of a 14-year-old girl shot and killed inside a store when an officer fired at the suspect and a bullet went through the wall. lapd officers opened fire 37 times last year, killing 18 people. that compares to 27 police ootis in 2020 that left seven people dead. reggie: a new effort to curb violence in oakland. city council will vote on a law that would ban anyone from
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buying, selling, or possessing the parts to possess a ghost gun. those are parts -- guns built from parts purchased online and untraceable. the percentage of ghost gun foemhajued sce sou,f you ud over you, it could be crows that are bombarding sunnyvale. sidewalks are coated with you know what and birds are loud. [birds cawing] >> when the sun starts setting, they come around. reggie: sunnyvale's mayor s things they have tried in the past are not working. they are launching a part of that program using an expect if technology. the downtown association is providing green laser pointers along murphy avenue. the hope is that the lasers will annoy the birds into leaving. >> it is far better than
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spending hundreds of dollars to spray wash the sidewalks every few weeks or spray wash murphy avenue because of the health risk. reggie: the centre clara audubon society is not happy about the lasers saying they pose a threat of blindness to crows as well as a risk to humans and aircraft's. even so, sunnyvale is going to go ahead and do it anyway at the end of the month. drew: can we talk about how pretty that sunset is. reggie: one about like a lot of scarecrows? drew: put them up on murphy? reggie: no, these are all terribvisibility is down in some spots. santa rosa, we have some thick fog.
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we do have that dense fog as he moved north and south through santa rosa. napa and concord, it is not too bad, just some low clouds. most of us are dealing with clear skies. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. 36 in santa rosa, 39 in napa. closer to the coast, in the 50's. good morning, san jose. you are at a 43 degrees. future weather showing by 2:00 or 3:00 it is nothing but sunshine and another mild winter day is ahead. highs today, all back in the 60's. 62 in the city. up to 66 in san jose. the, a chilly start right now. back into the low to mid 60's. 68 in santa cruz. tonight we dip down into the low and mid 50's under a blend of stars and clouds. our storm track stays away from california, sitting over portland and seattle. the next seven days, we are dry.
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warm today for january. we take a bit of a dip thursday and friday in our temperatures. holiday weekend looking great. a lot of sunshine in the afternoon, temperatures above average in the 60's saturday and sunday. reggie: i have been warned that ginger is wearing something amazing. oh, she really is. ginger, our control ream -- our control room is buzzing. >> says i look like i am in a mattress. i think it is the hottest mattress i have ever seen and it is useful because you can't take a nap. that is what i have been doing. reggie: three things in one, i love it. >> right. thank you. the color is good. coming up on "gma," you will see more than this coat, you will see everything about the covid search.
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omicron fueling another record. we will tell you about at home kits that are in high demand. there is a warning about fake covid tests being sold online. this morning, we will tell you what to look out for and how you can check that your test is fda authorized. our abc news exclusive with jamie lynn spears opening up about her family, relationship with britney, and becoming a mom at 17. you will see that only on "gma." with high prices over the supermarket, we have smart swaps you can make to save on your grocery bill and keep things in your pantry. that and one on one with tom brady. we have a lot going on, we hope you will join us. reggie: and your book is out now. now everyone else can read it. >> i wish i could send a mattress coat with every copy, .
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reggie: new details involving sunday's fire in the bronx. come is survived is suing new york and the building's owners for $1 billion in damage. it claims the landlords knew of defective conditions and failed to maintain it. it accuses the city of not doing enough to address safety and fire issues. kumasi: the pilot of a medical helicopter makes what is being called a miracle crash landing in philadelphia. everyone survived. cellphone video shows moments after this helicopter went down on the church steps. the pilot was able to navigate a web of power lines and homes before landing here. the four people on board escaped
6:25 am
without life-threatening injuries, including a two month old baby. >> here, take this. it was a baby. we look over to the church and there was a helicopter. part of it was on fire, spewing jet fuel. kumasi: the baby was a patient being transported from maryland to a hospital in philadelphia. the cause of the crash is under investigation. reggie: disney plus is home to so much marvel content and now you can add the internal's -- can add "the internals" -- "the eternals" to that list. it is immortal beings that fight people while looking for the truth of existence. disney is the parent company of marvel and abc7. kumasi: expo 2020 is back in a big way, making its post-pandemic returned to dubai. 192 countries have pavilions at
6:26 am
this expo. among them is this interactive fountain. each pavilion shows off the best of its country's art and technology. the most popular is singapore's display which includes 80,000 plants. >> it is not just the greenest, we are also in the green in the sense of sustainability. we have a 517 -- solar panels on the roof that supply enough electrical energy for powering the next six months. kumasi: not to be outdone, dubai has constructed this pavilion in the shape of the falcon wings. there covered with solar panels and can open in less than three minutes. reggie: a farewell to a landmark restaurant in oakland. the legendary chef listing the reasons she is closing for good. kumasi: the change coming to your big accounts that could give you a sigh of relief.
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reggie: separating fact from fiction when it comes to at-home covid tests, doctors talking about the trend of swabbing your throat for covid-19 and why that could be dangerous. kumasi: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: supporting the bay areaa schools, really struggling right now with widespread sick outs and test shortages. help is on the way from a variety of sources. >> it raises big red flags. it raises a big red banner. reggie: a warning to check where you are getting tested. the abc7 team uncovering places that seem like convenient ways to score a free test, but might not be. kumasi: world-class destinations without leaving the house.
6:30 am
the bay area's backyard spots that landed on the list of the world's best places to visit. it is wednesday, january 12. . you're watching abc7 mornings on abc7, who live, or wherever you stream. drew: we have sunshine and mild winter temperatures for another day. we have the chill in the morning, 30's and 40's in the coldest spots. 38 in palo alto. 43 in oakland, 43 in san jose. export-oriented camera, 20 of clear skies above the city. here's. . how your day is shaping up plenty of sunshine today. the sun is up at 7:24. that sunshine will warm us into the 60's before another day. reggie: one of our key focuses is the effect the pandemic is having on our schools. right now, it is the districts being tested. they are being strained by
6:31 am
omicron, fueling teacher and student sick outs, 2 -- sick outs, too few subs, and the rest. amy hollyfield is live at one school with what is coming. amy: the governor and the white house both stepping in to try to help the situation. the white house announcing this morning it will be sending out 10 million covid tests each month to schools to try and help them stay open and do it safely. the governor has issued an executive order to cut red tape administrators have to deal with when hiring substitute teachers or bringing back retired teachers to help with staff shortages. he says the hiring process can be laborious and challenging. he has issued this order to help ease that and make it more flexible. bay area districts say it has been challenging during this omicron surge. here is an example of what they
6:32 am
are dealing with. >> we have had 200 plus students and staff out on a daily basis. at least 10 staff members. people are picking up the pieces. i saw one of our retired teachers from a couple of years ago today. it was nice to see that. amy: as for reaction to this new order, the contra costa superintendent said it is fantastic, allowing retirees to substitute longer and get people into jobs quicker. the governor is committed to leaving schools open and stay so he will leave this -- open and safe so he believed this until march 31. kumasi: west contra costa unified superintendent says they have been dealing with staff shortages. he encouraged sick staff to stay home but also wrote, "employees coordinating with one another to call out together is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. this is not helpful and exacerbates our issues."
6:33 am
he said this happened at a middle school and grant elementary middle school -- and grant elementary school. we reached out to the teachers union but we have not heard back. reggie: bishop o'dowd high school has transitioned to virtual classrooms and scheduled to last two weeks. about 20% of students were absent friday, an unprecedented number. bishop o'dowd confirmed instances of campus transmission. kumasi: pfizer expects to have any omicron vaccine by march. the vaccine will be effective against the other variants. a third chinese city is under lockdown due to omicron. the lockdown was announced after two omicron cases were reported. 20 many people and three cities are confined to their homes. people in los angeles are being urged to avoid nonessential gatherings over the next few weeks where people are masked
6:34 am
and in close contact with one another. the recommendation is voluntary. canada is back on the cdc's highest risk category for travel and designated as a level four country. travel to countries in that category is not recommended. there are more than 80 countries considered to be level four. much of those in europe. reggie: hospitals across the u.s. are being pushed to the brink. the cdc tallied a record 1.4 million cases in a single day over the weekend. having said that, there is some good news. jobina: despite the record number of hospitalizations, doctors say this surge is proving that vaccines and boozers work. dr. schuster -- one doctor says he is not treated a single boosted person in the hospital for covid, not one. he also said people should feel encouraged by a study done in california published in this morning's new york times that
6:35 am
found 70,000 cases -- of 70,000 cases, no one was on a ventilator. the doctor explains what you need to know if you get the omicron variant. >> the first five days after you test positive for develop symptoms is -- are your most contagious days. it is critical you isolate. after that, i recommend you get a test. if you are negative, i think you y it issentiale wea said the cy issue new masked guidance is the call to where in or kn95 masks gross. he says -- masks grows. he says the most important thing is to have a mask you can wear comfortably all day. reggie: our team has been digging into unauthorized covid
6:36 am
pesticides popping up over the bay area. is san francisco city attorney's office is investigating community wellness america, a company suspected of operating illegally. city employees raised concerns about the company's pop-up testing sites at golden gate park and dolores park. in order to operate a public property, private companies have to get a special license that ensures proper standards for diagnostic -- diagnostic testing. >> these were not able to produce the up-to-date licenses required under federal law to do. that is incredibly troubling. reggie: community wellness america was previously flagged and shut down by marin county health officials because they were operating without a valid permit. the abc 7 team up reached out to get a comment but we have not heard back. kumasi: with more people testing themselves for covid at home,
6:37 am
some have taken to swapping their throats. the fda says not to do that. they're looking at data from people's cheeks and saliva, but doctors agree there is not enough evidence that throws swapping is a good idea. most say it could be dangerous to use a covid test in a way not intended. >> it depends on the test. do not take a test made and designed for nasal swab and use it in your throat. kumasi: early studies show a throat swab may detect the. earlier, but tests have not been approved -- to use that way. reggie: google is offering full-time employees free at home rapid covid-19 tests. not everyone has the same access. the person who spoke to that engineer describes access to covid tests as unequal for the
6:38 am
contingent workforce, including thousands of contractors and temporary workers. the company is sanctioning very different. a google spokesperson said in the mail the company has free at home and in person testing options available to employees and temps and vendors. kumasi: it is the end of an error -- an era as brown sugar kitchen is closing for good. the pandemic is partly to blame. the chef, tonya holland, also noted that crime is a factor. she shutdown before christmas and planned to be open this week, but she and her investor realized they were throwing good money after bad. the oakland museum of california is still open. reggie: inflation is at a high we have not seen in decades. plus, inside tips on where you can save at the supermarket. kumasi: you're looking live at the big board of the new york stock exchange, starting up 100 points. another update on the markets next. >> i adored her.
6:39 am
she felt like everything to me. reggie: jamie lynn spears is sure to draw headlines with this exclusive. we will give you a sneak peek. drew: he was a live look from santa cruz, the sun slowly getting up. sunrise at 7:24 this morning. we are cloud free and anticipate a lot of sunshine on your wednesday. air quality today and tomorrow with high pressure and control is moderate across the board. that will not change friday. high pressure keeping us a dry and keeping a smile in the afternoon. there are storms in the pacific -- in the specific -- in the pacific but they're pushing well north into vancouver, seattle, and portland. hour-by-hour, later on today with sunshine and full force, upper 60's and low 50's.
6:40 am
in the afternoon we go back into the 60's across the entire bay highs today, 61 enrichment. 62 in san francisco. 63 in oakland. 63 in santa rosa. 64 on half moon bay. santa cruz, getting close to 70 degrees. a lot of sunshine in northern california, high clouds. 77 is the high in l.a..
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(sound of rain) ♪ ♪ ♪
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(phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ every home should be a haven. ikea. reggie: new developments and if trial, prosecutors are willing to waive the charges against elizabeth holmes. she was found guilty on four counts earlier this month. prosecutors outlined their plan in a court filing reviewed by the silicon valley business journal. a judge has to sign off on that. both sides would like homes to be sentenced in september after
6:43 am
the trial of the turners president who is homes -- ho lmes' former boyfriend. kumasi: governor newsom's exposure to expand -- state lawmakers are debating a separate bill that would go even further. it is a state-funded single player fan -- single-payer plan. it is unclear if he will back this effort. >> for me, single-payer is not a platitude. when you are governor, you have to be in the house business. kumasi: critics point out that could cost billions of dollars. the bill must pass the assembly by the end of this month in order to advance through the legislature this year. reggie: gay and bisexual men can now donate blood and agrees. the country is lifting its ban which had been in place since 1977.
6:44 am
lgbtq rights activists are praising the change and says the greek government needs to do more. pink news spoke to advocates who say they hope the government will pay more attention to other discriminations in the health care system and an education. kumasi: u.s. restricts led donations from men who have sex with men. the country has a critical blood shortage on its hands and the red cross declared a national blood crisis. the nonprofit says it has gotten down to a one-day supply nationally. since the pandemic started, the red cross has not seen it -- has sent that has seen it in percent decline. the red cross is feeling the impact of a staffing shortage. >> the red cross is looking to train phlebotomists who will be paid and looking for volunteers to help staff those blood donation drives and blood centers. kumasi: every two seconds, someone in the u.s. needs blood.
6:45 am
you can find information at anyone who donates this month is entered into a drawing for tickets to the super bowl. kumasi: -- reggie: inflation surged to the highest rate in 40 years. the labor department says passes were up 7% in december. at the grocery store, the cost of meat has gone up 21% in the past year. fresh fish and seafood is up 11%. what can you do? if you want to save as much as 40%, stay away from fresh and by frozen. when it comes to cheese, the products you see in the cheesy section are the same as in the dairy department. >> it is dictated by the government what that recipe is. if you like new york state sharp cheddar cheese, go to the dairy case. that ugly plastic packaging, get that and he will save from 20%
6:46 am
to 40%. reggie: experts say something consumers should watch out for is the price of potatoes. asia and africa are experiencing a potato shortage and it will likely spread to the u.s.. ica and ll fargo e latean's fee will drop from $35 to $10. bank of america and wells fargo agreed to drop charges for backup overdraft funds. banks made a -- backspace six $9 billion on those fees -- banks made $69 billion on those fees. critics have said they prey on people of color and those living paycheck to paycheck. two korean automakers combined to outsell honda in the u.s. for the first time ever. according to sales figures, the brands ranked fifth in u.s.
6:47 am
sales for 2021. hyundai and kia saw sales increased 20%. they have sold honda by over 130,000 cars, trucks, and minivans. honda sales were up just 8% in 2021. a live look at the new york stock exchange. you can see we are up 121 points. reggie: -- kumasi: a group of celebrities including kim kardashian and floyd mayweather are being sued in any alleged cryptocurrencies camp. ------------ together to inflate the price in social media posts. kardashian promoted the token in an instagram post and meriwether endorsed it. it has lost 97% of its value since last june. reggie: jamie lynn spears is
6:48 am
giving abc and exclusive sneak peek at her memoir, "things i should have said." she is on "gma" opening up about her life. she said her life changed when she became pregnant at 17. she talked about living through that time while brittany was in the spotlight. she addressed brittany's conservatorship. she said she tried to give brittany the resources she needed to end it. >> i have always been my sister's biggest supporter. when she needed help, i set up ways to do so. i went out of my way to make sure she had the context needed to go ahead and end this conservatorship and and this for our family. if it is going to cause this discord, why continue it? reggie: brittany has said she
6:49 am
would like to end her -- she would like to sue her family. her book is not for sale. the oscars are going to have a host for the first time in three years but we will have to wait. kumasi: jimmy kyl -- jimmy kimmel last hosted in 2018. kevin hart dropped out in 2019 after some controversial tweets resurfaced. the show went on at up to host in 2020 and 2021. that is changing this year. yesterday, the president of hulu originals announced there would be. a host. he did not mention names. nominations will be announced tuesday january 28. reggie: the new york times list its list of the best places to visit in the world. it is called "52 places for a changed world." two northern california locations made that cut.
6:50 am
san francisco's great highway is number 18, a two mile stretch along ocean beach. it has become a hotspot for bicyclists. santa cruz county is number 44 thanks to its trees and trails. both remain attractions even after the wildfires have -- the wildfires of 2020. it is nice to see that. drew: early in the pandemic, the great highway was a huge resource for us. we would go on that walk, a great place to get out and enjoy. reggie: i saw the pictures, i remember. drew: it is gorgeous. and if you are outside today, it is gorgeous. we might as well enjoy the dry pattern we are in. visibility right now, some issues to the delta. concord and napa down to three miles. into the north bay, you can see santa rosa down to a mile. the fog is patchy but it will lift at 8:00 or 9:00 this morning.
6:51 am
roof camera as the sun is slowly rising. clear skies and chilly temperatures away from the coast. 30's and 40's inland and in the north bay. we are in the low 50's. i know it is january, but we are in this pattern where it is not a bad day to hit the coast. tons of sunshine, even the big go by up to 63 degrees. we are going into the 60's this afternoon for a third day in a row. 62 in san francisco. 66 in san jose. 63 in napa. a blend of stars and calls tonight falling into the low 40's. here's the rainfall potential for the next seven days. the dry pattern continues for the next several days. california is mainly drive for most of us. the climate prediction center as
6:52 am
we go farther into the future, it looks like much of january will remain dry. a below average estimate for rainfall as you get into the final week of january. it looks like this pattern will hang on for a few weeks. here's the accurate seven-day forecast. one today, cooler thursday and into friday. the holiday weekend, saturday, sunday, and monday looking fantastic. 50's and 60's and still dry tuesday next week. kumasi: officials say supply chain issues that crippled los angeles and long beach are starting to look better. yesterday, u.s. trade rotation secretary pete buttigieg toward the ports and met with port leaders. this trip highlighted actions supply chain task force has taken to speed up the movement of goods at the ports. >> one of the reasons why christmas was not in fact canceled is that ports like l.a. and long beach moved record levels of goods, allowing an
6:53 am
all-time record high in terms of retail sales this holiday season. kumasi: long beach's credited the biden administration and a $52 million grant to the port of long beach the holidays. reggie: governor newsom's new proposal includes investing $2.2 billion in the ports, part of that is addressing pollution from -- pollution affecting surrounding neighborhoods. it allows 875 million dollars for zero emission vehicles and infrastructure with the majority of funds slated for trucks. it includes 1.2 billion dollars for projects like rearguard expansions designed to increase as the flow of goods from ports to consumers. for 2022 winter electrics are three weeks away -- winter ellen thinks are three weeks away -- winter olympics are three weeks away. kumasi: the inside of one of the dining areas, robots are
6:54 am
delivering food by lowering it from the ceiling. okay. compared to the games in tokyo, the winter olympics will have stricter covid protocols for visiting media and athletes. reggie: this looks like hell. kumasi: oh no, not hell. [laughter] this is a lot, they are taking this seriously. everyone has to quarantine three weeks and then you get assigned a bubble. if you leave the bubble, you cannot come back. unlike in the summer, the games in tokyo, domestic spectators will be allowed to attend events. beijing 2020 to get started february -- beijing 2022 get started february 4 -- gets
6:55 am
started february 4. reggie: this is the most uninviting cap -- the most uninviting cafeteria to me. just put a person in a mask, they had to the food, then you are done. or just put it on the counter and i will go get it. kumasi: it is pink. reggie: it is pink. it is like eat your food, be quiet, and get out. no thank you. look at this. kumasi: isn't this pretty? reggie: this is the second day in a row we have had a stunning sunrise. drew: kumasi: we will be right back. with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema
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sail conveniently from sf from just $79 per day. book now at kumasi: it is 6:37. here are the 6:57. sonoma county residents being asked to stay home to stop the spread of the omicron variant. outdoor gatherings limited to 100 people, 50, or indoor gatherings. reggie: governor newsom signed an executive order to keep
6:58 am
schools opened and the federal government is helping that happen. the white house is promising 10 million covid tests per month. kumasi: the cdc is planning to update mask guidance but won't say exactly how. a statement just released to abc news says the goal is for americans to have the best information to choose the mask right for them. an announcement is expected by the end of the week. reggie: and the effort by facebook's parent company to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit has failed. they say they want metta to break off facebook and what's up into different companies -- instagram and whatsapp into different companies. drew: a sunrise coming up at 7:24 and we are in store for another mild winter day. lots of sunshine today, temperatures this afternoon owing into the low to mid 60's. jobina: two major issues in the south bay.
6:59 am
two signals in the lexington hills area on southbound 17. we have one lane blocked and then roadway flooding in san jose. southbound 282 the state street connector is blocked. the word avenue offramp is closed. reggie: we just want to say happy birthday to our friday coworker, kumasi. heapthy,end. kuma: you know i love a birthday. drew: you do. we have got treats for you. please believe. delicious donuts coming our way. we've got certs. i think -- we've got desserts. jobina: and your hat. it matches your outfit. reggie: we got to the good donuts. kumasi: can i hug you? don't breathe.
7:00 am
thank you. drew: you always make -- reggie: you always make o for our viewers in the west, omicron spreading rapidly in record numbers surging towards a peak. we'll tell what you it means this wednesday morning. omicron's record surge. nearly 1.5 million cases reported in 24 hours. the acting fda commissioner with an eye-opening warning saying most people are going to get covid. this morning, the states activating the national guard t plus, the new ftc warning about fake covid tests being sold online. dr. jha joins us live. heated exchange. dr. fauci firing back at senator rand paul. >> in usual fashion, senator, you are distorting everything about me. >> accusing him of spreading misinformation, leading to threats against fauci and his
7:01 am
family and the frustrated hot


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