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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 12, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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keep schools open the governor newsom's executive order and the plan from the white house to keep students in the classroom safely. in the south bay city mandating booster shots to go to some large events where you'll need to show your proof starting today. and this is the first day of the new rules in one north bay county. some gatherings now banned for at least one month. when the sun starts going down, they come around. crow concerns hundreds of them swarming this south bay city and the mayor has a controversial solution to try to get rid of them. they're also plaguing city streets. morning everybody. it's wednesday, january, 12, you're watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven who live and wherever you drink , come on, drew. give me some more of that spring like weather. here we go guys growing again today for the third day in a row that sunshine's back in those mild temperatures that warm winter pattern we're stuck in it. so enjoy it if you like, yesterday and monday because it's not changing all that much
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right now, though, i mean, our micro climates are in full effect. we have quite a chill in some spots like palo alto. even santa rosa right now in the thirties, but san francisco half moon bay, you're a lot warmer in the low fifties 46 right now. good morning, oakland, 41 in san jose. outside, we go live look from our exploratorium camera. here in san francisco. clear skies over the city right now, and here's how the day shaping up a little patchy fog in north bay early on, but it's nothing that sunshine this afternoon again were mild in the sixties. your sunrise by the way, coming up at 7 24 am guys. thank you. gorn imuiple sar as the omicron variant depletes vital health care resources. the cbc says the variant now makes up 98% of all new cases. jovenes tracking some really staggering numbers. trevena thank you, reggie. the cdc says the u. s tallied a record 1.4 million cases in a single day over the weekend. that's a six fold increase. and covid cases just in the last month, driven by the
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micron variant virginia has issued a month long state of emergency to help healthcare facilities. increased bed space. and staff. maryland maine and massachusetts are all leaning on the national guard as a record number of covid patients fled their hospitals. and once again , the cdc is warning about the risk to the unvaccinated. saying there 20 times more likely to die from the virus. this is an extraordinary virus. the likes of which we have not seen even close to and well over 100 years . it is a very wildly virus. it is fooled everybody all the time. but this morning, there is a glimmer of the first round will start going out at the end of this month. reggie: today is the first a you will need a booster shot a boosr
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in order to attend big events on city-owned facilities including the san jose convention center. that rule applies to the staff and require city employees to get a booster. kumasi: abc 7 is focused on education as we focus on building a better bay area. businesses are struggling on how to stay open as covid impacts staff and students. and you effort from the white house is coming as governor newsom signs new executive order to keep schools opening california. it districts across the bay area are having issues because of staffing shortages. reporter: the governor has made it clear that he wants these schools to stay open.
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tape in place. when it comes to bringing back retired teachers temporarily as schools deal with staffing shortages. help. >> this will allow us to extend the amount of time that people stay in the classroom and it will allow some flexibility of getting people into those jobs. it will allow for retirees to be able to solve longer. >> it has not been easy.
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is to keep schools open. reggie: parents will start volunteering to fill spots left empty by staffing shortages. there are 380 covid cases just last week. 600 pairs have signed up to fill positions and food service, office work, light cleaning. parents have to be vaccinated in order to volunteer. parents can sign up if it doesn't conflict with school schedules. kumasi: parents are navigating during covid.
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rapid tests for educators. gatherings are limited to 100 people. 50 people for indoor gatherings, and residents are asked to stay home for 30 days except for essential business like work or grocery shopping. it's an effort to try to stop the spread of omicron. >> like a sick, don't go around
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people kind of thing. >> all caused by social gatherings and talking about what really does spread the virus. for sure it's not small businesses or gyms. >> shopping malls, restaurants, and office buildings are exempt. kumasi: if you live in the rest of the bay area, do not expect any new restrictions. abc news officials are leaning on the region's high vaccinations rate. the average number of daily covid cases is well over 10,000 in the bay area but hospitalizations are relatively low. about 65 percent of last winter's peak. the show must go on despite covid and local theater productions or finding a way. in san francisco, harry potter and the cursed child open last night under strict protocols. and in the east bay, there are
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staging productions. >> people are showing up and thanking us for keeping our doors open. they are looking at the news and not quite ready. they have more or less the same number of people that are acting out kumasi: theatergoers will have to comply with various rules including wearing a high-quality masks and being vaccinated. not even bottled water will be allowed inside to keep people masks. boosters will be required by february 1. reggie: a software issue affecting covid testing has been resolved. the company says its patient registration and sample collection were affected. some people had been waiting on
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testing sites on monday and were sent home. some of the people were given at-home test kits. they say they successfully collected a high volume of samples in california and other states. kumasi: governor newsom is scheduled to highlight his proposal. later, the heading to los angeles to discuss the $2.7 billion covid-19 emergency response package he announced on monday. you can watch the governor's speech around 8:45 p.m. and we will be streaming it on mike: a live look from the tower camera right now. clear breeze overhead. it will be on the moderate side across the region, so we will have that haze in the atmosphere.
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the storm track we have been talking about for the last week well to the north. there are storms in the pacific, just moving well north of california. high-pressure control needs another mild day with a lot of sunshine. enjoy the mild temperatures while we have them. 56 in santa rosa. and later on with sunshine warming a set pretty quickly, we are back into the 60's in most cities. as across the bay area today, 62 in the city with sunshine hitting 63 in santa rosa. near 70. 64 at half moon bay. a lot of sunshine across northern california and we will have some high clouds streaming into the afternoon and still warm in l.a.. in tahoe, it is dry for sunshine with 50 later on this afternoon.
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how are we doing this morning? jobina: i'm just finishing up this map because we have an interesting situation in the south bay with the chp reporting roadway flooding. that's in the san jose area that has been upgraded. this is southbound 282. the transition has been impacted and also the offramp is closed. it's not clear where the water is coming from so we will see if we get more information on that for you. everywhere else is looking good. a life picture here showing off 680. same thing goes here at the golden gate bridge which we expect this time of the morning. reggie: new developments in the trial of elizabeth holmes. what prosecutors are saying about some of the charges she faces. kumasi: growing tension overseas. hoping to de-escalate the situation at the ukrainian
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reggie: in the east bay, the effort to curb violence in oakland. the city council will ban anyone from buying, selling, making, or possessing the parts to build a ghost gun. as her guns built from parts purchased online and are not traceable. the percentage of ghost guns seized by local law enforcement has jumped since 2019. kumasi: less than 20 months until the midterm elections -- less than two months until the midterm elections. >> passed the freedom to vote act. pass it now. kumasi: the president challenged senators to stand against voter suppression and urged them to change senate filibuster rules. georgia is one of 19 states that
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have passed new restrictive voting laws. >> senior nato and russiin tensn ukrainian border. yesterday, the military live fire drills. the u.s. and nato are pushing the kremlin to de-escalate the situation. monday, the but no progress was made. >> april luminary hearing in the wrongful death death by greens mother. if they don't reach a settlement, trial is set to start on the 31st of january. prosecutors say that they are willing to waive the three charges the jury deadlocked on.
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elizabeth holmes is the founder of a blood testing company. she was found guilty on four counts earlier this month that prosecutors outlined their plan in a court filing. a judge still has to sign off. both sides would like to see her sentenced in september after the trial of her former boyfriend. reggie: if you see a black clad on the south bay, it could be hundreds of crows bombarding re oppings, t b out ity's loch and roversial solion. it's like a scene straight out of the movie. residents referring to this large group of crows also called a murder scene here making a
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best. >> it is fascinating at some level, but i'm not really a big fan of them, to be honest. they tend to congregate in very large numbers. >> it is that ruckus, the noise, and the mess coating the sidewalks forcing leaders to find a different way to keep downtown-free. >> we have tried falcons, reflectors in the trees, and nothing seems to help. >> $20 green lasers to annoy the birds. >> it is better than spending hundreds of dollars to spray wash the sidewalks every few weeks or spray wash murphy avenue. reporter: the downtown association is providing lasers for downtown historic murphy avenue.
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>> real close. i know if you that have. >> but it'no to the audubon society. this a lasers pose a threat of city leaders hope to launch ther pilot program hoping it is enough to keep the crows from coming back. i'm amanda douglas, wbal tv 11 news. reggie: you were the victim of one? justhey said it was good luck. kumasi: i was minding my business enjoying a nice sandwich and i had my purse open. i thought, what is this on my purse and i touched it. and then i was like -- reggie: you got that good luck. what a blessing. drew: highly blessed and highly
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favored. kumasi: highly. reggie: start carrying the lasers around. i will be curious to see if it works. drew: they will move on. if you want the rain to wash off any -- you will not get it. a little bit of fog out there. down to a mile and we have been dealing with fog for several mornings in this area. a little bit of fog in the east bay. all in terms of visibility. the microc37 in santa rosa and f moon bay. he will need that jacket first thing. the rain gear you don't need today. this afternoon, total sunshine
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and another mild day. we can't change it, so might as well enjoy it. overnight tonight, basically all in the 40's and a little warm cloud cover out there. 43 overnight in napa. it lets look at the rainfall. the storm track is well north so much of california remains dry. even the storm prediction center from the 19 to the 25 puts a big bull's-eye of dry weather over much of california. warm today, slightly cooler thursday and friday, but the holiday weekend still looking beautiful. kumasi: coming coming coming cog things to know this morning. reggie: a miracle survival. how a pilot saved an infant and crewmembers as his chopper went down. kumasi: and a change coming to
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us, herere youw is mni residents in sonoma are asked to stay home for 30 days in an effort to stop the spread of omicron. outdoor gatherings are limited to 100 people and 50 people for indoor gatherings. reggie: governor newsom has signed an executive order to keep schools open and the federal government is trying to make that happen. the white house is promising 10 million covid-19 tests a month. kumasi: the cdc says omicron makes up 98% of all new covid cases. the numbers have surged sixfold in just a month. governors have issued emergency declarations. reggie: an antitrust lawsuit could break up facebook's parent company will move forward. the government says metta is an illegal monopoly and could make them break off facebook and whatsapp into new companies. th60'ss theegn.
5:24 am
kuma a serin sajo. some roadway flooding is shutting down lines in the area. the offramp is shut down on southbound 280. kumasi: america are cutting overdraft fees. wells fargo is getting fargo isf them all together later this month. reggie: an infant and three crew member survived a medical helicopter crash into a pennsylvania neighborhood. >> in this morning's look, miracle survival story. >> the nose was -- the noise was so loud i thought it was a bomb. >> narrowly missing a church and the hero pilot pulling off the seemingly impossible. >> the pilot is possibly unconscious.
5:25 am
>> an infant and three crew members pulled from the wreckage with no life-threatening injuries. the medical flight carrying that two-montold aocal children's hospital. witnesses say the helicopter appeared to be in distress and flying low before hitting the ground and toppling on its side. the pilot managing to navigate power lines buildings, crash landing the helicopter safety -- safely without hurting anyone on the ground. we will be live at the scene coming up at 7:00 a.m.. >> disney plus i h to a lot of marvel content. charting today, you can add the internals to that list. the superhero movie debuted in theaters back in december. the cthe c jolie, salma hayek, and more. his the parent company of marvel and abc 7.
5:26 am
for the first time in three years, the oscars has a host. reggie: we will wait to see who it is. jimmy kimmel hosted the last one in 2018. kevin hart dropped out in 2019 as controversial old tweets resurfaced. the show went on without a host that all changes this year. they announced there will be a host but did not mention any names. abc 7 is the only place you cheo watch the oscars on march 27. universal health care plan. how the governor hopes to get all of californians medical care. the state's budget proposal including a big investment in pa artrea could benefit from projects. kumasi: i live look outside right now. we will be right back.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: the fight to keep in person learning, the state dealing with short-term staffing at schools. kumasi: incredibly troubling is what a san francisco leader is calling unauthorized covid testing sites popping up over the bay area. the investigation the i team is uncovering. reggie: some claim the tests are
5:30 am
not being distributed evenly. kumasi: and open restaurants shuttering for good. reggie: good morning on this wednesday, january 12. we are on hulu live wherever you stream. drew: we are in for another warm winter day. and you can see an issue in santa rosa. dense fog in parts of sonoma county. rockport, we are doing ok. we have a mixed bag of temperatures, 30's and 40's in the north bay. a chill in the air this morning and much warmer later on this afternoon. a live look from our tower camera showing you that it is quiet out there. we will have clear skies visible across the region and for the day ahead. here is your day planner. starting on the 40's and 50's,
5:31 am
that sunshine really effective again. it is another warm winter day up there with temperatures in the low to mid 60's. reggie: keeping students in classrooms as schools are scrambling for resources. an executive order could help. reporter: the g the g the g theg white house promising to do it they can to keep schools open with the white house this morning promising to send out 10 million covid tests a month to schools to help them out. and they governor just released an executive order to do what he can to keep schools open. this order will help cut some of the red tape administrators have to deal with when hiring substitute teachers or bringing back retired teachers to help with the staff shortages. the process can be laborious and
5:32 am
challenging so he has issued this order to ease that and make it more flexible. the bay area districts say it has been challenging during this overcrowding surge -- during this omicron surge. >> we have students and staff out on a daily basis. at least 10 staff members but people are picking up the pieces. i saw one of our retired teachers from a couple years ago today. reporter: as her reaction this new order, the superintendent called it fantastic saying it will allow retirees to sub longer and it gives flexibility getting people into jobs quicker. the governor says he's committed to keeping schools open and he will leave this order in place until march 31. kumasi: they have been dealing with staff shortages this week.
5:33 am
employees cordoning with one another to call in sick. together, -- -- -- one another to call in sick together will not taller -- be tolerated. this action happened yesterday. we reached out to the teachers union but they are not aware of it. -- but they have not responded. reggie: distance-learning started monday and is scheduled to last for two weeks. the school says 20% of students were absent on friday. that is an unprecedented number. other schools schools schools ss transportation employees. kumasi: an omicron vaccine by march. if there chinese city's under lockdown now because of omicron.
5:34 am
cities were now confined to their homes. people in los angeles county are being encouraged to lock down. this recommendation is voluntary. it is now designated as it level for country. right now, there there there the 80 countries considered to be level for including much of europe. reggie: u.s. being pushed to the brink. the cdc tallied a record over the weekend. there is good news. jobina: despite the record number of hospitalizations, this latest surge proves that vaccines and boosters work.
5:35 am
since omicron started, they say they have not treated a single boosted person in the hospital. he also said people should feel encouraged by a study done in california published in the new york times this morning that found of 70,000 cases, no one was on a ventilator. what you need to know if you catch the omicron variant. >> those are your most contagious days. it is really critical you isolate during that time. if you are negative, i think you're are good to go. if you can't get a test, it's essential that people wear masks around others. >> he also said the cdc may issue new mask guidance and you
5:36 am
can see his full interview coming up at 7:00. what's most important is to choose a mask you can wear comfortably all day long. >> hour i team has been digging into unauthorized test sites. we have learned the san francisco city attorney's office is investigating community wellness america. city employees raised concerns about the companies's pop-up testing sites in places like golden gate park and dolores park. private companies have to get a special license that ensures proper standards. >> these operations were not able to produce the valid up-to-date licenses they require under federal law. that is troubling. reggie: community wellness
5:37 am
american was flagged and shut down in august because they were operating without a valid permit. the i team reached out to the company for comment but we have not heard back. kumasi: with more people testing themselves at home, some people are swabbing their throats. the cdc says don't do that. they are looking at data from people's cheeks and saliva but for now, most doctors do agree there is not enough evidence to show that swabbing the throat is a good idea. it could actually be dangerous to use a covid test in a way that wasn't intended. >> do not take a test designed for a nasal swab and use it in your throat. >> it may detect the variant earlier but tests have not been approved to be used that way.
5:38 am
according to a google engineer, not everybody has the same access. the chronicle spoke with that engineer who describes access as an equal including thousands of contractors and temporary workers. a google spokesperson says the company has free at home and in person testing options available to employees. if you want to stay up-to-date, get more information on our website. reggie: it's the end of an era in oakland as the brown sugar kitchen closes for good. the pandemic is partly to blame. the owner and chef noted crime is a factor. they planned to reopen this week but she says she and her
5:39 am
investor realized they were throwing good money after bad. kumasi: chain. recent improvements for saving the holidays. reggie: the winter games getting a lot of attention for how food is served to the media. we will show you how dishes are delivered. but first, a check of the weather. drew: delivering you some sunshine again on this wednesday. outside right now, a live look at the rooftop camera. just a light breeze out there and clear skies overhead. the air quality up ahead with moderate air quality over the next 48 hours. high-pressure keeping is dry and mild. there will north of us.
5:40 am
future weather later on today and we are in the 50's to low 60's. later on today, we will have temperatures going back into the 60's. today is equally as mild. 63 in napa and santa rosn na if you can, santa cruz is closee to 70 degrees later on this afternoon. mostly tahoe feeling nice at 50 degrees. it won't br won't br won't br southern california, just a mixture of sun and clouds. it looks like this dry pattern will even go with a holiday weekend. let's get a check of the roads.
5:41 am
so far, so good. we will start with a live look. you know which way all the cars are going and no blocking issues to report. a live look in san jose. i guess it's not an issue that we didn't hold onto too long. ted. the 87 transition ramp. the offramp has been shut down as well. it looks like this should reopen by 8:00 a.m.
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reggie: california legislators are hoping that they will push
5:44 am
their own health care bill forward. governor newsom's proposal would expand medi-cal to although income californians regardless of age and immigration status. lawmakers are debating a separate bill that would go even further. it is a state-funded single-payer plan called cal care. the governor and support a single player but it is unclear he's backing this effort. >> single payer is not a platitude. you have to be in the how business. reggie: it would be paid for by taxes. the bill hasn't passed the us and lead by the end of this month in order to advance new legislation this year. kumasi: forcing the red cross declare the first-ever national blood crisis. it is down to a one day supply. the nonprofit has seen a 10% donation decline and a 62% cut
5:45 am
in blood drives that schools and colleges. >> the red cross is looking to train those that will be paid and also looking for volunteers to help staff blood donation drives and blood centers. kumasi: every two seconds, someone in the u.s. needs blood. anyone who donates this month is entered into a drawing for two tickets and a trip to the super bowl in los angeles. reggie: a moving tribute in congress for john madden. congressman was a truly authentic man and devoted fixture. >> john madden was simultaneously a larger-than-life hall of fame coach and broadcaster.
5:46 am
someone you can hang out with and have a cold miller lite at the outback steakhouse in dublin after his grandsons football game, bump into at ace hardware looking at power tools, or join for ham and eggs after mass on a sunday morning. chain thatrie los angeles are starting to look a bit better. elected officials. christmas wasn't canceled is that ports like long beach moved record levels of goods with an
5:47 am
all-time record high. kumasi: million grant to the port of long beach receiving the holidays. reggie: the budget proposal includes investing $2.3 billion to the state courts. in oakland, l.a., and long beach. the plan allows 875 million for zero emission vehicles and infrastructure. crw of goods.the 2022 winter oln beijing is just a little more than three weeks away. covid is forcing some high-tech changes behind the scenes. kumasi: robots are delivering food by lowering it from the ceiling.
5:48 am
compared to the games in tokyo, the winter olympics are going to have stricter protocols for visiting media. everyone has to quarantine for three weeks. if you leave the bubble, you cannot come back. spectators will be allowed to attend the events. you ok with that robot. reggie: i don't understand the point of this. kumasi: to minimize contact. drew: at mcdonald's they have something similar. reggie: are you telling me the big mac flies down from the ceiling? drew: it's in a bag and it comes to the kitchen down. reggie: to where? drew: to the front and someone hands it to you. kumasi: i have seen that. reggie: do i live in the past? i think this desk might be 10
5:49 am
years ago. drew: i think it's one of those things that's good for now but i don't think it will last. do you know what i mean? reggie: there's something that seems inefficient about that process. kumasi: i see the point of this robot because you are not close to a person. drew: it must be efficiency somehow. it might've sped it up by two seconds. kumasi: it's cooler than the treadmill at mcdonald's. never seen a treadmill at mcdonald's. that's the last place i thought there would be a treadmill. let's talk about what's happening today. if you want to go for a run, you have problems. this morning on the cool side. pressing into sonoma county, the typical trouble spot in the wintertime. it is hard to mix out the low clouds in the morning. it lifts about 9 a.m. this morning.
5:50 am
30's and 40's in the north bay. low 40's and linda and 40's to low 50 around the bay shoreline. hour-by-hour we go, by 2:30 p.m. nothing but sunshine. i know it is january, but it's not a bad day if you want to go to the coach -- coast. the uv index is moderate and the temperature right now at 53 degrees. certainly chilly. the highs today back in the 60's for a third day. 63 in oakland, 62 in the city. overnight tonight, we are dropping to the low to mid 40's as we get you into thursday. the rainfall potential has a storm track north of california staying in the pacific. the climate prediction center has it going even further into the future and much of january looks to be dry with dry weather over california.
5:51 am
a little cooler thursday and friday and the holiday weekend. a lot of sunshine will stay in the 50's and 60's. reggie: jamie lynn spears speaking up with her side of the story. kumasi: delivered straight to your door. reggie: ww's all new personalpoints program is made just for you. you take an assessment, enter your goals, the foods you love and ww builds a plan just for you. i lost 26 pounds and i feel incredible. no two people are alike so no two plans are alike. with ww, i lost 30lbs.
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tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain, and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you're nursing, pregnant or plan to be. every day matters. and i want more of them. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. reggie: a big update for roku that features a live channel guide with 200 free channels from news to sports to kids and family content.
5:54 am
there's also information about services like youtube tv, hulu, and other apps. kumasi: the new york the best place to visit. locations make the cut. even after the devastating wildfires in 2020. reggie: a special milestone for oreos. the famous cookie is turning 10 this year. cake. it features sprinkles and two layer's a filling, the usual
5:55 am
cream flavor, and chocolate cake cream. this is the first time they are using sprinkles in and on top of the cookie. that is a very specific change. just give me a regular oreo. i remember remember remember rem those are pretty good. i always go back to the og. i don't even need the double stuff. kumasi: that's a lot. reggie: i to constantly change the game but i like the classic. a little bit of milk. the current omicron surges concerning for the upcoming girl scout cookie sales. kumasi: they will be selling the cookies online and in person and they are turning to doordash so you can get your cookies delivered.
5:56 am
they will be straight to your door and all you have to do is go to doordash and search girl scouts to see if there is delivery available in your area. i'm gonna get messed up with that. i like the samoa's. reggie: those are really good. they actually taste like your seven layer bark. drew: coconut. i like thin mints in the freezer. i a a a a yesterday. they are delicious they know what they are doing. 2.5 miles in concord and we are doing ok. it just a few spots of fog this morning. a live look for the east hills camera. later on today, tons of sunshine and if you like the warm pattern, today is equally as mild. by the afternoon in the low to mid 60's.
5:57 am
kumasi: in the world, showing off the future of innovation and we go on a trip to dubai. reggie: plus the booster shot in the bay area starting today. kumasi: and the show must go on despite high covid case numbers. ♪ windows open, i'm yelling unity ♪ ♪ side by side with my community ♪ ♪ celebrate, let's have a jubilee ♪ ♪ they've been there for us ♪ ♪ let's be there for them ♪ after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle,
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: breaking news, lockdown starting now in sonoma county. what you can and cannot do with new covid restrictions. the rest of the bay area has an answer if they are. adding back mandates. >> i subbed the entire third grade. a school social worker covered the entire first grade. we are exhausted. kumasi: tired teachers telling stories of exhaustion with sick outs and staffing troubles, straining bay area schools. reinforcements are on the way. reggie: good morning to everyone except for these crows. neighbors say they are being invaded by this like cloud of swarms. now they will do something about it. i did not see the solution coming. good morning, you're watching abc7 mornings on hulu live and wherever you stream.
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