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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 12, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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♪ right now on "america this morning." fauci firestorm, face of the pandemic fight takes on republicans and is heard on hot mic calling one u.s. senator a moron. the argument that prompted that response. from two day waits to get into hospitals to 5 day waits for testing. surge is straining the health care system. american airlines, man rushing into the cockpit. >> fatal shooting of black man by off-duty sheriff's deputy, one woman tells a different story. >> breaking overnight, tennis
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star novak djokovic comes clean about what he did. man accused of setting a florida landmark on fire. can a rat be called a hero? this one is, what he did to earn that title. >> announcer: from abc news in new york, this is "america this morning." >> good wednesday morning. >> mona is off today. we want to begin with the fireworks on capitol hill as the nation struggles with the current covid infections. >> dr. anthony fauci's hot mic moment is only adding to tension. hospitals are sounding alarm. >> situation so concerning, sonoma county, california, is banning large gatherings, urging people to stay home.
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>> faith has the latest on the hearing. >> good morning, got testy at times. dr. anthony fauci even heard calling a senator a moron. tense exchanges between dr. anthony fauci and republicans on capitol hill, fuelling more divisions as the government struggles to respond to the covid surge. >> you're so misinformed, it's extraordinary. >> reporter: a hot mic caught dr. anthony fauci calling roger marshall a moron after he questioned about him financial disclosures, already public information. >> there's an air of appearance that maybe shen anigans are goig on. >> what are you talking about? my financial disclosures are public knowledge and have been so. you are getting amazingly wrong information. >> our office can't find them. where would they be if -- -- ---
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>> it's accessible to you. >> to the public? >> to the public. >> reporter: then the hot mic moment. >> what a moron, jesus christ. >> reporter: also taking on rand paul saying his repeated attacks are putting his life at risk. >> what happens when he gets out and accuses me of things completely untrue, that kindles the crazies out there. >> reporter: fauci revealing one recent threat, california man arrested in traffic stop in iowa. >> police asked him where he was going. he was going to washington, d.c., to kill dr. fauci, and they found in his car an ar-15 and multiple magazines of ammunition. because he thinks that maybe i'm killing people. so i ask myself, why would senator want to do this? so go to rand paul website and you see fire dr. fauci with a
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box that says contribute here. $5, $10, $20, $100. so you are making a catastrophic epidemic for your political gain. >> reporter: senator paul accused fauci of orchestrating a smear campaign against scientists that disagree with him. >> wasn't the only time. your desire to take down people -- >> you're absolutely incorrect as usual, almost everything you say. >> you deny but emails tell the truth of this. >> no. >> reporter: after the dust settled, acting head of the fda delivered a somber message, warning most people will get covid. >> it's hard to process what is actually happening right now, which is most people are going to get covid. >> reporter: severe infections among unvaccinated patients are straining the health care system, one los angeles hospital in disaster mode. this hospital near minneapolis, had to wait two days to be
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admitted after coming to emergency room with chest pains. >> hard to get in, very nervous, stressed out of my mind. got kids at home. it's scary. >> reporter: and guys, this morning there is some good news. omicron may have peaked in new york city, cases dropped 17% since january 1st. >> thank you. new study on kids and covid. children infected are 2 1/2 times more likely to develop diabetes than kids not infected. quebec, canada, will be issuing fines to people unvaccinated to benefit the health care system. will also need to be vaccinated to buy alcohol at government-run stores. american airlines jet scheduled to fly from honduras to miami. police say a man stormed into the plane, into the cockpit and damaged controls before trying
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to jump out of the cockpit window. unverified images online show him trying to jump. passengers were later flown to miami. >> reviewing a ground stop around the time that north korea claims it fired hypersonic missile, which the white house says didn't pose a immediate threat to americans. order left pilots and air traffic controllers confused. faa did not mention the launch, just said it was a precaution. fbi is now investigating the shooting of a black man in north carolina at hands of off-duty sheriff's deputy, he claims the man attacked his truck but questions are being raised. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> reporter: protesters gathered in fayetteville, north carolina, in wake of the deadly shooting of jason walker.
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>> he's gone, ma'am. >> reporter: shot by hash, who said walker jumped on his truck, pulled off windshield wiper. >> i was driving down the road, he came across bingham drive running, he jumped on the car, screaming, broke my windshield, had wife and daughter with me. >> reporter: say hash, with a clean record, shot walker, pronounced dead at scene. but trauma nurse says she witnessed the incident and tried to treat the injuries, claims he's not telling the truth. >> i saw him brake and completely stop, then kept going, then as we were approaching, i saw him hit jason, he hit him and he went forward. then his body was slammed onto the windshield.
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>> reporter: police say investigato investigators examined the black box computer. didn't hit anything. >> no witnesses claim that anyone was hit by the truck. >> reporter: walker's family don't believe the police report. deputy hash is on administrative leave pending investigation. >> police are asking for more witnesses to come forward. they've retained ben crump. senate set to vote on voting rights. president calling on changes to filibuster rule to pass them without support of the republicans. but senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are still opposed to the idea. >> i'm tired of being quiet!
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>> stacey abrams was absent from the event, blames a scheduling conflict. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell vows to retaliate if they change the filibuster. fire in new york city that left 17 dead, lawsuit claims negligence on the part of the landlords, accusing them of failing to make sure the doors of each apartment were self-closing to prevent smoke from spreading. government is allowing antitrust lawsuit to move forward. claims the company is monopoly that harms competition. expected to take years to play out. time for look at wednesday weather. >> good morning, after the coldest day of the season on tuesday in the northeast, that cold air will linger into wednesday morning, check out wake-up temperatures, 17 in new york city, single digits in new
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england, but a nice warm-up on the way. much milder air spreads through the great lakes and northeast tuesday, above freezing most areas. coastal storm could cause snow up the i-95 and alter your plans. accuweather meteorologist kevin costrin. coming up, two big banks make a big decision about fees they charge. first medical helicopter with infant inside crashes into this neighborhood. hear from the woman who helped save the baby. tragic death of youth hockey
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back now with new video of the moments before a helicopter crashinged near philadelphia.
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you can see it flying low but the pilot was able to make what's being described as a miracle crash landing near a church and inside that chopper, an infant girl. this morning, new video showing the moment everyone on board this helicopter miraculously survived a crash in pennsylvania. the pilot was able to navigate a web of power lines, homes and buildings eventually going down on the steps of a church in suburban philadelphia. the four people on board all escaped without any life-threatening injuries including a 2-month-old patient seen here being carried from the wreckage. >> they were like, her here, take this to my lyft driver and it was a baby. >> reporter: emma gray ran toward the wreckage to help after hearing the crash. we look over to the church and there was -- there was a helicopter, part of it was on fire, it was spewing jet fuel. >> reporter: it's unclear why the helicopter went down. witnesses say it appeared the pilot was looking for a place
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land flying low in distress before hitting the ground. >> noise was so loud, different from anyone i've ever heard i thought it was a bomb. i really did. >> reporter: this morning authorities are praising the pilot for avoiding what could have been a catastrophic crash. >> it's an absolute miracle what you see behind me, there's no debris, no wires down, no tree. how that pilot was able to get this plane -- the helicopter down the way he did. >> the 2-month-old girl was a patient flying to a local hospital from maryland and the cause is under investigation. a neo-nazi leader sentenced to seven years in prison to a multistate terror plot, caleb cole convicted of sending threatening posters to journalists and jewish activists in washington and two other states. bank of america and wells fargo are the latest banks to slash their fees after pressure from congress. bank of america will soon charge $10 instead of $35 for overdrafts and both banks plan to eliminate fees for bounced checks. coming up, tennis star novak djokovic comes clean about his
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tennis star djokovic admits he did not isolate after testing positive for covid last month, comes as he waits for australian official to decide if he can stay for the open. he went on a photo shoot with french media outlet despite knowing he was positive. saying it was error of judgment and i accept i should have rescheduled and wasn't correct before he traveled to australia, calling it administrative mistake. immigration could kick him out of the country for not being truthful on that form. tragic death of a youth hockey player is raising new questions about safety. some of his teammates demanding change. abc news. a new push to protect hockey players after tragic death of teenager.
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guards like these selling out after he fell in junior varsity game and player from opposing team unable to stop in time, slashing teddy's neck with his skate. now his friend has started petition for usa hockey to require protection. >> not saying neck guard would have saved his life but seems like could have been avoidable accident. >> reporter: some leagues arrow neck guards, some just suggest they wear them. >> my 9-year-old started wearing it this weekend, fighting me but yeah, started wearing it. >> reporter: these injuries are extremely rare but coaches welcome the safety precautions. >> if they're not comfortable, how can we redesign them to be more likely worn? >> reporter: as teddy's team mourns his loss, they're paying
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tribute to their friend. >> all kids -- play hockey. >> reporter: and players are now leaving equipment outside as #sticksoutforteddy gains momentum. more than 58,000 people have signed the petition to require the neck laceration protection. network launched by chip and joanna gaines pulled because of shoddy construction. one couple says their project never even got started. merediths called the complaints half truths. unexpected song hitting number one. first the man accused of vandalizing
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time to check the pulse. begin with karma catching up with the suspect accused of vandalizing a landmark in key west. >> police released a video of man setting fire to christmas tree and damaging the buoy that marks southern most point in the country. asked for help finding him. >> bart endender helped the pol find him. he drank in the bar, didn't leave a tip. >> you would remember that. award winning bomb detector remembered. >> national hero in cambodia, just a rat, uncovered more than
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100 land mines and after the co civil war. food service at olympics going high tech. >> journalists in beijing getting grub from the robots. meals descend from the ceiling, serve 600 at once, food also prepared electronically. robot revolution keeps coming. pope francis. >> as cardinal told owners of record store in rome he would return as pope. promise kept. owner gave him a classical music album. the unexpected hit topping music charts. >> this song now number one on spotify. ♪ ♪ we don't talk about bruno, no, no, no ♪ ♪ we don't talk about bruno ♪ >> surprise hit "we don't talk >> surprise hit "we don't talk about bruno" from "encanto""enco
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area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc seven news. now at five. the push to
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keep schools open the governor newsom's executive order and the plan from the white house to keep students in the classroom safely. in the south bay city mandating booster shots to go to some large events where you'll need to show your proof starting today. and this is the first day of the new rules in one north bay county. some gatherings now banned for at least one month. when the sun starts going down, they come around. crow concerns hundreds of them swarming this south bay city and the mayor has a controversial solution to try to get rid of them. they're also plaguing city streets. morning everybody. it's wednesday, january, 12, you're watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven who live and wherever you drink , come on, drew. give me some more of that spring like weather. here we go guys growing again today for the third day in a row that sunshine's back in those mild temperatures that warm winter pattern we're stuck in it. so enjoy it if you like, yesterday and monday because it's not changing all that much right now


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