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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 11, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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dan: where's alfred hitchcock (sound of rain) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ every home should be a haven. ikea.
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dan: in several minutes, sonoma county implementing new restrictions that could impact businesses. here why some say they shouldn't have to be going through something like this again. reporter: across the state, thousands of students and can -- educators out with communicative diseases. the governor signing in order to keep school going. reporter: city leaders have -- sandhya: more like spring today than winter. elena how long it will last coming up. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: in covered restrictions go into affect in sonoma county. they are limiting credit defense and residents are being asked to stay home for 30 days.
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in effort to stop the rapid spread of omicron. ama: abc 7 news reported was in sonoma tonight and explains even for businesses allowed to stay open, this could impact their bottom line. reporter: it's almost like march 2020 all over again. on wednesday, sonoma county residents will be asked to stay home for 30 days unless going to essential places. right now they are the only bay area county to issue a help order this severe. >> if you are sick, don't go out. i don't like the idea that restrictions keep coming and going. reporter: under the new order, the shelter-in-place for residents is voluntary. outdoor gatherings have to be capped at 100 people and 50 for indoor gatherings. >> this is about politics, not science. reporter: the owner of sonoma fit says the last two years have
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been the worst for his business. he can't believe he and his staff have to go through another set of restrictions. he says january is his busiest month because people are trying to keep their new year's resolutions. >> generally the month itself is hugely huge. we are being completely robbed a second time. reporter: sonoma county issued order as covid cases reached record levels. kovach says his jim has implemented restrictions. everyone is wearing masks. >> it is caused by social gatherings. clearly it is not the businesses. reporter: shopping malls, restaurants and office buildings are exempt from the indoor gathering rules. dan: you will need a booster shot to attend an event at san jose at's sap center. city council approved a mandate
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that requires people provide proof they had a booster shot in order to attend events. city staff tells us a goes into effect immediately. the new rule also applies to staff at these venues and require city employees to get a booster if eligible. ama: on with the economy. abc 7 is focused on education. districts across the region are struggling with how to stay open as covid impacts staff and students. impassioned pleas tonight from san francisco teachers, who express their frustrations to the school district as they navigate educating during covet. >> subbed and covered the entire third grade. a school social worker covered the entire first grade. we are exhausted. >> what we are finding from the district office is an utter lack of care for our work and what we need. >> the last. i subbed and had two students out of 13.
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students are not safe in schools. ama: teachers express their frustrations during tonight's board of education meeting. they asked for adequate contact tracing and testing in schools. city officials that they are providing more support to the district including more masks for students, can 95's for staff and rapid testing for educators. dan: west contra costa superintendent says have been dealing with shortages. employees coordinating with one another to call in sick together is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. this type of action is not helpful and exacerbates our current issues. he says this action happened at one middle school and grant elementary school today. we reached out to the teachers union to see if they were aware of today's event. we have not heard back buried ama: in oakland,
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learning began monday as scheduled for two weeks. approximately between percent of students were absent last friday. bishop of dead -- bishop oh hayward unified is doing remote learning this week. governor newsom signed executive order to keep schools open for in-person learning. j.r. stone explains part of the pump -- plan is reliant on retired teachers one to come back buried reporter: california governor add-in -- addressing the pressing issue. that of school absences. in announced executive order to deal with short-term staffing at schools across the state. >> top priority for us. to keep these schools open. reporter: konta county -- contra costa county superintendent touch about the order. >> this will allow us to extend
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the amount time people can stay in the classroom. it will allow some flexibility in getting people. it will allow for retirees to be able to sub longer. that's fantastic. reporter: with hundreds of teachers and instructors out with covid related absences, hayward unified has opted to go against state and county guidance by moving to distance learning. oakland school for the arts closed for a week due to staffing problems. san mateo union high school district has an ad in a paper for substitute teachers to earn up to $375 per day. they believe everything should be done to keep kids in school. >> we are not seeing -- it is not less safe to be in school. when they are in school, the follow-up masking rules. they are tested if they have contact. they are quarantined as needed. reporter: in a san mateo foster say school district it is all hands on deck.
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>> we had 200 plus students and staff out. on a daily basis. at least 10 staff members. people are picking up the pieces. i saw one of our retired teachers from a couple of years ago today. it was nice to see that. a softw a softw a softw a softa affected covid-19 testing in several bay area counties has been resolved. the company says its patient registration and sample collection were affected by this. some people who would been waiting at testing sites on monday were sent home. in san francisco, some of those people were given at home test kits. color says despite the issues, it successfully collected a high number of samples. ria -- ri team has been looking into unauthorized covid-19 test sites popping up across the bay area. the san francisco attorney
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office -- is investigating. i team reporter is digging into the company's history. reporter: at first glance, this pop-up covid testing site outside the 16th street bart station looks convenient. >> we are doing covid-19 testing. the pcr ones. reporter: meet the man in charge. he calls himself joseph noble. >> are you with an organization? >> we work with crestview clinical laboratories. but we are a subcontracted out. reporter: the i team tried verifying that, but crestview clinical labs denied noble's affiliation and redness saying he misrepresented himself. bart denied the site was allowed to be on their property. that wasn't the only issue that raised eyebrows. in order to get tested, people needed to fill out a form
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requiring aim, address, phone number, birthday and email dress. jamie court is the president of consumer watchdog. he says many of these alleged contractors, even required people to give up their social security numbers to get a covid test. >> a lot of the so-called contractors don't even have labs they work with. they will take a specimen, what they are after is your private information. reporter: this problem is happening all over the country and right here in the bay area. >> what is your office doing to prioritize cracking down on these illegal sites. >> we have investigators looking into this as we speak. reporter: this mission test site has ties to another company, community wellness america, currently being investigated by the city attorney's office. complaints raised concerns about the company's testing sites across the city including will get part in dolores park.
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>> we received reports of individuals operating on behalf of community wellness america offering covid test some public property. reporter: they're required to have what is called a clio license through the centers for medicaid and medicare services. it ensures proper protocols are met. >> these were not able to produce the valid up-to-date licenses required under federal law. that is troubling. reporter: community wellness america test sites were previously flagged by marin county health officials in august for operating without a valid permit. the i team first reached out to the company last friday for comment but have lit yet to hear back. keep your eyes out for these pop-up sites. but don't bother if they are asking for your social. ama: in other covidher covidhere pfizer says it expects to have
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an omicron vaccine by march. they say the vaccine will be effective against the other variant's. a third chinese city under lockdown. after two omicron cases ported. 20 million people in three cities in china are confined to their homes. people in los angeles county are urged to avoid nonessential gatherings over the next few weeks where people are unmasked in close contact. recommendation is voluntary. if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest covid headlines, we have more information on our website. a medical helicopter falls from the sky. what happened next, the first responders are calling a miracle. >> like a scene out of a movie, hundreds of birds causing -- pros causing issues in south bay. dan: a beloved oakland restaurant closing its doors.
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how the owner of brown sugar kitchen is explaining that decision. sandhya: tracking winter warmth for this week. your temperatures coming up. ama: what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel alive. >> this one goes out to all the players. >> my moms look happy on look a -- on vacation. they know th
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dan: they're calling it a miracle in a suburban pennsylvania township. medical helicopter carrying an infant patient crashed it came down near church in drexel hill. authorities take three crewmembers able to get out of the wreck.
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no one suffered life-threatening injuries. the infant was taken to children's hospital. the cause of the crash is under investigation. ama: a live look at sfo. one of the airports dealing with flight cancellations due to airline staffing shortages blamed on covid. united airline ceo said in a memo today that around 3000 united employees are currently positive for covid. he added united has had eight straight weeks with no covid related deaths among vaccinated employees. before that, more than one united employee was dying from covid every week on average. the airlines vaccine mandate took effect in september. dan: new developments and that there knows trial. -- she is of elizabeth holmes. she was found guilty on four counts earlier this month. prosecutors outlined a plan.
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a job -- a judge sauce to sign off on it. both sides say they would like homes to be sentenced in september after the trial of therano's former president. if you see a cloud in the black bay it could be the thousands of crows. our reporter explains low-tech but controversial solution. reporter: it is like a scene straight out of the movie. >> when the sun starts going down, they go around -- come around. reporter: residents referring to this group of crows, called murder, making a return to sunnyvale. >> a.c.l. these dots up in the sky. it is nature at this -- express. >> it is fascinating at some level. i'm not a big fan of them, to be honest. they congregate in large numbers
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and make a ruckus. reporter: it is that ruckus, the noise, and the mess coding sidewalks and outside city -- sitting areas forcing say leaders to find another way to make downtown pro free. reporter: mayor says now that the say is trying to in expects a -- inexpensive tech. >> it is better than spending hundreds of dollars to spray wash the sidewalks every few weeks or murphy avenue because of that health risk. reporter: the mayor says the downtown association is providing lasers to restaurants along murphy avenue. on tuesday, we saw clear signs and heard stories about bird droppings falling on dinner. >> will close. i know few people who have. reporter: it is no nothing mattered to the santa clara audubon society. lasers want -- pose a threat ofo
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blindness to the birds which we cannot condone. hoping it is enough to keep theu crows from coming back. dan: for droppings on the sidewalk are one thing. on your dinner plate? we have some of those in our neighborhood. they are huge. ama: they are. in norma's and loud. -- enormous and loud. sandhya: let's talk about the weather. from roof camera to golden gate to emeryville. all looking fantastic as we check out how we are doing in terms of the rainy season. oakland at 189% of average. still above and san jose. 129 percent. san francisco, 170 percent. santa rosa, 150 1%. our snowpack is still ahead of
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where was earlier this year at 130%. we don't have any rain in the forecast. a midwinter dry spell underway as high pressure is dominating our weather pattern. an atmospheric revolt will continue to cause problems in the pacific northwest -- atmospheric river will continue to cause problems in the pacific northwest. locally, high clouds overhead. do some fog. santa rosa reporting visibility down to three miles. eight miles in fairfield. if you have to hit the road in the morning, give yourself extra time. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. clouds keeping us insulated. this afternoon, it was anything but. upper 60's half moon bay. gil wright, 66 in san jose. 62 in santa rosa. 63 in oakland. 61 in fairfield. some are temperatures tomorrow, give or take a few degrees. golden gate camera, a nice view. we have dry weather pattern
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continuing through the holiday weekend. here is the area of major concern tomorrow morning. it is right around the delta. the fog is spilling over. we will see it getting dense. also for parts of the north bay. it is gone by noon hour. hopefully you can get out and get around the bay area roadways safely. tomorrow morning, tempera low 30's to low 50's. for the afternoon, it is short-sleeved weather again. 66 san jose. 68 in morgan hill. ill write in the upper 60's. daly city, a lot of some. north bay temperatures, 61 in san rafael. mile by january standards. 60 forecast or valley. head inland and is going to be up to 62 in livermore. 63 and pleasant thing -- in
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pleasanton. there is a weak system that could bring a few sprinkles around the monterey bay friday night. early next week, southern california on martin luther king jr. date, looks like they will get some rain. the accuweather seven-day forecast, morning fog giving way to sunshine along with high clouds as we head into the work week, it is going to remain mild . weather looks nice. we need the rain.
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ama: it is the end of an era in oakland. brown sugar kitchen closes for good. according to berkeley, the pandemic is partly to blame. under and chef noted crime is a factor. they shut down the wrecked structures before christmas and plan to reopen this week. she and her investor realized there were throwing money after bad. her other restaurant, town fair in the oakland museu
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. larry: the warriors pumped to finally have klay thompson back. rest of the leak is not corner rollover and die. especially not the grizzlies, who came in with a. g see him in warm-ups alongside step. -- steph. warriors come back, pray behind -- 777x. one of them -- 1.1 on shot clock. splash. warriors in the lead by eight at half. stepjh backed three for the lea. they could not stop the grizzlies. durant returning the favor. grizzlies up 101-98. moran puts it away late. a game-high 29.
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quench -- 10 straight from memphis. 116 108. clay on his biggest challenge to two games. >> the biggest restriction. i want to play 35. but i gotta dial it back and accept reality of what the last two years were like. larry: to the eyes, sharks hosting detroit. sharks bite first on the power play. threading the needle. one nothing team teal. red wings tied it in the second. it gets through. soft goal. 2-1 wings. sharks answered. jeffrey beale -- jeff reveal. along with the goalie. to all. on o.t., log o.t., log o.t., log sharks when 3-2. college hoops, hosting
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back to md arenas. spencer johns reached an not the ball away. rewarded at the other end. second half, jaden blair going left. finishes left. stanford up for late. undefeated usc. michael o'connell, the bomb to jones to finish with 21. stanford upsets the trojans 75-69. verse one for them of our top 15
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ama: that'll do it for tonight. thank you for watching.
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dan: we appreciate your time. right now on jimmy kimmel >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jim gaffigan. ann dowd. and music from ryan hurd. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. hi, everyone. thank you, guys. welcome, welcome, welcome. very nice. thanks. [ cheers and applause ] oh, please, relax. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. welcome to the show. thank you for joining us in a new year, it's a new year. i don't know if you noticed but that was a different voice you heard at the start of our show. our beloved friend dicky barrett packed his tattoos


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