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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 11, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> we are in the west of this omicron surge. >> as we navigate this surge, we know testing is a major issue. this is a problem not just here but all over the country. >> cities all across the bay area are trying to meet the demand for covid tests as one major testing site operator struggles with the computer issue. good evening, thank you for joining us. i am ama dates. >> of covid-19 cases and it comes the system outage continues to set that -- back testing of
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across the bay area. we visited a number of sides where volunteers are pivoting to make sure people are getting tested. >> we are seeing an increase in demand for testing throughout the bay area. this system outage is adding to challenges many people are facing as they struggle to find out if they have covid-19. according to experts, as soon as someone knows they have covid, the less community transmission we can have. covid cases are surging throughout the state. what is making matters worse, providing testing, is still struggling to resolve a computer outage. >> extraordinarily inserting. >> san franciscoan franciscoan o unprecedented amount of covid cases. the director of health stressed the need for more testing but no
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timeline as to when the city's sites run by color will be up. courseware doing over the weekend to support this. >> the president of san francisco's board of supervisors is using this setback as an opportunity to highlight this. >> we should always have contracts with more than one provider so that was something like this happens, we are not affected as a city. >> with more setbacks comes more waiting in line. this is one of two sites in san francisco where color and health department are try to make it up to residents by giving out at home test kits. >> you with a debt if a system was down they would work on night to fix that. >> the city should do a better job to ship this out of the family -- out to the families so that we would not have to come and do all these. you do expose more people. >> colors services three sites and again to confirmed some of
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these locations are edge of stirring -- registering people by hand. this covid test site in hayward closed yesterday after the system failure. they said the system is back up but there has been hesitance. the only thing we can control is the color lab system breaking down. we hope they can sustain the object of numbers so people can get tested. >> they have not response regarding when there system will be restored. they said the san francisco sites will be closed for today. questa today, mayor london breed stress to the impact the iris is having on san francisco. she said this is the breakdown of staff who have been exposed to covid. 134 san francisco police department members. more than 250 staff. 100 staff here.
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for schools by providing more rapid tests to the school district. increase in cases, there are no new restriction's shelter-in-place rules be considered for san francisco. >> this was the first day back in school after this district shut down all of its campuses for a deep clean on friday following a covid-19 outbreak. twice they are anxious. they want to make sure that the kids are safe, the staff wants to be safe. there is a real commitment to have school as usual. for everybody. the district says students should stay home if they are sick.
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if they test positive, they should not come to school for 10 days or until there clear of any symptoms or fever. all students have to wear a surgical mask under their cloth mask or where k and 95 or 95 masks at their own expense. school districts and staff returned to virtual learning. despite guidance from the state, county, dustin dorsey explains how long the closure may last. >> sounds of empty empty empty y empty hallways and empty classrooms. the reality for hayward campuses as student and staff returned to virtual learning until january 18. >> these 10 days allow for our staff to recover and have those important days or they can be ready to return to class next week. >> they tested positive for covid last week and there were over 365 total absences.
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81 classrooms did not have teachers available with 500 additional students testing positive, the board opted for this virtual learning plan. >> we have offered them whatever support we can to assist but there board made a local decision to do something different. >> the district is offering a virtual learning independent study contract or an in person option at six learning hubs in the district. for safety reasons, this family >> i would. with those friends, you get to actually talk and not get muted by your teacher. >> it is difficult. i am home with my two kids. >> there is the financial impact. you're at risk for losing funding due to average daily attendance required. this issue st parent believes a temporary closure is best to
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solve the impact on campus. >> we know the impact is losing money. is it worth it? >> question -- questions we may not get an answer to. the board will meet to discuss whether or not to extend the closure past the 18th. >> we hope that we will be able to get back to in person learning at our school site on tuesday. >> gavin newsom double down on his commitment to keep schools open by signing a new executive order. >> i will sign an executive order allowing fox ability for staffing to address short-term staffing needs. lily with retirees and substitutes to allow more flexible it to address the issue. many members of staff
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districts large and straw -- large and small across the state. >> the order lowers state barriers that delay the hiring of short-term substitute teachers, having the assignments extended to provide additional >> ability to support retired teachers who have returned to the classroom. >> staying home unless they going to school, work or making a medical appointment. that takes place in less than seven hours. health apartment order comes as covid cases have increased nearly 400% over the last two weeks. the president of simona -- soma state university said most classes will be going virtual. sonoma county residents agree that with covid cases on the rise, tighter restrictions on people make sense. >> i am a big sports fan. if they're going to cancel the warriors, i would be upset about that but i am for anything that
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helps all the people. i would put up with whatever it is. >> the health order limits large gatherings but it is not a strict shelter-in-place order and it will not be in forest. -- enforced. >> new guidance would be to where an n95 or k and 95. workers and are better at walking out the tiny droplets that can linger in the air. chrysler look at the latest numbers rubbing those covid concerns. hospitalizations have overtaken the numbers during last january's peak. almost 146,000 patients have been admitted as of today. the number of new covid cases averaged more than 754,000 daily
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over the past week. in california, the state has officially topped 6 million diagnosed cases. more than 145,000. the number of hospitalized patients are still up. quick coming up, the red cross sounding the alarm and an urgent call for donors. what the organization says is contributed to the worst national blood shortage in over a decade. >> marking national human awareness day. the action being taken across the bay area about what many are the bay area about what many are ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those drops will probably pass right by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease.
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i prefer you didn't. after my car accident, wondnder whahatmy c cas. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. youour cidedentase e woh than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. yoyou ght t beurprpris what are you recommending for muscle pain? based on clinical data,w to find out. i recommend salonpas. patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine >> here is a big headline for the first time ever. the red cross is declaring a national blood crisis. it says the nation's blood supply is dangerously low. the red cross as it has gotten down to a one-day supply nationally in the last few weeks.
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>> there has been a 10% decline in donations since the pandemic began. this has been a 62% drop in schools and colleges. you can imagine the donor turnout has plummeted. >> school and college blood drives provide about 20% of donations. the red cross is looking to train phlebotomists. anyone who donates this month im entered into a drawing for two tickets and a trip to the super bowl in los angeles. >> events throughout the bay area have been held today, marking human trafficking awareness day. it is a tragic problem that community groups were to fight here after year. zach flinton's has more on the work being done. >> this january 11, human trafficking awareness day, organizations like the southbay coalition to end human trafficking are working even harder to bring light to the dark issue happening locally.
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>> human trafficking thrives in areas where you have a lot of commerce and individuals. it is easy to transport individuals. that is what we have in the bay area. >> there is an opportunity to get others in -- involved in their lifesaving work. bills, pay my rent. >> the work to end human trafficking is not only confined to the southbay. >> we need our need our nee vigilant and to learn how to recognize the signs of tara.
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we need those suffering to know that the resources and protections are available. part of our message is to your got. if you notice someone might be speaking for someone else and is in control of their finances, that may be some red flags. you don't need to determine if it is trafficking. it is important to know that you can reported to local law enforcement. >> in the southbay, zach went as, abc 7 news. >> the annual list of the world's best places to visit is out and we will tell you about
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>> could this be the year that california passes universal health care? if so, what could that look like? that is the debate among democratic lawmakers including some who want to go even further than the planned governor newsom
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announced this week. california democrats are making another push for statewide universal health care. this would expand to all low-income californians are brothers of age and immigration status. at the state capital, lawmakers are debating a separate plan that would go even further. >> we are establishing single parent health care here in california. >> the single player -- payer plan was announced. the well-known health-care activist with a will testify in support. >> i knew that our health care system was broken before my diagnosis but having a serious illness clarified just how broken our system is. >> the plan could cost billions of dollars and would be paid for through taxation goes a step beyond, newsom's than to expand medi-cal. although he ran for governor in
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support of single pair, it is unclear if he will back this. >> when your governor, you have to be in the how business. >> he is hopeful that newsom's plan will help set single pair of four success. >> it actually bolsters what we are doing. >> it is time for lawmakers to do more. >> any expansion of health care is welcome but let's be clear, anything short of guaranteed health care is not a universal care. >> abc 7 news. >> right now, a simile members of the health committee are debating whether or not to move forward with this bill. changing the way that it deals with community members suffering from a mental health crisis. each team is composed of of licensed mental health clinician, a paramedic and a
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homeless outreach specialist. >> each one of these teams will come together to form a trained disciplinary team. we have five other bands on the way and they will assist those -- vans on the way and they will assist those who need it at the moment. >> if an individual is armed, a police officer will respond first. then transition to members of the in response team plus a situation deemed safe. >> let's move on to the weather. the sun is shining but it felt a little bit warmer. >> those temperatures are above average for many parts of the bay area today. i want to show you the highest. it was on the mild side. especially for january. look at these temperatures. 57 in half moon bay and gilroy. low 60's from san francisco to oakland to napa. this mild pattern we are in with light wind will carry over.
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is this stunning or what from our east bay hills camera? we are getting some color. still comfortable there. san jose, 58. 55 degrees in half moon bay. look at this beautiful view as we look back to where the golden gate bridge. mid to upper 50's from santa rosa to napa. live doppler 7 showing all of these high clouds right now. high pressure is diverting the atmospheric river to the pacific northwest where they have been dealing with flooding concerns and that will remain the case. you are seeing some color as well. high temperatures versus the average. we will be anywhere from five to seven degrees above where we should be this time of year. you will notice san jose also six degrees warmer than where you should be. the salesforce tower in san francisco looking good. another mild day tomorrow. we will keep that dry pattern
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going through the holiday weekend. we need the rain. we don't have any coming our way. fog is coming our way. we will have that fog spilling over into parts of delta and we will see some north bay fog by tomorrow morning. i tomorrow afternoon, we will see clearing. upper 30's to the upper 40's. watch out for that fog. visibility will be low. high temperatures tomorrow. since t3 in sunnyvale. 68 in santa cruz. mid-60's from mountain view to half moon bay. 62 degrees, occasional high clouds, north bay, filtered sunshine, a mild day. low 60's, going into the east bay. 63 in oakland and hayward. inland areas, you will be in the upper 50's where the fog is clear. low 60's around fairfield, pittsburgh. 62 in livermore.
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for rain chances, this is the only thing we can find. as we go toward friday night, the area of low pressure spinning off the southern california coast may bring up a few sprinkles, monterey bay here. not expecting much. the accuweather 7-day forecast will feature mild weather for winter. that will bring spring -- sprinkles into southern monterey county. released its annual list of the world's best places to visit. this year's list is called 52 places for a changed world. there are efforts to address climate change. these two northern california locations made the cut.
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list thanks to its trees and trails. both remain attractions. >> to red spots around here among many. still ahead, a special tribute from the nation's top lawmaker.
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>> you can get our live newscasts, weather and more with the abc 7 bay area news app. downloaded. >> a moving tribute in congress or john madden. the legendary coach, broadcaster and big-game icon. eric swalwell hailed matting, saying a few people had -- few people had bit impact on pop-culture and football. he labeled him as truly authentic and a devoted fixture in pleasanton. >> he was simultaneously a larger-than-life hall of fame coach and broadcaster. also, something you can hang out with and have a cold miller lite after his grandson's football game. you can bump into him on a
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saturday afternoon in ace hardware looking at power tools or enjoy ham and eggs after mass on sunday morning. >> a public moral service in madden's honor is planned for february 15. >> the 2022 olympics in beijing are just a few weeks away but some journalists are beginning to arrive. >> one of the main attractions here. the food is delivered robotically from the city. a bubble and can only leave after undergoing a three-week quarantine. when they leave, they will not be allowed back inside. but domestic spectators will be allowed to attend events. beijing 2022 gets underway
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ tonight, new covid cases in the u.s. soaring. a record 1.4 million cases reported in just a single day. hospitalizations and deaths on the rise. tonight, a hospital in los angeles declaring, quote, we are 100% broken and in complete disaster mode. in some places, health care workers who are covid positive but who are asymptomatic are being told to come back to work. states battling to keep schools open and staffed. schools from california to texas now asking parents to step in to teach classes. and in new york city tonight, the number they're now looking at. is it a possible sign of hope in this omicron wave? the chilling exchange on capitol hill. dr. anthony fauci describing the threats against him and his family and accusing senator rand


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