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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 11, 2022 7:00am-8:59am PST

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to cook. kumasi: you need a better option. reggie: good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, tens of millions of americans waking up to brutal cold this tuesday morning. dangerous deep freeze. temperatures crashing overnight. windchills dropping below zero plunging to nearly 40 below in parts of new england. public schools closed in boston because of the extreme cold. parts of new york getting slammed with more than two feet of snow in 24 hours. ginger is tracking it all. breaking news, back to school. teachers in chicago end their standoff with the city over covid safety as districts across the country deal with the surge. also this morning, hospitalizations hitting a pandemic high nationwide. this morning the states resorting to emergency measures
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to keep hospitals staffed and what the cdc is saying about masks versus omicron. voting rights fight. president biden set to deliver a major speech challenging the senate including members of his own party to pass legislation making it easier for everyone to vote after many states restricted access to the ballot. the new college admissions scandal? more than a dozen top schools sued accused of colluding to inflate the cost of tuition and limit financial aid. the fallout this morning. new details on the death of bob saget. what the initial autopsy found and what the "full house" star's wife is saying this morning. plus, the touching tributes from the "how i met your mother" cast and jimmy kimmel. tough tax season. the new warning from treasury officials about the challenges in the weeks ahead. this morning, what you can do to make sure your refund is not delayed. medical breakthrough. doctors successfully implanting a pig heart in a human for the
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first time. what it could mean for the future of medicine. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ this dawg is jumping for joy. amy robach and the georgia bulldogs celebrating overnight rolling over their rival, alabama. >> georgia on the mountaintop. >> to take home their first national championship in more than four decades. the walk-on quarterback turned mvp stetson bennett joins us live only on "gma." ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ maybe we should say dual mvp, stetson and amy robach. she was a believer from the beginning. good morning, america. >> she was there for all the action as well. our amy, a well deserved win for the georgia dawgs after coming so close in recent years,
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finally beating their rival alabama on the biggest stage of all. we'll have much more on that coming up and we'll talk to the mvp, stetson bennett, live. >> looking forward to that. i know he's excited this morning if he slept. let's begin with the brutal cold sweeping across the east with subzero windchills from the plains to the northeast and ginger is tracking the latest. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: michael, we're about to see the coldest highs in nearly three years. it's the chill that requires a double coat. if anyone is traveling from the west coast to the you better be wetter. it's such a slap in the face. look at this. the windchills are subzero all the way from chicago to boston. in new york we'll struggle to see a windchill above ten. it will stick with us today. then we'll have some warming. look at washington state.
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there have been supply chain issues. trying to get food and necessities to all the people with snow and rain. we have more flood watches. we could see 5 to 10 inches on top of what we've seen. the at moss really coming into play. george? >> thanks george. we are going to go to boston. extreme cold has closed schools there, windchill advisories and gusts could make it feel like 20 below and trevor ault is on the scene. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, george. yeah, so we're in single digit temperatures and windchill teetering into the negatives. i'm feeling every bit of it. boston has canceled all public schools with some bus drivers
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out with covid they don't want any kids waiting at the bus stop in these temperatures and overnight they had emergency crews out patrolling for people outside because this kind of extreme weather can be deadly. to show you that we brought out a thermal camera to show you the heat loss in these temperatures. so you can see the head and the face, as creepy as that may be, you can see where a lot of the heat i'm using and extremities. i've learned that i have very thin gloves. my hand is a lighter color than my coat. a single layer can make a big difference with extremities. something we have that can help out now is the fact we all have a mask now. even that extra layer can make a big difference. you want to avoid any exposed skin because in temperatures this low can lead to frostbite. robin. >> all good info there, trevor. thank you. covid hospitalizations hitting a record high nationwide as a record number of children tested positive last week as testing ramped up after the holiday break. stephanie ramos is at a hard hit hospital in new jersey with more.
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good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: robin, good morning. here in new jersey the number of covid patients in icus and needing ventilators has doubled since christmas to numbers not seen since may of 2020. hospitals are struggling to care for covid patients. this morning, a new record in the pandemic. 141,000 americans are now hospitalized with covid. with more than 1.500 deaths reported each day. that number up more than 34% in te last week. new jersey governor phil murphy calling the omicron surge a, quote, tsunami marching across the state. >> both the icu and ventilator numbers are up significantly and have roughly doubled since christmas. these are the highest numbers we've seen since may of 2020. >> reporter: some hospitals at their tipping point. one in four hospitals across the country is now reporting a critical staffing shortage. in virginia, governor ralph northam issuing an emergency order to expand hospital capacity and increase staffing
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at hospitals and nursing homes. in california, covid positive health care workers are now allowed to return to work if they are asymptomatic, a departure from cdc recommendations. >> if we have a nurse that calls out, that means we can't open a zone in the emergency department. >> reporter: health care workers across the state are concerned. >> we need to be healthy, you know, as health care workers and registered nurses so that we can care for our patients, not be a vector, you know, spreading this virus. >> reporter: this as the cdc is reportedly considering updating its mask guidance, according to "the washington post," to advise people they should opt for n95 or kn95 masks rather than cloth ones. studies conducted before omicron showed the difference an upgraded mask can make. for two people wearing cough masks it can take roughly a half
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hour to spread the virus from an infected person to an uninfected person in the same room. if they're both wearing surgical masks about an hour and if they're both wearing n95 masks it can take up to 24 hours to cause an infection. as for covid tests, getting one might be a little easier. the white house says they will mail 500 million at home covid tests across the country and as of this weekend americans can buy up to eight at home covid tests per month and get reimbursed by insurance. robin? >> good to know, stephanie. thank you. we'll have breaking news. after disputes of covid safety concerns, chicago teachers have agreed to go back to school. alex perez is there for us right now with the very latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning. after a nearly week-long stalemate the city and teachers union say they have reached an agreement. overnight both sides announcing they had reached a compromise that would allow the city's about 300,000 students to return
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to classes. the specifics of the deal remain unclear, but it involves increased covid testing in schools, new metrics that would trigger schools to go into remote learning and district-wide distribution of kn95 masks. the return to school here comes as districts across the country deal with problems created by the surge. in pittsburgh at least 20 schools switching to remote learning and in philadelphia, some 90 schools have already gone remote because of covid. here in chicago teachers will be back in the buildings today and students in classrooms tomorrow. michael? >> thank you, alex. china is also stepping up its covid crackdown as more cases are reported with the winter olympics looming. several neighborhoods in a city not far from the site of the games on a strict lockdown and maggie rulli is following the developments. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning. yeah, many olympic hopefuls are here in austria for world cup
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games. we talked to some of them and they all told the same thing. the stress of testing positive for covid is weighing on them. with just weeks to go, omicron has been found right on the capital's doorstep. authorities confirming for the first time at least two local omicron cases have been detected in the neighboring city of tianjim of 13 million, half hour train ride away from beijing. that means there is a real possibility that omicron will soon be in the chinese capital if it isn't already. just today a third chinese city put under lockdown bringing the total number of people who cannot leave their homes in china to 20 million. but, guys, china's authorities are betting big on that strict bubble they built and the olympics. they believe it will hold. everyone including athletes who will have to take two tests before they fly then one every day after they land and if they're positive they're allowed to go to a quarantine hotel for at least three weeks. this is something no one wants to do after training their whole lives for this moment.
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george? >> they sure don't. maggie, thanks very much. we move to the fight over voting rights. president biden will deliver a speech in georgia pushing for legislation and lay down a gaunt let for the senate including members of his own party and cecilia vega is covering it from atlanta. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning. and president biden is coming here later today and visiting sites like the historic ebenezer baptist church behind me because of its role in the civil rights movement and because democrats say this date is ground zero for republican led voter suppression efforts. since president trump and his 2020 lies about a stolen election, 19 states have passed restrictive laws that take aim at things like mail-in voting and early voting and president biden is going to call for new federal laws to counter some of these restrictions like making election day a federal holiday, guaranteeing the right to mail-in vote and having the justice department police changes to voting laws in some
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states. many voting rights activists are calling out the president and the white house before he lands in georgia. they say they don't want another speech. they want him to stay in washington and do something. they want him to do something sooner. >> the problem is, he doesn't have the votes. >> reporter: he does not have the votes at this point despite the fact that senator schumer wants to see a vote happen in a matter of days but at this point he needs every democrat and ten republicans to get on board and clearly doesn't have that so today he's expected to endorse changes in the senate rules that would allow them to pass this with 50 democrats. they don't even have that. it's unclear today's speech will make any difference at all. >> cecilia vega, thanks very much. live coverage of his speech at 3:30 eastern. we move now to ukraine. there's been little progress made after talks. martha raddatz is tracking the story from washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. the stakes are incredibly high
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in the talks, the u.s. and russia are trying to avoid a war in ukraine that would be costly, bloody and have huge consequences for our allies in the region and the talks are going on while some 100,000 russian troops remained massed along ukraine's borders. so far the talks are going nowhere. the russians demanded a legal guarantee that ukraine, once part of the soviet block, will never be allowed to join nato. the u.s. is pushing back saying that is a nonstarter but have floated the idea of reviving the intermediate range nuclear treaty with russia. and this morning despite saying they see no reason for any optimism russia says the situation is not hopeless and there will be further talks with the u.s. and others throughout the week. george? >> martha raddatz, thanks very much. robin? george, we turn to novak djokovic back on the tennis court in australia after winning that courtroom battle over his visa but that may not be the end of it. will reeve is tracking the latest on this for us.
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good morning, will. >> reporter: robin, good morning. novak djokovic's visa reinstated for now. he is free to move around australia for now. in the match between novak against the government, it is advantage novak, but the government may be ready to return serve. he's staying in the country. he says he wants to compete in his 20th grand slam. for now he's free to train, but australian officials indicated that the minister of immigration could cancel his visa once again which would trigger an automatic three-year ban from the country of australia. now, in court documents djokovic revealed he's unvaccinated and tested positive for covid on december 16th where he was
7:15 am
photographed unmasked in serbia. one possible issue abc news has confirmed is whether djokovic lied on his travel declaration form, specifically whether he was home in the 14 days prior to coming to australia or wherever he was. that is something they're going to need to determine. guys? >> will, thank you. as we've been saying australia has some very tough rules when it comes to covid. >> absolutely. amy robach has a very deep love for her georgia we're going to turn to them and the college football title game, georgia, they're waking up champion, finally overcoming rivals alabama in a showdown of two powerhouse programs, amy, of course, was there in indianapolis celebrating her bulldogs. good morning and congratulations, amy. >> reporter: oh, what a morning it is. you said that a lot of people are waking up champions here. if you are a georgia bulldog fan, some of us never went to sleep. look at this. we have the confetti still on the field at lucas oil stadium. what a night it was.
7:16 am
it started out it was a nail-biter. i mean, we had two teams as powerhouses that they are, the offensive game was not on. we had field goals until the third quarter which is pretty remarkable, but -- and i know you know this, it was an explosive finish, guys. take a look. >> end zone and georgia is going to conquer the crimson tide. >> reporter: it was the end of more than 40 years of heartache. >> georgia on the mountaintop. >> reporter: georgia's unlikely starting quarterback, 23-year-old stetson bennett iv leading the georgia bulldogs to victory. >> what a throw by bennett to put it up into the air. >> reporter: bennett, a former walk-on squaring off against alabama crimson tide quarterback and heisman winner, 20-year-old bryce young. >> and bryce young with the time makes an accurate throw. >> reporter: then there was mentor versus mentee. georgia head coach kirby smart
7:17 am
squaring off against his former boss, alabama head coach nick saban. >> his own fans never really bought into him being the guy. >> reporter: in the end bennett brought it home overcome with emotion as the game clock wound down. >> they could almost make a movie on stetson bennett. >> reporter: crowned mvp. >> i wasn't going to be the reason we lost tonight. just keep fighting. keep your mouth shut. work hard. you know, life is tough. you just got to fight through it. >> a special moment for the university of georgia. special moment for this team. >> reporter: oh, it was a special moment for all of us in the stands. you hear my voice, i barely have one. it was a special moment three hours ago when i went to sleep and it was a special moment when i woke up. i knew i would have to talk about it but what a night last night for georgia fans. four decades, more than four decades in the making. it was an incredible night. we're going to keep celebrating, i'm sure. this is something we will not forget for a long time. go, dawgs, we brought it home
7:18 am
last night. hope you guys were watching. >> yeah, we were watching. that's why i'm tired this morning. >> you did it because i remember the last time that they got this close and it looked like they were going to win. you had gone down to the field and alabama did that comeback but not this time. not this time. >> reporter: not this time. not today, saban, i said. it was not today, saban. >> thank you so much. last time they won herschel walker was a freshman. long time ago. coming up, we're not done with the georgia bulldogs, we have the mvp, their quarterback, stetson bennett, will join us live in our next half hour. now let's go to ginger. >> reporter: well, let's get the tuesday trivia sponsored by amazon.
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drew: partly cloudy, a mild winter day. 61 in concord. later tonight, a blend of stars and clouds with numbers in the upper 30's to mid 40's. a bit of a chill as we get into wednesday. above average the next couple days, cooler thursday into friday. the holiday weekend looking nice. dry with lots of sunshine in the 50's and 60's. coming up, we have the latest on bob saget. we'll be right back.
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my parents' job is to look after them. and it's my job to test the product. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. blue diamond almond breeze. ♪ control ♪ ♪ control ♪ >> you sing. ♪ control ♪ ♪ that's what i want ♪ back here on "gma," the one and only miss jackson if you're nasty. janet jackson with her hit "control" and this morning, ahead of the new documentary about the pop legend we have a first look at what she's saying about women and music today and, oh, yeah, that super bowl moment coming up in our next hour. we're following a lot of headlines this morning as well, including the dangerous deep freeze. tens of millions of americans waking up to brutal cold. windchills dropping below zero. nearly 40 below, boston closed their public schools because of the extreme cold. also right now the u.s. is reporting a record number of hospitalizations. 141,000 right now, 1 in 4
7:31 am
hospitals have a critical staffing shortage as a record number of children tested positive last week and many school districts returned to remote learning due to the omicron surge. but after nearly a week, the city of chicago and teachers union finally reached an agreement allowing 300,000 students to return to classes. the new warning from the irs about a tough tax season. treasury officials saying it's going to be frustrating due to the pandemic and in our next hour, rebecca jarvis will break down buy and what you can do to make sure your refund isn't delayed with two weeks to go until filing season. a lot more ahead including the mvp, georgia quarterback stetson bennett. he's going to join us live. that is coming up, george. right now we have new details on the death of bob saget. he was found dead in a florida hotel room over the weekend. t.j. holmes has the latest. good morning, t.j. >> good morning, george. in one of his final interviews he said, if you're making people
7:32 am
laugh, you're doing something great for people and that's why i'm doing it. bob saget was out there on tour. he actually just started a tour. he had some 30 tour dates scheduled that would take him from washington state, florida, hawaii, iowa, new york, arizona, but he only got to do two shows. >> girls, gather around. it's time for a family meeting. >> reporter: he's being remembered as america's dad. >> hello, super dad. oh, yeah, hi, becky. you know what, i really don't need your housekeeper. this single parent stuff is a piece of cake. >> reporter: bob saget passed away in his hotel room sunday morning. the initial autopsy report found no evidence of drug use or foul play. police say saget entered his room after 2:00 a.m. and was due to check out later that morning but his family was unable to reach him and requested a wellness check and security found saget in bed, unresponsive and not breathing. >> we have an unresponsive guest in the room. my officer is telling me that has no pulse. >> reporter: saget's wife kelly
7:33 am
rizzo said in a statement, my whole heart, bob, was my absolute everything. i am so completely shattered in disbelief. the comedian had been on tour. rebecca was at his final show saturday outside jacksonville. >> my mom had passed away when i was young, like in the show. seeing that single parent that's very nurturing and also funny, it was really helpful at a young age. >> reporter: saget graced our screens and movies and tv shows for decades including seven years as host of "america's funniest home videos." >> dad is a three-letter word often accompanied by another three-lettered word kid often followed by a four-lettered word, ouch. >> reporter: but it was the longtime abc series "full house" that made him a household staple playing loveable dad, danny tanner, known for his timeless life lessons. >> keep your eye on the dirt at
7:34 am
all times. you can do it, baby. you're a natural. >> i learned from the best. >> reporter: the cast posted this photo and joint statement, 35 years ago we came together as a tv family, but we became a real family and now we grieve as a family. adding, we ask in bob's honor, hug the people you love. no one gave better hugs than bob. >> honey, all this stuff i'm telling you is important. it's all part of the story. >> reporter: saget's "how i met your mother" family also remembering their friend. from josh radnor, he was the kindest, loveliest, funniest, most supporting man. >> i'm sorry. i taped this like 14 times. >> reporter: overnight jimmy kimmel fought back tears remembering his longtime friend. >> bob was the sweetest. he was the sweetest man. when my son was in the hospital, bob checked in a lot. so i want to send love to his daughters, to his wife kelly and
7:35 am
to his friends who loved him so much. he was very kind to everyone and he had no problem telling you that he loved you and what you meant to him. >> you heard, guys, kimmel mention his daughters and his daughter aubrey, his eldest shared the last message she got from her dad. it signed off, love you, showtime. and i mentioned that interview he had one of his last ones, he said it's harder to be positive. pretty easy to go down the rabbit hole. everybody's mad at something. i'm trying to bring whatever positive energy i can. he just brought positive energy and a smile right up to the end. bob saget, 65. lost him really -- that's young these days. >> it is. >> big, big loss. t.j., thank you. coming up a groundbreaking surgery. what it could mean for the future of medicine. quaker oats! -good call! -good call! real good call! brees, pass the oats!
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when a truck hit my car, nature made. the insurance company wasn't fair. i didid't t kn whahatmy c caswa, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to k how much their accident case is worth.h barnes. t ouour juryry aorneneys hehelpou back now on "gma" with a historic medical first, a gravely ill man receiving a pig's heart in transplant surgery this week said to be doing well this morning. erielle reshef joins us with the latest. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. that medical milestone performed just days ago but already it is providing new hope and possibly paving the way for more cutting edge transplants. >> we've never done this in a human. >> reporter: this morning surgeons at the university of marylandcautiously celebrating
7:40 am
an apparent medical breakthrough successfully implanting a pig heart into a patient with end stage heart disease. >> he's awake. he is recovering and speaking to his caregivers and we hope that the recovery that he is having now will continue. >> reporter: the first of its kind procedure, 57-year-old david bennett's last chance for survival after he was deemed ineligible for a traditional transplant. >> his level of illness was -- probably exceeded our standards for what would be safe for human heart transplantation. >> reporter: for bennett's family new hope. >> it provided a level of hope, hope that he could go home and have the quality of life he so much desired. >> reporter: physicians say the surgery shows that a genetically modified animal heart can function like a human heart without immediate rejection from the body.
7:41 am
>> ten genes in this big heart, four genes were knocked out. three of them responsible for producing antibodies that causes rejection. >> reporter: but the long-term outcome is still unknown. >> the pig heart will be attacked by different soldiers in our body. different immune players can take it out and we have designed a treatment plan in addition to the humanized genetically altered heart to try to account for that. >> reporter: bennett, hospitalized and bedridden for months saying the day before the operation it was either die or do this transplant. i want to live. i know it's a shot in the dark. >> he's in a much better place and a much happier place right now following this transplant procedure. he is happy with where he's at. happy with the potential to get out of the hospital. >> reporter: it is good to hear and bennett says he also hopes to get out of bed after he recovers. of course, doctors and nurses will be carefully monitoring his condition over the next days and weeks. robin, we're wishing him well.
7:42 am
>> we certainly are, erielle, thank you. joining us is our chief medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton. so, tell us how significant this is, jen. >> well, robin, it's truly historic. remember the first heart transplant in the world was done in 1967. this is the first time a heart was transplanted in the world with a genetically modified pig heart. so it's surgically historic. it's medically historic. why was a pig chosen? they're similar in size. the anatomy is similar, but it's not identical. we heard that some of the genes with know are responsible for powering a really strong rejection response have been kind of inactivated. definitely historic in the world of transplantation. >> what are the risks involved in a surgery like this? >> it's really rejection and infection. those are the risks with solid organ transplantation in general. they're elevated in this case for sure.
7:43 am
>> and we don't want to say -- this will not alter the need for organ donations any time soon, will it, jen? >> no, it will not. there were about 41,000 transplants done in the country last year and approximately 12 people die every single day while on the organ transplantation waiting list. so whether it's 3d printing or growing organs in a lab setting or donation, we desperately need more organs. so this is a potential reason for real optimism down the road many years down the road. >> many years down the road. jen, as always, thank you. we'll check back in with you in a little bit. >> you bet. >> michael? >> how amazing is medicine now? oh, wow. coming up next, we have the player of the day. mvp stetson bennett will join us live. go dawgs. but for a turbotax live expert like me,
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♪ who let the dogs out ♪ back now with our "play of the day." amy robach still riding high after the huge victory by her georgia bulldogs at the college football title game. we'll go back to amy in indianapolis who is still celebrating. >> reporter: our "play of the day" is about last night and a night more than four decades in the making. it was 1980, that was the last time the georgia bulldogs became
7:48 am
the national champions. it happened after a devastating loss in the championship t alabama a month ago. we came so close four years ago to beating alabama and we lost at that point. last night the georgia unlikelyn bennett. throwing four touchdowns in the fourth quarter giving georgia a lead they would never relinquish. it was incredible. this interception resulting in another touchdown in the fourth quarter. that's when we knew we won. what a night it was, guys. back to you. >> amy is living her best life. coming up john cena is going to join us live. come on back. ♪ [gasps] is that throw...? i know right! it's imported from portugal,
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>> reporter: welcome back to "gma." we've got to the eyes and cheeks frozen point in the northeast. we've seen single digits. a lot of folks settling in for the coldest day time highs in three years. it's a big deal because december for the whole of the united states was the warmest on record. manhattan behind me, it's a gorgeous way to wake up if you're not outdoors. it's one you want to protect yourself from especially if you're up near the canadian border where the windchills will border on 30 to 40 below. that's what we're dealing with here. if we go back and talk about the west, we have pictures coming out of washington state. i want to check in in the midwest. this river in wilmington, illinois, in minor flood stage.
7:53 am
that will cause issues for many people. january settling in. real winter decided to arrive. it doesn't stay for long. speaking of philadelphia look at them up to 50 degrees by week's end. washington, d.c., 50. boston, same thing. their schools are closed today, thursday it's 40 degrees. we'll see the milder temperatures for the first part of the weekend. this is when we see ice accidents this time of year. as i look over the frigid hudson, it's one of those reminders that winter has arrived and we will -- boy, i guess take it for what it is. if you're outdoors today, take extra precaution. it's the day your parka needs a parka. i got a laugh on that one. thank you. thank you. i hope you all stay
7:54 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. dangerous deep freeze. temperatures crashing overnight, windchills dropping below zero plunging to nearly 40 below in parts of new england. tough tax season, the new warning from treasury officials about the challenges this year. this morning, what you can do to make sure your refund is not delayed. "gma" health alert. the new headline on breast-feeding and heart disease. the benefits for mom, dr. ashton will break it down for you. massive college conspiracy? 16 of the nation's most prestigious schools being sued by former students, claiming places like yale, brown, and others worked together to make financial aid low.
8:01 am
what the schools are saying this morning. ♪ come on baby ♪ get ready to go on an escapade. behind the scenes with janet jackson. >> hey, you guys, it's me, janet. >> ahead of the new documentary. what she's saying about women and music today and that super bowl moment. ♪ level up, level up ♪ and this guy knows how to level up. >> hey, all right. >> john cena joins us live and he's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ level up, level up, level up, level up ♪ good morning. always a treat to have john cena join us. never know what he's going to be wearing. >> leveling up his outfit channeling his super new show. can't wait to chat with him coming up. >> got to smile when he is dressed like that. also this morning, we're leveling up your love life. bela gandhi answering questions about improving relationships and keeping the spark alive but first fresh off the college
8:02 am
football title game and georgia's huge win over alabama, mvp stetson bennett is joining us live. stetson, good morning, my friend. how are you feeling this morning after that incredible performance last night? have you had a chance to get any sleep? >> you know, a few hours. not many. i've been wondering about -- no, not many. >> well, you'll have plenty of time to sleep. congratulations, and what a story. not just the bug dolllldogs, bu. i mean you start your career there at georgia, you're a walk-on. you transfer to a junior college. you come back to georgia. so many people overlooked you. what have you learned about yourself during this journey? >> well, you know, i think i always had a pretty good view of myself. i think i learned that life is
8:03 am
hard. you know, you got to work for what you want. you know, got to bet on yourself just like, you know, all you guys, just like michael and, you know, everybody here, everybody who's ever been successful, you got to bet on yourself. you know, and other people might put in some change on the odds but, you know, that never really matters. you got to work hard, love the people who is around you, they got to love you and bet on yourself. >> your parents bet on you as well. how did they react last night? >> sorry? >> your parents bet on you as well. how did they react last night? >> well, they cried just like i did. you know, they both went to georgia. they met in pharmacy school up here and i've been going to georgia games ever since i was -- i don't know -- 4 years old.
8:04 am
i hugged them both. i hugged my little brothers and sister. you know, we cried together. you know, you don't -- you try not to put the pressure on yourself before going into it so you try to appreciate the magnitude but once kelee caught that, i started tearing up. moms will be more supportive the nature of the beast. i had to break into the stadium. the security guards almost kicked me out. they were all up in the first deck and i climbed over and they came down and, you know, security guards were about to kick us out but i got a hug in. >> you got that hug in. mom deserved that hug. got to be an iconic figure in georgia.
8:05 am
you'll never pay for another drink or meal again which is a great thing. you won the national championship game and you probably haven't had much sleep but what is next for you, my friend? >> you know, like it's funny. i don't really know the kind of people who want to win a national championship just so they don't buy another drink again. i mean, that's silly to me. you know, i don't think i'd be in this position if that's what i was going for. you know, i'm here to play football for the university of georgia and then, you know, like you did, once that's over, whatever my interests will be which is hard when you're playing college football because you don't get internships and all that stuff. you don't get the time off that
8:06 am
other students get, but once that is over with, you know, i'm majoring in economics, i'd like to go to law school. but, you know, for the next year i'm going to play football. i'm going to, you know, i've got a decent amount of year, hopefully i live until at least 80 so we'll say 60 years to not play football. so i'm going to play football this next year. we'll see where. we'll see if i can trust the decisions that are made by, you know, the staff and see where i'm going to play but right now i'm enjoying this national championship and the next part, you know, who knows? i really couldn't care less about a free drink. [ laughter ] >> well, you should enjoy this. you definitely deserve all the things that are coming your way,
8:07 am
stetson so congratulations. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thank you, sir. ng up, theew lsuit accuses some of the top colleges around the country of price fixing to reduce or eliminate financial aid. behind the scenes with janet jackson opening up about women in music taking control and that infamous super bowl moment. dr. ashton is back with that new headline on breast-feeding and heart health and john cena will join us live. we'll be right back. there he is. he is.
8:08 am
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8:12 am
>> good morning, sunshine. good morning, you guys. riva and i happy to see you. we've got a lot to talk about beginning with lady gaga and your first look at her on the cover of a very special "w" magazine. their best performances issue. look at that. celebrating actors who captivated us last year and gaga front and center for her role in "house of gucci" nominated for a golden globe getting oscar buzz for her role as patrizia reggiani. the issue also featuring her co-star adam driver, and eight other amazing actors with award-worthy performances worth watching. the issue hits newsstands february 8th. check that out. thanks "w" for the exclusive. it's tv series renewal season where shows find out if they will live to see another day next fall. among those coming back for another laugh "the morning show"
8:13 am
starring jennifer aniston and reese witherspoon. happy to hear that. also darling show "emily in paris" is saying bonjour to two more seasons renewing it for three and four and last but certainly not least, abc just announced they've renewed "grey's anatomy" for a record 19th season. three of the original cast members will return. ellen pompeo, chandra wilson and james pickens jr. dr. grey herself will join us in just a few weeks. looking forward to that. congrats to shonda rhimes and the whole "grey's" team. the generosity of judge judy. long before she became the highest paid person in syndicated tv, a young judith sheindlin graduated from law school in 1965 and now paying it forward funding a full ten scholarships.
8:14 am
earmarked for female law students at her alma mater, and it's worth more than $5 million. sheindlin taking it one step further offering ten fellowships to all ten once they complete a year. judge judy says, it's a joy to be able to support alented women in their of a career in law. not only to enrich the profession but also the world. i know you love her, robin, so do we all. that's it for us. from the basement, back to you. >> thank you, lara. time for our cover story. a new lawsuit claiming that some of the top universities including browning and georgetown colluded to raise the price of tuition by lowering financial aid. erielle reshef is back with that story. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning. many of those schools claim to admit students on a so-called need blind basis but many alleging they work together to keep financial aid low and it was lower income students who
8:15 am
paid the price. this morning, five former students suing 16 top american colleges and universities claiming they colluded to inflate the price of tuition. >> what the lawsuit alleges is that by the schools coming together they actually limited artificially the amount of financial aid that would be available to these students, thereby, artificially raising how much they would spend in tuition. >> reporter: the 61-page suit filed in illinois federal court alleging schools like brown university, university of pennsylvania, northwestern, georgetown, duke, and columbia by their own admission have participated in a price fixing cartel that is designed to reduce or eliminate financial aid as a locus of competition and that, in fact, has artificially inflated net price of attendance for students receiving financial aid. the lawsuit saying several of those schools also weighed the financial status of waitlisted
8:16 am
applicants as a factor in whether to grant them admission claiming these actions disproportionately disadvantaged some students. >> it's going to be up to the courts to decide whether, you know, at least some of these schools gave a disproportionate leg up to the children of wealthy donors as the lawsuit puts it and then if that indeed represented a violation of federal law. >> reporter: under federal law schools can consult with one another on their admissions formulas but they are allowed to consider applicants' financial need in the admissions decision. >> these laws were designed to create the greatest degree of fairness possible for students coming into school. i think we can all agree when a high school student is applying to go to college they should not be limited based on their ability to pay. >> 11 of the 16 universities say they have no comment on the lawsuit. vanderbilt university could not yet be reached by abc news.
8:17 am
brown, cal tech, yale, and mit all denying any wrongdoing, and say they plan to defend their policies. and those five former students are now seeking financial damages. their lawyers claim there are tens of thousands of undergraduate students who overpaid for division who could join this lawsuit. robin. >> erielle, thank you. we turn to that new warning from the irs about a tough tax season. rebeca jarvis joins us now to break down why and what you can do to make sure your refund isn't delayed. you have our attention. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: absolutely, robin. good morning to you. tax season still two weeks away but already they are warning at treasury it's going to be frustrating this year and in particular it's going to be frustrating for a handful of reasons when they begin accepting those tax returns january 24th. first of all they're dealing with a giant backlog of paperwork. there have been many closures during the pandemic and all of those tax changes over the last two year, child tax credit among them. here's what you can do to save yourself hassle and get that refund in the 21-day window.
8:18 am
file electronically. set up direct deposit and finally make sure all of your information is in order. you don't want any scholarships there. -- diggs crediscrepancies there. you do not have to wait, by the way, for your 2020 return to be fully possessed to start on your 2021 return. in years past we've seen delays because of the pandemic. this year you've got until april 18th and, robin, they say they're staying firm on that deadline. >> but we could be delayed -- okay, got it. getting our refund, we got it. thanks, rebecca. >> reporter: yes, acic> all roe queen of rhythm nation. janet jackson covering the newest issue of "allure" opening up abo >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. janet jackson remembers the difficult times in her career when she was told no, you can't
8:19 am
because women don't do that. but she's forged on for more than three decades building a foundation for herself and other women to thrive. >> hey, you guys, it's me, janet and welcome to my "allure" cover shoot. >> reporter: "allure" taking us behind the scenes of the pop superstar's february cover shoot and proclaiming janet jackson is still in control. ♪ i want to be the one in control ♪ >> reporter: more than 30 years after she first sang those lyrics she's praising the control she sees women in the industry taking today, artists like lizzo defining their own beauty standards. ♪ blame it on my juice ♪ >> reporter: telling "allure" she spent her early years trying to learn to love me for me, my body, all of that trying to feel comfortable embracing that, and throwing myself into the lion's den. now she loves seeing all women accepted in their skin. ahead of her documentary and
8:20 am
>> why do you want to do this documentary? >> it's just something that needs to be done. >> reporter: ahead of her documentary and weeks before the super bowl, jackson revisiting the uproar her infamous halftime performance caused, even though she says, it's tough for me to talk about that time. >> justin and his team has been trying to contact you about doing the super bowl. >> reporter: she's only discussed it once before with oprah in 2006 and at that time pledged never to go into it again. ♪ we are part of a rhythm nation ♪ >> reporter: but years later she says she recognizes whether she wants to or not she's a part of the debate still raging over gender bias, and tells "allu telltells "allure," i think it's important that has been had and things have changed obviously since then for the better. and under that cargo of stars, they're just like us, when she needs to clear her head she loves to go for a drive but during the pandemic she had to relearn how to drive because
8:21 am
she's now living in london. you got to get on the other side of the road. that new issue of "allure" on select newsstands now and out nationwide january 18th, michael. >> thank you so much for that, kaylee. now back to ginger. >> reporter: hey, michael, it is not cloudy with a chance of metballs -- meatballs today, but up in new hampshire, it is rather spaghetti with no chance that it doesn't freeze in an instant from our meteorologist samantha. up there at the observatory, their temperature dropped to 31 below. their windchill, 76 below with 82-mile-per-hour wind gusts so, yes, you can freeze your meal that quickly. i guess you can save it easily. oswego, the coldest daytime highs from baltimore to boston, over the relatively warm lakes, you get up to 30 inches of snow in 24 hours. that lake-effect snow still blowing a bit but the bands have chilled out, speaking of chilling out, oh, my goodness, we do not recover and feels like 14 in lexington. ithaca, 11 below, only 2 in new
8:22 am
york. we will see numbers struggle to get above 10 in new york. boston could stay subzero, and if you go up to the canadian border, you'l drew: partly cloudy, a mild winter day. 61 in concord. later tonight, a blend of stars and clouds with numbers in the upper 30's to mid 40's. a bit of a chill as we get into wednesday. above average the next couple days, cooler thursday into friday. the holiday weekend looking nice. dry with lots of sunshine in the 50's and 60's. now to that health alert. now to that health alert. a new study finding a link between breast-feeding and lower rates of cardiovascular events in women including heart disease and strokes. our chief medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton is back to break it all down for us.
8:23 am
tell us the results of this study, jen. >> so, robin, all about clarifying or answering the question, is there a relationship and if so, what is it between breast-feeding and future risk for cardiovascular disease in women. this study looked at over 1 million women and a lot of different studies kind of crunched the data and they found some interesting results. what they found is that in women who had ever breastfed, 11% reduction in cardiovascular events, 14% reduction in coronary heart disease, clogging of the arteries, 12% reduction in strokes and a 17% reduction in fatal cardiovascular events. when you compared them to women who had never breastfed at all. really significant findings. >> significant indeed. we have seen other health benefits from breast-feeding. can you remind people what they are? >> there are benefits for the infant a we've known for a long time is
8:24 am
that for the mom the health benefits include a lower rate now of cardiovascular events, we're seeing that with this study but a decreased risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. why that is, we don't totally understand. could be hormonal. could be weight loss, a combination. >> jen, not all women are able to or not all women want to breast-feed. what do you say to them? >> well, what i say to them is the operative word in breast-feeding is feeding. this is not possibly or desirable for every new mom and this should be a judgment-free zone but there are other ways that you can get some of the benefits for yourself and the baby. using a pump, for example, but
8:25 am
this is something where we all have to stay in our lane. in the medical profession of obstetricians and midwives, pediatricians, our job is to educate and inform. it is the mother's job to decide what she feels is best for her baby but it is recommended exclusive breast-feeding for six months at least, not easy to do. >> you a have a good day. >> thanks, robin. coming up, john cena. you heard me. that's the man. he's going to join us live here on "gma." come on back. here on "gma." come on back.
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>> a gorgeous morning with temperatures
8:30 am
♪ level up, level up, level up level up, level up, level up ♪ hey, welcome back, everybody. we're getting ready to level up your love life. last week we brought in an expert to tell you how to make the most out of your dating life and this morning we're here to help you keep that spark alive in your relationship. president of smart dating academy bela gandhi is here to show us how to do that. thank you for joining us this morning, and we have to start by saying according to census data, 34% of first marriages end in divorce, unfortunately. so how do you know you're in the right relationship? >> to pick the best relationship, michael, look for what we call elevator people, the people that make you happiest in your life.
8:31 am
we call them elevator because they lift you up and they elevate you and like an elevator they also keep you grounded and safe. make a list of those people and why they make you happy. those are the characteristics, obviously besides attraction, that we should be looking for in a partner. your romantic partner should feel like a person that makes you really happy and, remember, you want this relationship to feel easy, ultimately, and it should take the knot out of your stomach. no anxiety, no butterflies. >> i love you, you're an elevator person. we have a video question from our viewer, jen. so take a look. >> i've been married for 13 years and our relationship has been becoming a little routine. what ways can we re-spark our marriage? >> okay, so to keep your connection alive, so much of it
8:32 am
we talk about the spark has to come from an emotional connection. so the first thing to do is take a walk down memory lane together. think about that amazing time when you were falling in love with each other and thinking about it and talking about it will take you back to those good feelings again. and then, number two, conflict is a part of every relationship. even good relationships. and when we've been together for that long, 10, 15, 20 years we know we get into those conflicts again and again and know how to push each other's buttons really fast. have a strategy where you de-escalate. you guys can press pause on that argument. when fists aren't flying metaphorically, obviously, when we start to say things that are mean and bad to each other, go back to your corners and just calm down and i promise you, 15 to 30 minutes later somebody will come back in and apologize. it's way better that way and,
8:33 am
third, fill each other's bucks with three nice things a day, right? a cute way to put a compliment in your bucket. notice the things your partner does for you that are good. maybe they bring you hot coffee in bed every morning. send them a text, surprise them. when you surprise them it can build adrenaline that can build attraction. >> i love looking around this room when you're giving advice, so interesting. lisa from facebook is asking, me and my husband are newly married and both work different schedules. how do we keep our relationship and communication on track? >> use video. you're on different schedules. facetime. eat dinner together. don't just text each other. keep that connection alive. video can be magical then when you're together have date night with an agenda. have date night where you talk about the future.
8:34 am
plan fun things together. maybe you want to take an amazing trip to bali. take tango lessons together but talk about the future. >> our viewer, sara, wants to know i've been dating my boyfriend for five years, i want to get married but i am feeling the peer pressure of giving him an ultimatum or breaking up with him. what should i do? >> okay, so right now you got bigger problems than peer pressure. you need to have a chat with him. five years is a long time to be dating. if you want to be married and engaged. so have a heart to heart and ask two questions, number one, do you want to be married and, number two, do you want to marry me? and if the answer to both of those is yes, then establish a time line to get engaged. listen, a man that wants to be with you is going to move mountains to be with you. but don't force that relationship.
8:35 am
if the answer is no or i don't know, it might be time to go. >> you just made a lot of people look across the breakfast table with one eyebrow up. >> side-eye. >> bela gandhi, thank you as always. check out bela's new podcast "smart dating academy" and got more advice. thank you. coming up, john cena joins us live.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
welcome back to "gma." we always have a lot of fun catching up with our next guest and friend, an actor, author, wwe superstar. you love him. you can't live without him, john cena is refreezing his role from "the suicide squad" movie in "peacemaker." always great to have you on "gma." looking food. >> thank you. ooto. it 22 ysrom now, "peacemaker" can be the world's elevator person. >> love how you actually listen to the show when we're waiting to talk with you. you know, we love what you're wearing. do you just kind of always happen to have that hanging in your closet ready to go? >> no is the safe answer. yes is the probable answer. i love being able to play a superhero and the new show "peacemaker" goes to a lot of weird and interesting places, so i'm just having fun with this
8:39 am
while i have it. >> sounds like you have a lot of fun in the opening credits as well, dance spectacular, tell us all about it. >> this show is on hbo max and it is tvma so you have to make sure if you watch it, watch it with an appropriate audience but has a little bit of everything including a big dance number that will make sure you don't skip the intro. >> first episode you have a scene -- i think we have it -- where you're dancing around in your underwear. >> like i said, michael, there's a little something for everybody in "peacemaker" including singing and interpretive dance number by yours truly, yeah, this was the first day of shooting so this is how we started a 120-day shoot with me prancing around in tighty-whities trying to channel my interpretive dance animal. >> i'm not sure that's the clip but let's take a look. >> why are you in your costume?
8:40 am
>> costume? this is a uniform and it's brand-new so i got to stretch it out, make it more comfortable. >> maybe i'm stupid but why would you want to wear it on a mission. a bright red shirt isn't conducive to lurking in the shadows. >> when people see the uniform it strikes fear in their hearts. >> what people? the people in the tryouts? >> you're thinking of yourself as a superhero. he's not exactly a good guy so are we going to perhaps see him, shall we say, evolve during the series, john? >> robin, great question. that's a lot of intrigue to the series. we've been strongly reviewed and people are excited to see "peacemaker" on hbo max and i think it's because of those questions, what will the future be for peacemaker? does this guy have a chance? he is truly a misunderstood monster and i think as a viewer we enjoy going on those
8:41 am
journeys. his team is apprehensive about him and it makes for some crazy moments and i hope the world loves it starting on hbo max this week. >> before we let you go, all right, another movie franchise we love you in "fast and furious." will we see you in "fast and furious 10". >> i'll change my peace finger to crossing my fingers. you probably won't see me in it dressed like this but i hope you see me in "fast 10." i would love nothing more than return to the franchise. >> you're not sure about that. what's the next costume we'll see you in? >> right now, man, i'm just milking the peacemaker. i don't want to take it off. i showered in it this morning. >> it's clean. >> it's clean and he's keeping it clean for morning television. john cena, thank you. can i just say, i love you on "wipeout." >> thank you so much. >> my god, how do those people walk away still walking? >> we have some brave contestants and certainly my co-host is wonderful. have a lot of jokes and tell stories and nothing like a story
8:42 am
of epic fails to put a smile on your face. >> camille kosek. >> is it on hbo max? >> two days from now, the world needs an elevator person. >> "peacemaker," thursday, hbo max. you heard it from the man. to ginger first. ginger. thank you, robin. love to get a good chuckle. and now i have lessons in true grit from the greatest of all time, tom brady and julian edelman are dishing on how mental toughness and relentless drive to win propelled them to their third super bowl appearance in just four years. catch the episode 9 of "man in the arena" streaming on espn plus right now. a man who hasn't wiped out as much.
8:43 am
the heart of the flu season is coming as omicron is peaking with the u.s. recording a record breaking 580,000 new pediatric covid cases last week so becky worley has tips for cleaning your home to beat back both viruses at the same time. >> reporter: on top of everything else, it's flu season. while flu rates were historically low last year kids are back in school and a lot of activities outside the home resumed where you can pick up any virus. >> thousands of people wind up in the hospital. unfortunately thousands also die every year but a lot of other people get taken out of work and kids get sick. >> reporter: so in a bid to stave off the flu and any other virus, we're looking at some simple and surprising ways to germ-proof your house. you know you should wash your
8:44 am
hands. soap and water is much more effective than hand sanitizer. >> there are some pathogens that can only be killed with soap and water. >> reporter: let's talk about housecleaning. the american cleaning institute recommends washing bed sheets every two weeks, but more often if someone in your home has been sick and switch out sponges and to keep airborne germs and mold contained take the trash out more frequently. if nothing else, it'll make the house smell better. and dr. patel recommends doing extra disinfecting cleaning on door handles and high touch surfaces. but if you have kids, go low. >> i watched my daughter and my daughter is crawling on her hands. there's parts of the house and the apartment she's touching and she's licking that we don't always pay attention to like the bottom of the kitchen table. >> if you have people over think about the ways you can ventilate your house, windows, air purifiers and change out your furnace filter. that should be done every three
8:45 am
months. >> keep the air flowing through turning on a bathroom fan, the oven range fan opening a window or using a hepa filter. >> reporter: finally, focus on hygiene habits. wash your winter gloves regularly. avoid a communal cup for toothbrushes to prevent the spread of germs, and don't forget about cleaning this petri dish, your phone. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> thanks to becky for that. coming up. jason reynolds joins us live to talk about h
8:46 am
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back with a number one "the new york times" best-selling and award winning author out with a stunning new book called "aint burned all the bright" jason reynolds, welcome here to "good morning america." i got to get to the description in full. it is brilliant. it says, quote, contemplation manifesto to fierce, vulnerable,
8:48 am
gorgeous, terrifying. what is wrong with humans' hope filled hopeful, searing, eye poppingly illustrated, tender, heartbreaking. how the heck did they come up with this project about oxygen? what can people expect? what can they expect when they start reading this? this is brilliant. >> first, good morning, robin. a pleasure to be here. what can people expect? they can expect an experience. i hope this will be an opportunity to reflect and reconsider and rethink some of what we experienced in 2020. it isn't meant to be a fix all that isn't even meant to be the cleanest mirror. it's just meant to sort of examine how everything happening to us was stripping us of oxygen whether covid and its respiratory attacks or tear gas after the uprising after george floyd was killed. whether it be the wildfires in california, and so the question
8:49 am
becomes how do we find our oxygen masks and what we're trying to assess is perhaps the oxygen masks are in the modernity around us. i think we all learned that in 2020. >> can i say it's a work of art. you made it with your best friend. you two have worked together so what makes this book different than whatever you've done before? >> when jason and i started working we were teenagers, he's one of the most brilliant artists i've ever known and one of the best people i've ever known. as teenagers we were able to be young men who could express ourselves emotionally, mentally, stand on our thoughts and i think 20 years later hopefully we've gotten better at that and distilled it and is a little more mature and refined. >> you've written more than a dozen titles selling more than 6 million copies and national ambassador for young people's literature.
8:50 am
what do you love about creating stories for that age group? what. >> what don't i love? i think there are two things that i really love. number one, young people still believe that the world is a changeable place, and because they believe the world is a changeable place, they're a little more open to the curiosities of it, and so i get to explore in really interesting ways what it means to be a young pupil being because they're completely open to it because they think all things are possible, right? secondly, secondly, i think all people, but especially young folks are searching for containers for their secrets. a lot of us just need a place, a capsule to trap the things that we don't necessarily feel like we can say out loud and books can sometimes be the perfect place to put them. >> you express yourself so well. i could just listen to you and your books and everything. you've got some loyal fans out there and so we want to hear
8:51 am
from a couple of them. this is what xavier wants to ask you. >> hi, mr. reynolds. my name is xavier. my question is, what inspired you to make a book about a superhero? >> oh, xavier, it's a good question. i mean, i think much like john cena knows, i think that superheroes are the perfect alter egos for so many of us because they give us an opportunity to feel like we could be heroes over ourselves, right? it's almost like if i have something that is different whether a learning difference, the alter ego of a superhero can make me feel bigger and stronger than i might feel in my everyday life. that being said i also think themlv.pushethgs wthk are akneeo th iry >> ose.
8:52 am
coming from a teacher asking a question on behalf of one of her students, here it is. >> well, this too question popped up from one of my blossoming writers and asked this, how does jason reynolds determine when to write in free verse or not? >> this is a good question. here's what i'll say. i'll say this, it's different for everybody. we all get to make our decisions however we want. for me free verse has to do with the containment of either an emotion, the containment of time, the containment of environment. if there is a tight space i'll try to write in free verse and that parallels the tight space. that's not the only way. tons are written in verse. even most of our spiritual texts are written in verse so i don't think there's any sort of one for one rule. whatever your choice is to create your own rules according
8:53 am
to that choice so you know how to best execute the verse for your particular project. >> it's not one size fits all. >> absolutely. >> and you are being you in 2022 as always. so good to see you. wishing you continued blessings. >> happy new year. pleasure. >> happy new year. okay, "ain't burned all the bright," here it is. it's out today. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
what does she want you to know about her family, her life? jamie lynn spears, exclusive tomorrow on "good morning america." want to give another big thank you to the georgia bulldogs and amy robach on their national championship. thank you for watching. >> have a great day. thank you for watching. >> have a great day.
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reggie: time now with live with kelly and ryan >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the critically acclaimed film, "belfast," jay made dornan. and one of the stars of the new comedy, "pivoting," maggie q. and we continue our simple swap. all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [applause] >> kelly: it's my favorite. good morning. good morning. oh, look at you. fancy. you know what? i'm not doing it. i like my michigan mug. that's right.


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