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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 8, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area. it this is abc seven news. on making sure our kids stay in school. >> officials in one bay area as the omicron b omicron b omicb to surge. good morning, everybody. it's saturday, january 8th, you're watching abc seven news at five a.m. live here on abc seven who live
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because of that damp ground, the light winds. we have a lot of fog out there. it's a dense fog fog bringing mile, and we are much colder anywhere from 2 to 17 degrees colder out there, so temperatures are chilly, but by nine o'clock we will be in the low fifties and that fog will be lifting into brighter skies by noontime. and then that sun setting just a little bit later in the mid fifties. today a sunny dry saturday. this continues into the weekend, but whether or not we have any more rain chances, hang on. i'll let you know in my full accurate her seven day forecast in a few minutes list. all right, lisa. thank you. governor gavin newsom is activated the california national guard to help with covid 19 testing sites, including locations and five bay area counties. this comes as we've seen these long lines for
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testing. this was the scene in santa rosa yesterday, where people waited more than two hours in the rain for a test. guard members were already out at a test site at an eot community center. the governor's office provided this video yesterday. 200 cow guard members have headed out to 50 test sites across the state, including some in alameda, contra costa, napa, santa clara and santa cruz counties. more guard members will be deployed next week. guard members will aid staff help add capacity for walk ins and assist with crowd control. on monday, this anti oxide will be able to double the number of daily appointments. and vallejo city hall will be closed to the public until at least march. that's because of a spike in covid cases, city council board and commission meetings will still happen in person for now. city council will consider switching to completely virtual meetings in their next session on tuesday. if you need to reach a certain department, they're taking virtual appointment meetings on mondays through
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thursdays. drop boxes for bill. payments are still open. hayward unified school district voted to go back to remote learning for a week. starting on monday. the debate went on for several hours last night and the majority of the discussion and the public comments focused not so much on whether to go back to distance learning. but if one week was actually too short there were several parents and even board members urging the kids be kept out of class for two weeks or even until the start of february one week of time for closure is just insufficient. i feel like this is a huge mistake. we are not being proactive enough where doing themun. theisnnd andonsida nsio re hasoecidack to distance learning. this will start monday from most milpitas
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unified students. district leaders say that this is because of staffing shortages, high covid 19 case rates and low test availability. abc seven news reporter amanda stelio has more on what is being asked to families. come monday, the 10th milpitas unified school district will be putting students back behind screens. the return to distance learning comes amid staff shortages, low test availability and a spike in covid 19 case rates if we can get people to stay home, that's what's needed now a passionate plea from district administrators to the district's board of education thursday. then on friday, this little went out to the milpitas unified community, saying all m usd schools will be placed on a 10 day district wide quarantine. expecting families not to travel not to attend large gatherings and more. the board hopes these measures will fit a timeframe for students to have enough time to quarantine and get healthy at home. before returning on the 18th students will distance learn all next week as the emergency procedure support for it, but it's for long for long term we will need to figure out
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other options. tina she was an m usd parents she understands the district is in a tough spot. according to the district's letter, 167 substitute teacher positions and 107 support staff positions went unfilled this week alone. but the hopers you is that this remains temporary. as the changes mean two young kids and two parents will all be working from home. i really wish that we had. we can't have a women's solution, but i know it's difficult every time. another wave comes through the first reaction. we have probably should not be to shutdown. stanford children's health associate chief medical officer, dr grace lee says instead. focus should be maintaining and minimizing the disruption to both communities and kids. i do think that kids have borne the brunt of the pandemic in that you have asked them to do more than i think we ask ourselves to do as adults and so my hope is that we can continue to support kids in a safe learning environment for milpitas, unified until at least the 18th of january that environment will be at home. in milpitas. i'm
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amanda dog studio, abc seven news. late last night, the santa clara office of education and office of public health sent us a video statement advocating for keeping kids in schools. we've learned that in person education um, is what they need and remote learning doesn't support their mental health, emotional health and academic well being nearly the way that in person learning does. so we are centering our efforts on ensuring that our kids remain in school for in person learning. county officials also say as of june, 30th, a waiver to allow distance learning has expired. they say this means school districts may no longer offer remote or virtual learning in lieu of in person instruction.akla ase ytey proc bse of the covid surge, a caravan of teachers traveled from merritt community college to the school district
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headquarters. the district says it does have a n 95 masks that it did start delivering two schools on thursday, and that is ordered them as well for students. teachers say there needs to be an emergency protocol. clear communication, and some would like to see mandatory testing for all students feels like a wildfire and we're trying to get out ahead of it, and you need to be able to communicate. and we're on the front lines were with students every day seeing what's happening. the school district called the sick out on approved an authorized and technically illegal. in an interview, moderna's ceo said people may eventually need a second covid 19 booster it has already sparked a debate is a second booster. the right approach, abc seven news reporter luis pena is part of our vaccine team and spoke to multiple bay area experts who say it won't be necessary for everyone. as a micron cases spike throughout california bay area has the highest population with boosters in the state with 55% but
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according to experts that protection want last long can weeks there's a decline from 70% protection down to 45% protection of symptomatic. her illness. based on this new data from the u. k donna is pushing for a second booster, according to moderna's ceo, the efficacy of boosters will likely decline with time. they're projecting the need for a second booster. by this fall, dr warner green, virologist and senior investigator at the gladstone institutes doesn't agree with madonna's push for a second booster. we shouldn't be chasing our tail to try and prevent them from being becoming infected that with the exception of people who are at high risk, people are immunocompromised for the rest of the population. he recommends. two vaccine doses one booster and pharmaceuticals went. in fact, did i think that packs livid fighters. new antiviral could be really
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important in terms of management of this infection, or you develop symptoms you rapidly get tested, ideally within the first three days, and you go on packs limit and that will keep you also out of the hospital. ucsf's infectious disease doctor monica gandhi, agrees with dr green. i think it's hard to have ceos dictate our policy of companies . you know who who stand to make money for it. dr gandhi believes a variant specific vaccine could be beneficial, but she's hesitant of the effects a second booster could have right now. trains your immune system wrong. it doesn't train your immune system to recognize the variant. it trains your immune system to recognize that old um ancestral strain that the that the shots are made of. and that concept of original antigenics sin is what they call it. is what immunologists are expressing concern of in san francisco loose pena, abc seven news and if you have questions about covid 19 vaccines you can ask our vaccine team had to abc
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seven news dot com slash vaccine and click on that big blue box. all right, lisa 59. let's go check outside. it is chilly out there lose with temperatures in the mid and upper forties here in san francisco, across the bay over in oakland about 46 degrees and will be near average today. plenty of sun to boost our temperatures this afternoon, but dense fog this morning wolf. truck the fog for you and talk about the week ahead. next. all right, lisa. thank you. also ahead a burned out home in the east bay now up for sale, the troubled past behind the house. and park lit problems. the outdoor seating option has become a lifesaver from any restaurants, but now some are become a lifesaver from any restaurants, but now some are being ♪ [mallet banging] ♪ [drums banging] ♪ [inhales] [exhales] [mallet banging] [drums banging] [inhales] ♪ [inhales] living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters.
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age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. groundbreaking actor sidney potier partier has died at the age of 94. he was the first black man to win the oscar for best actor, paving the way for a future owner. future generation of stars, and he is one of
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hollywood's first interracial love stories. guess who's coming to dinner? well, we have this problem. i fell in love with your daughter. 48 would eventually get into directing later in life and received the presidential medal of freedom in 2000 and nine as abc seven news anchor dion lim tells us he's being remembered as more than just an actor. too many. sidney poitier was known as one of the most popular actors of his generation in his two decades as hollywood's only black leading man in movies, such as defiant ones, lilies of the field thing it over and one movie that had a tremendous impact on friend, fellow actor and the bay area's own danny glover. my first remember seeing 50 pulling and assist you in. guess who's coming to dinner? all the movies itself. good brought different character. and substance. tune. as near african descendants. san
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francisco chronicle film critic nicolas l. believes party's legacy goes beyond just the movies. i don't think you can measure how important he was. that's that's why i say i mean, he just paved the way for denzel washington, but i believe in a way he paved the way for obama. many of parties rules challenged racial stereotypes. he was the first black person to win the oscar for not playing a slave and his movies, according to lasalle, tackle many of the same issues of race and social justice america is grappling with today he was transformative in people's thinking he was the biggest box of the star for a few years there in the sixties. it meant white people were going to his movies to former san francisco mayor willie brown got to know the trailblazing poitier through politics. he hopes the next generation will appreciate and understand the gravity of his work people in their twenties. do not understand thak
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people in america, they're going to be doomed. repeat some of them. got eliminated by people like important from a childhood of poverty to his status as an american icon is seen by many as a beacon of hope to see those movies is to note. the things are possible things can get better in san francisco. dion lim, abc seven news all right. moving on now. a burned out home in the oakland hills is up for sale for $650,000. the home does have a troubled past last year, witnesses said. a group of people threw molotov cocktails at the home, killing a man and a baby and injuring other family members. homes that people are purchasing. they're going to have a history and the history may not be as interesting as this history, but it's just the reality. not everyone can buy a brand new home that doesn't have any any past or any history. the
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home is four bedrooms and three bathrooms, plus a basement. zillow listing calls it a contractor's special and says there's quote great potential and growth of equity once this property is repaired and updated hmm. all right. three people had to go to the hospital after getting sick on an alaska airlines flight yesterday morning that landed at mineta san jose airport. flight attendants reported a strong chemical smell in the back of the plane and the standards they fire department checked out the plane when it arrived, but it didn't smell anything or detect anything that was hazardous. so still a lot of questions about that. okay san francisco man is relieved to be reunited with his service dog after she was stolen earlier this week. lock mackenzie is recently on housed and has epilepsy. his five year old german shepherd named summer helps prevent his seizures. please say on monday night, they were alerted someone stole summer in hayes valley. on thursday, officers received a call that a dog matching summers description turned up at oakland animal services officers retrieve summer that night, and
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the two were reunited. so it's actually uhh! shocked don't be able to get her back, and then there came to feast. and then when i said, oh, god, i can't i know how to get paid for the fees. um and then the votes are waived, and i got her back. and that was it was. it was wonderful to see her and everything like that. project open paw and nonprofit that helps animals belonging to the un housed also provided summer with some warm blankets and specialized food. happy ending there at abc seven. we're focused on the economy as we navigate the pandemic and pleasant in downtown restaurant owners are being forced to tear down their park. let's yesterday was the deadline to do it so the city can do street maintenance. abc seven news reporter ryan curry spoke to some business owners who say the timing just couldn't be worse. main street in downtown pleasant and looks different friday night after two years of park. let's on the streets. the city has made owners take them down. maurice diesels is the owner of oyo. he, like many others heavily relied
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on the park. let's to keep his business afloat. without it. he fears his restaurant will take a massive hit, especially with the omicron surge when people call for reservations. one of the first things they ask is how much outdoor seating do you have? or even if you have out there, city and when the answer is limited or no they do not make that reservation. the city says they wanted the park. let's gone so they can do street cleaning that hasn't been done in two years. city council member julie testa says she advocated to push back that cleaning but says the idea was shot down by the rest of the council. the decision to redo was really a reset and it i think would have flowed. better. had this spike not hit in in such a significant way pleasant in, says they will allow restaurant owners to rebuild their park. let's in the coming months, but restaurant owners say they've already spent thousands to build these parks. let's and we'll have to spend
5:19 am
plenty more to rebuild that we spent about $12,000. i believe putting this out park lit together, we make sure it was safe. roz judges. the owner of beer baron, he says, pleasant in is using his park lit as a model for how to rebuild them. but they are still making him take his down. then i gotta ship this stuff to somewhere. pay for. a storage area and then a month and a half later. they want us to rebuild it again. the city currently does not have a grant program to help restaurants pay for the park. let's and testa says it is something the city should explore. there's a possibility that there could be some remaining funds. that could come back in the form of grants, so that's going to be a future discussion that we're going to have in pleasant and ryan curry, abc seven news all right, let's go check out the forecast. now. lisa's nice we've seen some rain this week. yes, looking forward to seeing some sun, though, to have been awfully damp parts of the bay area, not everyone the north bay and mount tam an inch of rain. how is that possible, right? where some locations yesterday. i didn't see any rain
5:20 am
at all. but that cold front was pretty stubborn in the north bay, so we had a little bit of rain that lingered into the afternoon. and because of that, all of that apple moisture allowing for some dense fog this morning. you can see the storm track well overhead, and that's going to bring in several dry days. in fact, just a couple chances of rain in our future and as we look here you'll notice that there is a pockets of fog and clouds, but overall as we check our visibility, you'll notice quarter vermeil up in the north bay from nevado to napa, and over in livermore is well pretty foggy out there so do be careful as we check on the current numbers. it is cold out there. 37 in danville, 40 in san ramon. and as we look at the north bay, you'll notice that we're in the mid thirties santa rosa, 48 pacifica and 45 there on the peninsula, so 24 hour temperature change dramatic in the north bay with 11 to 16 degrees colder 3 to 4 degrees colder out in the east based so overall, with those clouds
5:21 am
opening up a little bit overnight, that's allowing for the fog and the deep chill that we feel out there in parts of the bay area. so this morning chili with the dense fog north and east and then looking for bright sun in the afternoon and dry conditions as we get into tomorrow, but there's a slight chance of a shower or show that to you right here. here's a look at our forecast animation where we still have that fog through nine o'clock are dense fog advisory through about 10 and then look what happens as we go through the afternoon. it is sunny. it's bright. it's a nice afternoon, two o'clock on sunday and we're looking at some higher clouds stopping this early monday morning, six o'clock and you can see looks like a few areas what we could actually see some moisture being squeezed out, but at this point, it looks really remote. so we'll call for cloudy skies and then looking at the afternoon, breaking out into more sunshine on monday, so let's take the rainfall totals as far as we can out towards january, 17th a week from monday
5:22 am
and noticed only a couple hundreds out there. maybe 1/10 of an inch up in nukaya. we're getting into a dry trend, and it's going to last throughout our extended outlook. so your highest today really near average, so finally taking the chill out of the air as we get through the afternoon that son setting just a little bit later . 57 it's better than before. five o'clock, right? how about 56 today in san mateo, as well as palo alto, looking at 58 in san jose? 57 in santa rosa. the accurately 70 forecasts wherever fog, especially north and east bay this morning, it's cold and then upper fifties later on today, a few more high clouds another chilly start, maybe a sprinkle into early monday. then we are milder. with more sunshine. tuesday wednesday, maybe another chance of rain on thursday, but we're putting the brakes on the rain for a while is all right. at least we got it this week. thanks, lisa. just add it's being called the great resignation during the pandemic, the science pointing to new waves of workers quitting their
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of december, unemployment fell slightly to 3.9% the labor department reported the economy only added 199,000 new jobs last month. that's about half of what economists predicted. and now there are signs that omicron surge is about to set off new waves and workers quitting their jobs, continuing a trend called the great resignation. abc seven news reporter david louis looks at this forecast and how it could lead to more inflation. if restaurants and retailers think their staffing shortages bad now , workforce analysts say covid is about to trigger not one, but two more ways of the so called great resignation. it is a occasioned a lot of thought. introspection uh and new approaches to people as they think about not only their jobs but their corn values. recent surveys claim two out of every three workers are thinking about quitting. our new wave of
5:26 am
resignations is expected now that the holidays are over, and some have received year end bonuses. a second wave will follow when companies implement their batch of the office policies postponed by the omicron surge. you cannot make 100% of your people happy is what we're seeing in the data, and so i think this will spark a second wave of the great resignation as um as individuals come to terms with the fact that they have a preference that is not fully aligned with the path their employer has chosen. kathryn minshew is ceo of the muse, which councils jobseekers as job vacancies grow. employers are revising their hiring requirements to fill them. you know what if you have the base skills and you have the desire to learn, come on in, and we'll train you that opens the door to service workers who might not have skills in other fields. while there's risk in quitting a job demand for workers is also raising pay. folks will have higher demands at the negotiation table. uh cost of living adjustments will have to be made. those are always of
5:27 am
course. um passed on to the consumer and to the customer, and so we're entering a spiral that could lead to higher inflation and prices for everyone. david louis, abc seven news. the roar is back in the east bay monster jam is returning to the oakland coliseum this weekend. the baseball field has been covered up and turned into dirt track filled with obstacles to challenge the £12,000 trucks that will speed and fly through the air. there are three different competitions, racing skills and freestyle, one of the monster, jim driver says of the three fans usually get fired up when the trucks turn it loose for freestyle. people go nuts when a truck does a backflip inside the stadiums, so i know the fans are reeling here in oakland. we haven't been here in over a year, so we're excited to be back. there are two shows one tonight at seven and then tomorrow afternoon at three. okay, so the common abc seven mornings, a concerning trend of
5:28 am
pediatric hospitalizations, the number of kids with covid skyrocketing from one month ago and new rules for visiting nursing homes, what you'll need to provide if you're going to visit along te everyone remembers the moment they heard... “you have cancer.” how their world stopped and when they found a way to face it. for some, this is where their keytruda story begins. keytruda - a breakthrough immunotherapy that may treat certain cancers. one of those cancers is advanced nonsquamous,
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it's tru. keytruda from merck. see the different types of cancer keytruda is approved to treat at, and ask your doctor if keytruda can be part of your story. area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning, everybody. you're watching abc seven news live here on abc, seven who live and wherever you stream we're going to start this half hour with another look at the weather's let's get back over to meteorologist lee. sergeant hey, lisa heidel is good morning to we certainly have the cold temperatures and the fog, the dense fog in the north bay and that's where dense fog advisory is through 10 o'clock in the forties, foster city and san mateo with 48. along the peninsula there. how about 33? santa rosa? it is cold, 37, napa and 39 over out towards the east bay with a quarter mile visit the bill visibility from livermore napa in nevada. so with that it is definitely a
5:31 am
colder start out there. we will look for a lot of bright sun today and that fog to dissipate within the 9 10 o'clock hour than by noontime we're left with fifties sunny sky but by the afternoon temperatures climbing into the upper fifties, perhaps up towards santa rosa, mid fifties in fremont, and we'll look for a few high clouds to visit us on sunday. there is a chance of rain as we get into monday, but we're looking at a lot of dry weather throughout the week ahead, pinpoint each day for you when we do our full weather forecast in a few minutes list, okay, lisa, thanks . the number of children under five in the hospital with covid is soaring, reaching the highest level since the pandemic started , every state in the country is reporting some sort of increase in hospital admissions. abc news reporter karina mitchell has more the cdc is out with new data showing a concerning trend of pediatric hospitalizations, the agency says children under the age of five who were too
5:32 am
young to be vaccinated are pouring into hospitals at double the rate from a month ago. that certainly can't put kids in the hospital. they certainly died. where our hospital right now is had record numbers of kids who are on oxygen with covid froms s angeles county nearly 44,000 cases on friday. nationwide hospitalizations are nearing an old time high with 130,000 people in hospital beds with covid and officials from oregon to new hampshire. calling for help from the national guard. we gotta wake up america all the work that we're doing here and all the care that we're doing. the vast majority of it is preventable in california, students at uc berkeley are due to return to the classroom in less than two weeks. some are urging the schools to go remote . instead the school says it's monitoring the situation. obviously we all want our students to be able to safely attend class in person. but returning to remote instruction
5:33 am
has to be part of the conversation. president biden is emphasizing that while the virus will likely remain part of our world the current pandemic way of life, won't saying we have new tools to contain the various strains. new normal doesn't have to be. we have so many more tools we're developing and continue to develop that will keep contain covid. and other strains of colds. meantime children and teens 12 to 15 continue to receive their fights or boosters after the cdc gave the shots the green light this week i will get it as soon as i can, and i am very excited. karina mitchell, abc news new york amazon is shortening its covid isolation policy for its u . s workers. the company is cutting the time from 10 days to seven for a total of up to 40 hours of paid leave. amazon says the decision was made after updated guidance from the cdc said those with covid can isolate for five days. if they have no symptoms. additional leave. options are available for employees who are still sick after one week. the current
5:34 am
omicron surges, forcing california public health officials to announce new rules for visitors to nursing homes and other long term care facilities. according to our media partner, the mercury news, visitors must present proof of vaccination and if eligible booster and a negative covid test if you're not fully vaccinated, you can only visit outdoors but still must provide proof. of a negative test more than 5600 covid cases among healthcare workers at nursing facilities were reported last week. in the north bay. the demand for covid testing is leading to long lines and shortages of test kits. many health care workers are just feeling overwhelmed right now, abc seven news reporter cornell bernard shows us how people are trying to cope. i thought it was going to be a little bit shorter. kind of didn't think i was going to be standing in the rain, either. thomas conley needed to covid test but didn't ext w mstdi more than two hours outside roseland community center in santa rosa. it's the
5:35 am
only test site in cinema county, accepting walk ins. pitino found that out the hard way. so this is the third testing site i went to today. one of them wasn't accepting to walk in. the second one was closed down because a couple people got sick with covid. here's time lapse video showing how long that line for testing was. we had 700 people yesterday, 750 the day before maggie condolence healthcare company is contracted by the county to do the testing, but demand is overtaking supply. i ordered a bunch of tests surprise, but they've been slow all over the state. i guess she's trying not to turn anyone away. that's all right now. we have probably about 20 people who are out either diagnosed with covid. russian river brewing co owner natalie chillers oh was forced to temporarily closed her to brew pubs this week due to lack of staffing, she says the county needs more tests cites the lack of testing has really been crippling businesses because our our employees cannot get test.
5:36 am
they can't schedule a test in a timely manner and test results aren't coming back in a timely manner. our cases have basically tripled in the past three weeks . cinema county's covid positivity rate is the highest it's ever been 15. officials are trying to add more test sites, but they need more testing supplies for now. their advice if you can have put off getting your test, please do so. meantime russian river brewing is using their own home test kits until appointments become available. yep stocking up on these for our employees, especially for playing in the younger we want to make sure everybody stays healthy and well in santa rosa, cornell bernard, abc seven news vallejo police are going to add new technology to officers body worn cameras to help with de escalation. usually the video is analyzed after an incident and can take hours to review this new technology made by true leo allows for video to be looked at in real time by transcribing the audio. it can
5:37 am
also serve as an early warning tool that allows for areas of improvement to be identified. vallejo police department will start using the new technology this month. the california academy of sciences in golden gate park is home to the oldest living aquarium fish in the world. this is matthew booths. allah i think i hope we're saying this right? it's the lungfish. the name is from the bible. salah was noah's grandfather and he lived for 969 years. but this methuselah is believed to be a she and at least 90 years old. the academy will be sending a tiny sample of her finda researchers in australia who will try to figure out her exact age. she's really basically just a big puppy dog. she's very gentile, very slow moving. but when they moved on to move fast they can. they can jump out of that tank. and that's why we have a guard around it. she weighs about £24 . she enjoys belly rubs and fix but only when fresh, not frozen and thought very particular this
5:38 am
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there at the san francisco skyline. we will be checking in with lisa soon. sounds like we have some drier weather ahead of us this week coming up. today is the kickoff to the japanese new year to welcome the year of the tiger. the festival is known as osho got sue met suri every year . the japanese cultural and community center hosts the event in san francisco's japantown, but the event is going virtual once again this year. tune in to enjoy arts and crafts that you can do at home children's art contest and, um, oci demonstration. it starts at noon on the cultural centers.
5:41 am
facebook page. and also today across country cleanup campaign ends at san francisco's ocean beach we grow echo is hosting the cleanup after spending 10 months in cities all over the country picking up trash. they started last march in virginia beach, and they have collected 31,000 pieces of garbage today. their journey ends along the great highway and you can take part in the clean up. if you want. you can join them. it runs from 10. to noon. at least it should be dry. today it's going to be dry and sunny and temperatures are gonna be warming up with this morning north and east valley is really foggy out there. this is sutro. visibility is pretty good in the city. it's in the forties here, but thirties elsewhere so cold and foggy in spots, and we'll talk about the weekend and beyond. next lisa, thanks. also next, w nation waits for the return of clay thompson why there is growing optimism that the splash brother will make his long awaited debut tomorrow. chris alvarez has the details in this morning
5:42 am
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back here is a live look outside right now. it might not be raining, but it sure is foggy there at the golden gate bridge . not unexpected, but take it slow. if you're hitting the roads, all right in sports. this afternoon, the sharks will wrap up their four game east coast road trip senators. they will try to beat the philadelphia flyers for the second time in five games. the puck drops at four p.m. at the wells fargo center. tomorrow night, the warriors returned to chase center after losing two straight on the road, and it may finally be the night that domination has been waiting for so some good news. here's abc seven sports anchor chris alvarez. with the details, and ■this morning spors good morning after two years of rehabbing a torn a, c l and a torn achilles clay thompson's return to the warriors likely to come this weekend. multiple reports say clay will indeed make his debut tomorrow night at home against cleveland. official update on his return will come later today after practice clay he's been traveling with the team past couple of weeks as he
5:45 am
ramps up for a game action. here's steve current stephan curry earlier this week on the upcoming return. klay thompson. you know, it'd be nice to have clay on the floor on the weak side. and uh, you know, probably he'll probably see a lot of open shots given the way teams regarding step really nice, but it's going to take some time to get more and more comfortable every game. he please. um take us to another level, so the narrative is about him and him coming back and him and joined basketball and him just having fun playing the game again. number two cardinal hosting oregon on friday night, stanford going back to limited attendance for all sports athletes, families only. let's see hall put on a show for those in attendance. 16 points the first half, finishing seven of 10 from deep third quarter now off the miss oregon fumbles, a rebound and then hull. there she is. career high. 33 if you didn't know anna wilson is the sister seahawks quarterback russell. this pass jump runs the post route for two points. stanford wins by a dozen 82 68 40. niners
5:46 am
head coach kyle shanahan has already made the decision on the starting quarterback for sunday's must win game. it's not going to tell us though we're gonna find out kick off on sunday whether it's jimmy garoppolo or trey lance with the wind. the niners clinched a playoff spot. it can also get in at the saints loose the falcons. so who starts on sunday? will it be rotation just like we saw in the preseason or will it be just jimmy or just tray? if you're tired of this question by now? imagine how coach shanahan fields. i know what we're doing . i just don't feel like telling you right now. really glad i have no press conferences after today, so once once i survived this, i'm done talking about it. so i think we'll be good after that. really? not like i try any harder. prepare harder. better just because you know this is this could be it's win or go home. but but it really was the same same exact stakes last week, so nothing really changes. the final weekend of the nfl regular season kicks off today on abc seven. it's chiefs broncos at 1 30, followed by cowboys and eagles. then after the game, larry being myself,
5:47 am
we'll preview 49 ers rams as well as sunday's huge warriors game. that's your look at sports. let's send itoyo aight,o check out the forecast. now, lisa, and it will be nice to have some sun even though the rain is good to have to. yeah, that's right. we're gonna see a break and we certainly have the fog to contend with this morning. here's a look at live doppler seven. the storm track is way overhead and the visibility reduced. north and east bay. you can see down to a quarter of a mile in nevada, half mile up in napa and santa rosa, three quarters of a mile in livermore and elsewhere. not too much of an issue, but as we look at our current temperatures, his cold 37 in danville, 41. in matara bread on top of mount yeah, both 38 walnut creek and you go up to the north bay and you are just above freezing their santa rosa 48 in pacifica. so looking at that 24 hour temperature change a lot colder out there six degrees colder in her inland valleys. but how about that? 11 degrees colder in concord in 17 degrees colder santa rosa so
5:48 am
with a little bit of clear sky and a drier air mass moving in high pressure building in the atmosphere. allowing for kind of a spooky shot out there, but a nice afternoon a nice weekend, but that fog north and east bay this morning more sunshine throughout the afternoon. today, we'll introduce some more high clouds. for your sunday it looks like we could see a few sprinkles coastal hills on monday doesn't look like it's going to mess up that monday morning commute, though, as we look at the fog here through 9 30, it's going to be with us. and then by 10 o'clock, it dissipates. we have that son in the afternoon. and then as we get into your sunday a few more high clouds, but a pleasant day out there he comes monday where we do have a few areas of light rain that right now looks like they want to move over the bay area, but i'm thinking that it really will get drier and drier, the subsequent forecast models and leaving us with more sun throughout your monday afternoon , and let's take it a little bit further. so here's that monday system as we get into late
5:49 am
monday and tuesday, high pressure reestablishing itself, so we're dry. where sonny into your wednesday and then later on in the weekend. you'll notice. i should say later on into the week you see thursday into friday, another chance of maybe a few light showers. but other than that, we are looking at that storm track staying pretty far away from the bay area today, a lot of sun looking at mid fifties throughout much of filet ho san francisco and into palo alto a little bit warmer in the south bay about 58 in san jose, looking at 57 in santa rosa. so a pretty nice day out there, in fact, temperatures near averages where we should be in the mid and upper fifties today, so the accuweather 70 forecasts. we're looking at the sunshine after the morning fog that chill out there. the dense fog advisory north bay valleys through 10 o'clock, but it's certainly foggy and our east bay as well. get another cold start for your sunday. it's a dry afternoon. slight chance of showers comes in late sunday
5:50 am
into monday, and then we're dry and milder tuesday and wednesday looks like maybe a little more rain the end of the week but really not much out there. but what's interesting list ikep iny has picked up over 40 inches of rain for the season, which puts them where they should be for this time of year. remember we've had about three seasons of drought. so even though that's great news, we are still not out of the drought. but yeah, the north bay really making up for a definitely is a banner year for them. that is really, really good news. a good way to kick off 2022. let's hope it continues. thank you. others find many ways to be inspired. and we found in northern california mother who was motivated to write a children's book from the side of a hospital bed right next to her son, who was being treated for a very serious illness, abc seven spencer christian introduces us to the author. a day at the park may seem like a normal family outing, right? but for joy van,
5:51 am
it was an unimaginable moment just a few years ago when she first noticed her son, barron ivy was walking strangely, he couldn't hold his posture. he couldn't hold his legs up correctly. it was really wobbly joy took a room to the emergency room. six days after we arrived in the hospital, he became nonverbal. um he was put on a feeding tube and he lost his ability to walk. he just became a vegetable. sharon was diagnosed with anti nmda receptor encephalitis. it's caused when the body's own antibodies attack the part of the brain that controls movement , memory and learning. early symptoms include fever and headaches and can be followed by psychosis, delusions and violent behavior. when we were in the hospital, he got very violent. he was actually strapped down. that's when joy and her husband remembers something, baron said a few days before he got really sick, my family and as i started
5:52 am
trying to attack and my mom told me to calm down multiple nice shoulders. as i need you inside me, like, couldn't control. that's how he explained it to me, he says. i have a ninja inside me, and he's mad. what he told me just kept on coming to me. just kept on coming to me. joy started writing and sketching. it was a children's book about a boy ninja. she worked on the book next to her son's hospital bed that would ask him what color should we do? the tree should we put flowers on it and it was a way for me to communicate with him, even though he was at a vegetable state, he could still move his eyes even if it was a little like, blink or a little look to the left or right. i knew that he was trying to actually talk to me. still each section of the book is a stage in the diagnosis . when the ninja can't hit his target, it symbolizes the struggles with movement. when he
5:53 am
hurts himself training with nunchucks. it represents the violent outbursts when iran would hurt himself. it allowed are family too. just express how we really truly felt emotionally . about a year later, heroin started to improve. he's now healthy and playful. his mom says working on the book helped her son's brain to recover and avoid the memory problems that can develop. i could do it. spencer christian, abc seven news. and a ninja inside of me is now on sale on amazon. okay. next restaurant, making a big move this morning where poor house bistro will be relocating to in just a few hours.
5:54 am
your doctor gives you a prescription. “let's get you on some antibiotics right away.” we could bring it right to your door. with 1 to 2 day delivery from your local cvs. or same day if you need it sooner. but aren't you glad you can also just swing by to pick it up, and get your questions answered? because peace of mind is something you just can't get in a cardboard box. that's how healthier happens together with cvs.
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $278 million mega millions drawing 7 29 43 56 57 the mega ball six. nobody
5:56 am
picked all six numbers and tuesday nights. jackpot increases to $300 million. oakland's amy schneider resumed her streak on jeopardy and surpassed the $1 million mark and winnings. she is just the fourth contestant to hit seven figures and non tournament play and the first woman to do so as well. schneider is also the first trans woman to qualify for the tournament of champions. and you can catch jeopardy. weeknights at seven. right here on abc, seven go amy today in the south bay of beloved cajun style restaurant is making a big move poor house bistro, located in a victorian era home is relocating a half mile to little italy this morning. the restaurant currently sits on land recently bought by google. the house will begin its journey through the streets at seven. a.m. the owner says the move should take about two hours. spectators are welcome to watch, so it is physically being moved. all right. next on abc, seven mornings at six a.m. some school districts are choosing to go back to distance learning the
5:57 am
reasons from one south bay district and why county health officials want to keep in person instruction. plus another booster shot. why many experts say it may not be necessary for everyone. in every moment, there's an opportunity. the numbers truly don't lie to find a path forward to move ahead to build something better issues of race and social justice or a key part of building a better bay area at abc seven. our commitment to meet those moments , the oakland city council is meeting right now with tough questions. is it worse now? real solutions? we will all be okay for you for all of us. where did you learn to do what you do? this is the moment to build a better area. join us.
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5:59 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. that our kids remain in school
6:00 am
for in person liz: officials in one bay area for in person learning, but, but districts announcing back to distance-learning as the us here on abc a.m. live here on abc, seven who live and wherever used dream. i'm liz kreutz, and we're going to get to that story in just a moment, but first, let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argent. good morning, lisa. hi, liz. good morning to you. hi, everyone, very foggy out there north and east space. so you want to give yourself some time or just stay inside. we have chilly temperatures through 10 o'clock. this fog is going to be with us thereabouts and it is also around concord and livermore, where visibility is just over a mile in livermore, half mile novato napa three quarters of a mile, santa rosa talked about the cold numbers well, low forties for some around


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