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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 7, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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a second wave will follow when companies implement their back to the office policies by the omicron surge >> you cannot make 100% of your people happy is what we are seeing in the data. i think this will spark wave of the great resignation as individuals come to the term -- come to terms with the fact that they have a preference that is not in line with employers'. >> as job vacancies grow, employers are revising hiring requirements to fill them. >> if you have the basic skills
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and the desire to learn, come on in and we will train you. >> that opens the door to service workers who might not have skills in other fields. while there is risk in quitting a job, demand for workers is also raising pay. >> folks will have higher demands at the negotiation table. cost-of-living adjustments will have to be made. those are always, of course, passed on to the consumer and the customer, so we are entering a spiral. >> that could lead to higher inflation and prices for everyone. now to today's pandemic headlines. california reported more than 100,000 new cases today. that is a state record, but there was a data processingata c error yesterday. the test positivity rate continues the record-setting streak. fully vaccinated people do not have to wait as long to get their turn of booster shots. the fda amended its emergency use authorization form or dharna's vaccine and will allow those 18 years and older to receive a booster five months after their second vaccination.
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they used to have to wait six months. johnson & johnson recipients should wait at least two months, but now there's this -- moderna's ceo said today that boosters wane over time. >> in the north bay, the demand for covid testing is leading to long lines and shortages of test kits. many health-care workers are certainly feeling overwhelmed. >> i thought it was going to be a little bit shorter. did not think i would be standing in the rain, either. >> thomas conley knew he needed a covid test but did not expect that would mean standing in the rain for more than outside roseland community center. it is the only test center in the county accepting walk-ins. >> this is the third testing site i went to today. one of them was not accepting walk-ins. the second was closed down because a couple people got sick with covid. >> here is time-lapse video showing how long that line for testing was. >> we had 700 people yesterday, 750 the day before. >> demand is overtaking supply. >> i ordered a bunch of test
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supplies, but they have and slow all over the state, i guess. >> she is trying not to turn anyone away. >> right now we have probably 20 people out either diagnosed with covid -- >> the co-owner was forced temporarily close her two brewpubs this week due to lack of staffing. >> the lack of testing is really bad, particularly for businesses, because employees cannot schedule a test in the timely manner and test results are not coming back in a timely manner. >> our cases have tripled in the past three weeks. >> sonoma county's positivity rate is the highest it has been, 15%. officials are trying to add more test sites, but they need more testing supplies. for now, their advice --
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>> if you can put off in your test, please do so. >> own home test kits become available. >> there are a lot of questions, of course, when it comes to covid testing. for example, which test do you need -- antigen or pcr? we spoke live with an infectious
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disease physician with stanford getting answers. >> the safest thing to do is assume that any sort of new sniffles or sore throat or cough or anything even mild like that should be considered omicron until proven otherwise. proving it otherwise is tough because your antigen test can be negative early on in the disease course, whereas pcr tests, if it is negative, at that point in time you do not have omicron. >> he stresses both tests help detect virus spread. >> spread continues to cause issues at health care facilities, not just for staff but patients as well. >> our major issue is with omicron causing more mild illness that puts people out of work. >> he is director for illness were sent county. he says they have seen an increase in patients but during this omicron surge, many people being hospitalized have already been in the hospital. >> it is less of a concern of the severity of covid and severe respiratory illness than it was before, even though it is still occurring, to some degree, and more around issues of staffing and health-care workers calling out sick. >> the southbay situation similar to what sub -- similar to what other parts of the bay area are facing. though there is cause for concern in santa clara county, dr. kemal says things still are
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not at their worst. >> in general, the standard is each icu nurse takes care of two patients, and right now, we have not had any need to deviate from that ratio. >> he says they are also getting creative with ways to make sure the most important needs can be met. >> maybe trying to see with some elective procedures can be delayed. >> what should you do if you test positive or feel sick? he echoes messaging from other bay area counties, reminding people that testing positive for covid and having mild symptoms does not mean you need to go to the hospital. >> i think staying at home, staying safe, hydrating, resting, all the good stuff you do to fight illness is really important. governments as well as hospitals need to prepare for a shortage of frontline workers over the next month.
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i spoke news at 4:00 about of the nation needs to adopt a new strategy when it comes to dealing with covid-19. >> a lot of us have been asking for this for months. the new strategy will look like what are we going to do in terms of living with covid-19 and no longer basing our decisions off case numbers but rather at hospitalizations? >> dr. patel says it is too early to determine if a fourth dose of the vaccine will be needed in the future. he says that is a decision that should be made by medical experts, not the pharmaceutical ceo's. >> uc berkeley announced today it will begin the semester with most classes being offered remotely. up until today, berkeley had been the only one of uc campuses not to start the semester virtually. in person instruction will resume january 31st. oak grove school district in san
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jose will begin a new outdoor masking policy for schools next week. students and staff will now be required to mask up outside unless in a mask break areas or while eating, drinking, or participating in physical activity. officials say the additional layer of protection will help keep everyone safe. the majority of parents do not like the policy. 54% rejected it when sent out by the district last month. >> to keep reeling things in from kids when cases have not shown to be spread at school is difficult for me as a parent to understand. >> i'm going to trust public health leaders and school district leaders to decide what is the safest measure for our kids, and so far, i have been really happy with the safety measures that have been taken. >> in oakland, 12 schools were forced to close today because of a teacher sick out. teachers are demanding more
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safety protocols on campus. >> we had almost a quarter of our student body absent on monday. >> tamera henry is an oakland teacher dealing with the reality of covid in schools. she and others participated in a sick out to bring attention to what they say is the lack of proper safety measures at schools in the midst of the omicron surge. >> it feels like a wildfire and we are trying to get out of ahead of it -- out ahead of it. we need to communicate. we are out on the front lines with students every day. > teachers who called out sick today traveled from their community college down to school district headquarters. 12 schools were forced to close today. the district says interrupting instruction for more than 5000 students. by now, many teachers already knew that the district had agreed to extend their covid
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leave and to purchase better masks. >> we have been delivering masks to all of our schools yesterday and today. and we have ordered them for our students. >> still, teachers say there are other demands to be negotiated. >> also, that we have emergency protocol. we have more teachers out then we can manage, and that we have clear communication when a student or staff member gets covid. >> other teachers want mandatory testing for all students. olivia says it is up to her to make sure families signed their kids up for testing. >> we have to do the legwork of getting all our families signed up for that. i have to put in a lot of effort to get my class put much all signed up for it. >> the district says it has no plans to make testing mandatory. in the meantime, the school
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district called today's sick out unapproved, unauthorized, and technically illegal. when asked what repercussions there might be, the district said it would deal with that later. >> coming up next, aext, aext, a death lawsuit against facebook. tonight, here from the sister of a man shot and killed in oakland about why she says the social media company bears some response >> time to ditch the umbrellas and bring out the shade. we will have the weekend weather coming up. >> to see those movies is to know that things are possible, things can get better. >> sidney
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>> new developments with a 2019 killing in belmont. police announced a fifth person was arrested yesterday, almost three years to the day that the 17-year-old was found shot to the death in the parking lot of central elementary school. the person arrested was a juvenile at the time of the crime, so his name is not being released. the victim went to carmen high school and was a quarterback of the varsity football team. meantime, the sister of a federal security officer who was in 2020 has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against facebook for its alleged role in the shooting. melanie woodrow spoke with her today. >> on may 29, 2020, drove to the oakland protests in the wake of george floyd's murder. according to a criminal
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complaint, korea fired multiple rounds at underwood, killing him. >> i miss being able to pick up the phone and talk to my brother. i miss laughing with my brother. >> carrillo shooting and killing someone else. he said this while beind this wd arrested -- as they await charges, underwood's sister is now suing meta platforms inc., formerly facebook, alleging the social media platform connects users to extremist groups. >> had it not been for facebook, they might have never met. >> underwood's attorney anticipates facebook will seek to shield itself from litigation. >> they are much more than a
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publisher. they are an active art is pen, and they are recruiting people to come onto their site. once they are on their site, they use a lot different algorithms that will bring like-minded individuals together. >> the civil liberty director at the electronic frontier foundation says lawsuits like this one can be difficult to win. >> it is really hard from a first amendment perspective and statutory perspective to hold these internet platforms responsible. >> in an emailed statement to abc 7, a facebook spokesperson writes that they been more than 100,000 militarized social movements from their platform. these claims are without legal basis meantime, underwood's sister says she wants her brother to be remembered for his heart of gold. >> my brother stood for something, which is honesty, integrity, sense of community. >> the trial is scheduled for april of 2023.
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>> a gofundme account is active to help the family of an alameda county sheriff's recruit shot and killed this week. the 23-year-old was driving onnn the macarthur bay bridge. the alameda county sheriff's office says he was killed for no apparent reason. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in the death. the family hopes someone comes forward so they can get justice. we have a link to their gofundme account on our website. the family started the fundraiser just a few hours ago. already it has surpassed $30,000. >> that's nice to see. ok, let's move now to the weekend weather forecasting. >> looking good. >> we need the rain. we always put that out there. but if it's not going to rain. >> i like the clarifier.
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we did get some rain earlier today. let me show you live doppler 7. that front taking most of its energy across the pacific northwest, but we had our share of some light here in the bay area and the sierra picking up some snow showers. it is still snowing right now in the mountains. live doppler 7 showing you a nice, clearing trend under at this hour, so most of you starting to see clouds get swept away. how much rain did we get? trace amounts in places like san jose, concord, fairfield. the front came cleaned out our air. our air quality -- is it's good across the entire region. as we check out air quality across the region, it will be good both days except for sunday. moderate air quality is expected. a good day to get outside and get some fresh air. low 50's in san franc
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oakland, san jose. temperatures this afternoon got into the mid and upper 50's. emeryville camera showing you a lovely view of the eastern span of the bay bridge and the city. santa rosa, -- low 50's in santa rosa. currently 49 in our river cam. it is not beach weather, but it will be nice. chill your morning's this weekend and we do have dry and mainly sunny afternoons headed your way for the upcoming weekend. here is what will happen. during the morning hours, the fog will spill over from the central valley. watch out -- it will be particularly dense across the delta, the east bay, parts of the peninsula, and then it is gone by noontime, but if you do have early plans, you have to take your kids to games or you are doing an outdoor run or something like that, make sure you allow yourself the extra time to get to where you need to go and bundle up in the morning because it will be chilly. low 30's all the way to the mid-40's with the fog around and for the afternoon in the south
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bay, 58 morgan hill, 59 in gilroy, upper 50's for san jose on the peninsula in redwood city, 59 pacifica, lots of sun in the san francisco area and daly city. in the east bay, temperatures close to where you should be this time of year. oakland, fremont, 57 degrees headed inland. 55 degrees in livermore. here's a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast. it does feature chill your mornings with the fog saturday and sunday. plenty of sun and dry conditions. monday, we have a chance of light rain similar to what we experienced today, and it is sunnier and milder weather as we head towards tuesday, low 60's showing up around the bay and inland. another opportunity first weather on thursday. it is a slight chance, but at this point, we will take any chance we can get. >> that is true. thank you. this house, what is left of it, anyway, is up for
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>> is a grisly murder and a higher market, you probaby will not be surprised by the asking price. leslie brinkley has a closer look. >> it is listed as four bedrooms with tuna half baths. this home near the zoo and across the street from bishop
6:25 pm
odell high school has a magnificent view, but it is a burned down, tear down, listed now for $655,000. last april, witnesses said a group of people through molotov cocktails at the home, trapping a father and infant daughter inside. they both died in the inferno. other family members were seriously injured. oakland police later said the firebombing of the home was linked to an earlier homicide and higher at an east oakland liquor store involving gangs. will anyone buy it? >> homes are going to have a history. the history may not be as interesting as his history, but it is the reality. not everyone can buy a brand-new home that does not have any past or any history. homeownership is extreme leaders are of a in the san francisco bay area. >> the listing agent did not return calls about offers on the property. oakland police say there have been no arrests in connection with the homicides and the
6:26 pm
intentionally set fire. every house has a history. this house seems to have a macabre history. coming up tonight, ask an expert. from going out to dinner to going to a warriors game, find out what one local doctor says he feels safe doing during the omicron surge. >> plus, closure for the family of ahmaud arbery,
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>> sentencing date for the three men convicted in the murder of ahmaud arbery, and unarmed black man who was out jogging in 2020. the three men all face life in prison. >> and that's what they got. only one has a chance of parole. ellen lopez has today's events. >> the three men convicted of ahmaud arbery's death back in court today. a judge handing down sentences this afternoon.
6:30 pm
>> malice murder, life without the possibility of parole. >> travis and gregory mcmichael, life in prison without the possibility of parole. for william bryan, life with the possibility of parole. >> please give all three defendants responsible for the death of my son the maximum punishment in this court. they each have no were morse and do not deserve any leniency -- they each have no remorse. >> the agreement were found guilty in the unarmed black jogger's murder. ahmaud arbery's mother asking the judge to hand down the maximum sentence. >> they were fully committed to their crimes. let them be fully committed for the consequences. quit if life without parole is a sentence held for only the worst of the worst, it simply cannot be a sentence for a person who never intended the tragic result
6:31 pm
that took place on february 23. >> in february 2020, the mcmichaels chased jogger down. brian also joined in. it was his cell phone that captured the moment travis mcmichael shot and killed arbery. >> ahmaudahmaudahmaudahmaud he was robbed of his life pleasures, big and small. >> that cellphone video sparking nationwide outrage. the mcmichaels and brian still face federal charges on civil rights violations. that case begins next month. >> we use the send out a push alert as soon as the sentence was handed down. download the app now for your phone so you will be first to know when news breaks. >> president biden and first lady jill biden visited colorado today to see the damage done by a rare winter wildfire.
6:32 pm
more than 1000 homes and businesses were destroyed last week. today the corner identified a person whose remains were discovered days ago in the rubble. one other person is still unaccounted for. the president and first lady met with families and firefighters in louisville, pledging the full support of the government. >> not only are we helping each other, but we are here with you. we are not going to go away. the federal government is not going to go away. >> after their tour, the bidens flew to las vegas where they will attend the funeral for former senate majority leader harry reid who died last week. >> it is official -- president biden will deliver his state of the union speech on march 1. speaker pelosi formally invited him to speak before both chambers of congress, and biden formally accepted today. it is later than previous state of the union addresses. the later date will give died
6:33 pm
and more time to pass them of his legislative goals. the fate of hyden's vaccine and testing mandate is now in the hands of the supreme court. the justices heard oral arguments today from federal lawyers and attorneys representing a coalition of republican-led states that are pushing back on the requirement. >> today today today today today attorneys for groups of her publican-led states and businesses fighting the biden administration's covid vaccine and testing mandate, questioning federal powers. >> we are asking for a stay before it takes effect monday. >> lawyers argue the president forcing large private businesses to require workers be vaccinated for testing -- tested weekly for covid is damaging. >> this will cause a massive shift in the country. >> some of the justices baffled. quick let me not exaggerate -- nearly 750,000 people, new cases every day. to me, i would find that
6:34 pm
unbelievable. >> justice sonia sotomayor also pushing back. >> why shouldn't the federal government have a national rule that will protect workers? >> this is something the federal government has never done before, right? >> new data collected from one million fully vaccinated adults before the emergence of omicron shows more than a fraction of a percent of adults suffer severe covert illnesses and an even smaller percentage died. >> the overwhelming number of deaths, over 75%, occurred in people who had at least 4 comorbidities, so really, these are people who were unwell to begin with. >> despite new pressures from six of president biden's former advisers saying the virus is here to stay and the administration needs a new strategy, president biden defiant. >> we have so many more tools for developing. >> the white house and usps have
6:35 pm
agreed on a plan to mail out rapid covid tests to americans, but it is still unclear when the tests will be available and how many each household can get. >> we are in a moment in this pandemic where it is difficult to sort out what you should and should not feel comfortable doing. we hope this next report will help. we ran through some scenarios with a ucsf epidemiologist. >> meeting inside indoors inside a large restaurant. >> i think restaurants, the tables are still pretty spread out, at least the ones i go to. i even said restaurants all the time, so that does not particularly bother me. >> what about working out at the gym? >> last time i saw the gym was a few years ago, but, yeah, you need to be wearing masks in gyms now. that's part of the new state mandates that cities adopted, so, yes, i think wearing masks
6:36 pm
makes it ok to go to the gym. >> what about going to a warriors game? >> i went on monday. >> ok. with my kids, too. just to put it into framework. everybody is vaccinated, people are boosted, everybody is wearing masks. it is as well-controlled as it can be. >> really interesting insight. we ask if you have started thinking about covid as something we will have to live with. results were almost unanimous. 92% voted yes. 8% voted no. >> a fish that likes belly rubs. for this san francisco resident, that is not her only claim to fame. plus -- >> a dignified presence screen and trail blazer both on and off it. a look at the l
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>> groundbreaking after sidney poitier has died. he was 90 years old. he became the first black man to win the oscar for best actor, paving the way for a future generation of stars. he starred in one of hollywood's first interracial love stories, "guess who's coming to dinner."
6:40 pm
>> well, we have this problem. i fell in love with your daughter. >> he would eventually get into directing later in his life and received the presidential medal of freedom in 2009. he is being remembered as more than just an actor. >> too many, sidney poitier was known as one of the most popular actors of his denigration -- of his generation. tremendous impact on friend, fellow actor, and the bay area's own danny glover. >> i personally have never seen sidney poitier in "guess who's coming to dinner." all of those characters lent character and substance to us as men, african
6:41 pm
descendants. >> "san francisco chronicle" film critic nick casale believes the memory goes beyond just film. >> i believe he did not just pave the way for denzel washington but in a way, he paved the way for obama. he was the first black person to win the oscar for not playing a slave. >> his movies, according to lasalle, tackle many of the same issues of race and social justice america is grappling with today. >> he was transformative in people's thinking. he was the biggest box office star for a few years and in the 1960's, white people were going to his movies, too. >> former mayor brown got to know sidney poitier, and it affected his politics. >> if people do not understand
6:42 pm
or review the history of black people in america, they will be doomed to repeat some of those things. >> from a childhood of poverty could to a status as an american icon, sidney poitier is seen by many as a beacon of hope. >> to see those movies is to know that things are possible, things can get better. >> what an incredible life and legacy. >> just so powerful. we both have memories of some of those early movies when i was a young person. they were groundbreaking, and just always since i was even a pre-teenager admired his dignity and grace and elegance. >> so poised. >> yeah, so poised. what a role model for everyone. >> and so many people so grateful for what he did. >> i like what nick lasalle said, not only paving the way for denzel washington but perhaps even barack obama.
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>> welcoming you back with a live view of san francisco
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airport, which is not -- which is by no means immune to the slew of light cancellations happening across the country. in total, flight aware says more than 2600 flights have been canceled today. it is a combination of weather issues from snow on the east coast and other places, plus staffing shortages because of the omicron variant. southwest has had to cancel almost 20% of its flights. >> a spectacular seen today in the sierra. this is video from uc berkeley's central sierra last month smashed records for the most in a month, more than 16 feet. that same snow brought some rain to the area today. but traffic was moving well. >> let's go back and update the weather forecast for the weekend and beyond. >> seems like the rain is done. >> it is, but the snow is not done. i want to show you a life
6:47 pm
picture from hollywood where the snow is still coming down. don't have chain controls on any of the roads except 88. they did drop that winter weather advisory earlier today. as you look at the statewide snowpack, it is now at 140 1% of average and we will continue to see more snow showers. this will be winding down locally, showing you no rain. time to bring out the shades and enjoy the sunshine. temperatures will be in the 50's for your saturday after some morning fog and chill. it will be a nice day. we are watching for more rain. monday, we have an opportunity for wet weather. it will be light if we get anything, and thursday, there's another chance of a you showers. morning fog and chill, followed by sunshine tomorrow and then an opportunity for wet weather on monday. >> thank you. california academy of sciences
6:48 pm
is home to the oldest living aquarium fish in the world. take a look. noah's grandfather who was believed to have lived for more than 900 years. a tiny sample of her fin will be sent to researchers in australia, who will try to figure out her exact age. >> she's basically just a big puppy dog. very slow, very gentile, but when they want to move fast, they can, and that's why we have a guard around the tank. >> she enjoys fix, but only when fresh, apparently, not frozen and thawed. got to have standards, apparently. >> c>> c>> c>> c>> c thompson return this sunday? we will find out probably
6:49 pm
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>> 49ers head coach kyle shanahan has already made a decision for sunday -- on the cornerback for sunday's must win game against the rams, but he's not going to tell us. we will find out sunday. i have a chance to clinch the
6:52 pm
playoffs -- they have a chance to clinch the playoffs if the falcons beat the saints. ricky trey lance has also received praise this week, so who starts on sunday? will it be just jimmy or just tray? you are tired of this question by now, imagine how coach shanahan feels. >> i know what we are doing. i just don't feel like telling you right now. i feel good about where we are now. i'm excited to get to sunday. once i survived this, i'm done talking about it, so i think we will be good after that. >> it is my job, my role to prepare and be ready as much as i can every single week. for me, from a preparation standpoint, nothing has really changed. it is not like i try harder or prepare better just because this could be it. it is the same exact stakes as last week, so nothing changes. >> the final weekend of the nfl regular season kicks off right here on abc 7 tomorrow. cheap type and broncos at 1:30 followed by cowboys-eagles --
6:53 pm
chiefs-broncos at 1:30 followed by cowboys-eagles. warriors guard klarriors guard r closing in on his return to the lineup. very important practice tomorrow ahead of sunday night's game at home against cleveland. an official update will likely come tomorrow from the warriors. reports surfaced that there was optimism sunday. this sunday could be the day clay makes his long anticipated return. we do know his first game will be a home game at clay center. here's coach kerr and stephen curry. >> it will be nice to have clay on the floor. he will probably see a lot of open shots. >> it will be nice, but it's going to take some time, too. it has been two and a half years
6:54 pm
for clay and it will take time not only for him to get his rhythm but for everything to fall into place. comfortable as he plays, and he will take us to another level. the narrative is about him just having fun playing the game again. >> did you see this? we have seen athletes across sports swap jerseys. band did not play and forgot his jersey, so he signed a water bottle. that doesn't seem like a fair deal. larry and i should really do something like that after the game tomorrow. don't know what i will give larry, but i want something really extravagant in return. >> i would not count on anything extravagant. >> wow. larry will see this tomorrow, i know. but sunday, all the coaches are,
6:55 pm
hey, is clay playing? is jimmy? a lot could be happening right here sunday night. >> it is going to be a fun weekend. >> it will be. >> coming up tonight at 8:00, it is "chart tank those quote followed by "20/20" at 9:00. you can watch our newscasts online and on demand through the abc 7 bay area connected app. download the app now and start streaming. >> finally tonight, a few thoughts about what really matters. in brunswick, georgia, today three white men sentenced to prison for the murder of a young black man. two, a father and son, wilson -- spent the rest of their lives behind bars. the third man, a neighbor, will spend 30 years before being eligible for parole. all convicted and now sentence for the shooting death of ahmaud arbery, who was chased in their trucks before being gunned down in the streets. the jury that convicted arbery's killers was almost all white.
6:56 pm
runs week is a small town in a rural county of georgia, a state with a troubled history when it comes to race. not so very long ago, a black victim like ahmaud arbery or a black suspect in a crime not get justice in that county or any county anywhere in the country for that matter. the verdict and sentence demonstrates that times have, thankfully, changed, but what really matters is the crime reminds us they have not changed enough. i always like to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. we thank you for joining us tonight. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. have a nice evening and we will see you again at 11:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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