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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> this is abc 7 news. >> i am just very appreciative of my brother. brother. >> the grieving sister of annn alameda county shares fruit is sharing her heart about the impact he made on the world and how she plans to keep his memory alive. you are watching abc at 5:00. tonight we are learning more about the 28-year-old alameda county shares for kurt who was shot and killed earlier this week. she shared shared shared sharede
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and how she hopes to carry on his legacy. >> i saw his body in the bag and they had put the flag on him. >> it is just really hard to believe that he is gone. it is not the tragedy itself that barbara draws on one thing about her big brother, david. >> as a couple trickles of blood on the floor. that is when i knew they really did try everything to bring him back. >> david was driving his personal car when he was shot and killed along 580 and oakland near the bay bridge toll plaza. >> i was like you left me. >> along with the grieving, barbara instead chooses to laugh to remember the big times. >> i smile thinking about him because he is so funny. everyone loves a brother.
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you can't hate him. craig barber credits their upbringing for their strength. he was about to graduate the alameda county shares office 172nd academy. >> we wanted a change. he was proud to be in law enforcement. >> as the investigation continues, the sheriffs office says david was killed for no apparent reason. barbara harbors no-hit for the perpetrator but is asking for justice. >> i wanted to -- i want something to come forward. it would be greatly appreciated because it will help me find closure. >> and it would rooted problem of crime in the bay area. >> keep working hard, carefree
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people and have a genuine heart for people. don't take left too seriously and enjoy the small things in life. wes in san jose, dion, abc 7 news. >> the sister of a federal security officer who was shot and killed in oakland is suing metta. david patrick underwood was shot and killed while protecting the federal courthouse. the alleged shooter was an active-duty air force staffed chardon -- staff sergeant. here is the lawsuit. it claims facebook is partly responsible for underwood's death because the suspect met and accomplished through facebook group later to the movement. it claims facebook's algorithm help to recruit members for the far right extremist group and the company did nothing to stop it. facebook says it has banned more than 1000 military social movements and that the claims are without legal basis.
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>> bay area residents and local leaders are coming together to mark one year since the deadly attack on the u.s. capitol. one rally is just getting underway at civic center plaza in san francisco with speakers labeling the siege as a violent and deadly attack. >> a daylong series of events marking the anniversary of the deadly capital insurrection. that is ramping up now in washington dc. the commemorations began with an impassioned speech by president biden inside statuary hall in the capital, a site overrun by writers a year ago. these pictures -- mr. biden forcefully called out donald trump without mentioning his name and decried his supporters who tried to block the certification of the 2020 election. >> those who stormed this capital and those who instigated and incited and those who called on them to do so held a dagger at the throat of america.
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quick speaker anti-posey honor those who fought back and let a moment of silence to mark the anniversary. republicans stayed away, except congresswoman liz cheney who was joined by her father, the former vice president. local democrats blasted the behavior of the gop colleagues since the siege and praised president biden for calling them out. >> i think his remarks were extraordinary. there were powerful, they were insightful. they were direct. >> trump hit back at mr. biden in a statement saying that the president used my name today to try to further divide america. mitch mcconnell criticized democrats, accusing them of exploiting the anniversary. >> new developers as the bay area continues to feel a surge in coronavirus cases from the omicron variant. santa cruz county officials say they are putting a strain on local hospitals and they are telling people unless you're really sick, go -- don't go to
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the er. dustin dorsey has the details. cries in santa cruz county, health officials are feeling the impact from the search of omicron. something they say they have never seen before. >> we are now reaching the peak that we had last winter, last january of 2021. it was probably the most severe strain in recent memory. >> the difference this year is the intense rate of the spike. open hundred 21 percent increase in cases in the past 14 days. county dippy health officer, dr. david give our duty says this mixed with, stream staff shortage is making life and look hospitals even more difficult, only for icu beds were available today. the county is now urging the public to only come to the emergency room if absolutely necessary. >> we want to make sure the emergency department can continue to serve those who are the sickest and when the emergency department gets overwhelmed with l tilly minor cases, that can actually
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interfere with the care of those who are really sick. >> winter symptoms become so severe you need to seek medical attention? there are key things to look out for. >> if your fevers keep on going for more than three days, you really feel faint, you just don't feel great. you have dizziness when you stand up or you really have problems with your breathing. those were kind of the symptoms that say please go to the er. >> but there is a way to avoid his symptoms and the er. >> your 15 times less likely to end up in the hospital or even more or less likely to die if you are vaccinated so do it now if you have not yet. >> if you are experiencing mild symptoms, start with your primary care doctor. dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. >> nearly 900 san francisco unified school district teachers and educators called out sick
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today, classes went on as scheduled. that is a sharp increase from yesterday haps due to a sit down organized by teachers who said the district has failed to protect them. the district and teachers unions are negotiating health and safety agreements. the unions want n95 masks for students and staff. weekly testing and an extension of paid covid sick leave. the oakland unified school district said teachers may be planning a stick out tomorrow. they warned it could significantly disrupt instruction. >> as schools try to cope with the omicron surge, many school athletic apartments have been working to do the same. zack went as has more on some of the challenges facing local sports. but our schools are doing the right thing for our kids. cripes this is the commissioner of the central coast section. it covers haskell athletic's in many public and private school from king city to san francisco. >> we have schools in our section that have closed down the remainder of the week. i have other schools that have
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had multiple positive tests and close to down athletics. >> higher education taking soma precautions. stanford athletics limiting indoor problems. course we are all tired and already for this to be gone but the virus is not done with us yet. >> dr. yvonne mel donato says studies done before omicron show that outdoor sports in general were safer for high school students. now with omicron cases skyrocketing, she says we can't be too careful. >> it keeps end up the ability. chrysler california department of public health just updated its guidance on what is considered an indoor mega event. one where hosts have to check for vaccination status were proof of a negative covid test. right now, an event indoors is 1000 people. come january 15, it is down to 500. much more common attendance numbers for many highs will competitions. statewide, high school sports
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are seeing some relief to help with scheduling nightmares caused by postpone this. the interscholastic federation has now opened up sundays for competitions to be held. despite all of the uncertainties, grisham says school sports are in a much better place than before. press the number of vaccinations out there amongst our teenagers and the adults as greatly changed the landscape. with that said, we are going to do things -- >> cal state east bay will start spring semesters virtually. cal state east bay plans to be fully remote through the end of january and san francisco state will have virtual classes through the 14th. schools have services that will stay open. the school says the changes are out of caution because of the omicron surge. press passengers who have been on a cruise ship --
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the ship is in the yellow category because of covid cases on the ship. yellow is the third level in the color-coded system that ranks the threat of covid. that means cases have been reported in .1% of passengers and in one or more crewmembers. the passengers we talked with said they feel very safe on board. >> pointy of them to get around. -- there is 20 of room to get around -- there is plenty of room to get around. >> you have to wear your mask at all times unless you are eating or drinking. even outside. >> the ruby princess conducted additional covid tests on board. they detected a small number of positive cases, all that them a symptom attic. -- asymptomatic.
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>> test kit distributions seemed a little smoother today. today, school three distribution sites. all students and staff are being asked to test twice. tomorrow and sunday before the start of school on monday. this is voluntary. the district is not requiring a negative test to return to school. >> taking extra precautions to ensure students are safe when they turn it is next week. they gave out 30,000 covid-19 antigen test. parents are encouraged to test their children before they send them to school this coming
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tuesday. >> when they come back next week, we don't want learning to be disrupted. we don't want students to start on tuesday and have to go home midweek because people are sick or the virus is spreading. we are hoping to prevent that. >> the state of permanent public health provided the test. new test site tomorrow, capable of doing 2000 tests per day. spread. >> the need for testing is growing rapidly as omicron spreads. >> i have been exposed. that is why i am here. >> only 8500 tests have been done per week. the program is being expanded. a new site will be able to handle 2000 tests per day.
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ours will be expanded soon from eight to 12 hours per day five days a week. the increased capacity hopes to address the aggravation of long lines. >> the line i started was all over down the building. i stood in line like anybody else. >> when i get really answers about -- what i really get anxious about is these huge lines. these lines are not native to san mateo county but they are throughout the bay area and throughout the state. although appointment are required, charlie taylor is forewarned on the committee site next-door. -- community site next-door. >> you might get even get tested. it did discourage me a little bit but i decided to show up anyways. >> san mateo county is buying 50,000 test kits for the most at risk and for first responders. they will be disturbing to through trust and social service agency partners and to keep them from being sold on the black
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market. >> we want to make sure that the tests get in the hands of people who needed the most. not in the hands of people who want to profit the most. >> in san mateo, abc 7 news. >> it has been 20 years of federal oversight for the open placed apartment. after the break, the latest on a check-in hearing and what is being said about the department's progress. a special edition of nfl countdown, coverage begins at noon on saturday. the kansas city chiefs followed by the cowboys and eagles
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>> new details about the federal oversight of the oakland police department. it will continue for a while longer. the federal judge says the
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department has shown improvements to the court mandated reforms but is not ready to end the federal oversight. this was part by a civil rights lawsuit. accusing them of falsifying records. the next hearing to determine if the federal oversight can and is expected to take race in april. >> and alert sent to local law enforcement reminding them that pregnant women cannot be punished for miscarriages or stillbirths. hehehehehehehehehe misinterpreted and the wrong people are being criminalized. >> the loss of a pregnancy at any stage is traumatic. it is physically traumatic, emotionally traumatic, and experience that should be met with outrage, not handcuffs and murder charges. the kings county district attorney has misinterpreted the law.
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>> he is referring to two women in that county who were charged with fetal murder for causing the stillbirth of their own fetuses through drug use. today's alert was sent to all california district attorneys. >> let move on and focus on weekend weather. >> pretty gray. >> it is really dreary. you just want to get back into bed. this weekend you will want to get out of bed because we will see more sunshine. we want to show you a beautiful view here. guess what, there is more on the way. this is about 6000 feet. expectant several inches at past levels. up to eight inches. definitely carry those chains. you might encounter some
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possible delays and you may need those chains. portion of the system as we go into tomorrow. no rain right now. just really misty. drizzly in places like half moon bay. we have seen a big improvement in our drought. just look at the statewide area here. we are still in a drought. you will notice the severe drought went from 79 to7% in a matter of two weeks with all the storms coming through. in the bay area we have severe to extreme droughts. this is not time to let their guard down but continue to conserve water. wein s a great view, looking at 80. low to mid 50's. 58 in morgan hill. we are above the marine inversion here. we are seeing some clear skies.
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51 in fairfield. it is in here. foggy overnight with drizzle. we are looking at a chilly couple of mornings ahead for this weekend with fog. be aware of that. visibility down to 2.5 miles. that is going to be changing as we go into tomorrow. we will see some rain moving in as well. this is under 2/10 of an inch. early afternoon hours. rainfall totals not impressive. 1700 -- 17 hundredths of an here. we will see some showers and for the afternoon, some peaks of son. mid to upper 50's.
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-- peaks of sun. mid to upper 50's. chillier this weekend in the mornings and then as we go into next week, we will see milder afternoons with a slight chance of showers on thursday. >> in the south bay, westfield valley mall is getting ready to start charging for parking. starting february if it could cost you. the new controlled parking program will allow people to park for free for the first two hours and after that the cost increases by dollar increments every few hours to a maximum of $10 per day. the changes are aimed at people who use parking garages as our free alternative to
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all-time, squid game. >> john madden will out davis memorial. he was the first person to ever light the torch at the open coliseum in 2011. madden passed away last week at the age of 85. all and fl teams observed a moment of silence. john madden was beloved. >> the golden state warriors could be well presented at exmouth's all-star game in cleveland. >> steph curry leaves -- leads with almost 2.5 million votes. klay thompson leads guards despite not having played since the 2019 finals but he could make his season debut this sunday after a couple of really bad injuries. andrew wiggins and draymond green are among the top five inf the frontcourt. >> world news tonight with devon
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tonight, one year since the attack on the capitol. president biden singling out former president trump. president biden saying, we must absolutely be clear what is true and what is a lie, saying the former president, quote, created and spread a web of lies about the election. that his bruised ego was more important than our democracy, our constitution. and the president said, as the nation and the world watched the horror unfold, what we didn't see. president biden saying the former president was in his private dining room off the oval office, watching it all, doing nothing to stop it. when lives were at risk, when the capitol was under attack. also tonight, the unexpected moment today on the house floor. former vice president dick cheney next to his daughter, congresswoman liz cheney. the onlywo


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