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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 5, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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covid during winter break. one county says there appears to be one similarity in a majority of its cases. >> roads finally reopen after this mess in virginia. a new problem, spots popping back up this morning as officials find out how something like this could have happened. >> good morning. you are watching abc seven mornings live. look, wherever you are, at leas you are not stuck in a 20 hour backup. >> more bad news on the east coast. an ice storm. it never ends for them. we had dense fog. limited to the north bay. ukiah to nevada. 101 certainly in this region, probably slow. elsewhere, doing better. outside, the camera showing you overcast skies. here is your day.
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some peaks of sunshine this afternoon. it is dry. you don't need raingear but sunshine limited. upper 50's to lower 60's. >> an early morning standoff in san jose is over. this is video from a few hours ago that shows this man armed with a knife and acts -- near meridian avenue and branham lane. he was seen hitting the front of businesses and eventually made his way inside a beast fitness. we reached out to san jose police for more information. >> the alameda county sheriff's office is morning a younger root shot and -- a young recruit shot and killed on the freeway. his body was escorted last night with deputies looking on. the shooting happened on westbound 584:30 yesterday afternoon. we learned the victim was set to graduate in month. amy hollyfield is joining us with what we learned. >> they don't know if this was
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random or targeted. they would like to know, but they say he was in a personal car and not in uniform. he got officer treatment in death. they draped his coffin with the american flag last night. the shooting happened 4:30 yesterday afternoon on westbound 580 near the bay bridge toll plaza. the recruit was on his home from training -- on his way home from training at the academy when he was shot and crashed the car. officers stood at attention and saluted as the body was escorted to the coroner's office last night. the recruit was set to graduate and become a deputy next month. expose person says the department is heartbroken. >> the corner's bureau has made contact with the family and we have talked with the parents. clearly they are distraught. and he does have a sister and girlfriend that came to highland
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and we did the things necessary for that family. >> the spokesperson went on to say that the department will likely release the victim's name today. they wanted to give the family some breathing room, saying this is tough. highway shootings are not unusual in the east bay. last month, the mayor wrote a letter to governor newsom asking for more plate readers and cameras on highways to spot cars involved in violent crime. no arrests have been made in this shooting yesterday. reporting live, amy hollyfield. >> thank you. we sent an alert about this news through our app. it is one way you can stay on top of news. when you download it, ensure the push alert -- enable the push alert feature. >> some pandemic headlines. california started the year by shattering covid case records, an average 59,000 new cases a
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day during the holiday weekend, more than during the peak of last winter's surge. the white house announced it will double its order of an antiviral pill to treat covid. the california department of health says a cloth mask will not be enough to protect you. it recommends wearing something like an n95 or kn95 mask. new guidance from the cdc supposed to help you make sense of the shorter isolation recommendations issued last week. the cdc says if you get covid, isolate for five days. day zero is the day you tested positive or the day symptoms started, whichever comes later. after five days of isolation, you can take a covid test if you have access to one. if it is positive, they say go back into isolation for five more days. if it is negative, you can end isolation, but you should wear a mask any time you are around others for five days. >> an increase in community
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transmission is impacting hospital capacity throughout the state and bay area. napa county is reporting there are no icu beds available. there are only two counties that limit the number of icu beds, one of them that county, and to make matters worse, shortages fueled by omicron infections. they say to the shortage is california's law for patient to nurse ratios. i hospital is also reporting a staffing shortage. officials are having to transfer patients to other floors. >> in the north bay, students and staff in one district are out because of covid. in that district, 81 students and a staff members are out after testing positive. the majority don't have symptoms. the superintendent is one of hundreds who tested positive for covid after using a take-home
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test provided by marin county schools. nearly 100,000 tests were distributed to students and staff to use. officials are reassuring parents that it is safe for their children to go to school. >> school-based transmissions are extraordinarily low. school is a safe place to be. >> to reduce transmission even more, marin county will be prohibiting indoor gatherings at schools like assemblies and prohibiting spectators, including parents, at sporting events. >> east bay schools are also grappling with covid. in oakland's district, 900 students and staff tested positive over the break. the results were in before the person came to campus in almost all cases. the district has about 40,000 students and staff. the west contra costa unified school district will require members to wear medical grade masks on the job. the superintendent said that
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everyone deserves to feel safe and the spike in cases requires further action. >> in virginia, interstate 95 is finally back open after a traffic jam that spanned two days. jobina is at the live desk with what we are learning. >> it really did paralyze the interstate. nothing was moving. a crash involving six semi trucks triggered this. on an icy stretch of i-95. all vehicles were removed from the interstate last night. drivers say they were worried about a lack of gas, food and water as temperatures dipped into the teens. senator tim kaine says it took him nearly 27 hours to make it to the capitol. he says he was stranded in his car with only an orange and a dr pepper. >> i also had a full tank of gas. the problem is a lot of people, when you are stuck that long, five miles from an interchange, and the traffic is not moving,
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people are running out of gas. >> our cell phones did not work. the internet goes in and out so we have been sitting here. >> the state's transportation commissioners as authorities did not treat the road because of the rain that fell before the snow. he says it would have washed away the chemicals and salt from the road. the tough weather is not over on the east coast. there's a ground stop at newark liberty airport in new jersey and a delay at or dia in new york because of bad weather -- at laguardia in new york because of bad weather. issues in other states this morning as well. >> you will not be able to go to this local target soon. a fire set inside the store, and police say it is not an accident. >> cars are coming back to a popular street in the south bay. an interesting reason some businesses pushed for the change
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>> look at this. yosemite is transformed into a winter wonderland after record snowfall. the park says 150 four inches of snow fell last month, making this the snowiest december since records started in 1980. the previous high was in 1996. it is beautiful. >> it is. similar story around tahoe. last month, our snowpack, 18% of normal. look at all that snow. we are at 147% of normal for this date. our snowpack is healthy at this hour. at home, visibility an issue in the north bay, one to two miles from nevada to santa rosa. dense fog along 101 in the north bay. mostly cloudy, 50's and 60's.
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59 san rafael, 58 oakland, 60 palo alto, 62 and jose. -- 62 san jose. the next chance for wet weather is friday. after friday, we have a dry pattern setting in. we will look at this in eight minutes. first, let's check the roads with jobina. good morning. >> good morning, drew. we start with the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. there is no backup. where is everyone? what is everyone doing? are you still on vacation? let me know. i am curious because the roads are clear. if you need to head out, great time. san rafael showing off 101. that roadway work has been cleared. then here we are with our drive times. the only slow down happening at the moment is out of tracy. we can see it here. 35 minutes. kumasi? >> thank you, jobina.
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the new way to get paid for recycling starting today. >> plus, if you are a star, you know you are a star. that is true for two-year-old kenzo. see his reaction to his disney doppelgänger. going viral. >>
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>> a target and albany will be closed for a few weeks after thieves set a fire inside the store as a diversion. abc7 news stopped by the parking lot. pretty much empty. the thieves struck monday morning as they were grabbing merchandise inside. someone started a fire paired that sent up smoke -- fire that sent up smoke. now it is close for repairs. >> we are working to build a
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better bay area and tracking traffic. a downtown san jose street is reopening to cars and there is disagreement about whether that's a good idea. expand temporarily onto the street for outdoor dining. restaurants begin removing their structures. a councilman said the city did not have support for all the businesses on that block to keep it closed. >> we did not want to keep doing something that hinders business as we emerge out of the pandemic and hoping to get back to normal. >> some of the businesses have good reasons for wanting cars back. and i definitely want to respect that, but with omicron surging, it is a big punch for the bars and restaurants on the street. >> we are told there's hope for the potential of a hybrid street closure in the future. >> san francisco's new mobile
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recycling program launches today. residents can redeem cans, plastic and bottles for money. it is called the bank pilot program. michael finney first reported on the program in february of 2020. here's how it works. you get specialized bags with a barcode at participating stores. you fill your bag up and drop it off at a collection site. you can download the bottle bank app and register for an account. the money goes directly into your account when the cans and bottles are sorted. >> it is a heartwarming video going viral of perhaps the biggest fan of the new hit disney movie. a two-year-old boy seeing himself as a character. will ganz has more on the message it is sending to moviemakers. >> hi. >> there he is, the star of the show. what is up, kenzo? >> what is up?
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>> that is a two-year-old. this is antonio from a new disney movie, enan >> >> -- the resemblance uncanny, something kenzo himself noticed. >> i truly believe he thought it was him. this is his reaction. he kept staring at the screen and smiling. >> mom and dad catching the moment. >> to see how ecstatic he was. he clapped. he was excited. >> the photo going viral, along with the hash tag, #representationmatters. >> growing up for me, that was not necessarily -- you know, something you often see. it made me feel little emotional to think that my son was able to see this and have this experience and just for so many
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other black and brown boys and girls to have that experience was amazing. >> comments pouring in in support of him and his on-screen twin. "this is why representation matters." it is good seeing us on tv. >> a big moment for us, but for him, it will be, i feel, and i am hoping it will be just -- it will become normal. >> it will be nice to tell and show him. >> will ganz, abc news, new york. >> adorable. the character is afro latino, which shows representation across latin america. his favorite movie used to be line came. looks like it is now this movie. >> why does he look like the character? crazy. >> he was wearing a shirt and so was the character. it all works. >> anything is possible. that is cool. the lion king, still great.
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no? >> i have not seen encanto. have you? >> i have not. >> lion king is not my number one. >> what is? i will go with my girl belle i think. >> live action? >> no. >> now that i am older, i see how it can be toxic. >> beauty and the beast? >> falling in love with your captor? >> not great. >> he learns to love. >> the songs still hit. >> they are bangers. >> hearing them in the vegas clubs. get down to it. >> maurice, hurry up, uh-uh. >> if you don't have the base, it means nothing. we have clouds. the north bay. we are finding issues in terms of fog.
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you see the bright overcast sky from marin to sonoma county. anywhere from a mile to an -- to a mile and a half from marin to santa rosa. for this time of morning, this time of the year, it is low. 50's, not too chilly. you don't need raingear today or tomorrow. the storm as well to the north, the pacific northwest. it will stay there for the next several days. cloud cover intact. forming through the 50's. by the afternoon, limited sunshine. some spots will hit the low 60's. later, upper 50's to low 60's. 57 napa. overnight tonight, we will find clouds hanging with us. mid 40's to 50's. here is the next chance of rain,
6:22 am
friday morning. a quick moving system. it is light and out of here by friday afternoon. after that, we have a dry pattern. saturday and sunday, enjoy it. even next week, that continues. reggie, kumasi? >> we will bring in ginger with a look at what is happening on gma at 7:00. hi, ginger. >> hi. great to be with everybody. we are following the latest on breaking news in chicago. more than 300,000 public-school students will not be attending class today. the teachers union and city officials are at odds over covid concerns. omicron we now know accounting for more than an estimated 95% of new cases in the u.s. michigan and ohio, down to theto texas panhandle. right here, we have freezing rain. we have had many accidents. i have a lot to talk about.
6:23 am
a record number of americans quitting their jobs now. no idea. we will tell you how you can land your dream job if you've quit your other one, or how you can ask for a raise. and we have chip and joanna gaines in texas taking their magnolia empire to a new level. i did not know that was possible. what is next? >> ginger is everywhere too. you have a lot going on. >> what's next? >> yeah. i have to get my husband on the environmental and climate board. we can be the chip and joanna of the planet. that is the plan for now. >> i like it. by the way, ginger, i let drew borrow your book monday. he's already done. so now we have two members of our staff who have gone through your book already. >> he is an over achiever. kumasi, you are next. >> jobina has dibs and then i
6:24 am
get it. >> ok. >> this is like a library we have going on. >> thank you>>. >> we will all have read it by the time it is out next week. we are interviewing you next week about it so we look forward to it. >> good. looking forward to seeing you. >> thank
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>> a california conservative talkshow host, larry elder, says he will not run for governor. elder was the leading republican candidate in last year's field recall of gavin newsom. instead, he says he has formed a political action committee called elder for america that will focus on fundraising to help republicans win key seats in the house and senate. >> there will soon be a book about betty white. they are releasing this. the actress died last week, 17 days from her 100th birthday. the company says the comic book
6:27 am
will trace white's life. >> new developments in the case of a baby on the cover of nirvana's album never mind. a judge has dismissed the lawsuit from the now 30-year-old man on the cover. he claimed his nude image was child pornography. the defendants included dave girl and kurt cobain's estate. the man says he suffered lifelong damages from the photo. nirvana's attorney says he profited off the cover for decades. next, watch where you water. a mandatory drought restriction in effect in california. the activities that could end up costing some a $500 fine. plus -- >> it might be a wonderful way for some to travel but now is not the time. don't do it. >> the top story you are clicking on now. a woman from napa on accrues now
6:28 am
sick and stuck in florida with covid even though everyone had to be vaccinated.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> breaking now, a local sheriff's office recruit set to graduate next month shot and killed near the bay bridge toll plaza. detectives are putting the pieces together. >> covid confusion. questions being asked about isolation time and if your cloth mask is ok when it comes to fighting the omicron variant. we are breaking it down. >> we had to build an entire system to figure this out. pasting notes to the court room wall. it covered an entire wall. >> behind-the-scenes details on the theranos trial. two local jurors now describing their methods in convicting
6:31 am
holmes. their exclusive interview with abc news. >> good morning. you are watching abc7 mornings live. we are starting with our forecast withdrew. -- with drew. >> we had some dense fog along the coast and parts of the north bay. down to half a mile in spots, especially half moon bay. a mile to one mile and a half from nevada to santa rosa. here's that fog on the golden gate bridge. a look from our camera. we start overcast. dry, no raingear needed. mostly cloudy today. 60's this afternoon. >> an investigation underway into another deadly freeway shooting in the east bay. an alameda county sheriff's office recruit was shot and build on -- and killed on westbound 580 yesterday. amy hollyfield is alive with more on that development. >> the department is said to bee
6:32 am
heartbroken and disturbed by this senseless act of gun violence. deputies covered the recruit's coffin with an american lag and saluted -- american flag and saluted as it was escorted to the coroner's office last night. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon on westbound 580 near the bay bridge told -- toll plaza. the recruit was on his way home from training at the academy when he was shot. it is not known whether this was random or he was targeted. they say he was in his own car and not in uniform. >> you don't think this will happen but the highways certainly, lately, have been having a lot of issues with gunshots and now it is hitting home. >> highway shootings are not unusual in the east bay. the oakland mayor wrote a letter
6:33 am
to the governor asking for more license plate readers and surveillance cameras on the highway to spot cars involved in violent crimes. no arrests have been made in this shooting of this sheriff baca recruit. the department says they will likely release his name today. they want to give the family time and breathing room. they say this is tough. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> classes have been canceled in chicago after the teacher's union refused to return to work over the omicron variant. the cdc is expected to sign off on pfizer's boosters for teens 12 to 15, with shots in arms as soon as tomorrow. this comes as the cdc updates its guidance for the isolation. -- isolation period after a positive test. >> they are trying to clear up something from last week. try to follow me. it is recommending people
6:34 am
without symptoms and isolation after five days instead of 10 without a test. according to them, the changes motivated by science showing the majority of covid transmission happens early in the worse of illness -- the course of illness, generally the first and second days prior to showing symptoms, and then two to three days after. they had that americans who can and want to test should opt for a rapid test but stopped short of mandating it. if you test positive after five days, they say, isolate for another five. if negative, leave isolation but wear a mask and avoid high-risk activity. >> it is about the fact that there's not enough test. if every american had access to five tests at home, we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> it is unclear when the 500 million free test kits promised by the white house will be available to the public. the white house says the first deliveries will start later this
6:35 am
month. yesterday, president biden announced that the federal government is doubling the purchase of a covid antiviral pill to 20 million. >> thank you. we are hearing a lot about the effectiveness of the cloth masks many have been wearing for nearly two years. the california department of public health now recommends you avoid cloth masks because of the omicron. . n95, k paired with a cloth mask is now being recommended. with the virus staying in the air longer than other variants, these can best protect you. >> upping your mask game is important. you can go into a room and a person who has covid could have left, but these dots, virus particles, still linger in the air. you move around from place to place.
6:36 am
you don't want anything to get inside of you. >> california's indoor mask mandate remains in place until at least january 15. >> it is certainly feeling kind of like 2020. just one week after the cdc warned people to not travel on cruises because of a surge of cases, we are hearing from an apple woman who got sick and is known quarantined in florida. >> it might be a wonderful way for some to travel but now was not the time. don't do it. >> sue waggoner tested positive while sailing through the caribbean on a norwegian cruiseship. it ended and started in port canaveral, florida. she says sometimes people wore masks, but throughout much of the trip, did not. she has canceled her flight to california and does not know when she can go home. she urges others to avoid cruises altogether now. >> i made the decision to do the cruise knowing this could be
6:37 am
an outcome, but i think i was lulled into a false sense of safety, thinking with all the procedures and precautions on the ship, i would be ok. but it wasn't the case. >> we have reached out to norwegian d a response. it's policy is for all guests and proved to be fully -- and crew to be fully vaccinated two weeks prior to departure. >> a large number of city employees have been infected and are at home isolating. yesterday, mayor breed said, while there may disruptions, residents should expect things to function. >> transit will be running. we are asking for your patience . front-line workers will be putting in overtime to make up for their colleagues in quarantine. trash is still being picked up, police are on patrol, and firefighters stand ready to respond.
6:38 am
>> the police department department had the most members in isolation, with 186. muni has 85. local jurisdictions are taking action to stop the spread of covid. the san jose police department is reducing services at its headquarters, tempora larry -- headquarters, temporarily barring people from filing police reports at the office. other offices will be limited to some requests. san mateo is following the lead of contra costa, stopping jury trials for two week. -- for two weeks. go to our website, abc7newnewnee for testing information. >> the dixie fire burned nearly one million acres last summer and more than 1000 buildings in butte, plumas, shasta and other counties. a tree that came into contact
6:39 am
with electrical distribution lines sparked the fire near orville. it is now in the hands of the butte county d.a.'s office. >> some could face drought restrictions. if water runs off to the street when you water your lawn, that can get you a fine. using drinking water to wash a sidewalk or driveway can also get you fined. washing a car without a nozzle on the hose will cost you $500. >> a record job exodus across america. more people quitting than ever. experts have a few reasons why. >> you are looking at the big board of the new york stock exchange. slightly negative territory. an update next. >> off to a great start for the water year, but still in a severe drought. we need more rain. we only have one chance in the next seven days. fog an issue this morning.
6:40 am
we will switch to visibility mode. in the north bay, dense fog. one mile of visibility from petaluma to santa rosa. 101 especially impacted this morning. even along the coast, half moon bay impacted as well. that will linger through 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. temperatures basically in the low 50's. not too chilly for this time of year. let's go hour-by-hour. later today, 9:00 a.m., still socked in with cloud cover. later this afternoon, should see some sunshine here or there, but clouds will rule our sky for much of the day today. under those cloudy skies, you don't need raingear. dry, upper 50's to lower 60's. 58 san francisco, 62 san jose, 59 santa rosa, filet hoe and conquered -- santa rosa, vallejo, and concord.
6:41 am
the next chance for any wet weather will come friday. after that, dry over the weekend and next week. after friday, we could go one to two weeks underneath this dry pattern. we will show you the chance here on friday coming up in nine minutes. first, a check of our roadways. >> we are going to start with a crash i am falling in hayward. it will be on southbound 880 at a street. zooming into the map so you can see the impacted area. it is slow, around 20 miles per hour. heads up moving through hayward. our drive times. everything is on time for the most part. the slowest spot is 238 to the maze, 48 minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 5:56. there's a fog advisory for the bridge. you can also see fog in san rafael, showing off 101. one more drive time for the bay bridge. you can see
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> we are hearing from two of the jurors in the trial of former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes. one of them was mike, a 60-year-old from santa cruz. though he felt the guilty verdict was just, it was still hard for him to convict her. >> i thought that she was genuine and i trusted her testimony to be honest. >> wayne katz -- kotz,otz,otz,o, 64-year-old juror says that, three days into the deliberations, they had reached a decision on eight of the 11 counts, but spent the remaining days deadlocked on the remaining counts that were declared a mistrial. she faces 20 years in prison for each charge.
6:45 am
you can see more coming up on good morning america. >> oakland resident and current jeopardy champion amy schneider says she was robbed at gunpoint. two robbers approached her neared lenox and montesinos sunday. they took personal items including her id, phone and credit cards. she wrote about it on twitter, saying she had trouble sleeping after it happened. no arrests. schneider has now won 25 games on jeopardy, bringing her winnings to nearly $900,000. if the streak continues, she could hit $1 million this week. jeopardy heirs weekday nights at 7:00 right here. the search is on for this stolen dog. a thief grabbed summer the dog by the harness and took off yesterday. this was in hayes valley at the corner of octavia and waller streets. investigators hope her microchip will help them look for her. if you have seen her or have
6:46 am
information, call san francisco police. >> new developments around the anniversary tomorrow of the u.s. capitol attack. lawmakers are looking for answers from sean hannity about his communications with the white house before the attack. president trump has announced a change of plans. here is andrew debord. >> former president trump has canceled the news conference he was scheduled to hold tomorrow marking the anniversary of the january 6 attack as gop leaders plan to avoid any commemoration of the day. from's fellow republicans had voiced concern. west virginia senator shelley moore capito saying i don't think it's a good idea. one year has passed, but the fbi says it is on the hunt for as many as 350 violent suspects. abc is learning new details about the scale. police say a crowd of 10,000 surrounded the capital with 2000 illegally entering, twice the number first suspected.
6:47 am
the house committee investigating the riot is seeking cooperation from a key trump ally, asking sean hannity to respond to questions about his communications with trump. newly released text messages reveal hannity, one week before the riot, appeared to trump osco chief of staff, mark meadows, that white house lawyers were on the verge of resigning, saying we cannot lose the entire white house counsel's office. i do not see january 6 happening the way he's being told. on the people of the riot, hannity seemed to sa sound the d alarm, saying i am worried. -- he cannot mention the election again, ever. i did not have a good call with him today and i am not sure what is left to do work say -- do or say and i don't like not knowing if it is understood.
6:48 am
andrew denver, new york. >> sean hannity did not address the requests last night but lawmakers as they remain concerned about the constitutional implications as it relates to the first amendment. >> an at home covid test is getting more expensive depending on where you buy it. walmart and kroger, which owns food 4 less and food scope -- foods co., are raising prices on buying -- binax test kits. new numbers show a record number of americans are quitting or changing jobs, with labor shortages giving jobseekers the upper hand. the latest data finds that a record 4.5 million workers quit in november. experts say that reasons people are leaving their jobs may vary. >> may be because they see a good market, so they are saying,
6:49 am
i can take that risk. there are jobs available. part of it could be inflation. >> the labor department data is based on numbers from before the surge. experts believe the impact of omicron on the job market won't be seen until this month's data is released. we take a look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. still in negative territory but just barely, down 12 points. >> airbnb is planning -- is banning hosts in oregon from being able to see guests guestss names before they stay, after some people suggested that it could lead to discrimination. airbnb said that while we have made progress, we have more to do. we will continue working with hosts and guests and civil-rights leaders to make our community inclusive. >> dubnation getting hyped for the return of klay thompson. the warriors are expected to
6:50 am
make a decision friday on the exact return date. reports have been circulating that the splash brother will return sunday at chase center. on the secondary market, ticket prices are soaring, starting at about $260. a few weeks ago, under $100. thompson has been out the past few seasons after tearing his acl and then his achilles tendon. >> new gadgets and technology will be on display at ces in vegas today. everybody has to show proof of vaccination, wear a mask and testing will be done on site. some big names cancel plans to attend in person. still, more than 2000 exhibitors will be there. >> we are focusing on food technology, innovation and agriculture, which is exciting. our car story is great. we have over 190 car companies, including hyundai and bmw, and
6:51 am
vietnam's first car company. >> this year's event has been shortened significantly. it will wrap up on friday. new at 6:00, one of the machines debuting at the event, a fully autonomous john deere tractor. it is 44,000 pounds. it has 12,000 cameras and other technology to make it so my around the field. a farmer will control it through a smartphone app. it will be available this year for a little more than $500,000. >> ok. i know it is hard to believe -- i have never been a farmer -- but i feel like that is cool. >> i used to love to get on a tractor. an old-school john deere tractor. >> i feel like this will make it more efficient and save farmers money. i am all for it. >> that's a lot of money. >> did you invent a driverless tractor? >> no. that is why i am sitting here. >> but the fun is to ride it.
6:52 am
>> i have never written a tractor -- ridden a tractor. >> what else have you not done? >> let's go outside right now. reduced visibility in the north bay. fog will linger. the clouds will stay in place for much of the day. live doppler 7 really quiet across much of california. our storm track well to the north, aimed at the pacific northwest. that will remain there today and tomorrow. it is not until friday that we see our next chance for rain. hour-by-hour later today, cloud cover intact. numbers will slowly warmed through the 50's. you will not need rain here today. mild afternoon as well. by 3:00,ppn. ok at highs today. 62 san jose, palo alto, 58 san francisco, oakland, 59 santa rosa, same in concord, 60
6:53 am
fairfield p will linger overnight. with that, we don't get too cold. no 30's on the board. we will stay in the 40's to 50's into thursday. thursday is totally dry. friday, rain returns in the morning, first in the north bay, light. not a lot of moisture. by 7:00 a.m., moving south but falling apart. by 10:00 a.m., much of the rain already out of here. friday afternoon, we will end with sunshine to finish. total rainfall, not a lot of rain. it falls during the commute. we will have some slick roadways and reduced visibility. the seven day forecast. limited sunshine today and tomorrow. rain friday. after that, a dry and bright weekend. that continues next week. >> thank you. new at 6:00, this is wild. cloudy with a chance of fish? this is in texas.
6:54 am
someone noticing fish scattered around a parking lot andtexaa -n texarkana. they fell from the sky. the fish raining event was confirmed because of heavy storms with large hail and tornado warnings last week. four locations reported a freefall of fish in town. how does this happen? animal rain is a phenomenon when small water animals like frogs, crabs and fish are swept up in waterspouts and rain down during the storm. while. -- wild. kentucky fried chicken is now out without the chicken. the restaurant will start selling a plant-based alternative. beyond fried chicken. the chain partnered with beyond meet to start testing this in 2020. it is heading to menus nationwide for a limited time.
6:55 am
that starts monday. you can get beyond fried chicken in a combo or by itself as a six or 12 piece. a kentucky fried miracle. look at the bucket. it is still finger licking good. >> that is nice. >> i'm in. >> i know you are and i am happy for you. >> you have tried the fake fried chicken -- the fake chicken nuggets that i had. >> yes. >> those were good. workday -- worked they - >> i have hope. >> you need an option. >> it is still good. >> next, seven things you need to know. >> we look outside. where's the look? there is. >> look again.
6:56 am
>> there it is again.
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> if you are just joining us, the seven things to know this morning. later today, the alameda county sheriff's office will release the name of the recruit shot and killed on 580 in oakland yesterday. he was on his way home from the academy to san francisco when someone fired a gun into his car. >> a standoff with san jose police has ended with a suspect under arrest. the man was armed with a knife and axe on meridian avenue overnight. he's receiving a mental health evaluation. >> california's department of public health recommends an n95 or similar masks, sing cloth masks are not enough to protect you. >> the powerball jackpot tonight has grown to at least $610 million, the seventh highest jackpot in powerball history. two dollars gets you a chance. that drawing at 8:00 p.m. >> visibility issues on the
6:59 am
coast and in the north bay. here's how your day is shaping up. overcast. it is dry but mostly cloudy. upper 50's to lower 60's this afternoon. >> fog will play a role in your commute. we have a fog advisory for the bay bridge. this is a picture of the golden gate bridge. you cannot make it out because of the fog quite yet. i guess we have made it past peppermint latte season because now another seasonal favorite is back. today, you can get a pistachio latte made with nuts, salted brown butter toffee. this means that reggie is going. >> i was going to say. >> we have to go. >> this is a thing? >> we all fall for it anytime there's something new at starbucks. >> i love pistachio. >> have you had this? >> never. >> ok. >> it looks like the reg is
7:00 am
going to be taking a trip. we will let you know on social media if it is any good. >> we will. >> good morning, america, for our viewers in the west, on this wednesday morning. the new covid concerns for kids, schools and teachers reaching a boiling point. breaking overnight, classes canceled. more than 300,000 public school students will not be attending class in one of the nation's largest districts. the chicago teachers union and city officials at odds over covid safety concerns. now when will the teachers agree to return? omicron now accounting for 95% of new cases in the u.s. this, as the world is less than a month away from the olympics in bejing. but china is cracking down with strict lockdowns in some cities as the country begins to welcome athletes for the games. blizzard warning. the midwest bracing for whiteout conditions, and with two winter


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