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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 3, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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i think it is the perfect way to kick off 2022. hello. >> look at that highlight reel. [laughter] reggie: matt please say a happy new year to all of you because it is the first time i have seen you. >> happy new year. drew: i am really excited to be part of this family permanently. i love you guys. it is a great way to start the new year and this morning. i'm sure we will be together for a long time. we are tracking somewhat weather on this monday. it is not a lot of rain, but it is beginning to move on short in california. we will track some showers in the next 24 hours. here is a life look. mostly cloudy skies. first thing this morning, we will find showers in the north bay. in the afternoon and evening, they synced south. it is not a washout day, but you will need the umbrella from time to time. >> thank you.
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it is the first week of 2022 and that means students across the bay area are preparing to head to school. the first step is getting a covid test. amy hollyfield is joining us live with how district's are preparing it -- preparing. amy: it is not every day that you see students lining up to take a test, but this is what happened this weekend. this has happening at some schools around the bay area today. winds around schools to pick up take-home covid tests. schools say these are not required, but are recommended. the response has been enthusiastic. parents across the bay area are looking to see if there students are negative or covered before returning to class. the students we talked to work happy to comply. >> we are all going to feel safer because i know that i don't have the virus. >> we are really proud. this can unity has stepped forward to do what is necessary to get tested. there really proud of the way
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this community has stepped forward to take care of each other. amy: the state has sent 2 million tests to school districts across the region to help with this effort. in oakland, tests were sent home with kids for the break to have a jumpstart on this demand. if students test positive, they are told to stay home and isolate, and report the results to the online help department. some school districts are concerned about a shortage of substitute teachers to fill in if teachers test positive in high numbers. in that case, we may see some classes go to zoom, but that would just be classes. you won't see entire schools shut down. there is a strong push from government leaders to keep schools open, keep kids in class, and do it safely. even the u.s. education secretary tweeting that schools should be approaching omicron with caution, not fear. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: thank you.
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today, the fda is reportedly expected to expand the pfizer booster shot for 12-year-olds to 15-year-olds. the booster is also expected to be authorized for children as young as five years old with immune deficiencies. this comes as the cdc is changing current guidance for what to do if you test positive. jobina: it is also saying that they are planning to allow adolescence to get the booster five months after their second dose. now, it is six-month after two doses. this comes as the u.s. breaks numbers for covid cases nationwide. the daily average of new cases is nearly 400,000. the number of people hospitalized is approaching 100,000. dr. anthony fauci says the cbc may -- cdc may change guidance once again. they may recommend a pursing gets a covid test before ending isolation. lastly, the cdc shortening the isolation period from 10 days to five days.
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right now, they are not requiring a negative >> test. >>there has been some concern about why we don't ask people to get tested. that is now something that is under consideration. jobina: dr. fauci also says he hopes what he describes as a severe search will peak within a few weeks. testing is still in high demand. quest diagnostics, one of the largest testing companies in the country, says their turnaround time for result has gone up to three days from the average of one day. reggie: thank you. if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. just go to and click on the big blue box. kumasi: there is an investigation this morning that started with a frightening crime and lead to a woman dead. someone called 911 about a welfare check. the caller said the victim feared her ex-boyfriend was following her. when officers got there, witness said they solved the victim inside of a car that sped away. officers tried to stop the car,
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but the suspect led them to fremont, where the car crash. the s s s s s s self-inflicted injuries and injuries from the car. the victim was found dead in the back of the car. if you or someone you know is dealing with gnostic violence, you can go to action and put together -- and take a look at the local resources that can help. reggie: elizabeth holmes trial will resume liberation's today. the panel of eight men and four women finished the liberations for 2021 on wednesday. if convicted on federal fraud charges, she faces up to 20 years in prison, as well as a quarter million dollars in fines. she has pled not guilty. you can get caught up on this whole thing with a podcast called "the dropout." you can listen to that wherever you stream your podcasts.
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kumasi: another couple attacked in oakland chinatown just the day after christmas. the item the thief may have been after. reggie: plus, california's rain at rebound. heading in a positive direction with recent storms, but how far are we to getting back to normal? drew: meteorologist drew tuma tracking the storm today. it is a level one, with light showers through out the day. the highest amounts will be found in the north bay. we will go hour-by-hour in the new year, new start.
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reggie: there is no information about the drought. the national weather service says california has received more rain so far this water year than all of last water year. the water year is from october 1 through september 30. from october 1 2021 to january a
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1, we got 3.9 trillion gallons of water. willie got 3.6 trillion gallons all of the previous water year. these were two of the driest years ever. while these new numbers seem pretty great, water officials say much more rain is needed to get us out of the drought. drew: we love to see this great start to the water year. the drought monitor, this is last week. last week, one quarter of the state was an exceptional drought. that is the most extreme category. the drought monitor updated and we improved a lot. we essentially write out that exceptional category across all of california, even here in the bay area. i know it is weird are to sate severe drought is an improvement, but a lot of us were in exceptional drought. we are moving in the right direction and we are getting some more what weather later today. not a lot, but some light showers. they are on this morning, much of the rain first thing focused
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in the north bay. throughout the north -- got the afternoon and evening, they begin to sink south. it is a level 1 storm on the storm impact scale. you will need the umbrella from time to time. highs today are in the upper 40's and middle 50's. hope to see more storms come the next couple of days. jobina: are you me? drew: i would love to be you. you cast me? you are fabulous. jobina: i just want to let everybody know, hey, good morning, that meter lights are not on at the bay toll plaza. we have had light traffic through out the morning. you're making your way to san francisco on westbound 80, there is a stall that is locking the lane right at fremont. other than that, it is a clear ride. this bridge, normally we would see it picking up around 6:00 this morning, but that is clear, too.
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i think the real testament to have light traffic is as the drivetime coming out of tracy. 24 minutes from tracy to dublin. antioch to concord on time. kumasi: thank you. new develop men's and the battle over the 5g internet roll up. verizon and at&t are pushing ahead wednesday's service launch. the companies have rejected a hold off requested by the faa. they are concerned that 5g could interfere with electronic systems that pilots use to land. verizon and at&t are willing to limit 5g around certain airports for the next six months while the faa studies the effect. reggie: a tv remote that will do away with any remote batteries once and for all. samsung introduced its first eco-remote last year. it was able to be charged using solar power through outdoor or indoor light. now it is even better, because
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it has been upgraded to let you charge it using radio waves through your wi-fi router. samsung estimates a switch to sustainably powered tv remote could reduce the waste of 99 million batteries over just seven years. kumasi: i like that. what austin wi-fi charge? -- what else can wi-fi charge? g het th cgeheeme? arwe ok? -- kumasi, canowo they are one in 2 million. reggie: this is my nightmare. a new mexico tram ride. these people caught in that thing all night long on new year's eve.
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reggie: a brazen robbery in oakland's chinatown is pumping some of the community to make changes. these two seniors were leaving a friend's jewelry stop the day after christmas. he will see what happened. the menu you see in this video says the suspect drew a gun and demanded his wife's purse. both of them, as you can see, fell during this confrontation. here is another angle. you see that suspect running away into a getaway car with the woman's purse in his hand. the president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce says crime was actually down in the neighborhood before the holidays and he is going to be lobbying for our to keep people safe. >> not only would we require more police presence in the community, we also need to install additional cameras and also license plate viewers because this has proven successful in many cities. reggie: the couple didn't have any jewelry in the purse. when jewelry shop owner says he recently added private security
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to protect his store. kumasi: one of the survivors of the 2015 deadly balcony collapse has died. the 27-year-old died on saturday in dublin, ireland after having a stroke. it is not clear whether that was related to the injuries related to the collapse six years ago. six young people died, including a woman and a five fire students who were in brooklyn for the summer. they testified in 2016, urging lawmakers to reggie: two cable cars froze because of severe icing. we are hearing about the ordeal from the people who were stuck inside. it took 15 hours to rescue the 21 passengers who were stranded. this is video of them huddled in thermal blankets, trying to sleep. wow. that man is not sleeping. he is angry.
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the trim is the longest aerial tram in the country. no one got hurt. the group said they would swap stories to try to pass the time. one person said people later group pre-frustrated. >> we were sitting there in 20 degree weather and shivering. you are cold, your feet are freezing, and you wonder if you will die in the tramp are. reggie: rescuers used ropes to repel the people to the ground. one employee was stuck in a trim higher up the mountain and had to wait even longer than the others. kumasi: they were by themselves. reggie: that might be better. can we talk about the bathroom situation? i always think about that. kumasi: a monterey county family celebrating the arrival of twins that were born in different years. here the story. reporter: the odds of having twins is roughly one in 250.
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>> i never thought that i would have twins. reporter: the odds of having twins born on two different days, in two different mons, into different years? >> i was so shocked and happy.nh i was so relieved. i was just surprised. it is a blessing. reporter: one baby born december 31, 2002 anyone. a few in its later, his sister born at exactly midnight on january 1, 2022. the twins were technically born in different years, a one in 2 million chance. both mom and dad in the extended family were shocked. >> we were surprised. reporter: the doctor saying in a statement that this was definitely one of the most memorable deliveries of his
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career. it was an absolute pleasure to help these little ones arrive here safely in 2021 and 2022. what an amazing way to start the new year. the miracle twins recovering back home. >> that's the girl. reporter: she is beautiful. the mother saying she is honored her newborn boy and girl can be a sign of hope as we ring in the new year. >> anything is possible. every child is a blessing. reporter: the baby boy is named after his grandfather, the baby girl after her grandmother, but mother says she can't tell who they take over in terms of -- take after interns of personality, but everybody is happy. reggie: you know i haven't between nieces. they are adorable, but they don't want to sleep. they don't want to nap. they have each other. that is trouble. kumasi: that is trouble.
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but they like your gift. reggie: they loved my gift. we had so much fun with them. i don't have to deal with any of the consequences. i can just show up, we have this gift, these magnets that none of us had when we were kids. then, when they start screaming -- kumasi: you left. [laughter] drew: as in being uncle the best? the tears start coming and you can just leave. reggie: i can just hand them over. i'm going to get a starbucks. drew: let's talk about the coastal flood advisory we have later on today. it is through 2:00 p.m. . high tide in san francisco is around 11:02. with minor coastal flooding. this is thethis is thethis is ts with these king tides. across the region, 17 degrees warmer in santa rosa compared to
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this time yesterday. this is because we have increased cloud cover and a southerly breeze. temperatures right now are in the 40's. the only 30's we have our in livermore brentwood right now. much of the moisture moisture mr be confined to the pacific northwest. we are on the tail end of this cold front. some light showers out there. it is a level one on the storm e highest rainfall totalsrnvie found in the north bay. some have a little bit over one quarter of an inch. some drop dramatically getting a little bit of snow out of this, too. winter weather advisory through the sierra starting at 4 p.m. today through tomorrow morning. slick travel and poor visibility is in the forecast for this year. back here at home, upper 40's to middle 50's. 55 is a popular temperature today, with increased cloud cover. overnight tonight, a chance of a shower.
6:22 am
not as cold as we were over the weekend. temperatures only dropping into the upper 40's and lower 50's. for the next seven days, a few light showers today, and isolate a chance tomorrow, but a better chance coming up on wednesday. we are dry on thursday and for much of the day on friday. from friday night and into saturday, some light showers returning. reggie: thank you. we are turning to ginger, with a live look at what is coming up on "gma" today. it is great to hear drew's voice. congratulations on day one. i was feeling like it wasn't cold for just a few seconds. now, it is really cold and i am tracking a storm. he is powerful, but just not that powerful. nobody can get that out of me. we have much to get to hear on "gma" and that includes theludee flight nightmare for 2 million folks expected to travel today. hundreds of flights were
6:23 am
canceled over the weekend. airlines are blaming the weather, which is trouble, but also staff shortages due to covid. we will tell you how that impacts you are one of those 2.5 million people. also had, the new covenant numbers are in and the new daily average is up more than 400,000 cases. as parents are sending their kids -- i sent mine -- back to school this morning. when will the fda authorize boosters for young teens? we will get into that. we also have to celebrate our at betty white. i say that as if she is all of ours. the golden girl who made us laugh for more than 80 years of her career. unbelievable. we have a new series that you don't want to mess, called " level up." we are leveling up a six-year-old drivers life. see my lower lips freezing into that -- it's not moving. i am not here for january, i think. can i come west? reggie: you are always invited.
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also, to commemorate drew's first day, i'm going to let him borrow our copy of your book because ginger and i texted about it this weekend. it comes out next week officially. it is so thin. it is really good. it goes really deep. >> thank you. it is a lot closer to home. you are in my home. reggie: we go in your brain for a little while, too. it is good stuff. [laughter] >> thank you so much. reggie: it is really good stuff. i'm looking forward to everyone getting the chance to read it. we will talk about it more. always good
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drew: good morning. 6:26 a.m. on monday. here's a look at the camera, bouncing around a little bit as the breeze picks up from the south. we're currently dry right now, but we are expecting some showers later today and throughout the rest of the area. here is your day planner.
6:27 am
chances found in the north bay, then in the afternoon and evening, showers begin to sink south. from 4:00 to 6:00, most of us have a good chance of seeing a light shower. it is not a washout of a day, but you will find it somewhat weather over the next 24 hours. kumasi: thank you. and antioch women's memories of this christmas are going to laugh -- lest for a lifetime. >> tickets. >> for what? >> [screaming] kumasi: he sought there. she got lakers tickets. it was an amazing gift, but the back story is even better. she has special needs and is a diehard warriors fan. her father, who passed away a few months ago, was a diehard warriors -- lakers fan. she wanted to see the warriors and lakers play, and she will be
6:28 am
able to do just that. >> you will be able to see the warriors play. >> [screaming] kumasi: no matter your age or disability, dreams do come true. reggie: we need to get the update. i want to see the video of when she first walks into the chase center and she first sees the players come out. i want every inch of this. kumasi: right. even that was like, yes. reggie: i want the whole reveal. coming up at 6:30, the easy way you can dig that christmas tree for free in one bay area county and how long you have to be able to do that. kumasi: plus, the change to your
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: the post holiday testing tips. the wait times are real out there. experts say that once you have
6:31 am
one, the timing is critical to getting accurate results. one top doctor sharing the best way to get results. kumasi: happening now, a snow emergency and washington, d.c. check out this video. it is outside the u.s. capitol. it is adding to a rough day of travel ahead and cancellations already in bay area airports. reggie: here, we will see some winter rain. meteorologist drew tuma timing out areas getting hit later this morning. kumasi: good morning everybody. is monday, january 3. happy 202022. you're watching abc sevenmorn drew is with us this mornings -- this morning. drew: we are tracking some light rain coming our way in the next 24 hours. all the east coast gets wallopet is just a light and quick moving system. it is beginning to move on shore in northern california. just some light rain right now. that storm will move south throughout the day. outside, we have a live look at
6:32 am
the golden gate bridge. dry roads that will change later on this afternoon. here's your day planner. best chances first thing this morning are in the north bay area. they will move south. between 4:00 and 6:00, we all have a chance of scattered showers. kumasi: thank you. developing is his money, the spread of cover 19 and storms across the country are causing a travel nightmare for millions of people who are trying to get back home from the holidays. want to take you live now to washington, d.c. it is hard to see anything because of all that snow. the u.s. capitol is in the background somewhere. the district mayor has issued a snow emergency, as the one inch to two inches of snowfall hits an hour. jobina: i'm just stunned by that life picture you just showed it that was my view for my dorm room in d.c. that is a really rare site. also rare here is about 1000 flights canceled for today
6:33 am
already. that is what we are seeing. this is been happening for nearly two weeks. the airline industry has been going into a meltdown, resulting in thousands of delays and cancellations aired analysts say the cause of severe winter weather and the rapid spread of the omicron variant that has led to hundreds of daily calls from everyone from flight crews to air-traffic controllers. >> what they're trying to do is cancel the flights that have either at the fewest people on them to reduce inconvenience or on ones that have the largest number of flights scheduled. jobina: according to flight aware, there are already three cancellations today -- there are already 33 cancellations today. analysts say to use social media. a note reggie and i have both's -- have both experienced it. tweet at the airlines, rather than trying to call. reggie: if you don't have to be involved in it, just watch the drama unfold, because it will.
6:34 am
thank you. this morning, students across the bay area returning to class. that comes with some trepidation and lots of testing, as covid cases skyrocket. amy hollyfield is here with the back to school, back to swab situation. amy: toilet paper. the rush is on to find these things. parents lined up this weekend to pick up take-home tests. hard to find in the drugstores these days. school districts have them. state even helped with that effort. they sent out 2 million tests to school districts across the state. schools say a negative test is not required to return to the classroom, but it is recommended. parents are responding with enthusiasm, lining up to pick up the tests. not all parents are happy about the return to the classroom. some in the east bay held a virtual protest over the weekend. you will hear from one concerned parent we also checked in with a
6:35 am
doctor about those concerns. >> putting our childrenng our situation like that is taking a chance with their lives. why would you do that? >> i respect the fact that difference will districts around the country are doing what they can, because we know that in-person learning is the best place for students, not only academically, but for their mental health, social development, and sometimes safety and nutrition. amy: public officials have all expressed their commitment to keeping schools open. the message coming from government leaders is that students do better when thchlndo be on opening school safely, not shutting them down. but there are some concerned parents hoping that school boards will step in and shut down schools. administrators do have a concern about a teacher and substitute teacher shortage if they start
6:36 am
testing positive and large numbers. officials say in that case, you may see a class here or there though to zoom, but not entire schools. porting live, any holyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: has children prepare to return to class today, america is seeing a surgeon covid cases. the u.s. reported more than 2.2 million new cases just last week. that is at an all-time pandemic record. there are some lingering confusion and criticism over last week's guidance from the cdc about cutting the isolation time from and a symptom that it person from 10 days to five days. dr. anthony fauci says that may be updated and the speed days. >> the likelihood of transmissibility is considerably lower in that second half of a 10 day. too -- 10 day period. and they be relatively low risk to get people out. kumasi: dr. fauci's comments come as the nation faces a
6:37 am
shortage of cover tests. reggie: timing is everything when it comes to testing. when you test can have a significant impact on the result. reporter: massive lines outside the new mall in newark on sunday, with hundreds trying to get kobe tests as the holidays come to a close. >> my daughter and i have been in line at newport mall, trying to get a pcr tests since 2:30 this afternoon. we are still in line. reporter: seven hours later, they finally made it to the front of the line, while many have opted for rapid covid tests to avoid this. even that has created challenges. >> we couldn't even get to a rapid test. they were all sold out. reporter: then, there is the act sd concern over the accuracy of rapid tests, something said by thousands of viewers on my facebook page. one doctor says
6:38 am
produce the best results when virus levels in the body are highest. >> early in the disease, the pcr test is of course would be more sensitive. that is why you should wait at least three days after the exposure to do the rep attest. reporter: as to getting an appointment for the pcr tests, these lines have proved that that is no easy task right now. >> almost 1.5 hours to get through the line at kaiser. getting an appointment at kaiser was just murder. reporter: a 10-year-old and his grandmother tried to get a test at four different locations on sunday and failed. >> their website had crashed, so i couldn't go to that one. the next one, it ended up being closed. the nurse cut income. reporter: he went to a fourth one? >> they did not have any appointments scheduled aired -- scheduled. reporter: that means it's back
6:39 am
to looking for tests come monday. reggie: turnaround time for tests is struggling to keep up with demand. quest diagnostics, one of the largest testing companies in the country, says it's average time used to be about one day and is now up to two days to three days for the turnaround. kumasi: twitter has permanently suspended the account of one congresswoman. they said it comes after she supposedly tweeted about the high number of covid-19 vaccine tests. she has a history of tweeting claims. they say she is an enemy to america and cannot handle the truth. her congressional account mains active. reggie: in colorado, there is a search for two people still missing after devastating wildfires. the fires erected thursday in boulder county, near denver. winds gusting up to 115 mph sent flames racing through hundreds of homes, burning many of them to the ground. the cause is still under investigation.
6:40 am
officials initially thought power lines may have started the fire, but it turns out they were telecommunication lines, which experts say are highly unlikely to ignite a place. authorities searched at least one location yesterday. >> i fully expect that any of those spots will will held -- will be held fully responsible under the law due to the devastation that was cause. reggie: snow helped put out the fires. fema toured the devastation yesterday morning and will help people who lost their homes. kumasi: a families french bulldog snatched in just seconds. the clue officials are using in their investigation. reggie: you are looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange this morning. kumasi: plus, the newly declared champion of the canines. the giant schnauzer ground best in show. drew: good for them. we are tracking major storms on both coast lines. here is live doppler 7.
6:41 am
you can see a lot of snow through roanoke and up into d.c. and parts of southern new jersey. if you are trying to fly back east into this part of the country, you may have some delays. becky on the west coast, we are finding another storm which weaker in nature. unlike showers may move into eureka. this level 1 storm move south through the bay area today. we are talking about less than one quarter of an inch of rain. it is not a huge rainmaker, by any means. we will find select showers and north bay and as we go throughout this afternoon and evening, they begin to move south. it is not a washout of a day. you don't need the umbrella the entire day, but you may need it from time to time,iv nu10 mutess the isolated sho first moving in the north bay and then moving south. we are in the upper 40's and middle 50's. 57 in san jose. a bit cooler in the north bay. let's say good morning to jobina and see how we're doing on the
6:42 am
roads this morning. jobina: we are looking great. good morning, everyone. because metering lights are not on at the toll plaza, it has been a smooth ride. congratulations to anyone who is off this morning, because that is clearly the case. it is almost looking a little busier on the golden gate bridge, which is rare for this time of the morning. if you want to see the drive times for the bridges if you rely on them, the golden gate bridge right now is tracking around six minutes. the bay bridge is nine minutes into san francisco. the san mateo bridge is 13 minutes. an overall when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didid't t kn whahatmy c caswa, so i called the barnes firm.
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i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to k how much their accident case is worth.h barnes. t ouour juryry aorneneys hehelpou
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reggie: this week marks one year since the junri six insurrection. house committee invest getting the right says that they have evidence that members of
6:45 am
congress were in contact with the riders. jobina has more on the investigation. jobina: members of the committee have taken testimony from dozens of witnesses. have obtained more than the thousand documents. now, the chairman of the committee says the attack was likely a quote "coordinatedcoord activity." >> it could be people in the department of defense, some state characters, some norm profits, and some very wealthy individuals. jobina: the top republican on the committee says former president trump ignored pleas to tell them to stop. they say he also ignored text from donald trump, jr. and other demands. >> he could have told him to stand down and go home, and he failed to do so. the republican party has to make a choice we can either be loyal to our constitution or donald
6:46 am
trump, but we cannot be both. jobina: liz cheney also suggests that they could follow criminal charges against trump. this could set a dangerous precedent for the next time republicans are the majority. kumasi: only here on abc 7 news, we are hearing from the daughter of the woman whose french bulldog puppy was violently stolen in san francisco. >> [screaming] kumasi: police are using this dramatic audio from new year's day in their investigation. this whole thing happened as a woman was walking a nine-month-old dog and another dog. the woman requested that we not use her name, but her daughter says three men in a car approached her mom, when one suddenly jumped out. >> they were coming up, then at the last minute, they changed election and grabbed rosie's
6:47 am
leash out of my mom's hand and dragged her back into their car. my mom jumped on the hood of the car, but they still got away. kumasi: we have come or -- we have covered a number of similar klein -- a number of similar crimes, all involving french bulldogs. one woman was held at gunpoint for her french bulldog. they were aware of the danger, but they did next to to happen so quickly. >> we definitely appreciate everyone who has been on the lookout so far and the tons of cinches and help in various ways. ultimately, we are just hoping that whoever has rosie will come forward with her. kumasi: the families offering a $10,000 reward and they're asking anyone with information call the number on the flyer or call sfpd. >>[panti kumasi: these extremely intense
6:48 am
moments caught on camera in colorado. this dog was rescued skiers. he traveled -- he triggered an avalanche and spent hours in the snow. they spent 20 minutes searching for him until he finally found him. they call the rescuers hero's -- heroes and that other than an injured leg, the dog is fine. reggie: now for your money report. tesla was leading the way. yesterday, it announced that it delivered 9 million vehicles. that is up 80% from 2020. this is higher than wall street analysts were expecting. however, recent delivery times have seen months long delays because of supply chain shortages. tesla also finished out the year by two out of palo alto and into texas. the price of chicken breasts and wings going up. now, restaurants are adding dark meat and other poultry to their
6:49 am
menus. arc it researchers say the boneless chicken was priced at under one dollar per pound in december of 2020, but is now more than two dollars per pound. chicken thighs are cheaper at about $.54 per pound. that is still up from $.28 this time last year. the trouble chinese real estate company has suspended trading and hong kong earlier today. heavily indebted company is battling a severe bankruptcy crisis. it currently has about $300 billion in total liabilities u.s. analysts have worried that its collapse could trigger a wider crisis and china's market and could spread to other systems. we were up a few minutes ago on wall street, but in alex ike we are down about 45 points. the s&p 500 was up nearly and the nasdaq gained more than 21%. it was a 19% jump for the dow jones. we will see how this pans out for the rest of the day.
6:50 am
kumasi: even though she died just weeks before her milestone 100th birthday, a film about betty white is to going to be released. she died on new year's eve the film will play in nearl play inn movie theaters nationwide only on her birthday, january 17. the produces of the movie say they hope it will give fans a way to celebrate her life and experience what made her such a national treasure. the movie will be shown at several locations in the bay area. his go to fathom events. it will give you the closest to you. reggie: 128-year-old start his journey tonight and will meet the 31 woman who hope to win his heart. he is no stranger to nation. he was on "the bachelorette." we knew he was going to be the
6:51 am
bachelor before the show even really started, which is kind of strange. drew: and we watched the first episode and the final two, when they go to their home. that's all we need to know. you can skip there most of it. reggie: would you think? drew: we loved it. it is good tv. kumasi: did you watch michelle's season? drew: i did. i didn't like it. kumasi: who did you like? [laughter] kumasi: you didn't have to call us out like that. reggie: there is civility and boring. drew: here's the coastal flood advisory today. it peaks later on this morning. high tide is at 11:02 a.m., where it will be more than seven feet. some minor coastal flooding, but the king times will be receiving over the next couple of days. look at the 24 hour temperature
6:52 am
change. it is much warmer this morning. 17 degrees, 16.5, 13 in concord. we're close to 50 in the city. the same and half moon bay. we are at 38, 41 in palo alto. where tracking a storm moving into the pacific northwest. for us, we're going to get the tail end of this cold front, meaning some light showers out there. a level 1 storm on the storm index scale, light in nature. hiring full totals found in the north bay, but they are not that impressive. some areas picking up one third of an inch of rain. we will get some snow too. it winter weather advisory starting at 4 p.m. in the sierra. three to 10 inches of snow. backyard home, as you go throughout your day, have the umbrella with you. don't eat the entire day. it is not a washout, but we will be unsettled. upper 40's a middle 50's for
6:53 am
your afternoon highs. basically on either side of about 50 degrees for our overnight lows as we head into tuesday. in the next seven days, there will be some light showers today, and isolate a chance tomorrow, but better chances in the north bay, wednesday. we were dry -- we are dry on thursday and much of friday. kumasi: thank you. the king tides started peeking saturday morning. they occur at new moons and full moons. the national weather service is monoculture flooding -- minor coastal flooding is expected. reggie: you have until next friday to put out your christmas tree for free pickup and it marion county. they will burn the trees for energy or turn them into mulch or compost. customers are asked to leave the trees at the curb for pickup on
6:54 am
your regular garbage day through january 14. if you don't do that, they will give you a five dollar fee. kumasi: a major success for conservationists in mexico. this is a fish known as the tequila fish. it was acquired extinct in the wild, but they have now been reintroduced to their habitat off the coast of west central mexico. they died off because of pollution and invasive species. this is the first time a species of fish extinct in the wild has ever been successfully reintroduced in mexico. the first giant schnauzer has been crowned best in show at the 20th annual akc national championship. reggie: the four-year-old beat out more than 5000 docs for the title. this morning, the owner is on "gma." >> there is a lot of rimming and conditioning that goes into this. he does treadmill work and
6:55 am
roadwork, running alongside the bike. all of these kind of things to stay in shape. reggie: wow. he is on the treadmill? look at this baby. he has one multiple best in show titles he has another show today and his owner says there is no pressure to win now. kumasi: i think he and the 12 years ago need to get together. i could see them walking into a room. can you see it? reggie: i want more for her. to be honest. i want more for her. kumasi: he is on a treadmill. he is working hard. reggie: he is on a treadmill. but put him on a bike and i will be a little more interest -- impressed. [laughter] kumasi: up next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: as we had to break, a lot of look outside. i just want one of these fancy bikes. i have bikes on my mind.
6:56 am
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kumasi: if you're just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, breaking news. the fda has just authorized pfizer's booster shot for 12-year-old to 15 euros. it has also authorized the booster your five-year-old to 11 euros to our immunocompromised. they have shorten the time between the second and third doses for everybody from six months to five months. skultoy te aa hdingack to scolsre oinovtesorean o re ito'g blamed for canceling nearly 1000 flights across the country today. sfo has already seen 33 cancellations. make sure you check your flight status before he had to the airport. reggie: number four, santa rosa police are looking for this person her name is paula. she went missing last night after leaving a theater. if you have seen her, please call the santa rosa police department. drew: number five, we are
6:59 am
trickling a level 1 light storm moving through it later on today. for most of us, though showers will find us in the evening. jobina: a hit-and-run reported on west on 80 before south on 101. bees are down to around 17 mph it will impact you as you make your way off the bay bridge. kumasi: listen to this. like sapir state university has released its annual list of banished words and phrases. the list is compiled by suggestions cemented from people across the country. this year, the list includes "normal, deep dive, you are o need, circle back, and supply chain." drew: you are on mute, man. that has happened to me. i'm a millennial. i should know better. reggie: i don't know virtually anything. just don't do it. scl bacis really triggering. just don't. kumasi: that is the worst one. jobina: don't circle back to me.
7:00 am
reggie: what is a better shape? a rhombus? drew: ♪ good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. as we start a new week and a new year with you, the race home from the holidays. travel chaos coast to coast. more than 5,000 flights canceled over the holiday weekend with 2.5 million people expected to fly starting this morning. this as airlines struggle with covid-related staff shortages. winter storm warning. georgia to new jersey bracing for snow and the bitter cold blast. windchills in the 20s even for florida. the conditions around the country as americans head back to work after the holiday. new year, new surge. the u.s. reporting more than 400,000 new covid cases a day. this morning, the growing concerns as kids head back to school for 2022.


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