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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 3, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> i am going to feel safer because i know that i don't have the virus. reggie: covid testing becomes the new normal as kids returned to school from winter break. the steps local districts are taking to make it easier for families. jobina: the cdc considering to change current guidance from if you test positive. possible new suggestion. reggie: and king tied swamping the bay area. the flood advisory. jobina: on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. so good to see you. drew: i am excited to be a of the permanent family. level one on the storm impact scale. the rain gear will be needed
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over the next 24 hours. the storm moving into northern california, light showers. the storm will slide south. here is the live look from the camera. for the morning, the best chance of finding the wet weather will be in the north bay. showers will begin to sink south. it is scattered, light in nature. you will need the umbrella from time to time. temperatures in the 50's. overnight, not too cool. up 40's lower. more wet weather on the seven day forecast. i will show that in a few days. school. amy hollyfield tells us how
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are preparing. amy:'s tunes -- students are taking covid tests. you may have seen lines outside of schools in your area. that is the line to get a test good you will see them again today. schools say tests are not required but they are recommended. the response has been enthusiastic with parents across the bay area looking to see if their kids are negative before returning to class. students seem happy to comply. >> i am going to feel safer because i know that i don't have the virus. >> this community has stepped forward to do what is necessary in regard to testing. we are proud of the way they have stepped forward to take care of each other. amy: the state has sent 2 million test to school districts across the state to help with
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the effort. some tests were sent home with the kids before break in anticipation of the search. if students test positive, they are to stay home and isolate and report results to the state health department online. some school districts are concerned about the shortage of substitute teachers to fill in if teachers test positive in high numbers. in that case you may see some classrooms to distance learning, but you will not see entire schools. effort is to keep schools open across the region and keep kids in class, just to keep them safe in class. even the u.s. secretary of education tweeted that should treat it with caution, not fear it. >> in san jose, the children's discovery plans to do more
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testing -- more vaccinations. >> it is not easy for kids to get the courage to go and get a shot, so we thought we could make it a little easier. >> kids who got a shot got a free pass to the museum for up to eight people. this is the first clinic held at the museum and another is scheduled for january 23. reggie: the fda is expected to expand the pfizer booster for five to 12-year-olds. the booster is expected to be authorized for kids as young as five for immune deficiencies. this comes as the cdc considers theides aou st positive. jobina: regulators plan to allow kids and adults to get the booster five months after the second dose. this comes as the u.s. breaks records for the number of new covid cases nationwide.
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the daily average of new cases is 400,000, with the number of people hospitalized approaching 100,000. dr. anthony fauci said the cdc may revise guidance for asymptomatic covid patients. the agency could recommend that a person get an negative covid test before ending isolation. last week the cdc shortened the isolation period from 10 days to five and is not requiring a negative test. dr. fauci: there has been concern people at the five-day period to get tested. jobina: testing at high demand. quest diagnostics says their turnaround for result has gone up to three days and that is from the average of one day. reggie: if you have que
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about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask our vaccine. kumasi: morning into a frightening crime that ended with a woman dead in the backseat of a car. this started before 12:30 this afternoon when someone called 911 about a welfare check. the caller said the victim feared her ex-boyfriend was following her. when officers got there, a witness said they saw the victim inside a car that sped away. officers tried to stop the car but the suspect led them on on n chase. the suspect died from self-inflicted wounds. woman was found backseat -- found in the backseat. we have put together local resources easy to reach and ready to help. reggie: after a few days off,
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the jury in the elizabeth holmes trial resumes deliberations today. they have so far lasted 44 hours over six days. the panel of eight men and four women finished wednesday. if convicted, she faces up to 20 years in prison as well as a quarter million dollars in fines. she has not guilty. you can get caught up on the case with the podcast called the dropout. it is hosted by rebecca jarvis. kumasi: these king tides are reason behind a local coastal flood advisor he. the king tides -- flood advisory. the king tides come when the sun, moon, and earth are aligned. king tides typically flood low-lying streets in the north bay.
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stwanoti teusngcrs streets in the valley.this was taken just f highway 101 at the shoreline highway exit. we are tracking th tracking th h drew: high tide in this a.m. and it will be at roughly over seven feet. we expect minor coastal flooding in low-lying areas. for the past 12 hours p next-door beginning to move on shore across northern california . the bulk of the moisture will stay well north of us. there you can see it rain and snow from seattle to portland. we will get wet weather or the increased cloud cover has helped temperatures stay warmer than ever. the 24-hour temperature change, 14 degrees warmer in the city and 18 degrees warmer in the
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north bay. not nearly as chilly as last night. here is the storm impact scale of one, light showers, less than a quarter of an inch for most of us. hour-by-hour, showers confined to the north bay. it is in the afternoon and evening that most of us will timeutou will need the umbrella. highs today in the upper 40's to mid-50's. take the umbrella with you as we track showers. let's get a check of the roads. jobina: good morning. the good news is that the met, overall we are green across the board. -- looking at the map come overall we are green across the board. we are starting with a live look at emeryville. traveling westbound, look at this 880 at the coliseum camera,
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empty. there are a lot of people off observing new year's day since it fell on the weekend we expect traffic to be light. san rafael to san francisco is a 60 minute ride. reggie: a dramatic new year's rescue. the 15 minute tram ride that ended at hours long ordeal in freezing conditions. kumasi: a brazen assault and burglary one day after christmas. reggie: the birth that is one
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with the person hand. the president of the chinatown chamber of commerce said crime was down in the neighborhood before the holidays and he will be lobbying to keep it safe. >> needing more police presence in the community. we need additional cameras and license plate readers. it has proven successful in many cities. reggie: the woman did not have jewelry in her purse. one jewelry shop owner says he recently added p one of the surf the 2015 deadly balcony collapsed in berkeley has died. it 27-year-old died saturday in ireland after having a stroke. it is not clear whether it was related to the injuries she suffered as a result of the collapse.
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state assembly committee urging lawmakers to increase oversight of contractors. reggie: we are hearing from some people rescued on a tram in new mexico, stranded high in the mountains on new year's eve. >> a dramatic new 21 people stranded for hours on two trams in freezing conditions. a new year's eve with the weather turning, workers hustled into the cars for what is normally a 15 minute ride down the mountain. >> we start going down and then suddenly we stop. >> high wind and ice on the cables forcing them to stop the tram. by 4:00 a.m., they got news. rescuers couldn't respond until at least daybreak. >> it is freezing and the condensation was turning to icicles. we were in a white out for most
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of the night because the storm surrounded the tram. >> we learn more about this harrowing rescue. kumasi: celebrating the arrival of twins born in different years. will ganz has the story. will: the odds of having twins roughly one and 250. -- one in 250. >> i never thought i would have twins. will: twins born on two different days in two different months in two different years. >> i wasn't shocked and i feel so relieved. i was just surprised. it is a blessing. will: alfredo was born december 31 2021. if teen minutes later his twin sister born at exactly midnight
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january 1 2022. they technically are born in different years, a one in 2 million chance. both mom and dad and the extended family shocked. >> we were surprised to have a family with twins. will: dr. say this was one of the most memorable deliveries. it wasn't absolute pleasure to help these little ones arrived safely in 2021 and 2022. what an amazing way to start the new year. the twins recovering back home. >> she is beautiful. will: she is honored her newborn boy and girl can be a sign of hope as we bring in the new year. >> everything is possible. every child is a blessing. will: the baby boy is named after his grandfather and the baby girl after her grandmother.
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everybody is excited to welcome 2022 on a happy note. reggie: icewh twins, in new york, god bless all the parents. drew: when you are born so close to christmas and new year's, you have a shadow. my friends who are like the say you have to get me to gifts and you can't lump it into one. reggie: it is one. [laughter] drew: happy new year, everyone. rain chances in 2022. you will need the umbrella from time to time. mostly cloudy. we are dry. it will be in the afternoon and evening that a lot of us see this. here is the next storm system, well to the north. it is weak coming into california.
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much of the moisture will stay to the north. it is a level one, light light t showers, breezy from time to time. most of us talking less and quarter-inch of rain. 9:30 this morni morni morni mori weather mainly in the north bay. in the afternoon and evening, showers move their way to the south. by 8:00 p.m., some showers in the peninsula and south bay. most of the wet weather is light in nature. higher amounts of rainfall in the north bay. we are talking about a few hundreds of inches outside of the bay area for most of us. es in the highest peaks. highest upper 40's and mid-50' tonight, increased cloud cover,
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upper 40's to low 50's. the next seven days, showers tomorrow. an isolated chance on tuesday. we are dry thursday. friday night into saturday, light showers. reggie: thanks, have a chance to say it, but your rent is due. [laughter] the powerball, hasn't had a jackpot winner since the 700 million jackpot winner in october, where the ticket was sold in the bay. the drawing happens at kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know. reggie: antonio brown quit in the middle of the game. he also quit his shirt.
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kumasi: the fda expected to expand
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boshot for 12 to 15-year-old today. reggie: thousands of bay area students heading back to school after break. districts offering free covid testing. some are offering rapid tests to take before coming back. kumasi: cold weather being blamed for canceling thousands of lights. as echo has 32 cancellation -- sfo has 32 cancellations. reggie: you could see flooding headed out the door. king tides have caused a coastal flood warning to be extended. drew: a little water falling from the sky, a level 1. light showers. most of us find rain this afternoon. jobina: very few people making their way across the san mateo bridge because traffic is light. no major blocking issues are advisories to report. kumasi: verizon and at&t are
5:23 am
going ahead with the 5g rollout this week. both companies rejected a request to hold off. reggie: scary moments at the eagles game at fedex in maryland. quarterback tumble onto the walkway when a railing collapsed. he was walking back to the locker room when it happened. when the fans took that, he jumped into action and help them back onto their feet and there were no serious injuries. a totally different game and bizarre incident. antonio brown no longer on any nfl team. yesterday the wide receiver essentially quit in the middle of the game against the new york jets. this video shows him taking off his shirt. he waved goodbye and he made his exit.
5:24 am
the head coach later said he is off the team. his teammate, tom brady, talked about it after the game. tom brady: we all love him deeply. we want him to see -- we want to see him at his best. unfortunately it will be not on this team. the most important thing is they are your friends and teammates and they go beyond the field. everyone should be compassionate and empathetic toward some very difficult things happening. reclatedup to brown leaving ear. kumasi: lifetime. check out her reaction to this gift. >> tickets. >> for what? we are going to the game? jobina: i want to see what everyone is getting area -- is getting.
5:25 am
let me tell you what is going on. this is samantha. you clearly saw she got warriors tickets and they are playing the lakers. the back story is samantha is a diehard warriors fans and her dad passed away who was a lakers fan. she said her daughter has always wanted to see them play in person. >> you are going to see the warriors. and they are playing your dad's favorite team. jobina: samantha's mom said she hopes this shows that a your age or disability that dreams come true. reggie: ihe has the best time ever. coming
5:26 am
kicking up his journey to find love. kumasi: also, a french bulldog stolen from its owner. reggie: it has been described as the worst attack on american democracy since the civil war. a look back at the capitol attack that happened one year ago this week. we will be right back..
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annoucer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: issues preventing people from getting home after the holidays. kumasi: key concern for the spread of covid after kids return to school. reggie: worries of the accuracy of the rapid tests. a doctor explains when it will produce the best results. kumasi: rain moving in. drew is taking our forecast this first week of 2022. reggie: good morning. abc 7 is live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. drew: we are tracking to storms. light in. parts of eureka getting light rain. it is weak and moving through the bay area this afternoon.
5:30 am
we are dry and quiet right now. a little breezy. early on this morning, rain and the north bay, light in nature. through the afternoon and evening, that is when showers will go south. that is when everyone will see what whether. a level 1 today with light showers. the highest amount in the north bay but most of us winding up with less than a quarter inch. to the umbrella out the door. kumasi: covid search and storms causing a travel nightmare for millions of people trying to get back home after the holidays. this is what we are looking at live. this is washington, d.c., he went to storm warning in effect for more than seven inches of snow possible in spots. jobina has the flight cancellations coast to coast. jobina: about 1000 flights have already been canceled. for nearly two weeks, the airline industry has been going into a meltdown, resulting in
5:31 am
thousands of delays and cancellations. the cause is severe winter weather mixed with the rapid spread of the omicron variant leading to dozens of sick calls from flight crews to traffic controllers. >> they try to cancel the flights with the fewest people on them or on route that have the largest number of flights scheduled. jobina: there are 32 cancellations at sfo, 11 at oakland international. if you are flying, check your flight status. analysts say use social media instead of waiting for hours on the phone. reggie: i watch those tweets and it gets wild. students across the bay area returning to class. that comes with some trepidation and lots of testing as covid
5:32 am
cases skyrocket. amy hollyfield is there situation. amy: tests of the new toilet paper. take a look at the line that formed this weekend. this is happening all over the bay area. parents lining up to get to contests. they are hard to find in the drugstores. school districts have them. the state sent out 2 million of them to help with this effort. schools say a negative test is not required, but recommended. parents are responding with enthusiasm and lining up for tests your not all parents are happy about the return to the classroom. in the east bay held a virtual protest. you will hear from a concerned parent. we also have an interview with the doctor we checked in with about these concerns. >> putting our children in a situation like that is taking a
5:33 am
chance with their lives. why would you do that? >> i respect the fact that different districts are doing what they can. we know that in person learning is the best place not only academically but social development and in some cases their safety nutrition. >> public officials from the governor to local health officers have expressed their commitment to keeping schools open. the message coming from government leaders is to better when they are at school and the focus needs to be on opening schools safely, not shutting them down. some parents hoping school boards. in and shut down schools. -- someomeomeome boards will step in and shut down school -- somearen hong s boards will in andhut down schoo.
5:34 am
no entire schools. kumasi: america is seeing a surge in covid cases. within 2.2 million new cases last week, and all-time pandemic record. there is some criticism over the guidance from the cdc about cutting the isolation time of an asymptomatic person. dr. fauci said the guidance may be updated in the next few days. dr. fauci: the likelihood of transmissibility is considerably lower in the second half of a 10-day period, and for that reason, the cdc made the judgment that it would be relatively low risk to get people out. kumasi: dr. fauci's fauci's fa's the fate -- nation faces a shortage of tests.
5:35 am
reggie: when you test can have a significant impact on the result. >> massive lines in newark sunday night with hundreds trying to get tests as the holidays come to a close. >> my daughter and i have been in line trying to get a pcr tests since 2:30 this afternoon. >> seven hours latours it to the front of the line. many have opted for rapid covid tests to avoid this and that has created challenges. >> couldn't even get to a rapid test, they were also allowed. >> concern over the test. one person wrote my husband tested negative from home test and same-day tested positive. a doctor said that is because
5:36 am
rapid tests produce the best and virus levels in the body are highest. >> early in the disease it is going to be more sensitive. that is why you should wait three days after to get a rapid test. >> the lines are proof that it is no easy task. >> almost an hour and a half to get to the line and getting an appointment at kaiser was just murder. >> a 10-year-old and his grandmother tried to get a test at four different locations and failed. >> their website had crashed so i couldn't go to that one. the next one ended up being closed. >> you went to a fourth one? >> they didn't have any appointments scheduled. >> meaning it is back to searching for any test, monday. reggie: turnaround tests
5:37 am
struggling to keep up with demand. quest diagnostics said the average time for diagnostics returning is three days. kumasi: twitter has imminently suspended the account of marjorie taylor greene, after they say she falsely tweeted about the covid-19 vaccine deaths. she has history of tweeting her congressional count is still active. reggie: in colorado, a search for two people missing. fires erupted in denver. wind gusted 110 miles per hour and sent flames racing through homes burning many to the ground. initial stock power lines started one fire but it turned out there were telecommunication lines with which experts say are highly unlikely to start a fire.
5:38 am
police did search one location yesterday. >> i fully expect anyone responsible will be held responsible for the utter devastation that was caused. reggie: snow helped put out fires. fema will assist people who lost their homes. kumasi: a pet snatched in seconds. reggie: it is that time of year again, the new bachelor clayton is looking for love and the journey begins tonight. a first look at new. drew, this was a man who said he was a thoroughbred. kumasi: yes, you did the research. drew: what is the definition of a thorough bread a man? reggie: i hope he doesn't turn to glue. drew: storms on each coast. my winter storm in the mid
5:39 am
atlantic from philly to d.c.. if you have folks traveling, later on you will find delays. on the west coast, another storm moving into northern california. it will bring rain later today. increased cloud cover in southerly wind keeping us warmer. upper 40's to lower 50's right now. level 1 today with light showers. the highest amounts will be in the north bay, but for most of us it is less than a quarter inch of arena hour-by-hour, in the north they -- in the north bay, showers into sikh south. it is not a washout -- to sink south. it is not a washout date. highs in the north bay taper off moving to the south. highs later on today, a lot cloud cover, increasing.
5:40 am
showers first in the north bay and sinking south. upper 40's to mid-50's. rain chances linger into tomorrow. let's get a check of the roads. jobina: we are following a new crash right now on southbound 880 past davis. other than that, things are clear. a live picture from the bay bridge. a live look at walnut we are experiencing a monday with holiday traffic. drive times prove it. south bound on the golden gate will take you six minutes. seven minutes westbound on the bay bridge. i was a that is a record for this time of morning on a weekday. the san mateo usaa is made for the safe pilots. like mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30%
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reggie: the committee investigating the january 6 insurrection reveals what happened. a poll shows more than 70% leave the right was a threat to our democracy. here is our reporter. >> it has been described as the worst attack on american democracy since the civil war. one week ago this week, thousands of protesters storming the capital as lawmakers starting to certify presidential election results and joe biden's electoral victory. the mob had pulls and pipes smashed through windows amid clouds of tear gas. the rioters threatening to do harm to vice president mike pence and house speaker nancy pelosi, among others. some breaking into the speaker's
5:44 am
office. this man taking the podium while another put his feet on the desk. >> they work for us. they don't get to steal it from us. >> members of congress barricading themselves in the chamber when the count was unfolding. officers drawing guns to keep rioters out. one was shot and killed by an officer as she tried to enter the speaker's lobby through a shattered window. >> i picked up a baseball bat. that is all i had to protect myself. >> i was there covering the insurrection for abc radio from outside. protesters taking aim at the media, and those of us covering it had to be removed. i saw a man and a structure being loaded into an ambulance. men dressed in black arching toward the capital yelling --
5:45 am
marching toward the capital and yelling. many said they were incited by former presi. >> we are going to walk down to the capitol because you will never take back our country with weakness. you have to show strength and be strong. >> a total of five people losing their lives during or after the insurrection, three protesters and two officers. approximately 140 officers wounded that day and roughly $1.5 million worth of damage done to the building, the symbol of american democracy. following the attack, former president trump and pete and acquitted for a second time and 700 rioters charged, 57 sentenced, at least 23 receiving jail time. authorities pouring through videos and a select committee
5:46 am
was formed to investigate who was behind the attack. kumasi: only on abc 7 news, we hear from the daughter of the woman whose french bulldog puppy wasn't violently stolen in san francisco. [yelling] [dog barking] >> police using the dramatic audio. it happened as a woman was walking the dogs near beech street. she requested they not use her name. three men in a car approached her mom when one suddenly jumped out. >> they were coming at her and at the last minute changed and direct -- grabbed the leash out of her hand. my mom jumped on the hood of the car but they still got a way. kumasi: we have covered a number of similar crimes involving
5:47 am
french old outs, including a woman who was beaten for her dog. and in late november when a woman was held at gunpoint for her bulldog. she was aware of the danger and didn't expect it to happen in the marina. >> we appreciate everyone who has been on the lookout. we have received a ton of messages and help. we are just hoping that whoever has rosie will come forward with her. >> the family is offering a $10,000 reward in asking that anyone with information call -- offering a $10,000 reward and asking that anyone with information call. reggie: a film about betty white's birthday is still going to be released in theaters good as you know, she died on new year's day. it will play in 900 movie theaters nationwide. it is when day only, january 17. the producers say they hope this
5:48 am
will give fans a way to celebrate her life and experience what made her such a national treasure. the movie will be shown at several locations. just had to the website and you can find a theater near you. kumasi: tonight is the premier of the new season of the bachelor. a 29-year-old, clayton, meets the 31 women hoping to win his heart. he is no stranger to bachelor nation. he was on the last season of the bachelorette who said she was not the one for her. can we go back to betty white? reggie: can we? kumasi: i wasn't ready. drew: that one really hit hard. kumasi: i am glad they are going to still release it. it is a chance just be around her and all of the work she did and celebrate her life. reggie: did you see the clip of
5:49 am
her and i don't remember this sewed. my husband is a huge golden girls fan. there is a scene where she was ad-libbing during a joke and they kept it in the show in though her costars are cracking up. drew: is that the circus with the bird? reggie: yes. drew: they shot the bird out of the canon but it hit a tree. reggie: if you are not familiar with this, look it up on youtube. it is 90 seconds and gives you everything you need to know about betty white. drew: they can't even hold a straight face. reggie: i love that they kept it in. drew: she got three jokes out of that one session. reggie: she never broke. drew: it is hilarious. the snowpack is healthy.
5:50 am
157 percent of normal. a little snow coming to the sierra over the next few days. a winter weather advisory in effect starting at 4:00 p.m. today through 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, about 4000 feet. snow levels high compared to the previous storm. up to 15 inches at the highest peak. poor visibility there tonight and tomorrow. much of the washer and at the pacific northwest, look at the tail end of this front. light showers for most of us. it is a level 1 light storm. highest amount in the north bay. most of us less than a quarter inch. monday morning, later today, wet weather and the first thing. in the afternoon and evening, like showers moving south. by 6:00, showers in the east and light showers to finish out later this evening.
5:51 am
highs in the upper 40's to mid-50's. 55 a popular temperature later this afternoon. grab the umbrella and keep it with you. upper 40's to low 50's as you head into tuesday. the next seven days, let showers today. an isolated chance tomorrow but a better bet comes on wednesday. thursday is completely dry. much of friday is dry, but friday into saturday, more like showers. reggie: new at 6:00, a change in your chicken. why you might notice a slight change when you sit down to dinner. kumasi: a first look at offerings ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy?
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kumasi: spider-man no way home took the top spot at the box office for the third straight again. it broke the 600 million mark in the u.s. it is the third installment of the marvel franchise, and the top 10 for that period of time. the other two were star fours -- star wars force awakens. reggie: and abc reporter shows us what is coming to disney plus -- an abc reporter shows us what is coming to disney plus. >> now streaming, a new star wars adventure that finds the legendary character navigating the underworld. it starts when he returns to stake his claim on the territory. encanto tells the story of an
5:55 am
extraordinary family in a magical house, every child with unique gifts, except for one. when she discovers the magic is in danger, she realizes she may be the only hope to save it. >> i will say the magic. wait, how do i say the magic? >> will smith asks the world's best explorers to take into to the ends of the earth. >> and they said, we can go further than that. >> welcome to earth is an original that takes you on a once in a lifetime adventure. >> we have never until now. >> marvel studios eternals start streaming on disney plus on january 12. all this on more now available to stream on disney plus, now
5:56 am
bundled with hulu + live tv. reggie: later this year, you t expect to see free guide, ms. marvel, and hocus-pocus to. o. kumasi: say goodbye to trying to find fresh batteries around the home. the device that can help you dig more in 2022. reggie: a booster rollout. the ages that could be available. a live look outside. we will be right back.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> clearance coming soon, supposedly for a new age group in the next attempt to turn the corner in the fight against covid. the cdc rules may be changing for what to do if you test positive. >> we know that in person learning is best for students, not only mentally, but also for their safety and nutrition. reggie: a doctor from our abc 7 vaccine team is listing the pros of returning to school in person today. but bay area districts are taking action just to make sure this happens as safely as possible. >> a very warm welcome to our
6:00 am
now full-time abc 7 mornings friend. this is meteorologist drew tuma. i think it is the perfect way to kick off 2022. hello. >> look at that highlight reel. [laughter] reggie: matt please say a happy new year to all of you because it is the first time i have seen you. >> happy new year. drew: i am really excited to be part of this family permanently. i love you guys. it is a great way to start the new year and this morning. i'm sure we will be together for a long time. we are tracking somewhat weather on this monday. it is not a lot of rain, but it is beginning to move on short in california. we will track some showers in the next 24 hours. here is a life look. mostly cloudy skies. first thing this morning, we will find showers in the north bay. in the afternoon and evening, they synced south. it is not a washout day, but you
6:01 am
will need the umbrella from time to time. >>


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