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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 2, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> this community has stepped forward to do what is necessary. >> students in san francisco line up. a sobering sign that kids are headed back to school. you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00. your health is one of the pillars that we focus on to build a better bay area. a rush is underway by parents to get their children tested for covid. cornell, i can imagine it being very busy. >> more than 1000 tests given
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today. with omicron infections on the rise, getting tested before returning to school is highly recommended. >> miles halbert is ready to go back to school but not until he gets a covid test. >> i'm not necessarily happy about it but it is a part of what we have to do. san francisco unified is bracing for a potential surge. free rapid testing is available here at district headquarters and other school sites. >> this community has stepped forward to do what is necessary. we are proud of the way this community has stepped forward. >> i'm going to because i know that i don't have
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the virus. >> san jose unified offered free testing at the sunday -- at the operations warehouse. >> at this location innn anticipation of school starting. >> in marin county, 47,000 students and staff will test at home. >> it will allow us to identify people don't even know they are positive to stay home. it was some wonder why not postpone the start of school? school districts around the country are doing what they can. we know that in person learning is the best for their learning and mental health and safety and nutrition.
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>> if a student or staff number tests positive they can return isolation if they show no symptoms and provide a negative test. >> to the east bay where parents at west contra costa waited in long lines for free at home test. looking at the long line of cars outside one of the sites. 30,000 tests were handed out here and enrichment. the district is strongly encouraging students attest today before they return to class tomorrow. increase in covid cases. which is why our school district
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and county and surrounding districts are taking the same measure. school district held a covid-19 testing site for student and staff. in this video you can see the young children and parents standing in a long line to be tested. other parents and oth parents ap protest to stop covid instruction. >> children in a situation like that -- it is taking a chance with their lives. why would you do that? >>
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reopening schools prepare to return to class, america seeing a major surge in cases. the u.s. has reported 2.2 million new cases sitting in pandemic record. there is lingering criticism over the guidance from the cdc about cutting the isolation time of an asymptomatic person from 10 days to five. is considerably lower in that second half of a 10 day period. for that reason the cdc made the judgment that it would be relatively low risk to get people.
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if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines you can ask our vaccine team moving onto king tides and cold weather. spencer christian joining us from home with a look at when we will need those umbrellas again. >> this morning we need to bundle up -- it was below freezing in many of the bay area locations. about the king tides, they are still with us through tomorrow -- tonight ahead of the first wave of rain. we will have a week that will bring us a period of rain every
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day for the next five days. to be the busiest post holiday travel days just as the airline struggled with bad weather and covid delaying thousands of flights. >> from minneapolis tos tos toso million standing in line at airports one of the years busiest travel days. >> the increase impacting pilots and other staff forcing airlines to cancel or delay. >> just when you think air travel could not get worse it does. >> advising passengers to arrive
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2.5 hours before domestic flights. last year there was no one here. this is a lot of people. chicago ask about major airports canceling more than 1000 flights and three others delayed due to the heavy snow. passengers bracing for more delays. >> i was watching very closely. >> i hope we don't get more snow because if we do, i'm not sure what i will do. >> speaking of flying, taking a live look at sfo were 57 flights have been canceled today. her personal account.
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the congress -- comments that got her suspended.
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falsely about the extremely high amount of covid vaccine deaths. she has a history of tweeting false claims. she responded saying that twitter is an enemy to america and cannot handle the truth. per account suspension comes a year after twitter band former
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president trump from the platform. these king tied to the reason behind a local flood advisory. these large swells occur in new and full moons when the earth and moon and sun are aligned. you can see the water rushed across the street in mill valley. the powerful tide filled the fairy. survivors are talking about a terrifying ordeal. >> very frightening. she was among those rescued after spinning the night high in the sky. rescuers describe the tense mission.
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we have nearly a week's worth of wet weather coming our way.
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where it took 18 hours to rescue 21 people. it happened late friday evening. operators had to stop the tram m due to severe icing and moisture. >> in the winter you have to be more perceptive of the cables. end of the cables. and at the wind conditions. we have to have that reminder every now and then. >> the crews began the rescue
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mission late saturday repelling down the cabin, lowering them to the ground. injured but they were frustrated . there were scary moments at the eagles game today. yikes. fans eager to see jalen hurts tumbled onto the walkway to the tunnel when the railing collapsed. hurts was walking back to the locker room after the win. whens took a tumble, hurts jumped into action helping each of them get onto their feet. there were no serious injuries. to the east bay, some woke up to a frosty morning. parts of the bay area got down to the 20's overnight.
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the freeze warning expired this morning but we are in for another cold night. spencer christian joining us for a look at how low we will go. >> it will be cool again. as you are pointing out, in the upper 20's. here is a view from the rooftop camera. a bit chilly in some spots temperatures have dropped to the mid to upper 40's. 50 degrees at livermore. these are our forecast features.
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we can expect rain all the way through friday. the coastal flood advisory remains in effect until tomorrow morning. mino -- minor coastal flooding the low-lying areas. overnight with increasing clouds, low temperatures in the low to mid 40's. highs tomorrow with rainy conditions, mainly low-to-mid 50's. the approaching storm ranks number one on the impact scale. here is the forecast animation. rain on friday.
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rainfall totals as high as 0.5 inches in north bay locations. winter weather advisory from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. tuesday. we expect six inches of new snow. here is the seven-day. the only day that might be dry this week but even then mostly cloudy. sunny conditions over the weekend. rink. before that drink turns to drinks, make a plan to get home safe. just call a friend, a cab, and get a rideshare. whatever you do, don't let drunk drive. go safely, california. [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. (swords clashing)
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>> jimmy garon below did not practice -- jimmy garoppolo did not practice all week and with thstrength him. moment of silence honoring j madden who passed away earlier this week. picked off by desmond keene. davis the niners in the two-minute drill. field goal. marcell harris steps in front of that.
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mitchell. he broke the franchise rookie rushing record. we have seen this before rollout and throw back the other way. o orge kittle had oneat one handed the niners win it will come down to the final week in l.a.. >> being at full strength without jimmy helps me. and a big i felt a lot different coming into it. i feel like i'm further along in continuing to get better.
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your crazy video of the day come from the box and jets game. he took his and waved to the fans. the box did beat the jets late. sharks riding a win evan rodriguez scores the first of his two goals. six in the opening period off of james reimer who was pulled after one. the sharks scored five straight. midway to the third it is a one goal game. 8-5. happy new year from hayley jones. she had a double double the
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first half. stanford up by 10 at the break. lacey halter fran believe he.
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- [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone.
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always get our live newscast, breaking news along with the weather and much more with our new abc 7 bay area news app. just search abc 7 bay area to downloaded for free. in the south bay, the children's discovery museum has teamed up with the public health department creating a vaccine clinic in san jose. every child or adult gets a free pass to the children discovery museum. >> it is not for the kids to get the courage to get the shot so we thought that we can make it easier. demo today was the first vaccination clinic at the museum. that is all the time that we have for this edition of abc 7
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news at 5:00. we will see you right back here at 6:00. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the holiday travel nightmare only getting worse. more than 2,500 flights cancelled today alone, on one of the busiest travel days of the year. airlines once again blaming surging covid cases and bad weather. families stranded, just as millions return home from the long holiday break. amid the record covid surge, tonight dr. anthony fauci responds to fierce criticism of the newest cdc guidance. saying the agency may update its guidelines yet again, to now suggest that those who contract covid, but do not have symptoms, test negative before ending their five-day isolation period. dr. fauci says the u.s. is now reporting an average of about 400,000 new cases a day. that's a new pandemic record. with nearly 100,000 americans
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fighting the virus i


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