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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 1, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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get their kids covid tested before they go back to school monday.
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>> area school districts are scrambling to get their students tested just days before the start of classes. >> california's new composting law goes into effect. homes around the state will have a green been just like this one. i will tell you what you need to know. >> a freeze warning and effect as temperatures plummet. i'll have the forecast. abc 7 news at 11:00 begins right now. announcer: area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> 2022 is getting off to a frigid start tonight. heavy jackets were definitely necessary for those trying to enjoy a new year's day dinner outside. good evening, you are watching
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abc 7 news at 11:00 live on abc 7 in wherever you stream. a winter chill is definitely settling in over the bay area tonight. temperatures are going to drop overnight into the 30's and even the 20's. abc 7 weather anchor spencer christian is here to break it down for us. it went from my hands being called
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building a better bay area. covid has dramatically changed how students learn, and also what they do when they return from winter break. the first big test of the new year for many bay area schoolchildren won't have anything to do with math or science, but instead making sure they don't bring covid back to the classroom. laura anthony has our story.
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>> a vast majority of our students and staff have covid test we were able to send home. >> oakland unified is among the major they area districts trying to head off the surge of the highly contagious omicron variant. when students return for in-person person learning next week. >> we suggested that they test on friday, and then again tomorrow. so, catching up with anything that might've gone on during the course of the break. >> west contra costa unified ordered 30,000 test kits with plans to distribute them at two sites. richmond's kennedy high school in panola valley high school on sunday between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and time for monday start of classes. san francisco unified will offer mobile rapid testing at its district office. through the week at school sites. until then, families are urged to find testing wherever they
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can. with demand high and supply low, it's clear that many students may not be tested before they return to class. >> i think it's a great idea to get tested, but is not the be-all and end-all. if you have scarcity of testing, i would definitely test those who are symptomatic. >> while omicron's rapid spread along with a shortage of test kits at pharmacies like this is alarming, the doctor says there may be a silver lining at the end of the surge. >> we may have a a next winter or earlier, but one outcome of all of this is that we are definitely going to increase our population immunity even more than before. >> san francisco police need your help in finding the french bulldog who was violently stolen from her owner today. this is nine-month old rosie. the dog and her owner were walking at 10:00 a.m. at the
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beach and rodrick streets in the marina. police say a thief yanked the leash so hard it sent her airborne. officers say the thief then dragged the puppy into a silver chrysler 200 sedan and drove off. it had the parcel license plate seven jpm. the owner is offering $10,000, no questions asked reward for her return. french bulldogs are popular to dog not because of help expensive they are, $5,000. police are investigating a deadly shooting that have near 3rd avenue in cornwall street. neighbors say the area struggling with an increase of crime. >> q here carjacking, car break-in, parking theft, there's a bunch of homeless people. >> investigators are looking for a red nissan sedan in connection with the shooting.
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they are asking anyone with information about the shooting to contact them. the castor district mural that honors those lost to the aids crisis has been defaced with graffiti. it's not the first time the 23-year-old mural has been targeted, but it's definitely the most severe. the damage is expected to cost $50,000 to repair and restore, putting the future of the mural in jeopardy. was funded by the san francisco arts commission. one man is hospitalized and another wanted a police following a shooting inside the mall. it happened on new year's eve. abc 7 news reporter spoke to people who ran and hid for cover. >> in concord on new year's eve, gunfire sending shoppers running for cover. >> i heard the shot, then, at first light can believe what i heard, then people started
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coming in and confirming. i stayed right where i was at. >> concord police say one person was wounded. he began as a robbery around 3:30. when someone tried to help the robbery victim, suspects opened for -- suspects opened fire. >> as soon as we heard it, we hit inside. >> he says he hid with a customer in the back of his perfume shop. >> when i went out of the shop i saw -- started helping the victims. >> the mall was evacuated. the suspects took off. the unidentified victim was taken to the medical center where they were in stable, but critical condition. in 2021 concord police responded twice to the sun valley mall, two robberies in the spring and the fall. a smash and grab robbery inside a jewelry store. surveillance video showed suspects smashing display cases with hammers.
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last may, a shooting left one man wounded. the shooter got away. police aren't saying if the crimes are related. authorities are asking for information and tips from the public. >> starting starting starting sg bay areas state owned ridges will cost one dollar more. this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the toll is seven dollars. they increase applies to all bay area bridges except the golden gate period in 2018 voters approved three gradual toll increases with regional manager. the final toll hike is scheduled for january 1, 2025. many places in the sierra remain without power. see how one town made the most of a bad situation to ring in the new year. taking out the trash will be a little more complicated
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>> a new year means new laws. another change as california's new composting law. all some cities in the bay area required composting for years, for others it will be something new. tim johns shows us how it works. >> for millions of californians are the state, 2022 will be the year that forever changes how we deal with waste. >> here's the top of an orange, banana peel. here's some egg shells. >> on january 1, a new law came into effect that requires all people and businesses to separate things like leftover food and kitchen scraps from the rest of their trash. >> once a day, once every other day at you empty it into the green bin and you are done. >> it's a process called
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composting. robert reed says it's the biggest change to trash in decades. the idea behind it is to keep perishable waste out of places like landfills and turn them into a new recycled material that helps offset climate change. >> is going to keep millions of tons of material out of landfills, reduce methane emissions, it's a potent greenhouse gas. >> the new law will roll out gradually and will be implemented over the next two years depending on what city or county you live in. i 2024, the state will begin imposing fines on those who failed to do it correctly. >> it requires cities and counties throughout the state to reduce the amount of compostable material they sent to landfills by 75%. >> the cost of implementing such programs is about the same as those of traditional ways collection. but the cost of not doing it at all outweighs that of any new
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composting program. >> there may be some additional cost, the benefits are tremendous. modified foods took effect today. foods on supermarket shelves will be labeled as having been bioengineered. the changes are part of the u.s. department of agriculture's new rules on gmo's. some of the old labels will remain like certified usda organic and non-gmo verified. the usda won't be doing spot checks on food labels and grocery stores, but it will respond to written complaints. those are some of the new laws in 2022. we have a full list available on our website at residents in pollock pines welcome the new year at their local bowling alley. the only place in town with power. thunderstorms knocked down the power to the community and the sierra after christmas. the bowling alley is becoming a
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place residents count on in the crisis. in addition to the holiday cheer, they got basics they've been living without for days. >> that has been nice to come out and be social and have some cooked food. >> they are always open when the power is out, it's really nice. >> pg&e is telling customers power could be out in pollock pines through january 10. utility company has open community resource centers and storm affected communities. they are offering shelter, wi-fi and electrical outlets for people to charge their devices. after a record amount of snowfall in december, this is what thrill seekers had to look forward to act tahoe. the resort share this video showing the 17.5 feet of snow it has right now. in nine-day mega storm dumped an impressive amount of fresh power. palisades tahoe says this has been the snowiest december ever since they began keeping records
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in 1970. spencer is here with mann that because there is snow coming, rain coming here and i'm just looking for the warmer weather. spencer: i'm in the warmth of my own home and i'm wearing layer upon layer upon layer to keep warm. let's take a look at why it's so cold. we have the perfect ingredient for the warm weather recipe. clear skies and calm winds. when the winds are, skies are clear, more radiation will cooling and temperatures began to drop more sharply. 24 hour temperature change shows most locations around the bay area are 456 degrees to seven or 10 degrees cooler at this hour than this time last night. here's the view from our rooftop while looking across the embarcadero. 44 in san francisco. low to mid 30's right now in oakland, mountain view, morgan hill, half moon bay. in the view from emeryville along the bay bridge, other
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temperatures in the low to mid 30's. santa rosa, napa, fairfield, concord and it will be a lot colder in just a few hours. his review from the camera looking back at the embarcadero center. these are the forecasts centers. freeze warning for the inland valleys, dry again for tomorrow with clouds increasing later tomorrow with our next rainy powder that begins on monday. we also have a coastal flood advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m. monday. this is because of the king tides we have, the unusually high tide's. we call them king tides because they produce minor coastal flooding in low-lying areas. that advisory remains in effect. let's get to the freeze warning. the and then valleys of the north bay, east bay and south bay, low temperatures dropped through the upper 20's in the coldest locations. take care of pipes, pets and
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sensitive plants. temperatures dropped to 29 overnight in santa rosa, 30 in concord, 31 in napa, 37 in san francisco and 33 in san jose. that's pretty cold weather by bay area standards. to rouse highs and some inland locations will not even reach 50 degrees. places like fairfield and antioch, even napa high of 49. closer to the bay and the coast we find highs in the mid 50's. let's skip ahead to the rainfall. forecast at 5:00 a.m. on monday with rain coming in. wet in the bay area and snowing in the sierra on monday and tuesday. wednesday is starts taper off. thursday we get a break. friday, more rain comes in. we have a weeks worth of wet weather coming our way. up to a quarter of an inch of rainfall or more for most of the bay area. you can see the stormy patterns each day next week and we will have one of the storm impact
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scales. the cumulative effect is a wet week ahead. >> we definitely need the moisture. it's been a really chilly experience looking at this video. we are talking about beachwear, ice-skating, and in san francisco.
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>> i can't get enough of this story. skaters, some with a different look took to the ice and union square in san francisco and were competing in the polar bear skate. the weather cooperated for the sunshine. skaters are encouraged to come in bathing suits or some other type of wacky beachwear for a special one hour session. the 2022 winner, there he is, joe houston from san francisco celebrated his first victory in style after taking part in the
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contest for three years. that's some dedication. the warriors started 2022 in style. casey pratt is here with a preview of sports. >> he will never believe this, the warriors haven't lost a game all year. we will show mmm. hey jack, how'd you get this spicy cluck sandwich to have the perfect amount of spice? i call it, jack's spice squad. who's in the squad? [whispering] it's me. my new spicy cluck sandwich combo. it's my best chicken ever.
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11:28 pm
curry had a three for the 158 straight game. that's a new nba record, breaking his own record. third quarter, kevon looney with a great pass. carrie pay period, a second for the sweet potato yams. then they fall apart. utah went on a huge run to take the lead. one of the 19 rebounds with the jam. utah led by as many as eight points in this game. warriors fighting back to the fourth, curry, splash. this games tied 101. defenders closing in. curry gives just enough space, no idea how he does that. he finished with a game-high 28 that had help from his friends. on trade hit two huge three slate to put it away. the thing i love about steph's he's more excited than anybody else to see someone else succeed. warriors win 123-116. a total team effort with draymond green out. >> we had to remind ourselves
11:29 pm
what it takes to win games like this, everybody to feel with that attention is like because our dna is built on chasing championships and winning games like we have to get that done. >> it just shows how deep we are. we had guys out, but you can adele. >> it's not official yet, but everything points to trey lance starting for the 49ers. jimmy graupel is doubtful. the third overall draft would be making his second start. lance has taken third reps in the season has been about learning life in the nfl. >> getting more reps, getting to see things how they prepare in a week. things like that that would've been really hard for me as a rookie. i think those things have helped me attend this year. >> to the rose bowl, back in pasadena after last year's move to texas because of the pandemic. utah and ohio state. early candidate for the catch of the year. one foot down, almost gets a
11:30 pm
second one and for good measure. utah up 14 at the half. ohio state's jackson smith with three touchdowns, 347 receiving yards. that is able record. a lot of guys don't do that in the season. utah forced to use the freshman. he drives them down and finds dalton kincaid in the final minutes. nine seconds ago, ohio state with a 19 yard field goal for the lead. utah led for all but three minutes, but ohio state ends up winning 48-45. this is brought to you by river rock casino. >> omicron is fueling a winter search that's breaking records. as the new variant spreads, there is some encouraging data. how to starting off 2020 two as a multimillionaire sound.
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>> building a better bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> this thing is spreading and more and more kids are hospitalized. collects the latest covid surges hitting just about every run -- everyone and there is no immediate end in sight. the omicron variant having a sharp increases across the country and there are fears cases could rise more following new year's eve gatherings. there is good news and data indicates the omicron variant may be less severe than delta. karina mitchell has the story. >> as a new year begins, new concerns about a possible search on top of a search after new year's eve gatherings across the country. the u.s. last seen 2.2 million
11:35 pm
cases in the last week alone. new york state started the year with a single day record, more than 85,000 new cases. the latest by being driven by the omicron variant. some positive news, a report out of the u.k., as well as domestically, suggests omicron is milder than delta, but health experts are still concerned. >> when we have three 400,000 positive tests a day, we'll still have a large amount of illness, hospitalizations and exposure to people such as front-line workers, police officers, firefighters and doctors who are taken out of work and that will have disastrous consequences. >> nearly 100 thousand americans remain hospitalized with covid in pediatric hospitals are at a high. >> are pediatric disease experts are seeing kids that have long-haul covid symptoms and could have other symptoms secondary to covid weeks later. >> with school schedule to begin again monday, districts are weighing their options. >> as a parent, we are having
11:36 pm
this year we go again moment. >> the ohio children's hospital in association encouraging districts to require masks and schools. >> if you are a parent, superintendent, school board member, teacher, we all share the same goals. we all want our kids in school. >> in yonkers, new york, all schools will be remote after 25% of the 800 rapid tests administered to staff and students over the holiday break came back positive. >>'s thing is spreading, especially to the little ones, and more more kids are hospitalized or >> atlanta public schools announce classes will be held virtually next week. >> travelers from the united states to france must quarantine for 10 days after arriving. the french government is adding the u.s. back to its covid red list because of a surge of cases in the states. americans must have an essential reason for traveling to france, which means tourism will take another big hit.
11:37 pm
along with the mandatory quarantine, travelers must show a mandatory test taken two days before departure. france is dealing with his own omicron fueled outbreak right now. snow overnight help put out the most destructive wildfire in colorado history. more than 1000 homes were destroyed and residents are getting a look at the destruction. elizabeth schulze tells us some people lost everything just in a matter of minutes. >> residents getting their first look at the destruction following those devastating wildfires that tore through to colorado towns. officials calling it the worst in state history. >> pretty devastating and i could see flames in my backyard. >> are three-story home, completely destroyed. >> i called 911 and the fire department got me out. >> the home he put -- he grew up in, burned to the ground. >> i dad used to walk across the street to the golf course and play every morning.
11:38 pm
it's gone. >> the fires fueled by a combination of drought and high winds. >> the fire was moving at the same speed of the wind. >> those wins packing hurricane force gusts, pushing the flames into the town of superior in louisville just outside boulder. >> this is our community and we watched it burn so quickly, so unexpectedly. it's something we are all just struggling to believe and understand. >> thousands were forced to evacuate. drivers unable to see through the smoke as the flames jumped the road. choppers fleeing this costco into a wall of smoke. these images from inside a vista hospital. more than 50 patients evacuated in a terrifying scene at this czechia cheese as parents and kids scramble to get out, the governor getting a look at the apocalyptic scene from the air. >> it was a suburban and urban fire. the costco, nail shut -- we all shop at the target.
11:39 pm
>> communities now coming together to rebuild. >> one thing about colorado as we stick together during hard times and this is one of those times. >> president biden declared a disaster declaration ordering federal aid be made available to those impacted by the fire. >> 21 21 21 21 overnight trapped on a freezing gondola in new mexico. a dramatic new year's day rescue unfolded outside albuquerque. the gondola broke down because of icy conditions overnight, stranding people inside the elevator tram carriages. authorities waited until sunrise to start the rescue. they strapped each one onto a harnessed and lowered them to the ground. a sheriff's helicopter swooped in to airlift each person to safety. >> he pick them up in the helicopter and took them back down here to the ground where they are medically assessed. that process was repeated for nine flights to get all the individuals out. >> i'm glad everyone is ok.
11:40 pm
this has also happened before. in august 2020, that tran broke down due to a mechanical issue. they got it running again in four hours during the incident. no one is ringing in 2022 as a powerball jackpot winner. about half $1 billion was on the line for tonight's drawing. this is good news for everybody watching right now. there's still a chance because the next drawing is monday night in the jackpot will be around $522 million, depending upon ticket sales. so here are tonight's numbers, in case you are curious. 6, 12, 39, 40 8, 50 and the powerball is seven. the odds of hitting the jackpot are about 292 million to one. that's ok, you could still be that one. next on abc 7 news at 11:00, the ceo speaks only to abc 7 news about allegations of misconduct,
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that now have her suspended from the nonprofit she founded 10 years ago. >> get ready for subfreezing temperatures all around the bay area tonight. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you!
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>> the rose parade had a smaller crowd than usual. last year the parade was canceled because of the pandemic. this year's theme, dream, believe, achieve. dozens of decorated floats. ups stores, rise, shine and retook the trophy for the most beautiful flow. >> what a great part it is as california culture. everyone getting together and celebrating on new year's day. it's a great tradition. >> this is my first rose parade. i'm excited, i've never seen floats like this. >> first time to be out this
11:45 pm
close. i'm from l.a. originally. it's one of the highlights of the year. >> some traditions haven't changed since the first roads -- rose parade in 1890. every inch of the 37 floats had to be covered with flowers or some other natural material. black curls code, c oakland-based nonprofit with the mission of training young girls encoding is making headlines. the founder and ceo has been suspended. she's breaking her silence in an interview with abc 7 news race and culture reporter. it's a story will only see on seven. >> i certainly did not anticipate being in the position to have this conversation with you today. >> oakland-based nonprofit black curls code has provided mentorship and taught tens of thousands of black girls around the world to code. abc 7 news featured those accomplishments in march of this year, now founder and ceo
11:46 pm
kimberly bryant is trying to crack this code. >> i'm unclear about why this action was taken by the board. >> she sat down with me for an exclusive interview responding to allegations of misconduct that now have her suspended from the nonprofit she founded 10 years ago. do you think that an investigation into the allegations that were surfaced is warranted? >> if there are issues that were surfaced or brought up by anyone on the organizational team, myself included, we owe it to the community and the little black curls that we serve to fully investigate those issues. >> in a statement to abc 7 news, the black curls code special committee of the board of directors that impart curly --, the board became aware of concerns from former employees about miss bryant's conduct. it continues, to ensure a full and fair review process the special committee placed her on administrative leave. what do you hope this investigation finds?
11:47 pm
>> the truth. >> the board of directors declined to expand on the allegations melted against the ceo, the silicon valley tech outlet reportedly spoke to several former employees are anonymous and you, who described her leadership style as rooted in fear. managers were publicly berated. on almond -- anonymous reviews on glassdoor describe a toxic work environment for black women with the ceo continues to be the problem. is this criticism true? >> i'm not going to say our organization is a perfect place. but i'm saying that the efforts we have investor -- invested is what we will do to work in the future. >> those investments include hiring consultants to work with the leadership team, getting to the bottom of high turnover during the pandemic and bringing in an x -- an internal firm for compensation review. >> i support an investigation because i feel i would be fully
11:48 pm
vindicated and not anything i have done has been wrong. >> the board did not specify the timeline of the investigation. >> now we are going to check in with spencer for a final look at weather. how's it going. hibernating until may. let's take a look at what's coming our way. we have a freeze warning in effect until midnight to 9:00 a.m. for inland valleys. broadway, east bay, southbay and cultists temperatures drop into the mid to upper 20's. it's advisable to protect pets, pipes and sensitive plants. you might want to wear pants as well. let's take a look at the low temperature tonight. upper 20's to low 30's in the inland north bay, and then east bay, low to mid 30's around the bay shoreline. pretty cold. hi small, mid 50's near the coast with upper 40's to about
11:49 pm
50 inland. here's the accuweather 7 day forecast. rain starts on monday, we will have a rainy pattern for all of next week with the possible exception of thursday. get ready for the first full week of 2022 that will be a wet one. and we need it. >> we do need it so i can't be upset. there is casey pratt with a look at what's coming up in sports. >> it's cold outside, but we will tell you how a heated exchange at a 49ers practice led
11:50 pm
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11:52 pm
>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. >> happy new year, it's 2022 and we haven't seen klay thompson plaisance 2019. with each scrimmage, you can feel the excitement building. the splash brothers were reunited on the court as clay played with starters for the first time in the lengthy rehab
11:53 pm
process as the caliber flips to 2022, optimism is abound for the warriors. a likely hall of famer set to rejoin the lineup. clay having those positive viral -- positive vibes. >> happy new year from salt lake. i'm proud of these guys. i can't wait to come back, it's coming. it's not far away. i can't wait to see you guys again. we love y'all. we got big goals this year, championship aspirations. so, let's stay locked in. let's go get this thing. >> the positive vibes continued for clay at the arena where he got in more work with the team before the 116 win in utah. they likely return coming soon, stephen curry tried to put his journey into perspective. >> we talked about it a little bit, just being exciting. it's not about anything other than him getting back to playing basketball. he has worked so hard and been through so much into a half
11:54 pm
years, so for him to have an opportunity to play basketball again and not be rehabbing and enjoy himself and enjoy basketball, you can see in his face. it's cool to watch. >> last night we showed you the buzzer beater to close out 2021 with a win. tonight he started 2022 with another buzzard beater for a win over the wizards. he's a first player in nba history to hit buzzer beating threes for the win on the consecutive days. another record. we haven't seen much of trey lance since he made his first nfl start back in september. you know who has seen him? the 49ers defense. a heated exchange between fred warner and lance led to a new look on the field. lance leads the scout team offense against the niners defense and he felt lance was being too careful, which was causing the defense a key list. the linebacker gave the rookie qb some game changing advice. >> i'm like, listen, this is
11:55 pm
your opportunity to take chances and develop that partier game. take a chance, try to see if you can fit the ball into tight spaces or see if you can go on the run and make a completed pass down the field. >> for him to care, not only about what they are getting, but my development, him pulling me off to the side and shouting across the line of scrimmage, whatever was, it's kind of finding a happy medium between giving those guys a look and finding a way to make myself better. >> fiesta bowl time, notre dame 0-7 and almost 25 years. they went up against oklahoma state just before the half. he finds him and it looks like the streak was finally going to end for notre dame. but the cowboys came all the way back. spencer sanders with an eight yard pass and it's going to be tied. last chance for notre dame, but oklahoma state will recover the on-site kick. they win 37-35.
11:56 pm
notre dame falls to 0-8. a frustrating night for former raiders coach. ole miss starting qb went down with an injury, so incomes back up. ole miss driving up the scoring game. he is going to go 96 y other way. baylor wins the sugar bowl for the first time since 1957. the 12 win system most in school history. 21-7 is the final. winter classic. -90 minnesota, the drinks frozen solid. the only thing hot with the hotdocs. even the water bottles were frozen. felt like -24, cultists outdoor game. jordan kai reed gives the blues the lead. they scored five goals in the second. then he has another. the blues win 6-4, and it probably took the hotdocs the entire game to cook, it was so cold. this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino.
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>> that is it for tonight. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. for spencer and casey, thanks for joining us in happy new year. hope your 2022 is off to a good start.
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