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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 31, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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eco apocalyptic scene as wildfires tear through homes and shopping centers, whens topping 100 miles an hour. officials say the worst may be yet to come. >> promising news from the serous -- the sierra snowpack. >> we will say hello to 2022 sydney, australia. they rang and the new year with a spectacular display in the land down under. >> beautiful. good morning. friday, december 31. you are watching abc seven mornings live. we will begin with lisa and our forecast. hi. >> good morning. how are you? live doppler seven showing we don't have rain. we don't even have clouds. that is why we are so cold. 32 napa, 30 santa rosa,
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ramon mid-30's, upper 30's toward san jose. the sun not coming up until 7:24, so several hours of subfreezing temperatures left in some areas. it is so clear outside. lots of stars. by noon, bright and chilly. mid to upper 40's from around the bayshore to england valley's -- to inland valleys. it will feel cooler. you may want to dress in layers. you will need sunglasses. may feel colder tonight. we will talk about that and the next chance of rain next time we see you. >> the emergency out of colorado this morning. terrifying images of wildfires like these ripping through homes, flames fueled by winds gusting up to 115 miles an hour. at least one first responder and six others have been injured. this is being called the most destructive fire in colorado history.
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there are two major ones burning now. look at this map. just south of boulder and half an hour north of denver. more than 100,000 people are under evacuation mornings. >> heartbreaking images coming out of colorado as more than 500 homes have burned as two wildfires have torn through the cities of superior and louisville between boulder and denver. >> did you see that? >> this man driving through flames to get to safety as evacuations were issued for tens of thousands of people. >> i would say, within 25 minutes, the situation went -- the situation completely changed. >> is when the wind shifted around 5:00 p.m. or so that it switched to hey, get out. >> not only smoke but flames. fire fueled by winds
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estimated as strong as 115 miles per hour. officials believe downed power lines started the fire. >> these high winds are making it uncontrollable. >> i swear to god, i could not open my door. >> at least six people were injured. the situation was so bad that not only were homes evacuated, but stores and restaurants were too. one o o o at this chucky cheese location, sending parents and kids running. >> go, go. >> the governor declaring a state of emergency as homeowners learned of their losses. >> it is devastating to see this. this time of year, a friend of mine, whose parents are in florida on vacation, and they lost their home. they got a call to let them know. >> it is hard to soak everything in but i am grateful for the area. evyo and weecover.d i
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>> that was j.r. reporting. we have been sending alerts about wildfires through our abc7 news and, one way you can stay on top of breaking on your device. >> developing news in the pandemic. police and fire departments around the bay getting hit by covid. one department has 23 officers out. 20 deputies with the alameda county sheriff's office infected. as we reported yesterday, there are at least 40 cases in the san francisco fire department. san francisco police and santa rosa police told us they have officers out but did not give an exact number. >> let's turn this around a little. i have a playlist for you for new year's eve. we will go with staying alive, bee gees, survivor, destiny's
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child. do you get the theme? i have the music. you are bringing the drinks. do you have a glass with the bubbly? >> a house party is fun. you can have fun in the living room. that is what we plan to do tonight. the big question is, what are you doing tonight? it is a complicated question this year. we have an example of two yacht clubs to show you how conflicted people are. in san francisco, a yacht club is having a party still. 40 people expected to attend a four hour long party tonight. they require proof of vaccination, but we checked in with a ucf doctor and he says that it is still a perfect candidate for becoming a super-spreader event. >> we know of lots of events, including a party in marin county a couple weeks ago, where there was transmission, even though everyone was vaccinated.
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maybe next year we will be back to the good old days. >> meanwhile, the corinthian yacht club in timberon decided to cancel its party tonight over concerns of the variant and high case numbers. san francisco canceled its fireworks show. doctors say they think we are about to hit the peak of this current surge and the next two weeks will be the most critical. the advice we keep hearing is to keep your celebration tonight small, vaccinated and masked in the living room. we have a date with ryan seacrest tonight. jobina and kumasi, happy new year. >> happy new year. yes. i have one song to add. by play that tonight. although the show has been
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canceled, we have a way you can watch the magic. we put a new year's eve show on the connected tv at. it is old but still beautiful. you can find it on several platforms. we have your entertainment covered. you can catch college football on espn. the cotton bowl starts at 12:30. the orange bowl starts at 4:30. the countdown to the new year starts at 8:30 p.m. with dick clark's new year's rocking eve with ryan seacrest. >> search and rescue teams with an update. >> the search for the next big hit. squid game,
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>> new developments in california's drought, positive ones. significant improvement in the newest drought map. the majority of the state has dropped from extreme to severe drought, from red to orange. the bay area falls into those categories. only one part of farther northern california remains in exceptional drought. >> even with all the recent rain and snow, it is too soon to think our drought is over. the first snow survey of the season shows the state's mountain snowpack stands at 160%. if the snow stopped tod year would already have 4/5 of average snowfall for the season, but some places are below average. >> that is why we still need january and february and march to come in. we are hoping for the average to
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get higher so we have more runoff to fill up empty reservoirs. >> good start to the season. does not always end with a bountiful water supply though. water managers remind us that december 2014 was great, but then abruptly shut off, the spigot. >> the state of california now drive for the next several days. all that inclement weather moves eastward. bright. cold, dry. 38 oakland, you can see the stars even from this shot. 30 santa rosa, 32 napa, mid 30's concord and livermore. return of the king tides tomorrow through monday with minor low-lying flooding from the bayshore through perhaps mill valley. otherwise, looking at a cold start today, tomorrow and even sunday. monday, clouds thickened and wet
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and windy weather returns. the reason we are told is the dry air. we get the coldest temperatures in another hour or so. even colder saturday morning. lower 50's for highs today, below average but a lot of sunshine. good morning. >> good morning. let's get to the trouble spots. we have one alert gone and one added. one earlier on westbound 24 at the caldecott the closed number three. that's reopened. traffic has recovered we have a new one, this fatality, unfortunately, on north 680 at the offramp that remains closed. investigation is underway but it is not affecting freeway traffic. here is the other alert. north 880 year colorado boulevard -- north 880 near over -- near alvora
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>> stuck in an airplane bathroom for hours. one woman's story. >> we are outside checking out the
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>> new developments in the search for a skier who disappeared at northstar on this mistake has now become a recovery operation. they worked at a resort and they were inexperienced skier. some 220 personnel mounted a search in extreme conditions. the placer county sheriff's office has determined there is no realistic possibility he has survived. >> after major public outcry, the governor of colorado reduced the 110 year sentence of a truck driver found guilty in the killing of four people. he will instead receive 10 years
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in prison and the eligible for parole in five. in the letter of commutation, the governor called the original sentence highly a and unjust. the driver was driving a truck in denver when the brakes failed. >> a holiday trip to switzerland took a turn because of covid. she had to quarantine in the airplane bathroom for four hours. marissa says her throat felt sore about an hour and a half into her flight. she headed to the bathroom, took a rapid test and it came back positive. >> i freaked out. i ran out of the bathroom and into the first person i saw. >> the first person she saw was a flight attendant named rocky, who sent her back to the bathroom, where she spent the flight in isolation. she passed the time making tiktok videos and enjoying snacks and drinks.
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when the plane landed, she was taken to a hotel, where she spent another 10 days and quarantine. >> shout out to her for being responsible. a star of 2021 was u of inaugural poet amanda gorman, who has released a new poem to ring in the new year. she recited her poem, the hill we climb, at present bidens and duration -- at president biden's inauguration. she has a new home. you can see it being read on her instagram page. she is using it to raise funds for an organization that helps people affected by humanitarian crises. >> it may be the biggest television show of the year, at least for netflix. squid game. the most show of all time for the streaming service, ever. for 2022, television and
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streaming services are battling it out to find the neck big hit -- the next big hit. they are searching in south korea. >> it is the haunting show that dominated netflix this year. ♪ squid game. it is one of many south korean created television shows the u.s. cannot get enough of. falling behind, hell bound, a dark fantasy series, and a revenge thriller, both topping netflix's global chart. >> one big reason why these shows from south korea did well is that they explored universal themes or questions people could relate to regardless of background or nationality. at the end of the day, they did a great job of their stories in a compelling way that keeps viewers hooked and eager
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to watch the next episode. >> they are taking notes. the success of these shows driving companies to cash in, with apple and disney plus launching in south korea to develop korean content for hungry audiences. >> with squid game so viral and popular, we see korean content go from something niche and not necessarily popularized here to being kind of something everyone craves. >> the fandom behind korean entertainment not new. hey pop has -- k-pop has become an international phenomenon with a diverse fan base. parasite defy the odds too, taking home best picture aa the oscarst.
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in another film raking in millions internationally. experts say korean entertainment is global. >> it will affect everyone. it will be relatable and universal. korean content is global. that means it is enjoyable for anyone. >> other big perks about producing content in korea, projects are sometimes green lit in a week, but production is sometimes a fraction of the price to produce their. -- there. >> so are you going to watch parasite? i will not even talk about squid game. >> i can do parasite because i have heard it is good. visiting new year's -- is it a new year's movie? should i watch it this weekend? i don't know that this is the time, friend. >> you know, if you want to go
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on a little bit of a ride, then, you know, it will not give you what you are wanting to get. >> ok, friend. let me just -- that was great. i need a movie with optimism to get me excited. >> yes. i am trying to think. what could that be? >> i will think of something. >> for sure. we are happy about where we have come so far in december with rain and snow. that has been banner. in fact, hoping it continues into 2022. as we look at live doppler 7, snow moving into the western part of las vegas -- i should say salt lake city and vegas into denver, but the rain has left us with clear, dry air. northerly winds, a little breezy today. 38 oakland, 37 san jose, jose, half moon bay. gorgeous clear start to new
6:22 am
year's eve with 30 in santa rosa, 32 napa, 34 fairfield, 35 concord, 35 livermore -- 36 livermore. the clouds come back and the rain will. how much rain? the coldest morning should be tomorrow, january 1, with lows pretty frosty in the 20's. here's a look from new year's day to sunday. into monday, this energy wants to stay to the north but some will slip southend then moved north -- slip south and then move north. you can see extreme northern california doing well, but santa rosa perhaps getting .4, but it is too soon to tell. encouraging that we see summary close enough. 51 today in fremont. sunny and cool, below average. very cool tonight. multiple layers you will need
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for celebrations. >> good morning america is coming up at 7:00 right here. >> rob moore -- rob has a look at what is ahead. >> great to be with you on this last day of the year. lots coming up on gma. we talk about the wildfires in colorado. entire towns forced to evacuate as hundreds of homes burned to the ground. dry conditions, powerful fueling the flames. the nation now averaging 316 thousand new infections every day of covid. there is good news on the horizon for the fda expects to approve a booster for 12 to 15-year-olds. encouraging news on omicron from south africa. plus, new year's eve. we have a special edition of binge this, the movies, tv and books you should enjoy, and delicious mocktails, a fashion
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>> developing news. the golden state warriors. we will have to see if they suit up for the game against the jazz after their last game was postponed. the nuggets did not have enough healthy players. the league requires each team to have at least eight available players. one player was critical of the decision. it is the 11th time the nba has postponed a-game due to covid protocols. for n the warriorh. the pandemic and an ongoing rainstorm will not stop the rose parade. this morning as the deadline for floods to finish their prep so judges can pick the winners. you can watch the rose parade
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here at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> more top stories. cdc data out this morning on how many americans have gotten a booster shot. >> a major recall for test loners impacting all model3 sedan. the other vehicle involved and the issue they are seeing. >> taking a look outside now at - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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- [narrator] if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. >> this is abc7 news. i have a party near the alamance hotel. they are trying to evacuate on foot toward you. they are actively running from fire behind them. >> that wildfire devastation in colorado. triple digit winds fueling
6:30 am
flames that's ripping through homes and shopping centers. >> new year's eve events cut down dramatically because of covid. but some places in the bay area are choosing to party on. plus -- >> in times square on new year's rocking eve. >> gearing up for the big times square ball drop, celebrating 50 years of the new year's rocking eve. everything in place to ring in the year. > let's take you live to times square, getting ready for the fun. it is scaled-back but they will be ready to welcome in 2022. good morning. it is friday, december 31. happy new year's eve. we start with a look at our forecast. >> certainly cold. dry air coming in on northerly winds as high pressure builds
6:31 am
and is allowing for awfully low temperatures. 48 oakland, 37 san jose, 46 on the coast from mount tam. you can see breezy winds in the upper elevations, over 24 miles an hour. 24 on top of mount tam, upper 20's on top of mount diablo in hamilton, 30 santa rosa. it will take a while to warm. 34 nevada, 32 napa, 36 livermore. everyone much colder, especially by the delta. we are in the 40's still. plenty of sunshine peered -- sometime. by noon, 40's for most. by 2:00, low 50's should do it for everyone. the coldest night we have seen in a while on the way tonight. >> an urgent state of emergency is in effect in colorado with
6:32 am
thousands being forced to leave their homes because of fast spreading fires. it is unfolding in neighborhoods just south of boulder. we are getting new video of the moments a local costco was forced to evacuate. >> get on the road. go eastbound. >> you can see people just left their carts. one first responder and six others were hurt in the fire. the cause is blamed on down power lines and blistering winds. the national weather service is describing the situation as life-threatening. enter denver has the latest -- andrew dan -- dymburt. >> fire has destroyed hundreds of homes in boulder. gusts topping 100 mph providing the perfect conditions for the fire to spread quickly.
6:33 am
>> the worst possible spot during the worst possible winter draft. >> people forced to flee as the fire moved in, many given minutes notice, some having to run. >> i will have a party at the hotel that will try to evacuate on foot towards you. they are actively running from a fire on them. >> some residents of the town of superior told to leave immediately. choppers in this costco stepping into an apocalyptic scene. robert gutierrez posting this video of him driving through the flames. than 600 homes have been lost in boulder county, along with the hotel and a target store. the fire is now the most destructive in colorado history. an insurance agent in the area says she's already getting calls from people who lost their homes. >> i checked my first call from somebody who lost their home a minute ago. it is something you don't plan
6:34 am
on. it is devastating to see this. you never imagine this in december. >> at least six people have been transported. officials expect that number to grow. >> due to the magnitude and intensity of this fire and its presence in such a heavily popular area, we would not be surprised if there are injuries or fatalities. >> abc news, new york. >> turning to the pandemic. california's seven-day test positivity rate is 12.9%. it was in the single digits tuesday. there are also reports the fda will approve pfizer's booster shots for 12 to 15-year-olds. the cdc warned americans to avoid cruises regardless of vaccination status. more than 80 are currently being observed for covert outbreaks. newly released data shows that more than half of americans are fully vaccinated. 62% of americans have received
6:35 am
two doses of the pfizer or moderna vaccines or the wind does j&j shot -- the one dose j&j shot. >> in the south bay, new year's celebrations being altered or canceled altogether because of the covid search. there is evidence that it is impacting plans of people. storeowners are letting customers know that they are putting a stop to some celebration. the owner of a haberdashery blends -- blames several factors. >> one of the problems is i tested positive myself, so i am quarantined. i have been sitting in my living room by myself. >> christmas in the park says
6:36 am
the outdoor element is allowing it to continue with new year's eve activities but they are unsure how many people will make it. >> let's take a look at the sfo, where the faa says we can expect more delays. about 1000 flights in the u.s. have been canceled today so far. the faa says this is because of soaring covid cases in severe weather. jetblue says it staff sick calls are 300% above normal. cases among kids are soaring. 380 kids are in the hospital every day, a 66% increase from last week. >> you have an under vaccinated or un-vaccinated or unvaccinated population of children with a highly contagious virus. this is seeping out to the susceptible and that his children. >> overall, the u.s. is averaging 316,000 new cases of covid every day, up nearly four
6:37 am
times from a month ago. >> the miracle facts says her city is facing a dire situation -- the mayor of colfax says her city is facing a dire situation, with thousands without heat after losing power. pg&e is preparing for the outage to last through the weekend. neighbors are pulling together to provide food, shelter and charging stations to those in need. >> some people have been showing up wet, cold, hungry, wanting something to eat. >> we are passing out breakfast burritos to anybody who is hungry or needs help. >> they are telling residents to reach out to her directly if they need help. governor newsom has declared a state of emergency in multiple counties because of recent storms. it will help open up efforts in the sierra, southern california and the bay area. state agencies will provide
6:38 am
personnel and equipment to help with snow clearance. >> champagne problems. the issue you might run into if you are trying to toast tonight. >> you're looking live at the big board of the new york stock exchange. another update on the markets next. >> proving anything is possible by going to space. when our top inspirations. >> good morning. it is cold. it is clear. high-pressure and dry, northerly winds arriving, bringing chilly temperatures. that dark shading offshore is high-pressure that's been with us, it seems for years, and during the drought years of the past, and now it is nudging in. nice out to look at. 42 in san francisco, 38 oakland, san jose 37. morgan hill 41 on the coast, mid 40's, santa cruz, 48, high of 53.
6:39 am
some coming up at 7:54 sun coming up at 7:54. santa rosa 30, freezing in napa, 35 in concord, livermore chilly, 36. north winds keeping it awfully breezy around mount him. coastal winds will pick up today. it will feel even colder with the wind. mount diablo below freezing. tomorrow, the temperatures dropping in the valleys. they will go up next week when the cloud cover arrives. drive-thru the weekend, first day of the new year, and then comes the rain. it is a level one system with most impacts heading north of us. as we look at the preliminary precipitation, doesn't look too promising yet, but we have seen this change and over perform so we can be hopeful. low 50's today. any big plans tonight?
6:40 am
>> just like everybody else, fresh crab and ryan seacrest, watching the ball drop on tv. i hope everyone stays safe. a look at some of the new year's eve mass transit plans. free after 7:00 p.m., muni systemwide, bart extending lines and caltrain. do not drive if you don't have to. taking look at some problems. locally, this cleared, north 880 near alvarado boulevard. we come back, we will talk about the
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>> tesla is issuing two recalls affecting nearly 500,000 of its vehicles. every model 3 sedan sold in the
6:43 am
u.s. is part of this because of a potential flaw in the camera system. the second recall is through 2020 model s hatchbacks because of an issue with the latch that could cause the hood to fly open while the car is moving. >> we are taking a look at what has changed the past few years. >> when it comes to cars, with 2021 and its supply chain issues, let's put it in the rearview mirror. when it is over, pent-up demand for cars will take sales from zero to 60. let's take at the new features that have been added. >> we need to transition to an electric future. hybrids are a baby step along the way that allow you to reduce the fuel use and help the environment. >> this automated -- this
6:44 am
automotive journalist says consider hybrid. many new cars are coming out with this dueal you can plug this into a regular outlet overnight. it will give you about 35 miles of range on the batteries. another new feature many cars have is adaptive cruise control. when the car in front of you speeds up, your car speeds up. when it slows down, it slows down. some cars can even steer for you in this mode. it is a game changer in bumper-to-bumper traffic. hnology is the added safety, active 24/7. let's talk about what makes people choose one car over another. cupholders and armrests.
6:45 am
that is an old car salesman's joke but it is true that the interior experience is more important to many then things like torque -- many than things like torque and horsepower. one thing to consider, how your car interacts with your phone. fran troy, you may consider a car with android see you, 2021. >> with the new year comes new laws in california likely to impact you and your family. a few big ones to know. approved in hope of tackling the problems here in california. here are some that will take effect in 2022 that might affect you. more private controlled fires
6:46 am
will. a new bill reduces the legal liability for people who do prescribed burns. on new year's day, the minimum wage increases to $15 across the golden state for businesses with 26 or more employees and $14 per hour for those with 25 or fewer workers. slow down, everybody. cities are giving -- are given new authority to reduce speed limits. current speed limits are based on what drivers feel comfortable with rather than what is actually safe. hooray for cocktail hour. pandemic privileges have been extended but not fully in the next bill. orders for mixed drinks can be placed online, on the phone or in person but must be picked up. delivery of cocktails ands -- ends december 31.
6:47 am
good news for those waiting to see a therapist. insurance companies and health plans will be required to provide timely follow-up care and reduce wait for patients. that is a ramp-up of some new laws coming and happy new year. >> you can find the full list of all the new laws kicking in on our website, read it and share it with your friends so we are all prepared. >> your morning money report and rising rates on your mortgage and mortgages across the country. the average a 30 year fixed rate mortgage is higher than last year's. 15 year fixe mortg co t economists say first-time buyers will keep propelling the market upwards. it is the end of an era for the company that once dominated the
6:48 am
world of cell phones. if you still have a blackberry, starting january 4, it is not going to work. you cannot make calls, send texts. you cannot do anything on the phones. i know. blackberry announced it is ending all support for the phones and told the customers to just get a new device. ok. taking a look at the new york stock exchange. you can see we are good by about 30 -- are down by about 30 points. >> marking a milestone with the girl of the year doll by american girl. the popular doll maker revealed the first girl of the year of chinese descent. she lives in aspen, colorado and loves skiing, being a big sister and training her new puppy to be a search and rescue dog. american girl hopes her story can spread awareness about the rise in anti-asian hate crimes and create positive change.
6:49 am
as people are getting ready to say farewell to 2021 and usher in the new year, there's a champagne shortage. liquor sellers say that some higher end brands -- i cannot pronounce it -- we have talked about this. >> go for it. >> those are sold out. the reason for the shortage is threefold, increased demand, diminished great harvests -- diminished grape harvests and issues with the supply chain. >> there is a lot of harvesting, but it will be more of a challenge to get this season. >> experts say there are other types of sparkling wine and encourage revelers to explore lesser-known brands. demand for champagne and sparkling wine has surged 120% since 2019. people have been drinking. >> do you know what? people have been drinking.
6:50 am
>> you don't have to get those specific -- just to go to the store and find what you find and enjoy it. >> yes. >> you have to have a certain kind? >> i do. what is on sale. >> me too. >> nice. maybe a hot toddy, right? that is fun and warms you up. cold air on the way. live doppler showing you high-pressure in the pacific. not making it to the bay area for a few days. 7:54 the official soberness. wind has been over 20 miles new. you could add wind chill in spots. 40 san francisco, upper 30's oakland, 46 on the coast. a preview of the golden gate bridge, where temperatures are colder in the protected valleys.
6:51 am
we have been telling you about that. so today into new year's day, we will see numbers well below where we should be, and the low 30's, near freezing, below freezing, even in the 20's. 32 napa, fairfield, 35 concord, 36 in livermore, so we have gone from lots of activity in terms of rain and snow to someone less. in the upper elevations, at mount diablo, you have wind at 19 miles an hour. it is colder than it should be. tomorrow will be the coolest morning we have seen in quite some time. the clouds will then increase, overnight lows will modify. highs have, belittle. more sunshine, but there will be a breeze. 50's is all we will manage. the breezy winds may be an issue
6:52 am
for some airports with takeoffs and landings. 40's and 50's on the way today. a beautiful sunny day. sunset at 5:00. and cold nights with us again. for the revelers of new year's eve into new year's day, another friday. rain returning by monday. >> thank you. the crab season has arrived in half moon bay in time for new year's eve. the lines were long as aficionado came from around the bay -- as aficionado's from around the bay area -- as aficionados from around the bay area came to snap them up. one man took home 10 grams and did not care how much it cost -- 10 crabs and did not care how much it cost. >> $200 of crab. >> worth it? >> the best crabs. >> the beginning of the commercial season had to be
6:53 am
delayed to allow whales to safely migrate for the winter. it is always worth looking over some of the memorable moments that defined our year, but with so much going on, we want to leave things looking bright into the future. >> from six-year-old coach cal, whose pep talks took over tiktok, to the youngest american to go to space, here is well with some of the most inspirational people of this year. >> in 2021, inspiration coming from sources near and far. >> i cannot believe how beautiful it was. >> hayley arceneaux becoming the youngest american to go to space on board spacex's appropriately named inspiration for. -- inspiration four. >> having cancer prepared me. >> a former patient at st. jude's hospital now working there as a physician's assistant, facetiming her patients during her three-day stint in outer space. >> having that hope made me love
6:54 am
my life. that is what gives me so many sunny days. and that just absolutely loving the day you are in. because you are here. >> haley proving to her patients and the rest of us that not even the skies the limit. on the ground, proof you don't need to be big to make an impact. >> d d d d be one of the greats. >> coach cal, six years old, motivating millions on tiktok with his plain sized pep talks -- his plaintiff sized pep talks. -- pint sized pep talks. >> you have to show it it takes to get the w. >> and full-blown rock concerts being played from one person's fire escape. >> i am doing what i left because it makes me and others happy. >> these and others proving hope is always around the corner. >> if i could tell 10-year-old
6:55 am
haley that she would go to space, i wouldn't, because the fun of life is that you don't know what is coming and that is the reason to hang in. >> that was very inspiring. that is a good way to en our newscastd, our last morning newscast for llooking f. >> i am. i think it will be good. i don't know why i have been feeling this energy throughout the show, because yesterday, i was dragging, but today, i am like, ok, we will do this. we will make it happen. >> i am with you on that. i am with you on that. hope you all are with us too. next, the seven things you need to know. >> as we head to break this new year's eve morning, the final sunrise of 2021.
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> if you are just joining us,
6:58 am
here are the seven things you need to know. peers of the omicron variant are impacting the -- fears o the omicron variant impacting bay area celebrations. >> bart will be running trains tonight. the last east eastbound train will leave sandra two -- parking will be free after 3 p.m. today. >> while fire emergency in colorado. hundreds of homes have burned outside in boulder. tens of thousands of people are evacuating now. these wildfires are being called the most destructive in-state history. >> tunes in the sierra are dealing with dire power outages from the snowfall. thousands of customers all without electricity or heat being told it could last through the weekend. >> it is an awfully cold start to the last friday of the year.
6:59 am
29 mount diablo, 36 martinez, 40's closer to the bay, freezing in napa. >> new year's eve light. the bay bridge. beautiful sunrise. i thought i would leave you with positive vibes, the sun coming up over the golden gate bridge. >> you might be ringing in the new year with a glass of few pain, but other traditions -- of champagne, but other traditions are about what you eat. in the south it is about that black-eyed peas and rice. a traditional japanese new year's meal includes roasted duck. spaniards eat 12 grapes at midnight. do not miss the ball drop tonight. dick clark's new year's rocky nieves starts tonight at 8:00. >> because we live on the west coast, the black-eyed peas are still in the store. >> i know.
7:00 am
because by now, if he did not have them, you should give it up. i think it will be o good morning, america. breaking news. wildfire emergency. fast-moving flames explode in colorado, forcing thousands to flee. >> i have people there that need to be evacuated that are unable to do so themselves. >> panicked families escaping this chuck e. cheese, customers running from stores, overwhelmed by smoke and embers. a hospital evacuated and hundreds of homes destroyed. >> god help us. >> dry conditions and hurricane-force wind gusts fueling the fire. the december inferno seen from above. the mayor of a town completely evacuated joins us, and we're live on the scene. travel chaos from coast to coast. more than 1,000 flights canceled already this morning for the seventh straight day, luggage building up at hard-hit sea-tac airport.


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