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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 31, 2021 5:00am-5:50am PST

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north bay valleys, waking up around freezing. tomorrow will be the coldest in the upper 20'mo. mostly sunny. for your plans tonight, bundle up because it will be a frosty one. >> we are looking at your friday new year's eve day commute. it is very light. i thought that we would go outside to look at emeryville, 80 westbound, look at the gaps between the headlights moving at a nice clip down the 80 corridor from highway 4 into el cerrito through to berkeley and the bay bridge is looking great at this hour. the san mateo bridge is a 70 minute drive from 880 to the causeway. if you're traveling to the sierra to take a great option of
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the powder today, there is chains required. 88 and 50 are open with no requirements. >> this might be my worst nightmare. stuck in an airplane bathroom for hours. one woman with a rough flight across the atlantic. kumasi: a search for a missing skier in northstar. search-and-rescue teams have an update in the mission. >> the search for the next big hit.
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calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. kumasi: developments in the search phrase skier that disappeared in northstar. it has become a recovery operation. he worked at a resort and was an experienced a backcountry skier. 220 rescue personnel undertook a search in extreme white out conditions. they have determined there is no realistic possibility they have survived. jobina: after public outcry the
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governor of colorado reduced to 110 year sentence for a truck driver found guilty in a fiery crash that killed four people. rogel aguilera-mederos will receive 10 years in prison and will be eligible for parole in five years. in the letter of commutation the governor called the original sentence "highly atypical and unjust." in 2019 rogel aguilera-mederos was driving a semi truck in denver when the brakes failed and the vehicle became out of control. kumasi: schoolteacher's trip to switzerland took a turn because of covid-19. she had to quarantine in the airplane bathroom for four hours. marissa said that her throat started to feel sore about an hour and a half into her flight. she went into the bathroom, took a rapid test, and it came back positive. >> i freaked out.
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i ran out of the bathroom and ran into the first person i saw. kumasi: the first personst perso was a flight attendant named rocky who sent her back to the bathroom, where she spent the rest of the flight in isolation. she says that she passed the time making tiktok videos and enjoying snacks and drinks that rocky would deliver. when the airplane landed the woman went to the hotel where she spent 10 days in quarantine. jobina: that is not what i was expecting. kumasi: that is really kind of her, though. jobina: responsible. thank you to her. the stark 2021 was amanda gorman -- star of 2021 was amanda gorman. she shot to stardom after reciting he palm at joe biden's inauguration. her new work was inspired by stories of grief and perseverance she witnessed on
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social media. you can see it on her instagram page. she's using it to raise funds for the international rescue committee, helping people affected by humanitarian crises. kumasi: it may be the biggest television show of 2021 for netflix. squid game, the most-watched shell of all time for the streaming service. for 2022 big streaming services are battling it out to find the next big hit. they are staying close, searching in south korea. >> it is the haunting show that dominated netflix this year. ♪ >> squid game. it is one of many south korean created television shows that the u.s. cannot get enough of. following kind, held dart -- hell bound, a dark revenge popping netflix's
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chart. >> one big reason why these recent shows from south korea did well is that they explored these universal themes or questions that people could relate to regardless of their background or nationality. at the end of the day the south korean shows did a great job in telling their stories in a compelling way that keeps viewers hooked and eager to watch the next episode. >> streaming services are taking notes. the success of these shows driving companies to cash in on the action with apple tv plus and disney plus launching in south korea to develop korean content for hungry audiences. >> with squid game being so popular we are seeing korean content going from something that was niche and not necessarily popularized in this country to being something that everyone is craving. >> the fandom is not new. gangnam style found its way to dance wars worldwide and bts has
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become an international phenomenon with a diverse and loyal fan base. ♪ >> taking home the top prize at the oscars with the best picture win. train to boos -- -- -- -- -- --- train to busan raking it in the height of the pandemic. >> it is important to remember that korean content is global, it is enjoyable for anyone. >> other perks about producing content in korea? projects are sometimes greenlight in a week. abroad is a fraction of the price of hollywood to produce shows. abc news, los angeles. jobina: did you watch squid game?
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kumasi: no, my spirit said no. jobina: it was too much for me. parasite, though. kumasi: no spoilers. don't say anything. we know you liked it. [laughter] lisa: we are doing fine in december, but we hope it will last into 2022 because we are in the severe drought, not an exceptional drought. inclement weather is down from southern california into mexico. much of the state, a chance to take a break as we round out and end 2021. it is 29 on top of mount diablo. low 30's from san ramon to danville.
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35 at the base of mount diablo. in the north bay napa is at 32. closer to the water, 40's, but colder than yesterday at this hour. eight degrees colder than santa rosa. here is what it will look like in the next couple of days. dry new year's eve and new year's day, then sunday is dry. there is rain to the north of us with showers, a level 1 system in the bay area, same on tuesday, but that storm track wants to stay to the north of us. when we out of the rainfall this far in advance it only looks like 1/10 of an inch more in santa rosa, but there are many more days to see how this plays out. more rain is in the forecast for the seven-day. we are dry, cool, sunny, and breezy. it will feel colder than a low 50's. we have cold mornings through sunday. a level 1 system with some wind
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on monday and tuesday. back to winter as we get to the new year. kumasi: the seven things to know this morning. jobina: one part of the northeast is taking it back to march 2020. kumasi: would you like a side of fries with that? there is a somewhat good explanation for what is happening here. jobina: no, no,
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kumasi: fears of the omicron variant are impacting new year's eve celebrations across the bay area. a lot of events are canceled, but other parties with hundreds of people are on. doctors are warning that these could be super-spreader events. jobina: bart will be running trains to get you to and from home safely. the last east bay bound train will leave san francisco at 1:30 a.m. and just after 2:00 a.m. for the peninsula. parking will be free after 3:00 p.m. kumasi: wildfire emergencies in colorado, hundreds of homes burned outside of boulder and
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one first responder and six people are hurt. tens of thousands of people are evacuated. the two wildfires are being called the most destructive in-state history. jobina: towns and the sierra dealing with dire power outages from the record snowfall. thousands of pg&e customers are without electricity or heat and being told that it may last through the weekend. lisa: not only is it clear, it is cold. check out these morning temperatures in the low 30's. still dropping through 6:00. sue: we are following a fatal accident that occurred off of the freeway northbound 680 blocking the under body offramp. kumasi: crews crews c out with the 12,000 pound ball yesterday morning. you can watch it tonight on dick clark rock and new year's eve -- with dick clark's new year's rockin' eve. jobina: the golden state
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warriors will have to see if the team suits up tomorrow for the new year's day game against the utah jazz after last nights game was postponed because of covid-19. the denver nuggets did not have enough healthy players. the league requires each team to have at least eight available players. draymond green was critical of the decision on twitter. it is the 11th nba game to be postponed due to covid this year. the warriors play the jazz in utah tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. in canada it sounds like march of 2020 allover in the province of quebec. there is a new curfew from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. to curb the spread of covid-19. quebec reported 14,000 new cases yesterday, the highest number of confirmed daily cases since the start of the pandemic under the new restrictions private gatherings and dining out his band. indoor sports are not going to be allowed. all places of worship are closed except for funerals.
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ongoing rainstorm is not stopping the return of the rose parade. this morning is the deadline for floats to finish preparation so that judges can fix the winners. some had a head start because they were being built last year. you can watch the rose parade starting at 8:00 in the morning tomorrow. jobina: today is kickoff for the seasons college football semifinals. alabama taking on cincinnati and michigan versus georgia. both on espn. it is what happened in yesterday's duke's mail bowl that is stealing the show. south carolina beat north carolina 38-21. this is not like 5:26 in the morning content to me. mayo? alright. instead of the gatorade bath, you see what this is. the head coach was dunked and --
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dunked in mayo. kumasi: i am feeling grossed out. what is the man supposed to do after this? jobina: this is what he said. "it's awesome. it's a little heavy, for sure. " kumasi: i can't believe it. that was very descriptive. jobina: getting the booster greenlight. the new age group that is reportedly days away from being eligible. kumasi: a major recall for tesla owners affecting all model three sedans. the vehicles they are seeing and the other vehicle and model. jobina: thousands trapped in the snow with no gas or heat for days. the or
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news.
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>> foot. they are actively running from fire behind them. jobina: triple digit winds fueling fires, already the most destructive in state history. kumasi: new year's eve events cut down dramatically due to covid fears, but some places in the bay area are choosing to party on in a big way. >> dick clark reporting from times square on new year's rockin' eve. jobina: celebrating 50 years of new year's rockin' eve. everything in place to ring in 2022. they are getting ready for all of the fun tonight. it is scaled back but people are excited to welcome 2022.
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kumasi: that your rent will be due tomorrow, too. don't forget. you are watching abc 7 mornings live on hulu and wherever you stream. lisa: we are cold. we have our coldest temperatures after sunrise, 7:24. 30 around sanford with 40 in saratoga. closer to the bay, low 40's. freezing in napa on the danville is one degree above freezing. that is much colder than yesterday morning. send carlos is four degrees colder. the next few hours, we are sunny at 9:00, but chilly in the low 40's. 50 in san jose. low 50's today, the sun helping us out, but it will be breezy along the coast. get set for one of the coldest
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overnights that we have seen in some time with a chilly start to 2022. jobina: an urgent state of emergency in colorado with thousands of people being forced to leave their homes from fast-spreading wildfires. the situation is unfolding a neighborhood south of boulder. we are getting dramatic video of the moments that a local cosco was forced to evacuate. >> go eastbound! responder and six others have been hurt in the fires. the cause is being blamed on downed power lines and blistering fast winds. the national weather service is describing the situation as life-threatening. andrew has the latest. andrew: overnight a state of emergency in colorado where
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multiple wind-fueled fires have burned hundreds of homes in boulder county. dry conditions and wind gusts topping 100 miles per hour providing the perfect conditions for fires to spark and quickly spread. >> this is in the worst possible spot during the worst possible wintertime drought. andrew: residents forced to flee, many given minutes notice , some running from the flames. >> i have a party near the hotel evacuating on foot towards you. they are actively running from fire behind them. andrew: all 13,000 residents and superior told to evacuate immediately. shoppers evacuating this cosco stepping into an apocalyptic scene of smoke and wind. video of him driving through the massive flames. more than 600 homes have been lost in boulder county along with a hotel and target store. the fire is the most destructive
5:34 am
in colorado history. an insurance agent in the area is already getting calls from people who have lost their homes. >> i took my first call from someone who lost their home a little bit ago. it is something that you do not plan on. it is devastating to see this. and this time of year, you never imagine this happening in december. andrew: at least six people have been transported to the hospital and officials expect that to grow. >> due to the magnitude and intensity of the fire and its presence in such a heavily populated area we would not be surprised if there are injuries and fatalities. kumasi: turning to the pandemic, california's seven-day test positivity rate is 12.9%. it was in the single digit on tuesday. there are reports that the fda will approve pfizer's booster shots for 12-15-year-olds monday. yesterday the cdc warned americans to avoid cruises
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regardless of vaccination status. 80 cruise ships are being observed. for covert outbreaks on board jobina: many of the new year's eve celebrations that we would be planning to attend later are canceled over rising covid case numbers, but some say that the party will still go on. amy? amy: good morning. at the hollifield house we will be celebrating in our pjs with ryan seacrest in this living room. it sounds like more people might be following suit if this is what is happening across the bay. marin county and the corinthian yacht club canceled its new year's eve party. doctors that we talked to applaud this decision say we are about to hit our peak of the surge and a party could become a super-spreader event. >> there is a lot of fear of omicron and transmission. i will be really bummed that i cannot go this year and i'm hopeful that we will have it next year.
5:36 am
amy: another yacht club says that the party must go on. in san francisco a new year's eve party for 400 is still on. they are requiring proof of vaccination at the party. doctors that we talked to say the next two weeks will be the most critical. they say that if you gathered tonight they advised that the event be small, vaccinated, boosted, and masked. whatever you choose we wish you a happy new year. we thank you for being part of our new year. you mean so much to us. cheers to all of you. kumasi: cheers to you, amy. you always bring it every morning. cheers to you. amy: thanks. muah. jobina: this is the best show. yes, yes.
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i love it. in the south bay some celebrations are being altered or canceled, though there are things still happening. it is all because of the covid search. in san jose there is evidence it is impacting people's plans. covid is putting a stop to celebrations. an owner blames a a a a a known exposures, breakthrough cases, and staff being stretched thin. >> i usually cover their shifts, but i tested positive and i have been sitting in my living room by myself for a week. jobina: christmas in the park says that the outdoor element is allowing it to continue with new year's eve activities.organizers say it is hard to tell how many people will make it to the celebration. kumasi: this is sfo where the faa says that passengers can expect more delays, and really
5:38 am
at all u.s. airports, over the next few days. 1000 bytes have been canceled so far today. the faa says that this is because of soaring covid cases and severe weather. jetblue says that staff sick calls are 300% above normal, and cases among kids are also soaring. 380 kids are landing in the hospital every day, a 66% increase from last week. >> you have a relatively un-vaccinated population with a highly contagious virus seeking out the susceptible. that his children. jobina: the u.s. is averaging 316,000 new cases of covid every day. that is up fourfold from a month ago. the mayor of colfax says that her city is facing a dire situation with countless people trapped in their homes without
5:39 am
heat. thousands of pg&e customers and sierra communities lost power from the heavy snowstorm. the utility is preparing for the outage last through the weekend. neighbors are pulling together to provide food, shelter, and charging stations to those in need. >> some people have been showing up wet, cold, hungry, wanting something to eat. >> we are passing out breakfast burritos to anyone hungry or who needs help. jobina: the mayor is telling residents to reach out to her directly if they need help. governor newsom has declared an emergency multiple counties because of the winter storms. it will open efforts in the sierra, southern california, and the bay area. state agencies will provide proe personnel and equipment to help with storm clearance. kumasi: new car sales are about to shift into high gear. the trends that you should look out for if you are in the market for a new whip.
5:40 am
jobina: seafood lovers are here . did the recent weather make an impact? we will have that in the forecast. lisa: good morning. it is cold. high pressure is building in, dry northerly wind. it will be breezy to make it feel cooler. 34 in nevada, 30 in santa rosa. it is freezing in napa with 41 in san jose. the 24 hour temperature change, we have been talking about how cold it will be, it has arrived. it is so clear with so many stars. if you happen to be out, the sun is not up until 7:24 and it is very pretty out.we will warm up by 8:30, but through monday it will be cold every morning. obviously drive for new year's eve and the holiday, but looking at wedding
5:41 am
in windy weather to arrive next week. santa rosa is 186% of average. san francisco over 200%, along with oakland, sfo, and san francisco. if we keep this going that would be ideal. the rain next week looks like most of it will be to the north, hopefully that will change. 52 in oakland and san jose. bundle up in layers, dropping through the 40's at 8:00. 9:00, plenty of 30's. a level 1 system monday, tuesday, wednesday. sue: happy new year's eve. as we hit the roads it is light. unfortunately we have a couple of major problems. one is a fatality northbound 680 blocking the offramp. it is not affecting the freeway.
5:42 am
the corner and chp are on the scene. traffic is getting by, but it will be a while. we have an accident on west 24 in the third blocking a lane, a car is sideways. there is a sig alert so they are trying to get this cleared. there have been a lot of close calls as cars are coming in hot westbound in the cold to cut highway.
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and with xfinity mobile, you can get a 5g phone on us and three hundred dollars back during our xfinity hello twenty twenty-two sales event! click, call or visit a store today! jobina: every model three tesla sedan is part of the recall because of a potential flaw in the back camera. opening and closing the trunk repeatedly could wear on the
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cable. this is the second recall. an issue with a trunk front latch could lead to the hood opening while the car is in motion. jobina: if you're in the market for a new car there are a lot of features to consider. becky: when it comes to cars, let's put 2021 and its supply chain issues in the rearview mirror. when it is over pent-up demand for cars will take sales from zero to 60. let's look at the new features, technology, and safety protections added over the last few years. >> we need to transition to an electric future so hybrids are a baby step that allow you to reduce the amount of fuel that you use and help the environment. becky: automotive journalist jason says thank of a plug-in hybrid. >> rather than generating
5:46 am
electricity from a gas engine you plug it in and pull electricity from the grid. becky: many cars are coming out with the dual mode, like this hyundai ionic. you can plug this into a regular outlet overnight and it will give you about 30 to 35 miles of range on batteries, no gas. another feature this and other cars have is adaptive cruise control. when the car in front of you speeds up, your car speeds up. when the car in front of you slows down, it slows down. some can even steer for you and it is a game changer in bumper-to-bumper traffic. the power of the technology is in the added safety that is active 24/7. what makes people really choose one car over another? armrests and cupholders! an ol's joke, but it is true tha
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interior experience is more important to many buyers than horsepower. and add to that list how the car interacts with your phone. how the car mirrors car mirrorsc is a key consideration these days. see you, 2021. kumasi: barth says that it will run trains for new year's eve to get you to and from your house safely. the last east bay-bound train will leave at 1:30 in the morning and the last peninsula-bound train to :00 in the morning. parking will be free and bart lots after 3:00 p.m.. here's what a few other transit agencies are doing. service will be free from 8:00 to 5:00 a.m. new year's day. there will be extra bus service on the network at 9:00.
5:48 am
caltrans will be free after 8:00. there will be extra trains leaving san francisco after midnight and sand trans is offering free bus rides at 8:00 until 5:00 a.m.. jobina: maybe you're are opting to keep things more chill. you can celebrate from home and watch the times square ball drop with dick clark's new year's rockin' eve at 8:00 p.m. with a short break for abc 7 news at 11:00. kumasi: that is going to be me. jobina: and me. lisa: and me. kumasi: you said it is going to be cold. that is another thing. lisa: it is cold now, but it is so clear. i walked outside and the stars hit me right in the face. it was beautiful. with a cold dry air out of the north breeze will pick up. with live doppler 7, much of the state will have a chance to dry out. how about the 38 in redwood city. 40's closer to the bay.
5:49 am
37 in oakland, freezing in napa, below freezing in santa rosa. watch out for black ice and anywhere from five to 10 degrees colder tomorrow as high pressure builds good news from the drought monitor is yesterday we saw that weaver in the exceptional category with the darker shade from the central valley into the east bay. with all of the rain we are moved into the severe category. parts of the east bay are in the extreme category. we have a long way to go to make up for lost time. as we get into saturday, sunday, and monday noticed that the rain comes back. a level 1 system at thi ito shift to the it is far out, t nd more and we are anxious to get back into it. we are looking at scant amounts early in the week so hopefully that changes.
5:50 am
sunny skies in fremont. palo alto, a few high clouds tonight. we will be seeing temperatures drop off rapidly by 8:00, mid 40's and upper 30's inland with temperatures at midnight in the 30's. we have 20's on board. kumasi: dungeness crab season has arrived just in time for new year's eve. lines were long as aficionados came from around the bay area to snap crab right off of the boat. there was pent-up demand and despite bad weather there is no shortage. $10 a pound, cash only. one man took home 10, money no object. >> probably each crab is 20 pounds apiece, times 10, 200 bucks. >> is it worth it? >> best crabs in the world. kumasi: the start of commercial crab season was delayed to allow
5:51 am
whales to migrate safely for the winter. jobina: a first for american girl. the inspiring story behind the 2022 girl of the year. kumasi: it is possibly america's most popular new year's resolution, to lose weight. it is not all about the number on the scale. what experts say is the key to success. jobina: we are looking back at some of the everyday heroes who made an impact in 2021. kumasi: a get your personalpoints plan! i'm james corden and i'm here to tell people that ww is getting even more personal. keep on shopping. ignore us. i've lost, like, 28 pounds. you look great! wow. i love that my clothes fit better. but i just love ice cream a little bit more than that. the new ww personalpoints program is particular to you. so what kind of foods do you like? avocado.
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invis is not your parent's braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign. kumasi: it is time for new year's resolution and one of the most popular ones are weight loss and fitness. we asked about america's obsession with being fit. >> when we resolve as
5:54 am
individuals to lose weight it comes from a place of shame and stigma. often it does not come from a place of concern about health. i think that part of the problem is that we see those two things as related. kumasi: she says that wanting to be fit is not a bad goal, but the key is that we connect it with a resolution to lose weight and fail. health from a bmi number and people can be healthy along all spectrums. with so much going on we want to leave things bright going into the future. jobina: from 6-year-old coach karl to the youngest american to ever go to space, here is will ganz with some of the most inspirational people of 2021. >> in 2021 inspiration coming from sources near and far.
5:55 am
>> i couldn't believe how beautiful it was. >> haley becoming the youngest american to go to space on the spacex's inspiration 4. >> having cancer made me tough and prepared me to go to space. >> a former patient at st. jude's children's research hospital is working there as a physician's assistant facetiming her patients during her stent in space. >> going through going t and having hope made me love life and gave me so many sunny days and loving the day that you are in, because you are here. >> proving to her patients and the rest of us that not even the sky is the limit. on the ground, proof that you do not need to be big to make a big impact. >> you can be one of the greats. >> 6-year-old coach cal
5:56 am
motivating millions on tiktok with his pint-sized pep talks. >> you have to be amazing you just have to work hard for the w. you have to show us what it takes to get the w. >> in a time when live performances seemed impossible, full-blown rock concerts from her fire escape. >> doing what i love because it is making me and others happy. >> these everyday heroes proving hope is always around the corner. >> if i could tell her that she would one day go to space i wouldn't. the fun of life if you don't know what is coming. that is the reason to hang in there. >> abc news, new york. jobina: hayley arceneaux and her crewmates raised $140 million st. jude's since their journey in space. kumasi: brand-new data on
5:57 am
booster rates in america, the number of people who have gotten the shot. jobina: >> a tale of two parties in the bay area. >> how much did this past
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you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. >> this is abc7 news. >> catastrophe in catastrophe
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eco apocalyptic scene as wildfires tear through homes and shopping centers, whens topping 100 miles an hour. officials say the worst may be yet to come. >> promising news from the serous -- the sierra snowpack. >> we will say hello to 2022 sydney, australia. they rang and the new year with a spectacular display in the land down under. >> beautiful. good morning. friday, december 31. you are watching abc seven mornings live. we will begin with lisa and our forecast. hi. >> good morning. how are you? live doppler seven showing we don't have rain. we don't even have clouds. that is why we are so cold. 32 napa, 30 santa


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