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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 28, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PST

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check out this incredible video from ohio. that is the moment a vacant home exploded last night in south toledo. witnesses say the blast shook surrounding houses. three people, including at least one in a neighboring home were hurt. a gas leak may be to blame. authorities in denver are investigating what sparked a violent crime spree that left four people and the suspect dead.
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they say it started in downtown denver and ended several miles away in lake wood. in addition to those killed, three others, including a police officer were injured. that officer underwent surgery. several buildings near where the suspect was fatally shot were locked down. hollywood is remembering a acclaimed filmmaker jean mark vallee the canadian filmmaker was known for shooting with natural light and handheld cameras. he died suddenly at 58. this morning, tributes pouring in for jean marc vallee. >> sometimes i'm just holding onto this idea of perfection. >> vallee known for directing "big little lies," as well as the 2013 film, "dallas buyers club", passed away at the age of 58. a representative for the director saying the cause was a heart attack. vallee was found sunday at his cabin in quebec, canada.
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it's believed he died on christmas day. his death coming as a shock. the director was known as a health enthusiast who was said to have abstained from drinking and exercised frequently. he was also known to have practiced the health and wellness technique known as the wim hof method. which uses specialized breathing exercises and exposure to frigid temperatures, aimed at boosting energy and the immune system. >> i got to sue the hospital to get my medicine? >> some of hollywood's biggest names are posting heartfelt tributes. matthew mcconaughey who won an oscar for his work under valine's direction in "dallas buyers club," posting this picture, with the words, with a gentle hand and heart, jean marc was a true reever. and reese witherspoon saying i will always remember you as the sun goes down. i love you, jean marc. until we meet again. even justin trudeau posting a tribute saying his passion for film making and storytelling was
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unmatched. so, too, was his talent. >> vallee leaves behind two children. a second time capsule has been found in virginia under a giant pedestal that once held a statue of confederate general robert e. lee. now this box, to be open today, appears to be the one they were initially looking for. it is believed to be filled with civil war era artifacts, including a rare photo of abraham lincoln in his coffin. experts were disappointed last week after opening another capsule only to find some books and other random items. >> were they pranking us with the first one? >> no, they ted there were two. and they were looking for the second one. i'm pretty surprised they found it so quickly. today they opened it. so that photo is like "the", that's the crown jewel if they can find it. >> worth millions. >> abraham lincoln in his coffin. stay tuned. coming up, the dramatic rescue of a dog on a freeway overpass. but first, 2021, the year
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that was in pop culture. that's coming up next. you're watching "world news now." u're watching "world news now."
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♪ so raise your glass ♪ ♪ in all the right way s ♪ we will never be, never be ♪ it's that time of year to which we raise a glass. these are mugs, but pretend they're glasses, to newsmakers of the past year. >> robin roberts presented her annual show last night featuring a very special appearance by will ganss. >> i'm raising my glass, too. olivia rodrigo, doja cat, how are those for some names? what a year in pop culture. we have all your highlights with who else, t-sway. >> reporter: taylor released a never before heard ten-minute version of her beloved song "all
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too well." ♪ in my hair ♪ ♪ i was there ♪ ♪ i remember it all too well ♪ >> reporter: complete with the short film. >> i feel like i haven't slept at all this year, because i've been looking at these easter eggs and talking about these easter eggs. >> the internet is reich, all right, guys, who's got what? i'll take the first ten frames, you got the next. ♪ ♪ >> give her the scarf back. >> give her the scarf back. >> i just want someone to give her back her scarf. that's all. >> ben affleck took the five-second rule, applied it to j. lo and they were back together as if it were 2002 and our nostalgia prayers have been answered. ♪ i'm still, i'm still jenny from the block ♪ >> the couple posting photos that look a lot like the jenny from the block video. i think that jennifer lopez's life is a real life music video
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anyway. >> to see ben affleck and j. lo on a yacht like it's the early 2000s is amazing. >> if the pink diamond ring comes back, i'll fall on the floor. >> reporter: this year, offset drama would make some of our favorite reality shows feel more like a courtroom drama mall series as things got all too real for some notorious brava-lebrities. >> [ bleep ], you know how scared i am? >> reality tv at its rollercoastery, most dramatic best. >> jennifer shah under arrest. >> when i say i was glued to my television like i've never been glued before. >> and then the other women are sitting on this bus, and homeland security shows up. and the women are like, what the hell is going on? >> homeland security. >> we're looking for jen shah. >> she just left. >> the feds show up. >> the feds show up. >> it was one of the most compelling pieces of housewives franchise history. >> free britney!
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free britney now! >> britney is a queen. >> the energy here is just like, wow. >> with the pressure on from the free-britney movement, britney finally got her liberation. >> it is official. the conservatorship of britney spears has been terminated. [cheers and applause] >> this is an exceptionally exciting moment in time whether you're a britney fan or a fan of humanity in general. >> she is stronger than yesterday. ♪ i'm stronger than yesterday ♪ >> be curious. not judgmental. i like that. >> every single episode, you walk away feeling like, you know what, maybe the world isn't such a dismal, dark place. >> hey, hey, hey, one last thing. >> if you missed the special you can catch it on hulu streaming in its entirety as of this morning, you guys. >> can't wait, but i noticed any excuse to feature t-swift. right? >> had to do it. had to do it. >> my favorite moment of the
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♪ ♪ time now for "this ♪ ♪ time now for "this happened." starting with a dramatic rescue from a busy freeway overpass in l.a. >> this happened in el segundo. firefighters retrieved a frightened doggie. and bring him back down to safety. >> one firefighter suffered minor bites during the rescue mission but is expected to be okay. >> how in the world did that little cute dog end up on that overpass? >> must have been so terrified. glad he's okay. a little bath and be adopted and find his forever home hopefully. >> no word on how he ended up there. i guess we don't know. now to china. where a massive celebration of the winter months is under way. >> this happened in china's
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northern-most province. a kingdom of ice and snow. the 23rd annual harbin ice and snow world is open. i'm all ears for this. >> that is pretty incredible, isn't it. elsa would love that. this year's attractions include more than a hundred different large ice sculptures, and structures, spread across 9 million square feet of frozen tundra. look at the kids. >> i like the combination of ice and lights. it will run through late february. next to a serial world record holder who just broke his own guinness world record. >> this happened in boise, idaho. youtuber david rush returned to his very first title, beating it by juggling blindfolded for 32 minutes. >> a quick sidebar. we tried to break a world record here on "world news now" and it didn't go so well. rush has broken more than 200 world records since 2015 which he started to promote s.t.e.m.
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education. >> are you a juggler? >> a little bit. i can't do this. >> i'm terrible. >> a tiny bit. >> one of rush's records is climbing aboard an electric unicycle and riding for a distance of 35 miles while juggling three balls. >> i'm just trying to break one guinness world record. we need to hit him up. >> which one do you want to break? >> i have no idea. the easiest one. sure. >> maybe anchoring the most newscasts? >> i got a long way to go for that. finally, to a possible record for the most adorable stampede. >> this happened at sunflower farm creamery near portland, maine. the farmer captured the moment a herd of 60 nigerian out of the barn in anticipation of morning feeding time. this looks like us at "world news now" when they lay out the bagels and apples for us in the break room. >> looks like my kids at breakfast time. >> they went back and forth until they were released into a
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field to nurse with their mothers.
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deja vu: it's live with kelly and ryan. today, actor turned author, kal penn. and from the series queens, naturi naughton. plus, we're whipping up a flavorful festive dish you'll want to serve this new year's eve. all next on live. and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. ♪ n-n-n-no, no, no, no place i rather be ♪ ♪ n-n-n-no, no, no, no place i rather be ♪ [applause] hi, deja. taking it back. where do you want it? doing arts and crafts? -oh, we're gonna play-- you know what? -we are? michael's goarts and crafts store today. arts and crafts. it's called arts and crafts. we're gonna play one of my favorite holiday-- arts and crafts gifts. welcome to your monday, december 27th, everybody. nice to see you.


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