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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 24, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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this christmas eve morning. kumasi: good morning, everybody. it is friday, december 20 fourth. you're watching abc seven mornings on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> not quite so for all of us. mike: that's true. not yet, but i do anticipate snow falling on the higher elevations starting tomorrow. and really on monday. we are in the warm sector of this weather pattern, and for today, steadiest rain this morning and scattered with a slight chance of thunderstorms the rest of the day. altamont pass seeing heavier downpours right now. watch out if you're heading for that slowdown. mount diablo is 40 degrees. 3800 feet, so that is all rain. as you come out of the area and had across 680, we had a heavier area there. you can see it in 880 in san jose. this storm will move out quicker and we will see more sunshine
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this afternoon. breezy and cooler, 49 to 53 a 4:00. tonight storm is stronger. kumasi: thank you. just as many people are returning to traveling for the holidays and are running into problems getting on their flights. flights across the country are canceled this morning and the major reason is covid. ryan curry is live this morning with more on what we are seeing. ryan: good morning. those two airlines you mentioned, delta and united, some of the most popular in the country, causing problems for travelers this christmas eve. covid being the biggest issue now, staffing shortages being the biggest issue with that. they cannot get a lot of staffing issues and inclement weather. this is leading to cancellations nationwide. it is leading to a lot of problems and this comes at a time where tsa says travel numbers are almost back to what they were before the pandemic. this past wednesday, tsa says they screened more people that
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day then they did the same day in 2019. as far as the specifics for the cancellations, delta canceled 121 flights so far for friday, united canceled 169. it is unclear how many of those cancellations are impacting barrier airports -- bay area airports. 29 flights are canceled at smo today and most are united flights. >> all it takes is a few break their cases to have a situation where there is massive operational disruption. ryan: referring to covid we did reach out to delta and united who exhausted as many resources as possible to prevent the cancellations. that includes moving -- moving staff and planes around to get that filled as they try to prevent the cancellations. we also did take a quick look at oakland and san jose, only one flight has been canceled. none at santa fe. good news out of there.
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a big headache for a lot of people trying to get home for the holidays. a big issue here at united. we are live at smo today. julian: thank you for that. a group of democratic lawmakers including dianne feinstein are calling to required messick airline passengers so proof -- show proof of vaccination nor native covid test before flying. they sent a message to steve dixon. both proof of covid-19 vaccination and negative test is already required for people coming to the u.s. from another country. kumasi: now some more covid headlines. the authorized -- the fda authorized a second pill to treat covid-19. this is one day after pfizer. the pill will be given to patients at high risk civilian this -- for severe illness.
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new vaccination protocols. they can return to work after seven days of they have a negative test in no symptoms and they are static -- and if there are staffing shortages, it could be five days or less. california's numbers continue to rise, the seven day positivity rate is up. workers in sonoma county will have to get their booster shots. the health include her in ford's -- in-- anyone who cannot provide proof of a booster shot will be required to test twice a week. julian: the city of campbell voted to extend its outdoor dining program amid fears of the omicron variant. the city council approved them to stay for another 90 days through the end of march of next year before the variant surge. the plan was to end the temporary program in early january. if you have questions about vaccines, ask our team. had to and
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cake on the big -- click on the big blue box. kumasi: the port of oakland is closer to zero air and emissions from maritime operations. port officials announced a federal grant for electrical power upgrades. the grant money may be used to build a fuel-cell site -- fuel-cell site, install solar panels, and connect the station to a bio generator. they applied for the funding last summer. julian: a massive amount of snow is a commute lady quickly in the sierra and is expected to fall throughout the weekend. a winter storm warning is in effect until tuesday. our reporter is in truckee with a warning for drivers. >> good morning. the snow here has been relentless over the past 24 hours. we are not talking about inches, we are talking about. i'm standing next to two cars buried in snow. i will guess maybe two to three feet. it is thick and heavy and is leading to dangerous conditions.
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we got stuck on i-80 yesterday after several cars spun out. cars and traffic were stopped for hours. this will snow into sunday like this. you have to be very careful if you will be on the road but if you are hoping for a white christmas, you are probably going to get it. back to you. julian: will call reporting from truckee. we want to show you the wintry scene. you have seen the snow lab in the sierra nevada. the lab predicts the heaviest snowfall will predict on christmas day. up to 85 inches of snow this time next week. kumasi: taking care of your mind, body, and sold this holiday season. any expert excellence the best thing to do if find yourself stressed. julian: a hero at the airport. this specially trained tsa officer in the right place at the right time. mike: we have not even put this storm to bed and i am looking at
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tonight's storm because it is stronger with embedded downpours , which means localized flooding possible. this is the one that will bring us the beginning of our before that drink turns to drinks, make a plan to get home safe. just call a friend, a cab, and get a rideshare. whatever you do, don't let drunk drive. go safely, california.
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mike: coming up on chris 10 time on a christmas eve friday. clayton, we have a downpour there. also for the venetia bridge and heading to 24 and 680, watch out. it will be pretty wet there and it is wet in same pablo. all of these are moving just about due east. this storm in san mateo and
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foster city with a fairly light precipitation, only .7 inches per hour. that will move across the san mateo bridge and clip dunbar bridge. best chance of thunderstorms across the north bay the rest of today. that's take a look at how closely how -- how quickly this exits. but 10:00, it is gone. look at the sunshine, breaking out. clouds opening up for a decent day. by 4:00, you can see scattered showers developing. if you are at -- out at -- out t 8:30, showers. that's get over to come aussie and look at traffic. -- over to kumasi. kumasi: here is the bay bridge toll plaza. a few people are making their way to who knows where because a lot of you are off today because it is christmas eve. for those on the road, looks like it is pretty easy-going. some rain out there so if you
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are hitting the roads soon, make sure you are careful. let's look at the san mateo bridge and you can see the same thing over there.
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but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. kumasi: a 14-year-old girl was found dead inside of a dressing room after police fired at a suspect. it happened at a burlington store yesterday morning. police responded to an assault call and police shot at the suspect who died but behind the suspect was a dressing room where a bullet hit a teenager. the assault victim was injured and had to be taken to a hospital. days before the 25th anniversary of the murder of jonbenet ramsey, colorado police are inviting -- are providing an update on their investigation. they have processed more than 1500 pieces of evidence since 1996 including 1000 dna samples. they run multiple suspects through their system to check
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matches. the department is looking at new dna technology to find ramsey's killer. a girl was reported missing a day after christmas 25 years ago . her body was later found in the family's basement. julian: a quick thinking officer saved a two-month-old baby at newark liberty international airport in jersey. we have a video there. the officer jumped over the security conveyor belt when she heard screams for help. she then performed the heimlich maneuver on the baby boy who was not breathing. a second attempt at rousing the baby worked. morales credits her training for help save the infant's life. kumasi: now to the holidays and mental health. it is meant to be a festive time but with the pandemic, many are struggling with stress and more. here is morgan norwood with ways you can take care of your mind, body, and soul. >> the holidays are supposed to be a joyous soul but for many americans and especially during the second straight year
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suffering during the covid-19 pandemic, this holiday season has become one of the most stressful. >> feeling this anxiety because we have lost a sense of predictability, we lost a sense of control. >> had an 800,000 lives lost and an especially contagious covid-19 variant along with high inflation and holiday stress and that is a recipe for mental and emotional distress. i mental health professional and professor says she is seeing it up close. >> i'm receiving more requests for mental health help that i've ever before in my 10 years of teaching. >> mental health experts say there are ways americans can stay resilient. >> its might to be important to embrace a holiday that is nontraditional or not at home more not busy or notch with everybody that you are normally with. not with the stressful family member. >> if you find yourself stressed -- >> there is something powerful
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when we name our emotions, when we acknowledge what we experience. it unlocks a part of the brain that starts to go into healthy problem-solving. >> it is also important to set boundaries. >> boundaries help nurture our physical and mental health. boundaries help relationships thrive because they create an environment that is safe for every already involved. >> if you are grieving the loss of a loved one, give yourself grace. >> it's important to allow yourself to grieve. you do not want to suppress it. you want to experience whatever feelings that come up in a way that is authentic to you because that is all a part of the healing. >> morgan norwood, abc news, los angeles. julian: a drone flying over the southern california coast captured a sweet moment between two greats -- great whales. this footage was taken near catalina island. there were whales swimming along
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the backside of the island when two got close and embraced each other. it is possible the animals were mating but for now, we are keeping it platonic and saying it was hugging. kumasi: happening now, we are tracking santa as he makes his way around the world. for the 66th year in a row, no rat is following his progress. he's not it -- norad is following his progress. he's in japan. he is heading for nagasaki in less than a minute. the amount of gifts are just racking up. santa is busy. i love he is being tracked, so don't you worry, he is on the way. in addition to this website, if you are worried, you can use the app to track santa, program alexa to track santa. no red says --- norad you can find this tracker on
6:18 am santa is making progress. julian: one billion gifts, i think he is doing well. he is going to run into rain here. i don't think it. him. he is prepared for that. mike: here's a look at san rafael where you can see it is quiet. no rain but it does look damp. at one looking south, it is wet and rainy in san jose. here is 87 from the shark tank back toward minette san jose international. steady to scattered showers today and cooler temperatures out and about. it was kind of muggy and warm yesterday, especially by december standards. that is as warm as it will get that i seven days if not well beyond that. another wave is stronger and colder tonight. then waves of scattered wintry showers as we had through the weekend and into next week. 52 richmond to about say 55 in half moon bay and san and santa cruz. there is the temperature spread.
6:19 am
tonight, mid to upper 40's. lakeport to 39 as a cold air rolls in. the white you see there, that is snow, possibly two to four feet of snow for you. it will look so gorgeous. we have a chance of thunderstorms about everywhere with a little hail and definitely mild -- deftly melted snow tomorrow. a lesser chance sunday. that moves along the coast, sonoma and in busy not counties. we not only have yellows and oranges but we have reds, localized downpours that caused localized flooding. if you are one of the first on the roads, you need to be vigilant because he will run into the worst situation. look at that on hamilton and diablo and more as we pepper our neighborhoods with rain on and off and our mountains with snow, all the way through possibly monday. let me take you to lake mendocino counties. 10:00 this morning to 10:00
6:20 am
monday morning, about 2000 feet. to bank to four feet of snow. -- two to four feet of snow. our best chance around most neighborhoods seeing snow around 3000 feet. wednesday and thursday, looking dry. kumasi: we are checking in with ginger who is live with what is coming up on gma at 7:00. merry christmas eve, ginger. ginger: merry christmas eve to you. great to be with everyone this morning. so we have a little decorative snow, nothing like east of you, but coming up i will be tracking that. also the covid travel chaos because major airlines canceled hundreds of flights. we tell you how that impacts this morning. then a look at the roads where more than 100 million americans are expected this holiday weekend. then the variant is upending some holiday plans and
6:21 am
celebrations. new york is scaling back is times square party. we will get into it that looks like. the reaction to the kim potter verdict this morning. the former police officer was convicted in the shooting death of daunte wright and we will speak to his parents and see what they say about the verdict. then it is the season of gifting. how you can talk to your family for the in-laws and beyond and how not to spoil your kids if you would prefer not to have that. it is a tough conversation but one that needs to happen. we are counting down to christmas. it will be good. we are tracking santa around the globe but we have a special holiday celebration, a surprise for the dancing dad and his son. you do not want to miss it. it is another one that will get you in the spirit. all of that a more here on gma. kumasi:
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>> i sold a medical diagnostic company in san diego for a lot of company and i could afford to go anywhere and decided this was a. this is the place. >> gunner started growing cacao for fun. they turned a passion project into a successful partnership that focuses on helping the community. >> we both committed to give 100% of the net profit back to the maui nonprofit community. >> now it is time to taste. >> the first one i want you to taste is 70% dark. this is a tangy flavor, a tropical -- >> it is better. >> it is not better -- bitter at all. it came from the site. >> i can tell while you eat how many of these a day? >> i eat about 20 a day. [laughter] >> we last when i would like you to try is omg, orange, mango,
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guava. you have the blood orange upfront and then it morphs into the mango during the bulk of the melt. after you are enjoying the finish, it is mostly guava. >> that's what mind is right now. >> echoes from blood orange, to mango, took guava in the space of a minute or two. >> you took me on quite a trip there. i appreciate that and thank you for giving back to the community. >> i enjoy this. >> appreciated. [laughter] -- appreciate it [laughter] . -- it. [laughter] you think i was kidding? you can see more of my adventure at we have been eating chocolate the wrong way this entire time. gunner seemed insulted when i said this is not bitter because he's has dark chocolate is not supposed to be better. so you break off a piece, you put it on your tong, and you let it melt. >> you don't have to tell me
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twice. so don't chew it. so the emulsification's of these flavor will melt and then it's brings about the flavor. just like willy wonka, you go from one flavor to the next waiver to the next waiver. i was blown away at how good it was. what you think? >> this blood orange is so good. mike: i'm so happy to hear that. normally when you have chocolate with some kind of citrus in it, the citrus is separated from the chocolate. julian: i think kumasi is having a moment. kumasi: i am having a moment. mike: they have a secret way of infusing the organic juice into the chocolate, and that is why you don't see a ribbon of juice or that like you do in other chocolate. it was fascinating. gunner is a very smart man and
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generous man to give all of his net profits back to the community. the community where he employs so many people. kumasi: my experience, listen, this is very good. [laughter] i know you are talking about something important, but -- [laughter] julian: she had her own little vacation to maui right there. kumasi: i'm back. i tried the coffee one because you know, in the morning. delicious. like you said, little waves of flavor. mike: it really is nothing -- i ate a lot of chocolate in my life and you can probably see from the flashback showing, but i have never tasted anything like this. julian: very tasty. 20 a day. that is my new goal. mike: i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> every single aspect of the travel experience is at a breaking point. >> right now as you wake up, chaos for travelers trying to get to family for the christmas eve morning. hundreds of flights are canceled again today. we are live with covid's impact on air tribal -- air travel. kumasi: mike is tracking another day what's weather. will it be rainy for the whole weekend? we check in with mike about that. julian: good morning. it is friday, december 24th. merry christmas to you. abc 7 mornings live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. kumasi: we want to check in with mike for a look at our forecast. mike: good morning. nice spending christmas eve with you both. also you watching us, however
6:32 am
that may be, or wherever you may be. here is a batch of rain around the san mateo bridge, moving out of the san ramon valley and out of highway four. the south bay, south of 280 down 101, that is it for this push of what weather, which is a one on our storm impact scale with scattered showers the rest of today, probably after 730-8 :00 we say goodbye to the steady rain. it will be breezy this afternoon and you can see the breeze is starting to pick up around sfo and half moon bay and that is coming out of the north end ushering in cooler weather. ties will be cooler and it will feel cooler because of the wind. we have the steadiest rain through 7:30, maybe 8:00, and we go scattered into the rest of the evening hours. 49 to 53. at 48 to about 52. stronger storm tonight and first chance of snow is coming tonight also.
6:33 am
pretty hard in the south bay this morning. this is video flooding on interstate 280 at the guadalupe freeway and south -- in san jose. trucks and cars were driving through the waters and created pretty big waves. caltrans was called out to clear the flooding. julian: an investigation is underway to see what caused flooding so deep it killed two people. we brought this yesterday on abc 7 mornings, and it happened that el camino royale where it dips under a caltrain overpass and appears two vehicles drove into the water before the sun come up. at the time the video was taken, the callers were submerged. the level of flooding hampered rescue efforts. >> they attempted to gain entry into the second vehicle. conditions were changing rapidly and water was rising and it became too dangerous for first responders. julian: first responders were
6:34 am
able to rescue two people from one of the cars. two people in the other car died. investigators are trying to determine if a drain got clogged or pump failed. you can keep an eye and the weather, including live doppler 7, anytime you find it on the abc 7 bay area app. it is on roku tv ad apple tv too. apple -- air travel is almost back to pre-pandemic levels but this christmas eve morning, hundreds of flights nationwide are canceled. ryan curry is live at sfo with how covid is affecting our travel -- affecting air travel. >> good morning to you. covid is impacting air travel quite a bit. you mentioned the numbers from tsa and they said they are screening more passengers than last year, almost back to pre-pandemic levels. you can see it behind me, it is very crowded.
6:35 am
however, it is coming at an inconvenience for some travelers because many flights across the nation are canceled coming from both united and delta specifically. they say staffing issues due to the pandemic are causing them to exhaust all resources. united canceled 169 flights so far, delta 121 nationwide. they did not provide specifics for the bay area. according to the website flight aware, 17 united flights and six delta flights have been canceled at sfo. not the case for the other airports in san jose. it is unclear if flights were inbound or outbound. travel experts say the big problem is every flight has been booked and many more problems are envisioned as many people are trying to get rebooked. >> the challenge is everything has been booked so full that there is very little room to get people on other flights that are
6:36 am
operating. >> both united and delta tried rescheduling workers and moving plans around to try to prevent flights from getting canceled. however, here we are christmas eve. a crowded airport at sfo. many people trying to get on their flights and for some people across the nation, trying to get home for the holidays, they will be encountering issues if flights are canceled. they recommend if your flight is canceled, check in with the airline to see what the status is an how you can get rebooked. we are live at sfo, ryan curry, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you. jurors in the elizabeth holmes trial will not reach a verdict for christmas. they sent a second note to the judge requesting audio recordings of phone calls with investigators. -- investors. >> for the second time this week, elizabeth holmes walked out of federal court without a better old verdict.
6:37 am
the judge is requesting audio recordings be played of calls holmes had with several investors. this is important given six of the 11 counts she is facing pertain to investors. the jury lee -- jury listened intently as bose -- both clips were played. one clip included a critical lie where you hear holmes admit " have built a business around our partnership with pharmaceutical companies and partnership with the military." the evidence revealed those partnerships with pfizer and the military were not how holmes portrayed them to investors and journalists. a legal expert says this question from the jury does not look good for the defense as a shows intent. >> all of the audiotape, just listening to elizabeth holmes make those claims in her own words can be damaging. but jerry's everyday apply the reasonable doubt. the question is whether or not the doubt they have is reasonable. >> all it takes is one juror to
6:38 am
believe holmes is not guilty to avoid a conviction which would make it a hung jury. if that were to happen, it is still possible she could be retried on some counts. kumasi: we are told deliberations will resume monday morning. the trial has been going on for three months and if you want to get caught up on the highlights or insights, check out a podcast called the dropout hosted by rick becca jarvis -- rebecca jarvis. an emotional debate that stretched into the night to the outcome for a vote on a plan intended to clean up one san francisco neighborhood. julian: also this morning, santa taking to the skies but not in his typical slave. the present he dropped down to kids running on the ground. first up, we check in with mike. mike: that is pretty cool. let's take a look at san mateo bridge where we have like rain falling. from hayward toward san mateo,
6:39 am
your planner if you are commuting, you are one of the few out there. it will be breezy on the water in will definitely have wet stops. more so this morning then this afternoon and evening for mass transit. heavier radar returns around coyote road around 101 and 85 near santa teresa boulevard. brought in this and you can see it is up to hamilton where it is all rain because of 42 degrees there and all rain in the santa cruz mountains also. going to get through there is dicey with breezes picking up and wet conditions. best chance of thunderstorms today and tomorrow, up across the north bay. tomorrow we get more and i will show you that in the big weather. first, the rest of today. i mesp. eam coming off of the asphalt with the sunrise -- sun sign -- sunshine. a scattering of showers for your evening activities and evening until midnight to 1:00 most of
6:40 am
us will be dry. after 1:00, that is when the next storm comes in. here is a look at the rest of today and amount of rain possible. up to 15 hundredths of an inch. not a whole lot out of this but it will keep things damp through the morning. we took a look at the forecast with a chance of snow coming up. julian: thank you. we have a quick check of traffic on this christmas eve. a live look at the golden gate bridge and can't see any taillights or headlights. traffic is light on this christmas eve. we also want to show you the bay bridge from our south beach tower camera. you can see a few more cars moving about there. most folks have the day off so we expect traffic to be light but may be folks are heading out to be some of the first people there when stores open for last minute holiday shopping. 6:40 waking up
6:41 am
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kumasi: police are investigating what caused a car to drive off of a boat launch and plunge to the martinez arena. it happened before midnight but firefighters got there and saw the suv but the tide was coming in. a fire, boats, and a diver pulled it to shore. when they opened the suv, the drivers body was found inside. there is no word on who this person was. a plan to address the opioid crisis in the tender would neighborhood is moving forward. the board of sup sup s supervisors debated for more than 10 hours. estate of emergency will be in effect for 90 days but the board can revoke it. the mayor's plan is multifaceted, one part allowing the department of emergency management to reallocate city staff and set up a new center where people can get drug treatment services.
6:44 am
the second part proved to be more divisive. >> they don't wanted to be tied to the second part of the mayor's plan, more cops. kumasi: police presence in the tenderloin would be boosted under the mayor's plan. the hope is to crack down on people selling and possibly people using drugs like fentanyl. the board of supervisors plans to discuss the timber loin declaration again in january. julian: the san jose mayor calls homeless is -- homelessness the greatest failure of the city. as of the 2019 homeless count, san jose had 6000 on house residence. santa clara county supportive housing network over the last year provided permanent housing for nearly 5000 people. the number of new on house residence declined by 30% according to media partners with the news. >> in the spirit of failing
6:45 am
forward, we pivot toward better solutions. julian: the mayor promoted immediate action like the building of modular housing sites that have gone up around san jose during the pandemic. he also called on city leaders to improve incentives for neighborhoods to participate in long-term solutions. kumasi: she was one of more than 170 people victimized by six men who police say targeted asian-americans and hate crime robberies across the area. this morning, she is sharing her story. it's may be hard for you to see injuries. our news anchor spoke with her and has her message. >> me down. that is why i have bruising on my arm. >> she described the terrifying moments of september 1 when about 1:45 she and her husband stopped by cosco where she was
6:46 am
knocked to the ground, dragged face down on the pavement, and robbed. >> he took away my [indiscernible] >> this incident string of racially motivated robberies according to police, targeting asian americans for more than a year. san jose police in partnership with other agencies announced arrests of six men in connection to more than 170 crimes. i spoke with the supervising deputy last week who says the primary suspect committed these crimes daily. >> he admitted he was deliberately targeting asian victims on a mistaken and prejudice belief that they "did not believe in bank accounts." have been released, the das office as more charges are coming but there are dozens of other victims. >> i know we are asian but that does not mean we do anything
6:47 am
wrong, so why they hit us and try to [indiscernible] that is make me very upset. >> she still suffers from her injuries and hopes to pay for her costly dental surgery. she is speaking out to encode urge -- to encourage other victims to do the same. she hopes for a strict punishment for her attacker. >> i hope they are in the jail, you know, for a long time and think it over why he is doing this to us. i am very upset about this. >> in san jose, dion lim, abc 7, news. kumasi: we have articles justice, personal safety, just go to julian: nasa is observing -- launching the space observatory.
6:48 am
it is set to replace the hubble telescope as the most complex observer space observatory. nasa says the problem has been resolved. a window 4:20 tomorrow morning. tesla is pulling the plug on in car gaming following a federal investigation into the feature. the company says it is issuing a software update that will stop videogames from being played on the center touchscreen while the cars are moving. federal investigators put a spotlight on the issue after a driver warned about the problem. gaming could be a distraction to drivers and increase the risk of a crash. kumasi: santa claus soared through the sky for unsuspecting people. this is near jacksonville, florida. the person who took the video
6:49 am
says santa was dropping candy to kids who was running after him. this santa technique improved from last year because apparently he got stuck in some powerlines while he was paragliding. can you imagine a kid seeing santa getting stuck? and the power line. julian: really dramatic. they are thinking, what about my kids? [laughter] mike: we were quite shady about that last year but this year, we can say bravo to santa and florida. julian: mission accomplished. mike: there you go. mission accomplished. let's talk about what is going on. a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge, just had its morning shower. it is looking clean and ready for your needs the rest of the day. we will have steady showers for another hour or so. then scattered showers the rest of the afternoon into the
6:50 am
evening hours. wintry storms tonight. remember the transition to the colder conditions will bring snow in our mountains, measurable snow the next several days. wednesday is when we finally see an end to the storm door and we see at closing. for today, 52 to 55, plus breezy. there will be a bite in the air compared to yesterday. it is muggy and mild conditions. tonight, mid to upper 40's with a stronger storm look and look at the lake and mendocino county storms. downpours will create localized flooding. if you are first out the door, you will have treacherous conditions to drive around in. it will be breezy then and in the mountain snow. everybody tomorrow and to a lesser extent the north bay into sunday. let me show you tonight. you can see the reds which is why the storm will be intense. by noon tomorrow, we see snow on hamilton and diablo and in the
6:51 am
north bay where we could have two bang to fort -- two to four inches of snow. we could get a couple inches tomorrow but i'm really focusing on monday for several inches of snow in our mountains. then you can see we taper, a chilly night. a little sunshine in the afternoon but highs only in the 40's. that will be chilly. julian: thank you. 950 million is how many packages are expected to be delivered between thanksgiving and christmas day. no small feat and those packages arrive thanks to the dedicated people who work for various companies. dustin dorsey tagged along with the postal caria -- carrier in the south bay. >> santa claus may be making last-minute perhaps saturday but he is not the only one delivering packages. >> we are santa claus helpers dressed in blue. >> the holiday season is the busiest time of year for usps
6:52 am
carriers like this but the work never slows down. her job for the past four years has been to make sure the people of san jose get their mail. >> it's a responsibility i take heavily and do not take it lightly. i have always enjoyed it and i think this is one of the funnest jobs i have had. >> what she calls fun, others call work. she works six days a week, over a 10 to 14 hour day, at a brisk pace, to make sure the job gets done. she works 20 miles in one shift. last not forget the work conditions. >> fire and pandemic, anything that comes between us, the post office will be here. >> one of the many essential workers that have not gotten a break. she has been on her route every day, even putting herself at risk of exposure to get the job
6:53 am
done. >> i had to quarantine myself for my own child because of the mail. it was hard. >> difficult and challenging, yet she pushes forward step-by-step. but why? >> my family. i've seen the kids grow from one to four years old and i want to make sure everything is there for them. it has been a privilege to serve everyone in my route. >> however you celebrate the holidays, don't fotget how -- forget how the food and gifts have gotten there. kumasi: the new year's eve celebration in times square is going on as planned but there will be changes. the mayor announced few people will be allowed to attend, reducing the crowd from 58,000 to 15,000. masks will be required and vexing requirement was in place for anyone over five. you can watch the ball drop from the comfort of your own home on dick clark's new year's rockin'
6:54 am
eve. julian: coming up, a check on how santa is doing delivering gifts this holiday season. kumasi: first, if you end a family are looking to get cozy around the house, you can fire up our dual log. we have our virtual fireplace on our website and app and comes with that crackle and holiday music in the background if you want that. you can cozy up with it right now on or stream it with the abc 7 bay area connected tv app. julian: and we have a live look outside on this christmas eve. you can
6:55 am
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kumasi: clive foundation in san francisco is getting ready for its annual christmas eve today. the organization in the tenderloin will be serving meals under large tents outdoors. 100 meals are going to be distributed to encampments across the city. the house of prime rib provides 3000 pounds of prime rib and size. mike: we are checking in on santa's progress this morning. that is as he has delivered gifts across the world. 1 billion and counting at this point. now over china as he makes his way across the globe. this is the 66th year in a row no raid -- norad has been
6:58 am
tracking santa. now let's get one last look at the weather with mike. mike: thank you. let's take a look outside and show you the storm system we are about to close the final chapter on. we have scattered showers and the inland east bay area. during the afternoon, scattered showers. you can see future radar showing the best chance on a lake and mendocino counties where we have the snow falling with two to four feet possible. for us, in the lower elevations, it will be a wet weekend. not completely or said he definitely .52 .75 inches possible with a nice dusting of snow on our mountains. a couple inches above 3000 feet. hope you have a good weekend and merry christmas. kumasi: merry christmas. we will miss you. we have been telling you this all week that this is mike's
6:59 am
last show. after 15 years, you will finally be able to set your alarm clock for normal hours. you are not leaving abc 7, you will be in january doing the 4:00 as well as midday live which you have been doing with us but i will miss you so much coming in the door and saying good morning. i'm going to miss you, friend. but i'm excited for you. mike: thank you. i'm going to miss you also sitting at the chair and i hear the door open in say kumasi is coming. hey, friend. kumasi: i know. [laughter] mike: julian, it has been an honor and pleasure working with you. you are doing great work outside of our daily broadcasts, and i hope people get a chance to watch. in kumasi, you both are t -- and kumasi, you both are talented and it has been a privilege to work with every one of you and those behind the scenes. i will get some sleep. kumasi: enjoy your sleep. julian: well deserved, my
7:00 am
friend. mike: i will be reporting live for traffic probably. [laughter] kumasi: good morning, america. covid travel chaos on this christmas eve morning. three major airlines grounding hundreds of flights due to omicron-related issues as holiday travel is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels. omicron now surpassing the daily infection peak of delta while testing shortages could make it hard to gather safely. now the new hope in the fight against the virus. treacherous weather coast to coast as millions hit the road this holiday weekend. freezing rain causing this massive pileup in wisconsin. dozens of vehicles involved in the fiery wreck. now the new storm targeting the west. ginger is tracking it all. guilty. former police officer kim potter convicted on all charges in the


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