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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 24, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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disruptions. travelers weigh in on their experience. >> the board of supervisors is considering the mayor's proposal to clean up the tenderloin. the latest on where things stand. >> colder storms coming with the wintry mix. the holiday dime line coming up. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better air -- bay area, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> every aspect of the travel experiences at a breaking point. >> experts say people returning to air travel this holiday are finding scaled-back services and canceled flights. thank you for joining us. ama: covid related issues are plaguing airports as they see a big increase in passengers. the tsa reports nationwide, it screamed nearly 2.1 million travelers yesterday, one for --
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144,000 more than 2019. dan: we have a look at omicron's impact on one of the busiest travel days of the year. reporter: on a system already stretched said -- threatened, omicron continues to cause turbulence. now during the busy christmas travel season. thursday, official confirmed food and beverage concessionaires have been struggling with staff shortages. >> we haven't been able to offer as many amenities like food and beverage options as we would like to for the travelers. reporter: some aren't making an that far. travel industry experts say every aspect of the travel experiences at a breaking point. >> all it takes is a few breakthrough cases to have a situation where there's a massive operational disruption. reporter: delta and united confirms they are canceling christmas eve flights, citing covid related staffing issues and bad weather. more than 200 flights.
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an analyst says for the bay area, we have some options with the regions three major international hubs. >> the challenge is that everything has been booked so full that there is very little room to get people on other flights that are operating. reporter: more people were screened on wednesday the 22nd compared to the same day in 2019. on the ground at sjc, travelers had no complaints. >> we've been advised by staff that we left just in time. >> we showed up early which is a feat for my family. we moved right through the tsa. we were early enough to sit down for a meal. >> was not bad at all. i've seen worse during a normal week. reporter: travelers should expect pandemic related delays or disruptions across the board. abc 7 news. dan: the fda has authorized a
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second pill to treat covid-19. it greenlighted the murk pill one day after authorizing one made by pfizer. the pills will be given to patients who are high risk for severe illness. federal officials have set shorter isolation protocols for health-care workers to catch covid. they can return to work after seven days testing negative with no symptoms. if there are staffing shortages, that could be five days or less. california's numbers continue to rise. the seven-day pet -- test positivity rate is 422%. teachers will need to get their booster shots in sonoma county. that includes first responders, law enforcement, medical staff, pharmacist, and school employees. that was issued today. anyone who can provide proof of a booster shot will be required to test at least twice a week. ama: campbell has voted to extend its outdoor dining partly program amid fears among -- about omicron.
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before the variance urged,he vae plan was to end the program in early january. dan: if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. head to our website and kick -- click on the big blue blocks. the chp is investigating a report of a shooting on highway 680 north. northbound lanes of 680 are shut down. the chp is telling drivers to avoid the area while they continue to investigate. if we get any updates, we will bring it to you. ama: sto a few spotty showers out there tonight. more wet weather is on the horizon. sandia: more storms coming and they will be colder. let me show you the live doppler 7 right now as to where it's raining. the peninsula
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there is some moderate rain falling in this area, 65 hundredths of an inch per hour. into the east bay, it's also coming down. in the north bay, slippery roadways at this hour. it's a level 1 storm. sierra is getting snow. southern california is getting a nice soaking. the rainfall intensity picks up overnight. you will notice right across the central bay, it's in the southern and eastern area of our viewing area. for the last 36 hours, most of you in this one inch category. san jose at 28 hundredths of an inch. i will be back with the christmas forecast. ama: on the peninsula, the rain is blamed for two deaths after a car drove into floodwaters this morning. ryan curry tells us a third person had to be rescued.
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reporter: underneath this overpass are two cars. this morning rain caused water to fill up this entire area from the street all the way to the bottom of the train tracks. the san mateo county sheriff's office says emergency crews were able to save one person but they couldn't reach to others. >> they attempted to gain entry into the second vehicle. however, the conditions were changing rapidly. the water was wising -- rising quickly. reporter: this happened after 6:00 thursday morning. the water rose to the point where it was even safer the fire department to attempt a rescue. >> the water was rising so rapidly that the fire department had to reposition their fire truck because they began to take water in. port: crews were able to get to the others once they drained the water. it's rare to see flooding this bad. >> it was filled up about 10 feet deep. that whole area. that's the first time in many
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years that it has flooded. reporter: this man says the whole street was blocked off this morning. >> i've seen it a foot deep but never quite like this. reporter: he plans to be more cautious around the area when it rains. especially knowing two people lost their lives here. >> it's very shocking. very shocking. my heart goes out to the families. i've been here for roughly 10 years. hopefully it's not someone i know. my heart goes out to friends and family. reporter: the san mateo county sheriff's office told us a cause is under investigation. they are still trying to figure out what led up to the incident. whether or not we know a pump broke or drainage failure, we don't know. we saw crews from caltrain out here to oversee what was going on. abc 7 news. dan: residence in another neighborhood woke up to a giant mess.
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this is what it looked like on landing lane. water flooded the streets a foot deep. it crept into several garages. the street was flooded before but residents say it's never been this bad. the water began to receive by midmorning. they say the city told him that the flooding is an issue with an airport pump. ama: the storm causes jews across the bay area. an uber driver stalled out in standing water on highway one. the driver and passenger got stuck inside. a large pine tree came down near some homes in san mateo county. a rockslide caused some damage to cars traveling on highway 24. several cars had to pull over. you can keep an ion the weather anytime. in the sierra.
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the storms will bring a holiday gift to the slopes just in time for christmas. ama: an emotional debate stretching several hours continues right now over a plan by san francisco's mayor intended to clean up the tenderloin. what both sides are saying. dan: the fate of elizabeth holmes. another question for the judge today.
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for san francisco's tenderloin
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neighborhood. tim johns is following tonight's meeting. supervisors are still debating nearly nine hours into the meeting. reporter: it has drawn a lot of attention and sparked over 100 public comments from people debating both sides of the issue. the san francisco board of supervisors spending hours debating the mayors emergency order for the cities tenderloin neighborhood. the mayors plan is multifaceted and aimed at addressing the area opioid crisis. one part would include allowing the department of emergency management to reallocate city staff and set up a new center where people can get drug treatment services. >> the real issue behind it is whether or not people who openly use drugs or people that openly sell drugs should go to jail. reporter: the mayors plan seems to have support among supervisors. the second part is proving more divisive. >> what they don't want is it to be tied to the second part of
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the mayors plan which is more cops. reporter: under the proposal, police presence would be boosted with the hope of cracking down on those selling and using drugs like that now. the idea is that those caught using in public would be offered services first but if they refused, they could be arrested. the plan has also divided public opinion. the owner of the sushi russian -- restaurant supports it. he says his staff feels unsafe coming to work. drug use is so common, it drives away potential customers. >> they want to visit my restaurant but they take a look at my entrance and they say, i'm not going to eat here. they just left. or they call me and cancel reservations. reporter: not everyone is on board. some even going so far as to call the declaration a publicity stunt. >> study after study shows that using threats, policing,
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imprisonment as responses to drug use for homelessness will result in more black and brown people being harassed and jailed on the streets of san francisco. reporter: last year, 700 people died from drug overdoses in san francisco, a higher number than those who died from covid-19. abc 7 news. dan: thank you. the san jose mayor calls homelessness the city's greatest failure. that was his message tonight. as of 2019, san jose had mor s than 6000 on house residence in the city. over the last year, the supportive housing network provided permanent housing to nearly 5000 people. the number of new on house residence declined by 29%. that's according to army -- media partner. there is much more work to be done. >> we embrace the lessons of our
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failure and pivot towards better solutions. dan: the mayor promoted immediate action like the building of modular housing sites. he also calls on city leaders to improve incentives for neighborhoods to participate in long-term solutions. ama: developing news out of north hollywood. 14-year-old girl was found dead after police fired at a suspect. it happened at a burlington store thursday morning. police first responded to an assault call. police shot at the suspect to died. behind him was a dressing room where the team was hit by a bullet in the victim was injured and taken to a hospital. dan: a jury found the former suburban minneapolis police officer kim potter guilty of the death of daunte wright. potter was convicted on first and second-degree manslaughter. daunte wright was shot in april during a traffic shot. moment she heard the verdict. >> i let out a yell because it
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was built up and the anticipation of what was to come , why we were waiting for the last few days. dan: potter testified last week and she showed no emotion today. she's being held without bail and faces 11 years in prison. ama: jurors in the trial of legibly -- elizabeth holmes will not reach a verdict before christmas. they want to replay audio recordings of phone calls with investors. holmes is accused of misleading investors in order to raise funds for the blood testing startup. deliberations are set to continue monday morning. dan: if you are dreaming of a white christmas this year, this is the place to be. there's a lot of snow on the ground and it will keep falling. a winter storm warning is in effect until tuesday, welcome news for some holiday travelers. >> we joke that the storms were suck -- stuck in the supply
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chain. i say, they got here just in time. as long as everyone gets snow before christmas, hotels are happy, we are happy. dan: if you have plans to head to the sierra, driving conditions are expected to be tricky or dangerous. chain controls are in effect. unless you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle or snow tires. ama: here's uc berkeley's central sierra snow lab. it makes you want to cozy up under a warm blanket. the lab critics the heaviest snowfall will happen on christmas. higher elevations could get up to 85 inches of snow by this time next week. i can't even imagine that. dan: all good news. i know we have a long way to go. we are literally catching up in pie and. sandhya: the statewide sierra snowpack is at 102% of average. it's only going to get higher as we head towards next week.
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the activity is beginning to pick up around the bay area. we have some moderate showers in the east bay. we will track some of that moisture that's moving in the direction of orinda. watch out for brief downpours. from the bayview district, south city, you are seeing some showers. in the north bay, it's right around santa rosa. picking up some moderate pockets there. 40's and 50's. it was a milder day-to-day. for christmas, we will go the other way. it will be colder. 7:00, a cold storm coming in. rain will be heavy at times. it's a wintry mix. at noontime, higher elevation snow. temperatures in the 40's, 50's, stuck in the range. 4:00, 7:00, it's going to be chilly. for christmas day, that's my gift. here's the view.
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it's a very snowy view from the mountains right now. this is a live picture that were looking at. it's coming down so hard, chain controls on all roads going up to the mountains. best to hold off on travel right now because we have a winter storm warning going until tuesday. multiple rounds of heavy snow with gusty winds. up to 12 feet for the peaks. snow levels will be coming down to the foothills which means major travel impacts will continue. there will be a window tomorrow afternoon and evening. it might not so be -- be so bad. winter storm warning for lake and mendocino counties. difficult to impossible to travel because they will see some snow as well. a live look from our emeryville camera. brief heavy showers and gusty winds into the morning. colder storms christmas weekend. snow is likely over our highest peaks. tomorrow morning, looking at scattered showers.
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briefly heavy. slight chance of thunderstorms and gusty winds accompanying the system. moderate pockets at 3:00 a.m. while you are sleeping. at 5:00, downpours across the east bay. 7:00 come of the focus is on san jose. and then it's out of here. most of tomorrow is fine. some breaks and occasional showers. saturday morning, we are watching for heavier rain. mount hamilton looking at snow. i'm going to take the rainfall projections all the way through sunday. most of you will be in the two inch category. there will be lighter spots. 30's to 50's on those temperatures. give yourself extra time tomorrow morning if you need to go somewhere. 40's, 50's for your high temperatures. a wet and dusty morning. christmas storm, a level 1.
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snow over high peaks. that mix continues sunday. a level two for monday. more rain. one for tuesday, wednesday. cold, temperatures in the 40's. it will feel like winter. thursday, we get a chance to try out. hopefully you guys get coats and jackets and scarves to keep you warm. dan: we need it. than hey, angie! you forgot your phone! hey lou! angie forget her phone again? yep. lou! mom said she could save up to $400 on her wireless bill by switching to xfinity internet and mobile. with nationwide 5g at no extra cost. and lou! on the most reliable network, lou! smart kid, bill... [laughs] so true. and now, the moon christmas special... gotta go! get a great offer on xfinity internet,
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and you'll get 12 times the speed for the same price when you add xfinity mobile. switch today. sing 2.
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cheer with someone living in a mental health services committee. ama: she spent 50 hours creating candy slaves. she started making them -- candy sleighs. dan: she donated them to a mental health facility. >> it brightens the day. especially when it is something that is handmade by a person. they might not meet that person.
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knowing that there is somebody that put their heart and soul and creativity into something. ama: she wasn't able to deliver them because of the pandemic. she hopes it brings joy this holiday season. dan: i'm sure
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continued on a short week in tennessee. san francisco a perfect 7-0. turnovers proved to be costly. niners fans hoping for an early christmas present. opening possession, jeff wilson jr. caps the 75 yard drive with this touchdown score. niners had chances to go up a girly. jimmy garoppolo picked off in the end zone, the first of his two interceptions on the night. leaving points on the board there and here. wide open. jimmy misses that one. the titans score 17 unanswered
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to take the lead. garoppolo finds tivo and he turns on the jets. 56 yards down on the five. two plays later, garoppolo. we are tied at 17-17. ryan bullock it's a 44 yarder with four seconds to go. >> just got sluggish in the middle there. it's toff when you are feeling like this. >> we got the win. i think this is a group that is resilient. we will get ready to go next week. chris:
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curry. the hoop and the file. dubs down one at the break. backs up and then from the ferry building, this gave the dubs a two point lead. curry had 31 after three. crunch time. curry is a closer, eight threes in a game. steph feeling it. the grist trying to trap curry. he lays it in. 46. his for 40 point game of the year. next up, a christmas day showdown in phoenix on abc 7. stanford in the semis. michael o'connell, half-court buzzer beater. he got it at the half and tied things. anfordin the chamonshchst
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dan: we appreciate your time. have a good night.
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