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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 15, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PST

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this year, the tsa has confiscated a record number of guns. a new report says agents seized approximately 5700 firearms at airports in 2021 and most were loaded. passengers who violate the rules can be fined or face civil penalties. a murder rampage that ended with a gunman's suicide this past spring is being blamed on the suspect's brain.
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he was a former nfl offensive back. steve osunsami reports. >> reporter: a medical examiner is helping answer why this former nfl cornerback killed six people and then himself in april. in the shocking mass murder, phillip adams killed dr. robert leslie, a well-known physician, his wife, two of their grandchildren and two workers outside their south carolina home. dr. ann mckee who examined his brain is blaming cte, saying this was unusually severe, stage two, where the patient is often aggressive, explosive or paranoid. his brain looked a lot like the brain of aaron hernandez who was convicted of murder and died by suicide in prison. >> we are finding some comfort in the cte results and the explanation they provide for the irrational behaviors pertaining to this tragedy. >> reporter: cte is found in people with a history of head trauma and can only be
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officially diagnosed when a person is dead. adams joins a growing list of former nfl players who struggle with the disease. at the time of the killings, his father said he blamed his son's football career. >> i think the football messed him up. >> reporter: he was just 32 years old when he died, had played for six nfl teams and suffered injuries throughout his career. the nfl is paying a lot more attention to this issue after reaching a large settlement with players who sued. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. a saga that dates back to the summer is finally over. after months on the run, two zebras from a farm in maryland have finally been captured. authorities say the animals returned to the herd last week after escaping in august. the wayward zebras became social media stars as they dodged capture. coming up, the bears in the car. but first, calling all overnight shift workers. are you ready for the best rest
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♪["i'll be seeing you" by billie holiday] ♪ i'll be seeing you ♪ ♪ in all the old familiar places ♪ ♪ that this heart of mine embraces ♪
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♪ all day through ♪ [doorbell] ♪ in that small cafe ♪ ♪ the park across the way ♪ ♪ the children's carousel ♪ ♪ the chestnut trees ♪ ♪ the wishin' well ♪
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♪ just get ready to work work work work work ♪ ♪ ♪ that's my jam. so not everyone understands it, but for so many of us, putting in the work work work on the overnight shift is a joy. so it's tough when people say they can't get a good night's sleep and work these hours. >> luckily, new advice from our own diane macedo says you can get the best of both worlds. guess what, will ganss is wide awake. ♪ i'm wide awake doing my work work work ♪ >> in her new book, she says that working on world oig is probably the best job she ever had. so she's determined to find real solutions to her sleep problems while she was on this shift. they call it the graveyard shift. but former insomniac and "world news now" anchor, diane macedo, says it's nothing to be afraid of.
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one chapter of her brand-new book "the sleep fix", aimed at helping shift workers catch some zs without compromising their jobs. first things first. set your sleeping schedule and stick to it, people. >> the first step is to make the decision that from here to here, this is my window for sleep. it's not free time. it's sleep time, and that is to be protected and respected just as much as other people's sleep time overnight. >> when it comes to light, diane says not to take it, well, lightly. >> that often will involve getting light when the sun is not actually up. but we're trying to make our body think the sun is up and making sure we're not getting light at a time when we want our body to think it is nighttime. and that sounds complicated, but it can be as simple as putting a light therapy lamp in your bathroom. >> something she learned during her days in the overnight shift at abc. >> i would wear sunglasses for
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the day, ask my husband to close the blinds before he left for work in the morning so when i got home my house was dark. anything to trick your body into thinking this is nighttime. and it amazed me how quickly that had a positive impact on my sleep. >> when thinking about light, remember the four ds. dimness, distance, duration and direction. >> the amount of brightness in a light, right? how dim the light is, how far away you are from it, whether the light is facing in to your eyes or away from your eyes and how long you are exposed to light. all of those things factor into your overall light exposure. so you want to have all of those things up during the day. but then at night you want to have them down, and that doesn't just mean screens. that means all of the lights. >> diane also encourages folks to really make a change in how they view sleeping during the day. >> i think the other part of it is just the psychology of choosing to sleep.
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because we're so programmed to think that daytime is for being productive. >> yes, louder for the people in the back. >> choose to sleep! which sounds so dumb, but for people who sleep at night, that's a really obvious choice. everybody else is sleeping, so that's what i do now too. but when it's daytime and there are a million other things you could be doing with your time, there's this sense of guilt that you sometimes get that you shouldn't be sleeping right now because you could be doing this, that or the other thing, and this is so clearly reflected when you talk to people and they ask what you do with all your free time during the day. >> free time. >> let folks know what your sleep cycle is like, from the doorman in your building to other parents who might be able to help with carpool, to your friends who might need to schedule dinner differently, even remind your work colleagues that you're not available during the day. if you can't keep the same sleep schedule over the weekend, try to overlap at least three hours.
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for example, someone who sleeps 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. during the week could sleep 3:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on the weekends. and when it comes to coffee, drink a little later. >> 90 minutes after you wake up can make a difference. now instead of needing three cups of coffee, you only need two cups or one cup, because you're drinking it at a time where you're getting more bang for your buck. >> limit your coffee to the first two to three hours of your overnight shift. so much good stuff there. naps are key, too. keep it short, ten minutes short and consider having a quick dose of caffeine before the nap to minimize grogginess afterwards. >> i'm going to take a nap. >> give this to him. >> i will hand it to him. >> i have the blinds up, i'll just sleep. but i will take a lot of that advice, because maybe that is why i can't take a ten-minute nap. >> what is the easiest change that made the biggest
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call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. time now for "this happened", where we tell you what had happened, starting with a milestone in space travel. >> this happened at the center of the solar system. scientists have confirmed that nasa's parker solar probe became the first ever to touch the sun after a three-year journey. >> oh, man. the probe successfully passed through the sun's upper atmosphere collecting data on its composition and magnetic fields. >> there's no way it survived either, right? it will see its final approach to the sun by 2025. >> i hope they didn't patent that material, because i would love to get cooking mitts made out of this so i don't burn myself. and from space back here to
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earth, we've got two bears causing a scene in one california neighborhood. >> this happened in sierra madre. cubs managed to lock themselves cubs managed to lock themselves inside a car. >> witnesses say they were awakened by the car's horn. >> police were eventually able to free the cubs and reunite them with their mother. and oh, she was not happy, probably. she was like, wait until we get home. you in other people's cars. now to south africa where one family found an unwanted ornament hanging from their christmas tree. >> this happened near cape town. a wildlife rescuer was called to apprehend a venomous snake nested in the family's tree. okay, nightmare fuel. >> they used a special set of tongs to safely remove the intruder. >> it was released into the wild.
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and to one texas teacher determined to spread holiday cheer without snakes. >> this happened in beeville. angelica decided to go all out for her school's holiday spirit week styling her hair into the form of a christmas tree. >> but the festive hairstyle left her too tall to fit in her own car, threatening to derail her plans, but luckily, she devised a clever solution, opening up the sunroof. isn't that from christmas vacation? >> maybe. it's not ringing a bell right now, but this is also hilarious. somebody tell him -- i'm horrible at this. as you see there, miraculously, her hairstyle survived the drafty drive to the school. now teachers like this, i live for them. i support them 100%. people like this bring joy wherever they go. >> i do, too, but why not go to school and then put the hair together? >> because the hairstyle like this takes time, andrew.
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