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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 1, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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countries reporting cases of the omicron variant, the expanded testing for international travelers and the best way to protect yourself as we await critical information. >> not all of our pharmacy has been able to keep up with demand. >> no appointments available, the message a lot of you might be getting when trying to schedule your booster shot. options to keep in mind. reggie: bay bridge tolls are going up in one month, the new price to cross in san francisco and when drivers will be paying as much as eight dollars each time. >> and taking a live look from four of our tower camera's. it is december 1, but we do not need any winter gear today. mike is a tracking record highs, including mid-70's in some spots. reggie: you know what you will need? the checkbook because it is december 1. >> i got my alerts.
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the money is gone, snatched. [laughter] reggie: welcome to wednesday, december 1. you are watching abc 7 news. >> we want to start a check of our warm forecast with mike. mike: i cannot do that, kumasi, like, do you want to set up a payment plan? no, i will pay when i want to. kumasi: i had to set mine up. mike: you do not have to run the heater this afternoon. we have some issues with the fog, super thick in the delta, leaking into concord and fairfield. with that offshore breeze, it could move through the san pablo area. so we have to keep watching those bridges there because they will be difficult to travel across winds in the hills around 15 to 25 miles per hour. that is walnut creek, where you can barely see the cars on 680.
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temperatures all over the place, 38 in santa rosa to 61 in oakland hills because of the winds. mid-60's with hazy sunshine at noon. record highs this afternoon. 50's to low 60 by seven :00. kumasi: thank you. the biden administration is considering stricter testing reels were people traveling to the u.s. reggie: is more countries report cases of the omicron variant. jobina: the white house is offering testing for international travelers at airports in new york, atlanta, newark, and san francisco. the biden administration is working to modify guidelines to require people coming to the u.s. to be tested one day before their flight here meanwhile, 80 million eligible americans are still not vaccinated at health experts say getting those people vaccinated is the top priority right now. dr. fauci: how do we address omicron? we have said it over and over again, and it deserves
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repeating, if you are not vaccinated, get vaccinated. get boosted if you are vaccinated. jobina: the world health organization is urging unvaccinated people over the age of 60 to postpone travel. doctors say it more critical information is known. israel's health minister says early data indicates people who have received a booster shot are protected. and the scientist who helped develop the pfizer vaccine says even if the variant causes breakthrough infections, the vaccine should prevent severe illness. kumasi: thank you. in the bay area, the omicron variant is only making demand for the booster shot greater. many people are finding that if they are even able to get an appointment, it is getting canceled and pharmacies are running out of vaccines you'd that's get more from the newsroom. >> good morning. supply is not keeping up with demand in the bay area, but officials say the booster delays
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should be fixed in a matter of days. national drugstore chains like walgreens said they may have some stores with low supply, but they're working on getting that replenished. some people say they're having trouble even booking an appointment. others said they found out having an appointment is not always a guarantee. >> we had the appointment made for about three weeks, and it was for the sunday after thanksgiving, and i got a text that your appointment has been canceled. i got an email, your appointment has been canceled. then i got a phone call. >> officials say you could be facing a two-week wait for a booster, but go ahead and try the usual channels for an appointment, your local provider, california's my turn website, your counties vaccination website, or local pharmacies. but you're competing with millions of other californians who want to get there booster in time for the holidays and to try
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to get protection against the new omicron variant. so they just said to be patient, it is coming. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: thank you. a pill to treat covid-19 cleared a major hurdle for full fda authorization. fda advisers voted 13-10 to recommend emergency use authorization of the drug. members of the committee were worried about possible risks to pregnant women. the drugmaker says the capsule can reduce the risk of serious illness or death from covid by 30%. if approved, it would be the first oral antiviral treatment to fight covid. new details about a deadly school shooting rampage in michigan. the suspect's gun was purchased by his father just last friday. three students were killed yesterday, including 16-year-old tate meyer, seen here at a football game. eight other people wounded. the shooter fired up to 20 rounds in five minutes.
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students and teachers used desks. to barricade classroom doors according to investigators, the suspect can -- surrendered with his gun still loaded. >> it is my understanding that this was a recent weapon purchase and he had been shooting with it and had posted pictures of a target and the weapon. that is all part of what is being looked at. reggie: some students said they heard something was going to happen at the school yesterday, some even stayed home. abc news has obtained an email sent to parents in november in which school officials said they investigated rumors of a threat to the school but determined they were unfounded. kumasi: a new lead in oakland's latest almonds hide -- homicide, an image of the suspect's car. police released this image of a black toyota rav-4 wanted in connection with murder of 28 euros eric davis, who was killed near lake merritt sunday afternoon. police say someone broke into his car, and when he noticed the
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suspect breaking into another car, he interrupted that burglary. a passenger in this suv shot davis. there is a $10,000 reward for any information. reggie: that killing was one of several that oakland police chief leronne armstrong talked about in his news conference yesterday. he also addressed organized retail theft. the chief says specially trained officers are being sent to different areas of the city to combat the thefts. he is concerned about the amount of firepower officers are confronted with, saying two were shot at last weekend. >> we will seek to arrest people. we're going to make some policy changes just to allow our officers to have more latitude when it comes to the apprehension of those involved in these crimes. reggie: chief says the department has 676 officers, and that a 70 fewer than last year. a new police academy is about to graduate in the next month. the mayor will ask the city council to budget for more
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academies. >> i believe we need more officers than what they authorized in that original budget, and now is the time for the conversation. reggie: advocates for defunding police say the city needs a bit more money into community resources instead of more police on the streets. kumasi: the pacific northwest is being hit with record amounts of rain or the national weather service says november was the wettest month and several counties in the washington state. the city of billingham saul at least 13 inches in the last month and more than 10 inches in seattle, the fifth wettest on record. that heavy rain has caused flooding throughout the state, costing millions of dollars in damage in some areas. mike: right now, the rain has let up temporarily, but they have another atmospheric river heading their way, so more flooding is on the way for not only washington but also more so in british columbia. they have been bearing the brunt of these atmospheric rivers. so yeah, i feel bad for those
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folks for us, fog, that is we have moisture in the air, but it is not rain, and it is not doing anything positive. negatively inducing visibility to dangerous levels, especially on some interstates. 680, 80, 780, going across the carquinez or even the venetia bridge, it will be difficult. highway 4 will be a difficult commute. 242 and 680 as some of that fog slips south. around petaluma also, and some of this fog might make it all the way to san francisco by the time we get through the morning commute. a look at walnut creek that is the biggest issue, that fog. as far as temperatures, low to mid-40's in the tri-valley. martinez, 49 to 51 for milder spots porta 41 in santa rosa and san francisco. pacifica, 64 euros 46 in san
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jose. back to san francisco, average high is 60. we will be there by 10:00 in the morning, with mid-60's most of the afternoon. hopefully you get out to a park or get out somewhere and enjoy. jobina: thank you. i will be talking about that fog, as whelp chp has issued fog advisories for the venetia bridge in antioch bridge. walnut creek here and 680, a heads up on the low visibility. thankfully we have not had any issues in terms of your commute, but that will be a problem for you. emeryville, 80 here, headl traveling westbound towards mays. no slowdowns at the moment, and no metering let's on the bay bridge toll plaza. but i have some news if you're headed that way, get ready to pay more to cross the bay bridge. signs are now up at the toll plaza reminded drivers about the one dollar toll hike that takes effect january 1.
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that means it will cost seven dollars to cross the bridge every single day. that will take effect in january. then another one will take effect in 2025, so that makes it a dollars. this is all part of a voter approved bill to fund a $4.5 billion investment here to improve our highways and transit around the bay area. reggie: when you put it that way, seems like a lot. [laughs] college application deadlines extended, the unexpected problem a lot of students run into when trying to submit. kumasi: new details on the movie set shooting, the investigation to how live ammunition was in the prop gun. reggie: a local nonprofit on a mission with
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♪that i will soon be there!♪ ♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪ kumasi: new details about the deadly shooting on the "rust" shooting said.
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the stickers are investigating the company that provide the firearms. a man said he was seen -- seeing reloaded ammunition from a friend. occurring to an affidavit, the armor on the filled -- film loaded the gun with five dummy rounds. investigators say she did not take the firearm too much because it was locked up during a lunch break. in october, alec baldwin fired a revolver that killed halyna hutchins, cinematographer. baldwin just sat down with george stephanopoulos to talk about what happened, and you can see this interview in a one-hour special airing tomorrow night at 8:00 him right here on abc 7. reggie: happening today, the facebook whistleblower will testify. her appearance will come during a hearing examining possible changes to the laws governing tech companies. it comes weeks after she leaked but has not been called the facebook papers to the securities and exchange commission. she told senators last month she believes facebook harms
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children, stokes division, and weakens our democracy. kumasi: csu and uc systems have extended application deadlines to today. websites were crashed, and students applying will be able to finish applications and submit by today. this applies to prospective students who already started the process yesterday or earlier. the los angeles times reports people applying to cal state fullerton, long beach, and san luis obispo also have until today. san jose state, san diego state, and cal state l.a. are among those that extended deadlines to discover 15. a local nonprofit is making sure families will have a tree to call their own this holiday season, even if they might not be able to afford it. reggie: j.r. stone went to the north bay to talk about operation christmas tree. reporter: christmas trees lined up in the north bay, but this is not your typical lot. prices who do not exist, because these trees are going to families in need. >> we're not here to judge, no
5:16 am
questions asked. it is the honor system. if you are in need, we look at everyone the same pure purple popped -- everyone the same. reporter: this was started last year, operation christmas tree, and the goal was to get out eight to 10 trees, but the demand kept coming. due to covid, they delivered more than 200. demand is soaring this year, and they expect to get out nearly four times that. >> you pay a lot of money a loty time of year. it is bad because we do not have much work. reporter: federico farms produce in sonoma county and says he is grateful for receiving a tree last weekend, a tree he put up right away with his family. >> so happy and we had a good experience. reporter: families in need from anywhere can schedule a weekend time to pick up a tree with ornaments, lights, and a stand. >> when i was a kid, we did not have much money.
5:17 am
we were poor growing up, getting a tree is sometimes hard. reporter: crowder says in high school he started working on a christmas tree lodges of his family could go home with a tree. he continues to meet people who never experience having one of these, just like this man he met on tuesday. >> he said that i have never had a christmas tree. to see the look on his face when he caught the tree -- got the tree, it really fills my heart, just putting joy into peoples houses. reporter: while many of these christmas trees are already going to families, there are still trees available for families in need. if you're interested, you can go to our website for more information on how to apply. in cinema, j.r. stone, abc 7 news. reggie: we are obsessedj with that sweater. j.r., that was cute. if you are looking for ways to donate to nonprofits is holiday season, we made it easy to give
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where you live with a list of local organizations that have been vetted. you can find that on civics center will host a holiday tree lighting, lighting the 50 foot tree. there will be live entertainment, snow flurries, food, and drinks, and free holiday crafts. and for the first 400 kids under 12 who show up, the san francisco police foundation will be given away a free toy. starts at 4:00 p.m. also today in san francisco, especial mentor event happening in golden gate park. million mile -- a stretch of jfk drive and the music concourse will transform into an immersive holiday land. it will be lit up and have interactive exhibits, live performances. visitors can stroll through entwined, the popular art installation, returning for the holiday season and even bigger than before.
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all of this starts at 4:30. tis the season. reggie: this is nice. i still have not seen intertwined, so that will be called to check out. kumasi: is this the one that me and jobina said we want to go for the trees? reggie: yes. mike: jobina: you got it, you got it. mike: you will have to really immerse yourself in that holiday with your imagination because high temperatures in the 70's in san francisco today. reggie: fine with me, bring it on. mike: walking through with shorts, tank top. brewster. december 1, welcome to the first day of meteorological winter. this month, next month, and february are supposed to be our three coldest months.
5:20 am
but my number one highlight, more record high temperatures today. warm and sunny through friday. cooler next week, with a chance of some sprinkles. that is the best we can do for monday. two areas of high pressure and that low, we talked about this yesterday, sinking to the south and enhancing the offshore breeze, making today our hottest day. let's take a look at temperatures. those are official reporting stations that i am saying will tie or exceed the current record high temperatures. 70 to about 75 today. but there are warmer places. 77 in ukiah. 78 and the morgan hill. 81 in santa cruz today. for tonight, we lose the winds, so the green is right at the coast with that offshore breeze. you will hang out in the 40's to near 50, while the rest of us will be in the 40's. when not be surprised to see some 30's in the tri-valley and around santa rosa. storm track for monday, the tail
5:21 am
end of an atmospheric river sinking southward. this is a medium-range model with medium resolution, so this looks a lot more impressive than it will be. we are talking a couple hundredths of an inch from san francisco northward, and that is it out of that storm. no storm impact scale on that. hanging out in the 70's inland through friday. along the coast, today is probably the last day. for the bay, tomorrow is probably the last day. still, low to upper 60's are warmer than average. kumasi: thank you. coming up, the seven things to know this morning. reggie: michael how powerful is an invisalign smile? so powerful you can face anything ... ...even these faces. invis is a powerful thing.
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invis is the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors and more predictable. invisalign.
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kumasi: seven things to know, the biden administration is considering stricter testing rules for international travelers because of the omicron variant you're testing for international travelers has been ramped up already at some airports, including sfo p reggie: two, booster shot availability is low and some parts of the bay area. officials said the supply should be catching up in a matter of days, hopefully making it easier for an appointment. kumasi: number three, the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments in the case that could overturn roe v. wade.
5:24 am
there will be demonstrations for reproductive rights this afternoon and palo alto. reggie: the walnut creek city council called a special meeting today to address retail thefts across the bay area. the council is looking to hire up to five additional police officers. mike: number five, welcome to the first day of winter, record warm temperatures come everybody in the 70's. 70 to 75 in all these cities, including san francisco and livermore. a will set records. jobina: number six, fogg is the big story for your commute. walnut creek showing and investable 680 right now. chp has issued fog advisories for venetia brigg -- bridge and antioch bridge. kumasi: president pino is expected to unveil a new national hiv-aids strategy today. the goal is to end the hiv epidemic by 20 30. reggie: lebron james has entered the nba covered protocols. it is unclear if he actually has covid or maybe came into contact
5:25 am
someone who did. he is expected to miss several days. lebron said in september that he is vaccinated. in the gma first look, we are learning more about the training michael strahan will undergo before he goes into space next week. let's get more. >> and the gma first look, it is t minus eight days until michael strahan's liftoff to space, and we are about to hear exclusive details on his training regimen. >> we cover each portion, every event, from the engine start to lift off to separation from the booster to reentry into the atmosphere and landing. >> she serves as caps off communication between blue origin mission control and the crew of new shepard 19. >> they have literally changed my life, and i have never even flown. so i cannot wait for michael to get up in the morning and meet his crew. >> coming up at 7:00, a live interview with one of michael strahan's distinguished
5:26 am
crewmates, the daughter of alan shepard, the first american in space and the fifth person to walk on the moon. that is your gma first look, abc news, new york. reggie: coming coming up at 5:30, software that may be making online shopping a little trickier this holiday season. kumasi: small pets you can bring home at no cost right now. and determining how well the vaccines work against the new covid variant, a biotech lab has more. reggie: a live look outside of sfo at 5:26.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now i 5:30, sfo ramping up efforts to monitor travelers, how the bay area is preparing for the potential arrival of the omicron variant. kumasi: and the biggest abortion battle in decades with roe v. wade on the line, the case the supreme court is set to your today. reggie: is special meeting today addressing the rash of robbers in the bay area, the plan walnut creek is looking at to protect stores. kumasi: and the big "bachelor" reveal, this is the man who will be looking for love. clayton's first interview with gma this morning. good morning, wednesday, december 1. abc 7 morning's live right now on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. reggie: a look at the weather.
5:30 am
mike: the fog is really thick, and a dense fog advisory has been issued for solano county until 10:00, visibility less than a court of a mile here that is not the only area with issues. the venetian bridge, the cocaine is bridge, the antioch bridge, highway 4, even down towards concord. same thing for 101 from towards novato. more of this will make it into the bay area with the winds. microclimates, from 40 in santa rosa, 54 in san francisco, 60's in our hills at 7:00 this morning. and we all make a run into the 62 to 60 degree ranch already at noon. then look at the wealth of 70's as today will be our warmest day and the one with a wide range of record high temperatures that we will talk about coming up. reggie: thank you your the new covid variant is most of us in a wait and see mode, but go to sfo
5:31 am
and there are already signs of them tracking omicron. let's go to amy hollyfield. amy: passengers at sfo seem to be and to the tests. officials say they are getting a good response. sfo is one of four airports participating in a pilot program, pilot testing program, for international travelers. passengers are invited to participate in one of two covid tests, pcr tests or an at-home test. the goal is to discover new variants. the started the program in october, but now they are specifically looking for those affected with the omicron variant. sfo says passengers are being very cooperative. >> we are actually finding that sfo has the highest level of participation of any of the airports that are currently doing this pilot test program, which is great. i think it really reflects the fact that we are in airport that serves a region that has always been very much on the leading edge during this pandemic.
5:32 am
amy: and it appears researchers are looking everywhere for that variant, even in wastewater. the san francisco reports that a team of ucsf researchers is studying wastewater from the airport, looking for signs of covid. they are very interested in samples from the airport because most omicron cases are imported from other countries. omicron has not been found yet in the united states. researchers believe it is a matter of time until it gets here, or if it is here, matter of time until it is discovered. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: thank you. while the omicron variant has yet to officially surface in the u.s., a race is underway to determine how well existing vaccines work against it. kumasi: the bay area is playing a key role in that. a biotech lab was turned to with the delta variant, and now they are being turned to for omicron
5:33 am
dna. they get raw data and send it to laps around the world. >> they want to know as quickly as possible about the vaccines we have been taking, are they sufficient to capture omicron or not. we need to know. kumasi: about one third of the orders are from bay area biotech customers. another third going to the boston area, and the rest is destined for labs and other countries overseas. reggie: the u.s. supreme court is going to hear arguments for the most significant abortion rights case in the last 30 years. mississippi is asking the court to overturn roe v. wade. here is a live look in washington, d.c., were people for and against abortion rights have gathered. with the most conservative majority in a generation, it is not yet clear how the justices might rule. jobina: yes, protesters already gathering, as you saw, and in the bay area, groups will hold a
5:34 am
demonstration for reproductive rights this afternoon in palo alto the court will consider a case on a new mississippi law that seeks to ban nearly all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. it is significantly earlier than the approximate one he for weeks established by roe v. wade may 1973. the outcomes of jobs v jackson could redefine reproductive rights across the country or this airing comes as texas hits three months with the near-total ban on all abortions still in place. experts expect the court to rule on the texas case ahead of the mississippi one, but there is no decision yet. >> i think that if they decide that the mississippi and texas cases together, i think the most likely result would be they would uphold the mississippi ban and then send the texas case back to the lower courts. jobina: if roe v. wade is reversed or rolled back, nearly half the states in the country are poised to ban or severely
5:35 am
strict abortions are justices are not expected to announce their decision and told summer. kumasi: thank you. a cross-examination and the trial for elizabeth holmes is expected to continue to took the stand yesterday, admitting mistakes and regret while answering questions from prosecutors. she said several times she wished she handled things differently on monday, she accused her former coo and boyfriend of abuse through their 11-year relationship. a legal expert we spoke with said prosecutors will try to prove they were working together. >> i think with the prosecution showed was several years of text messages between the two of them where he expressed his love towards her and she did towards him, so that is kind of undermining a potential defense if there was an abusive relationship. kumasi: homes admitted -- holmes admitted she knew that the technology was only able to do
5:36 am
12 tests. there is something called the dropout, and new episodes, every tuesday and you can listen wherever you stream your podcasts reggie: how about our thefts? a santa clara store says it is closing for the first seeable future because of crime. the eaves broke into -- thieves broke into this store twice last week. this was the most recent break-in last sunday. police say in both cases, a group of 15 to 30 people stole shoes and clothing, there are not been any arrests. on social media, the store said it is taking all items out of the store and may reopen in the future. it is planning to begin online sales soon. kumasi: walnut creek city council is called a special meeting for today to consider hiring more police officers after a rash of robberies in the bay area. the city is looking to hire up to five officers and would you some of the $2 million in federal covid funds received.
5:37 am
in august, the council approved a police officer to patrol the nordstrom voluntarily at the request of the department store. in san francisco, there is a proposal that could allow businesses to hire sheriffs deputies as private security guards. the board of supervisors was expected to vote on the plane yesterday, but it has been pushed back to next week. software programs snatching a pot ticket items this holiday season. steps you can take to improve your chances of eating the so-called grinch box. reggie: popular pet names of 20 21, pandemic-related once saw a big jump this year. first, a check on the weather. mike: a great day to walk the pets outside. a little warm in the afternoon but a little cool this morning. menlo park, 43. just up the road, we jumped to 51 in san bruno. over on the coast., 58 62 in pacifica and half moon bay. that is pretty much what your average high is for this time of
5:38 am
year, to give you an idea of how unusual that is it elsewhere, 51 at hayward. oakland at 57 euros 46 in san jose and fremont. 42 in dublin. napa at about 44. for the east bay, average high is a 61, you are there at 10:00 this morning. 66 at noon. 70 degree range starting at 1:00 through about 4:00. then we dropped out of 57 at 8:00. once we get past 8:00, a lot of haze.
5:39 am
until about 9:00 for the south bay, our most extreme temperatures when compared average, 62 is our average high. a record 75 today. another record possible tomorrow, 74. our coolest day is 66. the near 70 sunday and monday. signs of winter in the forecast. jobina, how about that fog. jobina: it is really causing issues at chp reporting a stalled vehicle as you approach the bridge. with the fog, it is hard for them to find the car. this can lead to crashes. so heads up if you're traveling in this direction. there is also fog advisory for the antioch bridge. 680 in here. chp is reporting about a quarter-mile of visibility, so i heads up in that area. san mateo you'll bridge moving at the limit at very -- san mateo bridge is moving at the limit and is very clear, goodness for that commute. tracy to dublin, about 45 minutes for that drive times. things slowing down earlier along highway 4, so antioch to concord is about 20 minutes. concord is about 20 minutes. chp attributes that to the it's my 4:05 the-show-must-go-on migraine medicine.
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reggie: the house panel investigating the january 6 u.s. capitol instruction will pursue contempt charges against a former justice department official. cheerfully clark could be charged with criminal contempt of congress he appeared for a deposition last month but refused to answer any questions -- jeffrey clark could be charged. he would be the second person to possibly face charges for not providing information under subpoena. clark was a supporter of than president donald trump's claims a 2020 election was a fraud. kumasi: this morning, president biden will talk about supply chain issues facing the u.s. he wants to lower costs for families and make sure shelves are stocked for the holiday season. the supply train crisis brought the u.s. secretary of labor to the port of los angeles yesterday. marty walsh was there primarily to tell the $17 billion in the recently passed infrastructure bill that will help to improve the nation's waterways and to
5:43 am
create jobs. walsh also towards the port to see how it is handling all the cargo and was asked why we have seen such a backlog. >> what is causing this is we're living in a pandemic, and we cannot lose sight of that. we have to remember that the supply chain issues is not just about unloading ships here in the harbor, it is also about filling containers and other parts of the world that also shut down factories. as we continue to move forward here and get more people vaccinated and come through this, we will be stronger. kumasi: the port of los angeles and port of long beach have been fining companies for lingering containers in order to get the supply chain moving. cyber monday, it was one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, but we all spent less. adobe crunched the numbers and says americans spent $10.7 billion, and that is a 1.4% decrease from the record-breaking cyber monday last year, when online sales totaled 10.8 billion.
5:44 am
dollars adobe says supply chain issues and smaller discounts than last year slowed down sales. still, from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., consumers spent $12 million a minute. ooh. reggie: some of those cyber monday shoppers probably were not even real people. tech experts say this holiday season, there are so-called grinch bots, software programs designed to purchase large -- large amount of hot ticket items. let's find out more. reporter: the gift giving season wrapped up in what some are calling cyber grinch greed. experts say automated computer programs created by people are being used to purchase popular toys and other products online, only to resell at higher prices for profit. >> these bots are so much faster than you and i are. so if you have this experience, if you are after something that is very popular and you have seen it in stock, you may have tried and gotten it into your cart, then it was snatched away
5:45 am
from you at the last minute. that is these bots working. reporter: he says specific technology makes it so these transactions take no time at all, a frustrating fight that he says is compounded by the pandemic, supply chain issues, and demand for things at levels that have never existed before. this san jose resident says he is still struggling to find a special pokémon anniversary collection and is not willing to pay scalper prices. >> it is seen on ebay for over $300, even $600, insane. reporter: but something he found helpful was turning on push notifications for social media accounts that announce item availability. >> on a site like amazon, you can do one click purchasing. click on that and hope for the best. >> he secured consuls for his friends. he says it is often groups of people behind these grinch bought price gouging practices.
5:46 am
>> sometimes teenagers who work together using these technologies to buy the device and then sell or for a profit. reporter: he says it is important to note this practice is not illegal, though congress is trying to fight it lawmakers in -- introduce the stopping grinch bots app on monday. abc 7 news. amy: ok, let's safe you wanted to buy everything mentioned in the song "12 days of christmas," you will be paying more this year. the most expensive item is seven swans a'swimming at $13,125.13,1 the least extensive item, eight maids a milking at $50. five golden rings cost just under $900. and the price for everything, $41,000, an increase of 5.7%. for some reason, there is a big spike with the birds, six geese a'laying when it by -- went up
5:47 am
by 60%. three french hens now cost 255 dollars. two turtledoves went up to 50%, $450. reggie: we need to update this song or eliminate it. kumasi: some people really enjoyed this song. reggie: who? kumasi: traditional, fun to go around and see. reggie: i really believe that in the year 2021 ad, it is time to start thinning out this christmas carols. that is one of them. "do you hear what i hear" is number two. "little drummer boy" december 3. got to go. kumasi: for what, mariah day? reggie: back me up, "the drummer boy" is horrible. kumasi: "do you hear what i hear" is sweet.
5:48 am
reggie: you have to try to keep track of the verses that all sound the same. mike: i do like "little drummer boy" because i play the drums on the story is good. reggie: ok. whatever. mike: i see what you are saying about the "12 days of christmas," we could update it to make it more relevant to what we have in front of us now instead of maids a'milking and geese a'laying. there was the one by bob and doug mckenzie back in the 1980's. do you remember that one. kumasi: i do not know who that is? mike: we will circle back to that one. just shows how old i am. dang it. ok, more record warmth today warm and sunny through friday. cooler next week. a chance of sprinkles. where is the rain? pacific northwest. this is the past seven days, raider estimated come up to 10 inches per they have received up to 13, record amount in some
5:49 am
areas around seattle, while we have had absolutely nothing. as the air and ground gets drier and drier, it warms up more and more. so we have a stronger offshore breeze today. 70's, the cool spot is conquered, antioch, vallejo, and napa. we have all those record highs. 81 in santa cruz. 78, morgan hill. tonight will be cooler across-the-board, especially in our hills, because it will not be quite as breezy. the rain trail ma acss the p nthwest sprinkles in the we have a north bay down to san francisco but not enough for a storm impact scale. that will be one of our cooler days. instead, thursday, friday, still flirting with 70's, more record warmth. kumasi: thanks. he was just the knight -- was just denied arose on "bachelorette," and now the
5:50 am
former football player obedient next "bachelor." clayton is the new guy, and he is back on the search for number one after michelle said he was not her number one and sent him home last week. clayton said now he is getting his own show, so ok the 28-year-old says he's just a midwest guy who wants to find love. clayton is talking with "good morning america" about what he's looking for in his future partner and his checklist -- >> i was looking for somebody that was funny, intelligent, driven, put forth effort, but what i found was very quickly the women blew my expectations out of the water. kumasi: so did he find true love? the surprising and candid answer to that question, coming up. i was like, what is happening, is this the "baywatch" episode? ok, so you will see this interview on gma at 7:00, and "bachelor" premieres a month, january 3, right here on abc 7.
5:51 am
reggie: clayton is a missouri thoroughbred who has it all, good looks, wonderful job, and a great family, he wrote about himself on the "bachelor" website. new a 6:00, could the housing market finally be cooling down? one of the first signs it might be happening and the cities offering more of a good deal. kumasi: waiving fees, the small animal wow, no braces, everything's hands free. i wasn't so lucky. invis is not your parent's braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign.
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5:54 am
black and latinx men. aids foundation says there needs to be a bigger focus on equity in prevention efforts. >> one clinic has a health justice and racial equity lens, the entire planet, only to since her black folks are undocumented immigrant folks. we do not see that right now. reggie: there is a $100 million increase in funding for prevention and treatment next year. the national aids memorial will hold several events to commemorate world aids day, including all the virtual world aids day national observance. speakers include dr. anthony fauci, house speaker nancy pelosi, and congresswoman barbara lee, beginning at 8:30 on and then a public display of lights and a reading of names will be held at the national aids memorial grove and golden
5:55 am
gate park. kumasi: if you are dreaming of a white christmas, animal shelter officials on the peninsula subject -- suggest adopting a white rabbit. there waiving all adoption fees for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and other small animals during the holiday season. they have seen a recent spike in small animal strays coming in. look for those friends at the adoption center. what do brittany,fauci, and zoom have in common? they are some of the most popular pet names this year. reggie: there are usual names like max. but other names have risen, fauci jumped 270%. an covid? covid is up 35%. are you serious? names like zoom, siri, and google are also popular right now. number one, this is funny, rogu.
5:56 am
you probably know him as baby yoda. that is cute. but why would you name your job after a pandemic? -- your dog after a pandemic? kumasi: maybe something that brought you joy during the pandemic. reggie: that is tough. come here, covid. i don't like it. kumasi: covi. reggie: a san francisco man living in london is exploring the british capital on his bike but not alone. kumasi: travis nelson has his cat keeping him company. [cat meows] that is sigrid, the front carrier. he started taking his four-year-old fluffy friend on big rights in london last year
5:57 am
during lockdown he was out of work and says the cat gave him a sense of purpose and routine. they go on bike rides together about three times a week. reggie: i like this cat. kumasi: stylish. [laughter] more top stories coming your way at 6:00. the booster backup, we are hearing stories of more canceled appointments, lack of shots, the reasons behind it and some tips to get yours. reggie: a playset with a new plan to fine you for refusing the shot. kumasi: the christmas tree controversy, artsy or an abomination? a
5:58 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: testing efforts already here at sfo to curb the rise of the new variant as we start to see early good news emerge. >> the ban quickly that not all of our pharmacies have been able to keep up. reggie: the hunt for a booster shot. the lack of spots at pharmacies where appointments are getting canceled. the reasons and other options to keep in mind. kumasi: what a way to start december. a live look outside this morning, mike is tracking record highs in some parts of the bay area. reggie:


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