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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 30, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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action. you can find all these fetid resources. kuma good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. as we start this tuesday morning together, more countries are detecting a troubling new covid variant. the race to contain. at least 18 countries now reporting omicron cases. president biden telling americans not to panic as new york city issues a new mask advisory. the big questions right now, is it more transmissible or more dangerous than delta and could it evade the vaccines? plus, pfizer's new move regarding boosters and what the cdc is recommending when it comes to the third shot. the director of the national institutes of health joins us live. hot seat. newly released video of former new york governor andrew cuomo grilled as part of the state's investigation that found he
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sexual harassed 11 women. this morning new text messages from his brother, chris cuomo. did he use his sources to get information about his brother's accusers? kim potter says she mistakenly fired her gun instead of her taset killing 20-year-old daunte wright during a traffic stop. elizabeth holmes on the stand claiming she was physically and emotionally abused by her former boyfriend and business partner at theranos. what it could mean for her case. terrifying charge. the safari scare caught on camera when an elephant ran into a truck. road to recovery. tiger woods in his first on-camera interview since that devastating car accident. what the golfer legend is saying about his future on the green. travel tuesday. this morning, the big travel deals taking center stage as holiday shopping season gets into full swing. the ceo of walmart u.s. joins us live. how the retail giant is dealing with supply shortages and rising prices.
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♪ shine bright like a diamond ♪ ♪ shine bright like a diamond ♪ and shine bright. a new era for rihanna's home and a new honor for the global superstar. ♪ shine bright like a diamond ♪ quite an honor for rihanna. good morning, america. glad to be back at the desk with michael and george this morning. we do want to get to our top story, the worldwide concern over the new variant. the director of the national institutes of health, you see him right there, dr. francis collins is standing by as our country faces new questions. >> health officials all over the world are scrambling to learn more about the new variant to determine how much of a threat it poses. at least 18 countries including our neighbor canada have confirmed cases of omicron. >> now the cdc strengthening its booster recommenda everyone over 18 should get one. stephanie ramos joins us now from a cvs in new rochelle, new york, with all the latest. good morning, stephanie.
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>> reporter: michael, good morning. there's still a lot we don't know about this omicron variant, but scientists are working to determine how serious it is and if our current covid vaccines and boosters are enough to protect against it. this morning the u.s. bracing for omicron, the new covid-19 variant already detected in at least 18 countries across the globe. scientists racing to discover if the variant is more transmissible than delta. could it make people sicker or evade our vaccines? the cdc sharpening its recommendation on boosters for those 18 and over previously saying people 18 to 49 years old may want to get a booster. now recommending everyone 18 and older should get a booster shot six months after receiving the pfizer or moderna series or two months after their initial johnson & johnson vaccine. abc news learning that in the coming days, pfizer is going to ask the fda to expand access to
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its booster to include 16 and 17-year-olds. president biden reassuring americans that there is no reason to panic. >> if people are vaccinated and wear their masks, there's no need for the lockdown. >> reporter: the president also promising all three vaccinemakers are preparing to update their vaccines if necessary. the chief executive of moderna announcing that the existing vaccines will be much less effective at tackling omicron, saying all the scientists i've talked to say this is not going to be good. new york city issuing a new mask advisory on monday urging everyone vaccinated or not to wear masks in public indoor settings like grocery stores and building lobbies. >> we do anticipate detecting omicron in new york in the coming days based on what we know about its global spread. >> reporter: states are bracing for the virus. new jersey's governor urging people to get boosters and prepare for omicron. >> we must be ready now in anticipation of this variant
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hitting us. >> reporter: while omicron hasn't been detected in the u.s. yet, in minnesota the state with the nation's highest case rate where hospitalizations have jumped 50% in thla mthnurse saym short-staffed leaving frontline workers frustrated and exhausted. >> morale remains low. it seems we've gone from the most trusted profession in the world to the least trusted. >> reporter: across the state, 1,600 people are currently hospitalized with covid and 49 hospitals have zero icu beds available. the cdc stressing everyone over the age of 18 should get a booster and pharmacies like the one behind me booking those booster appointments quickly. robin? >> all right, stephanie, thank you. joining us now live is the director of the national institutes of health, dr. francis collins. we always appreciate you giving us of your time, dr. collins. you said it will take two to three weeks until we have all the vital information about the new variant.
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what have you learned so far? >> well, we're collecting that information as rapidly as we can and much credit to our colleagues in south africa who have been totally transparent about this. we only learned about this one week ago from one of their sequencers and so we are quickly trying to figure out in south africa is this, in fact, more contagious than other variants? it does look like it's spreading quite quickly there. we don't know how that would play out in a country like ours where delta is already so dominant. would omicron be able to compete with delta? we don't know the answer to that. the big question, of course, for us as scientists is, will the vaccine protection that has worked really well against all previous variants, will it also work against omicron and how about the boosters? will they give you additional protection? that's just going to take a couple of weeks. basically we need to do that
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experiment with a pseudovirus that has all of this swarm of mutations that's present in omicron and see whether the blood from somebody who's been immunized with the vaccine is capable of neutralizing that virus. that is not something you can do overnight no matter how hard you try. so people need to kind of hang on here for a couple of weeks and we'll have more of that information. but meanwhile, we do know in every other instance vaccines are your best protection and boosters if you already got vaccinated are a really good idea. so if anybody is listening who is kind of like, i was going to get around to it, sign up for your booster today. go to and find out thclest place tot adelp you. ou for arein that crucial question. people were concerned about if the current vaccines are working. as you said, need more time on that. we do know that new york city has reinstated its mask advisory, recommending people wear them indoors regardless of vaccination status. would you recommend mask wearing as well until we know the
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severity of this variant? >> i would recommend that without knowing about omicron because delta is very much with us. we still have tens of thousands of people in the hospital. we have about 100,000 new cases, a thousand people dying every day and we know that virus is highly transmissible. so, yes, i wear my mask if i'm indoors with other people. i don't always know whether they're all vaccinated or not. that's just good practice. i know we're all tired of this but the virus is not tired of us and it's continuing to exploit those opportunities where we're careless. >> well put there. but other than the vaccination, wearing our mask and mitigation efforts in place, is there anything else we should be doing to protect ourselves and our mies o >> well, again, we ought to get the kids vaccinated. remember that got approved all the way down to age 5 and yet the uptake in kids has been not as accelerated as maybe it could be or should be.
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i know parents are looking closely at this. want to be sure that the benefits are there and the risks are manageable. the data is very compelling. so, yes, getting all of those folks also immunized starting now would be a great thing. kids between 12 and 17, you know, they've had approval for vaccinations for quite a few months and yet only about half of those adolescents have been immunized. it would be a great moment thinking about the holidays wanting to stay safe, let's catch up on the things we didn't get done yet. >> all right. we know how busy you are, dr. francis collins. thanks for your willingness to be on "gma." you take care. >> thanks, robin. you too. >> george? the latest on former new york governor andrew cuomo. new documents shed light on how hard he fought to stay in office and new video shows a combative cuomo getting grilled about charges of sexual harassment and trevor ault has the story. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, george. general's reas pod wom they
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said they found his denials to be lacking credibility. now we're getting a look at them firsthand as part of a massive unveiling of evidence. >> have you ever had an inappropriate relationship with women on your staff? what's the answer to that question? >> inappropriate, i assume means a sexual relationship with women on my staff. the answer is no. >> reporter: the a.g.'s office releasing nine hours of testimony from that interview along with hundreds of pages of documents and transcripts of depositions from cuomo, his team and his accusers. cuomo maintaining his innocence throughout. >> it would be an act of insanity to touch a woman's breast and make myself vulnerable to a woman for such an accusation.
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>> reporter: monday's release also includes testimony from former aide charlotte bennett, lindsey boylan and brittany commisso. all of whom haveused the former gernor of sexual misconduct. >> i remember his hand just sliding right up my blouse, i remember looking down and i remember seeing his hand which is -- i would say it's a large hand and over my bra. >> reporter: but cuomo denies that happened saying in the interview commisso initiated many of their interactions. >> by initiate, what do you mean, she's the one that comes to you for the hug? >> you know, i'm more in the reciprocal business. you walk up to me like this, i'm going to hug you. >> reporter: a spokesperson for cuomo now blasting the attorney general once again. calling monday's unveiling a
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manipulated release of hand-picked witness testimony with selective redaction and this morning, newly released text messages reveal new details into how his brother, cnn host chris cuomo, played an active role in advising the former governor's response helping write statements and using his sources to get information about accusers. cnn saying they'll review the newly released materials and that, quote, we will be having conversations and seeking additional clarity about their significance as they relate to cnn over the next several days. and, remember, andrew cuomo is facing a misdemeanor charge of forcible touching stemming from one of these accusations and he is set to be arraigned in january. the albany district attorney is still evaluating that charge and has said it could be potentially defective. michael? >> thank you, trevor. now to jury selection in the case of that former minnesota police officer charged with manslaughter after she shot and killed a man during a traffic
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stop earlier this year. alex perez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, the high-profile trial of the now former officer who says she mistakenly fired her gun instead of her taser killing 20-year-old daunte wright set to get under way. the fatal shot captured in this dramatic body camera video. >> oh my [muted]. i just shot him. >> reporter: jury selection beginning today. kim potter is charged with first and second degree manslaughter. potter and an officer she was training pulled wright over in brooklyn center, minnesota, for an expired tag back in april when they discovered wright was also wanted on a misdemeanor warrant. after wright struggles with the otter drs her lehot to the ches killing wright. the incident occurred just about ten miles away from where derek chauvin was standing trial at the time for the murder of george floyd. [ crowd chanting no justice, no
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peace ] >> reporter: potter's defense argues she never intended to kill wright and that she made an innocent mistake. potter telling "the minneapolis star tribune," i'm a good person, and i valued him in life. the aftermath of that day has destroyed me. prosecutors say the 26-year-old police veteran was trained to not make such mistakes and her actions were criminal. daunte wright's heartbroken family closely following the proceedings. >> what i'm hoping for is some type of justice, her to be held accountable for what she did. >> reporter: and jury selection is expected to last about a week so opening arguments potentially could begin around december 8th. george? >> okay, alex, thanks. we're going to get the latest on ghislaine maxwell. she'll be back in court today charged with being part of jeffrey epstein's sex trafficking operation. erielle reshef is tracking the trial. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning, george. no cameras were allowed inside that federal courthouse where
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today could be pivotal where the prosecution continues to lay out their case today against the socialite they claim was a willing accomplice to jeffrey epstein's sexual abuse of young girls. prosecutors claiming that ghislaine maxwell recruited and groomed these young women, some as young as 14 to have sex with epstein. maxwell is charged with six counts including sex trafficking. she has pleading not guilty to all of them. late yesterday we heard from the first prosecution witness, epstein's former pilot who tried to paint a picture of the two as a couple. everyone is waiting to hear from maxwell's accusers and we could see the first of the minor victims testify as weearly as ts week. maxwell's defense team claiming that she has been a scapegoat since jeffrey epstein's suicide while he was awaiting trial. maxwell's defense team also trying to paint a picture of his accusers as financially motivated. it's unclear whether maxwell will take the stand in her own defense in this trial. a jury of five men, seven women
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will decide maxwell's fate. george? >> erielle reshef, thanks, robin? we turn to cyber monday. a blockbuster day for holiday shopping despite those supply chain issues and fewer discounts. rebecca jarvis joins us now with that and more deals today. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: the deals keep coming, robin. good morning to you and cyber monday is expected to be the biggest online shopping day of the year with americans having spent $6.5 million every single minute over the course of cyber monday. the adobe predictions are that when the final tally comes in, we will have spent between 10.4 and $11.1 billion total over the course of cyber monday. and that is, of course, as americans are expected to spend over this holiday season $1,000 each. that's after saving about $2 trillion over the course of the pandemic by not dining out, by not traveling.
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of course, there's the other pandemic's impact on cyber monday and that is the supply chain woes. out of stock messages, robin, they were up across the board. people probably saw them if they were shopping yesterday because they happened on nearly every item, robin. >> what can we expect on travel tuesday, rebecca? >> reporter: yes, today is the day where you find the deals on travel and though travel website hopper estimates that you're going to find 30 deals per second today, you can use sites like hopper and skyscanner to find the best fares. it's also important to know that the travel dates you choose over the course of this travel tuesday are going to dictate the kind of deals you get. so if you go for tuesday and wednesday departure travel, that's the best time to get deals. also, traveling in january and february, a lot of people want to sit on their couch. if you want to get on an airplane, you'll get the best deal. robin? >> thank you, rebecca. appreciate that.
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george? okay, robin. a lot more coming up including tiger woods speaking out in a new interview about his devastating car crash and how it has changed his future in golf. dramatic testimony from elizabeth holmes, the theranos founder charged with defrauding patients and investors taking the stand in her defense accusing her former colleague and ex-boyfriend of emotional and physical abuse. but first, good morning, ginger. >> good morning, robin. so you know detroit has almost a half foot of snow already just in the last seven days or so, that is way more than denver who has still not recorded their first measurable snow late there. detroit got the snow. green bay had a little bit of snow. now everybody gets the cold. gulf shores to lake city, florida, freeze warnings in place. it feels like only 37 in nashville. feels like freezing for southeast michigan. your local weather in 30 seconds, oh, it's warming up too. tuesday trivia sponsored by walmart.
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anyone who decides to give. we will start with the drive times, because we have a crash on westbound 4 at hillcrest, blocking two lanes. that drive time from antioch to concord is 44 minutes. and a look at oakland, 880 at the coliseum. check out the left side, the southbound lanes are moving well under the limit. reggie:
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♪ ♪ mike: good morning on this tuesday. more fog. it is migrating to the south. it will start evaporating at 9:00 48 in santa rosa. 52, santa vizio. -- san francisco. near record highs today. a better chance tomorrow. we will continue that on thursday. reggie: coming up, more gma. we will see you in 30 minutes
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with free store pickup. shop and save big during cyber deal days. going on now at kohl's. ♪ you take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have the facts of life ♪ ♪ the facts of life ♪ we know you're singing along right now. you know the words and we have big news about "the facts of life." wait until you hear how stars like gabrielle union, jennifer aniston and more are teaming up soon. lara will have all the details coming up in "pop news." >> that is coming up. following a lot of headlines this morning as well, including the latest on the new covid variant. at least 18 countries including our neighbor canada have reported omicron cases. the cdc is now emphasizing everyone over 18 should get a booster shot. this comes as president biden reassures americans there's no reason to panic. also promises all three vaccinemakers preparing to update their vaccines if necessary.
7:31 am
also take a look at this frightening video. an elephant ran into a group of training instructors at a south african wildlife reserve. thankfully no one was injured. also barbados is now a republic after removing queen elizabeth as their head of state. a ceremony took place overnight to honor the new era for the republic and to honor rihanna. she's a national hero there. the prime minister said, quote, may you continue to shine like a diamond and bring honor to your face by your works and by your actions. and this morning we are celebrating the life of pioneering golfer lee elder, the first black player to compete in the masters. he took that barrier breaking first swing at augusta in 1975. went on to compete in all four major championships winning four pga tour victories. jack nicklaus called him a good player, most importantly a good man saying the game of golf has lost a hero. lee elder was 87. >> i have a green hat that has 75 because that's the year that he was at the masters. >> definitely paved the way for
7:32 am
so many. paved the way for tiger woods as well, and so many others. now we want to get to tiger woods speaking out in his first in-depth interview since that february car crash that left him with severe leg injuries talking about his recovery and why he says his professional career might never be the same. t.j. holmes joins us with that. good morning, t.j. >> good morning, strah, you mention that car crash back in february. tiger woods spent three weeks in the hospital after that crash. but he went home and he had to spent three months in the hospital -- in the hospital bed. he couldn't get out of the bed there at home for three straight months. so imagine the excitement of fans when they saw that video of him hitting a golf ball last week but tiger woods has seemed to come to terms with something that golf fans will have to as well. that he is not going to pull off another tiger comeback this time. >> i had some really tough days, some really hard weeks, some setbacks here and there.
7:33 am
>> reporter: just nine months after that devastating car crash -- >> trapped, vehicle off the side of the road. >> reporter: -- golf legend tiger woods sits down with "golf digest" detailing his journey to recovery. >> it's one of those things where i just wish i could do everything that i used to do but not quite there yet. >> reporter: after suffering an open fracture to his shin, woods feared he would never walk the same, let alone play golf. >> there was a point in time when it was -- i wouldn't say 50/50 but it was near there where i was going to walk out of that hospital with one leg, so now that i did, i wanted to test to see if i still had my hands. >> reporter: he's come a long way from bedside golf, recently posting this video on instagram captioned making progress. >> you know, i really did miss being a competitor. i compete in everything i do and right now my competition is directly -- is directed at my leg, okay. each and every day i'm -- what
7:34 am
can i do to get it better? >> reporter: woods says that competitive spirit and wise words from his dad helped him stay present during the rehab process. >> this is where my dad's philosophy or dad's teachings came into play. you don't know how long a fight is going to take. one of my dad's ways of getting through it is live meal to meal so i just shortened up the window saying this is going to be nine months of hell. so it's just two to three hours and if i can repeat these two to three hours at a time next thing you know it adds up. >> reporter: he says one of his greatest motivators to recover, his son charlie. the two spent rehab time bonding. >> we go out there and play 54 holes and i could teach him all these different things, how to hit different shots. what's your mindset? what are you trying to do? >> reporter: as tiger is molding the young mind in the sport. >> he's talking about teaching
7:35 am
him patience and that's something that tiger has in abundance alongside that incredible strength, there's this incredible patience. >> reporter: woods bounced back from serious injuries before but this time he says it's different and his days of being a full time golfer are over. >> i think something that is realistic is playing the tour one day, never full time ever again. pick and choose is an unfortunate reality but it's my reality and i understand it and accept it. >> get this, remember, he's had ten surgeries, that was before the accident. so this is a body that's beat up and he just knows he can't climb mt. everest ever again but that competitive spirit is there. the first thing he did when he got home in that hospital bed, somebody hand me a golf club. even in the hospital he was having people throw him things and he was getting caught by the nurses, what are you doing in here? he wanted to keep his hands and stay sharp in some way. that's still in him. >> what a competitor. >> just can't do it. >> he seems in a good place. >> we have been watching him his whole life.
7:36 am
calm, talking about his kids, at peace. >> continue to wish him all the best. thank you, t.j. now that stunning testimony in the elizabeth holmes trial. the theranos founder back on the stand claiming she was sexually abused by her business partner and exboyfriend. rebecca jarvis has been tracking this case as you know from the very beginning and she's back with us again this morning. good morning, again, rebecca. >> reporter: hey, robin and as you know i've spent years covering this woman and her story and we have never seen elizabeth holmes quite like this. the typically unflappable theranos founder getting emotional on the stand in her own criminal trial. this morning, elizabeth holmes fighting back tears on the stand at her criminal trial. telling a packed courtroom she was raped while at stanford and decided to drop out to pour herself into building theranos. it was one of many stunning claims made by holmes during her fourth day of testimony. the theranos founder once considered a rising star in silicon valley --
7:37 am
>> we've made it possible to run comprehensive laboratory tests from a tiny sample or a few drops of blood. >> reporter: also alleging her former boyfriend and the coo of her company ramesh "sunny" balwani abused her. physically, emotionally and verbally. allegations he has denied. she recounted exchanges she said she had with balwani suggesting he controlled what she ate, dictated her schedule and forced her to have sex at times during their nearly decade-long relationship. holmes testifying balwani told her, i needed to kill the person that i was to become a new elizabeth who could be a successful entrepreneur. >> the allegations are going to have no bearing on the trial. although it may be something she was subject to, that doesn't speak to the actual charges of fraud and the intent that is required for fraud because that is a measure of whether or not she knew she was making false statements about the company at the time. >> reporter: when asked by her
7:38 am
lawyer whether balwani forced her to make statements to investors, journalists or controlled her interactions with executives at walgreens, theranos' largest client, holmes said, no, he did not. >> i know that we made so many mistakes. >> reporter: holmes is accused of defrauding patients, doctors and investors and if convicted faces up to decades in prison. she's pleaded not guilty. and these new allegations certainly make the prosecution's job more difficult. their cross-examination begins today. there is also a brand-new episode of "the dropout: elizabeth holmes on trial" podcast covering all that's happening inside the trial. >> what a story it is. thank you, rebecca. coming up next the coo of walmart u.s. is here live. how the retail giant is strategizing for the holiday season. kevin! kevin? kevin.
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back now with an update on the holiday shopping season. it's ramping up after black friday and cyber monday, but there is concern about prices and how long supplies will last. here to talk about it all is the ceo of walmart. thanks for coming in. i know president biden met with retail executives yesterday. how are you feeling about the supply chain issues? >> the administration has been a great help. we're all working together to make sure customers have what they need over the holiday
7:43 am
season and ended our third quarter up in inventory, took a lot of work on behalf of our team, they're working really hard to make sure that our customers have what they need for the holiday season. >> but you know there are some last-minute shoppers out there. >> there are. >> they're not in any kind of rush but is there concern there could be some items that will sell out if you wait too long? >> it's always a good idea to shop early. just like every year there's something hot, a hot toy, like game consoles are hot. other items, but we have a couple things we can help with. you can join walmart plus and get unlimited delivery from our stores. last week we had our biggest day ever in terms of delivery so there is that option but there's some categories like christmas decor falling on the back of a great halloween season that are selling quick. >> i'm that last-minute shopper. i raise my hand to that. what trends are you seeing this season? >> you know, people are spending a lot more time together in groups. just for thanksgiving, i'll give
7:44 am
you an example. we sold over 10 million turkeys, about 2 million more than last year. so tells you about how many families are getting together and spending time together. last year we had a pretty tough wave in the pandemic about that time and a lot of people were separated. so for a lot of families this is their first thanksgiving together in a couple years. >> the ftc launched a probe into the supply chain issues. how is walmart responding? >> we're learning about that as well. what i can say a lot of what you see in stores and online, all the products and what's available, these are the results of plans in most cases started over a year ago. our merchants work about 12 months out to determine what they think the trends are, what people will be looking for and we're proud of our inventory >> finally, with the situation with covid, the new variant that is out there, what are you doing to keep customers safe? >> the first thing is we encourage people to get a vaccine. we have vaccines available at all of our pharmacies across the country and walk-ins. you can schedule appointments.
7:45 am
that's the first thing. the second, you know, we've now been through a few waves of this and learned about how to operate safely for customers and associates. we'll be ready to make changes as necessary but we'll watch it closely as we get more data about the variant. >> mr. furner, thank you so much. make sure you get the shopping in. don't wait till the last minute. coming up next, everybody, we have our "play of the day." we'll be right back. with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema with clearer skin and less itch. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ bring me a higher love ♪ back now with our "play of the day" and taking love to new heights. watch what happens when this couple from australia climb the world's highest external building right here in new york. he proposed. yep, there he is on a knee and she said yes. it turns out this wasn't planned. shane says the adrenaline of the climb just took over and it seemed like the perfect place in time. it was the first wedding proposal at city climb. and, t.j. and amy, they did that climb on november the 4th with no proposal. i mean, wow, what a place, i guess -- >> overcome with the moment. >> i guess they both were. >> yes. >> no telling what you'll feel in space. [ laughter ] you might be overcome as well. >> and may come back married.
7:50 am
who knows? >> sorry about that. coming up, ariana debose, one of the stars of the new "west side story" movie. she's going to join us live right here in times square. >> oh, robin. >> you know, michael. >> you know, michael. ♪ rich, indulgent chocolate with a luscious caramel filling. with love from san francisco. ghirardelli caramel squares. makes life a bite better.
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7:54 am
still be pouring in. granted this does not have the depth the others did, but you can see easily 5 inches. the water does not go down. it takes a lot of time and british columbia feeling a lot in the 3 to 6 rank especially close to the coast and right there into the mountains. coming up here, former nfl player ryan shazier paralyzed on the field. now walking again. he is live sharing his inspiring story. and "gma's" giving back in the spirit of the season. we're giving back to our viewers in a big way. in a big way. chances to healthier is seeing a healthcae pro whenever you may need one. doctor: the fever should break... or...trying to. ♪ ♪ this is what healthier looks like ♪ there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity. ♪ get the fast and reliable internet you deserve for only $19.99 a month for 12 months for an epic deal this holiday season.
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7:57 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the race to contain the new covid variant. at least 18 countries now reporting omicron cases. now what the cdc is recommending when it comes to the third shot. overnight, the new documentary looking at harry and meghan's split from the royal family. their relationship with the press and what they did to fight back. ♪ i can make your hands clap ♪ one on one with legendary comedian mel brooks. inside his iconic film and what makes a joke funny. he made me laugh. walking miracle. former nfl player ryan shazier joins us live from paralyzed on the field to this unbelievable on-stage moment. the game plan that got him back on his feet.
8:01 am
♪ you take the good you take the bad you take them both and there "facts of life." we'll take the good and great. big news from two classic sitcoms. how jennifer aniston, gabrielle union, kathryn hahn, kevin hart and more are teaming up live. are you ready to sing? are you ready to dance? >> i want to dance. >> you better get ready because "west side story's" ariana debose is here live in times square. fresh off the star-studded new york city premiere as the world awaits steven spielberg's spectacular musical and she's saying -- >> good morning, america. i'm telling you, that young woman can do it all. you had a very big weekend, mr. strahan. number 92 in your program, number 1 in your hearts. >> very big weekend.
8:02 am
jersey retirement. i was so happy. my mama was there. my kids were there, my brother, friends, ex teammates. everybody was there it seemed like, and i loved it. all the fans and we beat our rival, eagles. >> it was good luck. >> and, you know, championship weekend, that's what i consider it to be. speaking of champions you surprised sam champion this morning. >> that's right. >> a little something-something for him. >> want to take a look? >> don't think i haven't forgotten about that little surprise we said that we had. >> there is something going on. people are acting weird in the studio. what -- >> right here, baby. arm in here. >> see, in the mornings at 6:44 i do a promo with our abc station wabc and sam was a part of it. we were just joking about -- he couldn't remember what a snuggie was. this was a few weeks ago. >> what? >> i was like, okay, we're going
8:03 am
to rectify that. >> he's never going to forget now. >> tory johnson were really in on it. she and sam have a special "deals & steals" later this week. >> tory is working hard. >> there's a lot coming up ahead. but we begin with the new concern over the new covid variant. health officials are scrambling to learn more about it. at least 18 countries including our neighbor canada have confirmedcases of omicron and back to stephanie ramos with all the details, good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: george, good morning. scientists are working to figure out how serious the omicron variant is and how much protection we have against it from covid vaccines, all while states across the country are preparing for this new strain. this morning, the u.s. bracing for omicron, the new covid-19 variant already detected in at least 18 countries across the globe. scientists racing to discover if the variant is more
8:04 am
transmissible than delta. could it make people sicker or evade our vaccines? the cdc sharpening its recommendation on boosters for those 18 and over, previously saying people 18 to 49 years old may want to get a booster. now recommending everyone 18 and older should get a booster shot six months after receiving the pfizer or moderna series or two months after their initial johnson & johnson vaccine. president biden reassuring americans that there is no reason to panic. >> if people are vaccinated and wear their masks there's no need for the lockdown. >> reporter: the president promising all three vaccinemakers are preparing to update their vaccines if necessary. nih director dr. francis collins telling robin wearing masks is still an essential protection. >> would you recommend mask wearing as well until we know the severity of this variant? >> i would recommend that even without knowing about omicron because delta is very much with us. a thousand people dying every day and we know that virus is highly transmissible. >> reporter: and back to boosters, abc news has learned
8:05 am
that pfizer is preparing to ask the fda to authorize boosters for 16 and 17-year-olds and, guys, pharmacies like the one behind me are booking those booster appointments quickly. back to you. >> okay, stephanie, thanks very much. coming up here the new documentary about the royal family and rift between harry and meghan and the tabloids, what palace insiders are saying this morning. and former nfl linebacker ryan shazier who was paralyzed after a tackle walking again, dancing at his wedding and inspiring others. he's going to join us live. >> what a man, what a man. plus, ariana debose starring as anita in the new "west side story" and she is here live in our times square studio. we'll be right back. ♪
8:06 am
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♪ ♪ back here on ♪ back here on "gma," so glad you're with us. tomorrow a huge "gma" give back surprise for a young thriver and his family. we cannot wait to share that with you tomorrow. >> we're looking forward to that now it's time for "pop news" with lara. we all have been waiting for it. we start with the return of live in front of a studio audience. you remember 2019, jimmy kimmel teaming up with norman lear to make live productions of three of lear's biggest hits, "all in the family, "the jeffersons" and "good times" and they used incredible actors like jamie foxx, marisa tomei, kerry washington and will ferrell. well, they're doing it again with two of my favorite shows talking about "diff'rent strokes" and "the facts of life." i'll spare you. i won't sing it this time. these will be re-created in a new 90-minute special starring,
8:11 am
get this, jennifer aniston playing blair. gabrielle union as tootie. >> yes. >> allison tolman will play natalie. kathryn hahn will play jo and they'll be joined by ann dowd, ann dowd as mrs. garrett and she will work overtime. she'll also be on the reenactment of "diff'rent strokes." so who is starring? john lithgow as mr. drummond. kevin hart as arnold and damon wayans as willis. what a cast. "live in front of a studio audience" airs at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. >> that is must see tv. >> it's going to be fun. >> so excited about that. also happening this morning, new music from an up and coming with a name you might recognize. john travolta and kelly preston's 21-year-old daughter he will will sharing a video of herself singing and playing on
8:12 am
the piano a song that she wrote herself saying, that it's, quote, near and dear to her heart. take a look. ♪ ain't no sunshine when you're gone ♪ ♪ when you wrote that song, i know that she's your life ♪ >> so beautiful. ella says that song will be on her first e.p. coming out next year. what a voice. so talented and she has a very proud daddy. john travolta writing in the comment section, so proud of you ella. it's amazing, your thrilled dad. good luck to her. >> i remember when she was born. now she's singing. >> i know. aww. >> yeah, it's happening. finally, guys, many of us had our kids come home from college for thanksgiving and it was hard when they went back to school on sunday. some of us didn't want to say good-bye to their child and their siblings. others like baby brother roman, big brother brendan, well, they
8:13 am
can't seem to say it enough. >> bye, roman. i love you. >> bye. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> i love you. i love you! >> i love you! >> that's precious. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> love you. >> i love you. >> watch. then roman goes right back to eating dessert. have a good time in college. we love that. we totally get it and the good news, your big brother will be back in like three weeks for christmas break. and that's "pop news" this morning. >> that was pretty great. >> how was it for you to have the kids home? >> so good. so fantastic and it was really hard. i love you! [ laughter ] >> very good, lara. now to our "gma" cover story and the new revelations overnight about megan, harry and the royal family. james longman has that story for us.
8:14 am
>> i think of the best of the times the palace is a nest of vipers. >> reporter: the second installment of "the princes and the press" had for uncomfortable revelations and how the media has been used in the cambridge/sussex feud. >> there was a lot of briefing about the private lives of both the duke and duchess of cambridge and duke and duchess of sussex very often by people connected to the other couple. >> reporter: the story was broke alleging meghan had bullied staff. >> do you think the allegations of meghan being a bully was licensed by prince william? >> absolutely not. >> how is the experience of taking this story to the sussex's camp in california? >> we knew they would come at us with their lawyers. >> reporter: lawyers fighting back claiming the duchess absolutely denies bullying allegations. >> were there any inaccuracies in that story? >> yeah, the overall allegation was that the duchess of sussex
8:15 am
is guilty of bullying. >> and is she? >> no, absolutely not. >> reporter: as harry and meghan pulled back, the press believing they had broken the long-standing deal and the gloves were off. meghan and harry's treatment was in freefall. one example a trip to visit elton john. the press critical of them using four private jets and days later the cambridges appeared on a budget airline going to visit the queen, winning that pr battle. meghan and harry unafraid to go after the tabloids and will and kate also now using legal means. >> there is a much greater move among the younger royals when they don't like something to ring their lawyers. >> reporter: now, the first part of this documentary was said to have infuriated the palace and a second part will have done the same. guys? >> i'll bet. james, thanks very much. now to more of my interview with comedy legend mel brooks. he brought us "blazing saddles," "young frankenstein," a ton of other classics. he's won emmy, tonys, grammys
8:16 am
and oscars. now he's written his autobiography, "all about me: my remarkable life in show business" and reveals the secret to making a joke work. >> are you in trouble interviewing me? >> why should i be? >> you don't talk about it. infrastructure you don't talk about. you know -- >> this is a vacation for me. this is great. >> i said, george, he's in deep water. he's in, you know -- but he's married to a comic so he might understand comedy and love it. >> i do love it. this is a question that's probably impossible to answer. what makes a joke work? >> surprise. i think the answer is a simple little word. you're expecting something and don't get it and get something else and it's thrilling, you know, to be thrown off the horse. >> all: hooray! >> one of his most ground breaking film, 1974's "blazing saddles" about a black sheriff in a racist western town. >> i love an engine underneath the comedy that says something
8:17 am
and this one says something about racial prejudice. i got richard pryor immediately. richard was the best stand-up comic that ever lived. >> but then richard couldn't do "blazing saddles." >> are we awake? >> we are not sure. are we black? >> yes, we are. >> then we're awake, but we're very puzzled. >> reporter: he was arrested once for drugs and then we couldn't get insurance and i said, richard, i'm not doing "blazing saddles." i love you too much and this is too big an insult. he said, no, we'll find a black sheriff. we'll find somebody who can play bart, and we did. we found clevon little who was absolutely made for the part. >> throw the switch. >> not the third switch. >> you write about working on
8:18 am
"young frankenstein" with gene wilder while you're editing "blazing saddles." >> yeah. >> it's alive! >> and i could see -- i still have the image in my head from the book of you and gene wilder staying up late at night in his hotel room drinking tea and eating biscuits. >> good for you. >> writing through the night. >> i had one big fight with gene when he had this idea that he and the monster would sing. ♪ if you're blue and you don't know where to go to why don't you go where fashion sits putting on the ritz ♪ >> "putting on the ritz." i said, no, no, that's bad. that tears it. it makes it too silly. we almost came to blows. >> a real fight? >> yeah, it was a real fight. i said no, i'm not doing it. you have to, he said. it's a great idea. i said -- then finally, we were going to punch each other and hugged each other and i said,
8:19 am
gene, i'll film it and if one person in that screening, one person says, it's silly or it's stupid or -- it's out, one person, he said, deal. we filmed it, putting on the ritz. ♪ putting on the ritz ♪ >> the audience went crazy. i said, gene, i apologize. you're absolutely right. it's the funniest thing in the whole movie. >> i love the way you write about your relationship with carl reiner. >> oh. >> reporter: the two met in 1950 when reiner joined sid caesar's "your show of shows." >> now look, mr. highhold. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the start of a 70-year friendship and comedy partnership that brought the world "the 2,000-year-old man." >> have you ever been married?
8:20 am
>> i have been married over 200 times. >> do you remember all your wives? >> well, i remember one well, the fourth one, shirley. >> you remember only her? >> yes, she had a nice complexion. >> reporter: brooks played the old man interviewed by reiner in a series of routines that turned into a collection of records performed on television. >> i don't like to doubt you. >> that's all right. >> the mayo clinic said -- >> authenticated me, yes. >> how can we authenticate the suit? >> reporter: tma carl laugh -- he was tough. he was very, you know, professional. he knew his stuff. >> he doesn't know what's coming. >> i say throw things at me. >> take a look at the tag. read the tag. read it to the people. >> this suit is 100 years old. >> that's what it is. [ laughter ] >> you found a great secret to life. you found a way to get paid to play, didn't you? >> yes. yeah, i -- it's amazing. i enjoyed living my life and never expected to get paid for it. and sometimes at 4:00 in the morning in a cutting room, in an
8:21 am
editing room i said, yeah, it's work. it's hard work. it's not just laughs. >> how great, though, to be remembered as someone who makes people laugh. >> well, it's a good job. >> mel, thank you. this was so much fun to talk to you. >> george, it was a pleasure. now i have, you know -- >> shoot, go for it. >> i don't get paid for this. >> what a wonderful man. so great. >> yeah. >> that was wonderful. >> 95 years old. he's not slowing down. his hit movie "history of the world: part 1" is getting a sequel. that's going to be on hulu. "all about me" is out now. see it on "nightline." ginger? >> we love mel brooks and we love "spaceballs" at my house. i think that connects to this because it felt like they've gone to plaid. meaning the hurricanes over this season, we are done. today is the last day of hurricane season officially, doesn't mean you can't see tropical stuff but it's not looking good. many of the hurricanes and
8:22 am
tropical storms were in the atlantic thankfully especially the latter half of the season so, whew, we can all breathe a sigh of relief until next on december 4th, 2017, pittsburgh steelers linebacker ryan shazier made a tackle that caused a spinal injury that paralyzed him. less than a year later, ryan walked to the podium and announced the steelers draft pick. his new book "walking miracle: how faith, positive thinking,
8:23 am
and passion for football brought me back from paralysis and helped me find my purpose" tells the story of his remarkable recovery and he joins us now from pittsburgh. ryan, thank you so much for joining us this morning. my friend, we got to talk about that moment, that moment where you walked across the stage to the podium with your now wife michele on your arm is so incredible. so incredible to watch. this was less than a year after your injury. so what was going through your mind at that moment? >> michael, i'm not going to lie. i was actually nervous and very scared in this moment because that was actually the furthest i walked without my cane. so leading up to that time me and my trainer and my wife, we all talked about it and we had to actually just have my trainer and my rehab tailored to being able to do this. so it was actually a really scary moment but i wanted to thank people for allowing me and just praying for me and just allowing me to be able to do this. it was really exciting.
8:24 am
>> just hearing the crowd cheer for you, man, and thank you for being the inspiration you are. let's go back to the injury. you were driven off the field. teammates and opponents very upset. when you got into the tunnel you made two call, one to michele and the other call to your father. tell us about those calls. >> yeah, so the first call, i wanted to make it to michele because i just wanted to let her know that i was going to be all right. i knew her being home, she's used to me being superman so i knew she was scared in that moment. she didn't know what to do and i just told her no matter what i'll get through this and be all right. then my second call was to my dad. every time no matter what i always talked to him before the game and prayed before every game when i was in high school, college and nfl. we prayed before this game and i wanted to call him and ask him to pray for me, but also just talk to him about how i'll get through this and just talk about overcoming this adversity i was about to go through. >> just like you've done on the
8:25 am
football field, you made a game plan for your recovery. why did that work for you? >> the reason it worked for me is through life in football you always have a game plan. you always have goals of where you want to be at. you always have a road map and to me i knew i needed to make a road map and treat this like any other rehab. when you get injured, you know they always tell you steps where you have to be, where you'll get and i wanted to make a road map and goals to get there so every time i reached a little small goal, i'll call them first downs and every time i had a big goal like walking at the draft or, you know, dancing at my wedding i would consider those as touchdowns and try to use it as the game of football when it came back to my rehab. >> we want to talk about one of the things you're focused on as well outside of dancing because i know "dancing with the stars" reached out to you after they saw that video of you dancing at your wedding but the ryan shazier fund for spinal rehabilitation. you started this because of what you saw your fellow patients dealing with.
8:26 am
>> i see what a lot are dealing with and understood it was a difficult journey. i was blessed to be able to have the nfl's support and the steelers' support and just so many people around the world supporting me. then in the hospital i wouldn't see as many people having families there. i started asking questions about what they were going through. i started to notice people weren't allowed the same about of rehab because of insurance and how things were working for them. i noticed people didn't have the same amount of resources. i wanted people to have more resources and more rehab to allow them independence like i had. >> i'm glad his boy is out right now. stay there.
8:27 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward and finding solutions. this is abc7 news. kumasi: good morning. here is traffic. jobina: good morning. we will start with a look at walnut creek, 680. we had a stall on southbound 680 causing slowdowns, and one in contra costa as well. that one is cleared, but this one still stands in walnut creek . traffic is crawling. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a stall that is blocking lanes. kumasi: thank you.
8:28 am
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>> good morning. at 9:00, we will be talking with an actress from west side story. mike: good news, the fog is starting to evaporate, but it is still in pockets. 38, santa rosa. 39, danville. 50, union city. 52, san francisco. santa rosa went from no visibility to almost unlimited now, but we have fog near mountain view that we did not really see before. that is good for your commute. grab the sunglasses. it feels more like april than december. record highs are possible. kumasi: we will have another
8:30 am
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8:32 am
>> thank you. >> we saw last night you and your castmates, new york city premiere, looked like you were having a lot of fun. the reviews have been amazing for the movie. so how does it finally feel to share with the world? >> huge, iconic, what i can remember of it was fabulous. but i got to tell you we've been waiting for so long to share this with the world and to do it in such a wonderful fashion. it meant a lot to all of us. it was really special and i don't know, i just think people will be pleasantly surprised with what they see on that screen. >> you say iconic. "west side story" is iconic. do you remember the first time you saw it? >> i do. i was sitting in my grandmother's living room. i was like 7 or 8 watching the girl in the purple dress dance and i was like, i want to do that. it was very visceral for me. >> for you to play anita. to not only be in the movie but play that iconic role by rita moreno.
8:33 am
what was it like when you met her for the first time? >> i had a full out panic attack. >> did you really? >> i did. if you ask her you can tell her i was really awkward then we started over and got on the right foot. but it's -- you know, it is anxiety ridden when you're meeting one of your heroes but she was so gracious with me and she said, i will tell you anything you want to know and i said i want to know anything you want to tell me. and we just sort of had an open dialogue and i'm grateful for her support. >> great that she's part of the movie. >> she's fabulous. >> yeah. >> like she is so good. i think it's some of her best work. i'm an ardent admirer. >> word on the street she gave you a note about a particular sequence in the movie. >> she did. >> and you're not going to give up -- look at you. >> not on my life. [ laughter ] no, but you know what i want to do, i want to start a game. we'll start it on this show. i want people to go in and see if they can guess what they
8:34 am
think it was because we are inherently different. they are different women but, you know, there are certain characteristics that are very much the same. >> yeah. >> i'm just very curious. what do y'all think it is? tag me, dm me, let me know what it is. >> it's on. >> that game is going to go viral, i'm sure of that. let's take a look at a clip. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> long time. >> that is something. of course, it's directed by steven spielberg. is it true when you went to meet him you said no to reading for him? >> i did. >> why? >> well, you know, at the time i was starring on broadway and i got a phone call from our casting director cindy at like 10:00 p.m. and i was very tired
8:35 am
and she was like, please come in. i was, great. what's the material? and i took one look at those from tony who has adapted this screenplay beautifully but i said this is a lot of material and i'm going to embarrass myself if i do this. and i asked her, i was like, will you please support me in this decision? i would like to not read but i'll sing and dance and do anything else you want. she was like, okay, i got you. just come in. just show up. i danced. he really liked that. i sang. he liked that. and then he said, great, so you're going to read. i was like, no, sir. >> to steven spielberg? >> what a gutsy thing to do and i don't know where in my spirit it came from, it just fell out -- >> how much of a panic attack was that one? >> actually i was so calm because i knew it was the right thing to do because it's really important, you know, women of color in the industry, we need to go and we need to show up and show out and i was not going to deliver any less. >> he was not going to lose you
8:36 am
after you said no. >> i think it was maybe just made him a little more intrigued. so he was like really? i was like, really. he asked if i would come back. i said yes and the next thing, is there anything else i should show. i said, i'm afro latino and if you're not willing to explore that potentially, then i don't know you should hire me and he just sort of looked at me and took me in. he was like, okay. and then, you know, the rest is sort of history and here we are. >> oh, so proud of you. >> good for you. >> in so many ways. >> cannot wait to see it. "west side story" is in theaters on december 10th. coming up we go behind the scenes of michael's big weekend. ♪
8:37 am
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we are back with that special moment for michael. the new york giants, the new york giants retiring 92. no one else is ever going to wear number 92 for the new york giants. that is saying a lot. will, you're going to tell us more. >> yes, i am. good morning, robin. it was a day of nostalgia and conjured glory for giants fans everywhere but the insight into who michael is came from his teammates. in football it's about the guys you're fighting alongside and there's nobody they would rather have with them than number 92. ♪
8:40 am
>> reporter: michael's number 92 reigned supreme over giants nation. on sunday fans poured in to metlife stadium to celebrate him one more time. >> go giants! >> reporter: it was a storied career in football. spanning 15 seasons, 7 pro bowls, 141 1/2 career sacks. >> steps up. he is sacked by michael strahan. >> reporter: michael inducted into the pro football hall of fame in 2014. >> michael strahan! >> reporter: and in september right here on "gma" -- >> what's happening right now? >> reporter: a little surprise about his next big nfl honor. >> so, michael, do you have any idea why your teammates are here today? >> i think so. jersey retirement maybe? maybe that's it. >> smarter than you look. [ laughter ] >> i surprise myself sometimes. >> reporter: that day arrived sunday. >> he is the giants real-life superhero. please welcome michael strahan.
8:41 am
>> reporter: running through a tunnel of the teammates who helped him along the way. michael took the stage as his number 92 was immortalized. surrounded by friends and family like jessie armstead who remembered michael from before he wore 92. >> if you're wondering, jesse is wearing number 64 because that was the number they gave me and after my first time of being in the newspaper in new york i looked at the picture and said, that's an ugly number. so i went in the locker room and got 92. >> reporter: his former coach and teammates all proud to be part of this great honor. >> michael strahan is the finest natural leader i have ever coached and had the privilege of coaching. >> congratulations, well deserved. and, you know, continue doing what you're doing, man. >> i love you, man. yu're the greatest superman. >> now of all -- [ applause ]
8:42 am
way to go man. way to go. so great and of all the nontraditional paths michael has taken to the various summits he's conquered his football career might be the most circuitous of all. he spent much of his childhood in germany and played just one year of high school football in the u.s. that's a late start but, michael, it's not how you start. >> it's how you finish. >> my man, congratulations. >> you know i love how you do stuff like somebody is not here. i'm sitting here. it's uncomfortable. i'm glad it's over. come on. >> way to go. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. i love my "gma" family. thank you all for your support. >> congratulations. >> and that closes out i guess the football chapter of my life in a special way. >> one thing that you said, you don't get ready, you stay ready and you have in every aspect of your life. you're not going to show when he jumped so high from the podium. did y'all see that? >> this is a two-day affair. >> but i was actually stretching my achilles. i didn't want to get hurt doing that. >> you still got it. >> not quite. hey ginger.
8:43 am
>> want to know how excited i was, i was like lloyd with the zoomies over here when you got your number retired. actually lloyd was excited about the snow. either way, michigan, we take you there and we will see warming. a lot of folks do not have snow. it's been warm. denver going to 70 again, very dry again but the warm-up likely welcome if you're freezing. new york city will get back into the 50s. philadelphia could even touch on the upper 50s to close to 60. >> all right, turning now to giving in a big way. billions of dollars will be donated to important causes by people across the country today. this segment sponsored by paypal. they know how crucial online donations can be for charitable organizations this time of year.
8:44 am
take a look. ♪ >> reporter: it's a day of celebrating generosity, volunteering your time, offering a helping hand or donating to charity. known to many as giving tuesday held annually on the first tuesday after thanksgiving. it's a simple idea that started in 2012 that has grown into a movement. last year 35 million americans donated a total of $2.5 billion on giving tuesday, nearly $808 million of that was donated online. our sponsor paypal recognizing the impact this day can have. >> every year on giving tuesday, paypal engages its base of more than 416 million consumers to give back to the causes that are most important to them. >> no amount is too small. whatever somebody can give, we are so grateful for. >> reporter: one of those charities is best friends animal society in the majestic red rocks of utah.
8:45 am
>> we have horses, goats, pigs, bunnies, birds, dogs, cats and they all need that love and healing to get them to a loving home or re-releasing them into the wild. >> reporter: julie castle is the ceo and says this is the most important day of the year. >> we are an organization that is entirely reliant on donations. giving tuesday is our biggest fund-raising day of the year. >> reporter: and paypal making it easy to make those contributions with multiple options for giving. >> there are thousands of charities. if you just go to or in the paypal app it's as easy as searching, finding the one that resonates with you, pick the amount and click donate. you can discover fund-raisers in your local community with the paypal generosity network. it's a great way to donate a dollar as a micro donation to the causes you care about. >> reporter: for the animal
8:46 am
charity donations help to fund a network of no kill shelters and lifesaving centers that focus on rehabilitation and adoption. >> by providing a donation you're helping save an individual animal's life. >> what we want to create is a feeling of generosity across the whole holiday season and extending into the entire year. >> aww, such cute animals. what a great cause. our sponsor paypal, please go to "gma's" facebook page to learn how you can support a cause close to your heart. best-selling author jodi picoult telling us about her new book. stay with us. financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. we have's been looking forward to this. we have's been looking forward to this. jodi picoult, the best-selling author behind all these sister's keeper." out with a new book, "wish you
8:49 am
were here" that is already getting rave reviews. just a few of the books we have around here of yours. so good to see you. >> so nice to meet you. thanks for having me. >> we're glad you're here to talk about "wish you were here." >> yes. >> tell us a little bit because it's about a young person, they think they got their life figured out. they're on vacation in the islands and then the pandemic hits. >> right. i wrote this because the pandemic was really hard for me. i have asthma and so when i went into lockdown i went into lockdown for 15 months, and my amazing husband was the connection to the world. i really didn't leave the house and for me i had a real sense of becoming unseen. not knowing who i was or what i did anymore. the way i found my way back was to write. in november of 2020 i decided i wanted to try to make sense of a lost year, and i didn't know
8:50 am
how to do it until i heard a real-life story about a japanese tourist who got stuck in machu picchu when it got shut down. i thought that was really interesting. the guy stayed there for months, became part of the community and eventually got to see the historic site and i thought, hm, i can work with that though i've never been there. i have been to the galapagos so i thought i'll set it there instead. so i thought what would it be like to be in paradise when the rest of the world the on fire? how do we take everything we learned in 2020 and bring it forward with us as we begin to . and you talked to doctors. >> i did. >> their stories really revealed something to you. >> the main character in the book, her boyfriend is a surgical resident at columbia presbyterian. so while she is stuck in the galapagos we hear what it's like on the front lines and i did interviews with nurses and physicians who had been through it and they were incredibly moving. really poignant. they were -- the feeling of them needing to tell their story to someone was so intense they
8:51 am
wanted people to know what it was really like to get into a career, to help people and not be able to do that and even worse to leave after a 48-hour shift and have people say to you, oh, covid is a hoax. i mean can you imagine that? so it was really an honor to share their frontline stories. >> i'm sure they were fearful going back home, having to be with their loved ones. >> exactly. >> netflix, already picking it up, baby. >> this is the first time it's happened in 27 years. >> your dream cast. >> so i know this is crazy, i have not dream cast entire movie yet but i would kill to have oscar isaac as the character habriel. i think he would be perfect. if he's watching, oscar, consider it. we think you'd be great. i hope so. >> the ask is out there. >> that's great. thank you. >> jodi, you have so much devoted fans and this is somebody we heard from. katherine has a question for you. is there a subject for a novel that you haven't tackled yet but want to even though it makes you a little nervous?
8:52 am
>> you know, the truth is, i have not found the thing that stops me dead in my tracks and scares me and i think that's because if i'm not a little frightened, then why am i even writing about it? you know, the things that give us pause and that we want to figure out the answers to, those are the things i want to write about and that's what i think people want to read. >> thank you for doing that. thank you for sharing your talents with the world. bless you for that. wonderful, wonderful. very happy for you. "wish you were here" is out today. we'll be right back. "wish you were here" is out today. we'll be right back. - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year?
8:53 am
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>> announcer: t-minus nine days and counting. michl ra ltoro topace. >> five, four, three -- >> announcer: see it live, thursday, december 9th starting on abc's "good morning america." are you ready for this, michael? are you ready for this? like the answer is going to change? >> thank you, guys, for watching. have a great day. ♪
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward and finding solutions. this is abc7 news. kumasi: good morning. here is traffic. jobina: thank you. good morning. coming back to walnut creek, the stall on southbound 680 has cleared, so you will only experience residual delays now. wrapping up here with a live look at the bay bridge, except the fog has moved from the toll plaza this way and you cannot see it. mike: it will start evaporating now all the way until 11:00 a.m. a murky morning, but the air district says we willmoderateodo ursday, friday, en gh weecord ra seeing fog today. potter tomorrow.
9:00 am
-- hotter tomorrow. kumasi: time for "live with >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, "queen of the universe" judge, vanessa williams. and from the film, "west side story," ariana debo debose. and it's getting tuesday, and we are giving you a special good new story of the day. all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> ryan: i can't hear the song. oh, now i can. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> kelly: ow. >> ryan:


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