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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 30, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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get your booster as many of you may plan to see family over the next few weeks. it director of the institutes of health is talking about what we still need to study with the new variant. >> he deserves to lose his life. the violence has to stop. >> this man shot and killed after interrupting a break-in in progress. his family's plea to bring the killer to justice and oakland's response to the recent wave of violent crime. >> helping others this season and a chance to make your dollar stretch even further. it is giving tuesday. we are profiling organizations committed to building a better bay area. how you can help their missions. good morning. it is the last day of november. you are watching abc seven mornings wherever you stream. >> what happened? it just sped by. >> like jobina said, it is
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holiday time. embrace it. >> what is the forecast looking like for today? mike: it feels like the last day of march instead of november. i have an issue to show you. it is not in san rafael. that is one of the few spots that is clear this morning. look at the north bay. it is not only the 101 corridor, but it is slipping toward napa and fairfield and along the peninsula coast and some of that is going to slide southward into the bay and westward into the east bay. have a little fog to contend with. temperatures in the 40's to near 50 along the coast. 64 to 65 with hazy sunshine everywhere at noon. 64 to 68. no spare the air alert, but it will look murky this afternoon. we will take a look at more record high temperature chances coming up. >> president biden is urging everyone to stay vigilant of the new variant, but he says do not panic. he is pushing for all adults and eligible children to get
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vaccinated and get a booster. jobina fortson has more with the director of the national institutes of health. jobina: president biden is not considering any lockdown restrictions at this time. he says omicron is a cause for concern, not panic. the u.s. and several other countries have put travel rejections in place for noncitizens. about 200 cases of new variant have been confirmed in at least 17 countries. there are no confirmed cases here in the u.s., but health officials suggest the strain could already be here. the director of the national institutes of health is on gma this morning and says it will take a couple of weeks to find out if the current vaccines work against omicron. >> we need to do that experiment with a pseudo-virus that has all of the mutations present in omicron and see whether the blood from somebody who has been immunized with the vaccine is capable of neutralizing that virus. that is not something you can do
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overnight, no matter how hard you try. jobina: vaccine manufacturers are ready to update the vaccine formulas to reflect new protections against omicron. president biden is also calling on nations attending the wto meeting next week to weigh the intellectual property protections for covid vaccines like the u.s. so they can be manufactured globally. kumasi: thank you. a lot of you are wondering what this new variant might mean and how it might impact your holiday travel. we asked health experts here in the bay area. amy hollyfield is joining us in life -- joining us live with what they are saying. amy: experts say it is not if, but when this variant arrives, it could be days, it could be weeks. but they say it is coming and we need to be aware of it. they say it could be here already. we just do not recognize it yet. the experts we talked to agree, your holiday celebrations should not be locked down like we saw
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in 2020. they say take precautions when making your plans, but you should not have to cancel your plans. >> if everybody at your gathering is vaccinated, chances are you will be ok. i think that you will be ok. amy: health officials here say the ongoing pandemic has already uncovered what works and that we should continue with the good practices that we have learned. they think the bay area has a good chance of doing well against omicron because of the high vaccination rate here. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: we know a lot of you also have questions about the new variant and the vaccines and the best way you can protect your family. you can always ask our vaccine team and we will get those answers for you. head to >> the grief stricken family of oakland's latest homicide victim is the justice. 28-year-old eric davis was killed when he confronted a car burglar along grand avenue sunday afternoon.
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in broad daylight, the killing has stunned the community. fleming members say -- family members say he is from l.a.. he is a young man of faith and character. >> locating the murdered a kind, lovinginginging brother, nephew, hard-working young man. >> police say the suspects sister kate -- the suspects escaped. they have a photo of the car and they will release it sometime today. kumasi: police are hoping someone has information about someone who shot a security god -- security guard last wednesday. this is a white 2004 to 2009 acura with no front license plate. police believe this car was used in the attempted theft of camera
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equipment. a retired police officer was guarding the crew and was shot during the attempted theft near 14th street and harrison. he died saturday at highland hospital. a trust fund has been set up for the family as well as a fundraiser to help cover medical and memorial expenses. you can find a link on our website. open police chief leronne armstrong is this are good to address violence. we are learning that more police are hit industries as part of the response to violent crime. >> there is nothing progressive about unbridled gun violence. this is what oakland is want, a comprehensive and effective approach to safety and that includes adequate police staffing. kumasi: the mayor said a new police academy of 38 is about to graduate with another academy starting.
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she says the city will present counsel with the new officer hiring and funding plan on friday that will include at least one additional academy. the mayor wants to reverse planned cuts. stephanie fell below the 678 minimum required under measure z , a property tax that funds the department. >> a lot of bad happening in our communities right now. we want to mention the good things happening. today is the day of giving. that is a day to think of others, especially our nonprofits committed to helping those who need it the most. abc7 and disney are helping with donations to bay area food banks, including $25,000 to help the san francisco marin food bank hi fresh fruits and vegetables. the executive director says the pandemic and increased need around the holiday has complicated the mission to eliminate hunger. >> there is no vaccine for hunger. now more than ever before, we have seen our neighbors turning
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to the food banks, looking for nourishing food, wanting to ensure that they are not having to make a choice between rent or food or medicine and food because that is no choice at all. whether it is the holidays or just a usual day in the week. that is our mission. that is our focus here at san francisco marin food bank. >> if you want to help the food bank or any of the bay area food banks, we have information at through the end of december. any money you donate will be doubled. on our website, you will find a list of organizations that would really appreciate your help on this day of giving. mike: that is man we will highlight during the show this morning. let's take a look at the visibility here and you can see that it is pretty thick across the north bay and south bay. but we have the winds blowing offshore. some of this fog could increase across the east bay and the winds and the north bay are
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sinking southward. some of that could fill in the san pablo bay and across the restaurant san rafael bridge and start to head toward the bay bridge. right now, 880 looking north from the coliseum, it is pretty quiet right now. other than that fog, that is all we have to worry about as far as traveling this morning. you can see the fog moving into san francisco where it is about two to three degrees cooler than yesterday. 51 to about 53 degrees. elsewhere, 40 in healdsburg. richmond and san leandro, 50 degrees. everyone around 40 to 48. san franciso, your average ■high is 60. you will be there by 11:00 and then you just blow right away. mid 60's. 64,6 63, noon, 2:00, 4:00. a clear sky by the evening hours. taking a look at the next seven days, tomorrow, today, tomorrow will be the warmest with upper
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60's near 70 and temperatures will level off close to average with that onshore breeze. we will see when that breeze gets to your neighborhood after a threat of record highs the next couple of days. here is jobina. jobina: good morning. starting with an overall look at the map because we have clear conditions everywhere. all green. we do not even see any red out of tracy far super communities -- super communities. a really good time to head out the door. a live picture from the san mateo bridge. pretty light there. in emeryville, it appears to be foggy. you can see the headlights glaring. traffic is completely clear on 80 as well. i want to bring in these drive times. at the golden gate bridge, about a six minute ride as you travel southbound. westbound on the bay bridge will be 7 minutes and san mateo bridge crossing across, eight minutes. >> a local nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives
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kumasi: there was a lot of drama at lax last night. a passenger who missedig ran o y exit door to try to flag down her southwest plane. a fellow passenger recorded the whole incident at terminal one and you can see an employee trying to move the woman back toward the terminal building and away from the airplane. officials say she was very combative. she refused to cooperate. lax police responded and arrested this passenger. she had to be taken to the hospital for mental evaluation. an air canada flight from san diego to vancouver diverted to lax after a report of an fuel leak. to make things worse, the
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airplane moved two of its tires when it landed. the 73 passengers and crew had to step off the plane in the middle of the airfield. they were put on shuttle buses for a quick ride to the terminal and there were no injuries reported. >> cross-examination will begin today in the trial of elizabeth holmes. yesterday, she testified she was a victim of sexual abuse when she was a student at stanford. here is rebecca jarvis. rebecca: in this morning's gma first look, an emotional day of testimony from elizabeth holmes, telling a courtroom she was raped while at stanford and decided to drop out to pour herself into building theranos, also alleging her former boyfriend abused her physically, emotionally, and verbally. allegations he has firmly denied. >> the allegations will have no bearing on the trial because although it may be something she was subject to, that does not
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speak to the actual charges of fraud and the intent that is required for fraud because that is a measure of whether or not she knew she was making false statements about the company at the time. rebecca: comin comin you what is to come in this high-stakes trial. with your gma first look, i am rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> there is a podcast about the trial hosted by rebecca jarvis called "the dropout." listen wherever you stream your podcasts. kumasi: now to a little boy who has no fear even as he faces surgery. this is 3-year-old whalen blunt dancing into the operating room. he got a heart transplant in february and was discharged a few months later and we are told he is going to be doing just fine. so precious. >> i like that he is not afraid. mike: right. he is ready to move onward,
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forward. that's great. 5:16. let's do the same weatherwise and try to find some rain in this forecast. it is all about the fog and record highs this afternoon. it is going to be a little breezy in our hills tonight, but thankfully they are green so we do not have much fire danger. you have to wait until the weekend before it will start feeling closer to normal. look at these two areas of high pressure pushing the storm track thousands of miles away from us. we are stuck right under that high and because of that, that is why it is going to be warm today. we have 69, half moon bay, san francisco, richmond, vallejo, napa, antioch 68. every one else 70 to 74 degrees. 73 in santa rosa. lakeport, oakland, and san jose at 72 degrees.
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tonight, you can see the green in the higher elevations. that is the breeze that will keep our higher elevations into the 60's while drier air will filter into our windshield -- wind-chosen valleys and drive us into the 40's. here is a look at monday. watch the heaviest of the rain more than likely slide into the sierra and bring them a slight chance of some valley rain and mountain snow. for us, we will watch seattle, portland, and medford receive all of the beneficial rain that we could use because really seattle does not need anymore. here is a 7-day forecast and we are making a run at record highs today. a better chance tomorrow. our warmest day. thursday will be a lot like today. a few degrees cooler, especially at the coast friday and temperatures are close to average. we are in the 60's, but we are in the lower upper 60's, which is just a bit warmer than it should be for this time of year. we are going to talk about our day of giving here at abc7.
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it is a day to focus on the organizations that serve our community and they need our help. sunrise equestrian foundation in castro valley is one of them. the nonprofit is dedicated to improving the lives of children with special needs through therapeutic course and ranch activities. a filmmaker shared this video highlighting some of the personal stories. one mom says her son with cerebral palsy cannot walk independently, but when he is riding a horse, he is completely different. >> i think that his brain can send the message and his body understands it. >> good. good job. >> ready? >> child when they get on the horse and it is so powerful because
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those two little words when they say those two little words, that horse walks on two kids that do not have a lot of control in their life, it means so much to them. mike: all of sunrise programs are free of charge. the foundation relies on generous donations. if you would like to contribute to their nation or any of the organizations we are featuring today, just go to /action and they have such a demand. two to five year waiting list for some of their programs. great organization. so proud to be helping them anyway i can. kumasi: awesome, thank you. coming up, the seven things to know. >> more holiday spirit in san francisco. the rooftop party at the horse park.
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kumasi: it is 5:21. you're the seven things to know this morning. president biden is urging everyone to stay vigilant of the new covid-19 omicron variant. he is pushing all adults and eligible children to get vaccinated. >> officials say it is not a matter of when, but if -- not a
5:22 am
matter of if, but when omicron arrives here. kumasi: oakland police chief leronne armstrong will address violence plaguing his city. he will announce a new plan to the city council by friday to reverse planned cuts to the department. >> tiger woods hopes to play golf again, but his days of being a full-time golfer are over. he gave his first major interview since being in a car crash in february. mike: speaking of golf, beautiful weather for any activity including golf. nine to 13 degrees warmer than average. most of us in the low to mid-70's this afternoon. >> chp has issued a fog advisory for fairfield. just a heads up traveling along 80 and route 12 and if you are traveling on 80, in emeryville, really starting to get foggy there as well. kumasi: barbados is cutting ties with great britain. the caribbean nation removed queen elizabeth as its head of
5:23 am
state to become a republic. rihanna was honored in a ceremony overnight. she was born and raised in barbados. >> we are hearing from an open woman who is making history on jeopardy. she qualified for the tournament of champions. ryan curry spoke with the woman now on a winning streak who hopes her conscious man inspires others. >> this is jeopardy. ryan: as each question goes by, amy schneider is locked in. >> i am a nice person, but i am competitive. >> what is lock, stock, and barrel? ryan: schneider has been a jeopardy fan for years. she tried many times to get on the show. this year, it finally happened. >> just being there, seeing the set, and getting to stand at the podium and click the little button and that sort of thing. rehearsals was pretty neat. ryan: she has made history after her fifth win. she qualified for the tournament of champions, an annual
5:24 am
competition that takes the best minors from the year prior. except she is the first transgender contestant to do it. >> i did not want to be done and i knew that if i got that fifth one, i would get to come back later, at least for the tournament of champions. once it got in sight, i really wanted i ryan her win streak is up to nine. she told me she did not think she would get past the first episode. >> i was focused on the weeks leading up to it on being ok with the fact that there was a good chance that i might just go on, not when they might first game, and that would be it for my jeopardy experience. ryan: she is now among the elites. but what is more important to her is the message this sends. she felt inspired to go on the show from other trans contestants and hopes she inspires others. >> seeing trans people anywhere in society that you have not seen the before is so valuable right now. ryan: she says the tournament will be difficult, but her goal
5:25 am
is to win the whole thing. >> i am so grateful that i am giving some nerdy little trains kids somewhere the realization that this is something that they can do too. ryan: ryan curry, abc7 news. >> that is really cute. nerdy little trans kids out there. the tournament of champions will air next year and if you want to keep tabs on amy's winning streak, watch jeopardy weeknights at 7:00 on abc7. kumasi: the salesforce transit center at san francisco is getting into the holiday spirit. the park travel holiday lighting celebration featuring live music and other activities. it starts at 5:00 tonight and a weekend of festive activities is also coming to the park. it includes crafts, giftwrapping, carolers, free movies, and a silent disco. those events are happening december 17 through the 19th. don't you? >> i do.
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kumasi: it is like your own little world, but you have people. mike: you can control the volume. you can be listening to something very different from the person next to you. kumasi: i love it. mike: coming up, lowering riders back to public transport. kumasi: the work happening ahead of the holiday break. of the holiday break. mike: it is mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity. get the fast and reliable internet you deserve for only $19.99 a month for 12 months for an epic deal this holiday season. and score 12 times the speed for the same price when you add xfinity mobile. that's more speed and more value for the same price. switch now to xfinity internet to power all your devices and get started for just $19.99 a month.
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>> it will be another warm november day. mike is tracking near record highs. kumasi: good morning. it is tuesday, november 30. abc7 is live right now on hulu and rave reviews dream. mike: livermore, livermore, santa rosa, san jose, looking at you to record high temperatures. the big story is the fog and how it is flanking us from almost all directions. it is coming out of the northbound and sliding south along the coast and shooting through the san bruno gas and eventually will head south along the peninsula. we have an onshore breeze that will bring it through the delta into the san pablo bay. expect that to increase through 9:00 and it will go away. it is also cold this morning. temperatures mainly in the 40's. 51 in san francisco at 7:00. noon, the fog is gone. really hazy today. low to mid-60's. 62 to 66 for our lunch hour.
5:30 am
61 to 70 at four :00 and dropping back to the 50's by 7:00. kumasi: thank you. developing news in the pandemic. if you have not gotten your covid-19 booster shot yet, now might be the time. the cdc has brought into recommendations for all adults as a new omicron variant shows up in all countries. there are more than 150 cases abroad and while it has not been detected in the u.s., health officials it is only a matter of time. the president is pointing to vaccines is one immediate way to protect yourself. pres. biden: we have more tools today to find the variant than ever before. from vaccines to boosters to vaccines for children five years and older and much more. you have to get your vaccine. you have to get the shot. you have to get the booster. sooner or later, we will see cases of this new variant here in the united states. kumasi: there is a lot we do not know about this variant, like how sick it can make you or whether it is easily transmissible.
5:31 am
so far, scientists are not sure if it can evade detection for testing. >> bay area doctors are saying we will not escape omicron, but we might be in a better position to deal with whatever it ends up bringing. amy hollyfield is here with what experts are saying about holiday plans. amy: they are happy with the high vaccination rates here in the bay area. they think that will help us. experts do not know how effective this vaccine will be against omicron. they are saying it is still the best line of defense. one expert said if everyone at your holiday gathering is vaccinated and boostered, they think you should be fine. they are not saying you should be canceling plans or travel, but you should be aware of this variant and continue good sex practices. even though -- continue good safe practices. >> it will probably come to the u.s. this week or next week and it will spread around pretty rapidly after that, especially in big populations.
5:32 am
>> it is just a matter of time before we recognize it. it may be here already, but we have not recognize that yet -- recognized it yet. amy: health officials say the pandemic has already taught us what works and we need to continue with those practices and keep watching developments. for example, if they do find that the omicron's vaccine-resistant, then maybe rethink your plans and be more cautious. right now, we are in a wait and watch and be careful situation. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> even though the variant has not been detected here yet, school districts are encouraging parents to get their kids vaccinated, especially those between the ages of five and 11. for the christmas break, san francisco unified will get out rapid antigen tests for those who request. the mask mandate will stay in place for the remainder of the school year. oakland unified is requiring students 12 and older to be
5:33 am
vaccinated by january 1. the district is continuing its outreach program. >> we have been calling families, emailing families directly to give them the latest information about the vaccine and the importance of it, the efficacy, and that around, and giving them resources as to where they can go to get the vaccine. >> when students get vaccinated, they will be entered into a raffle to win tickets to warriors games. ok. shop small and shop safe. that is the message from san franciso's castro district where officials kicked off the holiday season with a tree lighting last night. the economy is a big part of building a better bay area. j.r. stone explains business owners are hoping for a boost this season as they deal with the pandemic and crime concerns. >> 3, 2 come along, -- one, -- >> a christmas tree kind of
5:34 am
night with a mood of holiday excitement and hope. >> we are coming back. we are in the midst of our economic recovery. >> dozens came out, some in holiday flare to see the tree lit up. but outside that glow, a number of empty castro storefronts, many of which closed during the covid pandemic. >> we are sad for the businesses we lost, but there are businesses hanging on. reporter: local businesses small and large are dealing with another threat, that of store burglaries like this one at louis vuitton in san francisco's union square. the reason why sfpd has made recent changes. >> when you go to union square, you see officers and you feel ok about shopping. >> it is a very visible way for the city to make clear that we are not going to tolerate this. >> mayor london breed toe-to-toe's are making a difference. -- told us changes are making a difference. >> we are doing everything we
5:35 am
can and we have not had any major incidents occur. reporter: while some are still shopping in san francisco, one business owner told us there is improvement happening. >> san francisco is one of the number one places in the world. i feel it is picking up a little bit. reporter: community members hoping that a little bit more will turn into a lot more. in san francisco, j.r. stone, abc 7 news. >> a warning from san ramon police about wearing expensive jewelry while you are exercising. they say leave those valuables at home. two women were robbed over thanksgiving weekend. one incident happened near mosaic park. two people in a white mercedes suv drove up to the victim, a woman got out and started a conversation, use a sleight-of-hand technique, and took a necklace and bracelets. nothing similar happened to another senior who was out for a walk on sunday. she says a woman in a black bmw suv struck up a conversation before stealing her watch.
5:36 am
kumasi: circumstances on full display during a ceremony where prince charles made history on the island nation of barbados. the country is replacing queen elizabeth with a president. jobina has the details on the commemoration. jobina: prince charles attended the ceremony to mark barbados break from great britain, which dates back to the 1600s. the nation removed queen elizabeth as its head of state to become a republic. in a speech about the moment, the prince acknowledged the island's painful past. >> from the darkest days of our past and the appalling atrocity of slavery, which forever stains are history, the people of this island forged their path with extraordinary fortitude. jobina: there is controversy over this air money. critics say the royal family should not have played any part in the ceremony. rihanna was honored at the event. she was born and raised in barbados.
5:37 am
the move to become a republic could influence other countries, even canada, to one-day cut ties with the monarchy. kumasi: thank you. coming up, a walk out over something that i set -- upset students at one san francisco school. the investigation. >> a day focused on giving. we are spotlighting a nonprofit that is building a better bay area with the help of horses. first, weather with mike. mike: coming up on 537 -- 5:37. you can see a lot of fog this morning. by 11:00, it is completely gone, leaving all of that moisture and haze hanging around as the air is pretty stagnant. even some low clouds near the coast that should also evaluate -- evaporate as we head into the afternoon and stars in the evening before a less fog develops tonight. it will be drier tonight than this morning. san jose at 87.
5:38 am
you can see the stars in the distance. yard work, you always have to get that last trimming of the bushes and trees before you decorate. exercising record warmth. it was refreshing in the pool yesterday. dog walking, make sure you take some water. they could get a little warm with temperatures in the 70's if you are out vigorously walking. 39 in danville. everyone else 40 to 45 degrees in our east bay neighborhoods. martinez, 47. vallejo, also 47. the same thing in oakland. 52 in san francisco. 43 in san jose. santa rosa at 39 degrees. for our east bay valley, quite a range of temperatures. 47 at 8:00. 57 at 10:00. 67 at 2:00. your average high is about 60 degrees. you will be there almost at 6:00 when you're already under the stars, falling down to 54 during the evening hours.
5:39 am
definitely take the code if you are going out once the sun sets at 4:51. or our 7-day forecast, 70 today, 72 tomorrow. we are near record highs today. again tomorrow and thursday and we drop down to 65, our coolest saturday. for the east bay, that is still about five degrees warmer than average. we will try to find some rain in the 7-day forecast. jobina: good morning. we will start with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a foggy at that. something earlier than usual. the lights are already on. they came on at 5:30. i will check on that backup as we continue through the commute. so far, so good. in a, south bay, a different story. this is a live look at san jose. everything is moving at the limit. drive times, you can tell coming out of tracy, there is not even a slowdown. really interesting for a tuesday because people are back at work. tracy to dublin, 27 minutes.
5:40 am
antioch to concord, 15 minutes. also want to let you know that happening today, bart is going to cut the ribbon on the no parking lot at its no antioch station. 850 additional spots will be up for grabs. the district is hoping the extra parking will ulure more riders back. bart says ridership is nearly 50% of pre-pandemic levels at the antioch station. how powerful is an invisalign smile? so powerful you can face anything ... ...even these faces. invis is a powerful thing. invis is the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors and more predictable. invisalign.
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5:43 am
the 26 year veteran officer resigned two days after the shooting. roughly 200 potential jurors have already been asked about what they know about the case and what impressions they have about potter and wright. kumasi: scott peterson has been transferred from death roll -- death row to san mateo county jail. he will have a hearing next week. he has been on death row since 2004 when he was convicted for the murder of his wife and their unborn son. clemency says the jury committed misconduct and is hoping the judge will grant him a new trial next year. >> tend investigation into an incident that led to students walking out of a san francisco high school. the students were upset classmates were forced to change outfits in a coed environment and in front of faculty. they say it is part of a bigger problem of sexual harassment and assault. the san francisco unified school district confirmed it is investigating. >> former theater teacher at the
5:44 am
school was having students change into what is called fits, which are these neutral outfits students wear when they are doing theater practice. we are investigating whether or not this practice is something that should have been happening. >> the walk out happened a few weeks ago. sfusd says the practice has stopped. kumasi: it is day of giving and abc7 is highlighting organizations that are working to build a better bay area. a nonprofit called mulattol meadows is doing that with the help of horses. research shows horses and equestrian programs can make a positive impact in the lives and development of kids, but high costs and limited accessibility makes it out of reach for young people from underserved communities, especially children of color and lotto meadows is changing that. it was founded in 2017. you probably are member these
5:45 am
images of her riding a horse during the black lives matter protest in 2020 that went viral. she initially started it to offer horse riding ladies that's lessons -- lessons to bay area children. her vision continues to grow. this year, they moved to a larger 40 acre ranch in castro valley to serve more bay area children and immerse them in ranch lights. they host nonprofits and community-based organizations to run community programs with the horses and it also brings horses out to the community, like his halloween block party in san francisco and this storytime for kids. it is so cute. the mission is to use horses hoh inspire positivity and communities, especially in those who traditionally might not have access. >> bringing them out into the community is showing how we can utilize them and give them a new purpose to really help impact communities in so many different
5:46 am
ways. these are always that are well documented. just therapy, use that as a cased. that is something that affluent people have used for a very long time and there is study on how horses can impact people with ptsd,is tse ar tot he thoppoy to experience because of the high cost of care. kumasi: they want to create a blueprint on how to sustainably keep horses and cities. this is the system for growing food for all of its horses with limited water, which cuts costs. it is also working with a biotech company that is taking horsemen nor and turning it into biofuel that will eventually run that entire property. donations would support the ranch, feed animals on the ranch, and allow them to continue to host more students,
5:47 am
organizations, and nonprofits and help them to do more programming in the community. if you would like to make a donation, your donation would be matched up to $60,000 thanks to an anonymous donor. >> she has been busy. mike: i met her a year and a half ago when the rest of the road met her and she was doing a lot, but she has taken this to the next level. kumasi: she said she wanted to reallyt notoriety that she got from that to really continue the work that she has been doing in communities. she has such a history as an equestrian and trying to bring her love of horses the people who might not be to experience that. i love the work she is doing. i was happy to choose her to highlight and that organization for they have giving. mike: she is such a neat person. i would definitely trust her with my donation. kumasi: she was like, come to the ranch and i was like, i am ready to come out to the ranch. mike: she was definitely a
5:48 am
phoenix coming out of that tragedy in oakland. it is interesting and not a coincidence that we both picked equestrian-based foundations that do different or cater to different people or help different types of people with different types of challenges. what we are learning is this is a good thing. more people need to know about it. there is definitely enough people, too many people that need it that we need to keep pushing this narrative. appreciate you doing that. reggie, i know you have interviewed her several times. that is fantastic. 5:48. let's take a look at what is going on as far as weather. sfo, look at all of that fog. fog and hazy sunshine today with near record warmth. breezy hills tonight. thankfully, we have that rain. so long ago, but it was enough
5:49 am
to limit the fire danger. now a change is possible, but look how far away it is. today is the last day of november. december 10 through the 16th, we are seeing a pattern change where we could be receiving some of this, the rain that is spelling too much in the form of flooding across the pacific northwest. we have high pressure dominating. nothing to worry about. this is an upper-level low that will slide out of the south end and our onshore breeze, especially tomorrow. that is what tomorrow will be even warmer than today. today, we are barely not in the 70's in antioch, vallejo, nap richmond, san francisco, and half moon bay. 58 to 69. the rest of us, 70 to 74 degrees. the green's temperatures in the 50's and 60's while our sheltered areas will enjoy much drier air and cooler conditions back into the 40's. here is the beginning of the pattern change and it starts next monday.
5:50 am
to the inside slider bringing most of the rain at very high elevations. snow to the sierra. the pushes that high pressure out of the way and opens the door for that rain to start rolling in hopefully on the 10th. until then, that high is always god. look what it does to our temperatures. mid to upper 60's along the coast through at least thursday. we start to see cooling at the coast friday. it reaches the rest of us saturday, sunday, and monday with low and upper 60's, which is warmer than average. here is reggie. reggie: prosecutors in the bill cosby case are asking the u.s. supreme court to throw out a ruling that set the former comedian free. the prosecutor in montgomery county, pennsylvania says the high court made a mistake in throwing out the conviction in june. the court throughout the conviction over a technicality. apparently cosby's legal team made a deal with a former prosecutor that because would not be charged if he agreed to testify in a 2005 civil lawsuit
5:51 am
brought by one of his cruisers. -- one of his accusers. now the current different attorney wants to weigh in on the matter. kumasi: today, tiger woods will speak to reporters. woods is revealing new information about his recovery and his future. he spoke with golf digest in his first major interview since his car crashed. he revealed that while in the hospital, he feared that his leg would need to be amputated. nine months later, he says he is able to walk with limited pain. he knowledges his days of being a full-time golfer are over. woods says his greatest motivation during his recovery has been his son, charlie. reggie: at 6:00, the rise of the robots. scientists say the world's first living robots are now reproducing in a way they have never seen before. kumasi: addressing supply chain issues as the holiday season kicks into high gear.
5:52 am
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reggie: the federal trade commission is launching an investigation into supply chain disruptions. it is asking big companies like amazon, walmart, and others to turn over information to help study the reasons behind the delays. the ftc wants to know whether supply chain logjams have lead to anticompetitive behavior and higher prices. the companies have 45 days to respond to the ftc's request. kumasi: we are hearing from walmart about the investigation. the ceo responded to the probe on good morning america. >> we are just learning about that as well. a lot of what you see in stores and online, all the products and what is available, those of the results of plans that started
5:55 am
over a year ago. our merchants work about 12 months out to determine what the trends are and what people will be looking for and we are proud of our inventory position at this point. kumasi: he also talks about store deliveries, hot items, and last-minute shoppers. watch the full interview coming up on gma at 7:00. reggie: tickets are about to go on sale for the annual bottle rocket move -- music festival. presale tickets for napa residents and american express customers go on sale monday. the holiday presale for the public begins tuesday. here is the thing, we do not know who will be performing. people just want to go regardless. tickets for the event cost $370 according to "the chronicle." the festival will return to its original calendar spot this year. they held it during labor day weekend. mike: does it matter that we do not know? reggie: i guess it does not. mike: they sell out quickly.
5:56 am
reggie: they sell out so fast. . here is a look at our temperatures versus average. i put an asterisk next to our record high today in san jose. the same in livermore. record high in san jose. we have santa rosa, livermore, and san jose, the three cities i am watching for record warmth as temperatures jump 30 degrees warmer than average. tomorrow, even warmer than today. tomorrow is our warmest day. thursday will be a lot like today and now you can see the 70's are starting to wane on friday and we will keep the cooling trend through the weekend. kumasi: we are all about the giving spirit today and at 6:00, a food bank near you with an extra need explaining why your dollar will go much further if you lend help today. reggie: plus, putting an end to the homicides in oakland. the chief of police giving his plan of attack later today. we are starting to see part of it in motion. kumasi: the new study from the
5:57 am
lawrence berkeley labs on what we could see. reggie: a liv
5:58 am
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6:00 am
key takeaways for your holiday plans. plus. >> [indiscernible] reggie: it is so these folks who love these people so much and see them taken away by violence this year. new clues in the search for the suspects in this case this morning, as oakland leaders race to find solutions. kumasi: it is the spirit of the season. our day of giving is kicking off right now. some important groups to help out on our mission to build a better bay area. reggie: good morning. it is tuesday, november 30. we are going to start with mike's forecast. mike: nice to see you all. let's talk about the fog. it is more widespread this morning, as we thought it would be, because of the influx in some extra moisture out there. visibility is lowest at half moon bay, sfo, santa rosa, and petaluma. let's zoom in and show you which way


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