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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 30, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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decking the halls of the white house. this year's theme, gifts from the heart. first responders and frontline workers, honored in a 350-pound ginger bread village, featuring a school, hospital, and firehouse. countless treats. happy holidays. that's "nightline." watch all of our full episodes on hulu. see you back here same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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>> the christmas tree was lit in the castro district is local and
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state officials talk of the measures they are taking to keep people safe. >> turning to help experts about planning for the holidays. how the omicron variant could impact end of year celebrations. >> hear from an oakland woman who was the first transgender to qualify for tournament of champions. >> abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: shop small and safe. that is the message tonight in the castro district where residents and officials kicked off the holiday season with a tree lighting. ama: the economy is a key part of building a better bay area. j.r. stone explains business owners are hoping for a boost this season as they deal with the pandemic and crime concerns. >> 3, 2, 1 -- [cheering]
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j.r.: a christmas tree kind of night in san francisco's castro district with a mood of holiday excitement and hope. >> we are coming back. >> we are in the midst of our economic recovery. j.r.: dozens came in their own holiday flare to see the tree lit up. outside the globe are a number of empty storefronts. many of which closed during the covid pandemic. >> we are sad for the businesses we lost. j.r.: now, local businesses both small and large are dealing with another threat, that of store burglaries like this one at louis vuitton in san francisco. a reason why d recent changes. >> you see officers and you feel ok. >> it is a visible way for the city to make clear we will not tolerate this. j.r.: the mayor told us those changes are making a difference.
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>> we are doing everything we can, and so far, we haven't had any major incidents. j.r.: while some may fear coming to an shopping in san francisco due to covid or safety concerns, one castro business owner told us there is improvement happening. >> i think san francisco is one of the number one places in the world. i feel like it is picking up. j.r.: community members now hoping a little bit more will turn into a lot more. in san francisco, j.r. stone, abc 7 news. ama: the east bay, more police will hit the streets of oakland as the city's response to a flurry of violent crime. >> there's nothing progressive about unbridled gun violence. this is what oaklanders want. a comprehensive and effective approach to safety, and that includes adequate police staffing. ama: the mayor said a new police
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academy of 38 is about to graduate with another academy starting. she says the city will present counsel with the new officer hiring and funding plan on friday which will include one additional academy. the mayor wants to reverse plant cuts to the department. the staffing fell below 678 which is the minimum required under measure z. a property tax approved by voters that helps fund the department. dan: oakland's latest homicide victim is a 28-year-old man named eric davis, killed while confronting a car burglar. dion lim spoke with his mother and aunt about this terrible loss. >> he was always looking out for people. he gave out turkeys this past thanksgiving. dion: it was good intentions and that caring nature which led to eric davis' death sunday evening, just days after thanksgiving. >> we had not seen him since june. it was a good surprise. dion: eric, who is from l.a.,
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had been living near lake merritt the past several years. his aunt describes him as a young man of faith, character and surrounded by love. >> very popular. he had a lot of friends. a big friend group. from oakland to l.a. dion: sunday afternoon, eric noticed his car parked in the area had been broken into. oakland police say when eric noticed the suspects break into another car, that is when things took a turn. >> the victim interrupted an auto robbery in progress and was shot by the passenger in the suspect vehicle. we know the suspect vehicle is a toyota rav4, black in color. we will be pushing out a photo of this vehicle within the next day or so. dion: i spoke to his mother who flew back to l.a. this afternoon. she said she was devastated and there were no words to convey her sadness. as she and her sister karen try
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to put the pieces of their shattered life back together, they implore the public. >> we would like to ask for the public's help with locating the suspect. who murdered a kind, loving son, brother, nephew, a party young -- hard-working young man. dion: police are offering up to $10,000 leading to the arrest in this case. >> he didn't deserve to lose his life. the violence has two stop. -- to stop. ama: the search is on for the car that police think was used by the gunmen who shot and killed a tv new security guard. oakland released this photo of a white 2004-2008 acura tl. police believe the car was using the attempted theft of a tv station's camera equipment. a retired police officer was shot during that attempted crime last week while guarding a news
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reporter. he died saturday morning. a trust fund has been set up for the family as well as an online fundraiser to help cover medical and memorial expenses. you can find a link on our website. dan: let's turn to the pandemic, as your health is a key part of building a better bay area. there are more than 150 cases of a new covid variant but it has not been but -- detected in the u.s. health officials say it is likely already here and only a matter of time before that is confirmed. today, the president pointed to vaccines as one immediate form of protection. pres. biden: we have more tools today to fight the variant than we've ever had before. from vaccines to boosters, o -- to vaccines for children five years and older. you have to get your vaccine, you have to get your shot. you have to get your booster. we will see cases of this new variant in the u.s. dan: there's a lot we don't know
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about the variant. how sick it makes people and whether it is easily transmissible. so far, scientists are not sure if it can evade detection through testing. ama: with experts addicting the arrival of the variant -- predicting the arrival of the variant, you may be weighing your risks. amanda spoke with doctors who waited on whether you should be changing your celebrations. amanda: over the long thanksgiving weekend, growing concern about the omicron variant. by monday, 15 countries with confirmed cases of this mutation which was first detected in south africa. while health experts say there's much more to learn, looking ahead to solid -- holiday celebrations -- >> i would not be going to southern africa if i were you. amanda: the e e professor says he anticipates domestic holiday travel and gatherings this year not to be locked down. a health officer, dr. sara cody,
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says the ongoing pandemic has uncovered what works. practices that has helped us stay protected against other strains such as delta. >> that includes vaccination and boosting and testing and ventilation and masking. and all the things that this community in particular has done an excellent job at. amanda: bay area health experts admit there is little information about how the variant spreads or how it reacts to vaccinations. they add if it isn't here yet, it will hit home soon. >> it will probably come to the u.s. this week, next week. it will spread around pretty rapidly after that, especially in a big population center. >> i think it is a matter of time before we recognize it. it may be here already, but we have not recognized it yet. amanda: there is hope the bay area's high vaccination rate will aid in keeping the upcoming holidays happy. experts say people should weigh the potential risks when making
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party plans or packing to travel. >> if everybody is vaccinated and boosted, chances are you will be ok. amanda: abc 7 news. dan: scott peterson has been moved off death row ahead of resentencing hearing next week. we will explain what is next. ama: the twitter ceo has stepped down. how he is excluding his decision after 16 years. dan: an oakland woman is making history on jeopardy. she tells us about what it means to her. >> we are tracking areas of fog tonight and a warmer afternoon on the way tomorrow. i will have the details coming up. ama: first, i look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. jimmy: while you sip that leftover gravy, watch this. you would think i would learn but i haven't. i tossed it in the oven and boom, it came right back at me.
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dan: this got peterson was -- scott peterson was transferred to san mateo county jail today. he will have a hearing in his resentencing trial next week. peterson has been on death row since the 2004 conviction for the murder of his wife lacey peterson and their unborn son. peterson claims a juror committed misconduct in filling out a questionnaire and is hoping a judge will grant him a new trial next year. ama: an investigation into an incident that led to students
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walking out of a san francisco high school, upset over students changing outfits in front of faculty. they say it is part of a bigger problem with sexual harassment and assault. san francisco unified school district confirmed it is investigating. >> a teacher was having change into what is called fits, these neutral outfits that students wear when they are doing theater practice. and we are investigating whether or not this practice has been something that should have been happening. ama: the practice has stopped. dan: a change at the top at twitter. the co-founder jack dorsey stepped down today as ceo. he posted a statement on his twitter page, writing after 16 years, from co-founder to ceo, it was finally time to leave.
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he added he has worked hard to ensure his company can break away from its founders. dorsey will be replaced immediately by the chief technology officer. he's been with twitter for more than 10 years and in his and -- in his current role since 2017. ama: cyber monday is coming to a close. retailers reported big sales on black friday. online retailers are banking on consumers embracing the tradition of cyber monday, offering big deals. companies know that shoppers are ready to spend. amazon expected a lot of clicking, predicting it would sell 1600 items a second. >> people are affected to spend between $10 billion and $11 billion this monday alone. the production is that sales will be up pretty much a percent to 10% this season, november and december. lots of shopping is going on. ama: most deals and debt midnight so you have less than one hour to make the last minute
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purchase. after cyber monday is giving tuesday where many nonprofits have incentives. if you are looking for ways to donate, visit our website. you will find a list of vetted organizations that would appreciate your help. ama: an oakland woman has made history on jeopardy. dan: she's the first transgender contestant to qualify for the ow'tonantf champions. ryan curry spoke with her on a real winning streak and she's hoping her accomplishment inspires others. >> this is jeopardy. ryan: as each question goes by, amy schneider is locked in. >> i'm a very nice person but i am competitive. ryan: schneider, an engineering manager by day, has been a jeopardy fan for years. she tried many times to get on the show. this year, it finally happened. >> being there and seeing the set, and getting to stand at the podium and clicked the little button and all that sort of
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thing, even in the mercil's -- rehearsals was pretty neat. ryan: now she made history. she qualified for the show's tournament of champions, an annual competition that takes the best winners from the year prior, except she's the first transgender contestant to do it. >> i know if i got that 51, whatever happened after that, i would come back for the tournament of champions. once it got in sight, i really wanted it. ryan: her current winning streak is now up to nine. she told me she didn't think she would get past the first episode. >> i was focused in the weeks leading up to it on be ok with the fact there was a good chance i might miss -- just go on not made -- on, not when my first game and that would be a. ryan: she is now among the elites. what is more important is the message it sends. she said she felt inspired to go on the show from other trans contestants and hopes to inspire others. >> seeing trans people anywhere
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in society that you have not seen them before is so valuable for kids right now that are seeing it. ryan: she says the tournament will be difficult. but her goal is to win the whole thing. >> i am so grateful that i am giving some dirty little trans kid somewhere the realization this is something they can do too. ryan: ryan curry, abc 7 news. dan: the tournament of champions will air sometime next year. if you want to keep on amy's winning streak, watch jeopardy weeknights at 7:00 right here. as amy says, she does seem nice but she is tough. ama: absolutely. we have the weather to talk about. dan: drew tuma is here with the forecast which sounds like a lot of sun. drew: and even warmer temperatures. today was warm in the 60's and 70's. this warm spell will peak tomorrow into wednesday.
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outside tonight, a live look at the exploratorium camera. clear skies over the city. along the coastline, especially around half moon bay, we have some thick fog. tomorrow morning, we will have some pockets of fog to contend with. the next couple of days is all about sunshine, mild to warm temperatures. by the weekend, increasing cloud cover and the temperatures coming closer to where they should be for this time of year. we are slowly falling into the 50's and into the 40's. 46 right now and send ramona -- in san ramona. 50 right now in fairfield. live doppler 7. the story we are tracking, high pressure situated over northern california. it is forcing the storm tracker to the north. the rain will stay around the pacific northwest through the next five to seven days. overnight tonight, we will track
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the cloud cover along the immediate coastline. patchy fog along the bay shoreline. numbers in low 40's to low 50's first thing tomorrow morning. need the heavier jacket. by the afternoon, warmer weather moves back in. 11:00 a.m., the fog has moved out and temperatures in the 60's. by 3:00 in the afternoon, upper 60's to lower 70's for another afternoon. highs across the region on tuesday under son soaked skies. 69 in oakland. 72 in san jose for this time of year. 73 in santa rosa. even san mateo, a mild 70 degrees tomorrow. by wednesday, it will be the warmest day over the next seven. again, 10 to 15 degrees above where we should be this time of year. along with this warm pattern, the air quality tends to get stagnant when high pressure is in control. tuesday and wednesday, moderate
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air quality across the entire region. we will see some haze. what we need is rain, but the next seven days, the storm track stays well north. portland and seattle are the big winners when it comes to rain. the accuweather 7 day forecast, it is all about sunshine and mild temperatures. warm for december on wednesday. still warm and mild thursday. closer to average by saturday and sunday. morning fog, afternoon sunshine with temperatures topping out in the 60's. dan: awf
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music festival in napa valley. ama: presale tickets for napa residents and american express customers go on sale a week from today. we don't know who will be performing at this point. we do know tickets will cost $369. the festival is scheduled to return to its traditional memorial day weekend calendar spot. this year, it was held during labor day weekend. dan: it will be great. chris alvarez is next with sports. chris: coming up, klay thompson in closer and closer returning. plus, samuel sideline. how long deebo
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>> shot, score! [horn] >> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. chris: the 49ers are the hottest team in the nfc and currently
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the sixth seed in the playoff picture. on the injury front, fred warner will miss sunday's game in seattle. deebo samuel missed one to two weeks with a groin injury. here is george kittle and jimmy with the team entering the stretch run. >> we have six weeks left of football. a lot can happen in six weeks. we have a hell of a challenge coming up this week, going to a great stadium. a team that people say are struggling whenever we play them, it is a good game. >> we are taking a week by week mentality. it has done well for us. i think we have to keep doing that going forward. chris: russell wilson turning 33 today, looking for a win in washington. j.d. scores from seven yards out. 17-9, football team. final seconds of the fourth, wilson finds a wide open freddie swain. seattle down two so they need the two-point conversion, but the past is broken up and
1:36 am
washington wins. seattle is now 3-8. niners at seattle on sunday. the nba's two best teams meet in phoenix tomorrow night. 18-2 warriors and 17-3 suns. the warriors have won seven in a row. in santa cruz, hey, it's klay thompson practicing with the d-league warriors this week. by the look of this video, klay looks like this blessed brother we all remember. >> everything we did was full 100%. there was no holding him back. he was live today. there was no holding back. it was really letting him go and experience playing all out and he looked really good. chris: saint mary's hosting uc riverside tonight. under nine minutes to go, gales up three. the miss, but the rebound. two of his game-high 18.
1:37 am
the wcc player of the week lays it in. under five minutes to go, again. he had 14. gales win and now 7-0 this season. sports on abc 7
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>> hope will never be silent. harvey milk spoke to the crowd about help and a better world. milk's fight and sacrifice was done for a future he would never see. milk took action to build a better bay area for everyone, and so can we. ♪ >> this is our moment. join us. ama: we thank you for watching tonight. dan: for drew tuma, chris alvarez, all of
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