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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 29, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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kind of loss is even more painful during the holiday season. the death of a media security guard is one example. shot in downtown oakland in the line of duty before thanksgiving. he passed away on saturday. >> amen -- on sunday, amen who confronted a car burglar was shot. days before, this was the finish line for the oakland turkey trot. now the site of an unspeakable tragedy. these men are the latest victims in oakland to murder total, which tops 120 seven for the year. >> so what is being done about it? more police, or patrol, more resources? it is clear there is no easy answer. the oakland mayor made an impassioned plea for the city to stand in support of its police force. >> i am hopeful that we as city leaders can send a unified
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message to the oakland police department, the hard-working men and women who risk their lives every day to keep us safe and to respond to those calls. more calls per officer than any other city in the country. that we value them, that we support them. coco oakland's latest homicide victim, a 28-year-old man named eric davis, killed while confronting a car burglar. abc spoke exclusively to his mother and aunt. >> he was always looking out for people. he gave out turkey. >> it was good intentions and that caring nature which tragically led to eric davis' d eath sunday evening. >> we had not seen him since june. it was always a good surprise. >> eric, who is from l.a., had been living near lake merritt the last several years.
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his aunt describes him as a young man of faith and character surrounded by love. >> he had a lot of friends. he had a big from group. from oakland to l.a. >> sunday afternoon, eric noticed his car parked in the area of grand and ellenberg duro been parked at had been broken into. police said when he noticed the suspects break into another car, that is when things took a turn to >> the victim interrupted an auto robbery in progress and was shot i the passenger in the suspect vehicle. when the suspect vehicle is a toyota rav4, black in color. we'll be pushing out a photo of this vehicle within the next day or so. >> i spoke to eric's mother. she said she was devastated and there were no words to convey her sadness. as she and her sister tried to put the pieces of their shattered life back together, they employ the public with this message.
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boko we would like to ask for the public's help with locating the suspect. >> crime stoppers and oakland police are offering up to a 10,000 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. >> he did not deserve to lose his life. the violence has to stop. >> the violence has to stop. oakland police are searching for a car believed to be used in last week's shooting that claimed the life of a tv new security guard. it is a white 2004, maybe 2008 acura with no front license plate. they say it is believed to be in the car used during the attentive robbery last wednesday near 14th and harrison street. a retired police officer was
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shot while guarding a news reporter. his casket was draped with an american flag and wheeled to alameda county's corner -- alameda county coroner's van. dark it is difficult to process him showing up, servant, working alongside partners here, his life was ended in our city to gun violence amidst this crisis. it is another reminder of how much more intentional we have to be with delivering protection and safety in our community for all of us. >> what happened to kevin is a tragic loss and eric we talked about a moment ago. there is a $32,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in his death. these situations are scary. they are upsetting and obviously very dangerous. we can help you find your l.a. or be one to someone else.
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we have put together lists of resources that touch on issues like violence and mental health. some are just a call or text away. >> today, the u.s. implemented its latest travel ban to stop the spread of the coronavirus. travel is restricted to people coming from eight countries in africa to the countries are shown on this map. south africa, botswana, nvidia, mozambique and malawi. it was friday when the world health organization named omicron as a variant of concern. it has been detected any 15 countries and today, a third case and a candida announced. so far, there has been no case diagnosed in the united states. we spoke with an infectious disease specialist from ucsf about the variant and what it means for vaccines. >> it means if you mutate the spike protein ma chablis, the antibodies we had developed to
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message about the spike protein, they may not recognize the new misshapen spiked protein. >> the cdc upped its recommendations for booster shots. it says everyone who is 60 months -- who is six months past their pfizer or modernity shot or two months there johnson & johnson shot should get a booster. currently, boosters arere available to people 18 and older. this new variant has not been detected here but now more than ever, school districts are encouraging parents to get their kids vaccinated, especially those between the ages of five and 11. our education reporter is in the newsroom. >> schools and students come to mind when you hear about a new variant. schools have been in this position before with the delta variant. what they learned from that variant was if you follow the proper safety health procedures,
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the infection rates will remain relatively low. kids between the ages of 12 and 17 are among the groups with the highest vaccination rates in san francisco. 90% of them have been fully vaccinated. with this new variant, san francisco's health department says it is time to focus on the five to 11 age group. 46% of them has received at least one dose -- of them have received at least one dose. >> we want the remaining percentage who have not yet gotten their kids vaccinated to go ahead and do that. furthermore, we want anyone who is 18 and up who is eligible for a booster to go ahead and do that also. >> san francisco unified had previously said the mask mandate will stay in place for the remainder of the school year. >> we are continuously in touch with the department of public health and checking in on a daily as needed basis to make sure we are following all of the protocols we need to to keep our students safe. >> san francisco is encouraging
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parents to get their children tested. for the christmas break, rapid antigen test be given out to those who request them. >> we know when families gather or travel, that can also increase risk. >> oakland unified as requiring students 12 and older to be vaccinated by january 1. the vaccine outreach program continues. >> we have been calling our families. we have been emailing our families to give them the latest information of the vaccine. the importance, the efficacy etc. giving them resources as to where they can go to get vaccinated. >> the district is encouraging students in elementary, middle school and high schools to create vaccine information posters. those who get vaccinated will be entered into a raffle to win tickets to the warriors and a's games. >> and othernctis get the
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vaccine. it apparently worked. >> will every student in oakland be required to get vaccinated by january 1? >> not every student. those 11 and younger are just getting started with the vexing and it will -- with the vaccine and it will acquire some time to get fully vaccinated. the requirement is for those 12 and older with the district will work with them if the student gets the first shot before january 1. they will be allowed to come back to school knowing they will get the second shot that same month. >> california is home to one of the toughest vaccine mandates in the country and today, los angeles began to enforce it. >> a couple days away from the getting of december but it might feel more like the beginning of april or may. >> still to come, uncle finney joins us live to talk about how to defeat porch pirates and keep
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>> after a week in which more than two dozen of their stores were targeted, cannabis business owners want the city to step up with more protection including police in oakland. laura anthony has more. >> we don't want to get shot. don't want to get killed over cannabis. it is more dangerous now than it was when it was legal. >> cannabis business owners in oakland say they have seen enough. bands of the youths sometimes violent pillaging their stores and grow operations. >> i have to admit that i cried
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because i'm scared for my business here in oakland. it pains me to have conversations about alternatives , moving my business. >> cannabis business owners say they have lost more than $5 million in product in the days leading up to thanksgiving. decides greater police protection, the cannabis owners want -- cannabis business owners say they want relief from high taxes they say they pay to the city and county. >> as importantly look at how the tax revenues is going toward specific resources that support the industry. whether that means having a dedicated officer or more that really troubleshoot and problem solves on behalf of cannabis businesses. >> i presume they will increase security and make efforts to work more closely in oakland's instance, work more closely with the oakland police department.
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>> other community leaders argue a city with a surging violent crime problem should not be diverting any of its police resources away from the streets. >> right now, the cannabis club is not the number one priority right now. need as many police on the street as they can. >> is some cannabis business owners say without or protection, they may be forced to leave. >> the city of oakland is pushing us out. wishing cannabis businesses out of it city lines. -- pushing cannabis businesses out of it city lines. > one of its suspects acted -- arrest in connection with a theft appeared in court today. two more are scheduled to beer -- to appear tomorrow. melanie woodrow spoke with the contra costa you district attorney. >> the contra costa district attorney's office says more than 90 people stormed the nordstrom department store in one of creek november 20 using three separate entrances. many of them arrived in cars that had no license plates or
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temporary plates according to a criminal complaint. there were 25 cars strategically parked in front of the department store. several individuals were armed with weapons including crowbars and hammers. a criminal complaint named three of those alleged individuals. the district attorney says robinson pleaded guilty -- pleaded not guilty today. the da believes the other two may be out of custody. according to the da, dawson is a previously convicted felon charged with using a glock handgun in connection with the theft. what do you say to people and it the committee concern for their safety and understand why a suspect like this is no longer being held in custody? >> once those charges were filed, what happen in terms of the status of her custody is not within the jurisdiction of the district attorney's office. it is solely within the discretion of the sheriff department as to whether she was
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held in custody. >> abc 7 news has reached out to the contra costa sheriff's office. i spoke with -- at least four nordstrom employees were injured. when was pepper sprayed. another kicked or punched in the face. the group allegedly stole more than 100,000 dollars of merchandise from the store in approximately one minute. a spokesperson tells abc 7 news, given recent incidences at our stores and across the industry, we are heightening our in-store security presence. >> it is possible additional suspects will be apprehended by the one at creek police department and if that happens in those cases come into our office, will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. >> ticking off another week with sunshine. >> and more sunshine. >> a lot more, at least a weeks
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worth. it's take a look at what is going on with our weather. -- let's take a look at what is going on with our weather. the looping image. the larger ridge of high pressure is a controlling factor. it will remain the dominant factor for a whale. it is lifting the storm track well to our north. all the precipitation coming into this part of north america from the pacific is moving into the pacific northwest. portland getting a little bit of rain. they will get some more over the next seven days. the rainfall potential is up in the pacific northwest north of us. some of it may work its way down into the redding area. in the bay area, we are expecting zero precipitation. let's talk about the mild weather we have. when speeds are very light -- wind speeds are very light. weaving along, here's a live view looking down onto part of the bay and san francisco as well.
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temperature readings are 57 in san francisco. 62 in morgan hill. another high elevation can review from the east bay hills camera. 59 degrees in santa rosa. fairfield, 54. 57 in livermore. looking down over san francisco. we have these futures mostly clear tonight. some areas of fog. not widespread. sunny and mild to warm next few days. increasing clouds and cooler conditions this weekend. you can see a patch or two of low clouds of fog. some fog over the central valley. some of it could spill through the delta area. we will have a full glass morning. -- a fogless morning. for the overnight hours, look for low temperatures dropping mainly into the mid to upper
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40's. we will see some low 40's in the mid to upper valleys. tomorrow's highs starting in the south bay. 72 in san jose. morgan hill, 74 degrees. on the peninsula, right around orders below 70 degrees. mid-60's on the coast. downtown san francisco will top out at 67 degrees tomorrow. 73 in santa rosa. napa, 69 degrees. the east bay, 69 or 70 in virtually every location. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. wednesday, first day of december, look for high temperatures in the mid-70's inland to not met -- mid 70's inland. the warmth holds on. we will see a few more clouds coming into the picture over the weekend. a slight cool down in the mid- to upper 60's pit is going to be a dry and mild week.
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much milder than we would expect for early december. >> starting today, los angeles began enforcing one of the strictest vaccine mandates under the country. in order to get into a restaurant, theater, gym or salon come anyone 12 or older will need to show proof they are vaccinated. businesses face fines if they don't comply. a first violation is a thousand dollars. subsequent violations will cost up to $5,000. the ordinance took effect three weeks ago but the city when it to give businesses time to prepare. >> two weeks ago, we started doing it. we have had no problems. customers understand. they have the option to sit on the patio outside. >> acceptable forms of proof include vexing cards or digital records from the state of california. if you have questions about vaccines, you can always ask our vaccine team. had to and click on the big blue box.
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>> silicon valley continues to see medical use of robotic uses for surgery. david really takes is inside an operating room to show us why
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one doctor is celebrating a special milestone today. a warning. since this is a story about surgery, you will see some video of the operation. >> she has having her gallbladder removed with robotic surgery. >> yung the 1000th patient -- being the 1000th patient, i am comfortable and confident everything is going to come out the way it should. >> she will not be awake for the procedure but she will be in the operating room as one of the bay area's pioneering robotic surgeons sits in what resembles a gaming console with hand and foot controls. >> gives us much more agility and mimics exactly what i do with my own hands. and the 3d visualization helps with depth perception and gives us a wider field of view. >> this is the fourth iteration of the da vinci system. recovery is faster and there is less risk.
6:25 pm
in the case of gallbladder surgery, there can be complications with a common bio duct shared by the liver. >> with robotics, what we improve upon is having immunofluorescence, the dye that we sit --that we inject into the intravenous system, gives us the ability to highlight those bio ducts bright green at the time of surgery. this is state-of-the-art technology. with all robotics and all technology, it is going to continue to evolve. what we see today will be revolutionized tomorrow. this robotics system cost sequoia over $2 million of help from fundraising from the hospitalists foundation. artificial intelligence are on the horizon, the chief medical officer is not worried about the work -- about the need for surgeons. >> it will be more types of robotic systems. will be certain types of things
6:26 pm
or buttocks will do well. i think we are always going to need surgeons. when you have to change the plan, you need somebody who can think real-time. >> >> i have a really good childhood friend who is now a surgeon in seattle that does all kinds of robotic surgery. choking up on the witness stand. elizabeth holmes' t a mix of business and deeply personal details. what it could mean for the case. >> this variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. >> as the president>> urges
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i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive and i was having a hard time paying our other bills. but now, for the first time in our lives, i can do both. covered california makes health insurance easier in every way. with financial help for millions of us and free assistance to compare your options. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at >> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> elizabeth holmes entered court in san jose today looking like we have often seen her but what we heard in her testimony was certainly brand-new. the theranos founder is charged
6:30 pm
with fraud. >> she revealed a new layer of her defense. she was raped. stephanie sierra has the latest from federal court. >> for the first time, we saw elizabeth holmes get visibly choked up on the stand, describe how her former wife friend and coo repeatedly raped her throughout the course of their 11 year relationship. experts say the emotional testimony could complicate the prosecution's case. the former ceo gripped onto family as she walked into federal court monday. the disgraced founder continued her fourth day of testimony, holding a two prompt defense. -- a two pronged defense. >> it definitely goes to her defense that she was abused and not able to commit fraud. >> the legal analyst and former prosecutor is closely following the trial. she stopped going to class after
6:31 pm
she was raped during her time at stanford university. she testified years later it happened again but with the coo. he forced her to have sex with them throughout their 11 year relationship should >> she documented the abuse, which corroborates what she is saying but i'm sure the prosecution is going to point out she only documented a few instances and they have been dating and together for 11 years. >> the defense painted the ceo -- the coo as a constant critic. >> it is definitely compelling testimony to figure out whether or not she did form the intent to engage in fraud or whether she was doing what she was told. >> when it came to reported failures in the lab, she pointed her finger at her colleagues for issues raised like modifying test demo results where she denied any direct involvement. >> the thing is, now it is her credibility versus all the other witnesses. ? the prosecution's
6:32 pm
cross-examination could resume as early as tomorrow with the potential for additional witnesses being called to the stand. >> there is as as as as as a trial hosted by abc news correspondent rebecca jarvis. it is called the dropout next episode is out tomorrow. you episodes drop every tuesday. listen wherever you stream your podcasts. >> today, president biden addressed the nation about mounting concerns over the new omicron variant. stressing the need to get vaccinated and get messed up. abc news reporter is in washington with the latest. >> new guidance from the cdc regarding covid booster shots. the agency strengthening its recommendation saying everyone 18 and older should get a booster six months after their second dose of pfizer or moderna or two months after their johnson & johnson vaccines. the new guidance comes after the recent emergence of the omicron
6:33 pm
variant. it follows president biden speaking directly to the american people today. biden crediting health experts in south africa for identifying the new variant quickly. >> this kind of transparency is to be encouraged and applauded because it increases our ability to respond quickly to any new threats. >> his speech comes as new travel restrictions come. >> while we have the travel -- while the travelers persons omicron can slow the speed of omicron, it cannot prevent it. >> the overall risk is very high due to the mutations. the variant first detected in southern africa was labeled as a variant of concern, which means there is scientific evidence the variant is a threat although there are still many unknowns. today, pfizer saying it is working to create vaccines specifically for the omicron variant if it becomes necessary and it would be ready in 100 days subject to regulatory approval.
6:34 pm
moderna also saying it is working on tweaking its vaccine for the omicron variant. the discovery of the new variant comes as covid-19 hospitalizations are climbing for a third straight week. new york already declaring a state of emergency to boost hospital staffing should york city health officials issuing a new mask advisory strongly recommending all residents to wear masks indoor settings. elsewhere, confirmed cases of the omicron variant have been reported in over a dozen countries including scotland, portugal and canada. the u.k. is tightening rules on testing for international arrivals. johnson & johnson says it will evaluate its own vaccine against the omicron variant. >> one of the more alarming aspects with omicron is it has 50 mutations, which is far more than the highly transmissible delta variant. vocal officials are taking a cautious approach with the new variant. a santa clara county public
6:35 pm
health officer in speaking with abc 7 news today said she is not changing course. >> with every new twist and turn in this pandemic including with the omicron variant, we will do what we always do, which is that we learn about it. we follow the signs. we adjust as needed. -- the science. we adjust as needed. >> she is urging people to get messed up, and to get there booster shot to wall street fruit -- there booster shot. -- their booster shot up your dow was up 236 point spared the s&p added 60. >> a big change at the top of twitter. co-founder jack dorsey stepped down today as ceo. he posted a statement on his twitter page writing after 16 years, serving in positions from co-founder to ceo, it was finally time to leave. he added he has worked hard to ensure this company can break away from its founders. he will be replaced immediately
6:36 pm
by the chief technology officer p he has been with twitter for more than 10 years and is his -- technology officer pete he has been with twitter for within 10 years. -- with twitter for 10 years . thanksgiving -- did thanksgiving set travel records? we are checking the numbers.
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>> a transgender oakland woman is making history on jeopardy. amy schneider has won eight eigt games in a row and that has earned her a spot either torn or of -- in the tournament of champions. the tournament is set for next
6:40 pm
fall appeared before that, she will be back on jeopardy tonight to continue her windstream. so far, she has -- to continue her win streak. >> speaking of watching stuff, the great christmas light flight is back on abc for a ninth season. tonight's episode will bring viewers here to the bay area. a family from santa rosa is featured for the railroad themed display. the cohost joined us for a sneak peek for what to expect this season. >> we got to really connect. we got to hear these awesome stories about why everybody does it. we really get to get deep and personal and see the how to. >> the santa rosa family built life-size cranes, trains and cookie factories as part of their display. you can see the display tonight on the great christmas light
6:41 pm
fight. it airs and :00 p.m. on abc 7. -- it airs at 8:00 p.m. on abc 7. >> the jewish community marked night two of hanukkah tonight lighting the second candle at 5:00. the 22 foot tall menorah has been a tradition in san francisco since 1975. a great celebration. >> temperatures are near record highs this time of year. it will be 70 degrees on december 1. >> tis the season for porch pirates. i'm michael finney. tonight, 7 on your side will
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>> here is a live look at san francisco international airport. it has just seen some of its busiest travel days since the start of the pandemic tsa says thanksgiving travel set a pandemic record. travel for the holiday week was 89% of pre-pandemic levels. most travelers drove according to the aaa. here is a live look from our o emeryville tower camera.
6:45 pm
holiday traffic was expected to be within 5% of pre-pandemic levels across the country. >> online shopping was a brisk for black friday even though shoppers spent less than last year. people are shopping online every day now and deals rollout earlier each year. and economics professor says it makes stents -- it makes sense for shops to pump up this day. >> the prediction is that sales will be up what much eight to 10% this season -- will be pretty much up eight to 10% this season. >> amazon is expecting a lot of clicking today, predicting it will sell 1600 items a second. >> wow. work with the holidays upon us, that means it is prime time for so-called porch pirates, those burglars who still packages left on porches or front doors.
6:46 pm
michael finney is here. >> there areaytoight bac there are lots of home security products including video doorbells, package delivery boxes and floodlights with cameras built in, all of which can help you keep your porch and your home secure this holiday season. some unwelcome guests will never take the hint. if you want to minimize package theft, there are several ways to keep your packages and home more secure starting with package delivery boxes. >> just as the name sounds, it is a big box you sit on your porch and your delivery people can drop your packages into pig there -- packages into. they are a really great option if you can get your delivery people to use them. >> prices start at $150 and they take up some space. better option, a battery-powered
6:47 pm
video doorbells that can detect when packages are left on your porch. then send you an alert and keep tabs on your entryway. >> not only are they easy to install with no complex or intimidating wiring but they are also pretty affordable. you can get a great one for $100 or less. >> consider the $100 ring video doorbell. if you subscribe to a ring protection plan for three dollars a month, it will send package alerts to you. to extend security beyond her front door, consider adding or upgrading floodlights here, outside. >> floodlight security cameras that double as floodlights. the nice thing about floodlights is in most homes, their ideal spots -- their ideal spots for camera spin -- there are ideal spots for cameras. >> you can skip the monthly
6:48 pm
cloud storage fee. all three of the floodlights offer as much lighting as regular floodlights and clear and crisp io monitoring. you will get a camera, floodlight and siren in one package and as a bonus, you can control your floodlight from your phone, smart speaker and even your smart tv. >> there are so many options at their becoming more affordable -- and they are becoming more affordable. >> tomorrow is giving tuesday for the day of giving. it is a day when many nonprofits have incentives to make your donation dollars stretch even further. if you're looking for ways to donate, visit action. i know i did my make-a-wish. >> i did casa. please join us tomorrow for a special and meaningful day. we want to touch base on the weather.
6:49 pm
>> we have some nice clear weather this evening. maybe a few patches of fog will form overnight. a newly clear. a few patches of fog. sunny and mild to warm days will follow. over the weekend, we can expect a few more clouds and it will be a little bit cooler. overnight, i look for low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 40's. a little bit chillier and some of the far northern reaches of the bay area. tomorrow's highs under sunny skies. mid to upper 60's on the coast. low over low to mid 70's inland. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. the first of december, we will see highs and in the mid-70's. low 70's around the bay and upper 60's on the coast. slightly cooler on thursday and friday. cooler still over the weekend. still no rain in sight. >> temperatures plunging into the upper 60's. [laughter] >> chris alvarez is here with sports. >> coming up in sports, the
6:50 pm
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> now, abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. place in the nfc playoff rankings and currently have the longest winning streak in the conference. on the injury front, line
6:53 pm
breaker fred warner will miss the game in seattle could deebo samuel will miss one to two weeks with a groin injury. coach shanahan says he believes his team is in spot where they can overcome the injuries. >> we have six weeks left. a lot can happen in six weeks. we have a hell of a challenge to be paired i'm going to a great stadium. a team that people say are struggling but whenever we play them, it is always a good game. >> we have been taking a week by week mentality. it has done well for us the last three weeks. >> it is a battle of the nba's top two teams tomorrow night in phoenix. the 8-2 warriors taking on the 7-3 phoenix suns. these two teams will play back first number in phoenix and friday night at chase. today at practice, devin booker, the sons guard, talked about the hype surrounding this matchup with the doves.
6:54 pm
>> it is the finals. overall, i think it will be a good game. two teams playing well. they won 16 in a row. he wants to be the team that will stop that option -- that will stop that. >> it is going to be a good test for us. >> down in santa cruz, it is clay. klay thompson in the g league affiliate getting some quality practice as he scrimmages. james wiseman has also been assigned to santa cruz. he had his first 18 shots during drills. safe to say he is ready to return to an nba court. >> everything we did was full would hundred percent. there was no holding him back. in the scrimmage, he was life. there was no pulling back.
6:55 pm
it was letting him go and experience playing all l and he did that and he looked good doing that. two baseball's hot stove is heating up. the new york mets have agreed to a three year $130 million deal. long time corey seager has agreed to a 10 year printer 2520 -- 10 to $25 million deal with the texas rangers. the rangers have had a big week signing a bay area native to a $175 million deal. baseball money is going round and round. i played baseball growing up but i should have been a lot better edit because apparently the money is just flying in baseball. >> it is incredible how much they spend these days. >> you can still work on those skills, chris.
6:56 pm
coming up tonight at 8:00, it is cma country christmas followed at 9:00 by the great christmas light fight. we are really in the holiday spirit. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. you can watch our news on demand through our bay area connected tv app available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv as well as roku. that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. we thank you so much for joining us. >> for the appreciate your time. have a great night and we will see you again at 11:00.
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♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a podcast producer from allston, massachusetts... a resident physician from ronkonkoma, new york... and our returning champion-- an engineering manager from oakland, california... ...whose 8-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now hosting "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings. [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone. having been a "jeopardy!" fan since i was a kid, there is nothing i like to see more out here than a great player hitting their stride,
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and that's certainly the case with our returning champion, amy schneider. in her eight games, all but one has been a runaway. all but one, she's had a correct final jeopardy response. and she's earned almost $300,000. that puts her in the top 10 for all-time "jeopardy!" regular season winnings. she's good. she's very, very good. but as i know better than anyone, there's always a giant killer waiting in the wings. could it be andrea or nishanth? welcome to you both. let's get into the jeopardy! round. here are the categories today. first... then some... and... amy, start us off. he had a hat, $200. - andrea. - who is indiana jones?


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