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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 28, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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ha... ha... introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. ♪ anchor: tonight, the first cases of the new covid variant detected in north america. what we need to change to detect cases sooner. >> a former security officer is remembered. addressing the uptick in violence in the city. >> cool mornings and warm afternoons. the pattern continues this week but changes come next weekend. >> building a better bay area. moving forward and finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. anchor 2: good evening and thank you for joining us. you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. right away, new caseseseses
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covid variant have been detected in a growing list of countries around the globe. it comes as a travel ban is about to take effect in the u.s. with fears the variant could spread. our reporter spoke to experts about where the u.s. stands and how we can prepare. she joins us now from the newsroom. reporter: the new variant continues to spread across the globe. cases have been reported in multiple countries including the u.k., australia, germany, and italy. tonight, the latest is canada. the concerns are how fast this. to is spreading. canada reporting the first cases of the covid-19 variant. dr. anthony fauci confirming it is only a matter of time before this variant is detected in the u.s. >> inevitably, it will be here.
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the question is, will we be prepared for it? reporter: with 50 mutations, omicron appears to be more transmissible than other variants. >> we are trying to figure out what they do at a molecular level. this variant seems like the greatest hits. a number of these mutations have coalesced on this mutation. reporter: we caught up with the doctor hours before his flight to new york city where close to 50 virologists and scientists are holding an emergency meeting. the department of public health for california says they are doubling down on vaccination and booster efforts. companies are queuing up for the next two weeks as cases are projected to increase.
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>> we are looking at the new variants to see the majority of the variant around the bay area and so far, it has only been delta. reporter: dr. croghan says this variant could change the way we approach testing. >> if this is more transmissible , we may have to shorten time frames in terms of testing negative before people travel. reporter: as the u.s. continues on high alert, tomorrow, the who meet on the variant and the u.s. will begin bending travelers from several african countries and also at some time tomorrow, the president is expected to address concerns over omicron. anchor 2: we will be watching. thank you. if you have questions about covid vaccines, you can always ask our vaccine team. had to abc 7 and click on the blue box.
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to the east bay where police say iman was shot and killed in oakland as he confronted a suspect breaking into a car this afternoon. investigators say the victim's car was broken into and he followed the suspect who was breaking into another vehicle. the suspect shot the man and ran off. police are asking witnesses to come forward to help them solve the crime. oakland police are increasing staffing due to an increase in violent crime. the announcement comes one day after a security guard and former police officer kevin nishita died while he was shot guarding a local reporter. j.r. stone kevin nishita and spoke with a number of people that are still in mourning tonight. reporter: somber moments this weekend as retired police and security guard kevin nishita's casket was draped with an american flag and wheeled to an alameda corner's van.
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he died early saturday morning. from gunshot injuries he sustained while he was guarding reporter during an attempted robbery last week. he is now a san francisco park ranger but worked alongside kevin nishita for seven years. he said he had just spoken to him a couple of weeks ago as he guarded a separate media crew at another stadium. >> he was telling me how much he enjoyed doing what he was doing. working for the media and still being out there with people and still making friends. reporter: oakland police announced sunday that they will have additional staffing to address the increase in violent crime. also on sunday, a councilmember tweedie did condolences in the case -- tweeted condolences in
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the case and displeasure with the violence. >> he always had a big smile on his face. he was always very gracious and complementary. >> he really was. i would hear a call go out and i might be sketchy about it but if i heard kevin was the one coming to cover me, i did not know how but i knew things would be ok. reporter: i spoke with a family representative who tells me that kevin's wife is surrounded by family members and close friends and they are also still working at making funeral plans. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. anchor: we should update you that no arrests have been made and the suspect who is believed to have been driving a white acura is gaped following the shooting. a reward of up to $32,000 is being offered. a gofundme account has also been set up for kevin's family and it
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has already raised more than $12,000. we have posted a link to it at our website if you would like to donate. you can share this facebook page to show your support for kevin nishita and his family. moving on this evening, oakland vice mayor rebecca kaplan announced the city council will hold a special meeting regarding the recent crime wave. this comes days after the oakland police chief appeared to call out the city politicians following a particularly violent weekend in the city. >> i am asking councilmembers to step up because i need help from the leaders of the city. anchor: a special council meeting is scheduled for december 7. the holiday weekend is coming to a close and for those on the road right now, it is pretty smooth sailing but the airport was a much different story.
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tsa expected a record of well over 2 million people catching flights. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard went to national where it was packed. reporter: a travel mess. cars dropping off a loved ones for curbside goodbyes. how was your holiday? >> wonderful. reporter sfo says travel is still far from pre-pandemic levels of this has been the busiest weekend in a number of months. >> it is good to see a lot of folks coming back again. it is refreshing. a lot more folks are traveling and they feel confident. reporter: he is heading back to college in colorado but never expected so much company. >> it was kind of chaotic. there were a lot of people. >> we are coming back from newark, new jersey. reporter: this family says covid
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canceled their annual thanksgiving gathering in 2020. >> we missed our family last year so this was so special. reporter: getting to the airport was one thing but finding parking was quite another. many garages are sold out. officials say many travelers appeared to drive their own cars rather than taking public transportation to the airports. julie paul says her rideshare trip to san francisco normally costs about $45 but this weekend, it is a lot more. >> there was a major fare difference. double what i am used to paying. reporter: as vaccines rolled out, people started moving again and the demands for rides outpaced the number of available drivers and thousands of drivers are being added to the platform. uber says surge pricing is a
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result of high demand and it tells drivers that if they are not in a rush, wait a few minutes to request your right as prices can go down. -- your ride down. anchor: if you have your list and you are checking it twice, shopping for the holidays continues tomorrow for cyber monday. retailers will offer good deals online. be on the lookout for sales on electronics, especially tv's. tomorrow is also expected to be a busy day for shipping carriers. fedex is anticipating a record-breaking amount of shipments with over 100 million more packages then in 2019. tonight marks the beginning of hanukkah and the return of the lighting of the menorah in union square. last year, the event was virtual because of the pandemic.
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this year, the jewish community was able to gather to celebrate the lighting of the first candle of the menorah. this has been a tradition in san francisco since 1975. on tuesday, it is the day of giving. we have created a list of local organizations that make an impact in building a better bay area. you can find that list on our website. coming up, a routine dog walk turns into terror. >> two men came out of nowhere. anchor: a woman shares her harrowing story and her pleas to get her french bulldog back. and matthew mcconaughey discusses a potential run as texas governor. meteorologist: we have a gorgeous night. clear outside. temperatures will cool overnight. we could see patchy fog develop near the coast. i will let you know how long
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discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful... come outside, i'll introduce you! they're here. ♪ definitely "the one". ha... ha... introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. ♪ dion: then oakland woman is heartbroken and asking for help tonight she says her french bulldog was stolen at gun. once again, the popular breed becomes the victim of a violent crime. >> we would do anything to get him back. dion: hannah nelson was holding back tears as she asked for the safe return of the nearly two-year-old dog who was stolen at gunpoint. >> he is part of my daily l
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i sometimes forget what is going on and i look in the corner and try to find him. dion: nelson's friend was taking the dog for a walk near valdes when she says two thieves grabbed the dog and ran away. >> i called the cops. my voice was shaky. i told them what happened. i broke down in tears. dion: the breed is often targeted by thieves. you may remember this high profile case in san francisco. in january, woman says she was attacked by three men at gunpoint while she was walking her french bulldog. these pups can sell for thousands of dollars.
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dion: nelson says she hopes surveillance footage can help track down the people responsible for stealing merlin. if you think you see him or know where he is, you can call or text the number on your screen. san francisco animal care animae control have released a coyote rescued after nearly drowning at san francisco's marina green. here is new video of the coyote being released after it was treated. on friday, bystanders flagged down first responders made a lasso to keep the head of the coyote above water until it could be pulled to safety. paramedics treated the coyote for severe hypothermia. no hypothermic temperatures in the forecast and quite the opposite. we have the weather and it is looking pretty sunny. meteorologist: a lot of sunshine
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and clear skies. clear conditions around the bay area. clouds off the coast and high pressure over the bay area that is pushing the storm track, the clouds and the rain to our north where seattle is still getting pounded by rain. we might get some of this rain but not any time this week. here is a live shot from the east bay hills. we are looking west towards san francisco. in san francisco, it is still very mild, 59 degrees. mountain view, 48. half moon bay is currently at 55. from our roof camera, you can see how calm it is and that will allow temperatures to cool down tonight and warm up tomorrow afternoon. we are already dropping into the 40's in napa, fairfield, concord. we are looking towards downtown san francisco. it is gorgeous out there with
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these clear conditions. we have cool mornings and warm afternoons and the trend will continue through the work week. moderate air quality. high-pressure acts as a lid. hazy conditions. chance of a rain not until next week. overnight lows will drop into the 40's. we will be cooler in some spots, low 40's like santa rosa. we could see low clouds towards the coast but milder in san francisco. tomorrow, once again, well above average temperatures. in the 60's and 70's. look for a high of 72 in san jose. oakland, upper 60's. san francisco, 66. a lot of sunshine everywhere. maybe a few clouds at the beaches. well above average the next several days. in the south bay, our average is 62 degrees this time of the
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year. we finally drop to the 60's this weekend which is ahead of a trough that might ring us rain next week. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. a lot of sunshine for the next five days. 70's even for the beginning of december. notice next weekend is when we start to see some changes. 60's for everywhere. -- 60's for everyone. cooler and an increase in clouds on sunday. i am tracking some animations saying we could see some rain next week. for now, enjoy the mild weather. hopefully, get some exercise in. i know i will be trying to do that after thanksgiving. dion: add me to that list. a southern california high school football team made up entirely of deaf players tried to complete a dream season and
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dion: a cinderella season for a deaf high school football team in southern california has come to an end one game short of the state championship. the california school for the deaf from riverside lost last night in the division two championship. it was the first loss of the season for the team. they had won all 11 games gamess against hearing teams. continuing the alvarez has a preview of sports. >> stephen curry gets as fired up as you will ever see against the clippers and the 49ers making a playoff push against the vikings.
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>> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. chris: what a difference a month makes. the 49ers hold the sixth seed in the playoffs. santa claus making an early appearance. samuelsamuelsamuelsamuelsamuel score appeared 7-7. late second quarter, niners were down 14-7. how about a 15 play drive. tied at 14-14 at the half. san francisco takes the lead with this third-quarter opening score.
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the niners were rolling. as we move on, after a kirk cousins pick featuring elijah mitchell, welcome back from injury. 21 points in a four-minute spam. to the fourth quarter, the vikings go for it and the pass is incomplete. the niners run a seven minute drive to run out the clock and win the game, 34-26. three straight wins improving to 6-5 and the six seed in the nfc playoff race. >> i think we have played our best football. it came down to the wire. things went good for both sides at certain times in the game and the moment it flipped a number of times, i was proud of everyone on the team. chris: warriors and clippers in l.a. curry thinks he got fouled. no call.
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steph curry runs towards the rough and gets called for the rare technical. steve kerr says, let's respond. it is a curry flurry. three straight threes put this one away. nine straight points to finish with 33. he will even give himself the fake t. curry hit seven threes. worriers win and they are nba -- warriors win and they are nba best. rudolph baltcers rudolfs balcers gets the goal. meyer game two of the road trip tuesday afternoon in new jersey. you can see that game exclusively on espn plus at 4:00.
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kevin gausman has agreed to a deal with the toronto blue jays. the 30-year-old resurrected his career in two seasons with san francisco. he finished six in the cy young voting. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. dion. dion: how soon can vaccines be moderated for the new covid-19 variant? and the actions being taken by the president tomorrow. and history on jeopardy. there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity. get the fast and reliable internet you deserve
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward and finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dion: the world is on alert over the newly detected coronavirus variant, omicron. starting tomorrow, the u.s. will impose new restrictions on some travelers overseas to help stop disease from spreading. the president is expected to deliver remarks. so far, more than a dozen countries have confirmed cases of the new variant. we have more on the precautions being taken around the world. reporter: president joe biden briefed i his covid response team on sunday as scientists race to learn more about the new variant. the world health organization labeling it a variant of concern . first identified in south
11:37 pm
africa. canada confirming two cases on sunday. france investigating eight suspected cases. travel into the u.s. from eight african countries are said to be restricted starting on monday. and several other countries are enacting similar restrictions. rocco is suspending all incoming commercial flights. dr. anthony fauci say it is only a matter of time before the omicron variant is identified here in the u.s. >> inevitably, it will be here. the question is, is our preparation --will it be revved up? reporter: hospitalizations rising for nearly a third week after 10 weeks of decline. >> this surge feels worse than ever before. the patients are sicker. i don't feel like anything about this is normal. reporter: health experts say it is too soon to know if omicron
11:38 pm
causes more illness than the other variants. >> the vaccines will not be rendered ineffective. i am confident they will protect some degree of protection. reporter: pfizer and moderna are already working to adapt their vaccines for omicron. a process that could take 2-3 months. dion: waukesha, wisconsin held a vigil today one week after iman plowed a vehicle into a christmas parade killing six people. ♪ dion: at exactly 4:39 time darrell brooks crashed his suv into the parade. citizens were asked to put a blue light outside of their homes to be left up during the holidays.
11:39 pm
seven children remain in the hospital. after three years of delays, the disorderly conduct trial of jesse small it is expected to begin tomorrow. dr. told chicago police that he was the victim of a racial and homophobic attack saying two men hit him and shouted that this is maga country. he has denied t t t t staging it as a publicity stunt and pleaded not guilty to the charges. after matthew mcconaughey had entertained a potential bid for texas governor but today he made the decision to not enter the race. he called it a humbling experience. >> what have i learned? a lot. that we have some problems we need to fix. at our politics needs new purpose. that we have divides that need healing. dion: beta o'rourke announced he
11:40 pm
is entering the race. the current governor, greg abbott, is expected to seek a third term but has not made a formal announcement. we are following up on an environmental project. the goal was to encourage oysters to make the san francisco bay their home. tonight, see how it is going. francis: we have warm weather sticking around this week with high pressure in place which means cool mornings.
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dion: a transgender oakland woman is making history on jeopardy. amy schneider has won eight games in a row earning her a top spot in the tournament of champions. she is the first trans-person to qualify. the tournament is set for next
11:44 pm
fall but before that, she will be back on jeopardy on monday to try to continue her winning streak. so far, she has won over $295,000. she said she would like to take a little time off of her job and use the money to travel to ireland. you can route her on weeknights at 7:00 on abc 7 followed by the wheel of fortune at 7:30 p.m. a project along san francisco bay is wedding architecture with wildlife conservation. the experiment has been going on for about a year. and as spencer christian tells us, the early results are providing a potential blueprint for the way we might build in the future in the face of climate change. reporter: wildlife sshgnto e watersre title marsh to see te difference a year makes. his focus is oysters.
11:45 pm
now making home on prefabricated panels put into service last year. >> the goal is to maximize oyster recruitment so to get them to settle on these panels to grow. reporter: the project began with a restored title marsh stretching inland from the edges of chrissy field and connected by a culvert system. temporarily removed for inspection during the recent dive. the panels provide the native olympia oysters a home to attach themselves to all along the cement walls of the culvert. >> all of those are oysters. and that is the goal. reporter: the oyster introduction is an ongoing experiment in design evolution and the way we adopt our cities and coastline to climate change.
11:46 pm
the textured fiberglass panels were specially designed. >> i think it is part of a very new way of thinking about infrastructure, design, and ecology together. >> we know san francisco and seaworld will be protecting airports. the port of oakland is looking for different strategies. reporter: young says the presidio team is still learning about the physics of the title marsh -- which areas the oysters will thrive in and what other species will then a fit alongside them. the marsh will evolve as a living petri dish giving innovative designs that can be duplicated around san francisco bay. >> things are changing and we need to adapt so these are opportunities to use science to advance our knowledge. dion: a number of cities around
11:47 pm
the country including seattle are also experimenting with urban designs meant to bolster local fission while populations. abc 7 news was invited to a sneak peek of the great dickens fair. the fair is back and has transformed into an outdoor drive-through event to provide a safe experience for all. fairgoers can take a short drive to dickens' london. >> it is a drive-thru and an opportunity to enjoy live entertainment. dion: the fun begins saturday, december 4 and goes on for three weekends in december. you can have a car full of friends and family at $25 a vehicle. tickets are on sale now and can be purchased through our website.
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definitely not feeling like the holidays just yet with these temperatures. francis: it feels like spring. temperatures and the 70's. if you enjoyed the temperatures this weekend, you will enjoy the week. so clear out there looking downtown. we will continue this weather pattern with cool mornings and warm afternoons. it also means moderate air quality. with high pressure in place acting as a lid. a chance for rain next week on monday. right now, temperatures are dropping into some 40's in some spots and overnight, we will seek low 40's. we could see some patchy fog developed on the coast. and the inland valleys. temperatures warming up again into the 60's and 70's tomorrow. well above average once again
11:49 pm
with plenty of sunshine. oakland, 68. san jose, 72. i want to show you the forecast animations. high in place pushing storms north but we could see something next week on monday, maybe. enjoy the next five days. 70's all week long until next weekend when things start to cool down. dion: we will worry about the other stuff later. to chris now with a preview of sports. hey, chris. chris: don't look now but the 49ers have won three straight and we are talking playoffs. plus, what financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities.
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. >> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. chris: he is so impressed with the rookie that he actually wore a mitchell t-shirt wearing his
11:53 pm
postconference meeting today. with the 49ers rookie record all this after missing a week due to a finger surgery. there was some question if he would even play light alone be any good which makes his performance impressive. >> it is a different mindset on the field. if anyone is in my way, i try to run over them or buy them. >> i think he just loves football. he shows up every day. he is on time for everything. he does everything he is supposed to do. and it sets him up for success. chris: deebo samuel left the game with a groin injury but his work was far from done. the ultimate teammate stayed on
11:54 pm
the sidelines keeping elijah mitchell well hydrated as the 49ers closed out their third straight win. >> i would do the same thing if i ran the ball seven times in a row and can't breathe. i just wanted to give him some water and give them a breather. >> after 30 carries something i have been trying to do. i have been doing a very good job of thinking about it even after the game also. chris: a college football coaching shocker. lincoln riley was asked point-blank if he had any interest in the lsu job and, he took the usc job. he is only 38 years old. contract details have not been disclosed. odds are there are a lot of big numbers involved.
11:55 pm
the warriors announcing james wiseman and klay thompson have been assigned to the g league with santa cruz. in a play, stephen curry's emotions boiled over after this no-call. no foul was -- no foul was called. he was t'd up which seem to wake everyone including stephen curry. >> it was as upset as i have seen steph in a long time and it was as upset as i have been in a long time but it seemed to get them going. >> once the spark is a lit and i let the emotions fly, there is a voice in your head that says, let's play basketball. i love to control that moment.
11:56 pm
chris: the sharks won game one of their road trip today in chicago shutting out the blackhawks. game two is tuesday afternoon in new jersey and you can see that game exclusively on espn plus. colorado's mask it taking a photo with this lovely lady. four minutes left in the quarter. spencer jones ties it out. oscar's brother tristen plays for colorado. it became a free throw game late. harrison ingram misses and brandon ingram is off the mark. cal students finals are coming up. andre kelly in the post, palm fake. -- pump fake. cal broke it open.
11:57 pm
grant, the hoop and the fowl. he had 13. less then a minute later, shot clock winding down and jordan sheppard -- watch this. bank open on a sunday. the bears improved to 3-4 this season. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. dion: that is it for this edition of abc 7 news at 11:00. for all of us here, thank you for joining us. i've a wonderful evening.
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. covid concern. >> we should expect this variant will come to the united states. it will become truly global soon. >> new travel bans, the stock market tumbles as the omicron variant spreads across continents.
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