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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 28, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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this is abc7 news. >> you could call it the rush to return. airports are packed as millions of americans head home after the long holiday weekend the t.s.a. says this week has been the busiest we've seen since before the pandemic. with that we say good evening. i'm dion lin. you're watching abc7 news at 5:00, hulu live and wherever you stream the end of the thanksgiving weekend is shaping unto be one of the busiest days since the pandemic began the t.s.a. expects to screen 2.4 million travelers today alone that's the most passengers screened in one day since the spring of 2020. for much of last week, more than two million people have passed through security at airports throughout the country each day. colonel bernard wept to s.f.o.
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to check out the travel rush. he joins us in studio with a look at what's happening now. >> travelers are facing traffic delays on this one of the busiest travel weekends in years. a real traffic mess at s.f.o., drives dropping off loved ones for curb-side good-byes. >> how was your holiday? >> wonderful. we ate a lot of tucky cornell: this has been one of the busiest in two years with almost 50,000 departures on sunday. 46,000 on saturday. >> it's reassuring, refreshing because a lot of folks feel confident traveling. >> she never expected so much company r. it was chaotic. there were a lot of people. i could see a lot of people wanted to get back home or just traveling it was really heck ting
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>> we're coming back from new wash, new jersey transform roamani family said that their thanksgiving was canceled last year. >> finding parking was hard. many garages soldout. >> many travelers decided to drive to the airport. >> we had to divert some passengers different to other passenger garage that is share with the employees. >> her ride trip share normally cost about $45. but this weekend, it's a lot more with uber and lyft. >> definitely a major fare difference. it's a busy travel day. a lot of surge pricing going on. >> oh, yeah, lyft told us as vaccines rolled out, the demand for rides outpays the number of available drivers.
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thousands of drivers are being added to improve wait times an prices. uber says surge pricing is a result of high demand and tells ride first you're not in a rush try wait ago few minutes to request your ride as prices can go down. i'm cornell bernard. dana: -- dion: a new travel ban from africa and seven other countries. concerns are rising over the new covid-19 variant omicron. they call it a highly transmissible variant of concern. that's the same classification on the delta variant. dr. anthony fauci says it's a matter of time before the new variant applies the u.s. >> the question is will we will prepared for it? a large number of mutations in the spike protein which is the business end of the virus. >> israel has banned foreign travelers from entering the done tremendous for two weeks.
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vaccine makers are quickly working adapt their shots to fight the heavily limy taped omicron variant. pfizer expects to ship a tailored-made vaccine. moderna is working on a booster shot speckically tailored to target this variant. the news comes after the variant emerges and there are two confirmed cases in ontario, canada. you can always ask our vaccine team for questions. head over to abc the bay area continues to mourn the loss of a tv security guard who died after being shot. kevin nishita being escorted from high land hospital. he was a retired police officer so the alameda sheriff's office escorted his body with full law enforcement honors. the police department provided
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us this video. colma p.z. one of two police departments he was working for. he was protecting a local news crew when he was shot oakland police said it happened during an attempted robbery. those who knew him say he was a model police officer. >> he was kind. he was caring. compassionate and most importantly very, very honorary. dion: oakland police are asking for the public's help to track down this car here. it's a 2004 to 2008 white acura t.l. they believe this was the suspect's get days way card. a reward of up to $32,000 is being offered for an arrest. it has raised more than $12,000 so far for his go fund me. we've posted it on our website if you'd like to donate. we have this badge on the abc7
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facebook page. you can share it to show your support for nishita and his family this thanksgiving has been a tough one for a woman in oakland who says her french bulldog was stolen at gun point. this is 2 year-old merlin and hannah nelson. she was out of town for the holiday when she got a startling phone draw a friend who was pet-sitting fehr her a friend told nelson she was taking him for a walk near 24th on valdez when two thieves with a gun grabbed the dog and ran off. she feels like a pat of her heart is missing. she has a tearful message for the people who stole him. >> please, please child. deal with anything to get him back dion: it's hard to listen to there is a reward for information leading to merlen if
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you think you see the french bulldog you can text the number on your screen, 859--- 857, i should say, 928-8374. she hopes police can use surveillance video to help find him. san francisco animal care and control has release add coyote rescued after drowning at the marina green. here's new video of the coyote phoenix after it was treat and warmed up by shelter veterinary staff. bystanders flagged down first responders who made alaso to keep the coyotes head to water until it could be pulled to safety. paramedics athleted it for severe hypothermia. still ahead on abc7 news, a death rocking the fashion world. plus, the future of the san jose sharks evander kane the move the team made today and what that means for the embattled star. and the countdown is on to cyber monday the big ticket item you'll be able to score a big deal on.
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>> enjoying tall sunshine and the warm weather with some cool mornings. we have another five days of that there are some changes for next weekend and also i'm
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dion: the fashion world is mourning the loss of a fashion designer, virgil lebleaux died today after a battle with cancer. he founded the off-white brand. he is surviveed by his wife and there are new developments surrounding evander kane the team is putting him on
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waivers meaning another deem pick him up. he is currently suspended he's under investigation after his estranged wife accused him of sexual abuse the nhl star has set a deadline at 11:00 if root of the wants to add cane to the roster. he will join the mine or league team if he is not signed. bide landed back in d.c. today after spending thanks giving in nantucket. the clock is ticking in our nation's capital with funding for the federal government running out on friday the house and the senate will need to act quickly to adopt another spending fix. also this week, congressional democrats are hoping to advance president biden's economic agenda. from congress to the white house. the special reveal happening tomorrow at 1600 peaceful avenue. cyber monday is just a click
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away. why you want to start shopping now if you haven't already. >> and we have more warm weather. gorgeous outside with clear skies right now as we look from the east bay. we will finally see some changes heading our way with a chance of rain i'll tell you about that for next weekend coming up >> but first, here's lindsay davis with a look at what's ahead on abc world news. >> coming up on world news tonight the u.s. travel ban hours away from taking effect to help fight the spread of the omicron variant. cases are reported in canada and
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dion: hanukkah has returned to the union square this year
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the menorah lighting took place just before 5:00 to want. a candle lighting will take place each of the next eight nights symbolizing the eight nights of hanukkah the holiday runs through december 5th. well if you have your list and checking it twice shopping for the holidays continues tomorrow for cyber monday. retailers will offer big deals online be on the lookout for major sales on electronics especially tvs. tomorrow is expected to be a busy day for shipping carriers like u.p.s. and fedex. fedex is anticipating a record amount of shipments with 100 million more package than in 2019 before the pandemic. then on tuesday, it's the day of giving. we've create add list of local and vetted organization that is make a great impact in helping to build a better bay area. you can find that list at our website first lady jill biden will unveil this year's white house
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holiday theme and decor tomorrow a group of second grade from maryland will help her out. you're looking at video from last year's decorations tomorrow, national guard members and their families be on hand to enjoy the festivities the first lady will deliver a speech thanking volunteers who help decorate the white house for the holiday season. francis is standing by with the not so holiday feeling forecast. francis: we're going to see more of the warm weather and sunshine all week long. i want to show you live doppler 7. what you'll notice is tall storm moving up to our north toward seattle and that's brought them a ton of rain. but for us, we have high pressure overhead and that's keeping our skies clear and lots of sunshine and warmth. we have a beautiful view from the east bay hills looking out towards san francisco. winds have been light. and that's been allowing temperatures to warm-up.
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currently we're in the 60's. 64. oakland and mountain view 61 san jose 64 as well as morgan hill and half moon bay down to 59 degrees right now. we you can see the hazy conditions with high pressure overhead it acts like a lid. santa rosa right now 64. nevada, napa, fairfield and concord in the low 60's. liver moore dropped down to 59 degrees. a gorgeous view as we look toward downtown san francisco from sutro. you can expect cool mornings. warm afternoon lose as where moderate air quality through the workweek i i amtrak ago chance of rain. but it doesn't look like he's going to come our yea until next week. lows will be cool once again in the mid 40's to some low 50's. you'll notice in the north bay we could see some patchy fog develop where sometimes the temperatures will drop towards the dew point. and then we'll see fog develop. lots of 40's elsewhere.
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so definitely cooler as we head inland even some low 40's. tomorrow look for highs to be in the 60's to 70 once again we're well above average. san francisco 66. oakland 68. some other areas like san jose reaching the low 70's. 72 there in parts of the north bay. so for example eagle in south bay, we are well above average. normally at 62. we're going to be about 10 degrees above average through the workweek and then things start to change into next weekend. we'll start to see clouds develop and things change because of another system as high pressure breaks down. the is almost head our way after next weekend. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's a little bit cooler at that time coastle we could see some more fog. also tuesday morning, a little bit of a change. and then a very mild start for december with many areas in the 70's. little change for friday. so all week long plenty of sunshine. things start to develop on saturday. the weather will be much cooler
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for next weekend. and on sunday, we'll start to see increasing clouds giving us a hint of a weather system that could bring us rain on monday next week. we'll be keeping an eye on that, dion. dion: chris alvarez joining us with a preview "sportscenter." chris: steph curry was fired up against clips. the 49ers making their push against the vikings. against the vikings. how they ran their way to a mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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announcer: now, abc7 sports with chris alvarez. chris: the 49ers entered the game as the seventh seed. there are definite playoff vibes at levi on the last day of november. jimmy garoppolo threw an early pick that led to a touchdown. kyle shanahan letting him know about it. ensueing possession. get the ball to deebo sam glum from 20 yards out game tide at 7-7. and that 4k camera on deebo. you've got to love it. 14-7. an 85-yard drive. jimmie g. and juwan jennings he dances at the end zone. 14-14. at that time break. it's deebo again. he had 78 touchdowns and two touchdowns. he would live with a groin injury. very next play, kirk cousins
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picked up by aziz al-shair. and elijah mitchell back in. so the niners scored 29 points in four minutes. they're up 28-14. levi vikings going fourth and goal. and kirk cousins' pass to jefferson, incomplete. that ended the game niners win 34-26. that is three straight wins improving to 6-5. they're the sixth seed in the n.f.c. race. >> we played our best football. and just in all three phases, i thought this one was a huge one. you know, it came down to the why. and things went good for both sides at certain times in the game. and the momentum flip add number of times. i was just really proud of everyone on the team and everyone involved in this building. >> to the warriors, who announced klay thompson and james wideman has been their
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affiliate the g-league the wars orride ago six-game road streak with the clippers a 12:30 start in l.a. the dubs dancing but started add little slow. third quarter, stephen curry, oh that is july beautiful. great pass to draymond green we show it twice. warriors force 24 turnovers. steph has 26 steals. fans giving it to him a little bit. he pulls out the championship belt do not make him angry because in the fourth dubs up nine thinks he gets fouled. he's already fired up. goes after the ref. gets a technical. coach said let's use that energy to our energy. and he responds with a curry fleury. three straight threes to put thumb this one away. going to give himself a fake t a of he bury this is triple. he hit seven manufacture there's. now just 37 away from the al-time record. here's the t right there. warriors win 105-90 improving to an nba best record 18-2.
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so dion, check out the noise canceling head phones. it is cyber monday tomorrow because the way they are going, a lot of yelling. >> i will get the area plugsers, the area mugs. chris: there are deals. dion: the holiday season with a dash of disney magic. what could be better? we've got a sneak peak at the celebration happening to want right here on abc7. stay with us.
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d irks on: it's most wonderful time of the year and ton, disney is kicking off the happiest season of all with the sixth annual the wonderful world of disney magical holiday celebration. >> i'm just a huge gigantic fan of disney land. it's kind of like a dream come true. >> i love this time of year the lineup of musical performances includes kristen chenowith, gwen stefani. you can watch it right here on abc7.
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disney is our parent company. that's all the time we have on abc7 news at 5:00. we'll see you at breaking tonight as we come on the air, the concerning covid variant triggering new travel restrictions. health care officials warn it's a matter of when, not if, it will arrive in our country. tonight the u.s. travel ban just hours away from taking effect to help fight the spread of the omicron variant first detected in southern africa considered to be highly mutated. just moments ago canada reporting two cases, the first confirmed in north america. president biden briefed at the white house as millions of americans return from thanksgiving gatherings. the urgent concerns tonight. is this variant more contagious and what about protection from vaccines? dr. jha right here to answer your questions. and tonight overseas nations on alert. cases of the omicron variant already reported in more than a dozen countries. israel closing its borders.
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