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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 28, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. global concerns about the new covid-19 variant. >> a new variant thrown into the mix is exactly what we don't want at this time. >> israel now closing its borders as more countries around the world confirm new cases. and 13 of those 61 airline passengers from south africa to netherlands find out they're infected with the omicron variant. travel restrictions. we're hours away from the u.s. limiting travel to people coming from eight african countries. >> we're going to take every precaution. >> why the move has angered south africa. heading home. the record number of travelers expected at the airport. how to prepare, plus the best and worst times on the highway. "gma" helping you steer clear of traffic troubles and any bad weather ahead.
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stepping up security. stores across the country taking action following more flash mob-style smash and grabs. the move from major retailers. police departments aimed at stopping these frightening heists. cyber monday preview. as you ready up your shopping list, what's on sale and where you'll find the best deals. the shopping strategies to stretch your holiday budget. our very own superhero. >> and a giant honor for our michael strahan. the new york giants retiring his iconic number 92 today after his hall-of-fame career. >> congrats, pal. well deserved. >> the message from a former teammate as we tally up michael's memorable moments on the field. >> michael strahan! good morning, america. how excited are we for michael strahan? we get to know him as a friend.
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we forget that he would strike fear into quarterbacks for a decade and a half in the nfl. >> what is he not good at? >> i haven't found it yet. he's going to go to space. he'll be good at that too. >> the jovial, genuine article. we'll talk more about him coming up. eva is on maternity leave. so, a reminder, we have will reeve and congressional correspondent rachel scott back at the desk this morning. but we'll get to the news as we have a busy day as we wrap up thanksgiving weekend. we may be heading into a new concerning phase of the pandemic. cases of the so-called omicron variant already recorded in at least eight countries, the latest australia. >> many health officials fear it could be even more contagious than delta, but they caution more study is needed. many countries already tightening covid restrictions, notably israel, announcing plans to close its borders to foreign nationals for two weeks. the uk tightening rules on testing of international arrivals. >> and just hours from now, president biden's new restrictions on travelers from southern african nations will go
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into effect. it will limit travel from south africa and seven other countries. the makers of the pfizer vaccine say that they can create a tailor-made vaccine in 100 days to counter the omicron variant. moderna says they're already working on a booster for it. >> for the latest on the situation, let's go to abc's elwyn lopez at the airport in atlanta. elwyn, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, whit, good morning. this is one of the world's busiest airports. that new highly mutated variant is set to shut down travel into the u.s. from several countries starting tomorrow. around the world this morning, nations taking swift action to stem the spread of the omicron variant. the u.s. now just hours away from closing its borders to people coming from several african countries. >> as the president has said, we're going to take every precaution. that's why we've taken the measures we have. >> reporter: it hits when cases and hospitalizations in the u.s. are on the rise. >> a new variant thrown into the
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mix is exactly what we don't want at this time. >> reporter: hoping to avoid even more of a surge, on monday, president biden is sealing off entry into the u.s. from south africa and seven other nations. this as health officials dub that new variant, omicron, as one of concern. south africa releasing a statement slamming the travel restrictions, saying it's akin to punishing the country for its ability to detect new variants quicker. israel now also announcing it will shut down to foreign travelers for two weeks after at least one case of the new variant was detected. the uk, australia, germany, italy and the czech republic also part of the growing list of nations with confirmed cases. this morning, in the netherlands 61 people are under quarantine after arriving from south africa and testing positive for covid-19. 13 of those cases now confirmed to be the omicron variant. >> was it really smart to visit family in south africa? you never know. but it's a weird and a little
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scary idea that you've been on a plane with a lot of people who tested positive. >> reporter: the uk taking new precautions with the possible threat omicron poses, requiring face coverings on public transportation and in shops. while the heavily mutated virus has yet to be detected in the u.s., many health officials say they would not be surprised if it was already here. >> there's reason to be somewhat concerned with new variants emerging, but you have to remember it is way too early to press the panic button. >> reporter: and the fallout goes far beyond public health. wall street taking a hit, the dow plunging more than 900 points. a lot of uncertainty going into tomorrow's opening bell. whit? >> we're seeing the ripple effect. elwyn, thank you. and all this pandemic news breaking as americans embark on the busiest travel day of the year. millions heading home from thanksgiving. will the weather impact travel plans? let's get right to rob marciano. rob, how's it looking out there? >> thankfully still no major
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storms, but there are pockets of some dangerous weather. yesterday we had a lot of snow across parts of new england and maine from the alberta clipper. this is castle hills, 5 to 7 inches of snow there. like-effect snow along lake erie, lake ontario. this is just outside of cleveland. look at it comes down there. white-out conditions at times. snow showers across the northeast. in the gulf coast you may see some rain. all the other interstates will be clear with the exception of i-5 and i-90 in the northwest. we're seeing potentially flooding rains here impacting travel out of seattle. will, back over to you. millions of people will be flying home today, so let's see what the air travel day has in store with reena roy. she's live at newark liberty airport. good morning, reena. >> reporter: will, good morning to you. things are already busy here at newark airport. lot of people showing up. that will likely be the case at many airports across the country today, with 2.4 million people
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expected to fly. makes it not only the busiest day of the year, but also the most passengers screened in one day since the pandemic began. the tsa has screened more than 2 million travelers a day since last week. yesterday alone more than 2.2. experts say if you've got a flight this morning you should be in pretty good shape. any time before 12 noon is oon however is a little less typically peak travel time. if you're flying then, of course prepare for pretty long lines. parking lots also have been filling up at major airports. customers advised to reserve spots ahead of time. but overall, the good news is that the tsa and the airlines have bulked up staffing, insisting that they're ready for this rush. will? >> good luck to all 2.4 million of you trying to travel on the busiest day of the year. reena roy, thank you. as for the roads, and the best and worst tiechls
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to hit them, let's bring in abc's zachary kiesch. zachary, good morning. >> reporter: will, good morning. the drive home after a holiday weekend is always a bit staggered, but by most accounts, the bulk of road travel will happen today. this could really be one of the busiest travel days on the road since 2019, and all the experts are saying get on the road early. we're seeing activity on the west side highway in new york city, and this is only going to tick up. experts say you're going to want to get an early start. the peak travel times today will be between 1:00 and 7:00. they encourage folks to get out there before 12 noon. it's interesting, you know, despite gas prices being about a dollar more per gallon than this time last year, aaa says about 90% of travelers reported driving was their preferred mode. that translated to some 48 million people taking to the roads. the national price for gas is slightly down from last week, at $3.39 a gallon. but again, you'll want to bring
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your patience and you'll want to leave early or leave late. rachel? >> get an early start. thanks, zachary. to politics now, and an intense week ahead for president biden when he returns from a holiday break in new england. there's that new covid variant, the possibility of a government shutdown and the escalating situation between ukraine and russia. abc white house correspondent maryalice parks is traveling with the president in nantucket. good morning, maryalice. >> reporter: good morning, rachel. after taking this breather with his family, the president is now going to have to hit the ground running this week. several big deadlines are coming up quickly. friday funding for the federal government runs out. there's the possibility of a government shutdown. the treasury department said by mid-december the country could be unable to pay its bills. earlier this fall congress only passed these short-term stopgap measures to keep the lights on and increase the debt ceiling, so their backs are against the wall again. they'll have to pass these big bills quickly. there are these issues abroad
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that are heating up too. the president this weekend took questions about russia's aggressive behavior on the ukrainian border. there are reports that as many as 100,000 russian troops are now there, possibly threatening an invasion again of ukraine. the u.s. national security adviser jake sullivan had a call with his ukrainian counterpart friday. secretary of state blinken has nato meetings this week. and just a few weeks ago, blinken also hosted the ukrainian foreign minister in d.c., so clearly the white house is tracking this closely. they are looking for ways to support the ukrainian government and deter russia. rachel? >> maryalice, the president saying he has some concerns about what's going on at the ukrainian border. just one issue that the president will be facing this week. for all the others, let's bring in our deputy political director averi harper. averi, i want to start with the pandemic. nearly 150 days ago the president said we were closer to declaring independence from the virus. now we see this new covid-19 variant. how much of a challenge does this pose for the president? >> we mentioned those travel restrictions earlier. we know that new york's governor
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has declared a state of emergency and we saw the markets take a nose dive because of the omicron variant. i would say this poses a significant challenge to the biden administration, particularly on the economic front. last week we heard the president urge americans to have confidence in the progress the economy has made. the omicron variant could pose a significant threat to that progress. heading into an election year, for the biden administration, which is critical, it could spell trouble. >> all eyes on the supreme court this week. they're set to take up that mississippi law banning abortion as early as 15 weeks into a woman's pregnancy. this could determine the stakes for roe versus wade. what are you expecting? >> right, the supreme court is going to hear oral arguments in that case. i'll tell you that reproductive rights advocates that i speak to are nervous. there's palpable fear that with a conservative majority on the court that a woman's right to choose could be in jeopardy. listen, if we see the court uphold the mississippi law, we
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could see a rippling effect in states across the country, conservative states, where they would have similar bans which would disproportionately affect women of color, poor women and force women to travel long distances across state lines for abortion care. >> high stakes ahead of the critical midterm elections. averi, thank you so much. and a big show is ahead on "this week" this morning, george stephanopoulos talks with dr. anthony fauci over concerns about the new covid-19 variant, plus exclusive interviews with senators amy klobuchar and bill cassidy about the economy and the very busy agenda for congress for the rest of the yar. now to another story we're following this morning, new reports of flash mob-style robberies of major retailers, the latest in minneapolis after a string of these smash and mercndisfr smash-and-graorts fra
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lapd officers went on citywide tactical alert friday placing more officers near retail stores. it comes after a disturbing string of highly orchestrated and sometimes violent heists nationwide. just on black friday robbers targeting a high-end store in the melrose area and a home depot near los angeles. a group of about 30 thieves striking this minneapolis best buy on black friday. >> it's frustrating, because i know people are just trying to take advantage of the fact it's black friday weekend. >> reporter: that retailer taking a major step to fight back writing in part, they are working at the federal level to pass a law that would make the online reselling of these stolen goods much more difficult, materially reducing the incentive to commit the crimes in the first place. this follows numerous flash-mob-style attacks at department stores and brazen attacks at luxury stores like louis vuitton and saks fifth avenue. former fbi agent brad garrett says a big challenge could be
7:14 am
copy-cat thieves. >> they tend not to be an organized group from the standpoint of fencing jewelry, of having organized crime involved, so i do believe los angeles may have some copy cat going on. >> reporter: meanwhile, smaller businesses taking dramatic measures to keep their merch safe. >> hopefully that pays off. >> reporter: that includes shortening store hours. stores like beta in san francisco now shelling out $30,000 monthly for round-the-clock security. so you might be out shopping this weekend. if you're in a store during a smash and grab, officials say do not confront the robbers. they say if you feel safe call 911 and try to remember any details you can, like a license plate number. they say you're better off being the eyes and ears of police than trying to be the police itself. will?
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>> good advice, zohreen. thank you so much. now to black friday online sales by the numbers, which are reportedly down just slightly from last year. abc's deirdre bolton is here and deirdre, that lower number may just be a sign of people shopping early. >> that is exactly right. will, the tally from thanksgiving and black friday shows a shift in a pattern. consumers started to buy gifts earlier this season, actually as early as october this year. many say that change is due to fears about inventory paired with a response to retailers aggressive fall promotions. total online spending on black friday, the low end of adobe's predicted range, thanksgiving came in flat. that's actually the first time where both days didn't see an increase in online spending. tomorrow may be a different story altogether. adobe forecasting that cyber monday may be the biggest online shopping day of 2021. americans may spend between 10.2 and $11.3 billion online.
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now, as for the category of what's selling the most -- toys, somewhat predictably, then books, then video games and a little bit of a wild card here, appliances, but personal care products. will, back to you. >> okay, always got to get those personal care products. thank you, deirdre. coming up in our next half hour, becky worley is going to show us some of the best deals of the year on cyber monday. whit, you're ready to rock. >> i got a head start actually. i'm doing pretty good this year. just saying. >> good for you. let's get a check of the weather. rob marciano is here. we know winter is coming when he's got the tweed coat, the vest, the elbow pads. >> you see the elbows. >> there it is. stylish. >> i didn't want to pat you on the back. you guys look great. will, this is for you, i know you love sports. we're going to michigan where they had a huge win, not upset, i guess it's an upset. ohio state, they haven't beat
7:17 am
them in i don't know how long. congratulations. but the snow, this is why i'm showing it to you during the weathercast. snow at michigan state and they managed to beat penn state. big time wins in michigan. potential impact today, this next clipper won't have as dramatic snow as we saw yesterday. it may slow down traffic along i-90 and i-80 and a couple snow flurries and quick snow showers across the northeast. i-10 down across the south you'll see a little rain today coming out of texas. the big story is the cold air in place and will remain in place across the northeast. that's a check in the east. lisa: good sunday morning. waking up to some pretty chilly numbers in the north bay. otherwise, 40's and 50's, plenty of sunshine on the way for another unseasonably mild afternoon. it will be dry right on through thanksgiving and beyond into next weekend. upper 60's concorde and oakland today. 71 in san jose.
7:18 am
66 vallejo, 70 in santa rosa. very little change tomorrow, apparently these guys didn't get the memo that this weekend is thanksgiving, not easter. >> oh! >> okay, all right, mr. fashion forward. somebody get this man a brandy and a cigar. to go with the elbow pads. >> exactly. >> taking fashion advice from rob apparently. >> thank you very much. it's not easter and thanksgiving is over, but it's a momentous day for fans of the new york giants, which i am, and for fans of michael strahan, which we all are. >> yes, we are. >> today they're retiring michael's number 92 in a ceremony during their game against their hated rivals, the philadelphia eagles. janai norman is here with more. >> i don't want to get in the middle of this rivalry between the giants and the eagles, but i'm just saying of his nearly 150 sacks michael had 21 1/2
7:19 am
career sacks against the eagles. and as luck would have it, the eagles will be at metlife stadium taking on the giants this afternoon when strahan's number 92 is honored and hung from the rafters with other giants' legends. >> our very own superhero, michael strahan. >> reporter: a moment nearly 20 years, 854 tackles, 141.5 sacks and one big "gma" surprise in the making. >> so, michael, do you have any idea why your teammates are here today? >> i think so. it's jersey retirement maybe. >> yeah. >> reporter: michael strahan, for 15 years he was the giants' number 92 leaving it all on the gridiron and in the record books. >> strahan to the end zone. touchdown! >> that is like the ultimate respect from your team. >> reporter: strahan was a seven-time pro bowler, twice
7:20 am
earning the honors of most sacks in the nfl and once the nfl's defensive player of year, known by many as a sack specialist. >> and he's sacked by strahan. >> reporter: strahan was inducted in to the hall of fame back in 2014. >> i know you have your rally towels. i know you want to wave it for me and my number is on it. that means nothing. wave those towels for every player whoever put on this uniform, for every fan who has ever rooted for this team because we are the new york giants! >> reporter: today he'll be joining former teammate eli manning whose number 10 was retired in september. >> there's not another player more deserving for this honor than you. you're such a great teammate and player for the giants organization. i know the only reason it's taken so long for them to do
7:21 am
this is that you've just been too busy. you didn't have time in your busy schedule to get your number retired. you had too many other important things to do. congrats, pal. well deserved. >> look, michael strahan is a busy man, but a giant and well-deserved honor. congratulations, michael. look, guys, we have something in common with eli manning. we can also say michael strahan is a great teammate. >> no question about it. people ask us all the time what's he like. he's the same in real life as he is on camera. he's a gentle giant, the true genuine article, one of our favorites around here. >> one of the sweetest guys. >> absolutely. >> he does everything at the top of the line. >> sure does. >> football, tv, even golf. it's really annoying. >> and it's a good guy to have on your team if things get tough. >> yeah, exactly. >> exactly. >> congratulations michael strahan. coming up here on "gma," online deals hours away as the holiday shopping season moves into cyber monday. where to maximize your savings. opening statements due tomorrow in the trial of ghislaine maxwell. what we can expect as the former associate of jeffrey epstein goes on trial on sex trafficking charges. "good morning america"
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>> announcer: t-minus 11 days and counting. michael strahan liftoff. rocket to space. see it live thursday, december 9th, starting on abc's "good morning america." are you ready for this, michael? hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call
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7:28 am
a ceremony will take place each following night to light a candle up and through the eighth and final night. if you are planning to attend today's celebrations, we will check in with lisa argen for a look at the forecast. sweater weather? lisa: by that time they should be in the upper 50's. we are going through the upper 60's downtown. look at this gorgeous shot. 54 downtown now. it is sunny. air quality is good. we will call it moderate. mid 40's and looking at upper 60's to low 70's today. stephanie: lisa, thanks.
7:29 am
7:30 am
first and goal at the four. touchdown. >> welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. a great day of college football yesterday. biggest game of the weekend was between the bitter rivals, number five michigan hosting number two ohio state. they pulled off the upset in authoritative fashion. they won 42-27. michigan winning this historic rivalry game for the first time in a decade. it's the first time coach jim harbaugh has beaten them in six tries. michigan will move on to the big ten championship game. they could secure a spot in the college football playoff. the loss knocking ohio state out of contention this season for a national championship. and the iron bowl, alabama, auburn was the night cap. what a day of college football. what a sunday we have for you. >> we had will giving us the highlights here. we both missed it. i was taking care of foster puppies. you were watching c-span.
7:31 am
>> love c-span. >> c-span is great, but not on saturdays. >> we got the highlights. thank you, will, for that. we want to get to the other big stories. happening right now, what scientists are calling an extremely strong earthquake struck northern peru. it's believed to have a preliminary magnitude of 7.5. witnesses say a tower and church collapsed shortly afterward. also right now, opening arguments are expected to begin tomorrow in the trial against british socialite and accused sex trafficker ghislaine maxwell. maxwell who was accused of procuring underage girls for convicted pedophile jeffrey epstein faces life in prison if convicted. there are reports that she may take the stand after the prosecution rests its case in a last-ditch effort to clear her name. jews around the world will begin celebrating hanukkah this evening. the celebration lasts for eight
7:32 am
nights with families following the ritual of lighting candles, exchanging gifts and feasting on special foods while remembering the struggles of their ancestors. happy hanukkah. >> happy hanukkah to all. and we start this half hour with the big build up to cyber monday. just hours away by now. retailers offering sizeable savings online. cky rl, u know does, she scours the internet for the best deals. >> reporter: it has been a weird, topsy-turvy black friday season, buhing i can tell you, cyber monday is the last day for significant discounts before christmas. so, historically this day has offered the best prices on gifts like android phones, travel, high-end tvs, shoes and makeup. but to maximize this day, you want to look for deals on any big ticket purchase that you need to make, anything that will come up in the next three months -- i'm talking mattresses, appliances, furniture, they could all be discounted. deals for cyber monday typically go live at midnight eastern online, sunday night, so you can shop late if you like. amazon-branded products like alexas and kindles tend to see
7:33 am
their last big discounts. before the holidays. if you need an apple present for a gift, here's a tip, don't look at the apple stores. for big sales. try best buy and walmart. they sometimes will sweeten deals with a gift card. think beyond the typical retailers. i'm talking electronics stores newegg, monoprice, b&h, they go big on this day. one last piece of advice, in this year when we're seeing higher prices due to shortages, today is a day to get creative about shopping local, about giving experiences and just gifting from the heart. guys? >> we love that, becky, thank you. as becky said there, when it comes to gifts, sometimes it's better to think small, as in small businesses. joining us is etsy trend expert, if i can say that altogether, dayna isom johnson. dayna, good morning to you. it's great to have you. so i think sometimes people make the mistake of thinking the box stores are the easier way to go.
7:34 am
what are the advantages to buying from small businesses like on etsy? >> whit, there are four reasons to shop locally. the first is you'll feel good about your purchase because you know exactly where your dollar is going. the second is, because there's a real person behind that item that's being made, there's the possibility you can personalize or customize. the third is, because of those supply chain shortages that are happening at big box stores, many small businesses are not affected by that because they're working with local materials. the fourth reason to shop locally, excuse me, when you shop from places like etsy, you can set your search filters and you're able to show you just want to shop from businesses in your area. that will help out with potential shipping delays. >> so many advantages. tell us what items are trending this year. >> all right, i want to kick it off with personalized gifts. personalized gifts on etsy was actually the top searched item of 2021. so, so many people have welcomed fur babies into their life.
7:35 am
get them a wonderful customized ornament. that can hang on the tree. you can also do personalized necklaces. now i like these scripted necklaces, a great modern take on those nameplate necklaces. >> so i'm a parent. i'm constantly trying to pull the kids away from their tablets, their devices. what about something crafty or something that you can do with your kids? >> it's all about those creative kits. we saw a 1,056% increase in searches for diy kits. so you can do things like make flowers together or making cheese together. there are so many diy kits. it's really about that experience and special time spent together at the holidays. >> what about something for the home? >> yes, so checker print has been one of the biggest trends this year. started in fashion, now in home. for that coffee drinker or tea lover, get a really cool and chic mug. >> i'm told that dads are difficult to shop for.
7:36 am
i would be in that category. so, any recommendations there? >> yes. okay, so i love these leather catch-alls because you can get it personalized. when you, whit, open that up on the holidays you're going to feel really special because it feels like it was made just for you. i love these travel totes as we start to travel again for the holiday season. >> love that. dayna, thank you so much as always. we truly appreciate it. enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend. we'll talk to you later. time now for weather. rob, just make this report a little bit better than that fashion advice you were giving us earlier. >> i appreciated the fashion advice. >> my advice is to wear a sweater or sweater vest. when you're getting on in years, you'll find this out soon enough. >> he gets the turtleneck with the sweater on top. that's coming out later. >> lose the elbow patches. >> i'm losing the circulation. it's going quickly. el paso, colorado, little bit of snow there. guess what? denver hasn't seen snow in over 220 days. such a slow start to the year not just in denver but across a
7:37 am
lot of the west. northwest getting a little snow. wazoo, pullman, washington, yesterday got some snow. part of that atmospheric river. some pulses of energy coming into the pacific northwest. they just got flooded a few days ago and two weeks ago. they keep getting hit here. they're evacuating some of these areas, and flash flooding will be a problem i think for the next couple days. that's where the jet stream is. that's where all the action is. below it is where the warm air is. we're looking at temperatures 10, 20, 30 degrees above average from los angeles to las vegas. into parts of the high country of the high plains. if you look into the first week of december, that pattern is going to stick. warm out west and below average temperatures in the east. prepare for that. this weather report has been
7:38 am
sponsored by hobby lobby. great spot to shop for dad. for christmas. >> you can get a beret and it will go perfectly with that outfit. just get a beret off to the side. >> and one of those long cigarettes. >> good look. >> rob, thank you so much. coming up here on "good morning america," skiing champion mikaela shiffrin eyeing a big win today. what she told our rob marciano ahead of today's race. and then the huge question, when to put the christmas tree up. survey says -- >> already done at my house. >> you'll find out in "pop news." >> already done. >> oh, okay.
7:39 am
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welcome back to welcome back to "gma." as skiing phenom mikaela shiffrin eyes another chance to make history on the slopes if the weather in vermont cooperates. rob is here with more. hey, rob. >> exactly, if the weather cooperates. good morning again. the weather didn't cocop rate yesterday in killington. they canceled the giant slalom because of visibility from snow and wind but mikaela will be ready to go today and for the beijing olympics. i got to catch up with the american skiing superstar. she's the two-time olympic champion and winningest slalom skier of all time. 26-year-old mikaela shiffrin has shredded record after record. it's been ten years since you
7:43 am
made your debut on the world cup. i think you were like 15 years old. did you ever think when you got into this sport as a kid and a teenager competitively that you would be where you are today with all you have accomplished? >> i had really, really lofty goals and dreams ever since i was little, ever since i was watching my idols competing in the world cup on tv. i wanted to be like them. >> reporter: like them? mikaela has surpassed most her idols. 67 world cup victories. the first skier to win gold medals at five straight worlds. the youngest athlete to win an olympic gold medal in sochi for slalom. believe it or not after all these accomplishments -- >> i get more nervous than i used to. >> really? >> well, that's actually not that true. i can get more nervous as the pressure increased and expectations increased, i got more nervous over the years. >> reporter: this weekend, mikaela is competing in two
7:44 am
races at the killington cup, a qualifying event for the 2022 games in beijing. >> i'm looking forward to racing again and having those first races out of the way, and i love racing in killington. the crowd is amazing. the atmosphere is amazing. we're going to have fans here. you feel the buzz in the air. i love that. >> little fun speed round. music-wise what song or songs do you listen to to get pumped up? >> it's been adele. >> any shows that you're binging right now? >> i have been watching "yellowstone." >> what's your favorite holiday movie? >> probably "home alone." >> usa, usa, the olympics in beijing, and take home some hardware. don't get hurt please. >> thank you. >> mikaela said she is dealing with a sore back right now, but being home with the home crowd here in the northeast will certainly help. i got to speak with her before the last olympics, over four years ago, and her mom was her manager then. her mom is still her manager. it's a full-on family affair. whit, if your mom was your manager, maybe you would have accomplished something. >> i actually took my mom's
7:45 am
class in college one time. >> how did you do? >> i got an a minus. yes. >> can't have too much nepotism. >> she was very proud. thanks, rob. we'll be back with "pop news." today, your customers want it all. you have to deal with higher expectations and you have to lower wait times. with ibm, you can do both. your business can unify apps and data across your clouds. so you can address supply chain issues in real time, before they impact your bottom line. predicting and managing operational issues that's why so many businesses work with ibm. with age comes more... get more with neutrogena® retinol pro plus. a powerful .05% retinol that's also gentle on skin. for wrinkles results in one week. neutrogena®. for people with skin. ♪ best of my love by black pumas feat. sofia reyes ♪ for wrinkles results in one week. shop cyber monday deals now at target.
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♪ welcome back to "gma." it is "pop news" and janai, i believe from your angle can you see rachel scott's boyfriend out there through the window in times square? >> i don't see him. is he still defrosting? it still was the best thing seeing him out there. shout out to him. >> strict covid testing rules in the studio, and so we couldn't let him in, but he was a trouper. >> i loved him from afar. he was so supportive. >> he loves you back, will.
7:49 am
>> look at that, he got his own pod. it's time for "pop news." we're starting with jimmy kimmel who may be sitting in the makeup chair a little longer than usual ahead of his show. seems like he had a little bit of a thanksgiving mishap. the late-night host sharing this picture on instagram. you got to look closely at his arm, forehead and eyebrows. writing thanks, everyone, try not to burn your hair and eyebrows off lighting the oven. chef jamie oliver commenting on the post, oh, no. it may have been worth it. kimmel later posted this picture of the final product and the turkey turned out pretty well. it's better than burning the turkey. >> exactly. meghan trainor turned her new video into a family affair. her video for the song "my kind of present" -- listen to that. ♪ >> we were jamming to it earlier. a very trainor christmas features her reading to baby boy
7:50 am
before her breaking into song. ♪ sitting by the fire carolling ♪ ♪ just put your hands all over me ♪ >> rachel is jamming. >> we needed the cutaway camera. i don't know what that was. >> you can spot trainor's husband in that video as well as she decorates the christmas tree. decorating the christmas tree is what we have to talk about, because now is the time to put up the christmas tree. according to most people, a new study by axios asked readers when it is acceptable to put up the tree. 5.5% said it's never too early. >> they're wrong. >> never too early. >> you agree? >> i agree. >> never too early. >> get out of here. >> 20.5% said before thanksgiving. the vast majority of people said after thanksgiving. >> normal. >> thank you. there is good in the world. 17% said early december. 2% said not until after december
7:51 am
20th. >> no, that's no good. >> that's just the family of grinch. >> do you have your tree up? >> we did ours yesterday. we still have to decorate one. we do two trees, one real, one fake. we still have to decorate. we busted about six ornaments. >> we busted one. baby girl. >> i don't have any ornaments. >> i think christmas trees should be kept up all year round. okay, i keep a black santa out all year round. >> yes, rachel! >> i like that. >> do you really? >> i do. >> rachel scott! >> clark grizwold of capitol hill right here. we'll be right back. stay with us. hill right here. we'll be right back. stay with us. e. i got really good at masking my depression. but inside was a different story. even though i'd been on an antidepressant for months, i was still feeling depressed. is there anything more i can do? yes, adding rexulti may help.
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7:56 am
>> once again congratulations to our friend michael strahan. retiring his jersey. oh, by the way, he goes to space in a couple weeks as well. >> he does it all. >> stay tuned for "this week." have a great weekend. "this wee" have a great weekend. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. stephanie: good morning. i am stephanie sierra. hanukkah begins today. there are several events across the bay area to celebrate. the biggest is in san francisco at union square. the traditional menorah lighting takes place at 4:45 this afternoon. a ceremonial lighting will take
7:57 am
place each night of through the eighth and final night of the holiday, which is december 5. the warriors may be on the road, but their home is celebrating the start of the holiday season. thrive city outside chase center is hosting a winter wonderland. the event brings family fun activities every week until christmas. there will be a festive hanukkah celebration with a ceremonial menorah lighting, live entertainment, storytelling, facepainting, and more. the event is free and runs from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. let's check in with lisa for today's temperatures. lisa: looking at the sun behind you, a little bit of haze out there. air quality is moderate in the north bay and east bay. as we look at pier 39, it looks nice. temperatures in the mid-50's. 51 oakland. already 50 degrees on the coast. the golden gate bridge, some
7:58 am
haze as high-pressure continues to put a lid on the atmosphere. cord. temperatures are milder from two morning. a lot of sunshine, high-pressure and control allowing temperatures to be as warm or even warmer than yesterday. get set for another mild afternoon with 71 in fremont. 75 morgan hill. stephanie: thank you. this week with george stephanopoulos is next.
7:59 am
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♪ >> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts we shouect this will come to the united states. it will become truly global soon. >> new travel bans, the stock market tumbles as the omicron variant spreads across continents. >> this is something that you have to pay really close attention to and be prepared for something that's serious. >> we'll get the latest on this new pandemic threat from dr. anthony fauci. sticker shock. >> disruptions related to the pandemic have caused challenges in our supply chain and contributed to higher prices. >> president biden taps the strategic petroleum reserve to combat soaring fuel prices. will it control inflation? for how long? plus -- >> we the jury find the defendant travis mcmichael guilty. >> days after the kyle


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