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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  November 27, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area. liz: gunshots rang out just outside hospital championship game. ducking for cover as panic sets in. good morning. you are watching abc7 news. let's start with a quick look at the weather. lisa: good morning. it's a nice start to the weekend. plenty of -- temperatures when you look at the golden gate bridge. you get an idea that we are on our way because we are starting
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out clear and temperatures are always -- already responding. p 39 fog so we are getting a little bit warmer already with our head start on the sun. though as we get into the afternoon, we will see temperatures well above average. we are talking 10 degrees from santa rosa to san jose. we've got a football game tonight and we will talk about the forecast for that. we'll talk about the summer as it begins midweek next week. liz: developing news this morning, two people were hurt after a shooting near a hot the near a high school football game. the gunshots sent panic through the stadium. severed -- high sc high sc plain for the championship. the game was at westmont high school when gunfire broke out
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just before 9:00 last my. one team had dropped to the ground -- last night. one team had dropped to the ground ball the other team ran for cover. police did find a man in the parking lot with non-life-threatening injuries. another man was taken to the hospital. both are expected to survive. police said there are no suspects at the time. the game resumed about a half-hour after the shooting. very unsettling. some sad news we want to share with you. a security guard he was shot in oaklands early this week has died. he was working with local news crew when he was shot during what police say was an attempted robbery. this happened on 14th street while the guard was workiinvestr help to find the shooter and reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest.
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thieves have been crews for camera equipment. this is heartbreaking for us to learn this this morning. a new covid-19 tactic in south africa has the world health organization concerned. the white house says u.s. is going to restrict travel from south africa and several other countries in the region starting on monday. more on the variance and what it could mean for our vaccines. >> the world health organization declaring omicron a variant of concern. it was first detected in south africa in early november. it two weeks later, the cases have been identified in hong kong, belgium and israel. >> all of a sudden, they were
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having 2000 cases a day. >> the president of the gladstone institute. do we have any idea how this new variant emerged? >> it is thought that this may be in one person that might have been immunocompromised. the virus can divide and multiply -- replicate inside that person. >> scientists created thisreates mutation map to understand how to tackle this new variant. omicron has 50 mutations. >> mutations that we and others have been studying separately have seen come together in this particular variant. >> to understand how transmissible this variant is, experts say more data is necessary. >> it is very likely that no
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matter what we do, this will spread to other countries and so it may be that in the next few weeks we have to go backwards a bit. >> vaccination effective. how effective, and another point to make is that these antiviral pills that are coming out, they are targeting parts that have not mutated. they should be just as effective against this new variant. liz: dozens of people who who to amsterdam from south africa are believed have covid-19. hundreds of passengers were tested. the dutch government has banned all air travel from south africa. pfizer and moderna are already testing their vaccines against the new variant. pfizer will have information in
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two weeks and modified the vaccine if necessary. health officials to limit nonofficial that non-efficient -- non-essential procedures. go to our website and c the big blue box. los angeles police have declared a citywide tactical alert after an uptick in retail theft. when was last night at home depot nearly a dozen robbers cleaned out the stores tool sections. the rubbers jumped latest in ord apps including one earlier when a number of people stole items from a nordstrom. shoppers were back in san francisco's union square for black friday, just one week after that brazen organized mob style robbery.
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it was the most impossible not to see the police there with patrol cars and even a command center. the lengths that some businesses outside union square are going to do in order to prevent theft. >> this black friday could not look more different. along with return to in-person shopping comes with around-the-clock security at a cost of a whopping $3000 a month. >> it can be daunting and -- --- daunting if you try to calculate. >> general manager patrick russell was the one held at gunpoint. he says despite the cost, safety for the workers and customers will come first. it profits later. >> we will make that up and we will do that in the future, but right now our priority is safety. people will, if we create that experience. >> -- delayed their opening to
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install and thousand dollar cameras. they also plan to open later in the day when more people on the streets. the extra precautions come during a time when retail theft mobs hit across the bay area. from the -- the walnut creek nordstrom and also targeted in southern california on wednesday. shoppers we spoke with noticed the beefed up security measures. >> there is more of a couple that the presence of police officers today. >> which seems to be reassuring. >> even for those who may had concerns about shopping this black friday. >> not when it's 30% off.
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liz: score a black friday dealer two. there were people waiting -- deal or to. --deal or two. that tradition certainly has changed, at least at this store. >> three hours sometimes. we come pretty -- become pretty early. -- we, pretty early. we came for some dvds. an annual thing i do with my mom. liz: for those who would prefer to avoid the crowds, online hours that can be picked up curbside this weekend. today is small business saturday, the perfect chance to help your local community by shopping local.
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this year, 78 percent ofcent of independent retailers say holiday sales will impact their ability to stay open next year. that is according to a nationwide american express study. as businesses battle the covid crisis, every little bit really does go along way. on tuesday, it is the day of giving. we have created a list of organizations making great impact in helping to build a better bay area. you can find a list on our website. let's get a check outside. lisa: a little cool out there, but temperatures are in recovery. numbers are near 50. upper 60's, even possibly 70's today, tomorrow and next week. looking drive. stay with us. forecast is coming up. liz: also ahead, it's the head at this holiday season. events getting into the season
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liz: broadway is morning one of its most important figures. stephen sondheim passed away yesterday. >> >> for more than six deckard, stephen sondheim has been writing -- for more than six decades, stephen sondheim has been writing the music. ♪ >> and in the westside story to sweeney todd. stephen sondheim revolutionized
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what audiences saw on broadway for generations. >> alike to surprise myself. >> and surprise, heated. ♪ -- and and and and and and and d -- a funny thing happened on the way to the >> born in 1930, he was brought up in the theater learning from broadway lodge -- legend oscar hammerstein. >> he taught me how to structure a lyric. a story lyric with a beginning,, a development and a conclusion. >>'s lawyer and friend telling him stephen sondheim spent
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thanksgiving celebrating with his friends. he was 91. >> if i must leave tomorrow, one thing before i go, you have made me see the passion of love and i thought you should know. liz: he will be so missed. a fire in the east bay nearly consumed a charge yesterday morning. it started in the back of the church in pittsburgh. it was supposed to be a children's church. it firefighters were able to save the main temple, but that building sustained smoke and other damage. it will be available for sunday's services. but still, it's not going to stop the pastor from celebrating mass this weekend. >> we had charged in the parking lot for a year and a half. so i'm going to have church outside and we are going to rejoice. >> the children's church was being built in honor of the pastor's husband who passed away
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in 2017. a coyote is safe after nearly drowning in san francisco's marina green. firefighters say was some quick thinking. they flagged down first re m an effort to keep the coyotes head above water. they named it phoenix. it is now recovering at a veterinary care center. some people spent nights giving and the day after picking out there christmas tree. -- picking out a christmas tree. adjust open yesterday have a large selection and are open every day until christmas. >> every tree that you buy not only helps you celebrate christmas but it helps us generate income that keeps our doors open to keep giving people opportunities to turn your life around. liz: one in oakland and one in
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el cerrito. it was just one of a series of events getting people in the holiday spirit. for many, it was a night that they had been waiting for. ♪ >> and well in san francisco. a packed crowd came to ghirardelli square where the holiday lights were on display. >> it's just so nice to be out after being indoors. having the crowds and getting into the mood of the festivities of christmas. >> she says last year they did not do much during the holidays because of the pandemic. seeing the square reminds her of the days before covid. >> it is nice to have this in the city and have people come by and visit our dutiful city. >> local vendors selling to the
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community and a variety of christmas trees designed by students. >> families and people to get together, last year we participated during the pandemic. turnout was good, but it was not as big as it was today. >> it wasn't just san francisco. christmas in the park result -- returned to san jose. something that many were eager to see. >> excited to be a part of the event and traditions. >> whether it's the city or the south bay, the message is clear. the holiday season in the bay area has begun. >> is beautiful. and holiday time, it is very beautiful. liz: hanukkah is returning to san francisco's union square with the traditional menorah lighting taking place. it is this -- it is the first
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night of the jewish holiday. a ceremony will take place each following night through the eighth and final night of the holiday which is december 5. holidays are here. it sounds like a really nice thanksgiving. two of your kids are home. lisa: you talked about the nice evening. 451 is the sunset. -- 4:51 p.m. tomorrow night is the sunset for hanukkah. only about nine hours and 45 minutes of daylight as the sun comes up after 7:00. we are already gaining on some of our warmth. picking up on what is some of our river to the north bringing the rain to portland where they could use a break. we could use some, but high-pressure checking in onto pitchers right now. 51 san francisco.
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-- temperatures right now. 51 san francisco. a nice shot with high clouds. two to four degrees warmer than yesterday. 44 santa rosa. fairfield with 43. one of the cooler spots, as we look at our air quality we notice a little bit of haze from time to time. that happens when we get back to back. maybe about 1000 or 20000000 we had some strong north window -- northerly wind. moderate air quality today, tomorrow and into next week. very little changes. clear and cold this morning. a dry pattern holding into early december. no that's not what you want to
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hear, but as we get out to the second week in the summer, there is little bit of hope there as we get high clouds throughout your saturday today. very little change. this pattern continues. we are looking at a minor disturbance to the north of us on monday. that will bring in a few more cobbles -- a few more clouds. still some 70's. it was low 60's yesterday. should be warmer than that today. monday, some higher clouds to the north and we quickly rebounded into tuesday with a few more 70's arriving. that is about seven destined degrees above average. -- seven degrees above average. temperatures dropping into the upper 60's. that should be your high today in oakland.
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steady pattern continues. should be a nice night tomorrow and as we get into monday it is still mild but we do have that week system to the north. december arrives barely with any change at all in our weather -- whether pattern. it is going to be --weather pattern. liz: just ahead, shipping holiday packages. why some are already worried their gifts will get to their i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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liz: people in the south bay are expressing fears that their packages will get to their destination on time. more on their recent experience. >> reviews give this federal express just one and half stars.
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a thread on next-door generated 200 comments blaming the same facility for packages being delayed several weeks. >> the new york location is kind of like a black hole right now. >> it was just really annoying and time consuming. >> fedex blames the delay onnnn shortages. christopher is a professional photographer. he said a camera flasher did not leave the facility for one full week. >> i expected to get it the following day, but the following day it still says arrived at facility and nothing change. >> mark is photographer at stanford -- he used express. two weeks after arriving, the package had not yet left the
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facility. >> they admitted to me that they had not even started to look for it. >> are shipment of diapers sat at the newark facility for two weeks. >> i need them to come on time. >> fedex says it hiring bench. we are accelerating our efforts to bolster capacity which. -- laserlike focus on people and technology. it says december today's service and december 23 -- december 22 for two day service and december 23 for overnight service. liz: if you have your gifts are online over -- online, it's really expected to pick up over
8:27 am
the next couple of weeks. fedex is anticipating it will deliver 100 million more shipments than it did in 2019 and that should make records. the busiest days this year will beat cyber monday and the first two days of december. december 13 to be the busiest of this season. still to come, a website started out as a joke, but now one man is using it to help police attract people looking to hire a hitman. dropping billions of dollars this holiday shipping -- holiday shopping kicks in to gear. ♪
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>>is7 news. we are going to going to goingt half-hour with another look at the weather. let's get back over to lease
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out. lisa: the weather has been really nice. depending on the way you look at it. we do need it rain and snow, but it's been a pretty start to the weekend. at looks like a watercolor. 49 degrees mountain view. san jose at 46. we've got a ridge of high pressure. that's going to allow for another day for temperatures above average. it is pretty clear out there with numbers in the mid 40's. , but we did not drop off of those chilly readings because we have wind and the upper levels. we are warming up anywhere from two to seven degrees warmer than it was yesterday. you are cooler. upper 60's in some spots. as we get through the mid morning hours, 11:00 we've got mid and upper 60's. we should be around 64 this time
8:31 am
of year in san francisco. we will see a few 70's. we will talk about the second half of your weekend. we will see if we can muster up any changes. liz: small businesses hoping for a merry and bright shopping season. abc news reporter deidre bolton has the latest. >> from retail to restaurants to activity centers, >> i can still go down the block to a store that is owned from a family when i was four. >> business owners say is that that it is more important than ever to support them now more than ever. between managing supply chain issues and competing for workers, mall businesses are also trying to make up for lost revenue from last year. >> delays, the amount of time things get held and the time it takes for things get shipped
8:32 am
really affected me. even shipping goods has increased tremendously. it like three times. >> she says she has been able to manage her inventory so far, but has another specific worry. >> i am a little more nervous because has been so many warnings about people shopping early read i'm nervous about online shopping or big-box retailers and are not considering small businesses us. >> american express average of $.67 of the dollar in that business community. >> it kind of gives everybody a chance. liz: the so-called omicron variant is leading multiple countries to oppose new travel
8:33 am
-- impose new travel restrictions. it's still not known if it is more transmissible or causes more seville -- severe illnesses. ellen lopez has the latest. >> a new coronavirus triggering shutdown of travel to the u.s. from south africa and seven other countries starting monday. >> i've decided if we are want to be cautious, make sure there is no travel to and from south africa and six other countries in that region. except for american citizens that are able to come back. >> the world health organization says this variant is a variant of concern saying that it has mutations that are concerning. evidence suggesting an increased risk of reinfection. this as people gather for the house -- thanksgiving holiday. go but cases up to nearly 47%
8:34 am
since like that late october. new york declaring a state of emergency. the governor saying they knew michigan and minnesota, the states with the highest infection rates, calling on the national guard for help. >> the new search is way worse than it was before. >> new hampshire and experiencing record-breaking search. hospitalizations have nearly doubled in just weeks. less than 7% of icu beds are available. >> they are so tired. and very frankly, broken individuals and we are -- and we don't have a lot left to give. anybody would making a choice not to be vaccinated, these consider the impact your choice is having on others. liz: now to a strange
8:35 am
that is drawing in the wrong kind of people. what started out as a joke, let a man to a strange life help out law enforcement. i spoke with the north bait -- northbay man hind rent-a-hitman. >> innate quiet park in fairfield -- and quiet park in fairfield, wearing sunglasses to partially protect his identity, he showed us his pages and pages of printed out emails. >> this is a lot of such solicitations from people around the world. >> he's been getting messages for over a decade from people hoping for some help. >> cyber crusa crusa crusa crusa and click solution. >> a website he launched into
8:36 am
thousand five when he started in i.t. business. >> rent as in high-res. hit as in web hit. >> the sides took on eight hit -- took on a life of its own. he had hundreds of unread messages with several dark requests. >> what is the best way to handle it? >> she wanted three family members murdered. >> responded back with a simple email. do you require our services? would you like us to put you in contact with a field operative. she responded yes. >> he responded that she forwarded the messages to law enforcement. she was arrested. since then, he has prevented 150 murderers. this despite multiple indications that the website is
8:37 am
a sham. >> there are several website -- red flags on the site. >> a lot of these people aren't very bright. >> no. low hanging fruit. they are not rocket surgeons. >> despite multiple web reports, the requests still coming. some are hoaxes. some very real. >> it's scary. i've had cases out of lake county and stockton and l.a.. that really makes you wonder about who is out there. are there your neighbors? business associates? you never know. liz: bob says he he he dark humor in all of this. it's the hitman
8:38 am
privacy act of 1964.riow many pe fall for it. still head, we are following up on an environmental project we first told you about last year. coming up, a look at how it isks going. a live look outside with all of the little adorable sea lions there. we will check back in with lisa when we get back. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind.
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and get started for just $19.99 a month. plus, see how you can get $200 back during our black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today. liz: volunteers will gather to help together a unique holiday tree. the tree of hope is the largest origami holiday tree in the world. it stands over 23 feet tall and is decorated with 17,000 origami cranes and stars. each one is hand folded and inscribed for wishes of the future. the tree will be lit on december 6. the piedmont scouts will bring
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you a holiday tradition. at the scouts of raised by selling christmas trees. this has been their biggest fundraiser since 1969. customers will have their choice of furs. the lot is in piedmont. start your holiday shopping by supporting local businesses and artists. it is the 50th anniversary of the fair at the pavilion in richmond. or than 200 exhibits -- more than 200 exhibits. admission costs $12. everyone 12 and up must show proof of vaccination or a recent vaccination test. one of the better deals comes from the streaming service hulu. ♪ >> are you kidding? liz: streaming services offering
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memberships for $.99 a month for an entire year. it regularly costs 699 -- $6.99 a month. disney is the parent company of both hulu and abc news. we do need the rain, -- we do need the rain. lisa: it is 60 degrees. wind out of the north. only 27% relative humidity. it's pretty dry despite our wet october and november. we will talk about our dry weekend. temperatures which will be springlike coming up. liz: also next, stuff curry leads --steph
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liz: stanford closes out there season. the cardinals faces notre dame at stanford stadium. kickoff is at 5 p.m. and cal will keep desk try to keep their -- try to keep their eligibility for the ball alive. today the warriors are flying to l.a. ahead of tomorrow's game against the clippers. last night, the w-2s -- the warriors won. >> stefan curry and the warriors hosting damien lillard and portland. looking to extend their winning streak. golden state goes on a run. jordan pulled --poo --poo --pooo
8:46 am
the lead kept growing. insync, curry from 30 feet. lawyers up 14 from the break. third quarter, tremont green -- green lobs it to wiggins. staff -- stefan -- stefan -- stn came to the west -- to the rescue. he hit six threes. 44 away from the record. hockey now. great truck. great hat. what is in that backpack? benito -- nick tied at one. jonathan taveras puts at home is 10th of the year. sharks lose.
8:47 am
wrote trip sunday in chicago. -- road trip sunday in chicago. masaki, that was good. he had 23. had a chance to win it at the buzzer, but the shots no good. the dogs ate -- the dogs 8-0 game-high 23 passes out of the double-team. with five seconds to go, u sidney hardy will break stanford's heart. 57-54. santa clara women's soccer team against duke. tambo lasts one. returning -- that is your look at sports.
8:48 am
liz: let's check of the forecast. hopefully, people have had a lot to eat this weekend. it will be good weather for that. lisa: i've seen a lot of people out. as we look at life doppler seven, this picture has been pretty much the same for the past week or so are rain is in seattle with portland, high high elevation snow and california left high and dry. the santa ana wind has lightened up. the rest of the bay area, sunny mild afternoon. looking pretty good with temperatures from the mid 40's to low 50's around the bay. 46 san jose. looking at the temperatures will be in the low 70's in santa cruz. upper 60's around sim sim sim sm
8:49 am
ocean beach. milder than yesterday. that trend continues for the second half of the weekend. livermore with 45 45 looking at a cold start and a bit of haze. where we don't have that mixing, we are looking at moderate air quality. overall, things are going to change much more into sunday and monday as high pressure remains through the next several days. sunny and warmer today and tomorrow. the dry pattern holds through the middle of next week. even looking like the end of next week as well. this is the day where a few high clouds will visit us. otherwise, partly to mostly sunny as we get into your sunday. another sunny day with temperatures about four to nine degrees above average. a look at the storm track from today through tomorrow and then
8:50 am
into monday and tuesday, some higher clouds. all week long, the active weather stays to the north and that's going to keep the bay area dry. certainly lacking in rain. we need it. 73 -- peninsula, very mild. san mateo 70. it -- temperatures in the upper 60's. you have some so we will add on a few degrees for 68 today concorde. the forecast today mid-to mid-to 60's at the shoreline with 70
8:51 am
around the bay and inland. a steady pattern for tomorrow. sunset at about 4:50 p.m. and a couple degrees of cooling into tuesday and perhaps on wednesday. that ridge of high pressure not going anywhere. we will stay in this pattern until we see some changes which could be around december seventh. liz: we are now about a year into experiment and the early results are providing a potential blueprint for how we may build in the future. spencer christian has the details. >> it is heavy. >> jonathan young is sloshing into the waters to see the difference a year makes. his focus, oysters, now making themselves at home put into
8:52 am
service last november. >> the goal is to maximize oyster recruitment. to get them to come and settle on these panels to grow. >> are restored totter march stretching inland from the edges of chrissy fieldgllwith fresh s. young showed off raised pallets rarely removed like the dome shaped pods placed at the marsh itself. the panels provide the oysters and home to attach themselves to. >> all those are oysters, oysters, oysters, oysters. >> the oyster introduction is an ongoing experience -- experiment. the texture of fiberglass panels were designed created with the help of evan jones and designers
8:53 am
from the california -- california college of the arts. >> i think it is a part of a new way of thinking about infrastructure, design and ecology together. >> san francisco sea world, they are going to be protecting both airports, port of oakland is looking for a new strategy. >> young says the team is still learning about the physics of it. what other species might be benefiting. the marsh will evolve as a kind of living petri dish. innovative designs that cannot be duplicated around san francisco bay. >> these are opportunities to use science to advance our knowledge. liz: that was spencer christian reporting. relate fascinating.
8:54 am
, san francisco is must tradition returns today. what it takes to make this fairmont hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant to the owner of a large manufacturing firm. i've got anywhere from 10 to 50 projects going at any given time. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory. it was going downhill. my friend recommended that i try prevagen and over time, it made a very significant difference in my memory and in my cognitive ability. i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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liz: today is the return of a san francisco christmas classic. but two-story gingerbread houses back in the fairmont hotel. teams have been planning this since july. crafting up to 8000 gingerbread bricks. the display is made up of one -- 150 gallons of egg whites and 1900 pounds of candy. it took more than 500 hours to put it together. it will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 11:00 this morning. it will be up through the entire holiday season. that is quite a gingerbread. lisa: that is really neat.
8:57 am
good morning. it is a clear and cool start. as we go through the next several days, moderate air quality and in the afternoon sunny skies. temperatures above average. liz: thank you. and thank you all for joining us. i hope you all are having a great holiday weekend. we have another big day of espn college football coming up. at -- georgia takes on georgia tech. and stillwater. that is followed by toyota after the game. abc7 continues at 11. thanks for joining us. ♪
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