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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 27, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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you can see the full special "escape from a house of horror" streaming on hulu. that's "nightline" for this evening. see you right back here, same time next week. thanks for the company, america. have a good and safe weekend.
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live breaking news. we stay on stay down, please. thank you.
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following breaking news in campbell where a shooting scare near a high school football game said panic through the stadium a division championship game was being played between saint francis and sarah high schools. the game was at westmont high school where gunfire broke out just before 9pm video posted a social media shows one team dropped to the ground while the other as you see ran for cover. no one in the stadium was hurt san jose police did find a man in the parking lot with non-life threatening injuries. the game resumed a short time later and sarah clinched a playoff berth. what that would say good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ahmed dates. we want to get now to developing news a new covid-19 variant detected in south africa has a world health organization concerned already. the white house says the us will restrict travel from south africa and seven other countries in the region beginning monday abc 7 news reporter loose peña has more in the variant and what it could mean for our vaccines. organion declaringcronrn lookstt
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we've come across so far. it was first detected in south africa in early, november two weeks later new cases have been identified. hong kong belgium and israel the south africa was having about 200 cases a day for many weeks and all of a sudden they are having 2,000 cases a day, dr. deepak survastava is the president of the gladstone institute. do we have any idea of how this new variant emerged? it's thought that maybe this arose in one person who might have been immuno compromised and so the virus could divide and replicate inside that and be suppressed a bit but enough to prevent it from mutating today scientists at the ucsf quantitative biosciences. mutations. that's more than any other variant including the highly transmissible delta variant,
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which only has 19 mutations these different a set of mutations that we and others have. studying separately have seemingly come together in this particular variant to understand how transmissible this new variant really is experts. say more data is necessary. they're pointing to the next two to three weeks as crucial. it's very likely that no matter what we do. this will spread to other countries and so it may be that as the next few weeks. we have to go backwards a bit dr. croghan believes. we need a robust global vaccination plan. destination strategy will be effective. the question is how effective against this particular variant? and another point to make is these antiviral pills that are coming online. they're targeting parts of the virus that have not mutated in this particular variant, so they should be just as effective against this new variant as the previous variance. in cisco dozens of people who flew to amsterdam today from
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south africa are believed to have covid-19 hundreds of passengers were tested and the dutch government has banned all air travel from southern africa pfizer and moderna are already testing their vaccines against the new variant visor says it will have more concrete answers on the effectiveness and about two weeks and modified the vaccine if necessary new york's governor issued a state of emergency today. it allows health officials to limit non-essential procedures to ensure hospital capacity. and if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines get always ask our vaccine team. just go to abc 7 slash vaccine and click on on the big blue box. happening now los angeles police have declared a tactical alert after another smash and grab at a high-end store tonight. it happened at bottega veneta on melrose avenue. it's the latest in a string of organized thefts including one earlier this week when several people stole merchandise from a nordstrom a tactical alert allows more officers to be available. citywide shoppers were back in
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san francisco's union square today for black friday. just a week after a brazen organized mob style robbery at the louis vuitton store. it was almost impossible not to see san francisco police with patrol cars motorcycles and a command center abc 7 news. anchor dion limb shows us the length some businesses outside union square are going to order to prevent theft. this black friday couldn't look more different for innovation products store beta along with return to in-person shopping also comes with round the clock security at a cost of a whopping $30,000 a month. it can be daunting and overwhelming if you try and calculate in your head what we would have to sell to make that worthwhile the hayes valley location closed earlier this year to protect. seth patrick russell was the one held at gunpoint for laptops in this video from february. he says despite the cost safety for their workers and customers will come first profits later. we will make that up and we will do that in the future.
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but right now our priority is safety. the people will come every week create that great experience electric cycle shop high road bike cos the street delayed their opening to install $10,000 gates in cameras. they also plan to open later in the day when more people are present on the streets. hopefully it pays off. yeah and the insurance as well, course the extra precautions during a time when retail theft mobs have hit across the bay area from the high-profile louis vuitton robbery in san francisco's union square to independently owned wellspring pharmacy in oakland 80 people stormed the walnut creek nordstrom, november 20th and thieves also targeted the topanga nordstrom in southern, california on wednesday. the corte madera location was hit back in august shoppers. we spoke with notice the beefed up security measures there friday. there's more of a presence of a police officer today for sure the and exit points are all closed down today, which seems to be reassuring for this. mall, we felt totally fine coming out even for those who
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may have had concerns about shopping this black friday a little bit for me not when there's 30% off. yes true in corte madera dion limb abc 7 news. hard to resist that in the south bay shoppers did line up hoping to score black friday deal or two abc 7 news went by the best buy store in milpitas early this morning, and there were people waiting to get in however wasn't quite the crush. we've seen prior to the pandemic in the past. it wasn't uncommon for the lines to start days ahead of time that tradition certainly changed at least at this store. yeah, we still wait like three hours sometimes yeah, come come pretty early to do it like at 12 like midnight right? you have to be in line and ready to go. so now it's changed. different yeah got in only like 15 minutes before we came for some tvs. it's like our annual thing that i do with my mom. for those who prefer to avoid the crowds there are plenty of stores that are still taking online orders that can be picked up curbside. and if you plan to head outside
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this weekend shopping or not. it should be nice. let's get to abc 7 weather anchor spencer christians. okay. i'm a great shopping weather is coming our way or relaxing weather. let me give you a look at the satellite radar composite image. you can see big high pressure ridge which means fair weather coming our way. it's steering clouds and moisture up to our north. here's the forecast animation overnight. we'll see lots of high clouds passing by but look at this by 7 am skies will be bright and sunny and they will remain that way in most of the bay area for most of the day. so let's take a look at what we can expect in the way of high temperatures tomorrow and this is a pretty much what it's going to be like both days this weekend mid to upper 60s on the coast up to about 70 degrees around the base shoreline and low 70s inland. i'll give you a closer look at the full seven days ahead in a few minutes i'mma all right. thanks spencer tonight. the holiday lights came on at san francisco's girardelli square. it was just one of a series of events across the bay area getting people in the holiday spirit abc 7 news reporter. ryan ryan curry says for many it was a night.
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was alive and well in san francisco a packed crowd came to ghirardelli square to take in the first night where the holiday lights were on display. it's just nice to be out after so long being indoors and having the crowds and getting into the mood and festivities of the christmas. leila raheny came here with her daughter to see the square light up. she says last year, they didn't do much during the days because of the pandemic seeing the square reminds her of the days before covid. it's nice to have this in the city and have people on by kids seeing santa local vendors selling to the community and a variety of christmas trees designed by students from academy of art university. the significance is for families and people to get together last year. we participated during the pandemic and the turnout was good, but it was it was in this big as it is. hey, and it just san francisco.
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christmas in the park returned to san jose this year many came by to see the lighting of their giant tree something many in the south bay were eager to see once again. we're super grateful and just excited to be part of the event and the great tradition has been about going around. so whether it's the city or it's the south bay the message is clear the holiday season in the bay area has begun on the christmas the holiday time holiday time. it's very magical and we love to see it light up again. ryan curry abc 7 news. hanukkah is returning to san francisco's union square this year with the traditional menorah lighting taking place this sunday night. that's the first night of the jewish holiday. there will be several events in the afternoon including food and music ceremony will take place each following night to light a candle right up through the 8th and final night of the holiday, which is december 5th. well fired today destroyed a children's church under
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construction in the east bay how the pastor is already prepared to still hold services this weekend. a musical theater legend has died. we have a look back at stephen sondheim's life and legacy. and a coyote in the marina people talk taking their evening walk are being credited with getting help for the animal. we' want to save on fast, reliable home internet? switch to xfinity for a great low price of $19.99 a month for 12 months. or, did you know you may be eligible to qualify to get free internet for a limited
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time through the emergency broadband benefit program? that's right! you could qualify for free internet and get equipment included at no extra cost. for even more value, add xfinity mobile and you could save up to $400 a year on wireless. click, call or visit a store to learn more. consumed a church this morning the blaze started at dawn in the back of the saint james
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cathedral church of god in christ in pittsburgh. the flames destroyed a building under construction. it was supposed to be a church firefighters were able to save the main temple, but that building sustained smoke and other damage won't be available for sunday services. however, that won't stop the pastor from celebrating mass this weekend. we had church on the parking lot for a year and a half in this pandemic here. so i'm gonna have church outside and we're going to rejoice. the children's church was being built in honor of the pastor's husband who passed away in 2017 fire investigators have not determined what caused the blaze broadway and beyond this morning the loss of one of the most important figures in 20th century american musical theater stephen sondheim passed away today. here's abc news anchor lindsey davis. i like to be ine ine i okay by me and i'm ready for more than six decades. stephen sondheim has been writing the music the lyrics to
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some of the america's most celebrated and beloved performances broadway life can be brightening a maddie if you and in the movies from west side story to sweeney todd. sondheim re audiences saw on broadway for generations art needs surprise. otherwise, it doesn't hold an audience as attention, but there needs surprise and so i like to surprise myself and i want to surprise an audience and and and surprise he did in 1970 company first musical without a defined linear plot nominated for 14. tony awards. his first full score was in 1962's a funny thing happened on. way way way way way way way way new york city sondheim was brought up in the theater learning from broadway legend
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oscar hammerstein. he taught me how to structure a lyric that is say the kindler that he wrote which is a story lyric, they'll say with the beginning and a development and a conclusion sondheim would go on to win tonys grammys and oscar tonight his lawyer and friend telling the new york times sondheim spent the day yesterday. celebrating thanksgiving with his friends. he was 91. if i must leave tomorrow. one thing before i go made me see the passion of love. and i thought you should know lindsey davis abc news, new york. knew what 11 tonight aht aht a safe after nearly drowning in the marina at san francisco's marina green. look at this firefighters. say some quick thinking bystanders or to thank they flag down first responders who made a lasso to keep the coyotes head above water until it could be pulled the safety paramedics treated the coyote for severe hypothermia. they named it phoenix.
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the coyote is now recovering at a veterinary care center. some people spent the day after thanksgiving picking out their christmas tree. it's tradition for some families abc 7 news was at this tree lot in san francisco run by the delancey street foundation. it just opened today appears up 30 and 32. they have a large selection and are open every day until christmas every tree that you buy not only helps you celebrate christmas, but it helps us, you know, generate income that keeps our doors open to give people the opportunity to turn their lives around. delancey street has multiple lots to in san francisco one in oakland and one in el cerrito. tomorrow mark small business saturday the perfect chance to help your community by shopping local small business saturday launched in 2010 during the recession. this year's 78% of independent retailers. say holiday sales will impact their ability to stay open next year. that's according to an american express nationwide study as businesses battle the covid crisis and supply chain
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problems. every little bit really does go a long way. and on tuesday, it's the day of giving we've created a list of local vetted organizations that make a great impact in helping to build a better bay area. you can find the list on our website abc 7 action. and it'll be i think a good weekend to get outside and do some shopping spencer. it certainly will on my can't promise rainfall which we badly need, but i can't promise pleasant weather which we will enjoy big ridge a high pressure is controlling our weather. i will continue to control it right on through the weekend and into next week producing calm conditions, which are reflected by the current surface winds. there's not one location where the wind speed over five miles per hour right now so you can see how common is in this view from sutro tower looking out over san francisco under mainly clear skies right now 54 degrees here in the city 50 in oakland with upper 40s at mountain view morgan hill and half moon bay and 51 at san jose. and here's a view at emeryville where just a few hours ago we had a jammed up traffic right
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now things seem to be moving along under a mainly clear skies of the temperature readings right now mainly in the mid-40s at santa rosa novato, napa and fairfield upper 40s at concord and livermore and the view from emeryville from the east bay westward along the the bay bridge towards san francisco. these are our forecast features. overnight sunny and warmer weather will be with us over the weekend and into next week and this dry pattern we're in right now this comp pattern will hold right on into early december overnight forecast animation will look like this lots of high cloud swinging by but seven o'clock in the morning. we'll see the skies getting sunnier clouds will be mainly out of here and it'll be a mainly sunny day throughout the day and into tomorrow evening now during the overnight hours low temperatures will drop into the mid topper 40s for most of the bay area and some inland valley locations, especially the inland east bay and up in the north bay. lowe's will drop into the low 40s and highs tomorrow mid to upper 60s on the coast up to about 70 degrees. on the bay shoreline inland the areas will warm up to upper 70
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upper 60s rather to low 70s, which is quite warm for this time of the year. now as we skip ahead. here's the week-long forecast animation starting at midnight tonight at 12 am tomorrow notice. they'll be some active weather to our north lots of moisture will be pushing into the pacific northwest over the next several days monday little system will start to swing toward the northern california coast and just fizzle out. so if this forecast holds up looks like a dry week ahead for the bay area and right one for parts of the pacific northwest. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast and as you can see it's going to be much milder and sunnier and drier than average for this time of year high temperatures near 70 around the bay and inland for the next three days. just a couple of degrees cooler, but still mild and tuesday and wednesday and temperatures bounce right back up to almost spring-like levels again next thursday. so in the absence of rain, enjoy the fine weather we will okay. thank you spenc
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is making history on jeopardy. amy schneider is won eight games in a row that's earned her a spot in the tournament of champions. she's the first trans person to qualify winning four consecutive games or more. the tournament is set for next fall, but before match schneider will be back on jeopardy monday to try to continue her win streak so far. she's won $295,200 on the show. she said she'd like to take time off from her job as an engineering manager and use that money to travel to ireland. you can watch jeopardy weeknights at 7:00 right here on abc 7. all right, and tonight we have chris alvarez here with all the sports action chris. ama coming up in sports both the sharks and warriors looking to finish out their home stand strong and stephan curry coming up clutch late at chase center. just how many of these scored tonight. you've got your answer in sports.
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rock casino stephen curry entered the night 53 pointers away from breaking ray allen's all-time record curry and the dubs hosting oakland native, damian, lillard and portland friday night stephen and the golden state team looking to extend that winning streak to six dame dollar off shooting night. he scored 16 second quarter tied at 42 golden state goes on a big run. there's jordan pool. he had 14 and then pool hands it off to stefan three splash six-point game just like that in a lead kept growing first half winding down. stefan draymond nsync curry from 30 dubs by 14 at the break. he had 18 at the half third quarter now draymond green lobbing up to andrew wiggins throws it down. he had a quiet 25 wiggins. that is warriors up 20 portland cut it down to eight in the fourth, but here's current to the rescue. not just one big three, but how about two big threes curry finishes with 32 hit 6 in the game now 44 away from the record doves nba best record is now
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and tubes brent burns arriving at the take great truck great hat, but that is a heavy backpack. what's in there sharks hosting toronto friday night first period nick bonino lights the lamp his second and as many games second of the year game tied at one but james reimer gave up three straight goals after that jonathan tavares fighting in front of the net puts in his tenth of the year. aidan hill will replace him in net sharks lose for one san jose begins a five game road trip sunday in chicago todd golden and usf looking to improve. ate no taking on uab in the las vegas invitational finals. johan masalski coming up huge for the don's of the second half. he had 23 points, but uab had a chance to win it at the buzzer and the shot. no. good. 6361 the dons are now eight n o women's hoops. seventh ranked stanford number 18 south florida in the bahamas 20 seconds ago cardinal down two cameron. bring had 23 passes out of a double team lacey hull, but go ahead three cardinal up.
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five seconds to go uss sydney harvey hits the game winning three in stanford falls. 57-54 kelsey turnbull in the defending national champion santa clara women's soccer team in the quarters against duke first half broncos scored twice in five minutes is aquila scores there and then turnbow. ice 11th of the year broncos win 2-1 returning to the college cup the play the semis next friday at home in santa clara sports on abc 7 sponsored by river rock
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opportunity the numbers truly don't lie to find a path forward to move ahead. build something better issues of race and social justice are a key part of building a better bay area at abc 7. it's our commitment to meet.
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we will all be okay for you for all of us. where did you learn to do? what you do? this is the moment to build a better bay area join us. all right. how about one of the better deals out there? we want to tell you about this black friday. it actually comes from streaming service hulu. this streami offering memberships for 99 cents a month for an entire year the ad supported membership regularly costs 6.99 a month. that is an 85% savings not bad the offer ends on monday november 29th. disney is a parent company of both hulu. and abc news right that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. we think you so much for watching tonight. i'm on dates right now on jimmy kimmel live gwyneth paltrow. we hope you have a great night and a wonderful weekend.
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