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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 26, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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year. shipping concerns are weighing heavy on minds. >> business has been crazy. i feel this is the safest place. kumasi:'s -- kumasi: strikes in some areas may spark delays. kristen: one cherished christmas time event opening for the season once again today. kumasi: good morning to you, it is friday, november 26 after thanksgiving. we are thankful you are watching abc seven mornings. -- abc7 mornings. mike: good morning it is 6:00 in the morning. kumasi:
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to be back with you. mike: take you for being our black friday special this morning. let's talk about what is going on as far as your forecast goes. we have chili fog in the central valley and some of that is into the valleys and the east bay. it looks like a gorgeous morning unfolding and a chilly one with temperatures in the low 40's to the low 50's. if you high clouds and little bit of his out there. full on sunshine, 60 to 62 afternoon. sea breeze at 50th at the coast while the rest of us hit 58. we are dropping into the 50's by 7:00. kumasi: we continue to track breaking news this morning. one person has been killed in this car crash on northbound 101 at hospital curve in san francisco. that happened around 3:00. it close on that stretch of highway for a while.
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several others were taken to san francisco general for their injuries. two vehicles were involved. firefighters had to use the jaws of life to cut apart one of the cars involved. let's get you a live look at the situation. they just reopened all lanes a couple of minutes ago. you can see that traffic camera shows traffic has cleared and it is smooth sailing. one person died in the crash this morning. kumasi: health officials are taking action today on the covid variant raising concern. the world health organization's technical working group will assess the variant detected in south africa and decide whether to give it a name from the greek alphabet. the you cannot travel restrictions from south africa and five other south african countries. the variant has a high number of mutations and is causing a rapids red among young people. >> you can rest assured as
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people start to move even more over the next few weeks, this will be all over. kumasi: south africa had been recording 200 or cases. a day. that jumped to more than 1200 wednesday and nearly 2500 yesterday. kristen: covid concerns for not stopping people from traveling. you're looking at sfo. new numbers show the tsa screened more than 1.3 million travelers yesterday on thanksgiving day in line with the usual thanksgiving dip with most people already at their done -- their destinations. wednesday, tsa screened 88% of the pandemic thanksgiving traffic. if you are driving, some of the worst times to be on the road are this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. the best times to drive this weekend, you would want to go before noon. kumasi: right now, the black friday doors are open and there are plenty of deals for the taking.
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bay area shops big and small are more than ready for what is projected to be a big bump of an person shopping. amy hollyfield is live. some people are up pretty early. amy: they were. the black friday earlybird shoppers are up at at 'em. they are getting all of the deals. here is a happy customer right there. there was a line to get in at 5:00 this morning. this was not a cap out on that situation. the first person in line got here at 4:00 this morning. even the manager here was telling people there is no need to be here this morning this early. he said these deals have been in place for a week. some customers told us they did not know that, they are just here out of habit. they remember when this is to be a day of future crowds and long lines. they are realizing it does not look like that anymore. >> we used to wait three hours
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sometimes. come pretty early at like midnight. you have to be early and ready to go. now it has changed. amy: shoppers tell us they like the deals they see. one man says he will save about $250 on a tv. they don't have everything in stock. xboxes and ps are ground. we even met a woman here looking to buy a dvd player. it is running the gamut. that shocked me, i was wondering if they still have those. the manager says they do. everybody is looking for their think today. back to you. kumasi: this morning, sicilia is talking about about supply chain issues. the ceo says they have more
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inventory than last year and they are well situated for the holiday shopping season. >> there are some products that are harder to find that is always true in consumer electronics at the holiday. gaming consoles are more restrained and mobile phones are harder to find. for the most part, there is a ton of great gear. kumasi: you can see the entire inner -- interview with the best buy seo coming up at 7:00 on "gma." kristen: protesters are taking aim at amazon and what they call a global stand against their business practices. this is a blockade at one amazon is to push an facility in the u.k. protests accounting for half -- at that site accounting for half of deliveries in the country. they are accusing amazon and other large corporations of mistreating workers and being environmentally destructive. amazon has responded it has
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invested heavily in its environment of goals and has raised wages and added benefits for his workforce. kumasi: many shoppers got a head start seeking holiday deals. this is a line outside of gamestop. it was pretty long. deal seekers knew what they wanted with gaming consoles like the xbox and the playstation 5 on the top of their list. gamestop is one of the retailers that started black friday shopping on thanksgiving day. shoppers we spoke with decided to shop closer to home given what we have seen across the bay area. >> san francisco lately has been pretty crazy. i have been in this area for a long time. i feel this is the safest place i could go to. kumasi: say they sacrificed their next giving day to stand in line to buy gifts for their loved ones. kristen: that is what they tell us. [laughter] kumasi: right now on our
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website, we have a whole section dedicated to holiday shopping. you can find tips and tricks come information about dangerous toys, and how to give to others. all of that is that . kristen: earlier this week we got a sneak peek at blakey's eliminated -- eliminated holiday -- illuminated holiday. organizers decided to re-created this year in addition to the traditional event. path features like light displays, synchronized music, the free event at cesar chavez park which includes a 65 foot tall tree. i've been to both. i went to the drive through last year, great experience. really fun. the traditional is fun, the hot chocolate with whipped cream. kumasi: it is great to have
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options. do it all. i have to cough right now. kristen: you need some hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. the new changes coming to one part of san francisco including free parking garages. kumasi: may be you are more in the giving mood. check out these high schoolers who are leading the way. more on the bay area's giving spirit this year. we have one great opportunity to give where you live. mike: i want to show you what it looks like from suture tower and the air quality which is going to be healthy and moderate today , tomorrow, and sunday.
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mike: there is no fog in debate,
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but there is a bit in the valley. that is the only issue on the roads and some of that is spilling into the east bay. light breeze is on the water and dry all day. temperatures in the upper 40's to mid-50's across san francisco. we have temperatures mainly in the 40's and the rest of our neighborhood. those are about anywhere from four to 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. we don't have to worry about protecting pants -- plants and pipes today. look at early sunshine, the average high is 61 and we will be right around it from noon to 4:00. dropping down to 54 degrees by 8:00. we will look at the entire seven day forecast coming up. kumasi: san francisco sharing some of how their think for this season. kristen: instagram agreed to head to the hotseat. the hearing before congressional
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senators. kumasi: taking a live look outside right now at the fayette ridge. -- fayette bridge. it looks like it is moving pretty smoothly.
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kristen: five fibers are on the scene of this commercial fire in los angeles. the fire broke out in a textile factory. more than 100 firefighters responded at some point. chris have been on scene all night -- crews have been on scene all night. arson investigators have responded. it is the second time this week l.a. firefighters have responded to this link. kumasi: san francisco is offering two hours at city parking at union owned park just -- union owned garages.
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access at night will be limited because of organized theft. it will be available through the end of the year at the union square garage and others. you can expect to see more officers patrolling that area. kristen: 1500, that is how many meals samaritan provided to people in need this thanksgiving. this is a video of a drive-thru event yesterday. recipients got a boxed hot thanksgiving meal complete with salad and dessert. it was a label of love -- a labor of love. >> there have been 75 volunteers from getting meals packed up and here distributing the food. there have been more than 1000 people involved in preparing this in advance. we are primarily a voluntary agency. it is the community coming out and helping other members. kristen: the nonprofit give out
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more than 753 else -- 750 free meals. kumasi: some local students good deed before sitting down before their own thanksgiving dinners. staff, students, and other volunteers shared meals in west oakland. all of the food was prepared at castle multi-this week and dished out a buffet style. >> leading up to today we were at castle methow school -- students helped with the prep work and they helped today. kumasi: the dinner is an annual event put on by regina's helping hands. they expected to serve 400 people yesterday. his. of giving is continuing into next week. tuesday is giving tuesday, promoting the power of philanthropy. if you would like to create a donation, abc7 news has created
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a list of local organizations helping build a better bay area. you can find a list on our website at /takeaction. despite the of optimism and gratitude is bountiful in the bay area. we caught up with folks who told us what they are thankful for this holiday season. >> i am thankful because we are meeting people and the people are more grateful because everything is opening back up. >> the resilience will produce much continue as long as we are able to love and join together. kumasi: as we found out, people are extremely thankful to be with one another in person. kristen:
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together in person. i am thankful for that. kumasi: it feels better. mike: it does. even though we talked about yesterday felt more like friday. but today is feeling pretty good, too. kristen: and the weather will feel pretty good, too. mike: i sure hope so. i know we need the rain, don't drag me on social media. the is nothing wca do so we might as well enjoy the wonderful temperatures. 6:19 this morning, let's work out some food we ate yesterday or shop until you drop. here is a look at walnut creek where we have the haze and fog getting thicker. this is where it is going to stay. it may leak into the east bay closer to the shoreline the next couple of hours. that is about it. mostly sunny. jeanette, partly cloudy and milder this morning with patchy fog.
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the frost days are behind us. we are frost free. brighter and warmer afternoons this weekend. the jetstream is well to the north, bringing the chance of flooding rains as wave after wave of storms hit the pacific northwest and british columbia while we are high and dry with temperatures today around 63 enrichment. 70 in morgan hill. that is a precursor of what the rest of us will deal with this weekend. tonight you see some fog along the coast tried to come at us. we had a light offshore breeze. temperatures many in the 40's. a little bit of rain in seattle and portland. pretty quiet there. we do have rain in new york and boston. there might be a few delays if you are try to get there. look at is no potential,. there isn't any. -- if really is not any. i am not happy to see that for those who want to ski or those who work up there.
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there is nothing heading towards tahoe. they are in the same pattern we are. when you see these low 70's, those are record high potentials to tuesday and wednesday -- potentials for wednesday and tuesday. kristen: the man who heads up instagram will testify before the senate next month on allegations the platform harms young users. adam is the senior executive for meta to agree to testify sincece internal documents were leaked showing the company's researchers say instagram can harm young users's body image. he will testify before a senate subcommittee investigating the social media platform early december. kumasi: now we are checking in with britney in new york who is filling in for ginger on "gma." she is live with what was coming
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up at 7:00. good morning, brittany. >> good morning to you. great to be with you right now. coming up, and you covid scare discovered in south africa has not been discovered in israel and hong kong. more countries impose emergency travel restrictions. there are concerns with all the thanksgiving gatherings we may see a spike. we have the latest details. black in full swing. we will have the latest numbers and hear from the ceos of best buy and macy's on the hottest items this year and how they are keeping shelves stocked. we are tracking down some of the best bargains right now. becky is on the case. with holiday shopping here, the new concern about smash and grab robberies. mobs of people swarming top stores nationwide. great ideas on what to do, do, you watch, read, and listen to this weekend, plus a special
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deal on this black friday. that is all coming up here on good morning america. kumasi: we are excited about that. great to see you, brittany. kristen: have a good one. hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids.
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mike: not only black friday but a loja friday. there is nothing like spending the holidays in hawaii. i was able to have fun in the sun with paddle boarding and golfing. it was such an easy flight from the bay area. our sponsors at hawaiian airlines made it all possible. ♪ i think i found a piece of paradise thanks to hawaiian airlines, a place not too far from the bay area that offers a warm welcome to everyone. hello
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resort. >> we are excited to have you. this is a really special place. it is protected from the brick wall so we get all the waves you want but none of the rib currents. you don't have a lot of places with a beautiful resort like royal sonesta. it really is a press. mike: paradise is calling my name. ♪ i am feeling pretty good out here. owner -- oh no. ♪ now that i have conquered paddle boarding, it is time for my next adventure. hi, kelly. >> welcome to the island. this place is so special. it means rising star. we had the longest stretch of ocean -- in all of hawaii.
6:27 am
here is the holes. this is whole number 13. are you ready to take a swing? >> -- mike: can you tell i am nervous? i know i am in good hands. kelly is the only female golf pro in hawaii and a sixth generation hawaiian. ♪ >> there you go. mike: us. >> come back to the island. mike: such a lovely person, kelly was. there is so much more to this story. on more on how you can find your vacation to the hawaiian islands, head to
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hawaiianfriday. kristen: how do you do thanksgiving in space? kumasi: astronauts are sharing how they celebrated in the international space station. kristen: the outbreak happening among dogs in southern california and what vets say you should do.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. alert causing alarm on the global stage. tracking the original source and the urgent meeting happening today. kumasi: let's take a live look at wall street, said to react to
6:31 am
covid variant of years -- covid variant fears. kristen: black friday is back in full swing. a live look at one hot spot up bright and early this morning. long lines have returned in person. we are checking in with amy hollyfield with what you can expect. kumasi: happy friday, november 26. we hope you had a good thanksgiving holiday. you're watching abc7 mornings. kristen: is everybody still in a food, or is it just me? -- a food coma or is it just me? kumasi: i am hungry, i am ready to be. kristen: well i admire you. mike, are you amazed by her ability to eat again? mike: i like your style. [laughter] kristen: where does it all go? it is not fair. mike: i had more dessert last
6:32 am
night than i have had in six months. kumasi: it is thanksgiving. mike: it was and you do that on thanksgiving. then you find out how to get rid of it. let's do some hiking today or some shopping. this is walnut creek near north main street, it little hazy and foggy. the winds are blowing that down into the san ramon valley along 580. also possibly across into hayward. temperatures many in the 40's, a few 50's around san francisco. 59 to 62 with increasing sunshine. if you're taking a break around noon, increasing high clouds into the afternoon with low to mid 60's and everybody back in the 50's with mostly cloudy conditions at 7:00. kristen: there is concernrn leading scientists about a new covid variant first detected in south africa.
6:33 am
the who was holding a meeting today over the possibility that this highly mutated strain be more infectious than the delta variant. some countries are already taking actions to curb travel. the u.k. has been flights from south africa and several neighboring countries. the u.k. has placed people arriving from those countries back on its red list which requires travelers quarantine on arrival, no exceptions. >> the early indications we havc is that it may be more transmissible than the delta variant. the vaccines we currently have may be less effective. kristen: south africa's health ministry is reporting and exponential health increase of cases. 2500 new cases were reported yesterday, many in younger unvaccinated people. kumasi: edison power will likely
6:34 am
be restored to customers -- they had their power cut to prevent wildfires as santa ana winds whipped -- ripped across los angeles and san bernardino counties. red flag warning 20 into effect wednesday morning. the national weather service says it will remain in effect 6:00 p.m. today. >> i suppose i would rather have access wind and less power then be burned out of my house and home. kumasi: edison says power is usually restored three to eight hours after dangerous conditions have passed. kristen: it is the day after thanksgiving, black friday. we turn our attention from cooking and eating to shopping and scoring deals. stores are hoping people will come back to in person after going strictly cyber last year. the way deals are structured is different.
6:35 am
amy hollyfield joining us live from mccarthy ranch marketplace to see how things are going. the lines are not what they used to be, amy. amy: it looks very different than it used to. the manager was telling me he thinks the pandemic shifted things. last year no people camped out on the sidewalks and that was the case today. they have a sign telling you you can skip the line today. you can now order online and a cup later at curbside. that is something we got good at during the pandemic and is still in place today. today, some people still came out here and got in line. they still enjoyed doing that tradition. the first person in line told me he got here at 4:00 this morning. the store opened at 5:00. some tell us it is a tradition they enjoy. they intimate it has changed over the years. >> yeah, a lot.
6:36 am
sometimes we went to walmart and other places and it was crazy. you are in line for 30 minutes or 40 minutes. this one we were in and out really quick. amy: customers safety deals thes are getting today are good. those we have talked to say they have saved hundreds of dollars. we have seen a lot of tv is walking out of here. the manager was telling people that did not even need to be here today. they did not need to get here this early. a lot of these deals have been in place for the past week. a lot of them are saying this is just habit on black friday, you go shopping. that is what they like to do. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. kristen: the ceo of macy's is staying bullish about the shopping season. he thinks his company will not affected as much by the supply chain backlog. >> we started at the beginning of the pandemic working with overseas suppliers.
6:37 am
we moved up ship dates. we are using additional ports. we are working with all of our partners. kristen: you can hear more of the interview coming up next on "gma." in southern california, some boston market customers were forced to change thanksgiving meal plans when they tried to pick up their prepaid turkey dinners. they arrived at the location to find the store closed and a shine -- and a shocking sign on the door. it said "we are unable to fulfill orders. we are sorry another -- we are sorry." another sign offered suppl another location. the damage is done, some people maybe could not get meals. kumasi: at that point it is late in the game. how do you celebrate thanksgiving in space? astronauts aboard the
6:38 am
international space station were sharing that bus emily holiday traditions back on earth. >> in houston, thanksgiving is so warm that every thanksgiving we take our dining room table and put it on the driveway and it outside. i want my family to know how much i appreciated their love and support. even though i am far away moving really fast, my heart is with them. kumasi: as you expect, the astronauts say they usually call family and friends on earth. one astronaut said he got the crew colorful headbands to where while they ran off the holiday meal on the treadmill. this should had crab bisque, candied yams, and cherry blueberry cobbler. the expedition's crew will be back with their families on earth in march next year. kumasi: i am sure they are thankful to have each other -- kristen: i am sure they are
6:39 am
thankful to have each other. cyber security experts say scans this year are worse than before. the things to keep an eye on with your gift cards. kumasi: you're looking live at the big order at the new york stock exchange. you can see we are significantly down 677 points because b concerns about new covid variants. another update. kristen: we know you might need some new shows to blanch. there is a -- shows to binge. there is a deal that is hard to pass up. mike: let's take a look look is going on weather-wise. we have clouds hanging on in the south bay. temperatures firmly in the 40's, low to upper 40's. 53 in alameda. 54 at bodega bay. everyone else in the 40's until fairfield, 38 degrees. let's go back to the south bay. 48 at 8:00 with increasing
6:40 am
sunshine jumping up nine degrees in two hours. 63 at noon and that is warmer than our average high of 62. 66 to 64 in the afternoon, falling to 53 this evening. if you have plans to be outside at the coast or the bay or exercising, other than being cold this morning, it would be fabulous this afternoon. you can see high clouds racing away, sunshine from midmorning to mid afternoon and then high clouds come back in. that is it as far as the weather pattern. we will look at it one weekend and a warmer next week coming up in the seven day forecast. i want to show you some high temperatures around the bay area. this is sponsored by disney's "encanto." >> it is a mystery full of hidden secrets.
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kumasi: a thanksgiving day message from former president donald trump hints at his possible run in 2024. he said in an email "an interesting time in our country, but do not worry, we will be great again and do it together." he expressed interest in seeking another term as mentor in chief. he also blasts joe biden and blames his administration for high inflation. there is another vaccination
6:44 am
push going on in southern california. t ct ag . there is a dog flu outbreak happening. that's our pleading with dr. owners to get their pets vaccinated against it. the president of spc l.a. says this year's strain of canine effluents -- canine influenza is highly transmissible. >> in a dog with a compromised immune system, it can be very serious. what you want to do is talk to your veterinarian. kristen: vaccine requires two shots about one month apart. that -- that sphere with dogs going into boarding and mingling with other dogs, the flu can spread much easier. kumasi: the salvation army delivered 4000 thanksgiving meals to people who needed them. over six decades, the salvation army has held an event in the
6:45 am
city. people usually gather together. 42nd year in a row it looks different. beca the pandemic, they partnered with a catering company to distribute meals. >> with the urgency and importance of serving people in need, the salvation army is taking this day to do the most important thing we always do, serve people in need. kumasi: turkey, gravy, stuffing, and more. hundreds of volunteers delivered them to people with disabilities and seniors in need. kristen: this coming tuesday is giving tuesday, a day to promote the power of philanthropy. if you would like to make a donation, abc7 news has created a list of local, vetted organizations that help build a better bay area. . we organized it by county. . you you can find -- we organized it by county.
6:46 am
you can find it online at kumasi: now for your morning money report and something to keep nai out for this weekend, a rise of scams involving gift cards. they are expected to be a popular gift item this year. this is predicted to be the worst year for gift cards scams. gift cards should never be used for payments, especially to someone you don't know. scammers like gift cards because they function like cash instead of more protected payment options. san francisco based' huge third-quarter loss because of ongoing supply chain issues. they blamed oversee factory closures and backlogged ports forgetting merchandise into ports. shares fell 21% and gap says
6:47 am
they are preparing for even bigger losses, of two $150 million in sales in the busy holiday season. after losing ground to online shopping, brick and mortar stores are back in style with a different purpose. one research group says retailers are expected to open more stores in 2021 then they closed. that is the first time that happened since 2017. brick and mortar stores are making a comeback as a helpful way to pickup up and return online deliveries, especially when shipping companies are overwhelmed. department stores are still closing more than they open but happening at a slower rate. let's take another live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. wall street is open for black friday but you have to get trades in early because the market closes at 11:00 a.m. you can see significant losses because of concerns over the new
6:48 am
covid potential variant. we are down 921 points now. kristen: this may be the hottest item of black friday next year. apple's first augmented reality headset will be released in the fourth quarter of 2022. the headset will have two processors with the same power as a macbook. analysts believe it will be a standalone platform and will not rely on any iphone to stream content. kumasi: if you are staying home this black friday, disney has a deal for you. new and eligible returning customers can get to do with ads for $.99 per month for the whole year. that is a significant savings at 85%. along with your favorites are shows you cannot find other places like the "our america" series and "unsolved" "unsolvedv
6:49 am
the hulu black friday deal is available through sunday. kristen: it is friday, w, w weekend finally here, many of you a be getting out to go shopping or have fun. kumasi: ebay area is doing well with managing the pandemic so many of you may be ready to get out. here is your guide to a better weekend. chances are you are still deep in the thanksgiving food coma right now. if you're looking for a turnaround, the area fresh air is waiting. the seventh year of green friday gives you, the family, and relatives in town a healthy outdoor alternative so you can save holiday shopping for later. maybe you are not the type to procrastinate and ready to get to work on the gift list. with this group of world-famous desserts right next door. cure deli is turning the page to
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all things christmas with a magical marketplace with trinkets to discover. festive trees decorated by students at the academy of art with a lighting at 5:00 p.m. santa will be taking photos next to the tree after. plus, the return of another christmas classic, the two story gingerbread marvel. engineering and culinary teams have been patiently planning since july, crafting up to 8000 gingerbread ricks with 1000 pounds of powdered sugar, 150 gallons of egg whites, 1900 pounds of candy, and more than 500 hours of construction. the winter wonderland is back starting saturday afternoon. kumasi: mike you are over here like yes. that is not all going on this weekend. on our website, we put together
6:51 am
a list of covid-friendly events happening around the bay area on what is the best part, mike? mike: it is actually not trying to eat it but how impressive people can take food and make it into art and the way it makes you feel, especially not seeing it for two years. kristen: remember, feast for the eyes only. no plucking candies off of the gingerbread house. mike: sometimes the stuff they use is not edible. kristen: right, it may not be yummy. mike: that gingerbread is probably not made for taste, nor is that icing. kristen: it is for admiring. mike: absolutely. let's look at what is going on this black friday weather wise. look at that gorgeous sunrise, bursting colors from the mount tam. mostly sunny and dry, mild today
6:52 am
and brighter and warmer this weekend. even warmer next weekend as we say goodbye to november and say hello to december. there is no rain in the forecast. continues to move north. the high-pressure will get pushed around but it distinct to our south. with its clockwise flow, it will head all of those storms to our north over the next week or so. that means some flooding for the pacific northwest while we are burning or close to it in southern california or stuck in the middle like we are in a dry pattern. mid to upper 60's today. thinking of dining out? if you go out, and your 60d youy 5:00 and then dropped onto the low to mid 50's by 8:00 this evening. to purchase this evening not as cold as they have been in the morning. most of us in the 40's.
6:53 am
a little bit of fog in the east bay valleys. a little cloudiness trying to creep up on the coast. d7 in tahoe. 69 in yosemite. breezy through the grapevine. santa ana winds and critical fire danger until 6:00 tonight for southern california. here is my seven day forecast. today is a cooler day, 64 to 68. mid and upper 60's along the coast as an offshore wind will dominate this forecast. hitting the low 70's by sunday, during records. same thing tuesday and wednesday, most likely our warmest days. here is kristin. kristen: we are sharing the story behind the viral video of a wife suppressing her husband with a pregnancy announcement at an orlando magic basketball game. it happened wednesday night when james and taylor bailey popped up on the kiss cam. james' reaction
6:54 am
will be a dad was a highlight on espn. >> my husband has always dreamed of me telling him in a cool way. i thought it would be cool to get on the kiss cam. >> messages started pouring in. we saw you on sportscenter, we saw you on that. kristen: taylor planned the whole thing in secret, bringing her parents long for the surprise. none of them thought this moment would go viral. congratulations. kumasi: i love how everybody is so happy for them. this man in the back is teasing -- is cheesing, he is so happy. up next, the seven thanks you need to know today. kristen: you can watch all of our newscasts live or on-demand on the bay area tv app available for apple tv, android tv, and roku. kumasi: as we had to break,
6:55 am
let's take a live look outside. this is nice looking at santa cruz. we had this man w man there every morning. kristen: is that him? kumasi: i don't think so because usually he is looking for stuff in the sand. kristen: i am confused. i'm looking at the ocean so i am west yet i see a sunrise. explain this. the sunrise in the east? thank you, mike. it is now too early for me. kumasi: we will be right back.
6:56 am
>> this is the moment to build a better bay area. join mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. kristen: here are the seven things to know this morning. and covid variant worrying world health experts. the who is meeting today to discuss this strain. it could be more infectious and elude vaccines. kristen: the dow is down more than 2%, down at 900 points because of the of this new variant. investors are concerned about this. travel related stocks, cruise lines and airlines are being hit hardest. kumasi: the head of instagram said he will testify before the
6:59 am
senate to answer accusations. this follows the massive league of internal documents by a whistleblower. kristen: shoppers are up early looking for black friday deals and back in person this year. 64% of shoppers are expecting to shop in stores today compared to 51% last year. mike: temperatures just going up. our average highs are 61 to 63. how about 63 to 73 by sunday? kristen: bay area roads are quiet this black friday. use the bay bridge toll plaza, smooth sailing for you drivers. kumasi: number seven, san jose's christmas inbee park is returning today and we have a sneak peek at lake cunningham park. this free event is that cesar chavez park which includes a new 65 foot walk-through christmas tree. mike: can i say something about thanksgiving?
7:00 am
i went to hulu, apple plus, disney plus, everywhere. there is one thanksgiving special and it is this to be one. kumasi: good morning, america. the black friday frenzy is on. overnight americans hitting the stores for one of the biggest shopping days of the year hunting for those doorbuster deals. >> i am the black friday queen. >> new numbers showing a strong start to the holiday shopping season with thanksgiving online sales bigger than ever. this morning, we're tracking down some of the biggest bargains out there. we ask the ceos of best buy and macy's how they're keeping their stores stocked, how they'll get your gifts delivered on time, and their hotst deal -- hottest deals right now. hurrying home. millions of americans already heading back from the holiday. the best and worst times to leave this weekend as millions


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