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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 25, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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from last year's black friday. these shoppers are thankful in-store deals
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>> happy thanksgiving. >> it is thanksgiving day here in the bay area. >> i am really think of for the beatable day we had today. >> we are out in san francisco asking people what they are think of for. >> i will let you know how black friday forecast in the weekend is looking. >> i was here today at 3:00 p.m. >> it is not even black friday get, but you could see there were deals to be had on this thanksgiving. i will tell you where i am in my story. abc 7 news starts right now. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. anchor: long lines long lines lg area stores tonight as people do some thanksgiving shopping. many major stores are waiting until black friday to open, now just hours away.
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with that, we say good evening and thank you for joining us. i am dion lim. j.r. stone is on the story and found other businesses seeing crowds as well. j.r.: tis the season for a long line on thanksgiving. a very long line just to get into name stop in colma. the hottest item among these shoppers -- >> i am here for a ps5. >> playstation 5. it is hard to buy them right now. >> i waited all november for this day. j.r.: in fact, shoppers here told us they chose to stay close to home and away from major cities. >> san francisco lately has been pretty crazy. >> i have been around this area for a long time so i felt this was the safest place to go to. j.r.: while stores like target and best buy closed for thanksgiving, there were several open businesses, like movie theaters. a family outing for these youngsters in daly city. >> do you like thanksgiving?
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>> yeah, because i can spend the day with my family. >> it is thanksgiving and it is my brother's birthday and we are going to the movies. >> finding something open is fun to have. >> you have the surroundsound and the effects. j.r.: for those still being questioned about thanksgiving shopping, many will tell you they are buying for their loved ones. >> i am going to get it for my kids. they don't know yet. [laughter] it is supposed to be a surprise. hopefully they don't get to see this. [laughter] >> this is for my son. this is everything he wanted, the xbox series x. not the digital. i heard that a million times, so i snuck out of the house today after we ate. j.r.: to those who admitted to buying items for themselves, they also said it was ok because their wife said so. >> my wife said you should go get one. i was like, what's the catch? [laughter] happy wife, happy life. she did say i cannot open it for
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a little while, which is fine. but i am happy. j.r.: while many major retailers were closed on thanksgiving, they will be open bright and early come black friday. this target here in daly city opened at 7:00 a.m. like so many other spots across the bay and across the country. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. dion: that is so funny. happy wife, happy life. we are on alert following a slew of crimes that happened all around the bay area last weekend, and it is not just happening here. last night, a brazen robbery at the nordstrom store at the wellfield topanga mall in los angeles. in this case, the thieves did not have to smash in order to grab. they raced into the open door, grabbing it merchandise, while customers were shopping. a security guard was attacked, sprayed with some kind of chemical. he was treated by paramedics and is expected to be ok. the los angeles police chief says they are taking action after seeing what happened in the bay area. >> after seeing what happened in
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northern california, where we had a series of jurisdictions around the san francisco bay area have in excess of 20 or 30 burglaries, and these flash mobs that arrived. we immediately acted, recognizing the impact this is having on retailers, the sense of safety on our communities. we will not allow this to go unaddressed. we will identify them and go before the criminal justice system. dion: the chief also says they are putting more police on the streets to act as a deterrent to these kinds of crimes. san francisco is offering two hours of free parking at city-owned union square garages in an effort to encourage people to shop. car access on some nearby streets will be limited at night because of the string of organized retail thefts. the free parking will be available through the end of the year at the sutter stockton garage, the lso pharaoh garage, and the union square garage. you can see more officers patrolling the area. now to developing coronavirus news and a new variant detected
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in south africa that has scientists concerned. the who technical group will meet to decide whether to give it a name from the greek alphabet. the united kingdom announced restrictions from south africa and five other african countries starting tomorrow. south africa's health minister says the variant has a high number of mutations and is causing a rapid spread are among young people. >> you can rest assured, as people start to movi more over the next few weeks, this will be over. dion: south africa had been recording about 200 new cases a day, but that jumped to more than 1200 yesterday and nearly 2500 today. moving on and taking a live look at sfo come over covert concerns are not stopping people from traveling. nationwide, the tsa screened more than two point 3 million passengers yesterday, exceeding expectations. it is 88% of pre-pandemic
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thanksgiving traffic. more than 2 million people have paed every sileor the last seven days. with that, let's get to sandhya patel with the fou forecast for the rest of your holiday weekend. sandhya: it was a fabulous thanksgiving weekend. let me show you live pictures from the roof camera. you can see the moon, the waning gibbous on top. you notice those high clouds. that is showing up on the doppler. those are harmless as we head into tomorrow morning, for all those headed out at 5:00 a.m. for black friday shopping. 40's and 50's, not as cold as this morning because of the clouds. it warms up as we get into the afternoon. here is a look at the hourly black friday shopping forecast. a cool morning, 30's and 40's, sunny skies by 8:00 a.m. as we head into the afternoon, low to upper 60's. it will be a mild afternoon.
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we will be back with the weekend forecast coming up. dion: a forecast to be thankful for. san mateo residents in need got a helping hand and a hot meal this thanksgiving. the nonprofit samaritan house provided over 750 free meals at a drive-thru event today. you're looking at video where you can see recipients got a boxed, hot thanksgiving meal complete with. this was a true labor of love. >> today alone, there have been a good 75 volunteers, between the kitchens and here distribute in the food into the cars and the folks walking up. but there have been more than 1000 people involved in preparing this in advance. we are primarily a volunteer agency. people are coming out and helping members of the community. dion: in addition to today's hot meals, samaritan house started handing out thanksgiving food boxes about two weeks ago. all told, it provided more than 1500 meals to the community. it is our second thanksgiving
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under the pandemic, but tonight people in san francisco told us they still have lots to be thankful for. and among those things, getting to celebrate with more people than last year. here is ryan curry. ryan: it is thanksgiving in the bay area. in san francisco, many were out in the early evening enjoying their holiday. so we asked people the golden question on thanksgiving, what are you think for? >> i am really thankful for the beautiful day we had today. it was gorgeous, a great day for a run, and i am grateful for my husband. ryan: this family used to live in san francisco but recently moved away. this is their first trip back since the pandemic started. >> being able to go out and get some sense of normalcy back. ryan: traveling seems to be a popular theme this evening. we met up with the boyer family. they traveled all the way from the south. they are think the for the chance to meet new people nationwide. >> i am really thankful because
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we are meeting new people, and i think the people are more grateful because everything is opening back up. so we have been able to meet a lot of cool people. ryan: traveling and seeing loved ones are a common thing people told us they are thing for. four mostly because we cannot bashar thankful for -- are thankful for. >> the as long as we are able to love and basically joined together. ryan: whether it is traveling, seeing loved ones, or playing in the park, the message from people today is to enjoy the little things. >> that is part of that moment of the year where you take the time to recognize some of the little things that you take for granted, and basically say a little bit of a walk in the park is something you can take for granted, but the thankful for it
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because not a lot of people have that opportunity. ryan: in san francisco, ryan curry, abc 7 news. dion: very well said. a viral thanksgiving tradition now in its sixth year. the thanksgiving grandma and her internet famous guests share their afflictions. plus, unique celebrations held all across the bay area today. the richmond turkey shoot has nothing to do with hunting. and it is not too soon for a christmas tree. why experts say it is the year to shop early.
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dion: before sitting down to dinner today, some families picked out their christmas trees. >> people are coming in earlier. that is a big thing.
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might as well enjoy your tree. dion: plants christmas trees in san francisco was open to shoppers. experts say you should buy earlier because of a shortage blamed on supply chain and climate change. if you cannot find a real treat to your liking, a fake tree can also be a challenge and cost more. >> consumers will see a 10% to 30% increase in price, depending on the tree, depending on the retail, depending on how big the tree is. dion: experts say victories are in high demand this year, and you should also shop sooner rather than later. a thanksgiving tradition was reborn in the south bay today. for the first time since 1956, the san jose state spartans brought holiday football back to the bay area. >> i am thankful for the fans. i am thankful for everybody that made this possible. and most importantly, i am thankful to be here. dion: the spartans faced off against their rivals, the fresno
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state bulldogs. a lot was on the line for both teams, including a trip to the bowl game for san jose state. chris alvarez will have the answer on how they did later in sports. first in the east bay, a wild thanksgiving tradition was back this year in richmond. nearly 150 people, including the mayor, turned out for the 32nd annual turkey shoot. no worries, no turkeys were harmed at the event. instead, locals did shots of wild turkey whiskey. the event started back in 1989 and has morphed into an annual walk through the port richmond neighborhood, ending at a local art gallery. that is where everyone joins for shots and poetry reading. you have to walk before you run, and for some, you have to run before you can eat. lake merritt played host to a turkey trot this morning. runners and walkers completed the loop around the lake, finishing on grand avenue near macarthur boulevard. nearly 3000 people participated.
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the winner wrote 16 minutes with a pace of five minutes and nine seconds per mile. it was a text that changed their lives and has turned into a thanksgiving tradition going six years strong. all of it started when an arizona woman accidentally invited a young man over for thanksgiving dinner. the story went viral and rihanna whitney has this year's update that the internet has been waiting for. reporter: year six. can you guys believe it? >> no. >> not at all. i feel like i'm getting older every second. [laughter] reporter: it has become a tail and tradition as old as time. >> it feels very good inside to know that i bring people joy. reporter: by now, the world knows the story. she accidentally texted jamaal in 2016 for thanksgiving dinner, thinking she texted her real grandson. that year, they got together for the holiday, thinking it would be a one-time thing. now they count their blessings that it wasn't.
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how old were you when you started? >> 17, i believe. i was 17. this year, i am turning 23 in two months. reporter: you are getting recognized in public. >> yes. [laughter] reporter: best buy, verizon. >> anywhere there are young people, they recognize. reporter: what do you think it is about this story that people come back and they are actually aske asking for it? >> i have asked that question so many times and i get the answer that it was a feel-good story. i guess there is not -- there is a lot, but people want a feel-good story. reporter: the two have celebrated more than just thanksgiving together. christmas, birthdays, and exciting new opportunities that have come their way. >> all of this helped me figure out what i wanted to do with my life. reporter: give everybody the update. what are you starting to pursue? >> right now, i am starting to pursue an acting career. >> if you have your own talk show, can i be on it? >> of course.
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[laughter] you are the main person. reporter: but they have experienced loss together too. one does husband passed away from covid. their first year spending thanksgiving without him. she credits social media for helping her through it. >> i get so many people giving condolences, and they are so genuine and uplifting. reporter: this story almost never happened, had one does not responded when jamaal jokingly said he would come over for a thanksgiving plate that first year. yet, here we are in 2021. at times, the world can divisive and heavy, but this story is so heavy. it knows no boundaries of race, age, or background. this is pure friendship, admiration and love. >what if you had never done tha? >> if i had never -- reporter: texted him back? >> then i would have missed out on a wonderful relationship.
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i changed my view totally of the younger generation. now that i reflect back on all these years, i didn't change their life, they changed mine. reporter: in mesa, breanna whitney. dion: my heart is so full. isn't it amazing how one text can change so much about some people's lives? sandhya: it is a beautiful story, and i think people are craving the positive, uplifting things in life. it is good to see that. let's talk about the weather because it is looking good for the next several days. i want to show you the high-pressure ridge on doppler seven that will keep the pattern dry and mild. yes, we need the rain. there is none in the forecast so you might as well enjoy it. the doppler showing high clouds overhead. that is why temperatures are running from two to 14 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time.
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four mile visibility in concord, six miles in the livermore. that is due to some fog forming, so be careful. there is patchy fog out there. temperatures this hour in the 40's and 50's. here is a look at the frost advisory for interior portions of mendocino county. that is the only area where we are expecting to be cold enough to see frost between 3:00 and 9:00 a.m. you will want to protect any sensitive plants. a cool morning, mild afternoon for black friday shoppers. sunny and warmer for the weekend. the pattern remains drive for next week. here is a live photo. the air quality in case you want to work out your meal from thanksgiving, it is going to be good to moderate air quality for the bay area. the next three days, we are looking at moderate air quality. morning temperatures in the 30's and 40's. a lot of cloud cover. the coolest spots in the north bay valleys. for the rest of you, it should be fine. afternoon highs in on the mild side.
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69 in los gatos. 68 in san jose. on the peninsula, upper 60's from los altos to redwood city. downtown san francisco, mid 60's. daly city, 62. north bay in the 60's and 70's. 66 degrees in san rafael. it is going to be a nice day to be outside. 67 in oakland. inland areas, you are going to be in the mid to upper 60's. 67 in livermore. 66, concord. 65 in walnut creek. if you like this weather, look at the saturday forecast. you will see plenty of temperatures in the 60's and 70's. still well above average for sunday, though you will see more fog by sunday. the storm track with the atmospheric rivers staying in the pacific northwest. at times they will get the precip. for us, there is nothing in the forecast immediately. maybe around december 5, we will see. the seven-day forecast, it will
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be nice for shoppers tomorrow. sunshine, a warmer day saturday. warm for late fall on sunday. you are looking at 60's and 70's for the start of hanukkah. mild pattern going into a new month. a dry start to december midweek. dion?
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dion: toda giving week cae next tuesday is giving tif you a donation, abc 7 news has created a list of local vetted organizations that are helping to build a better bay area. you can see the list on our website, it is a great day to donate, where many organizations also stretch your dollars are there with matching funds. after chris alvarez with a preview of sports. chris: coming up, we've got turkey day football. san jose state looking to become bowl eligible. at how a former 49er helped the current 49ers playoff chances
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>> abc 7 sports sponsored by rir rock casino. chris: a lot on the line for san jose state. with a win, they would become bowl eligible and snap a two game slide. pumpkin pie and turkey hats in san jose. they kicked a field goal to take a brief lead, but second quarter, the quarterback tries to make a play, fumbles, and the bulldogs recover. two plays later, jake kaner finds a wide open jacob nims. the spartans trail 23-9 at the break. third quarter, this play fake willful the camera. derek deese junior refusing to go down. first down. spartans move the ball, but no touchdowns. fresno state opening up here in the third quarter. perverse, gets back to the quarterback, who throws it to
11:30 pm
jaelyn crawford. the spartan season ends on a three-game losing streak. fresno state wins. derek carr and the raiders in dallas taking on the cowboys. the raiders start off hot. desean jackson, 7-0 on a 56 yard touchdown. vegas up by as many as 11. fourth quarter, dak prescott for the score. add the two-point conversion. we are tied up 30-30. and over time, the game-winning field goal . vegas wins. all this in the building. -- evlis -- elvis in the building. josh allen with four touchdowns for buffalo. the bills win. with the saints loss, the niners move into the seventh playoff spot. stanford women in the bahamas, taking on indiana.
11:31 pm
10 points in 11 rebounds in the first half. it was close throughout, and she was the star. how about a hoop and a foul, finishing with 21 points and 22 rebounds? stanford wins. they will take on south florida tomorrow. usf taking on towson in the las vegas invitational. the youngster enjoying basketball. grabbing a loose ball, coast-to-coast for two of his eight first half points. he scored 12 in the second half. how about a breakaway dunk to seal the deal? 20. the don's wins. balboa defeated lincoln 21-0 in the high school football city championship.
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dion: thanks for watching. right >> dicky: from hollywood, it's “jimmy kimmel live”! tonight -- tom hanks, and june diane raphael. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thanks. thank you guys for coming. that's very nice, thank you. i appreciate that. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. please, relax, we have a lot to get to tonight. it's election day. a guy cried about his jacket on "the bachelorette." we have a lot of important news today. [ laughter ] we'll get to all of it.
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but first i want to take a moment to share something that has me a little bit disturbed and certainly puzzled.


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