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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 25, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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♪ let's celebrate ♪ d anchor: next, the new concerns for black friday. it's not just about sales. it's about safety. >> thank you. anchor: a north bay nonprofit makes a difference this thanksgiving delivering meals to those in need. beautiful weather for the holiday. i will let you know if it lasts through the weekend. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. anchor: hard to believe, but black friday begins officially just hours from now. it is going to be different this year and not just because of the pandemic. thank you for joining us and good evening.
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i'm dion lim. you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00. now, we certainly hope you've enjoyed thanksgiving day. we are already looking ahead to tomorrow, black friday. those two days seem to merge into one. in recent years, many retailers opened their doors on thanksgiving day so shoppers could get a jump on black friday deals. it was a controversial move halted last year thanks to the pandemic. this year, as abc 7 news reporter laura anthony says, it seems it's become a permanent change. ♪ laura: the holiday music was loud and festive at walnut creeks broadway plaza, but playing to no one as it seems our controversial trend of stores opening on thanksgiving day has come to an end. >> i kind of like it. it's not about shopping. it's about family, getting
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together, and just celebrating. laura: perhaps fix other routing to the huge shift of online shopping, retailers like macy's and old navy have halted what had in the creep of black friday into thanksgiving day, most stores returning to what used to be traditional, a 5:00 a.m. start on friday. >> i am here for the ps5. laura: one exception, gamestop, were of dozen people are here in anticipation of the opening. >> because prices are more doable and also a lot of places that are open for you to get whatever you need as far as electronics, games, stuff like that. >> i told them i would be late for dinner. laura: dollar tree was one of the few other stores open. shoppers will also find extra security this black friday in the wake of a series of brazen smash and grab robberies in the bay area, including at nordstrom last weekend. >> i actually made it to the
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news in the u.k. about how the nordstrom's store was broken into and looted. which was quite a shot. she moved here the week it happened. laura: now the main street at broadway plaza's blocked off with bright orange barricades and beefed up police and private security presence, adding a bit of ominous to what is supposed to be a festive time of year. ♪ laura anthony, abc 7 abc 7 news. kristen:'s --dion: speaking of safety, we are on alert. it's not just happening here. last night, a brazen robbery at the nordstrom store in los angeles. in this case, the thieves didn't have to smash or grab. they actually raced in through an open door, grabbing expensive merchandise while customers were shopping. a security guard was attacked, sprayed with some kind of a chemical. he is expected to be ok.
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the lapd chief says they are taking action after seeing what happened in the bay area. >> we're seeing what happened in northern california, where we had a series of jurisdictions around the san francisco bay area have an excess of 20 or 30, and these flash mobs had arrived. we immediately acted, recognizing the impact this is having on retailers, since of safety on our communities. we're not going to allow this to go unaddressed. we're going to aggressively pursue and identify them. dion: the chief says they are moore police on the streets to act as a deterrent to these kinds of crimes. meantime, southern california is dealing with another problem we are too familiar with here, power outages to reduce the risk of wildfires. there are high winds and a red flag warning in effect. the power was cut to more than 64,000 customers across five counties by noontime. shops are possible for another 148,000 customers tonight.
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the california highway patrol is investigating a deadly early-morning crash near brentwood. chp says one person was killed and two others hurt in a head-on collision. it all happened on vasco road near walnut boulevard, where moments later, another driver hit a tire on the road. and that sent his car rolling downhill. >> it's just a wild way to start off thanks giving. i'm thankful, though. dion: that man was not hurt. the two people who were are being treated at a medical center in walnut creek. and right now, we are taking a live look at the roads. and as you can expect, a little bit of traffic out there on this thanksgiving. we are taking a view of i 80 going through emeryville, which was one of the worst places for traffic yesterday. lynn call it the worst, but definitely there is -- wouldn't call it the worst, but definitely there is some traffic. and a live look at san francisco international at the skies. it was expected to surpass the
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peak of pandemic travel that was seen this past summer. nationwide, the tsa says they screened more than 2.3 million passengers yesterday, exceeding expectations. it's at 88% of pre-pandemic thanks giving travel levels and double the number of travelers during the pandemic last year. more than 2 million people have passed through tsa checkpoints every single day for the past seven days. the airport isn't the only place to find wines this time of year. abc 7 news found this crowd in santa clara today. they were awaiting at a boston mark. the line went through the parking lot. customers were there to pick up either hot food or meals they could heat and serve at home. there were also lines of people in the north bay, but these people were not waiting to get holiday meals, but to give them. volunteers spent the morning bringing more -- warm meals to people in need. abc 7 news anchor liz kreutz shows us how much this effort means to those who received a visit. >> so you have what looks like
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for deliveries. l in san rafael, volunteers lined up to pick up warm thanksgiving meals to deliver to people in need. >> the people who are getting meals today are homebound older adults who don't have the ability to do their own grocery stopping. they are alone on thanksgiving day. >> everything is all packaged up per person. liz: the nonprofit calls this operation thanksgiving. they made sure anyone alone and in need of a meal today could get one. >> and we had over 150 meals that we're delivering today. and we have about 40 volunteers, 40 cars i should say, that are coming in. and they are filled with family grandparents, grandchildren, every mixture of family to have this great experience together. liz: what a great way to start your thanksgiving. >> exactly. it will be the highlight of my day. >> we're really grateful. we feel so privileged in life. we want to give back. liz: each meal included all the
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traditional thanksgiving dishes. turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and a sweet dessert, as well as thanksgiving cards made by local girl scouts. >> hopefully it will feel like home to them even if they're alone. liz: we joined a volunteer and her partner. >> hi. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. liz: they are here to give a thanksgiving meal to a 73-year-old woman. >> it's nice to spend thanksgiving with your friends. liz: we saw firsthand just how much it can mean to get a warm meal and a fairly visit. >> oh, i can't express the gratitude to meals on wheels, especially on a day where i would have been alone. liz: a reminder that on thanksgiving that a simple gesture can go a long way. >> it's about our community health. it's about their social health. it's about their nutritional health. it's about really, what can you do to make someone's day better, someone's week better?
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>> it really makes a difference. i'm really happy today. liz: in marin county -- >> thank you, thank you. liz: liz kreutz, abc 7 news. dion: that is precious, small gestures making big impacts. thanks giving is not only about giving thanks, but also giving to others when you can. tonight, you'll meet a nonprofit that could use your help to help people like the family of this pediatric cancer patient. meteorologist: nothing but sunshine today. i will let you know if this will continue along with war
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dion: president joe biden and the first lady giving their thanks this morning. they hosted a virtual holiday meeting from the u.s. coast guard station in nantucket, massachusetts. and they handed out historically collected challenge coins to service members.
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the president was asked what he was thankful for this thanksgiving. here is what he said. >> i'm thankful for these guys, thankful for them. i mean that from the bottom of my heart. dion: the bidens released this video on twitter, expressing their appreciation for a chance for families together safely once again. today, the salvation army is delivering 4000 traditional thanksgiving meals to people who need them in san francisco. for over six decades, the salvation army has held a thanksgiving meal event in the city. people usually gather together but for the second year in a row, looks different because of the pandemic. the salvation army partnered with a local catering company to help prepare meals and distribute them safely. >> right now with the urgency and importance of serving people in need, we are taking this day not only in san francisco, but throughout the nation and possibly throughout the world, did do the most important thing, sir people in need.
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dion: what has not changed is the meal itself self, turkey, gravy, much more. hundreds of volunteers delivered meals to seniors in need. for over 50 years, glide in san francisco has helped people enjoy a traditional thanksgiving celebration and meal. today, glide served nearly 3000 meals to residentserinnsecury. the event was held outdoors under tents to offer some covid protection. people were served breakfast and a thanks giving brunch. >> this is what thanksgiving is about. it's about giving thanks. it's about giving back. and it's about giving back to the community that you serve. dion: the san francisco mayor attended the event to prepare on the go meals to neighborhoods throughout the city. glide volunteers were able to go out to the community and deliver over 200 meals to people living in encampment. other local nonprofits that offer support to families of children with critical illnesses, one of them asking for help this thanksgiving.
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the director of their with care g.lls abc 7 demand for help ihis abc 7 ns amyhollyfield tells ue fundraising campaign that kicks off and how you can help. amy: joe lino of santa maria picked up some new clothes and diapers today for his daughter. three-year-old marley joe. at there with care. marley joe will need to be in the bay area for six weeks, where she will get radiation for her stage iv cancer. >> they've made life so much easier on us. it's been a blessing. amy: joe says when she was first diagnosed, they didn't think they needed any financial support. >> things changed really fast when you think you're ok. money gets depleted so fast you don't realize what's going on. amy: they not only come there with the fun stuff like coloring books and games, but also basics like gas cards for when the family didn't have enough money to drive to and from radiation treatments.
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but during covid, corporate sponsorships and fundraising parties dried up, and they're feeling the pinch. >> we have seen a 150% increase in the number of families we are serving since the beginning of the year. and so we're having a hard time keeping up with the demand. amy: so they's making a push for a holiday drive. you can go with the website and sponsor a family who has a critically ill child. a family like the lino's, who will be supporting marley joe's radiation and chemotherapy treatments until february. >> so for them to be able to help some of their families and give them what they need be on food, it's a blessing to all of us. amy: amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. dion: we hope some people step up. as amy mentioned, you can go online and support the group. the website is .group. of course, you may be hearing a lot about donations because tuesday is giving tuesday.
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it's a date to promote the power of philanthropy. if you're able to make a donation or like to, abc 7 news has created that it organizations that make a big impact to help the a better bay area. we have organized it by counting. you can find a list on our website, action. and if you would like to help, tuesday's day of giving is a great day to do it since many organizations will be able to stretch your dollar further with matching funds. alright, so far we have talked about thanksgiving travel and thanksgiving food. but there is a tradition that's missing. we are talking about football. a southbay showdown featured a matchup between rivals that has not happened on thanksgiving for over 50 years. sandhya: sandhya patel. it's knocking to feel like football this weekend. original high-pressure diverge the storm track. black friday forecast coming up. dion: andover get come you can always watch all of our newscasts live and on-demand on
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dion: he had to walk before he could run, and for some, you've got to run before you can eat. a turkey trot this week. runners and walkers completed the 5k loop around the lake, finishing on grand avenue near macarthur boulevard. nearly 3000 people participated this year. the winner broke 16 minutes with a pace of five minutes and nine seconds per mile. that is really fast. thanksgiving football is back in the bay area and san jose state welcomed in there arrivals fresno state for a turkey day classic. abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey brings us the sights and sounds from the southbay. dustin: turkey, sandwiches, pumpkin pie, and football. does it get any more thanksgiving than that?
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[applause] for the first time since 1956 and the 13th time overall, the san jose state parse -- spartans brought football to the state, something coaches are thankful for, a chance to be at home with their family. >> i think of for my family. i'm thing for for my health. i'm thankful for the fans. i'm thankful for everybody who made this possible. today's my birthday, so hopefully my gift will be us winning today. and i'm helpful -- thankful for spartan nation. dustin: standing in the way of delivering coach the birthday gift was the fresno state bulldogs. [cheers] the fresno state/san jose state rivalry is one of the best in all of college football and the state of california. on the line today, bragging rights and the valley trophy. >> not only is it a rivalry
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game, there's a trophy on the line. you have fresno state looking to possibly go for a championship. you have san jose state trying to get able game. thera lot on the li tea, valry,a lot of people, and it's thanksgiving. great mix. dustin: 2020 saw empty stands. but one spartan nations came out in force today to support their hometown team. ♪ no better way to spend thanksgiving. >> this was great. last year, nobody was here because we had covid, but not this year. i love this team and we're coming back. ♪ >> san jose! san jose! dustin: happy thanksgiving. dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. dion: i think we all know that face. i saw people with short sleeves and shorts today, really think the for this weather. sandhya: it was absolutely gorgeous outside, dion, and with good reason they were out with
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short sleeve weather out there. it's going to be like that right on through the weekend, so i morning, we have low 30's inure some of our coldest spots, gorgeous view right now from our golden gate bridge camera, 59 in the city, 57 mountain view, 61 in morgan hill. if you want to take a walk outside, just a light jacket will do, kgo roof camera, we barely have a breeze here, temperatures mid-to-upper 50's. 58 in concorde. live doppler seven showing you some higher clouds just coming through the bay area. san jose camera, a post sunset view that features a nice view. high clouds overnight, cool start in the morning, drive for black friday shoppers, bright and warmer weather for the wicked. thanksgiving turned out to be fabulous. we're going to look at your black friday shopping forecast. morning chill will be with us, but not quite as cold, 30's and 40's, brighter skies at 8:00,
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passing high clouds at noon. as we head into 4:00 p.m., nice and mild with low to upper 60's for most areas. as you check out the hourly forecast, higher clouds coming to the region tomorrow morning, through 6:00 a.m. then we get rightness in our skies and higher clouds come back into the picture for the evening hours. your morning temperatures, the coolest will be in the north bay valleys, mid-to-upper 30's there. for the rest of you, mainly 40's as we have partly to mostly sunny skies. afternoon highs a lot like today, 70 in cloverdale, 68 san jose, 68 san rafael, 65 in san francisco, 66 degrees in concorde, so nice and mild. and if you like this weather, check out saturday. we're going to be seeing temperatures in the 60's and 70's. as we head into sunday, more of the comfortable, mild weather, well above average. i know we need the rain. all the storm systems and the atmospheric rivers from time to time going into the pacific
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northwest, so from basically the next seven days, we're just going to see occasional clouds and fluctuations with minor dips in those temperatures. other than that, it is staying dry as we head into a new month. the accuweather 7 day forecast drive for shoppers, warming trend for saturday. and sunday, you're looking at 70's for sunday, low 70's around the bay, inland mid 60's co-side, still above average heading into next week. and then going into december, we'll keep it on the dry side, but hopefully things change in a couple of weeks and we get back into a much-needed wet pattern. dion: keep our fingers crossed. next. some families picked up their christmas trees. clancy's christmas trees was open to shoppers. >> people are coming in earlier. that's a good thing. might as well enjoy your tree. dion: clancys is open daily, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. through
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dion:ye lans been. they deserted tribal land for 19 months. the abc 7 originals documenting -- documentary tells the story from the beginning to its dramatic end, and how it shaped public policy for decades after. >> we called ourselves indians of all tribes because that's who we were. we were frustrated and upset that had happened to our people. >> american indians unexpectedly stormed to shore on alcatraz. >> we do not fear your threat to charge us with crimes on our land. >> along d feel you can stay here? >> when hell freezes over. >> we're not leaving alcatraz. dion: that was just part of the documentary. you can watch the entire thing on our abc 7 bay area connected
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tv app. and that's all the time we have for this edition of abc 7 news at 5:00. i'm dion lim. stay with us. stay with us. we'll see you back at 30 minutes the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. tonight, as we come on the air, america's thanksgiving comeback. millions across our nation celebrating. for many, their first in-person family gathering in more than a year. the macy's thanksgiving day parade returns with crowds of spectators lining the streets here in manhattan. travel approaches prepandemic levels. shots for children helping to ease anxiety for some parents. but more than half the country is reporting upticks in daily cases, raising fears of a potential winter surge. tonight, the new variant raising concerns overseas. also tonight, a critical fire danger in the west. red flag warnings in effect due to dry and windy weather. crews cutting power to tens of thousands, leaving them without power on thanksgiving. hundreds of thousands more at risk of losing their
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electricity. rob ma


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