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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 24, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. ama: is the bay area continues to real emissaries of organized retail fast, a security guard is in the hospital after being shot during an attempted robbery. just hours after the oakland police chief met with authorities. dan: you are watching --you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. that security guard was shot this afternoon during an attempted robbery. he has gone -- undergone surgery at parkland hospital. -- highland hospital. the guard -- police just
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announced a $7,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the shooter and anyone else involved. >> as you know it has been an extremely violent week. we are asking if you were in the area, have a business or live nearby to please check your surveillance footage, as you may have captured the crime during -- before, during or after it occurred. dan: local media outlets routinely use security guards to accompany reporters and photographers. they have targeted equipment in the past. our prayers are with that security guard. ama: the news of marijuana dispensaries. abc 7 is committed to covering issues to build a better bay area. reporter talked to one dispensary owner about his experience. >> if someone is going to die on one of these sites, that is
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going to be the downfall of that business. we can't have that. reporter: no one has more of us take in making sure oakland's dispensaries are safe. the same-store pillaged by a roving band of burglars over the weekend. three days later, it was among those on a call with the police chief. >> said the next or cop around my area. part one at my store, do things we can do to work together. reporter: cannabis dispensaries are among dozens of businesses hit over the weekend. in some cases, the suspects exchanged on fire with both private security and police. >> i want to be clear, i do not want to see security companies engaged in gunfire with individuals. i do not want to see these gun battles occurring as a result of our -- coming to these locations. reporter: some dispensaries are not waiting for the city or
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police to find out ways to protect them. they're taking matters in their own hands. >> opd is reportedly going to offer more support going into the coming weekend. >> what we are talking about is having more officers on hand to respond to things that might peak this weekend. yes, we are able to increase the number of boots on the ground through pulling folks in for overtime and other surge units being activated. >> i think they understand now where we are coming from. we are not going through this no more. dan: in san francisco, the suspects were caught and arrested in connection with friday's organized retail theft at the louis vuitton and union square. they made their first court appearance today. our news anchor was there, she is life with a look at what happened in court. reporter: we learned stunning new details of how all this
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unfolded friday night outside the louis vuitton store. not only was this interesting because we had five of these suspects make their first court appearance, we also learned how much merchandise was taken and the relationship each suspect had to one another. bystander video shows sfpd break the windows of a silver mustang, we now note cousins where the men inside. police say they were caught with $6,000 in stolen goods. miller has felony convictions dating back to 2017. police say he drove the vehicle, rubbing it in an attempt to evade police. callaway was the passenger, he was found with a loaded firearm. also in court today, speed, who was detained leaving the scene. police say he had $13,000 worth of merchandise on him as he ran away at was later found to have stashed another $14,000 in goods nearby. he spent months in prison for a
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number of convictions, including distributing cocaine. we also spoke with miller's mother, who is callaway's aunt outside the courtroom. >> of course they done wrong. i know they done wrong. reporter: as for the two womene. who appeared today, kimberly cherry and white, abc spoke to a woman is that she is white's mother and sherry's grandmother. they were caught and another vehicle with $20,000 in merchandise. the judge acknowledges their previous criminal history is not as serious as the men in court and set bail for $5,000 each. interestingly enough, he ordered the women to stay at least 150 yards away from the louis vuitton store. no bail has been set from miller and speed, callaway remains detained until his next court appearance next week.
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ama: con con con con con con con prosecutors filed conspiracy, burglary charges against three suspects in saturday's massive smash and grab at nordstrom's in walnut creek. this video shows some of the 90 or so running from the store. police say they were able to arrest and 30-year-old dawson and 19-year-old -- her office i committed to stopping those participating in organized retail theft. dan: in the south bay, the mayor of san jose is proposing to spend a quarter of a million dollars to keep police and the public safe. explain how an investment in technology may help combat this rise in crime. reporter: it is not a common feeling this time of year, but many residents are scared, concerned if and when the next flash robbery will occur, especially with america's
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against shopping weekend days away. leaders in the city of san jose state suspect should be afraid and they double down on their promise to keep the city safe. >> san jose and santa clara county is not the place to be coming to commit organized retail crime or crime of in-kind. >> we are making it clear, if you're in santa clara county, you're going to be caught and punished. >> for those thinking of committing these crimes, don't, you're going to get caught, you're going to go to jail. reporter: arrest of already been made into suspects or facing jail time, 19-year-old and 22-year-old lewis attempted to steal more than $4000 of perfume and cologne from macy's stores at valley fair and oak ridge malls last night. santa clara county district attorney says there bail is set at $2 million. >> we have begun charging these cases, we will charge them to the fullest extent of the law. these are felonies, summer strike offenses. the perpetrators that have been
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arrested are in custody, behind bars, where they will remain. reporter: the mayor announced a quarter million dollar proposal for technology including license plate readers that will be voted on at two state's city council meeting. in hope it will help police and the rest of other suspects. >> it allows us to do more, and, -- cover more locations, ensure safety without increasing the number of officers. reporter: city leaders want citizens to feel safe. they encourage others to support businesses. >> it is safe, we have the best police department in the country keeping us safe. ama: el cerri c asking the community for surveillance video to solve cases of vandalism and theft at the middle school. the school has been targeted since last monday. this morning, staff found racist messages directed at members of the black community along with 14 damaged windows, likely
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caused by bb gun or slingshot. a light fixture was broken and signage removed. police are investigating the incident as a hate crime. dan: let's move to the trial of the three men charged with the killing of ahmaud arbery. today, the jury reached a verdict after deliberating for six hours yesterday. reporter: in the case at the center of a nationwide outcry for racial justice, the drake reaching a verdict in the murder trial of the three white men accused of killing ahmaud arbery, and unarmed black man. >> we, the jury, find the defendant travis mcmichael, guilty. we, the jury, find the defendant greg mcmichael, guilty. >> michael was not guilty on felony -- malice murder but guilty on all others. -- greg mcmichael was was guilty on malice murder but guilty on all other charges.
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>> even though we are clapping and cheering and crying, family still devastated. they are missing ahmaud. reporter: hours into deliberations, the jury asking to view the video again. at the heart of the trial, the question of whether travis and gregory mcmichael, along with william roddie bryan junior acted in self-defense under a now repealed citizen arrest law. the prosecution arguing against that notion sing the three were the aggressors and went after arbery because he was black. the police say he never took anything. the family of ahmaud arbery, and during the trial process from start to finish. hearing and watching arbery's final moments. with the verdict now in, they begin journey to healing. >> reporter: today's convictions
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carry a mandatory life sentence in prison. dan: stay with abc news for much more on today's verdicts in reaction coming up at 5:30 on world news tonight with david muir. ama: today's traffic is bad is expected. we will show you the condition on bay area freeways right now. dan: supporting small businesses, why some business owners are optimistic about a
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dan: hopping right now, thanksgiving getaway traffic is in full swing. take a look at the conditions on interstate 80 through money. data suggests this traffic on east shore is the sixth worst roadway in the country to navigate. ama: let's look at the road conditions in walnut creek.
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this is it sadie, the headlights are headed westbound, plain people on the roadways. dan: in the south bay, here is highway 101 and -- headlights are heading northbound. it is a little sticky going the other direction, but is moving. ama: with may people traveling this holiday, a lot of bay area residents are getting tested for covid-19. the testing site at the santa clara fairgrounds was busy today. some of the people getting tested today were college students coming home to see families. >> i'm in the dorm, i'm at a higher rate of exposure the most people. my college doesn't regularly test. i figured it would be best if i get tested because i've been surrounded by so may kids for so long. >> it's a group effort. we want to be careful so we don't have to have another sad, depressing thanksgiving. ama: the county saw a big surge in cases after thanksgiving last
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year. medical experts say we are in a better place now because of the vaccines. the cdc suggests you consider wearing a mask if you're indoors with people who are not vaccinated. dan: with the recent string of big retail store robberies, small businesses are making a case for why should shop with them. abc 7 news reported spoke with business owners in san francisco's valley. reporter: there was a long line of customers wait to get inside the know we valley degree --val. faith in the economy is what convinced michelle o'connor to become the new owner of a well-known gift shop, just for fun. >> thank you to the community for welcoming me. as a new business owner. we are here, we've got loads of things. we've got you covered. reporter: many survived the covid crisis, but now small businesses also have to contend with supply chain problems. they have been preparing.
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>> we had great early holiday shopping, there are some huge apply chain issues in bookstores, a lot of stuff is sold out. we have wonderful books to sell people and lots of great recommendations. we are excited. reporter: the dramatic looting that occurred last weekend around the bay area may help lure people to neighborhood shops. still, at least one small business here was burglarized, after truck smashed into the building. on saturday morning, one of the windows at plum? wine and spirits was -- plumlum wine and spirits. >> i feel it is a safer neighborhood, there's a sense of community he might not get from the bigger downtown shops. >> happy thanksgiving. ama: preparations now include possible power shut
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ama: it is getaway day at local airports. this is how things look this morning at oakland international. fairly long lines at united -- >> we are expecting more people than in 2020. more folks picking up family, traveling to see family. exciting to see. ama: oakland international expects 170,000 travelers. 80% of the travel -- traffic in between 19. dan: frontline airport workers staged a protest claiming they are being denied health care. organizers same asf oh concession employees are at heightened risk since they work in cramped kitchens and come into contact with customers from all over the world. ama: it is time now to talk about the weather. dan: in the warm holiday weekend
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is upon us. sandhya: it looks fantastic for thanksgiving and beyond. let me show you the forecast. in case you're going to grandma's house tomorrow, 52 in tahoe, 63 in fresno. down south, los angeles, san diego, in the upper 70's. they do have red flag warning's as they are expecting the santa ana winds to pick up. as you take a look at friday, nice-looking weather for travel, 57 in tahoe, 57 in eureka, 80 in palm springs. if you're staying here for thanksgiving, i want to shade the forecast. 8:00, chilly start, 40's for your temperatures. if you stop to run out in the morning to get some stuff done before your family and friends visit, you will definitely want to bundle up. sudden and high clouds at noon time, temperatures 50's, 60's, mild afternoon, low to upper 60's. at 6:00, temperatures will fall, a cooler evening, in the 50's with clouds.
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a few high, then was because right now. other than that, we don't have rain, we need the rain. i don't see a thing over the next week and a half. mount celena, -- mount 32. it was cold this morning and then mid to upper 30's. jesse's winds died down, it is going to get colder tomorrow morning. a frost advisory again for the north and east bay valleys, tomorrow morning from 3:00 to 9:00 a.m.. frost is asked acted in those locations. -- frost is expected in those locations. low 60's from san francisco to oakland, san jose right now 55 in half moon bay. from our golden gate bridge camera, you're seeing some those higher clouds. everyone in the 50's except concord at 60 degrees. santa cruz camera showing you a lovely view as well. mostly clear overnight, chilly inland valleys, lofty weatherford thanksgiving. sunny and milder conditions for
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the upcoming weekend. high clouds will continue to pass through. tomorrow, they will insulate us a bit as we had the afternoon and evening, to count unfiltered sunshine. morning temperatures will be near freezing around santa rosa, lakeport, mid 30's there. 45 oakland, 35 in san jose. mild 68 in san jose, on the peninsula, 68 in redwood city, 62 pacifica. 63 degrees in downtown san francisco. santa rosa and east bay, low to mid 60's from oakland to fremont . 64 in concord and livermore. chilly start, pleasant thanksgiving for the rest of the day. nice for black friday shoppers. you are looking at a warming trend for the weekend, pushing those temperatures into the 70's, 60's co-side -- coast side. we cool off middle part of next
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week. ama: for some families in southern california, there thanksgiving plans include preparing for a potential power outages. thousands had the power cut today and more than 200,000 could lose service tomorrow. >> i purchased backup batteries so i felt the impact of the power outages for the last three or four years. i got to the point where i was tired of it. ama: southern california edison says the public safety power shut officer necessary because of strong winds. utility said power was cut today to nearly 500 customers and shut off are possible in more 150,000 and six counties. dan: new york city for the return of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. performers went through their paces today, last rehearsal before tomorrow's big event. lester's parade was canceled because of covid.
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the route goes through manhattan and features 15 giant character balloons, 28 floats, dozens of marching bands and of course, santa claus. ama: still had, a different kind of vending machine. we will tell you how you can support charitable
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>> i'm now hearing from victims across the country, there accounts were drained in seconds. the banks could not their money and tell -- >> you don't know how excited. >> so happy i want to cry. >> i could be more thankful to 7 on your side. >> life-affirming. >> we will be ok, thanks to you. ama: now you can buy something from a vending machine and help make the world a better place. three giving machines are available at oakland temple hill, through january 2. this allows people to buy gift for wives six charities. they've raised more than $9 million in donations. dan: finally, tonight, second harvest gave away all the meals
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in several locations in san mateo county. ama: it still needs money and volunteers to me unprecedented demand. >> if not might feel like things are getting back to normal, we are still providing food to 80% more people that we were serving pre-pandemic. that is held pretty stable. ama: second harvest serves more than 450,000 people each month. its fundraising goal is $81 million this year. where than half of that comes in november and december. dan: abc 7's come -- parent company, disney, provides ready thousand dollars in meals to people in need. the food banks are able to use that money so efficiently. world news tonight is next. we appreciate your time. ama: thank you so much for joining us this evening. our next newscast is at 6:00. hope to see you there.
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tonight, the verdict in the high profile ahmaud arbery case. three white defendants found guilty of felony murder. arbery, a black man shot and killed while jogging through their neighborhood in brunswick, georgia. >> guilty. >> oh! >> arbery's father screaming out as the first verdict was read. the judge ordering him removed from the courtroom. the defendants each facing life in prison. arbery family supporters celebrating outside the courthouse. his mother saying she never thought this day would come. steve osunsami and dan abrams standing by. the thanksgiving getaway hitting its peak. more than 50 million people traveling over the holiday. highways jammed with cars. drivers facing the highest gas prices in years. airports packed with passengers at near prepandemic numbers. more than 2 million people


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