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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 24, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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finally tonight, amazon's blue origins has announced the crew for their next space launch. and my "good morning america" colleague michael strahan was offered a seat. now he's in training, suiting up. >> fits like a glove. >> getting ready for the ride of a lifetime. >> we need to get good at going to space so that we can save the earth. it's true that we've got tons of problems here on earth, and we need to work on those in the here and now too. >> blasting off in just 16 days. that's "nightline" for this evening. thanks for the company, ersatio] -great party, carlene. you must have blown your budget. -not exactly. -you have great name-brand snacks, tons of meat... and where did you get this imported cheese? -hello! grocery outlet, bargain market. -♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ -with this holiday set to bust your wallet, your neighborhood grocery outlet is the destination
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in oakland as state and local leaders try to calm fears amid a rash reporter: of similar cases. reporter:reporter: crab seasonreporter: delayed. sandhya: how low the temperatures will go, plus the forecast coming up. ama: abc see -- abc seven ne --e >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> this has metastasized into one of the worst examples of organized retail crime. dan: tonight, city leaders from across the bay area and stay are trying to reassure everyone after number of organized retail thefts. made the incidents happened this weekend, we are still learning a business is being hit. ama: took merchandise from macy's. in oakland, new video shows a
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burglary from yesterday, a crime 356 clothing store. police say they are looking for suspects. the store manager says this is the second time they been burglarized in the past month. dan: look how may people were involved. tracking these crimes is important to all of us abc 7 as we work to build a bear -- better bay area. we know these affect your quality of life. tonight, we look into the action being taken in response to this retail crime spree and the impact it is having on how safe we all feel. reporter: the san francisco male, district attorney and chp all speaking out against retail crime tuesday as oakland city council members and the walnut creek did. >> we are going to do everything we can to keep our reporter: city safe. reporter:reporter: with that,
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san francisco d.a. announced charges against four others involved in similar theft on friday. >> we stand here united in solidarity. we will do whatever it takes to keep san francisco safe. reporter: collect -- cup california highway patrol announcing their increasing patrols on freeway quarters adjacent to major shopping centers. even with the push for safety, there's this. >> and if i want to do the store experience i'm probably going to go 30 to 60 miles away from the bay area. reporter: one of dozens who took to my facebook page tuesday to say they don't feel safe shopping and bay area stores and will be taking their business elsewhere. >> people don't feel safe going out as they did before. you could be a target anywhere, if you're shopping, if you're driving. reporter: they queued
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thoughts saying they were home -- hang home when another car being chased by another carpet crash in front of them. i was so traumatized, my whole body was in shock. my head hurt from what happened reporter: on the freeway. reporter:reporter: a reason why law enforcement agencies and public officials are trying to tackle these crime problems that have also been seen in other parts of the country, like chicago. >> this is not based on any one policy, this is a trend we are seeing across the country, and has nothing to do with my policies, nothing to do with the effectiveness of the sfpd. >> once the arrests are made, we are hopeful rda will prosecute. -- our d.a. will prosecute. dan: friday's smash and grab burglary's are pushing the police chief to push for change in lot regarding surveillance
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footage. >> it does make our life easier when there are so may cameras in the city and we don't have access to them. everything that happened friday night was captured on video. we did not have access or ability to look at it and call out vehicle descriptions and plate numbers in real time. dan: chief scott brought this up yesterday during a one-on-one with insider. currently, san francisco law allows sfpd to view footage only after an event occurs except certain conditions. ama: today, oaklands mayor responded. the police chief called out city leaders yesterday after a weekend of organized group that's like this one at a pharmacy. please also dealt with shootings and sideshows. she says she wants more help from california highway patrol.
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she says more resources are needed on every level. >> i will continue to amplify my call to our city government to increase funding and increase staffing for the oakland police department. we are at one of the lowest staffing levels we've had more than a decade. ama: the mayor also focused on the court system which he says has been a huge problem during the pandemic and is working way it used to. as part of our coverage today, we spoke with retail workers and store managers about their safety concerns. he combined those stories on our website, sandhya: dan: it is chilly out there, more on of frost advisory tonight. sandhya: it is going to be a cold morning ahead. let me show you a live picture. be think the that the winds right now are gusting anywhere from 40 to 57 miles an hour over the higher terrain. as the only thing holding this temperatures up. it is chilly already, in the 40's and 50's. frost advisory is for the north
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and east bay valleys, also lake and mendocino counties. 3:00 to 9:00, temperatures will be dropping, low to mid 30's by morning. cold front came through, skies are clearing. if you're traveling around the state, you're good to go. sunshine from top to bottom, a little windy in southern california. nationally, the only problems i foresee is potentially the pacific northwest and parts of the midwest. other than that, quite weather. i will be back with the thanksgiving forecast. ama: let's look at the roadways. a live look 80. it is moving, but expected to be jammed with cars tomorrow evening, particularly between 4:00 and 6:00. traffic is going to at least double tomorrow. aaa says that east shore freeway could be the sixth most congested in the country. another trouble spot is going to be eastbound 580 from hayward to livermore. experts say the best time to hit the road if you're driving
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tomorrow is after 9:00 p.m.. be prepared to pay at the pump. in san francisco, the average price of regular unleaded is four dollars 88 a gallon. or dollars $.88 a gallon. dan: fresh crab is a bay area thanksgiving tradition. but crab season is delayed once again this year. that is not only affecting customers, but also the local economy and fishermen. ryan curry has more on how some fishermen are trying to make ends meet. reporter: it is and of november, at fisherman's wharf, it is empty wharfs and begich crab beds. crab season is delayed again. >> i'm not surprised. reporter: matthew would normally be on the water this time of year. the california department of fish and wildlife says crab season cannot start until mid-december. >> just south of that, mendocino kind line, it is still going to
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be delayed because of the presence of humpback whales. reporter: right now, crab is expensive. there's one behind me told me crab is going for $30 a pound, and it is not local. this type of delay is a financial burden for fishers. he says the money he gets from crab season is a huge part of his income. >> i don't really have a paycheck from october until crab opens. it opens typically november 15. it would be great, you start making money again. reporter: he doesn't like going out on the water in january, weather can make fishing conditions dangerous. the money he would normally get from starting in november helps and buy holiday gifts for his family. >> it is difficult to that cash flow until comes in. christmas, you always want to get the best for your kids and family. sometimes, i will make up for a birthday. reporter: the department of fish and wildlife says crab fissures use special tools that could
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hurt the whales. he hopes he and other fissures can work things out with the state. if it keeps getting delayed, they will continue to not make money. >> i wish we could come up with something with fish and wildlife that we can work together to go back and forth, as the whales migrate out, we can come in a bit faster. ama: as as as as thanksgiving, covid cases are on the rise in the u.s. the city now imposing new mask rules. dan: tonight, a major mission for nasa, why rocket is aiming for an asteroid. ama: southbay bar getting transformed for the holidays. we get a sneak peek. dan: here's what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. jimmy: thanks, we made the show, you're going to like it. >> go back tears bought
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ama: developing news now, the jury in the case of three white men accused of killing ahmaud arbery in georgia deliberated for six hours today. the jurors went to work in the evening, the judge ordered them to resume tomorrow morning. the judge moved the jury to a room that does not have any exterior windows. prosecutors argued the
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defendants provoked the fatal confrontation. defense attorneys say their clients acted in self-defense. dan: a broadway actor and michael jackson impersonator is facing charges for allegedly being involved in the january 6 insurrection at the u.s. capitol. he is currently part of the traveling production of jesus christ superstar. prosecutors say investigators observed him performing in early november, including at a show in san francisco. court documents allege he is a measure -- member of the oath keepers and on january 6 was part of a group that tried to push the rate into the capitol building. ama: three men being pushed -- charged with murder after -- rc joyner was getting gas last month, a fourth man was waiting in a getaway car. joyner pulled out a gun and shot killed one of the robbers. another suspect fired back and
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hit joyner several times. he's right. illegal analysts -- replies why he hasn't been charged. >> there saying he utilized deadly force in a reasonable way because he feared for his life and responded with deadly force. the das office is not only saying that he defended -- the defendants were participating in a serious felony, armed robbery, but that mr. joyner was acting with reasonable self-defense, even though that was deadly self-defense. ama: california law allows for defendants to be charged with murder if they commit was deal -- deemed a provocative act. dan: at least 32 states or sing arising covid cases in the last week. children account for about one quarter of those new infections. reporter: as americans prepare to gather for thanksgiving, with millions hitting the roads and
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skies. >> we are going to meet up with the rest of the family for the first time. it is a special moment. reporter: doctors are running we are not out of the woods when comes to coronavirus. in the last week, nearly 142,000 covid cases in children. >> for the past two to three weeks we've seen a significant increase. reporter: massachusetts with the highest infection rate per capita among five to nine-year-olds. where the 100 million americans are still unvaccinated, including 35 million eligible children. when health care provider in arizona is working to vaccinate people in rural areas. >> it is not necessarily waiting for them to knock on our doors, it is for us to knock at their doors and see a way we could provide that vaccination and education in their community. reporter: at least 32 states are seeing arising cases, with overall infections up in the last four weeks. some counties in denver
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soon require masks indoors or prevent vaccination, at least temporarily, with hospitals becoming overwhelmed. >> we will do what needs to be done to ensure we get there the next 45 days without having a break in our hospital capacity. in break the state and governor have made clear could risk lives. ama: utilities commission has declared a water emergency ports 2.7 million customers in the bay area. they are asking customers to reduce usage by 10%, for now it is voluntary, not mandatory. their customers in san francisco, alameda, san mateo and san -- santa clarita -- santa clara counties. >> 3, 2, of the falcon 9 and dark. dan: a successful launch tonight
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at vandenberg space for space on the central coast. nasa is hoping for a with this mission, billed as a double asteroid redirection test. the spacex rocket is going to send a spacecraft into space with the goal of slamming into an asteroid and redirecting >> its path. > basically we are firing a vending machine at a vending machine -- at of great pyramid in egypt. asteroids are the only natural disaster we can predict far ahead of time and do something about. dan: nasa says there aren't any asteroids currently threatening earth, this mission could ultimately help save the planet in the future. a little unnerving, but one day, one these things might come right at us. ama: i'll just think about thanksgiving. sandhya: what is going to happen, at
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least not yet. let's think about the holiday. let me tell you what is going to happen tomorrow morning. it is definitely going to be cold and frosty for parts of the bay area. be prepared with areas of frost, you may be scraping not off your windshield if you park outside. protect your sensitive plants and don't forget to bring your pets inside is that she'll could obviously impact them as well. temperatures tonight in the 40's and 50's, skies have cleared nicely, but we are going to see good radiation cooling, especially as the wind style back in the wind sheltered valleys. 36 in napa, 33 at lakeport. by morning, 38 livermore, 41 in santa rosa, 50 in san francisco, one of the sun for -- comfortable spots. down for went, those offshore winds, it is evident as you look at the hilltops, over 50 mile an hour winds right now.
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those gusty winds remaining with us. you will notice, some of that down to the surface between 3:00 and 5:00 around solano and napa counties. be prepared. look at the stunning view, with clear skies, dusty, a bouncy view for mount tam. dusty in the hills, looking at beautiful weather for thanksgiving. sunny and mild or for the upcoming weekend. let's check out your thanksgiving planner. pull start, temperatures in the 40's, filtered sunshine at noon. those numbers will come up, mild territory at 3:00. sweater weather by 6:00. if you want to walk off your meal in the evening, you will need to bundle up. tomorrow afternoon, shirtsleeve weather, low 60's tub 60's. wells while sunshine. you couldn't ask for a better day. we need the precipitation. right now, the storm track remains wells were north. over the next seven days. it looks like things could be
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changing. the climate prediction centers says the first week of december, we are looking at what weather out west. 33 percent to 50% chance of above average precipitation across the bay area. fingers that materializes. accuweather seven-day forecast, hold 'em frosty morning. a lovely thanksgiving. dry conditions for black friday shoppers. pumping those temperatures up into the 70's for the weekend. the star of hanukkah looking beautiful, mid 60's coast. right around the bay, in the 60's next week. ama:
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it will become a holiday wonderland complete >> with seasonal drinks. > everything will be incredibly festive and joyful. we are looking forward to being back. ama: the transformation is based on a holiday themed pop-up started in new york city in 2014. this will be the third year. other bars include kona street market in san francisco, double standard in oakland and wristers. garden and cattle them up. dan: -- in catalanotto. dan: larry: looks like the warrior are about to get an urgently -- early christmas present. kl
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>> abc 7 sport sponsored by river rock casino. larry: after two years of
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rehabbing, klay thompson can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. close to returning to the court, he is scrimmaging with contact, playing full-court, five on five over the next few weeks. the other half of the splash brothers will work on strength and endurance. the earliest return date may be around december 20 against the kings, nothing set in stone. think about one of the best shooters ever rejoining steph in tht place warriors. >> 15 and two, it is a -- and i'm not back yet, think about that. i won't go back again, i wildwing a ring. i've a lot of pent up energy to go out there and prove to anybody else, to myself i'm still one of the best. i just really want to win a championship again. that's it. larry: can't wait.
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oregon, st. mary's hoops in college, their spelling out as a men's c. scored 10 straight points for st. mary's, he had 16 total. gail is up a dozen in the second half, tommy cousy, dribbling through the entire ducks defense, finishing with the reverse. this game was all saint mary's, they take down a pac-12 team. logan johnson, i will take that, all the way for the lab, yells when it, they are now 6-0. how about north carolina, car stanford up, jayden the alert demo. the close the valve, finished with eight points. the cardinal that this counted freshman. you're going to be hearing a lot about hers and ingram. also reversing, he had 14. stanford by 11 in this game. notate's to james -- noah tatess
1:37 am
stanford the winner, 79-65. past weekend, cal poly fielding a 50 yard gilboa, came up short. he is going to take it to the house. he won -- runs a four 340, he flies like his dad did. 100 yards, from monte vista high school in danville. cal poly lost the game
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