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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 23, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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of thefts over the past several days. it is part of our focus on building a better bay area. >> we expt e n francisco district attorney to announce felony charges against the eight people arrested in friday's organized retail theft in union square. dozens seen swarming the store on friday night. >> police arrested two women, six men, and confiscated guns and vehicles. the chief expects more arrests. the news conference is expected any minute. when it starts, we will bring it to you live. >> san francisco's police chief says revising the surveillance camera laws could help law enforcement in future incidents. tim johns has the latest on the chiefs request and the mayor's response. >> following his one-on-one sit down fill material, the police chief once again asked the city to help fight crime.
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one of his biggest requests was allowing police access to surveillance camera footage. >> we did not have access or the ability to call out license plate numbers and vehicles. >> san francisco law only allows them to view surveillance camera footage after an event occurs. except in certain situations. >> that hampers our ability to do what we need to do. >> concerns over privacy have driven the laws regarding this issue. something the chief understands. despite the worry, san francisco's mayor says the city has to be willing to amend the laws as they currently stand. >> it is a conversation that needs to be had and a change we need to make. we will work with our chief on getting changes done to that. >> it is not just revisiting surveillance laws. he says they need more help from the city in general. in addition to revisions and city camera access, chief scott
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believes having consequences for criminals is key. as well as getting more officers to staff his department. >> we are 400 officers short of where we should be. they are working a lot of hours. we have to do what is necessary to prevent these things from happening. >> in san francisco, tim johns. >> retail workers are concerned about the increase of robberies in those areas. luz pena spoke to employees about the measures they are taking to remain safe. >> retail work in the holidays means extra hours for higher pay. i spoke to several retail workers dreading going to work this year. they are afraid and have gotten to the point of expecting mobs of people walking to their stores and stealing merchandise. many said friday's incident was not a surprise. nearly 12 stores were hit at the same time on friday night in union square.
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now the aftermath is not only physical, but mental. >> high-end security. we want to keep our compatriots and staff safe. there are things we have to do that we don't want to. >> they want to see firsthand the environment. retailers are stepping in on a regular tuesday. storefronts boarded up. private security workers guarding the entrance of many stores. many luxury brands or locking doors. once a worker or security guard sees you, you are allowed inside. >> we are doing what we can to ensure that we know who is coming into our store. >> the vp of operations said they were lucky not to get hit. he is concerned for his staff's safety. >> it is time to take action, stop news conferences, and hold people accountable so these businesses trying to survive can once again flourish. >> the day after the union square organized thefts, multiple stores were also hit,
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adding to the stress workers are experiencing. are you scared to come to work? >> i do get scared, but you have to make your money somehow. >> they work at finish line. they have seen the increase in theft in the last several months. >> people have pulled out knives and threatened us before. there is not much you can do about it. about my safety, i'm concerned. you have to be aware. >> they are told to stand back, but their concern is no longer the shoes. now, it is their lives. >> shoe palace in l.a., an employee got shot grabbing shoes a person was stealing. it is scary, you never know. >> i spoke to several we tower workers -- retail workers not allowed to speak on camera, but said friday's incident was traumatizing, and some companies are providing mental health resources. in the newsroom, luz pena.
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>> in the south bay, retailers are looking into increased security after the retail thefts. dustin dorsey spoke to experts trying to help keep the area safe from crime. >> after a weekend like we just had in the bay area, the immediate question for some is will we see more mass organized crime? silicon valley central chamber of commerce president and ceo has his own question. >> what can we do about that? that is a very difficult one. you not only need a security presence, and that can be electronic of some sort, whether cameras, scanners, that kind of thing. it also needs to be good guys, security or police. >> san jose police said is it -- it is up to individual retailers. the apple store was a continuous target for robberies until they made changes, like reinforced glass, undercover security, and
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removing items from the store floor. things you can do as a major corporation like apple. >> they have come at it from a multifaceted approach. it works for apple. can you do it in every store? best buy? i don't know. >> which brings it back to the idea of more security presence. the vp of security services ceo said those calls have begun to come in. >> they want a stronger presence, they want more uniforms. >> the mass robbery was stopped by security before it can be a major crime. to answer our first question asked, security officers believe increased presence can prevent demand. >> the chances of someone seeing us and turning around and committing a crime will be high. >> a visual deterrent will probably deter nine out of 10 people. the 1% that get by, you dial 911 and let them do their job. >> incident was a, -- in san
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jose, dustin dorsey. >> as we wait on the start of the news conference, water others doing to combat this? >> it depends on the city. what we are expecting is eight felony charges against eight people, or more felony charges against eight people. based in part on a change in the law the governor ok'd in july. up until then, if you were caught or stole under $950, you got a ticket. this said part of an organized group can be charged with the filing. we will probably see felony charges. the chp will be patrolling major corridors. adjacent to shopping centers. art of the reason is when they hit these places, they come in and bounce out the freeway ramp. up until now, some towns have been able to block these caravan thefts by blocking the ramps. saying you are not stopping at this shopping center. or blocking them coming back on.
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the other day, there was a call to report 150 law enforcement sheriffs, police chiefs from san francisco to monterey. even in monterey county, they had a caravan hit. they will have a united effort including the fbi, chp, and various law enforcement to stay out there during this holiday season. it is not just the thefts. people hitting the highways at high speeds to make getaways, swarms of cars coming in and out. a lot carrying guns. that is a threat to everyone's safety. that is what they are feeling. not just the thefts, people genuinely do not feel safe in the bay area anymore. >> not just the bay area. we see it in southern california. an incident in chicago. what is the genesis? the mafia or organized crime?
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>> people can do it and have been able to do it. in some ways, it is an outgrowth of the sideshows. you can have a cell phone, call in, and have 500 cars show up and spin donuts. that move last year to say let's get together and hit a shopping mall. we saw this last year. now it hits targeted places. another big target is marijuana operations. whether clubs or grows. they are not just stealing, they are shooting at each other. it is off the hook. >> the other part with the marijuana stores, they have huge amounts of cash on hand. they may be more of a target than some retail establishments. the difference is the guys running the marijuana shops are armed. they will not be innocent victims. >> what if you live next door or
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are working next door to it and bullets are flying? we've had over 80 freeway shootings in alameda county in the past year. there is a cumulative thing going on. law enforcement, those worried about judicial reform and politicians are feeling it. not just people stealing from stores, that will not get a lot of sympathy. but when you have toddlers being shot on freeways, weekend after weekend attention, and people going to the malls will not feel safe if they think they will get swarmed. you will see a northern california response to this, and it will be coordinated. some of it will be in the malls, a lot on the highways. >> thank you, we will wait to see in addition to that. thank you. >> earth on the edge. the effects of climate change and where they are showing up
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>> this year's oakland community day of thanks looked different because of covid. 3500 meals distributed at various locations for low income families, seniors, and the un-housed. 500 more than last year. this is the 30th year for the program. they hope to see the return of the normal sit meal next year. thanksgiving will be brighter for about 1000 east bay families things to the box of hope giveaway enrichment. the event organized by the rescue mission. it is their way to express its love without limits. >> it is turkey day at presentation high school in san jose. students, faculty, staffers, and others arrived on campus to collect frozen turkeys for the catholic school's annual thanksgiving food drive. the turkeys donated will be given to sacred heart community services. >> it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> if you will do it, just do
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it. >> i went halfway. i'm not sure if he is trying to listen to us or not listen to us after that. but he is at pier 39. do you want us to continue singing, or do you want to take the earpiece out? >> only one of you should continue. it might not be you. i had to get in my daily shot. i am at pier 39. i want to bring someone who can tell us more on what to expect when the lights go on. the director of marketing. great to see you again. >> happy holidays. >> tell us about this amazing tree. >> we are excited to bring this tree back this christmas.
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this is our performing christmas tree. it happens weekly. i should say it happens nightly, from 5:00 until 10:00 p.m. every day. and it is choreographed and synchronized to festive holiday music. like a kaleidoscope of swirling colors, music, and lights. dazzling and entertaining. at the end of the show, it transforms magically back into our elegant, traditional christmas tree. until another half hour, then it goes off again. >> a beautiful tree. 60 feet tall. >> it is a white for from a far -- farm. >> you put us in a festive mood when we talk to you. certainly when the tree gets lit, it will help. the tree is 60 feet tall. the distance from home plate to
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first base, and first to second, second to third. >> 60 feet, six inches. >> but see, that is wrong. i said first base. i'm at 60 feet and 6 -- you didn't catch me on my mistake. anyhow, the tree is stunning. it will be extraordinarily stunning when the lights go on and we will do it again at 5:00 and 6:00. >> larry thought you were talking about little league. >> we will tweet out your mistake for everyone to hear the second time around. >> at least acknowledge it. >> i try and pass on by and hope no one notices. thank you. it was quite entertaining. >> the tree show sounds fantastic. macy's is ready for the
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holidays, unveiling its annual window display. but there won't be any puppies or kittens playing for the public. videos of animals up for adoption will play on tv monitors. there is still concern for the safety of people, especially kids who would gather outside the window. >> they have been asking. we just explained the process. hopefully we will be fully back to live animals. >> the videos will play from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. through january 2. therapy animals will visit occasionally. people can also expect other holiday surprises. >> the animals are always so cute. hopefully next year the stuff we are going through will be a distant memory and we can get back to normal. >> let's get back to mary and spencer joking. >> he doesn't want any more of this. >> the weather felt a little bit cooler. we kept the sunshine.
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tomorrow morning, the frost advisory in effect for part of the bay area. a live look from our camera. facing south. ocean beach, san francisco. fog free on the coast. we will cool off quickly. a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. into the 60's. five to seven degrees cooler compared to this time yesterday. we will find offshore winds developing. by early tomorrow morning, the winds will be racing out of the north, 25 to 30 miles per hour. still reaping the rewards. any fire concerns are very low with winds overnight. overnight, the bigger story. it will get chilly out. it will be the coldest night so far this season. 46 in oakland.
4:20 pm
44 in san jose. upper 30's to lower 40's. frost advisory at 3:00 a.m. likely forming in spots. especially along the vegetation. concord, walnut creek, over into brentwood, a rather chilly start. still have the winter jacket. still well the 40's. by the afternoon, into the mid 60's for most of us under sunny skies. nothing but sunshine tomorrow. 65 in oakland. 68 in santa rosa. 66 in san jose. across california, no weather concerns. nothing but sunshine. southern california, santa ana winds, especially tomorrow evening. warm temperatures from l.a. to san diego. mainly in the 50's and 60's. one of the busiest travel
4:21 pm
seasons all year. it is very quiet. showers in seattle. from coast-to-coast, pretty much sunny skies through the day. east coast, 40's and 50's. 60's and 70's. by thanksgiving, a crisp start. temperatures in the 40's at 8:00 a.m. thursday. mix of sunshine and clouds. nice in the afternoon. 3:00 p.m., in the 60's. eating outside, no concerns. traveling on thanksgiving across california, good to go. we remain storm free. next seven days, it is chilly tomorrow morning. sunshine through thanksgiving. even into the weekend. even early next week, a dry pattern. we will see if we can find rain. >> thank you. >> bart is going to sticky writers safe and more
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>> bart showed off some steps it is taking to keep writers safe. they gave a demonstration of new air filters that have been installed on all the trains. they can capture viruses, they want to assure they are doing
4:25 pm
everything they can to prevent a holiday covid surge. >> the new material is .3 of a micron, allowing us to filter particulate that we know to carry covid-19. >> air is passed through the filters approximately every 70 seconds. >> time for a consumer news. >> michael finney has a look at today's headlines. something we eat. >> absolutely. it may have been part of your upcoming dinner. a recall on birdseye -- consumers hurt their teeth and mouth, saying they discovered small pieces of metal or rock. multiple lots are being recalled, including some with best buy dates of november 2022. if you have the product, thorough it away or back to a store for a refund.
4:26 pm
we have details on >> the acquisition of prepaid mobile service tracfone. the fcc voted to approve the $6 billion deal. there are several binding conditions, including verizon maintain the existing packages for tracfone subscribers and continue the subsidy program for low income americans. items at dollars treat stores -- dollar tree stores will no longer be one dollar. they are raising prices for the first time in nearly three years . starting next year, items will cost $1.25. the price hike will give it more flexibility and what they can offer at the store. they say the increase will help with the rising costs of freight and wages. no word if there is a name
4:27 pm
change plan. i used to do it with my kids, we would be at the dollar store and i would be how much is this? >> that was your pitch? dollar and a quarter tree store doesn't have the same ring to it. >> they can keep the name. we get the idea. >> the president tries to get a grasp on the rise in gas prices. what the infrastructure bill means for us in the bay area. >>
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i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> we want to bring you this interesting moment.
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around 20 minutes ago, about 10 minutes after san francisco district attorney was supposed to announce charges against nine people arrested in a swarm of organized theft in union square. the media was set up to bring the announcement live from the exterior courtyard in the design district. but a decision was made to abruptly move the announcement indoors as a group of about one dozen protesters shouted "coward." >> you thought you would come out -- set up -- look at us. >> so they took it all down and moved it inside. he announced the charges minutes ago and said suspects will make court appearances tomorrow. officials say there will be more to come. we will bring you more details on this announcement ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> 4 members of congress joined speaker pelosi in san
4:31 pm
francisco's bay point neighborhood to celebrate the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure investment and jobs act. >> leslie brinkley look into how the funds will affect the bay area. >> apprentice welders showed off for speaker pelosi and 4 members of congress as they toured the training center. this was designed to be a victory lap for the politicians after the passage of infrastructure legislation that will generate thousands of union jobs in the bay area in the next five years. >> this is about good paying jobs for america's working families. it is about clean air, clean water for our children. it is about quality of life improvement for families so they don't have to spend so much time on the road. >> guaranteed $4.5 billion. that is guaranteed funding for roads, bridges, passenger rail. >> the congresswoman said the
4:32 pm
money would allow caltrain to complete electrification and bart to extend deeper into silicon valley. roads and pedestrian bridges and bike lanes will be rejuvenated with $5 billion earmarked to upgrade the power grid to prevent blackouts. another 1.5 billion dollars going into airport infrastructure. >> believe me, san francisco international airport is grateful, because it will be underwater if we don't build the levee system. >> we will receive billions for low to no ima is. and and expect -- no emission buses. and an expansion. >> there are many shovel ready projects for the infrastructure money to be plowed into. including high-speed rail. >> in california and the united states, we are not afraid of the future. we run towards it. >> in san francisco, leslie brinkley. >> president biden is taking action to lower gas prices. he ordered the release of 50
4:33 pm
million barrels of oil from america's strategic reserve to bring down energy costs. he says the release is part of a coordinated effort with other energy consuming nations where gas prices are even higher than the u.s.. >> i have worked hard these past few weeks, calls and meetings with foreign leaders, policymakers to put together the building blocks for the global announcement. while our combined action will not solve the problem of high gas prices overnight, it will make a difference. >> the announcement follows his call last week for the federal trade commission to look into whether illegal conduct is driving up prices. in recent weeks, the wholesale price of oil has dropped 10%, but the price at the pump has not. the president said it is unacceptable. >> we are focusing on the climate and environment as part of our effort to help build a better bay area. we are expanding our reach, looking around the globe. david ono went to iceland to see
4:34 pm
what climate change is doing to glaciers. ♪ >> this isn't just a beautiful place. this blue lagoon filled with newborn icebergs is a classroom of sorts. there are lessons that we need to learn. >> every rock has a story. >> he's a glaciology us. if this place is a classroom -- classroom, he is a teacher. he could read a rock like a test book. >> not only is it because of collisions with other rocks in the glacier, but it originates in the mountains. that is about 20 kilometers distance. >> the rocky is holding flew out of a volcano up in the mountain centuries ago, landing on a glacier. over hundreds of years. the glacier slowly carried the rock to this very spot. >> i can tell you this is probably about 90 years ago. >> dumped here because the
4:35 pm
glacier that carried the rock suddenly began to melt. >> the ice is receding fast. this glacier has been retreating very rapidly. especially in the last two or three decades. >> that is why this place is so important to scientists. this is one of the most unmistakable example is of a glacier relatively melting. a few decades ago, we would be buried under a giant sheet of ice that was miles across and up to 2000 feet tall. as tall as the shanghai tower. the worlds second tallest building. but today, it is all gone. the glacier is five miles away. what is left in its place is an enormous lake. >> this lake is the deepest in iceland. because the ice excavated it down to 300 meters below sea level. >> in other words, the once
4:36 pm
giant glacier that scraped its way through the valley dug a hole a thousand feet deep. now it is filled with water from the melted ice. this is not only one of the newest lakes, but the largest in the country. and it is growing fast. >> they gained area size in total of 30 square kilometers in the year 2000. in the year 2 doubled. >> they recently broke off from the glacier and will float out to see. each made of ice potentially 1000 years old. the black stripes tell a story from long ago. >> these are lara's from eruptions. -- these are layer's from eruptions. wewewewe the ice. since the 12th century. >> centuries of history dissolving. he has lived here all his life.
4:37 pm
he's witnessed his home changing faster and faster. the scientist in him says there is no denying our climate crisis is man-made. >> this is proof. if you need proof for changing in climate, you should listen to a glacier, and you will see the ice is melting. >> there is also the very human part of him, he is a citizen of iceland who's country is melting away before their very eyes. they don't have the luxury of ignoring it. or worse, denying it. >> when you live in a place like this, and you see the melting at such a rate that you don't have any comparison to it, you cannot listen to people that say nothing is happening. this is happening so rapidly. it is devastating. >> he tells me the bigger the lake gets, the smaller they
4:38 pm
feel. we may see this as a beautiful place, but those who watch it grow every day, it is simply a symbol of their despair. david ono, abc 7 news. >> we now know the next person heading to space in jeff bezos' heading to space in jeff bezos' blue ♪ ♪ low maximum out-of-pocket costs. more saving. more spoiling. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits from scan health plan for 2022. call today, or ask your agent about scan health plan. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end.
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we have drew and spencer at the pier 39 tree. women could soon be included in future military drafts in the u.s.. after the thanksgiving break, congress will approve the defense authorization act. an amendment will require women to sign up with the selective service. proponents see it as a victory for women's rights and add if a crisis emerged, everyone would need to step up. there has not been a drag in the u.s. -- draft in the u.s. since the vietnam war. i think as a woman, that is fine. there are many capacities in which a woman could serve in the military, and so many of the roles, even in combat positions, are not what we thought of in the past. you're on a computer, doing things -- i don't see why your sex or your gender would prevent you from doing it. what do you think? >> i agree. you made the valid points.
4:42 pm
it is fair to have women in the selective service. >> they do it in israel. >> they always have, as far as i can remember. i'm from that generation around during the vietnam war. i was in the generation of people who were drafted into service. women have been serving honorably for decades in all capacities. if we go back to conscription, why not include women? >> i have thought about this a lot recently, just because now that we are in this let's talk about my freedom air, i wonder if people would sign up and go. everyone has their own individual ideas now. i don't know how it would go. moving on. michael strahan is going into space. the pro football hall of famer and cohost made the announcement today. also on board the blue origin rockett will be the daughter of alan shepard, the first american astronaut and 4 others.
4:43 pm
liftoff on december 9. a stray hand is six foot five inches tall. he will be the tallest person ever in space. he's already been fitted for a space suit and will soon head to texas for training. that is pretty cool. >> not for me. [laughter] >> i think we would go over four on this panel that none of us want to be in that. >> that is true. >> what is so funny, -- >> let michael strahan go -- >> i did not hear you for a second. but i did notice -- now i can't hear anything. >> spencer says send out rocher, instead. >> people in the united kingdom -- >> this is going -- >> i was going to say let
4:44 pm
michael go into space, and i will take his space. >> how thoughtful and kind of you. >> i got you guys back, everything is good. people in the u.k. may have to find a new way to cook crab and lobster. a government commission review found crab, lobster, and squid are capable of experiencing pain, suffering, and joy. because of that, they were added to a list of 17 beings that should be given proper protection under an animal welfare bill. if passed, the sale of live crab and lobster's to untrained, non-expert live handlers would be banned. so in the practice of boiling the creatures alive. now i feel terrible. >> i grew up making lobster, my grandma taught me how to kill them and put them in a pot. not a great experience as a kid, but it doesn't make me not want
4:45 pm
to eat lobsters. >> i want to eat the lobster, but i don't want to hear that sound, it is terrible. going back many years ago, it just stopped. we somehow feel better buying them from the supermarket, which is illogical, but i feel for them. now to a rather a rather a rat fashion statement from an nba player. washington wizards forward kyle kuzma. he wore this oversized pink sweater before he played last night against the hornets. nba players are roasting him on social media. his response to many was because it is cold out. the sweater cost i wonder if you have to pay extra for the sleeves. >> i'm into it.
4:46 pm
it looks comfy. i'm all about comfort. >> let's just get a snuggie. >> what about one that fits? >> i like oversized things. >> the funny thing that happened is someone took a picture, and for every like that would make it longer -- it was even more comical than this, which is fairly absurd. he is like 6'10", so it tells you how long the sleeves had to be. would you wear that? when you take michael strahan's place up in space? >> i i i i cannot see it. but it sounds snug and warm. i would go for it. i would go for it. >> spencer looks good in all: what's up guys mary and i just compared medicare plans found one that's going to save us money all next year james, i told you it was open enrollment
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yes you did so we used the plan finder at oh, i see what you mean makes it easier to compare health and prescription plans they sure can change year to year compare plans now at open enrollment ends december 7. hey honey, let's take a look paid for by the u.s. department of health and human services
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>> the weekend after thanksgiving is when a lot of people do christmas tree shopping. but supply chain issues and climate change can make it hard to find the perfect tree. new jersey has more on what you can do to make sure you get a tree this holiday season. >> many people getting into the spirit, even before thanksgiving. but getting the perfect tree -- >> maybe it needs a little love. >> like the griswolds. >> there it is. ♪ >> may be a little more difficult. the combination of labor
4:50 pm
shortages and trucking costs for christmas trees in valley view, ohio will be their shortest season in a five decade history. >> we have to cut customers down to keep them. they are not going to get all of their orders. >> oregon is the biggest producer of christmas trees in the u.s. many were decimated by the record-setting heat earlier this summer. >> we were really hit hard. you can see that they've got brown, needles all the way through up and down the tree. we don't know if this will ever survive. >> climate change has exasperated natural drought and heat, especially impacting the most popular tree, the noble fir. >> we lost 70% with the heat. >> the biggest hit, by early. >> i think everyone will be able to get a tree. be flexible. >> if you can't find a real treat to your liking, buying a fake tree can also be challenging and cost more. >> consumers will see this year
4:51 pm
as a 10% to 30% drop in price, depending on the tree and retailer. depending on how big the tree is. what i'm really concerned about is for christmas 2022, it might be a better deal to buy this year than next year. ginger z. >> interesting. >> let's see how our thanksgiving -- first thing is first, thanksgiving -- let's see how the weather looks. >> it will be very nice in the afternoon. the next couple of mornings will be on the chilly side. tonight, one of the coldest nights we have had this season. widespread 30's and 40's. 47 the low in san francisco. would make it the coldest under clear skies. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. the mid and upper 60's. certainly a nice ending to our wednesday. no issues across california. thanksgiving day forecast equally as beautiful. by the afternoon, temperatures
4:52 pm
in the 60's. looking forward to the first week of december. likely when we return to a stormy pattern. we will be on the watch for the next seven days on december 1 two the seventh for some wet weather. back in the accu seven, hanukkah on sunday, we are good to go over the weekend in the 60's. >> good shopping weather. a blast from the past with the beatles. >> our journey into 1969, you are there. it feels like a time machine. >> going behind the scenes with the band as they created their album. we talk with the director of "get
4:53 pm
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4:56 pm
fans of the beatles forever changed, and show all of those born after their breakup why these guys were so special. >> it is very entertaining, because they are trying to achieve something that is very ambitious, and a lot of things go wrong for various reasons. they sort of get through it with friendship and humor. >> january of 1969. the group has less than a month to record an entire album. >> let it be ♪ ♪ >> our journey into 1969, and you are there, it feels like a time machine. it is the beatles, so intimate. you've never seen them like this before. >> peter jackson is a lifelong fan of the beatles, entrusted to make a miniseries out of 57 hours of film. >> it is such a lot of footage that got shot, a lot of audio, they tell their own story. >> no narration, no new interviews, a lien approach that
4:57 pm
strips away the myths and legends about the beatles, leaving us with four blokes from liverpool. >> these guys knew each other 13, 14, 15 years old. they have a deep, almost psychic connection with each other. >> we watch as famous tunes come together and tensions rise. >> george walks out halfway through, he is gone for three or four days. >> they get back together to finish the album and stage a final live performance. proof of the beatles' remarkable resilience, making music that has stood the test of time. ♪ >> that is going to be a blockbuster hit. set to be released on disney plus over three days, starting thanksgiving. disney is the parent company of abc7. get your live news, breaking news, and whether on our abc 7 bay area news app, on apple tv, android tv, fire tv.
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>> thank you for joining us, i'm dan ashley. >> i am ama daetz. you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on abc7, hulu, or wherever you stream. we are asking local officials what actions they are taking against the brazen thefts across the bay this weekend. melanie woodrow was at the san francisco das office as he announced felony charges about 30 minutes ago.
5:01 pm
she joins us.


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