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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 22, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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evening to you. i'm on dates and i'm dan ashley. thank you for tuning in. you're watching abc 7 news at six live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream now we talk about building a better bay area. it's not just talk. it's taking action and today it's putting a team of reporters on one topic the lawlessness that we stall over the bay area this past weekend abc 7 news reporter leanne melendez asked governor newsome about it. she's going to join you live in just a minute to explain the solutions. he says are already underway. we've mapped out what happened all over the bay area from san francisco to san jose, oakland and elsewhere in the east bay in oakland brazen robberies deadly shootings and a 500-car sideshow abc 7 news reporter laura anthony spoke directly with oakland's police chief about it and how staffing shortages left the town vulnerable and in walnut creek a crowd ran out of nordstroms at walnut creek's broadway plaza on saturday today
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the mayor told abc 7 news reporter tim johns. johns. he's working with other cities. up these kinds of crimes that story begins tonight's team coverage. for many businesses in downtown walnut creek the start of the holiday shopping season has been anything but peaceful what we're hearing is a major concern on saturday a group of around 100 people robbed the nordstroms at broadway plaza bob lynchside is the president of the walnut creek chamber of commerce. he says following days events major retailers in the city are looking to hire more private security. our businesses are the same. basically, you know, we to have some certainty of safety, but not every business in walnut creek can afford to do that on their own lynn nice the owner of labels luxury consignment says she's had to board up her store three times in the last year and a half. nice says she's working with other small businesses in the area to try and protect their stores and employees if police aren't able to give us of
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coverage higher some security to patrol. our small downtown merchant area walnut creek mayor, kevin wilk tells me the city has indeed stepped up its police presence in the downtown area in addition to blockg otats woin t ct c co office holds those responsible to accounts. we've made it very clear that we intend to work with them to press charges, but it's not just a local response walnut creek off. are looking for they say they want to work with cities and counties around the bay area to find a solution. saturday's robbery is one of several that hit the bay area this weekend and woke says in order to make coordinated attacks like this stop. it's going to take everyone working together. this has to stop. and we need to work with all the cities and all the counties and all the sheriff departments and work statewide and nationally to ensure that the bay area is not going to take this in walnut creek tim johns abc 7 news.
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it was an unprecedented weekend of crime. oakland among the crimes roving caravans vehicles targeting legal marijuana dispensaries this store at 7th and broadway was boarding up tonight as a precaution an opd patrol car was shot up this morning as officers responded to a robbery at a cannabis business on macarthur boulevard near 82nd avenue, at least three bullets. hit the police car. no officers were hurt. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony continues our team coverage with the police chief's perspective on what can be done to make oakland safer. sideshow at brazen retail robberies and break-ins. unfortunately, just another weekend in oakland. i need cities help. i need help from the leaders of this city. once again, oakland police chief laurent. armstrong is standing before the public pleading for help and trying to solve the latest crime spree while also trying to reconcile what is shrinking police force can and can't do to
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stop it at least at one point during the weekend one third of opds more than 30 sectors were left unstaffed these individuals that come to the city have been heavily armed from all throughout the bay area. these are not just people oakland they are groups of people coming to target communities. the mayhem was almost non-stop sdown eastier p shotca suspectne rockridge area after a brief chase officers. say the suspect tried to ramp their patrol cars. also saturday night and sunday a series of brazen commercial burglaries, including several cannabis businesses in one case would be robbers exchange. fire was security guards in the meantime as many as 500 cars gathered for a massive unabated sideshow near 90th avenue and macarthur and at least two oakland pharmacies the cvs near redwood road and the walgreens on street had their front
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windows shattered and thousands of dollars in merchandise stolen oakland police have had officers stationed at this walgreens during business hours for the last several months, but in this case this last weekend, the store was closed and while oakland police did make a few arrests for thet whommitt so many cri this past are still out there. it doesn't need to more police every cd agency in oakland should be focused. violent crime in oakland laura anthony abc 7 news organized robberies at two moles in san jose prompted warnings today from police there yesterday a group of eight people stole 47,000 worth of merchandise from the lululemon store in santana row while another group made off with $7,000 in goods from the sunglasses hut across the street at valley fair. this was at the same time san jose police say this is the first major organized robbery in the city. we do want to put these people on alert. hey if you come to san jose we
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are going to find you we are going to arrest you and we are going to bring you back here to face charges. we reached out to san jose mayor sam. licardo and santa clara county district attorney. jeff rosen both declined to comment on these robberies. meantime governor newsom today is calling these attacks. well orchestrated crimes of opportunity, mr. newsom shared his thoughts and plan of action at a news conference in san francisco and abc 7 news reporter liam melendez was with the governor today for that and she's in the newsroom with what he had to say leanne. well, dan, the governor was in san francisco today to visit a vaccine clinic in the mission, but he came prepared to talk about this weekend. he told us what may have prompted these robberies the temporary solution to these crimes and revealed for the first time that there will be more money in the budget next year to address this huge public relations nightmare. while people are still trying to make sense of all the retail store robberies over the weekend
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governor newsom had his own unconfirmed suspicions. the governor hinted that the robberies were time to take place in areas where thieves may have expected protests after kyle writtenhouse was acquitted for killing two men and shooting another the idea was to overwhelm police timing was rather interesting around the rittenhouse. decision, andtadvgeoplized governor's office acknowledged meeting with retailers over the weekend some have boarded up the windows and asked to see a larger police presence. that's why today you will see an increased presence in and around large retail centers and shopping malls all throughout the bay. this is san francisco. 's youth reassure shoppers than to deter. future robberies, we've all seen the images. that was the governor last july
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after reenacting the crime of organized retail theft task force that has the california highway patrol working with the retail industry newsom says that collaboration is working walnut creek directed support. by asking us to get more folks on 680. we already did that moving ahead. the governor promised a significant increase in next year's state budget to address this. type of crime exponentially larger than what we've done in the past because we cannot allow this to continue period full stop. and meanwhile, we were told that district attorneys in the bay area have been talking trying to come up with ways to be more aggressive and dan already san francisco's da tweeted standby for felony charges. well that will see how that develops and land. these rates are robberies as we reported have in several cities around the over the weekend. what did the governor say about how the mayors in each of these cities should react.
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you know, that's interesting. it seems that every time something like this happens. we have some city officials saying well, we won't tolerate this or don't come to our city and today the governor said mayors have to step up and they have to be tougher, you know, he didn't want to point any fingers, but he did seem to say that he can't do this alone. all right interesting. right. thanks leanne very much bay. area police departments have called what happened this weekend looting we saw similar crimes in the wake of the george floyd protests, but are these weekend crimes truly considered looting abc 7 news race and social justice reporter. julian glover gives us some context. the louis vuitton store was burglarized and looted the burberry's and westfield mall was burglarized and looted that's san francisco police. chief bill scott detailing his department's response to a wave of seemingly organized retail theft and adding a million dollars in stolen luxury goods. here's san jose's apd spokesman today. so we're talking about two
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incidents. we're not going to call this looting. okay. this is organized. robbery is what it is. he's talking about the 40,000 in merchandise stolen from lululemon in santana. saturday similar crimes hit hayward and walnut creek this weekend with waves of suspects rushing stores leading to major losses, but according to the california penal code what we saw was not looting looting is theft or burglary during a state of emergency resulting from an earthquake fire flood riot or other natural or man-made disaster to some the distinction may be small, but lorenzo boyd professor of criminal justice and community policing and a retired veteran police officer told me words matter. looting is a term that we typically use when people of color or urban dwellers are doing something we tend not to use that term for other people when they do the exact same thing to be clear. we don't know the identities or races of the majority of the thieves, but we do know there was no local emergency declared in the bay area cities that
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experience smashing grabs this weekend. however, the crimes did follow the contentious verdict in the cal writtenhouse trial friday a jury found the teen not guilty on all counts for killing two men during a protest against police brutality last year in wisconsin local protest this weekend in response were small and peaceful these types of massive organized smashing grabs were happening before the rittenhouse situation happened. it's a false equivalency. it's people trying to politicize crime. do you think that that was an accurate use of the terminology? like it's an organized smash and grab robbery. this doesn't seem like looting and we're thinking of scenarios where first responders are completely overwhelmed and folks often may be on their own morton reynolds co-executive director of the robert c major institute of journalism education. thanks back to katrina when largely black new orleans residents were labeled looters for crimes of survival stealing water food and supplies before federal government. aid arrived people draw their
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own conclusions if you terminologies that you use are tethered to people's understanding of how they have been used in the past both experts stress the importance of media literacy you the viewer thinking critically about the language public officials and also us in the media use to describe the issues that we're facing the bottom line words matter and precision is key as we all try and understand these complex issues facing our society. i'm julian glover abc 7 news now our coverage of this very important topic is not finished yet tonight abc 7 news insider phil metier will be with us. he spent today sitting down with san francisco's police chief talking about why we're seeing this kind of spike in these crimes now. you are nowhere near those retail crimes, but you could still get caught. up in them. i'm michael finney with that part of the story coming up on 7 on your side.
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you've seen the video of this weekend's thefts around the bay area just stunning authorities. tell us many of these goods end up for sale online. so, how can you avoid buying stolen merchandise 7 on your side's michael? finney is here with a legal consequences for buying these items michael. let's start with so can you be prosecuted for buying items say literally stolen last weekend? yes the short answer the short answer is yes, it is illegal to knowingly buy stolen goods and under california law that is called receiving stolen property. now, that means you don't even have to buy it. you don't have to have physical possession you just have to have control of it. so let's say one of these
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thieves offers to sell you the items and you say yes illegal if you offer to give it if they offer to give you the item and you take it you can be prosecuted that's illegal if they say i am going to leave it in your garage you have received stolen property and can go to jail. obviously you should be suspicious if anyone asks you any such thing. what are the penalties for this, you know? from light to tuplicated because i have the laws set up but like if the item is worth $950 or less that's a misdemeanor and you can be looking at a year behind bar if more than that and you could be looking at a felony and up to three years in jail. that's for taking possession of the stolen property. and of course you have to the item back. if you pay for it, you still have to keep it. that's right, because you paid the wrong guy. i didn't pay the guy who actually owned the so even if
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from you and give it back to the rightful owner. all right, here's the tricky question because we all shop online you look at first sites, you know, there's so many things out there. how can you obviously if you're if you if you don't want to pay close attention, you could ignore something that is stolen and look the other way, but how can you tell if something is stolen? watching yeah and even look in the other way, that's not going to keep you out of trouble. yeah, that does not work. look. it's really hard if you are buying from a thief who says i stole it. okay. well now, you know if you buy it from a retail store that is authorized to sell the brand you can be pretty sure the item is not stolen everything in between those two. that's really up in the air and prosecutors will look at the circumstances surrounding the purchase. did you buy a $600? us on the street corner for 50 bucks. you'll probably be prosecuted. but if you bought it off of ebay for 500, you're probably safe.
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they're going to take a look. the circumstances and say how reasonable is it this person didn't know it was still and big red flag is if it's a $600 item you buy it for 50 bucks. that's got to be exactly right? yeah, good information. thank you, mike. well as customers you would think we shouldn't have to worry about whether we're buying stolen goods shouldn't the seller the business or online store vet that for us abc 7 news item reporter our team melanie woodrow looked into what some popular platforms like ebay. anyway the images are unforgettable. most recently someone running from union square's louis vuitton with an armful of stolen merchandise nearly 100 people running from the walnut creek nordstrom in a flash mob style. robbery and over the summer others running from union square neiman marcus with armfuls of stolen handbags. i think that these brazen crimes are not just organized crime. they're borderline domestic terrorism rachel michelin is president and ceo of the,
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california retailers association. she says the stolen merchandise is being fenced. they're not. yourself? they're selling it there's a lot of places. where that product's ending up abc 7 news reached out to online retailers ebay tells us they are committed to providing a secure online shopping experience and have zero tolerance for criminal activity on their platform writing in an email statement quote. we have programs and policies. place to monitor our marketplace for stolen items. we also collaborate with government agencies to help prevent the sale of stolen goods on ebay ebay fashion file and the real real tell us they use leads online a database for forcement to search items listed over the summer fashion file told abc 7 news leads online ensures their products are scrubbed against as many theft databases as possible giving them the ability to spot stolen merchandise before it enters the resale ecosystem.
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the real reel said they get police departments nationwide full visibility into their inventory including details like serial numbers and photos even if retailers do recover stolen goods those items are often evidence in a case, so it doesn't necessarily. that they're immediately going to have that back and be able to sell it in their store. it's not just retailers who ultimately lose money michelin says cities like san francisco and walnut creek also loose because they don't get the sales tax revenue in san francisco melanie woodrow abc 7 news. it is thanksgiving week. will we be thankful for the forecast spencer shows you what ki
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or other symra, or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. look at sfo live tonight with thanksgiving. just three days away the expects more than double the number of travelers than last year last friday was sfo's busiest day of the pandemic with more than 52,000 passengers a lot of people wanting to get away, but the weather here is pretty nice. yeah, it is going to be pretty nice spencer. i mean, i know we need rain, but we can't control that we might as well enjoy the nice weather. that's exactly yes my mind always we're going to have this nice weather virtually all week long and into the weekend. so let's take a look at our calm winds right now. how often do we see this picture even at the coast we have four mile per san francisco five miles per hour. that's because it's an offshore flow right now, which sometimes
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is not as strong except up in the hills as the onshore flows. so here's a lot of you from the exploratorium camera looking back at san francisco where is 60 degrees, oak 55an5961, mof moon bay. here's a view at emeryville a nice wide expensive view traffic is creeping along but at least they're enjoying the weather. i presume it's 53 degrees right now in santa lot of 52 56 in napa fairfield 51 upper 50s at concord and livermore and looking down on the san francisco from sutro tower. we have a clear view. is the forecast features high clouds will pass. tonight is pretty clear right now, but those high clouds will be passing through later associated with a dry cold front. not produce rain here, but it will drop temperatures slightly tomorrow afternoon, and then we'll have nice weather coming our way thanksgiving and continuing through the weekend. here's the forecast generation showing the passage of the high clouds overnight and a little bit of moisture offshore not expected to produce any raindrops over the bay area and we'll have clouds through the
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day giving us filtered sunshine, but still bright skies overnight low temperatures will drop into the lower mid-40s and the inland valleys upper 40s right around the bayshore line midtown for 40s on the coast and as we look ahead to tomorrow we'll see highs of 62 and half moon bay low to mid 60. well mainly mid 60s right around the bayshore line mid-60s inland as well. although one or two inland spots may top out at 68 69 degrees and looking ahead to thanksgiving day. here's the day planner early in the day. we'll have lingering clouds and fog it'll be a little cool in the morning mid-morning starts to get a little bit milder sun shines more brightly through the clouds much more sunshine in the afternoon hours. and by four o'clock on thanksgiving day, we'll see temperatures ranging from 58 to about 62 degrees. now if you're traveling this week within the state of california every single day through friday is going to mild and dry and mainly sunny if you're traveling nationally on wednesday day before thanksgiving which is typically a busy travel day west coast will be mainly common dry except up around seattle where it'll be raining and even over into the
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central plains pretty clear there the east coast and down to the gulf coast calm weather conditions, but there'll be a line of showers reaching basically from western new york and the ohio valley down through the missouri area and then down into texas, but it doesn't look like a much as much enough. turbines i should say to produce any travel delays at the major airports. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. mainly sunny skies all the way through the seven-day period notice the warm-up. we're going to have over the weekend with high temperatures climbing into the upper 60s. not only inland, but around the bay shoreline as well and then just a cooldown going into early next week. it's looking good. we need the rain, but we love this then we sure do. thanks spencer right coming up next abc 7 news insider phil matier joins us live after sitting down one-on-one with san francisco's police chief to talk about this weekend's crime wave. or their penalties for doing that what i'd like to see is the fullest extent of the law exercise phil's full
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co. building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> extra police around union square today. a slew of organized robberies in san francisco on friday. >> several high end stores were hit. similar instances happened in walnut creek and san jose over the weekend. these bold burglaries are not new but they do seem to be picking up in frequency. >> because we all went to build a better bay area, phil spoke with san francisco's police chief to find out what is being done to prevent these attacks and what can be done going forward to make people feel safe. what are the chief have to say? >> these types of robberies are clearly highly organized and the are increasingly dangerous. some of them are armed. the answer is simple. get tougher on crime and add more police officers to the streets. there is are not necessarily
6:31 pm
popular ideas with politicians who have been advocating for a less harsh sentences and fewer cops. chief, you have been in law enforcement for going on how many years? >> going on 33. > what is this happening now? >> it is a combination of things. people who are getting away with it sometimes and accountability is a part of it. property crime is typically does not have consequences as other types of crimes. >> let's call it what of is, theft. >> when there is not violence involved. >> there is a good chance if you go and you do these things, even if you're caught, -- >> >> there are less consequences. if you are in that business and that is what you do for a living, you are going to go toward the crimes that are less likely to have consequences, less likely to because particularly when you have 40 or 50 people rushing in.
6:32 pm
>> why do you think the swarming thing is happening? >> it makes it hard to respond. the tactic is -- the tactics we have seen, the groups are coming in large numbers. they overwhelm a story. some stores have security guards. when you have that many people coming at one time, it is a bum rush. they get overwhelmed. these things happen in number of minutes. >> but this time, you had officers there. how did that happen? >> we were heavily deployed. we have increased our deployment in union square. because of the kenosha verdicts, we did not know what to expect so we were deployed in case something jumped off. our deployment strategies worked. we were able to get there quickly and harass at least some of the people who committed these acts friday night. >> you guys have live camera or anything like that or license plate readers? >> the sfpd cannot view
6:33 pm
footage. city county ordinances. >> if there is a camera perched up in union square showing live what is going on in possible swarm, you cannot watch it in real time on a weekend night. >> weekend night. >> because of local laws. >> that is correct. >> would that help if you had live camera? >> live cameras? yes. if we were able to -- as things are happening, have a situational awareness -- >> have you asked for it? >> we have had many conversations about it. >> and the result? >> no results. >> no consequences, no life cameras to assist you. how do you get your intelligence for what might be happening? >> we get it from -- we can watch a video footage after the fact. we do our due diligence with sources of information from the community at large. we network with other law enforcement agencies.
6:34 pm
we get it however we can get it. we have to work with what we have. >> speaking of what you have, and how many cops do you have? >> have just over 18 full duty officers. >> how many do you need? >> need about 2200. we are about 400 short. >> what does that mean? >> it means we have to do a lot of overtime and we have had some overtime budget restored. we have to field -- to fill the gaps. as you see this weekend, we have a lot of folks working. a lot of that is overtime. people feel safe. we have had people come in saturday night we believe and try to do more of this type of activity but we were there. >> that was on union street and chestnut street? >> exactly. >> where it is stuff go? how do these groups organize and where does it go? >> online. fencers buy it. people buy it. if you buy a thousand dollar bag for $100, you know it is stolen.
6:35 pm
this stuff is going everywhere. some of it is going overseas. it definitely is organized to a degree. >> are there penalties for doing it? >> what i would like to see is the fullest extent of the law exercised when the evidence is there. >> so you want hard prosecutions? >> yes i do. i understand there is a balance. for the last decade, we have been trying to figure this out. the criminal justice system, the legislators, the balance between the appropriate jail sentences an appropriate consequences as opposed to the crime committed. i totally understand that and support that. when the evidence is there, there has to be some accountability. there has to be some accountability when people commit crimes. the evidence is there and they get caught. >> are these swarm thieves arm? >> some of them are. friday night, two of the 8 -- kobe arrested eight. two were armed.
6:36 pm
-- we arrested eight. two were armed. we never know what you're going to walk into when these things happen. >> that possibility is being made even more real by another issue law enforcement is racing across the country and that is the proliferation of cheap guns you can at them and they are easy to get. >> any indication what we saw this last weekend was the result of the rittenhouse verdict? >> in some funny way, yes. what we saw with police action in responding quick. these verdicts come down, often times we have had demonstrations. the police in this case prepped for a demonstration. they were on guard for that. and this happened and they were able to respond quickly. sometimes they fear that if there is a demonstration, that becomes the distraction and while they are dealing with a demonstration, the thieves are heading. they try to take advantage of the situation. in this case, it worked the other way.
6:37 pm
>> one wonders if the people who stole the stuff had some sense that perhaps they might be -- and if it. -- they might benefit. >> it is not just a protest. the last one we had -- we had one on election night. anytime is a chance people are preoccupied someplace else. it is a vulnerable target. >> it was something to see this weekend. >> they are afraid as the christmas season progresses and has people -- and his people have lots of merchandise, this might become more of a common occurrence. >> on midday live, we asked, will your black friday shopping plans change because of recent crimes in the bay area? almost two thirds said definitely. 11% voted possibly. 28% say it is going to be business as usual for them. if you want to build a better bay area, go to abc action to find your ally.
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>> police say the man who drove an suv into a holiday parade was fleeing another crime. at least five people were killed and within 40 injured when the 39-year-old plowed his suv into the parade route. when video shows a child dancing as the suv speeds by. the child was not hur other children were. two there were people running away. -- >> there were people running away. there were many people trying to help and recover people and make them comfortable. >> just the worst. police say the suspect was involved in domestic disturbance before he drove into the crowd. he had been arrested earlier this month for using his suv to run over the mother of his child after punching her in the face. he faces five counts of first-degree intentional homicide. final words today for attorneys to the jury in the killing of ahmaud arbery, a black man shot to death while jogging in georgia.
6:42 pm
posing arguments began in the trial of travis mcmichael. his father -- attorneys say it was a case of self-defense justified under a citizens arrest law in georgia that has been repealed. >> he has done what he thinks the law allows him to do, which is to try to de-escalate the approach by showing force. >> they make their decision to attack ahmaud arbery in their driveways. because he was a black man running down the street. >> prosecutors say the defendants assumptions he was a thief are wrong. closing arguments continue tomorrow. >> has the ther -- as of the theran trial contheran trial cor ceoos pharmaceutical companies.
6:43 pm
stephanie sierra was in court all day. >> much of the testimony today focused on the extent of her knowledge of technology and clinical studies. more importantly, her role in those decisions. elizabeth holmes. the former ceo walked into federal court monday with a new level of confidence. >> what we have heard from her in the last two days is a scene setting. heard about her life growing up in houston, dropping out of stanford to change her world. what we got today was more on the technology >>. she began her testimony answering questions about how the blood testing device was supposed to work. admitting to her defense attorney the companies attempt to partner with the department of defense. >> there was a lot of ambire was to have the relationship with the department of defense but she said that partnership never materialized. >> throughout the hearing, she
6:44 pm
has to build several clinical studies they did with merck, astrazeneca and pfizer. the defense attorney says it is all a defense -- a common defense strategy. >> i believe she is trying to lay the groundwork that she was entrepreneurial. she was trying to create a way of doing something better and more efficient. >> he says he is not surprised she maintained a calm composure throughout questioning. >> there was never a point where she seemed tongue-tied or questioning what she was going to say. >> he says if she continues to perform well, it is likely the prosecution's cross-examination will take much longer. she has pleaded not guilty to 11 counts of fraud. if convicted, she did face decades in prison. court will resume tomorrow for a full day and she is expected to take the stand again for the third time.
6:45 pm
>> there there there there thert trial hosted by abc news correspondent rebecca jarvis. it is called the dropout. episodes come out every tuesday. listen wherever you stream your podcasts. >> oaks like we are in for some nice weather for thanksgiving day. ♪cough cough ♪ ♪ sneeze sneeze ♪ [ sneezing ] needs... ♪ plop plop fizz fizz ♪ [ loud fizzing ] alka seltzer plus cold relief. dissolves quickly... [ loud fizzing ] instantly ready to start working. so you can bounce back fast with ar my auntie called me. she said uncle's had a heart attack. i needed him to be here. your heart isn't just yours.
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>> today is the deadline for federal workers to be vaccinated. tsa says 93% of employees have complained. -- have complied. against a recent uptick in cobe cases in california seem to be working. >> in the last 10 or 11 days, we have seen some stability. some good signs. that is good news. today, we lay claim to having the lowest positivity rate in the united states of america. 1.9%. >> governor held the states efforts during a visit to a san francisco clinic. he encouraged vaccinations for children ages five to 11 and promoted the availability of booster shots for adults to
6:49 pm
prevent a spike during the holiday season. if you have questions about vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. click on the big blue box the >> sun is shining for the week. >> spencer is here with the details for turkey day coming up. >> the governor hailed the states efforts. i was thinking we could use pale, silly or any precipitation here in the bay area. here in the overnight hours, look for passing high clouds. it is a weak cold front. bright skies tomorrow. filtered sunshine. low temperatures will be in the low to mid 40's. upper 40's around the bay and on the coast. tomorrow, low 60's at the coast. mid to upper 60's inland. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. dan gave me the preview. dry conditions through the week. it is going to be mild for
6:50 pm
thanksgiving and even milder this coming weekend. although we need the rain and we would love to have it, we are going to enjoy the sunshine to >> think use -- the sunshine. >> thank you, spencer. >> chris alvarez is here with sports. >> the giants add another key piece back to their rotation. they won 107 games last year. sports is next.
6:51 pm
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norco now come abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. >> there were plenty of questions to be answered for the san francisco giants. it's go right to anthony p that is the guy who is going to be on the mound for the giants for the next three years. signing him to a contract extension. three years and 36 million dollars. a career-high with 13 wins and 3.17 e.r.a. in his first year. multiple reports the giants have signed a two year deal with more than 10 million per year. here is the giants president of baseball operations. anthony lake is 2021 season, we will be pretty happy with that because he had a pretty strong year. there is still room for improvement. he and others who are still free agents are strong in the message to us in their interest in coming back.
6:54 pm
>> silly retired giants catcher buster posey has been named the comeback player of the year. second time he has earned the honor. 18 homers and 56 rbis while playing spectacular defense for a giants team that won 100 seven games the 49ers apparently did not get the message you hear from your kindergarten teachers about sharing. the niners are taking the ball and not giving it back opening on a 20 plate 87 yard drive. 13 minutes in five seconds. the longest drive since 2000. the niners set up for a field goal on the drive. looking more and more like a team that went to the super bowl in 2019. >> i did not realize how long we were out there until we looked at the clock. that is wild. it is tough. that is what we are built for. those long drives on the fact we could stay on the field for those long drives.
6:55 pm
>> guys are winning one-on-one matchups. when you can do that consistently like we are, we have good players on this team obviously. when you get all 11 across-the-board, it sets a tone for everything. it adds up on a team and it makes for a long day. >> niners host minnesota in big game -- in big game. the only team in the league to score 100 points or more on every game. they are doing all this without klay thompson. urban multiple reports citing clay has been fully cleared to participate in practices and scrimmages, which is the last major hurdle before we see clay back in the game. there is a hope clay might able to return to action. to date, no official timeline has been laid out by the team so we wait. suspensions have been handed down after this altercation in detroit. the lebron james and isaiah stewart. james hit stewart across the
6:56 pm
face battling for a rebound. james has been suspended one game. stewart, two games. stewart wanted a piece of lebron. did not get to him. it is the first suspension for lebron in his 19 year nba career. i bet they will not be sharing thanksgiving dinner in a couple days. they do play on sunday in l.a. but i want to throw a curveball that you. i want to know what your favorite thanksgiving food is. >> the candied yams. the pineapple and marshmallows are the butter. >> i did not have you saying that. >> everybody else in my family. i like mashed potatoes. stuffing. and the turkey. >> and the roles. >> i like cheesecake. my mom makes a really good cheesecake. >> i'm making apple pie every year. >> you guys have to bring some to share. >> where are these things? >> if there is anything left. >> happy thanksgiving to you. coming up tonight on abc 7 at
6:57 pm
8:00, the finale of dancing with the stars followed by the good doctor at 10 :00. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. think you for joining us. >> chris alvarez has made me very hungry. we appreciate your time. enjoy the rest of your evening and we will see you tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00.
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♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a copywriter from irvine, california... a freelancer from grand rapids, michigan... and our returning champion-- an engineering manager from oakland, california... ...whose 3-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now hosting "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings. [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone. our champion, amy schneider, went into the weekend with a six-figure reminder of just how impressive she's been on the show. she's hoping to keep the streak going today, i imagine,
7:00 pm
but heidi and mack are hoping to start a run of their own. good luck, players. let's get into the game with the jeopardy! round. here are the categories we'll be starting you off with. first i want you to check out my... next... and finally... amy, start us off. i'll do reading the detectives for $200. - amy. - who is patterson? - james patterson. right. - reading the detectives, $400. - amy. - who is bosch? - that's right. - detectives, $600. - amy. - what is "blue dress"?


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