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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 22, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PST

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♪ good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. as we start a new week together, chaos at a town's christmas parade. breaking overnight, holiday parade tragedy. at least five people dead, more than 40 injured after an suv plowed through a christmas celebration in wisconsin. >> there's, like, seven injured that way. >> this morning, what we know about the suspect. we are live on the scene this morning with the latest on the investigation. breaking overnight, 2 of the d haiti more than a month ago released. the details on their condition this morning. thanksgiving travel trouble. a scare at one of the nation's busiest airports. a passenger's gun accidentally going off, sending people running for safety as the tsa sets a new pandemic record, kicking off a very busy week.
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rollout. all adults now eligible for boosters with covid cases surging in europe. as demonstrations there against new restrictions get heated. flash mob robberies. popular stores rushed by mobs of people. the latest on the smash and grab thieves as the holiday shopping season picks up. abc news exclusive. after diane sawyer's extraordinary interview with two of the turpin children, their lives of abuse, starvation, torture at the hands of their parents, and the courageous escape that freed them all. >> i want my name and her name, the turpin name, like, wow. they're strong. they're not weak. they're not broken. they've got this. >> this morning, the two sisters are in times square talking to amy robach. what they now want you to know only on "gma." also this morning, king james ejected. lebron james caught up in a brawl on the court. the other team calling foul.
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and don't blink. a glimpse at tiger woods' return swinging into the new week. ♪ smooth like butte the k-pop super group taking over the american music awards with host cardi b firing up the crowd, and j.lo taking center stage. plus -- ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ -- a fantastic flashback with this battle of the boy bands. oh, yes. the battle of the boy bands. good morning, america. glad that you're with us on this very busy morning. t.j. back at the desk with us. >> always good to be with y'all. what a morning it is where several stories we're keeping an eye on, including closing arguments expected to begin in that courthouse in georgia in the trial of three men charged with murdering ahmaud arbery. the two sides are arguing over charges. we'll be tracking the latest on that case. ag in wisconsin where a man
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drove his suv into a christmas parade. at least five people were killed, and 40 injured. alex presha has the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. still a lot of unanswered questions. take a look behind me here. you can see authorities are still here on the scene. it was supposed to be a day filled with holiday cheer, filled with kids, even a group called the dancing grannies, but instead it ended with terror and there's so many down there. >> reporter: overnight, a holiday horror in wisconsin. >> a maroon ford escape just blew by into the parade route. >> reporter: according to officials, at least five people were killed and more than 40 others injured when a red suv plowed into waukesha, wisconsin's christmas parade. >> a red suv came barrelling down the middle of the road kind of swerving in and out. i would say maybe going 30 miles per hour, and i did see it hit
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people after the car kind of passed through. >> reporter: the speeding vehicle seen obaelascr marchers before slamming into a high school band and other groups. the horrifying moment caught on camera from a neighbor's balcony, and witnesses say, the driver didn't stop there. >> my son was in the parade, marching with the waukesha south high school band. i was helping pick up some of the instruments that were still laying in the street, and, you know, i picked up a crushed, bloody saxophone. it was -- it was -- it was pretty awful. >> reporter: panic also caught on camera in the aftermath. lawn chairs and possessions left behind. people screaming for their loved ones. >> aidan! aidan! >> lisa! >> reporter: the suv plunging into the crowd at 4:39 p.m. striking dozens of people. >> i have about 30 people down.
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>> reporter: firefighters marching in the parade springing into action, with 12 departments assisting the injured. >> waukesha public schools will be closed tomorrow, requesting that everyone continues to stay away from the scene. the roads will remain closed for at least 24 hours. >> reporter: according to police, an officer discharging their weapon in an attempt to stop the vehicle. no bystanders hit by that gunfire, but the hurling truck narrowly missing families lined up to share in the holiday spirit. >> it just truck me afterwards in the aftermath of everything, how you have so many people just there to spread joy and cheer and be positive, and it just changes everything in an instant. >> reporter: among the injured a catholic priest and multiple parishioners and school children. police say a person of interest is in custody. at this point they do not suspect a nexus to terrorism, but so many here waking up in shock. robin? >> alex, thank you. joining us now is matthew rude
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who was attending the parade with his family. matthew, our hearts go out to you and everybody there in waukesha. how are you doing this morning, matthew? >> i didn't get any sleep last night. i kept replaying what i witnessed, and what could have potentially happened to myself and my children, and just thinking about the families that were affected last night. their lives are forever changed. i just was replaying that over and over again last night. >> i can only imagine you doing that, and it's hard to imagine what you and so many others witnessed. can you please tell us what you saw yesterday? >> so just my two girls, harper and delilah, 5 and 2, took them there to have a wonderful experience. they were enjoying picking up the candy, seeing the floats. and just all of a sudden, i heard screams and chaos coming from my right, and that caught my attention. i looked over and i saw an suv coming towards us relatively
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quickly, and i knew that wasn't part of the parade, and i knew something was -- something was wrong. and right as it was coming towards us, maybe half a block away, i wasn't sure what was going on. that's when time slowed down and sped up and i didn't know what was happening. i just didn't take my eyes off of the suv, but at the same time, i was grabbing my children. and the next thing i knew, my back was against the wall of the building. we were hunkered down with a bunch of people, screaming, crying saying to get down because we didn't know what was going on. my main concern obviously was the safety of my children. >> harper and delilah, i'm so thankful that you were able to get them out of harm's way like that. did you -- >> mm-hmm. >> did you have a sense at all, matthew, that the vehicle -- that the driver was intentionally trying to hit people? >> i'll be completely honest. i -- the first thing that came to my mind when i saw it coming towards us, i thought it was potentially an elderly person who was under cardiac arrest
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because i did see that at some point earlier in my life. that was my first initial assumption. i didn't potentially think this could have been an attack. that wasn't my first assumption, but that's what i thought. >> the investigation is continuing, and there are still so many unanswered questions about that. you have lived in that beautiful area for more than a decade. can you give our viewers just a sense of waukesha, what it's like, and the people there? >> yes. so i lived in the area for about ten years and i moved to waukesha about a year ago, and there's a reason why i moved here, because this is a wonderful city. the people here are amazing, but there's a wonderful history. and you hear about things like this happening across the country. you never think that it could happen here, and i thought the same thing, but of course, that was proven wrong. it did happen here. it happened to me. it happened extremely close to me, especially with my children
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there, and that's what's so detrimental and shocking that i had to live through this, and my children were extremely close to being hit, too close for comfort. that puts a lot of things into perspective. >> i'm sure it does. you have harper and delilah. keep them close to you. >> i definitely will. >> and matthew, thank you so much, and again, we're thinking of everyone in that area. take care, please. be well. >> thank you. >> all right, t.j.? robin, we want to turn now to another breaking story we have been watching overnight. 2 of the 17 missionaries kidnapped in haiti are free this morning after more than a month in captivity. our marcus moore joins us now with what we know. marcus, good morning. >> reporter: t.j., a glimmer of hope this morning in haiti as the national police force there confirms that those two hostages have been released. you may recall on october 16th, members of the notorious mawozo gang kidnapped these 16 americans and 1 canadian as they returned from an orphanage. the gang leader demanded
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$17 million ransom, $1 million per person, and he threatened to kill the hostages if the group was notpa been paid. now those being held include several children, including an 8 month old baby. they have been held now for 36 agonizing days, and in a statement, ohio-based christian aid ministries said that the two hostages who have been released are safe, in good spirits, and are being cared for. and this morning, now the attention focused on those other 15 hostages still being held. george? >> okay, marcus, thanks. we're going to switch gears to the thanksgiving countdown. more than 50 million people expected to travel by air and road after a gun scare this weekend as one of the busiest airports in the country. gio benitez has the latest. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning. that happened with travel now breaking pandemic records. here delta brought us onto the tarmac here in laguardia, and the planes are ready to fly 5.5 million passengers just this week and that's only on delta. let's go ahead and start with
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that scare in atlanta first. take a look at this because people panicked when a passenger's gun accidentally went off at a security check point. police say that passenger then took off running. now airports across america will be very busy this week. we'll see the most travelers wednesday and sunday. on the roads now, aaa expects nearly 50 million people to drive for the holiday despite those surging gas prices we are seeing right now. now the worst times to travel and get on the road, wednesday through friday, any time in the afternoon. your best bet is really to get on the road and even in an airplane early in the morning. >> all right, gio. we know the weather could play a big part in determining how smoothly holiday travel will go. ginger is here to tell us how things are looking. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: robin, things are looking up. we have a front passing right now. you can see that in maine, and the snow in vermont. behind this front, which will bring mostly rain for folks, we'll see cold and breezy
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dnesday, themptant day wh erys don't know that you could ask for better weather. denver, the only place that could see some snow. they just broke a record for the longest stretch, the latest first measurable snow, but they'll get it on the worst day. robin? >> all right, ginger, thank you. t.j.? robin, let's turn now to those flash mob robberies. a few popular stories facing ambushes across the country. all this as holiday shopping is picking up. kaylee hartung is tracking this for us. kaylee, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, t.j. more retailers are now taking action after this series of really brazen smash and grabs. these are entering stores at all hours of the day, and some are making off with up to a million dollars in goods. the latest robbery on saturday in san francisco. 80 thieves running into a nordstrom, stealing goods and smashing shelves. officers stopping one car, arresting a man and a woman, and then a third suspect was caught on foot.
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a day earlier, also in san francisco, more than $1 million in merchandise was stolen after thieves broke into several stores that day. walgreens is already closing several san francisco stores after videos of brazen shoplifters went viral including video appearing to show a man riding his bike out of a store with a bag full of stolen items, and the chicago area has also been hit hard. just last week, 14 suspects ran into this louis vuitton store grabbing $120,000 in purses and other items before fleeing in getaway cars, and police say in that case, the store's security guard was on a break. george? >> okay, kaylee. thanks. we turn now to the trial of the three men accused of murder in the killing of ahmaud arbery. the judge says he hopes closing arguments will start this morning, but there are some crucial issues to iron out. steve osunsami has the latest. >> reporter: a jury in south georgia is getting closer this morning to deciding the fate of three men accused of killing a black 25-year-old in a case defined by race and fear. closing arguments are next and could be taking place today. the defendants, travis
7:14 am
mcmichael, his father, gregory, and william "roddie" bryan are accused of chasing down and murdering ahmaud arbery while he was jogging through this leafy neighborhood. all three plead not guilty. both sides presenting arguments over words on friday to how the charges will be presented to the jury of 12 that includes only one african-american. >> y'all argued my brain into mush. >> reporter: lawyers for the three accused say that their clients had reasonable suspicion to believe that the young black man was stealing shortly before he was killed, and that the killing was justified under a citizens arrest law that was the law at the time. travis mcmichael, who is seen in this disturbing cell phone video firing the deadly shots, took the witness stand claiming that arbery was the attacker. >> he had my gun. he struck me. it was obvious that he was -- it was obvious that he was
7:15 am
attacking me, that if he had got the shotgun from me, that it was a life or death situation. >> reporter: but mcmichael is on record admitting that the young man he's seen chasing was unarmed and posed him no physical or verbal threat. >> he never yelled at you guys? >> no. >> he didn't pull out any guns? >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: what's more, police say arbery was never seen stealing anything, despite the suspicions of the three men on trial. and there were strangers who were white who visited the same construction site and weren't chased or killed. [ chanting ] >> reporter: outside the courthouse, the young man's mother and many supporters are praying for justice. >> i just want to say thank you. my heart is just full of just joy in the midst of this broken heart. >> reporter: closing arguments will take several hours. each of the defense teams -- there are three of them -- will get two hours. the prosecution will get three hours. it's so long, they're going to need to take breaks, and then of
7:16 am
course, there is the reading of jury instructions, and all of this is before the jury is handed the case. it's not clear how the thanksgiving holiday is going to impact the progress here. we're expecting or hoping that the judge might make a decision on that today. >> we do. all right, steve, thank you. we're going to turn now to the fight against covid. boosters rolling out across the country this morning, as all adults are now eligible for a third shot. trevor ault joins us now from the vaccination site at citi field here in new york. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, robin. a lot of people have been waiting for this green light and jumped at the opportunity this weekend to go out and get a booster shot. for clarity, this new authorization from the cdc says anybody who is over 50 or any adult living in a long-term care facility should go out and get a pfizer or moderna booster, but perhaps more importantly now, any adult now can get a booster shot, and health experts say these boosters are crucial for bolstering your immunity that starts to wane six months out.
7:17 am
dr. fauci says if you have had two pfizer or moderna shots or one johnson & johnson shot, you are considered fully vaccinated. at the same time this weekend, there were some massiv des n sponse t near 400peop taking to the streets in brussels. police there deploying water cannons and tear gas because europe is in the midst of a surge right now, yet another one, to the point that austria is going into a ten-day lockdown, and they're going to be become the first country in europe to make vaccines mandatory. germany may follow suit. but because of that surge, the world health organization says europe is the hot spot to watch. t.j.? >> all right, trevor. thank you so much. and to our viewers now, i want you to stay with me. i'm about to show you a three-second video. it's short, but it's one of the most highly anticipated three-second videos of the year. and what is it? take a look. that's it. we can just loop it now, but that's tiger woods. he posted a video on social media.
7:18 am
this is the first time we are seeing him hit a golf ball since that car crash earlier this year. it was in february. he captioned this though, making progress. he had several surgeries from a devastating car accident. his injuries sounded horrific, but making progress and getting back out there. >> good to see. >> that is good to see. a lot more coming up on "gma," including our exclusive with jordan and jennifer turpin. we'll get their reaction to the diane sawyer special and what they're hoping the future will bring. first, back to ginger. >> i told you precipitation wise, it shouldn't be trouble. i never said it wouldn't be cold. it looks nice when it's coming down, but look at that cold blast coming in from great lakes to northeast. temperature do the tumble going into wednesday. your local weather in 30 seconds. first though, the select cities sponsored by subaru.
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i scared them both right now. >> the power stance. >> the power stance. coming up all the excitement from the american music awards. we'll be right back.
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>> good morning. oh complete investigating an early-morning robbery where the suspect shot up police officers. it happened just before 3:00 a.m. on macarthur boulevard. when officers got there, number of suspects left the area. police say what suspect hired multiple times at a patrol car, hitting it. none of the officers inside the car got hurt. police have not said what items were stolen and not clear if this incident is related to all the other recent robberies across the bay area. >> traffic is ok, pretty light except if you are back at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights were turned on at 6:00 a.m. this morning, which is kind of surprising during this thursday -- thanksgiving
7:24 am
being thursday, a light holiday week. but not so much. we have an accident westbound 37 your wilson. >> we will check in
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>> is a chilly week, especially up north where we have crossed possible all with through 10:00 in lake and mendocino counties. 40's around the bay. 50, san francisco. there is a small area of fog in the north bay. otherwise, pretty quiet. temperatures up to 80 degrees warmer than average with sunshine today -- eight degrees warmer than average with sunshine today. cold wednesday morning but it will not be windy. drive-thru sunday. >> coming up, two of the turpin children talking to gma for the
7:27 am
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and take an extra 15% off! get the fitbit versa 2 - $119.99. google nest doorbell is $129.99. and get 30% off fisher price toys! kohl's. ♪ ♪ welcome back to "gma," everybody. what youre cry superstar mickey guyton, powerful performance at the american music awards last night. we'll get into the awards, and a powerful moment. the moment her son -- and he is recovering, but a scary trip to the hospital. >> dr. ashton will let us know what parents should look out for. now to the abc news exclusive interview with jordan and jennifer turpin, 2 of the 13 siblings who survived unimaginable abuse at the hands of their parents. jordan and jennifer spoke with
7:31 am
diane sawyer on "20/20" on friday. we'll hear from them again in our studio in a moment, but first, amy is back, and has their story for us. good morning, amy. >> good morn. over 7 million viewers tuning in friday night to hear sisters jordan and jennifer turpin recounting their harrowing escape from their california home back in 2018. they're opening up for the first time to our diane sawyer for a stunning new interview. >> at least if something happened to me, at least i died trying. >> reporter: 13 siblings held captive by their parents david and louise for years, confined to a life of filth and abuse. a terrified jordan breaking free early one january morning with a disconnected cell phone to call 911. the children, one step closer to freedom. >> i couldn't really dial 911 because -- i'm sorry. >> you were shaking? >> yeah, i was shaking. i was trying to dial 911, but i couldn't even get my thumb to
7:32 am
press the buttons because i was shaking so bad. >> reporter: david and louise are now serving 25 years to life in state prison after pleading guilty to 14 felony charges in the case. the turpin children left to pick up the pieces and grapple with starting new lives in a society they were kept from. and while public donations, most of it going into a trust, poured in to help support the kids, some say they have been left in the lurch by california social services system. >> there are resources for them that they can't access. they're living in squalor. they're living in crime-ridden neighborhoods. there's money for them for their education. they can't access it. they have been victimized again by the system. >> reporter: despite the ongoing struggles to get on their feet and forge paths forward, jordan and jennifer are determined now more than ever to make themselves the heroes of their story and not the victims.
7:33 am
>> i want that name to -- my name and her name, the turpin name to be, like, wow. they're strong. they're not weak. they're not broken. they've got this. >> and i spoke to jordan and jennifer just a short time ago about the reaction to that special, and what the future holds for them. >> so i watched the special last night, and i was blown away by the two of you, and i know you all watched the special over the weekend. can i ask you both what that was like? jordan, i'll start with you. >> um, so when i tried to -- at first i couldn't watch it. but then i finally watched it because i wanted to see it, i had to, like, pause in a lot of parts because it was really hard for me to watch it. it brought back a lot of stuff, and when i saw the camera film
7:34 am
of mother and father, it was very, like, scary, like, my heart just dropped to my stomach. it was, like, very, very nervous, but i was just -- like, it was really hard for me to watch it, but i'm just glad that it's out there so people can see it, and they can -- hopefully it makes a good difference and we can make a change, and people know that they have a voice, and they can speak up if something's not right. >> the bravery that it took to tell your story, that is not an easy thing to live through and then to relive it. jennifer, what was it like to watch? >> it was basically that, reliving it. it was very emotional. it brought back all the emotions, and when i saw the video, that was the first time we have seen that footage. of course i lived it, but the actual footage -- it was like, wow. like, i'm so glad we got out of there.
7:35 am
it made me feel silenced, but there's always a way out, and i hope people get that from our story. there's always hope even if it feels like there's none. >> i'm telling you, that is exactly what the message was that was resounding for me. were you proud of yourselves when you saw the courage it took? when you saw you telling your story, owning your story, did you feel proud? >> yes. i was so proud of myself. i was proud of both of us. >> me personally, i don't talk about it much. so i kind of hold it in, and so i think, like, just letting it out, like, saying it kind of helps me too. >> that's incredible. you mentioned watching the footage. the body cam footage. jordan, when you first met that officer, and you were brave and you ran out of that house, and you can see you getting out of that window and running, and making that phone call, was that the first time you saw the footage of yourself? >> that's the first time i saw -- yeah. that's the first time i saw any
7:36 am
of those footage -- films, and it was just, like, i don't know. i was just, like, wow. i didn't even know i ran that fast. >> speaking to that, you know, this isn't something you would normally do. you probably didn't even run. you were in a house. >> yeah. i was sitting down most of my life. so, like, it was, like, it was just really scary, like, i just -- i was desperate to get away from that house because i didn't want them to come out and see me. >> and seeing yourself with the officer explaining your story, what was that like for you to watch it for the first time? > oh, i was just, like, i remember the feeling. like, i just -- when i listen to the phone call and i saw the footage, i just couldn't, like, stop crying because it kind of felt like i was in the moment again, and that's something that's never going to leave you. you're always going to remember that. that was, like, it was so terrifying because i didn't know what was going to happen in that moment, but also at the same time when i was watching it, i was, like, wow.
7:37 am
i've came a long way because there's things that i didn't, like, really understand that i didn't even remember not knowing. >> you didn't know what bruises were. you didn't know what injuries were, what the word meant. >> i was kind of, like -- when i watch it, i was, like, oh, i didn't know what that was. i knew i didn't know what a lot of things was, but now that i know so much, i'm, like, wow. like, we were really kept isolated. we were really, like, indoors because it's just crazy, like -- >> it wasn't just physical abuse. it was so much more. >> there was so much more. every -- everything that -- pretty much everything. >> jennifer, i'm curious because i know you were helping jordan. you had attempted an escape earlier. so you were kind of trying to prepare her, how to get out, what to look for. to see your sister now do that in that video where it was all
7:38 am
documented, what was it like for you, as an older sister, to watch? >> so much pride. i think that's why i cried the hardest, and i was -- >> you're so sweet. >> i was so proud of you. >> you're so sweet. >> thank you. i love you. i was just so, so, so proud. i couldn't have been more proud. >> those girls, and their strength, and their resilience and their sweetness, it's overwhelming to see them where they are now, but what they have been through is unthinkable. and i love that they said they don't want to be viewed as victims. they want to be viewed as heroes, which they are. >> yes. >> do you have a sense of what their day-to-day life is like right now? >> i think they're just trying to catch up. they didn't get the education we received. they didn't get the love. they didn't get the they're building up not just their own personal strength, but
7:39 am
their life skills, vocabulary. they had anyone of that. >> we'll have part two of your interview when we come back.
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7:42 am
>> that's right. as we heard the girls say they went through really tough times even after they escaped and now they say they feel so much lighter after watching the special. they said it was like a curtain had been lifted. >> what has the reaction been? have you heard from people after they've watched this special and watched you tell your story? what have you heard from people? i know people are calling you heroes.
7:43 am
i hope you know that. >> yeah. >> what does that feel like? tell me what the reaction has been. >> hundreds of dms. hundreds. lots of comments and followers. all the love and support i'm getting is just great. it's overwhelming, but it's awesome. like, i don't even know the word to describe. >> yeah. >> it's -- i think overwhelming is definitely a good word for it. >> i think you guys know i went into another bad situation. it was three years after the escape. been rs, no a it's probably been seven or eight months. i personally thought i wasn't loved, and so when -- when i -- when people are saying that i matter, and they say that -- that i'm loved, and that i know
7:44 am
i'm making a difference, i'm just, like, i don't understand it because my whole life i thought that i didn't matter, and i wasn't loved, and so it just means so much to me. you know, i've always had my siblings and only my siblings. so when i see other people care about me, i don't even know what to think. it's hard for me to process. >> jordan, you mentioned your siblings. were any of them able to watch, and have they talked to you about it? >> i haven't really talked to them yet. i did call her the next day, though, just to make sure everything was okay. >> she was so sweet. we watched it pretty much at the same time. we didn't know it. >> we didn't even realize it. i was, like, you okay? >> some of my siblings reached out to me. they're all just, like, thanking me and saying -- and they're just -- yeah. they're being so supportive and everything. they're just so, so sweet.
7:45 am
>> how are they doing? i know, because you mentioned it, you referenced it and we saw it in the piece that once you all got out of this horrible situation, many of you found yourselves in another bad situation. you weren't protected and you weren't taken care of. you were left to fend for yourselves. even word that you were hungry again. >> yeah. >> where are you now? how are you feeling about your situation, and where your siblings are? >> so i think everyone's definitely in a better place right now. definitely. i know me personally, i have a lot of healing to do from the last home i was in. i feel like -- i feel like there was a lot of damage done, and it's just been really hard, but i think that -- i think things are going to start getting better right now, you know? you just have to have faith. >> yes. >> tell me about your life right now, jennifer. >> i have my own place. i recently got a car.
7:46 am
i have an adorable kitty cat and bunny. i love my job, even when it gets hard. >> jordan, how about you? >> i want to be a motivational speaker, to help others and stuff because -- my whole life has been so hard for me to understand why, you know, why everything has happened, and -- but if i can use what i went through to make a difference in the world, then i think that can heal me. >> and have you thought about what you would say to justin bieber if you ever got to meet him? >> oh, i just -- i think i would probably cry. i don't know what i would say. i want to just thank him for being, like, he made a big difference, and i just want to -- i want to thank him, and there's just so much i want to tell him, you know. >> we feel everything you're conveying and that's a beautiful thing, to feel connected to somebody, and you connected all of us.
7:47 am
so thank you for being brave and courageous and sharing your story, and -- >> thank you. >> -- hopefully, hopefully being further on your path to healing. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we all saw them here this morning and they were just so bright. they were just bright spots of just general enthusiasm and excitement. they're taking life and really going in the direction they should have been going this whole time. it's just so wonderful to see them on their path. >> it really is. >> it really is. "escape from a house of horrors," a diane sawyer special event is streaming now on hulu if anyone wants to watch this. it is so powerful. >> riveting. >> we can tell. >> thank you, amy. we'll be right back. do good. eat good. that's our mission. we chose our new spark cash plus card from capital one, because it gives us unlimited two percent cash back on everything we buy. and it has no preset spending limit, so our purchasing power adapts to our business needs. we use our two percent cash back to help cover our employees' healthcare costs. that's how we take care of our most valuable asset... ...our people. it may sound cheesy,
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>> traffic. >> going to the san mateo bridge where we have troubles on the western part of the span. just after the toll plaza, moving ok but then you come to a halt because of an accident just before 101 on the san mateo side. you can see the traffic act up about halfway across the span. >> here's a look at what is going on outside. beautiful from the east bay hills camera. anywhere from eight to five or five to eight degrees above average with upper 60's. 67 to about 72 degrees. this is one of the warmer days in the forecast. about eight degrees cooler and windy but it is dry all seven
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, deadly holiday parade after an suv plowed through a christmas celebration in wisconsin. >> there are seven people down over there. >> what we know about the suspect. we're live on the scene with the latest on the investigation. your last-minute guide to all things thanksgiving from beating to travel crunch to slashing your grocery bill, and how you can get money back even if you overpaid on those black friday deals. ♪ country star mickey guyton. revealing her baby's terrifying health scare, causing him to be rushed to the icu. thankfully he's okay. this morning, dr. ashton here with the signs parents can look for.
8:01 am
cardi b. >> a hot night at the american music awards. cardi b fired up. the crowd going wild for the battle of the boy bands. ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ and jennifer lopez, plus carrie underwood and jason aldean's sensational duet. the k-pop super group took over the stage. >> bts! >> bts winningndinging n i on ♪ the "outlander" journey marches on. the ninth book out now in p. oscar winner halle berry is live in times square, talking about her knockout new role. and it's a one-two punch this morning. "hawkeye" is coming to the rescue. jeremy renner is here live, and he's saying -- >> good morning, america.
8:02 am
♪ good morning, america. looking forward to seeing my twin, halle berry, and jeremy renner. both live here in times square this morning. we also have an exclusive first look on "gma" of something special from t. swift, taylor swift herself. >> that coming up, including we wanted to introduce you to the new team. the thanksgiving team at "gma." there they are, our new squad. we'll tell you what you need to know when it comes to preparing for the holiday. >> that is coming up. but begin with the latest on that tragedy in wisconsin. the suv plowing through that crowd, and more than 40 injured. let's go back to alex perez on the scene in waukesha. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning once again, george. we're learning from authorities that they do not believe the suspect was aiming for the crowd. they believe he may have been fleeing a previous crime. it was supposed to be a family fun day, but it ended with people running for their lives.
8:03 am
>> there's already seven injured that way. there are so many down there. >> reporter: overnight, a holiday horror in wisconsin. >> a maroon ford escape just blew by while heading into the parade route. >> reporter: according to officials, at least five people were killed and more than 40 others injured when a red suv plowed into waukesha, wisconsin's christmas parade. the speeding vehicle seen on camera, barrelling past crowds and marchers before slamming into a high school band and other groups. the horrifying moment caught on camera from a neighbor's balcony. matthew rude who had his two children at the parade spoke to robin earlier about the seconds after the suv struck. >> how are you doing this morning, matthew? >> i didn't get any sleep last night. i kept replaying what i witnessed and what could have potentially happened. i didn't take my eyes off the suv, but at the same time, i was grabbing my children, and the next thing i knew, my back was
8:04 am
against the wall of the building. we were hunkered down with a bunch of people screaming and crying saying to get down because we didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: again, the person of interest is in custody. authorities believe he may have been trying to flee a previous crime. police say at this point they do not suspect a nexus to terrorism. robin? >> all right, alex. thank you. now to disgraced tech entrepreneur elizabeth holmes expected back on the stand today in her own defense. the former founder of theranos, accused in a massive scheme to defraud investors in a company. rebecca jarvis is at the courthouse in san jose. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin, and you could hear a pin drop in this courtroom behind me when elizabeth holmes took the stand in a surprise move by the defense on friday. she told the jury about growing up in houston, about dropping out of stanford with the dream of revolutionizing health care. we have now heard from 29 government witnesses in this trial about allegations elizabeth holmes lied about her
8:05 am
relationships with the u.s. military, lied about the capabilities of her technology which found its way into walgreens at one point, and even falsified documents to sell investors. the big question now is whether holmes will delve into the allegations of abuse by her former boyfriend and coo sunny balwani, allegations he denies. elizabeth holmes faces up to decades in prison if she's convicted. robin? >> you have been on this story from the very beginning. thank you so much, and rebecca is following all aspects of the case. season two of her podcast, "the dropout" is out now. t.j.? robin, we turn now to lebron who last night what la bye bye in last night's game. you see right here he was ejected from last night's game. the lakers were playing the pistons, ejected because he took an elbow to the face, to the head of isaiah stewart from the pistons. now isaiah, you can understand
8:06 am
got upset about this. he's bleeding from the mouth, and it caused a scuffle and it took quite awhile to clear this. lebron ejected with a flagrant two. it's only the second time he was ejected in his career. the other was for arguing with the referee. he doesn't have a history of this. it was ugly. >> it sure was. coming up, we have our thanksgiving team. tips from shopping to the holiday week. and mickey guyton revealing what sent her infant son to the icu. so happy that he is recovering, but what all parents should be on the lookout for. and as robin mentioned a short time ago, she is twinning. there is her twin sister right there. oscar winner halle berry is here in times square. we have a whole lot more ahead here on "gma," folks. stay with us. >> why did you laugh when you said that? it's walmart's black friday deals for days. score a $69 air fryer and get other huge deals all week long. shop walmart's black friday deals for days. ♪ ♪
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>> announcer: drum roll please. tomorrow morning on "gma" -- >> welcome to the best party ever, the "dancing with the stars" after party. >> announcer: yes. the mirror ball champions and all the final couples will be jetting overnight to party on. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> let's party, people. >> announcer: don't miss the "good morning america" "dancing" after party. >> get ready to dance. >> it's getting steamy in here. >> wow. >> announcer: tomorrow only on -- >> "good morning america." oueard fromyra and the gang. make sure you're here tomorrow. our "dancing with the stars" mega after party. >> they're going to fly all night long to be here. now to the "gma" cover story. the last-minute travel and grocery sales and the best ways to prepare for the holiday and save big. victor oquendo starts us off
8:12 am
from miami international airport with the latest on holiday travel. good morning, victor. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, george from a busy miami national airport where we are already starting to see that uptick in thanksgiving travel. according to aaa 53.4 million people will travel this thanksgiving by air, train and road. with air travel almost completely recovering from its dramatic fall during the pandemic. for those of you driving this holiday, increasing road travel by 10% of last year, even as gas prices average $3.40 a gallon nationwide. that's $1.20 more than last year. now to save time at the airport, this is important, for those trying to bring those delicious thanksgiving items with them, be away of the tsa rules. wine is considered a liquid, but so is cranberry sauce and gravy.
8:13 am
you can't carry those with us. if you are using car, use gasbuddy to find the cheapest gas stations. robin? > notoheheout ne.there, victor ll know th itting ans hard w prices for of the holiday. this according to the bureau of labor. erielle reshef joins us as a way to cut costs with just a few day as we know until thanksgiving. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. experts say the average cost for a thanksgiving meal might be as high as 14% higher than it was last year, but there are some major ways you can save. many grocery stores will offer heavy discounts and even a free turkey if you buy all of your sides there. remember the in-house store brands for staples like sugar and flour and spices may be more cost effective. buying frozen produce instead of fresh when you can can help save
8:14 am
you money. there are plenty of apps out there that can help you save big this holiday season. basket helps you save prices between different grocery stores. there's an app called flipp, and then grocery king can help you store those reward points. t.j.? >> erielle, thank you. that's travel and groceries and you can't forget about the shopping, the shopping deals. black friday coming up. becky worley joins us. becky, we were talking about supply chain issues, where we're seeing those shortages. should you be buying right now? >> reporter: well, t.j., let's talk about those tech gifts that are going to be the hardest to find. we've got a list from industry analysts who talked to "the new york times." almost impossible to find, gaming consoles, but you already knew that. good luck finding that ps5 or xbox. also difficult, high end gaming graphics cards. we're talking about gpus. this one surprised me, wifi mesh networks. they're really popular gifts. finally, cheap laptops, chromebooks, notebooks under
8:15 am
$400. for those products, i say don't wait a few days for an extra 5% or 10% off. if you have to have them for the holidays, buy now. >> what if i buy it now and four days from now i see it's 50% off? are there protections for that? >> yeah. buyer's remorse hurts, but good news this year, many stores are being generous with their price protection policies. so when you shop best buy for example, you'll see many products have a callout that says black friday prices guaranteed. even if they drop the price between now and black friday, they'll refund the difference. at target if they drop the price or any retailer drops the price lower between now and december 24th, they will refund you the difference. tracking those price drops is time intensive, but there are two apps that will do the work for you. one is called parabus, and the other is called slice. i know you all are getting ready to shop. i'm there with you.
8:16 am
>> thank you, becky. ayone started their christmas shopping yet? >> not even. >> not me. feel better? >> okay, i thought it was just me. all right, t.j., we're going to move onto the big night at the american music awards for bts. the k-pop superstars stole the show, but cardi b and jennifer lopez also lit up the stage. naoap the night. gong, janai. >> good morning, guys. it was cardi's hosting debut. incredible performances including jennifer lopez, bad bunny, the battle of the boy bands was one of the ages and of course, the hottest boy band out there right now had the audience making lots of these, hearts to show love for bts. ♪ smooth like butter like a criminal undercover ♪ >> reporter: it was a bts takeover at the amas. the pop phenomes performing twice. ♪ you are my universe ♪ >> bts! >> reporter: and taking home
8:17 am
three awards including artist of the year. hostess cardi b pulling out all the stops with seven different looks and even getting starstruck herself. >> jojo siwa, could you please come see my daughter on christmas? i know you cost a lot of money. let me tell you something. y'all rappers don't got nothing on jojo siwa. >> reporter: and winning the award for best hip-hop song -- ! >> anyways i got to go home. >> reporter: getting right back to business. new kids on the block showing they still have the right stuff with the battle of the boy bands. ♪ you got the right stuff ♪ >> reporter: new edition answering the call with "telephone man." ♪ mr. telephone man ♪ >> reporter: and reuniting with bobby brown.
8:18 am
♪ on my way ♪ >> reporter: but j.lo stealing the show, saying i do to performing her single "on my way" just three days after her new rom-com trailer, "marry me" sent social media buzzing. ♪ if i didn't love i would be good right now ♪ >> reporter: and a sweet duet by carrie underwood and jason aldean delivering a moving rendition of "if i didn't love you" in the highly anticipated collaboration peeking at number one on country's billboard chart. that performance was so good. so many of them were, and taylor swift last night making history, adding to her own record for most ama wins of all-time, taking home the award for favorite pop album. coming up, we have an exclusive t. swift new song, and a first look. and i have to say, i'm a big cardi fan. so just seeing her host last night, i loved it. i thought it was great. >> and there was another powerful moment, janai, from the amas. mickey guyton performing her hit song "all-american."
8:19 am
the country star taking the stage just days after revealing that her 9-month-old son grayson was recovering after being rushed to the icu. mona kosar abdi has that for us. ♪ we are ♪ >> reporter: overnight, country star mickey guyton performing her song "all-american" at the american music awards as her son recuperates. ♪ we are, we are ♪ >> reporter: just days ago, guyton sharing a terrifying message on twitter when her 9-month-old son grayson fell ill writing, quote, normally don't do this, but my son is being sent to the icu. the doctors don't know what's wrong. please, please pray. later adding a photo of her husband cradling her son saying, quote, he's not in the clear, but he's on the mend. thank you for your prayers. i will update y'all as soon as i'm able. guyton now says little grayson is on the mend writing on instagram that her son suffered from, quote, dehydration because of a severe stomach bug, adding, quote, he is still dehydrated and weak, and has lost weight from not being able to retain
8:20 am
any liquid, and he is now improving. for "good morning america," mona kosar abdi, abc news, new york. ♪ all american ♪ >> mona, thank you. abc news chief medical correspondent dr. jen ashton is here live with us to talk about this. so what are the concerns here about dehydration in children? >> well, robin, this is such an important story because it's really shedding light on how children and babies in particular can get sick very, very quickly, even with something as common or, you know, benign sounding as dehydration. what the risks are with this, particularly in a baby, severe risks of dehydration, kidney, urinary problems. it can cause kidney dysfunction and kidney failure, dangerous sodium levels as this worsens.
8:21 am
then also lethargy, and in worse cases seizures and coma and potentially brain damage. >> i'm so glad her son is on the mend, and it's not like a child can tell you that they're thirsty. what are the signs parents should look for? >> particularly with infants, as you said, they're not verbal. parents have to look for signs and what pediatricians really encourage parents to do is look for things that you can see. dry skin, dryness of their tongue or cracked lips. rapid breathing, no tears when they cry, and then that soft spot in their head, particularly with infants, it gets depressed, sunken, sunken appearing eyes and blotchy hands and feet. it looks like modelling on their palms, regardless of skin color. these are signs of dehydration of a baby that require medical attention. >> that will be so helpful to parents, what you just put up there. so what -- how can they be treated? her infant son as well as other kids, how are they treated for dehydration? >> it depends on the severity. if it's mild, it can be treated at home. in general, you want to avoid
8:22 am
pure water or sugary beverages because that can make things worse. but if you are managing this at home, electrolyte fluids, and tiny amounts, and in severe cases, hospital attention with an i.v. >> you were talking about eletrolytes on "gma3." >> adults can make our own. tee spoon of salt and tea spoon of sugar. with kids, you don't want to diy. >> i'm watching you and t.j. and amy. >> thank you. thank you, robin. ginger? >> yes, thank you, robin. now we have got a "gma" first look at the new episode of "man in the arena." tom brady tells his story on and off the field. in this speak peek, he talks about how no matter the adversity, his team would refuse to lose. >> regardless of what we were facing, the criticism, the wins, the losses, the blitz, the offense, the weather, you know, we were going to find a way to overcome it, and we were going to overcome it through, you know, the collective group, the collective energies of our own set of team goals.
8:23 am
>> you can see this new episode of "man in the arena." it's tomorrow on espn plus. tonight, see tom brady on the super bowl champion tampa bay buccaneers play th taylor swift has soared to the top of the charts
8:24 am
with "red: taylor's version," making her one of the top female streaming artists of 2021, and she's giving us an exclusive first look of something special. give us the details. >> reporter: taylor takes feelings and turns them into moments and she breaks records like the 90 million plus streams "red: taylor's version" got on spotify, and those feelings that become moments, no more fertile ground than a christmas tree farm. this morning, an early christmas gift from taylor swift. ♪ and you would think that too ♪ >> reporter: an exclusive peek at a new version of her 2019 instant holiday classic "christmas tree farm," now re-imagined with a 70-piecee orchestra and a cozier feel. >> this new version is amazing because it feels like it's that more sort of laid back christmas feel of doing all your shopping, and relaxing by a fire, and, you know, it's definitely a little bit more of that old school christmas song feel. ♪ in my heart is a christmas tree farm ♪ >> reporter: it's just the latest in swift's ongoing effort
8:25 am
to remake other legendary tracks. ♪ i don't know about you, but i'm feeling 22 ♪ >> reporter: just over a week ago, she released taylor's version of her album "red," including new takes on hits like "22" and -- ♪ we are never, ever, ever, getting back together ♪ >> reporter: -- there's even a ten-minute version of "all too well." ♪ i remember it all too well ♪ >> reporter: as for "christmas tree farm," it's the gift that's sure to make everybody happy this holiday season. ♪ everything is icy and blue ♪ ♪ you would be there too ♪ >> swift recorded this re-imagined holiday hit at the abby road studios in london. it's exclusively on amazon music. i can't wait. >> i've seen the videos and i can't wait for the whole thing. absolutely. robin's twin is coming up. you can guess who it is.
8:26 am
8:27 am
sue: good morning. monday morning is an on the san mateo bridge. on the western portion, we have an accident blocking a couple of lanes. take the dumbarton bridge if you can. jovina:
8:28 am
there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity. get the fast and reliable internet you deserve for only $19.99 a month for 12 months for an epic deal this holiday season. and score 12 times the speed for the same price when you add xfinity mobile. that's more speed and more value for the same price. switch now to xfinity internet to power all your devices and get started for just $19.99 a month. plus, see how you can get $200 back during our black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today.
8:29 am
cold temperatures that may cause some damage until 10:00 this morning. frost advisory. still in the 30's and 40's, but the offshore breeze is already 64 in half moon bay. that is an appetizer of what is to come this afternoon. just a bit of patchy fog. upper 60's to low 70's today. ate dry cold front will drop us about eight degrees. pretty breezy tomorrow. her coldest morning will be
8:30 am
wednesday. jovina: another update in 30 minutes. as always, you can find us on ♪ ♪ ♪ moonlight ♪ ♪ you're my star light ♪ we do welcome you back. we've got a great way to start the week. get your gloves on, people, because we're about to step in the ring with oscar, emmy and golden globe winner, halle berry. >> her new film is about fighter. it's here knock out debut as a director. halle, great to have you in the studio this morning. >> thank you. >> we were talking about this off camera. you first read the script four years ago. it was written for a white irish woman. talk about adapting it. >> i couldn't do that. yeah. i loved the idea of the story. i have been a boxing fan since i was a little kid, and when i got the script, i was in love with
8:31 am
mma, especially the female fighters. so when it landed on my lap, i was, like, i love the story, and i love the bones, but i couldn't play a white girl. blake lively had the script at the time. my agent said she may or may not do it. we'll have to wait patiently, and we'll let her decide, and if she passes, you can see if you can get it. it took her six months, and in that six months, i spent that time re-imagining what that could be for a middle-aged black woman set in the inner city of some city dealing with what we as black women deal with, what i know to be true. when she passed, directorsnd sa. >> you did that even though you didn't know for sure you were going to get it? >> because i knew i was going to get it. you know how when you read something and you know, this is mine? i'm going to wait patiently, and i'm going to let her have her time, but i knew in my heart this was a story that i was meant to tell. >> let's take a look. >> you don't look like no ufc,
8:32 am
justice. five seconds. four, three, two -- you okay? yeah? you know better than that. don't you ever not protect yourself in my ring again. do you hear me? do you hear me? >> yeah. >> oh, my goodness. i was telling you during the break that i watched it last night, and it was --told it's a. i'm, like, it's a drama. but the action like we just saw right there, it took you two years in training and prepping. do you prepare for a role like that? >> it's hard to just drop into the skin of a world class athlete. you know that. it takes time and training to even look like you know what you are doing. so yeah, i did training, but luckily because of someone i got to train with some of the best teachers and best martial artists in the world that gave
8:33 am
me crash courses to accelerate me to that point. >> you broke a couple of ribs. >> i did. i'm alway breaking something. this time only two, not three, so i'm getting better. >> how much did you get hit, and how nervous did the folks you were training with, the other actors as well, they had to be nervous to break ribs that belong to halle berry? >> they should have been scared i was going to hurt somebody too. if you don't know what you are doing, you have a greater chance of hurting someone. >> this was your first time directing. this was so big for you, and people said, they were destined or they wanted to be behind the camera. you never really had said that. >> yeah. >> what was it that made you this time say, yeah, i want to be a director? >> sometimes your destiny finds you. i've come to terms with that in life. you don't set out to do something in life. when you get called on to do it,
8:34 am
you either step up or you don't. that's what happened to me. i searched for a director, but the story hadn't been written yet. it was only the re-imagining i had done in my head. i had spoken with film makers. some wanted the drama part, and we don't know the fight. others said, let's make it a fight movie. i needed to have both the drama and the fight. that was a story i wanted to tell, and then i realized, i think i'm going to have to do this myself. >> are you bitten by the bug now, the directing bug? >> i do want to do it again. spike told me never say never. i'll never, i don't think, act and star. i want to focus on telling the story or being the actor.thf bsl engh. urself on scre a reyoha t this has been torture. for almost a year and a half, i mean, torturous, yes. one reason i won't do it again. >> what do you got coming up on thanksgiving? >> i don't know. we're still in covid world. i think it's going to be a very
8:35 am
quiet at-home dinner, turkey, some corn, creme brulee, yummy stuff. just family. >> you're yummy stuff. i have to say when i came back from being in my studio basement for eight months and i was kind of uncertain, the crew had a surprise for me. i brought up my mirror and i looked and this is true, and this is what i looked like. this is how we feel about you, halle.>>hy doe i say that? you are a blessing, and you are certainly blessed. >> thank you. >> keep it going. >> "bruised" is in select well this wednesday. coming up, "hawkeye" jeremy renner is here. renner is here. come on back. - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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8:38 am
yeah. everybody has trouble opening up. >> i'm trying to help for a second. probably some early childhood thing. >> i think it's because i'm generally pretty chill. i'm not like, oh, my god, hawkeye. >> definitely not chill. i'm just pretty chill. >> in a nutshell. >> we're joined by "hawkeye" himself. jeremy renner, welcome back. >> thank you very much, man. >> you played hawkeye in 2011
8:39 am
in "thor." surprised you're still doing it? >> at least there's no tights. i'm very happy about that. i never could have imagined playing it this long, but this ended up being a really good reason to keep continuing. i liked the long form story telling on disney plus. there's the six-hour version of a two-hour film. it allows for a lot more character development, and things like that. it's been pretty great. >> we saw you and hayley on the clip. you look like you had amazing chemistry. it seemed effortless. i know this is her first time in a marvel pic. did you have any advice for her? did she need any? >> things i probably can't say, and i did tell her to stretch, and hydrate. but otherwise, you know, i just wanted to kind of be there for her because there's a lot of diffen g mc are's aotf things you cpredican and go
8:40 am
with it. it doesn't make sense, but you have to do it. it's not like how the movies are. you just kind of have to trust the process and go with it. >> i'm sure she appreciated your advice. >> she did great, and she came in prepared, and she was willing, and i'm proud of her. >> i can't believe your daughter is now 8 years old. >> 8 1/2, yeah. >> so when she was younger, she couldn't watch this. >> she's never seen anything i've done. >> has she seen this? is she going to see this? >> i took her to the screening premiere in l.a., and that's the first thing she's seen me do on camera. she's seen me on her pajamas since she was 2. she didn't know why. she wasn't in on the joke. now she gets it. she had so much fun. she loved getting ready for the premiere. she likes the red carpet for whatever reason. weird. you're 8. i don't get it. >> she likes the paparazzi. >> dressed up, and it was beautiful, and the whole family all went in and tce show, and it was probably one of
8:41 am
the best experiences of my life getting to show my family and my daughter. it was pretty amazing. >> that's amazing. the show takes place in new york city right before christmas, and you were talking about what it was like shooting it though. you shot this all during the pandemic, correct? >> yeah. we were here last year. we shot for about two or three weeks from thanksgiving to christmastime, and captured whatever we can for, you know, all the beautiful setting that, you know, new york at christmas is. it's amazing. it is a character in our show. so it's very, very important to have that here. >> what was that like shooting in new york during the pandemic? >> well, you know, there's nobody here. so that was weird, a city that's usually full of life and energy, is, like -- you were talking about, tumbleweeds, except for the paparazzi. all the people were gone, but the people with the cameras were still there. otherwise, it was really, really strange. there's still -- decorations and christmas spirit, and new york always has a pulse. it was weird not having the energy of the people around. it was a little strange.
8:42 am
>> i bet it was. >> yeah. >> what are your thanksgiving plans? >> i have a giant family, so it's a lot of food. it's two turkeys and a lot. i can't wait. i head back after this little circuit today starting with you guys and then i fly back and a t of peoe coo gd bhe. that disney plus. let's go to ginger. >> speaking of getting back to southern california, this is where we have to start. we have a brush fire out in riverside. they got it under control. it was started by a car, but we will have santa ana winds throughout week, and especially through wednesday, and that's where a lot of the warnings are in place. fire danger is high, and humidity less than 15%. you will see gusty winds.
8:43 am
and now to a new c and now to a new chapter in my favorite, the beloved "outlander" series. author diana gabaldon's new book, "go tell the bees that i am gone" is about to be released. kaylee hartung sat down with her for the inside scoop, plus, what's next for the show. hey, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, amy. for more than 30 years now, diana gabaldon has been researching and imagining to create a world of "outlander," and with the help of a hit tv show, she's gathered so many fans around the world, and now her ninth book, 888 pages of an escape. what happens when you mix time travel, historical fiction, and a love story for the ages? you get a phenomenon called "outlander." the hit show based on diana gabaldon's popular novels, translated into multiple languages, and into 114 countries.
8:44 am
now the ninth long awaited novel, "go tell the bees that i am gone." >> this will be your home. >> reporter: american revolution threatens to tear apart time-crossed lovers jamie and clair. >> all of my books have a shape. i think in geometrical shapes, and this is like a snake, and it has loops of people's stories that keep coming back, and the beginning is not the snake's head. it's the tail. >> you wrote your first book for practice. >> i did. >> not thinking anyone would read it. >> no. >> does practice make perfect? nine books in. >> i would like to hope i'm getting better. people say, which is your favorite book? it's the one i'm working on because it's the one where i don't know everything yet. >> i wake up every day and i
8:45 am
find that i love you more than i did the day before. >> the first book could be called a romance because it's a courtship story, and it's what makes people fall in love. i've never seen anyone literarily trying to understand what it takes to stay in love, and stay married for 50 years. >> responsibility is the word you used to describe this book. what did you mean by that? >> people hold a lot of different responsibilities in life, especially in times of strength. someone's got to lead, and, you know, how do you do that? clair, she's a healer, and jamie on the other hand is a warrior. he feels responsible for everybody all the time. >> reporter: "outlander" is nearly over, when season six is set to premiere early next year. >> can you give fans anything to look forward to? >> they're going to enjoy season six. i can tell you that much.
8:46 am
it's a terrific season. they were able to keep very, very closely to the book's story which will please all of the book readers, and it's a very exciting part of the story. so far, our actors have truly come into their own. they're always great, but they are like the books, they get better with each season. >> reporter: so diana is already hard at work on her new favorite book, the tenth and final "outlander" novel. she tells me she knows the last scene of the series, but she doesn't know how she's going to get there. "go tell the bees that i am gone" is out tomorrow, amy. >> this is so exciting and made my whole day. thank you so much. kaylee, i love this show. coming up next, everyone, black friday deals for the whole family. coming up next, everyone, black friday deals for the whole family. ♪
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♪> ve got to stretch.y om bladat season. they drop in tonight. this segment is sponsored by walmart, and i'm joined by influencer and walmart spokesperson heart defensor. we hear the holiday music playing. it's time. i know the walmart circular is out. what are the walmart plans for black friday? >> the black friday deals event is a great chance for everybody to score big deals on top of items, the hottest toys and favorite must-haves for your home. >> speaking of toys, we have this vehicle in front of us. the color pink. >> yes. >> tell me about the deal because we're going to reveal it here. $99. >> yes. so this is the kids maserati, and it comes in another color
8:50 am
which is black, and i feel like this is the perfect gift for kids. even i wanted one growing up. it has a six-volt rechargeable battery, and the best part, the l.e.d. lights -- the highlights have l.e.d. lights and it makes it more fun and enjoyable for kids. >> and more realistic. the beats headphones always a classic. $99 as well. >> this is again, the beats solo pro wireless headphones and i have one myself. it's absolutely amazing. it has 22 power -- it can last up to 22 hours. that's amazing. >> a lot of times they go down on you. >> yeah. >> so finally, check this one out. all right, everybody wants a tv. this is how you're going to be watching "gma" in the future, and less than $400. >> so this is the onn 70-inch smart tv, and again, hd resolution, and the best part, it puts you into action of all the things, and it has roku built in. it makes it easy to watch your favorite shows, movies and sports.
8:51 am
>> we were trying to explain to our kids the other day we used to have a separate machine that played movies, and it was tough. anyway, thank you, heart, so much for being here. >> of course. >> when can we get the deals? that's a critical part of this. >> the walmart black friday deal is happening tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern time on, and it'll continue on november 26th in stores at 5:00 a.m. local time. >> we love having you here. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you so much, heart. we appreciate it. lots of ideas, so we can all get started. t.j. said he has not started his shopping yet. well, t.j., now you know. we'll be right back. thank you. "gma" holiday haul is sponsored by walmart's black friday deals for days. s. getting exclusive access to sought after restaurants. piece of... no-you-really-have-to-try-this cake. one of the many reasons you're with amex platinum.
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>> announcer: now with so much hope for a brighter tomorrow filled with sunshine, it's time to -- >> "rise & shine." >> announcer: and we're celebrating traveling all across the country. >> "rise & shine." >> "rise & shine." >> announcer: so celebrate with abc's "good morning america's" great "rise & shine" tour. we're hearing stories of amy's trip to the antarctic. >> yeah. amy's trip to the antarctic. >> so moving. >> we're doing this.
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>> let's get a look at traffic. >> straight to sky 7 over 92 inn the foster city area where we had a truck carrying pallets. traffic is just now released. there was a sig alert and ratlines were blocked. you can see traffic on the westbound side starting to move now. they just released it so traffic on the san mateo bridge is starting to improve. >> did you see all the sunshine? here is more from the east bay camera. eight than average from upper 60's to low 70's. 67 to 72 degrees with sunshine everywhere. dry cold front, significantly cooler and breezy tomorrow.
9:00 am
slow warming trend through the weekend. >> "live with kelly and ryan" we will be back for midday live. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, academy award winner halle berry. and "world news tonight" anchor, david muir. plus, we are kicking off "live's family cooking." all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] >> ryan: hey! [cheers and applause] hi, deja. good morning. ♪ ♪ good morning!


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