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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 21, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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coveurance. enroll by december 31st. incidents over the weekend. see why some people here in san francisco are afraid it will still keep happening one of the busiest travel weeks of the year is underway. i'll tell you how travelers are gearing up. and i'm tracking warm weather spilling into our holiday week ahead. we'll have all the details if you're staying local or traveling across the nation in the accurate forecast abc 7 news at 11 starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. next thing i heard we're screams. wisconsin and suv plows into marchers killing at least five people and injuring more than 40 good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. you're watching abc 7 news at 11
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live here on abc 7 and wherever you stream right away police in waukesha outside of milwaukee. say a person of interest is in custody tonight. multiple witnesses caught the whole thing on video. through waukesha's 58th annual christmas parade the city's facebook live stream capturing some of the scary moments and in this video you see the vehicle narrowly miss a young child dancing near the sidewalk next thing i heard we're screams and turned my head and saw the car come and plow into the band. that was just passed my balcony at that point. it hit at least two people right away rolled over both of them and then down the road an officer fired shots at the suv, but the driver kept going witnesses describe moments of confusion and panic. people were crying. i'm sure. i saw some people who saw the family members get hits it was so close to actively losing my
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children. i'm deeply saddened to know that so many in our community went to a parade but ended up dealing with injury. and heartache so much tragedy and an event meant to be joyous. police said it is not known whether the incident has any connection to terrorism waukesha schools have canceled classes for tomorrow, but there will be councilors available for students and staff in need of support. a moving on to a new round of smash and grab robberies today in the bay area which added to the growing concern about the crimes this latest wave started with this looting spree friday night in san francisco's union square tonight abc 7 news reporter ryan curry spoke to victims of similar crimes and learned about way to combat the robberies ryan agave deon go downtown and this is what you'll see stores closing early and others boarding up. it's not i spoke with a couple victims of recent theft one is a small business owner and the other had his bike taken from his garage in a bizarre way both say that it's just sad to see
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these things happen in san francisco. business isn't right for me. so i'm leaving. it's concerning to the point. willie. pal says he has had enough and a his family wil be movin tohe north ba out of the city. now what i see is that it's just in every neighborhood and there's really no place to go if you're in san francisco, you're gonna get robbed. he says recent crimes have him worried for his family's safety at the end of october. he had his bike stolen from his garage and his strange way. he says thieves sawed through a heavy thick metal chain to steal his bike something that would require. a tool they used angle grinders, which is a basically a diamond tipped power tool to go and cut through chains that could hold a cargo ship on a dock the commitment the planning and the execution of recent thefts is now a big topic after this past week downtown san francisco. saw at least 100 people break into 14 stores and quickly escape on friday. only eight were arrested. he just pray that it doesn't happen to you michaels you owns a retail store in the sunset.
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he says his store been broken into several times including one incident just a few weeks ago. somebody climbed up the scaffold got into our office and then they stole some jackets and shoes. he says he can't imagine what it would be like if a mob of people came to rob his store. it was never part of my original handbook employee handbook, but now it's gonna be a chapter in there of what to do. what type of protocol i tell my employees even don't chase. it's not worth it. richard correia is is a former san francisco police. he says thieves are smart. he believes there were several organizers of the union square looting on friday who recruited others to join imagine. you have four or five leaders who organized the whole thing get the cars. they've each got to get, you know, five six people. he thinks a good tactic going forward is to have staff trained and identifying those leaders and where they escaped to you raise the risk of getting caught by having, you know, a plan
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identify vehicles. i you know employees don't have to you know get involved other than they can be visual verbal. vocal and you can see this is what the louis vuitton looks like right now all boarded up in those windows just still completely shattered korea also mentioned to people nearby these incidents to avoid them, especially if they are driving away. he says thieves will look to quickly escape and sometimes drive recklessly to the point that others can get injured ryan curry abc 7 news. alright, that is good advice ryan many. thanks now to the east bay where new security measures are in place in walnut creek a day after this flash mob robber. more than 80 people stormed in nordstrom store in downtown walnut creek grabbing armfuls of items abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has a look at a new measure meant to prevent this from happening again. there was a mob of people the police were flying in it was a scene out of the movie. it was insane witnesses couldn't believe the chaos outside the walnut creek nordstrom store saturday night a flash mob
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robbery unfolding 80 to 100 people rushing into the store minutes before closing police. say two store employees were assaulted one was pepper sprayed amanda arvin was shopping inside the store. i was like panicking a little bit. i'm not gonna lie. i just why they were here until ever the people said go to the other part of the store and we received a report that people dressed and mask and dark clothing. we're running into nordstrom. they were clogging the streets with their vehicles police. say those cars some would license plates covered help suspects make a fast getaway, but not all three people were arrested. this is a terrible crime, and i'm horrified to see this happen happen anywhere, but specially happened in walnut creek mayor kevin wilkes a security measures have been increased at broadway plaza more police officers. street closures. this is obviously coordinated activity. we realize this is an organized group of people working together. they're using whether it's email or social media to communicate with each other in may 2020
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broadway plaza was vandalized and looted following the death of george floyd and last friday in san francisco's union square luxury retailers like louis vuitton or vandalized and looted by a group of people walnut creek police are now investigating if the crimes are connected. i don't know that answer and only the people involved know art, that would have been so scary being a customer here and and a worker here my god shoppers admit. they're uneasy about the brazen crime. this is a beautiful community. you should at the fear walking down the freaking street. you shouldn't have to worry about a gang of people running here stealing materialistic stuff the mayor calling for stiff penalties for those arrested. we will be encouraging the dea's office to charge them with the highest crimes possible and they will be spending a long time behind bars police say some of the suspects could face felony charges authorities are still reviewing surveillance video from inside the store. they're asking the public for
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any tips or information. they can provide and walnut creek cornell bernard abc 7 news. there was police activity outside in oakland home depot tonight after a reported looting incident there. this was at the store on alameda avenue near interstate 880 and high street. we have calls in two police for more details. there was another incident in the south bay tonight where san jose police set a group of suspects entered the lululemon store in santana row at about 6:30 and took merchandise. they left before police got there. now also in oakland surveillance video shows dozens of people swarm a pharmacy saturday evening at about 7:30 wellspring pharmacy shared this sped up video with us. they told me they were overwhelmed and devastated but worked quote diligently through their sunday day off to restore the pharmacy to ensure all patients continue to receive their medications in time. and in oakland's chinatown an attempted robbery at a jewelry store. you can see this video sent to me by the shop at 9th and and
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about a dozen people trying to break in early sunday morning one person appears to have a crowbar and a car jack. the shop owner tells me the metal gate prevented the thieves from getting in. group can eventually be seen speeding off in several cars. this shop was robbed back in february and after this incident, the owners are installing more cameras and moving their inventory to a safer location. well coming up a court case in the bay area that's getting national attention is reaching a new level of interest. thereinos founder elizabeth holmes is set to testify in her own defense tomorrow a courtroom observer gives his impression of her initial testimony from friday also the holiday travel rush airport officials. tell us what we can this year and travelers so far share their experience. a meteorologist drew tuma a warm end of the weekend today and those warm temperatures will bleed into the week for the holiday let you know what to cay o tve you're staying
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in the south bay elizabeth holmes is expected to resume her testimony in the theranos trial tomorrow the founder of the blood testing company is accused of misleading investors and patients holmes is facing 11. ounce of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud she took the stand late on friday and an abc news reproducer was in court watching the unexpected testimony. he says holmes was calm and collected and not overly rehearsed. attorney asked her right off the bat. did you believe that theranos developed technology that was capable of running any blood test and she said i did. ohms testified for about an hour at the very end of last week's
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session. she talked about the early days of the company testing its blood testing technology and her investors. her testimony is expected to continue through tuesday. i'll taking a live look at sfo right now where holiday travel levels are coming back abc 7 news reporter jr. stone tells us that over the next few days the airport expects more than double the number of travelers than last year thanksgiving. maybewa niot o o for the first time in a long time. this is my first journey for three years that from linda bennett who left her home in the republic of cyprus more than 24 hours ago. it's this time. i've been here first time. i've been to thanksgiving. since let's go international airport's busiest travel day so far this year. was last friday, but they still expect more than double the passengers. they saw last year in the coming days. we had a little over 52,000
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customers fly out. and we expect to remain in in that 50,000 range right up until thanksgiving the hawaii bound lou family is flying for the first time since the start of the pandemic and the first time ever with their two year old. so the concerns that we're gonna spend six hours in the plane. hopefully we're gonna we're go'a ucsf's dr. peter chin hong says planes are a safe way to travel because they're well ventilated and people wear masks on board. he says those traveling should still be cautious about who they're going to visit elijah to group is the more unknown it is so then you're taking a little bit more risk particularly if you haven't been boosted because again immunities wearing off as for the travelers we talked with our friend linda bennett has or booster but several others told us not yet. i have to wait just a few more a few more weeks before i can get it definitely open doing it. i just haven't scheduled it yet. probably should have done that
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before this trip so many focused on the tasty things this week, okay. yes and here at here at here att people making their drop offs and pickups on this sunday night. now those with triple a expect tuesday and wednesday this week to be the busiest when it comes to air travel jr. stone abc 7 news. okay, and speaking of travel for those thinking about heading up to tahoe for the holiday a couple of the ski resorts have pushed back. opening dates heavenly mountain and north star won't open until after thanksgiving weekend. despite the massive storm last month. the weather just hasn't cooperated in recent weeks with the milder temperatures unless the forecast changes resorts are going to have to rely on snowmaking machines. all right a check of our weather and no snow making machines needed. veling to tahoe this week for the holiday sunshine throughout the entire week in fact across all of
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california. it's really quiet. pattern as you head towards thanksgiving. we'll talk much more about that in a second. but first, let's see the picture outside tonight live look from sutro tower. i mean, what a weekend. i hope you got to spend some time outside. it was beautiful saturday and sunday today tons of sunshine temperatures in the 60s and 70s tonight. we'll keep those clear skies and temperatures will be chilly first thing tomorrow morning at 30s and in the 40s this time last night. we were tracking offshore winds racing in our hills, especially in the north bay mountains. they were gusting well over miles per hour the winds have backed off this evening and they will continue to weaken in the overnight hours. we'll keep that onshore component to the wind tomorrow and what that means. we'll have another warm afternoon on the way for our monday the mixed bag of temperatures location, depending on how cool you are right now. we're down to 39 in fairfield already. we're at 62 and half moon bay getting chili in the north bay 44 in santa rosa 43 in nap or right now coming in at 57 degrees with those clear.
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and the winds weakening it will be chilly again 30s and 40s in the north bay around the bay shore line will lower into the mid and upper 40s first thing on your monday. so grab the winter jacket if you're up early on our monday live doppler 7 along with satellite high pressure is in control. it's applied us with the warm weekend a lot of sunshine. it's not budging tomorrow as well. so tomorrow's pretty much a carbon copy forecast when it comes to our temperatures and our sky condition future tracker temperatures if you can grab lunch outside tomorrow by it's nice and mild a lot of sunshine temperatures in the mid 60s later on in the afternoon do expect temperatures in the upper 60s to lower 70 some five to ten degrees above where we should be for this time of the year a lot of sunshine on your monday after 68 in the city hitting 70 in oakland tomorrow 72 in san jose. again, this is above average warm. typically we should be in the low 60s this time of the year 70 in santa rosa 67 in concord 69 in fremont if you're building your travel tomorrow across california for the day,
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just some high clouds in southern california 83 in la northern, california a ton of sunshine and really over the next several days of traveling across california the wet weather stays out of the state a lot of sunshine. it's breezy in southern california tomorrow, but mild conditions persist even through thursday, so you got the green light. you're good to go i y're heading to the airport perhaps on wednesday one of the busier travel days. i mean just a little bit of rain parts of kansas parts of texas and that's about a really quiet pattern coming our way from coast to coast. here's the accuweather 74 cast sunshine and full effect the next seven days warm tomorrow slightly cooler on tuesday deon, but if you think about having your dinner outside on thanksgiving on thursday, no issues. there will keep those warm temperatures into next week and it's super safe that way social distance, of course. okay drew. thanks stay with
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stranded one person was pulled watndhe other made it to a rock both are going to be okay. all gamers a premiere esports event is coming to san francisco next year riot games announced today that the 2022 league of legends world championship. finals will be hosted at the chase center the tour will first make stops in mexico city, new york city and toronto before finishing right here in san francisco. we are incredibly excited to bring that energy and excitement to all the fans across north america whether they are grizzled veterans who have been to our event. over and over or whether they're those first-time fans. north america by the way hasn't hosted a league of legends world championship since 2016. alright getting to sports of a different kind. here's chris alvarez. deon coming up in sports the warriors dial it up from
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sponsored by river rock casino the 49ers showed flashes of the 2019 super bowl team in monday night's win over the rams today in jacksonville. they use the same formula control the clock and wear down your opponent. it is a pool party in jacksonville. that's pretty cool. here's debo san francisco opened the game on a 20 play 87-yard drive 13 minutes and five seconds longest drive by time in nfl history since 2000 with the niners settled for a field goal early second get it to depot again 25 into the end zone
11:29 pm
10-nothing san fco fs in the sts ensuing jaguars possession trevor lawrence, lavishka chenault, jr. and he fumbles and fred warner recovers and that turnover led to this jimmy garoppolo to brandon iyuke six yard scoring strike team high seven catches foru.jimmy had 176 yards passind two scores 20 to 3 niners at recess debo had a career high 79 rush yards in this game. nine touches 94 all-purpose yards this run inside the five led to a great red zone score and on fourth down down get it to george kittle scored. every game since his return third touchdown as many games. spike it 27-39ers. san francisco had the ball for over 38 minutes and on defense the florida native nick bosa two sacks today. he's got 10 this season niners win 30-10. they're now five and five in the team finding their groove over the past few weeks, you know
11:30 pm
these past 14 days of i don't wanna say change our team, but it's definitely we're moving in the right direction now i'll say and so we just gotta keep going. it's you know, there's a lot football left to be played. we sat here after the arizona game bear in the building type of stuff. everyone's trying all these problems and we larry said like we got to stop turn the ball over. we got to get a couple turnovers on defensive special teams, and that's all we've done the last two weeks. that day is just coming together right right at the right time when you know, we're getting into that back half of the season and we're getting hot. i think that's just what that's just who we are though. i think that all along we've been trying to find that identity trying to find ourselves starting to show through how about a different kind of pool party warriors hosting toronto tonight first of three home games this week at chase canada zone andrew wiggins slash six of six from deep and 17 in the first right away warriors up 20. there's clay, you know, he can't wait to splash in that andrew wiggins the dunk great pass from draymond green maple jordan finished with 32 bench loves it stephan curry a quiet 12 points had eight assists want toscano anderson for the slam toronto cut the deficit to ten in the
11:31 pm
fourth, but jordan, there's a pool party 13-point game right there. he had 30 at that pnt and more from pool splash hit a career high eight threes threes on just 13 total shots for 33 points warriors win 119 104 now an nba best 15 and 2 abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion one northern california county put a new mask mandate into effect starting today. people are being told to wear their masks including inside their homes whenever they have guests and botanists say at least a fifth of the majestic giant sequoias have been lost in the past two years many because of wildfires in california a new look at measures
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better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. and good evening. i'm dion limb in tonight's headlines now developing news in waukesha, wisconsin an suv drivers sped through a police line and into a parade of christmas marchers police say at least five people died 40 others injured one person is in custody, but police gave no indication of motive. more smash and grab robberies reported today across the bay area including santana row southland mall in hayward and oakland a former. san francisco police captain says he thinks a good tactical going forward is to have staff trained in identifying leaders of the crime rings and where they escaped to plus holiday travel is expected to get a rom last year san francisco international expects 50,000 people a day during the
11:36 pm
holiday rush, which would be a new pandemic era record the busiest days at airports. nationwide are expected to be tuesday, wednesday and sundayevs passenger volume will be at 65% of pre-pandemic levels. and we do want to get to some breaking news coming out of san francisco as we speak right now. this are searching for the person who stabbed a man to death just to block from union square. the deadly stabbing happened within the last hour in front of the jack in the box on geary and mason police say they saw a possible suspect and chased them before they ran into a building a couple blocks away at post and jones streets officers have established a perimeter to for that person. to washington now where the buildback better bill is facing its next challenge reporter. john lorneck says there are questions about whether the pricey package will make it through the senate. 24 so get that one as many us
11:37 pm
households worry about inflation. the biden administration says it's billed back better bill will make a difference. this bill is going to be the biggest cost cutting bill for working class in american families in decades in this country and it's going to go at costs that are persistent problems for the american people in their lives. the measure was approved by the house friday despite unanimous opposition from republicans what the democrats are proposing is touch in the extreme what we had before is isn't a social spending bill. it's a pathway to socialism the bill now heads to the senate where it's fate is less than crystal clear when the government does big things. it's not easy. takes a lot of work and a lot of negotiation. it's made all the harder because our republican friends are intransigent against this bill. the biden administration says the 1.9 trillion dollar bill will. fully paid for even though an analysis from the congressional
11:38 pm
budget office shows a significant shortfall. somebody has to pay for all of this. we got good programs at the state level that do a lot of these things. so look more programs and all that sound good, but at the end of the day they have to be paid for and they have to be sustainable. i'm john lawrence reporting. closing arguments are set for tomorrow in the trial of the three men accused of killing a mod arbory in georgia. there were more than two weeks of testimony. the defense says arbery was killed during an attempted citizens arrest because the men had reasonable suspicion. he had committed a crime the prosecution says the men singled out arbery because he was black. and he never yelled at you guys. didn't plow any guns. no, ma'am didn't plattening knife. come out. never reached for anything. did he? and no he just ran. yes, he was just right. jury deliberations could start sometime this week, but no word on what happens if the
11:39 pm
deliberations stretch into the holiday. today is the world day of remembrance for the more than one million people killed in traffic crashes every year community members and first responders gathered in alameda today to remember alameda's traffic crash victims including county supervisor wilma chan. she was killed earlier this month while out walking her dog. nobody should be dying on our streets because they're walking the court their dog across the street. nobody not one person. another event was held in san francisco in front of city hall 25 people have been killed in traffic crashes in the city so far this year people attending this event urged city leaders to prioritize traffic safety. they want speed limits to be lowered and streets to be designed to make it difficult for drivers to speed. and indoor mask mandate takes effect at midnight in santa cruz county and it covers private settings like a home if people are getting together with others who don't live in the same
11:40 pm
household. they would mask up regardless of their vaccination status businesses are also required to follow the guidelines starting tomorrow. obviously, you can't take off your mask when eating or drinking. once the bay area continues to experience drought more residents could soon be asked to cut their water usage the san francisco public utilities commission will meet on tuesday to possibly declare a water shortage emergency businesses and residents could be asked to reduce water by 5% according to the chronicle. the reductions won't be enforced and those who don't comply will not be punished. the emergency declaration would enact a surcharge of up to 5% on water bills. that would start april. first of next year robotnes say in the last two years up to a fifth of mature sequoia trees that have stood for at least a thousand years if not more have been lost a wildfire last year's castle fire part of the sequoia complex took out estimated 10
11:41 pm
to 14 percent of the world's mature sequoias trees that stood for more than a thousand years were destroyed. for the castle fire we had never seen losses of large trees like we had in that fire 7,500 to 10,600 large. sequoias lost in a single fire event hard to wrap your head around that number the destruction changed what crews were willing to do to protect the trees. they resorted to wrapping some of the largest trees in an aluminum blanket crews. also now use sprinkler systems that spray trees up to 40 feet in the air and dropping fire retardant from aircraft onto hard to reach groves. music fans got their feel tonight. all the right notes up next to look at some of the big winners and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we're tracking a warm start to
11:42 pm
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biggest nights celebrating america's brightest musicians seen right here on abc 7 fans across the country have made their voices heard casting their votes on who should win big at the american music awards abc news reporter morgan norwood has the unforgettable moments of the night. the american music awards are back beginning with the star-studded red carpet followed by a and sultry opening performance from silksonic taking the reins for the evening rapid cardi b the fight time ama winner hosting for the first time bringing the funny and the fashion to microsoft arena. new artist of the y at just 18 years old disney star olivia rodrigo going into the night with the most nominations in delivering a powerful
11:46 pm
performance. disney is the parent company of abc but perhaps the biggest title in the hands of fans artists of the year. and a big night for bts the k-pop group taking home favorite pop song and favorite pop duo machine gun kelly with rockfrome coldplay and bts performing their latest hit my universe while tyler the creator brought his artistry a new addition and new kids on the block battle did out for boston. at tonight's american music awards, san francisco native darren chris talked about his upcoming new year's eve concert here at home fans will get to enjoy some of his tracks from his album a very darren christmas. i think we'll stretch the mileage out a little bit and hopefully play some of those tunes for that show because there's certainly some new year's tunes on this album and some other songs about san
11:47 pm
francisco that i would love to play specifically for that show, so i'll be nice to do that. evening stao inn co symphony the concertet aecem aat says it only can air after thanksgiving? listen, we're trying to get through a pandemic you do anything you want to do you put your trip right now, you can see your christmas music right now you do you do whatever you want to do over the next couple of months, but we're gonna do in the weather department. gonna feel warm tomorrow that warm air we had saturday and sunday that will continue tomorrow and really the week ahead is quiet with a lot of sun shines tonight. we'll see the picture outside right now east bay hills showing you the beautiful lights of san francisco the bay bridge we have guys, once again, that means a chilly night on the way numbers are dropping especially inland currently. we're down to 43 in san ramon the same in napa 39 in fairfield, but still a bit of an
11:48 pm
offshore breeze keeping half moon bay mild right now. it's 61 right 56 currently in the city overnight tonight plenty of stars. clear skies. chilly 30s 40s for the north bay mid to upper 40s around the base shoreline heavier jacket needed first thing tomorrow morning, but you don't need it in the afternoon temperatures are gonna to warm up pretty nicely. packer temperatures by monday. midday, we're already well into the 60s feeling nice out there and into the afternoon. we'll head into the upper 60s to lower 70s about five to ten degrees above average for this time of the year. highs on your monday 68 in the city 70 in oakland 72 in san jose 70 in santa rosa 67 high in concord if you're traveling across the state over the next couple of days even into the holiday on thursday. we have really fine conditions a lot of sunshine mild temperatures you get the green. heading on the freeways. you'll be good to go no matter where you are in the golden state. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast warm and sunny on your monday slightly cooler here on tuesday. we'll have dry skies midweek perfect for thanksgiving
11:49 pm
everything about doing it outdoors. you have no problems sunny pattern continues friday and the weekend dion looking equally as nice warm afternoon in the 60s if not close to 70 degrees. very nice. all right drew. thanks now to chris alvarez with a preview of sports. dion coming up in sports the warriors are clicking and debo samuel was sizzling and touchdowns for trent a breakdown of the play the 49ers ran to try and get their big man. a touchdown sports is next.
11:50 pm
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can always get our live newscasts breaking news weather and much more with our abc 7 bay area app. you can find it on apple tv android tv fire tv and roku just search abc 7 bay area and download it for free. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino the warriors improved to an nba best 15-2 overall standing their current
11:53 pm
wind streak to four golden state is the only team in the nba to score 100 points in every game so far golden state opened up their quick three-game homestand with a 15-point win over toronto and despite just 12 points from stephen curry his teammates ck ung p led the way at andrew wiggins scored 32 as the dubs hit 22 field goals from downtown. yes, the schedule has been relatively terrible for the devs, but pay attention. this squad is playing good team basketball. can only play who they put out there in front of you and i think regardless of who we plan we're handling our business the way it should be handled. so i feel good about it. i know our team feel good about it a lot of confident guys, and we got to continue to get better though. we got along ways to go. we had a chance to really do this and especially the guys at the experience. they know what it takes and i think they're doing a really good job from day one. just trying to put us in the best possible situation to be ready for that. wild scene between the lakers and pistons in detroit lebron
11:54 pm
james hit detroit's isaiah stewart across the face while battling for rebound position stewart was bleeding from the face and wanted a piece of lebron. he could not be calm down and tried to go after him several times another lakers before finally being forcibly removed from the floor by his team both players. eject. this is just crazy. just a second time in lebron has ever been tossed by the way lakers won the game 121 18 former warriors assistant luke walton is out in sacramento. the king's firing their head coach after a 68-93 record and two plus seasons another former warriors assistant alvin gentry takes over as the interim head coach number seven stanford women at gonzaga this afternoon lexie and lacey hulse parents anxiously watching from the stands two minutes ago tied to 58 cameron, brink and won stanford would lead by four under 20 seconds sierra walker the triple in gonzaga down one and the kennel is rocking cardinal made a free throw. so gonzaga's kaylin truong for three in the win.
11:55 pm
oh that was close stanford survived. 66 62 debo samuel had a magical monday night performance against the rams earning that cool team necklace for big plays debo racking up 133 all-purpose yards in two scores in that win carried that momentum right in the jacksonville the niners dialing up all kinds of creative ways to get the ball in the hands of 19 debo had nine total touches for 94 all purpose yards 7. those came on the ground as he scored another rushing touchdown and while he likes playing running back debo says he just likes making plays. oh got nothing against whichever way whichever way to get the ball in my hands. i'm all for it, but kind of natural back there. just got the body to be a running back. but like i told one of the coaches i said don't get too many ideas just the transformers this you can't say enough about people. he has a blank he hasn't hesitated at all. i mean, we're on in power with debo. in fact the debo just does it without blinking. it's awesome, and when he has the mindset of him to run into score every single time he touches the ball. it really sets the mindset for
11:56 pm
the entire team and you just love that and you expect it. how about more position versatility trent williams was tackle eligible on this third quarter play and had a chance at a touchdown williams reaching up high for a pass that fell incomplete and after the game. here's n on his play with the quarterback in the loren zone. yeah, when i reported as i heard the whole defense yelling we got double team 71. we know now. i'm just throwing it to you whether you're tripled quadruple cover, whatever so i tried once i seen jimmy throw it on my audio this my time now. i gotta go get this. so i let the ground i got blasted. i don't know who hit me you i feel like it was like 10 people. it's definitely way harderhait . trent hilarious crazy sunday night or in la between the chargers and steelers the bolts in control most the way austin eckler four total touchdowns two rushing to receiving ellie led by 17 at one point and by 14 with eight minutes to go
11:57 pm
pittsburgh those scored 17 straight and just five minutes take the lead antioch najee harris. topped touchdown steelers fans waving those terrible towels and just over two minutes to go. justin herbert finds a wide open mike williams. that's your game-winning 53 yarder steelers fans. just stunned there at sofa and william says get out of my house chargers win at 41-37 abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion. thanks chris. that's all we have for tonight. i'm dion limb abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning. have a great night.
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