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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 20, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. after a police pursuit gunfire aimed at officers and a suspect shot. if you do this, there will be serious consequences. there you heard it a vow of justice tonight from san francisco's district attorney in response to looting and vandalism targeting upscale shops in union square. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim right away. we begin with the changes tonight in union square after smash and grab robberies taking a look at the area where you can see those wooden boards that cover broken windows after groups of thieves smashed their way into stores frantically
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hauling away an estimated 1 million dollars worth of mer. we do have team coverage on this developing story the violent crime spree the city's response and the changes already in place abc 7 news reporter. ryan curry joins us live once again in union square where stores there are boarding up and closing early ryan. yeah. hi. good evening dion. this is the louis vuitton store now 24 hours away from when it was ransacked. you can see police still on scene here. there is a strong presence at union square and as you mention and you can see the boards put up on the louie of vuitton store where the glass was that was broken yesterday evening. that is the theme we are seeing almost all around the city tonight. stores in san francisco are on high alert following the massive looting at several retail shops downtown. it sounds pretty crazy to me and i would hope that you know, they can get tracked down. so rouge kadam crosses union square almost every day going to work. he knew petty theft is common in the city, but what happened
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friday took him by surprise. that you know, the city has a good way to something that big they'll be able to catch catch the people social media video shows a large group of people stealing from the louis vuitton in union square, but that wasn't the only store hit san francisco police say stores had attempted robberies. and at least 100 suspects were involved on saturday union square saw a heavy police presence many retail shops around downtown boarded up their windows and starting this week police will block car traffic around union square, but gave no specifics. here's downtown san francisco one. removed from the incident at union square the cross the street over here this nordstrom rack is boarding up its windows and then the westfield mall choosing to close two hours before they normally would on a saturday. i just came down here to go to the the mall and i guess the the are all locked. regards quickly started turning people away and placing barricades in place to prevent further break-ins for james gleason. he said he only needed to buy a
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few items but hearing about the incident makes him worried kind of startled. i tried to go in on market street and then i guess there's a bunch of police over there. he says hearing about the looting and seeing places close is disappointing being a native. i'm a little concerned about seeing all the boards going up during the holidays. and back here now now now now square we mentioned how they could be blocking traffic. this upcoming week will take a look at what it looks like right now. this street is blocked off completely to car traffic only foot traffic is allowed right now. this is where the macy's meets the start of union square you can see a heavy police presence right now. there is the police command center and many different cops all around this area. it seems as though they are trying to make a started effort to try to limit a potential incident as to what happened last night to make sure that it doesn't happen again tonight. we're live here at union square tonight ryan curry abc 7 news dion the holiday shopping
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season. definitely not feeling so festive tonight ryan curry many. thanks to you now our team coverage continues tonight with abc 7 news reporter tim johns tim. you spoke with san francisco district attorney cha o boin tight. hes pledging to come down hard on these thieves. yeah, dm. that's right. he and other city officials say they're outraged by what happened last night in union square and they tell me those responsible will face swift and severe consequences. hot and 4k after a series of smash and grab robberies resulted in over 1 million dollars worth of items being stolen from stores in san francisco's union square friday night city leaders are responding. i mean, it was absolutely shocking asha. safai is the supervisor of district 11. he tells me one of those arrested friday night had also been arrested back in march for gun possession. safaii says unless those responsible are held to account organized crime will continue to like the city we have to ensure there's consequences for this and we have to send the message
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that union square is safe that we want to have people come in and shop and that we won't tolerate this type of behavior, san francisco. attorney chase a boudin says he was outraged by friday's events and has a team working with sfpd around the clock. we are exploring every single possible criminal charge related to the conduct. we will use every tool in our tool belt, but it's not just the immediate losses from friday night that worries city leaders. they tell me the ripple effects. could potentially alarm ing detail frontline workers. don't feel safe if shoppers don't feel safe stores will ultimately shut down it stores shut down. lose sales tax safaii says that potentially could have a major impact on the city and hit not just businesses but also everyday residents and while critics say boudin is soft on crimes like shoplifting. he says in order to see real change. the incentive has to be removed. we need to go to the root of the problem. we need to take apart the fencing operations that make it profitable and we need to make
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sure that we're not limiting ourselves to what happens alone in san francisco. now supervisor sapphiree says he thinks that if more law enforcement had been present in union square last night the outcome might have been different. he supports a move that would allow retail establishments to hire more officers to help protect their businesses in addition district attorney. boudin tells me he will prosecute every person connected to last night that sfpd brings into his office and live in the newsroom tim johns abc 7 news. all right, we will watch this one very closely tim many thanks to you san francisco's mayor and police chief today. expressed their outrage in response to the string of violent robberies. we are going to be ready for anyone who tries to come in and victimized the people and the businesses of our city. they say changes will be made you'll hear from both in our next half hour of abc 7 news. moving on tonight new video shows a large police presence in walnut creek where witnesses say about a hundred leaders targeted
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nordstrom typically busy broadway plaza at this hour is a major crime scene still crime scene tape has gone up and police have blockaded the shopping district a manager at a nearby restaurant says his stunned customers just watched on as the thieves grabbed merchandise loaded it in waiting cars and drove off the manager described the chaos probably saw 50. people and like ski masks crowbars night like a bunch of weapons. they were looting the nordstrom right here and there's all these usually it's really busy. there's all these cars parked. i thought maybe they were gonna start beating cars like i had to start locking the front door lock the back door. sounds frightening this bmd bmw convertible was stopped by police believed to be somehow connected with tonight's mayhem there. we have reached out to walnut creek police for more information. developing news across the bay in oakland where police shot a carjacking suspect tonight. you can hear the gunfire from police radio audio dispatch.
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haened of vtim w carved act earlier today in oakland officers managed to locate that car chasing it all around town at one point the suspect hopped on interstate 580 and as you can see from this caltrans freeway camera here officers describe a violent chase with the suspect opening fire at officers in oakland's temescal district that is on 49th street near telegraph avenue at about five o'clock. any answer he shot in the air and then exactly took around a shirt backup officers at least three times. hey look like her challenging the car and it's ramming vehicle now. look here is where the chase ended in oakland's rockridge district police shot and wounded the carjacking suspect on ocean view drive a residential street off broadway after officers. say he started ramming patrol cars. the suspect was taken to the hospital. new details tonight the a's are
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pushing forward with a potential move to las vegas. multiple reptsay team aner buy o l thatou be turned int sti c not i should say where the stadium would be built, but the price tag is estimated at about a billion dollars oakland is not yet out of the picture city. just got money to make improvements to jack london square, which is where the a's want to put a new waterfront ballpark. city council is expected to take a final vote on the stadium early next year. coming up the county supervisor has higher political aspirations a local politician today officially launched a campaign to run for the congressional seat held for seven terms by representative jackie speier and a san francisco man is paying it forward for thanksgiving a man who came to san francisco penniless is now giving back in a big way and i'm meteorologist drew tuma clear skies and chilly temperatures tonight will lead to a warm finish to the weekend
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may have different viewpoints, but doesn't mean you don't talk to them you talk with them you congresswoman spear announced this that she will not be seeking re-election ending nearly four decades in politics her term ends next year. old man's effort to help build a better bay area means thousands of people in need will get a meal today pierre smit dropped off nearly 400 turkeys at san francisco saint anthony's foundation saint anthony's said they serve about 2,400 pounds of turkey on thanksgiving. it is their biggest meal service of the year and smith's donation helps make it all possible. this donation is really important to saint anthony's our food costs have risen 40% since prior to the pandemic and that's for a variety of reasons. first of all, we have more people coming. for our services food costs are higher and there's a shortage in donated food for us and so a
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donation like this allows us to continue serving meals to all the people who turn to us in need. they do such vital work saint anthony's says smit arrived in san francisco four decades ago with nothing in his pockets. he identifies with the foundation's guests and wants to extend the he received to others he held his first turkey drive back in 2012 saint anthony's is accepting donations on its website saint anthony to the south bay now where second harvest of silicon valley spent the day getting ready for thanksgiving it provided this video today of busy volunteers putting together boxes for families in need the food bank in san jose says donations are down this year so it could use donations of food or money $50 can provide up to 100 meals. i'm always so amazed how they can make that dollar stretch drew. yeah, and if you're thinking about traveling this weekend dion for the thanksgiving holiday, we've got really nice. over the next couple of days.
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we'll be dry a lot of sunshine and above average temperatures a great start to the weekend today. we had a lot of sunshine temperatures in the 60s tonight. it's clear skies out there live look from our east bay hills camera facing towards the western horizon the bright lights of the city. you can see the embarcadero lit up for the holiday season the camera it is shaking out there right now. we do have offshore winds that are gusty at this hour. look at these wins in our hills right now gusting to 47 at mount diablo 26 wind guston mount tab the east foothills right now 27 miles per hour. thankfully we had a wet start to the storm season. so there's really a very low threat for any fire concerns tonight, but if we did not have that soaking storm we had in late october we would have concerns tonight because these are strong offshore winds that are supplying those above average temperatures during the daytime hours right now. we're slowly falling into the the 50s and the 40s currently. in vallejo, we're down to 50 in oakland 52 in san jose 54 in the city right now getting chile in
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santa rosa around a 46 already at this hour overnight tonight. the winds will continue in our hills overnight. it does get chilly dropping into 30s and 40s in the north bay under clear skies around the bay shoreline mainly in the mid and upper 40. so first thing tomorrow morning if you're up early it definitely want the winter jacket as we'll have that chill to start our sunday. here's live doppler 7 along with satellite the story we are tracking it is really quiet across the west coast we have high pressure that's in control. it stays there for the next several days supplying the quiet weather and the warmer temperatures future tracker temperatures as you get you into 11 am temperatures quickly warming into the low 60s before lunchtime and then into the afternoon with full sunshine some cities, especially in the south they will get very close if not touching 70 degrees by tomorrow afternoon a closer look at highs on our sunday if you like today you'll love more maybe one or two degrees warmer to finish out the weekend 71 in san jose to martha a lot of
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sunshine 66 in the city hit about 68 in oakland 70 in santa rosa 66 in antioch 66 the high and half moon bay. really a nice day. no matter where you are across the region talking about travel as you head into the holiday week ahead if you're traveling across the state monday, tuesday, wednesday or thursday, you get the green light. we're not tracking any storms moving into a lot of sunshine a few additional clouds tuesday and wednesday, but all in all across the golden state. we remain dry through the holiday week if you're thinking of taking to the air, especially on wednesday. look at this map. i mean, this is about as quiet as it can be across the united states wednesday. we will track a few showers around the great lakes even through parts of the midwest you look at the east coast. you're good to go. it's chilly in the 40s and 50s the west coast and the four corners. it's pretty quiet out there. so it will be stay if you are taking to the skies midweek around here. here's the accuweather 74 cast it's playing the next seven days for you a fine fall afternoon
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here on your sunday. we'll continue that sunshine into monday temperatures emitted upper 60s by tuesday. we'll see some cooler weather begin to move in here some morning font afternoon sunshine closer to where we should be for this time of year. a lot of people may be me across the state on wednesday. we're good to go. dry skies no matter where you go in california thanksgiving. it is looking very pleasant in the 60s. you're dining outside. not a bad day to do it and then friday and saturday and we'll add a couple more clouds to the forecast. but all in all it looks like the next seven days are dry if you're wondering when the next storm may linger looks like maybe around the 29th of the 30th to finish out the month. we'll keep our eyes on that but on on the next seven days, it's all about the warm weather and the sunshine. yeah. lots to be thankful for i like it when it's quiet, especially not thanksgiving. want to travel exactly. okay true. thanks. well, just ahead of football team from a high school for the deaf is defying the odds meet the players who prove that being deaf is definitely not a
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team from a southern california high school for the deaf is making history they have advanced to the state championship game abc reporter janae norman shows us how these players are proving that being deaf is not a disadvantage on the field. that winning moment for the cubs overnight as they won the division championship. dreaming fans cheering for the undefeated team but most of the players that worked tirelessly to win couldn't hear them. every member of the california school for the deaf riverside's football team is part of hearing or deaf. we can do anything deaf. people can do anything. we're not this stereotype. that's out there. they're the only all deaf public high school team in southern california and sign the place to each other without the other team understanding their coach also using sign language from the sidelines. we've got so many good players,
11:24 pm
honestly. not just players, but we got great students, makes coaching r me. it's just that amazing. it really has this school has never had a winning season sometimes going whole seasons without a win the world looks at csdr like ah, they stink their programs awful, you know, oh, they've never had a good season. here. we are, okay. that's fired us up. and now we're just drawing every game we're showing the world we can play action speaking loudest overnight the team celebrating their win as they get ready to head to state next week expecting to prove once again, that being deaf is not a weakness. i've gone. we have one more. we're not done. we have unfinished business championships on the way janae norman abc is new york? that is awesome. well speaking of sports chris
11:25 pm
alvarez joins us in stanford with the preview. hi everybody, chris alvarez here at stanford stadium coming up in sports big game and a big blowout how cal got it done over their arch rival in the 124th the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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sports sponsored by river rock casino hi everybody. welcome to sports chris alvarez here at stanford stadium 124 years of big game callen stanford. both three wins a piece heading into this matchup and yet records were still. being broken in this one. who wants the acts apparently not stanford? they started slow three turnovers in the first five possessions cal defending the fade route from tanner makita
11:29 pm
benjamin eurosick. they had two fourth in gold chances. couldn't convert bears. take over chase garbers. here comes the slant to trayvon clark shakes the defender and he is gone longest passed away in the history of big game 84 yards to the house. that's a hundred and twenty four-year span 7. nothing cow garbers 246 yards through the air. 9 on the ground stanford couldn't get anything going offensively or defensively oakland native marcel dancy. how about some town business gonna dance his way 76 yards to the end zone caliph 27 3 after 3 the bears of the big game records 636 yards of offense. these four have seen a lot of big game moments wonder where that ranks for them time for the ax exchange and here comes the chaos. watch out cowens 41. 11 bringing back the ax. it's the fourth straight year. the road team is one big game. we did have a really good week of practice. i think just that's quarterback
11:30 pm
in the next day. i think it just shows the resiliency of this team, you know coming off some struggles previous weeks. i think just overall the guys bought in and that's just the culture we have we came out here and executed next means a lot the axis. uh, you see the people rush the field. it means it's more than just we doing the field. it's for the people who come and support us and sort of people who you know, love this university. and then also it it's a it's a dedication to how hard we work. so, i mean it's a blessing getting that thing back we expected to come out and play well and we knew if we played well we'd give ourselves a really good chance to win and when that happened i wanted them to stay. field and bear witness to that because to feel that emotion. that's a very very special moment and the fans the alumni. i mean, there's you know, grown men and women crying because it means so much to them and i think you know, they identify with our team, you know, and kind of how we do things and what we're all about and again, it's a really special moment out there after win like that. not good enough. by instructors of the imagination had a couple of
11:31 pm
opportunities and didn't take advantage. kind of been one of the issues for the entire year. put ourselves in position and don't finish. i put that on myself to put these guys in position to be successful. river rock casino dion next outraged tonight from city officials, san francisco's mayor and police chief respond to the smash and grab robberies in union square. the one thing that may have spared other stores from being ransacked and thanksgiving dinner is going to cost us all a little more this year what we little more this year what we can do ♪ ♪ have you seen those small bowl---? oh! careful with the... (dishes break) sorry, mrs. c! excuse me, could we-- ♪ ♪ excuse me, i was wondering could we-- ? bedroom! finding the right person for the job isn't always easy... ...but when you have an insurance question, you can always count on your local geico agent. they can give you personalized advice
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a better bay area moving forward
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finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reaction from city leaders a day after several luxury brand stores were robbed and vandalized around san francisco's union square eight people were arrested abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard tells us the mayor and police chief are condemning the crimes and promising action. last night what we saw was horrible san francisco mayor london breed reacting to friday's chaos in union square police. say luxury brand stores vandalized and looted around 8 pm the louis vuitton store ransacked and emptied out by a group of thieves. the store is now temporarily closed and of crimes or to come and to vandalize or harm individuals you will be held accountable other stores were also robbed fendi and burberry had its
11:36 pm
window smashed, but police on patrol nearby may have stopped thieves from entering. there's no doubt my mind that that this this was not unplanned their plan was to overwhelm us their plan was hoping that we wouldn't be here. but we were this video now going viral on social media shows police officers bashing the windows of a mustang and pulling a possible suspect. out of the car chief scott defending his officers actions the officers that made the arrest on that mustang. were confronting an armed individual. they took him into custody safety. safely scott says multiple arrests were made the brazen crime sparking reaction and fear around the city's number one shopping destination cities not the same and just the lifestyle that it's going around here. it's not good from for families. we can't have it. we cannot tolerate. this kind of conduct at all in this city. i mean not at all the union
11:37 pm
square alliance says the crimes are unacceptable especially less than a week before black friday and the national start of the holiday shopping season. it's really important that we recognize that this impacts all of us. in the officials say more say my will soon be added around the square providing more security for visitors with new traffic controlled measures added to limit cars in the area, but you to allow people to freely flow in and out of this city commit these acts and get away with it. in san francisco cornell bernard abc 7 news earlier today at the airport in atlanta. there was a mad dash to get out of the terminal after a passenger going through security accidentally fired a gun the tsa says as agents were searching a
11:38 pm
bag the person lunged and grabbed. weapon and it went off three people were hurting the chaos that followed the passenger ran out of the terminal and police say they know who he is. we have identified identified the suspect as kenny wells. of 42 years old we have taken out warrants for carrying concealed weapon. at a commercial airport possession of a firearm by convicted felon wells also faces a disorderly conduct charge moving on to your health now health officials say now is the time to get vaccinated against covid and if you are already fully vaccinated, they strongly recommend a booster shot seven and 10 americans say they plan to gather with friends and family. they do not live with for thanksgiving the tsa screened 2.2 million passengers on friday the highest number since the pandemic began with more people mingling and fears of a major covid surge looming experts say the unvaccinated should not wait any longer to get shots some
11:39 pm
states are already seeing icus fill up. the about eight to ten patients on any given day in our community as of today. we're averaging about 28 icu patients and we have more of those patients coming in every single day. on friday the cdc greenlighted booster shots of either pfizer or moderna vaccines for all adults, california has already been strongly recommending boosters for all adults. millions of americans are paying more to travel to their thanksgiving destination this year do in part to hire gas prices reporter john lornick explains. that's not the only thing that will be more expensive during the upcoming holiday weekend. get ready to fork out a little more money for your thanksgiving feast the american farm bureau federation says it'll be 14% more based on their informal survey. it's really hard to point to any one thing but certainly the under.
11:40 pm
factor for most of those elements is the global pandemic. the biggest reason for the021 increase the turkey itself the afb which bases its annual findings on nationwide pricing data says bird costs are up about 24% higher this year one important caveat the survey was carried out before. stores started advertising promotional prices which came out later this year. we've seen price fluctuations anywhere from 88. suddenly, there's t t of variation that we're seeing at the in the retail space and i think that's driving a lot of those concerns about shortages when when people are out shopping one way to save a little money. this thanksgiving is to be a picky shopper make sure that as you're spending your dollars that you're looking at not just maybe going to the same grocery store for all items of the thanksgiving dinner, but shop around a little bit because
11:41 pm
there's certainly deals to be had but you might not find the same deal on every product in the same store. i'm john lawrence reporting. and it's not just thanksgiving dinner that's costing us more in september the consumer price pouly sh and eggs were up 10.5% from a year ago. well, this year's american music awards will be unlike any other the new way people can vote plus why there will be more winners than in years past and i'm meteorologist drew tuma after a chili start tomorrow morning. we will have a warm end to the weekend on our sunday while all the details may accur. coming up. i'm n n n n n across the country their bank accounts were drained in seconds, but the banks should not refund their money. to you know, how excited i got. oh my god, my money's back. so happy. i want to cry and i just couldn't be any more thankful to
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7 on your side absentee would be good instead of bad. it's just really life for being we will
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anniversary for the rock alcatraz may be best known for being a federal prison that housed some of the most infamous criminals in us history, but in november of 1969 the shuttered prison became the scene of a massive protests now a group of native americans occupied the island over how the government treated them the protest lasted nearly two years with protesters demanding the island be turned into a native american cultural center a ceremony was held today on the island. mark the anniversary the featured speaker was deb hiland who is secretary of the interior. she is the first native american to serve as a cabinet secretary. i know that. i stick on the shoulders of so many leaders who came before me.
11:46 pm
i stand here because ahe ms that.y gfor today ceremony included a traditional native american dance yesterday hollande moved to term squaw from federal lands declaring it a derogatory term and you can stream escape to alcatraz right now. it's on demand through our abc 7 bay area tv app. it is free to download and available on roku amazon fire apple tv and android tv. well whether by foot or by bike people in the south bay have a new way to move through a part of palo alto a pedestrian bridge over. highway 101 open today it is right at adobe creek it replaces an underpass that floods regularly making it available for use only about half of the year. this bridge will give people access to a nature preserve a park the san francisco bay trail as well as a golf course. members of our abc 7 family
11:47 pm
volunteered their time to make sure bay area residents have everything they need for good holiday meal in the coming days. they lend a hand sorting and bagging meals at the san francisco marin food bank this morning. these meals were prepped for volunteer drivers to be distributed to residents who are elderly ill or immuno compromised who otherwise can't make it to one of the food bank's. distributions our colleagues gave their time in support of our parent company disney's volunteers initiative to give back to the community. well, this weekend fans will have the final say on who wins at the american musical awards with fans casting their votes this year on a usual platform tiktok. be complete without live performances one of the most anticipated duos is megan the stallion and bts with the first live performance of their remixed hit butter.
11:48 pm
michael is just people to have a good time. this is right here. is they more like fun like hey good time. i like to go vibes. i like to party. i want to i want to like like when people up did she say whip people up? yeah, i think that's a thing. she says and can do. all right, the american music awards is your front row seat to all of these performances and much more. you can watch it right here on abc 7 tomorrow at 8pm. of course, you can vote via tiktok. i need to get with the on that tiktok. yeah. oh, i'm such a passive consumerance. i'll watch oh you're a lurker. yeah, but that's great. i mean you it's like hours on tickets too much work. it's fantastic. the people out there if you're thinking about being outside tomorrow, we're finding sunshine in the forecast warm temperatures, and that's really the theme over the next couple of days tonight though with clear skies those numbers. there are plummeting. here's a beautiful picture from sutro tao right now live look at san francisco you see bay in the background with those clear skies.
11:49 pm
are dropping and we're also pretty breezy in ourinve 25 rig. thankfully we had a really wet start to our storm season so far so our vegetation it has a lot of moisture in it. so our fire concerns are very low with these offshore winds 24 hour temperature change under those clear skies much cooler right now compared to this time last night, so it will be a chilly night across the region clear skies. 30s 40s have got the door first thing tomorrow morning grab the heavy winter jacket. you'll need it. those temperatures warm pretty quickly by 11. am we're already pushingd our ww will likely exceed 70 degrees 71 in san jose 70 in santa rosa 66 in the city tomorrow 68 in oakland accuweather 74 forecast. it is a really bright pattern ahead. you look mid-week. dry skies wednesday thanksgiving looking pleasant 60s pretty average for this time of the year and we'll keep that dry forecast for friday and saturday deal.
11:50 pm
tiktok forecast no. no, this will do true. thanks. alright to casey pratt now with the preview of sports craig casey. thanks deon. there have been 124 big games, and we've never seen some of the things that happen tonight chase garbers and the golden bears. back the ax make history in
11:51 pm
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enter the golden state, with real california dairy.
11:53 pm
sports sponsored by river rock casino good evening. there have been 124 big games dating back to 1892 yet cal quarterback. chase garbers did some things tonight that have never happened in this historic rivalry garbers and the bears took back the ax from stanford in dramatic fashion putting up a big game record 636 yards of total offense garbers also threw a big game record 84 yard touchdown pass to trayvon clark two touchdowns history made heading home with the ax and he gets to talk to chris alvarez not a bad night. it was great, you know to come down here get the win again. it's like 2019 with all the fans
11:54 pm
on the field. it was awesome. what did what did you feel like when you jump to the state in the day? how'd you guys feel coming in? everybody said you guys had a great week of practice. we did have a really good week of of practice. i think just that's quarterback. and then you just shows the resiliency of this team, you know coming off some struggles previous weeks. i think just overall the guys bought in and that's just the culture we had we came out here. executed obviously been not the year that you guys wanted to have but something like this. it's got to feel really good as you finish out this season. yeah, it feels great, you know always to get a win but then beat stanford at third place is awesome when you look back at big game and all your memories. what are you gonna remember the most both both this one in 2019, i mean being able to play in a bunch of big games that went to them is awesome. a lot of people talk about the community. it's not just for you guys just for the greater berkeley and and the alums it is that pretty accurate. it's very accurate. you can take a look right over there. that's for those people in ends for the cal community for everybody who's put on the uniform and alumni, you know we do for them. we won't keep the quarterback long. have fun with your teammates. enjo. evening. thank you. thanks. chase all smiles out there not
11:55 pm
so much here, michigan state announced a tenure 95 million dollar contract extension for coach mel tucker. hope he signed before kickoff buckeyes score 21 in the first quarter cj stroud to chris olave seven. nothing stroud 32-35 432 yards six touchdown passes. he finds a lobby again here. it's a route. knowledge me and then ohio state scored 28 points in the second quarter stroud 12 yards to garrett wilson 490 at halftime and they'd roll to a 56 to 7 victory now lebron james having fun with michigan state alum, draymond green tweeting out. can someone check on my brother at money23 green, please? i haven't heard from him today. sharks taking on a alexander ovechkin in the capitals just two 17 into the game connor sherry will fire at 518 hill shearies fourth of the season 1. oh caps just like that. this is why ovechkin is fourth on the nhl all-time scoring list one time or on the power play two. oh caps after one ilia sampsonov made 22 saves for the shutout also had some help from the post to wash hurdle nearly put it in sharks fall for nothing the
11:56 pm
49ers saved their season with a route of the rams on monday night football. so what do they do for an encore after coming off the huge win on monday? 49ers had to travel across the country on a short week to face one of the worst teams in the league the jacksonville jaguars warning warning. this has let down written all over it. the niners are five they can even their record and move up in the wild card race with a win. i don't think that people let down after something like that, but you got to realize the motions that go into monday night game is a little bit bigger where we were coming from with how bad we had played before that. so the motions were high and so you got to watch for that stuff your emotions. can't be high every single day. just the leaders on the team. i think we you know starts with us, i whether it's walk through practice, whatever it is we got come with the right mindset and i think it trickles down to everyone else. you know these short weeks happen quick. so we're right back to it today and it's got going with the right mindset. i think that's where it starts. there's no lull there. isn't we lost already? we don't want to lose any more and we're in a good position. we still have a chance to be in control of our you in control of
11:57 pm
our season so we don't lose again. i felt great monday night football feel great now excited to continue the season moving forward because i can keep that energy going this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino dion. casey thank you very much and that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm dion limb abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock for drew tuma chris alvarez casing pratt all of us here at ab. seven, thanks so much for joining us. have a great night, and we will see you in the morning.
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