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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 19, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> elizabeth holmes takes the stand
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>> breaking news news francisco where people are being told to stay away from union square tonight. video showing some of the chaos that unfolded tonight. smashed windows, police and people running in the street. good evening and thank you for joining us. ama: let's get right to ryan curry, live in union square with more on what's going on. reporter: good evening evening e both. we can tell you that this is a very active seeing here. multiple corners are blocked off. please continue to investigate what happened. they are investigating this. this, you can large pile of
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glass right in front of the store as apparently looters, as police are calling them, came into the store and took everything out of it earlier this evening. i want to show you social media video that was sent to us earlier tonight as the incident was happening. one man running away with a pile of clothes in his hand. just beyond that, police going right up to a car in front of the store and asking people. once we arrive, we saw police block off this corner. according to them, other stores as well are being investigated as to having possible break-ins. maybe by the same people. there's a lot unclear at this moment. this scene is still very active. there's police scattered on every corner in union square. we've heard reports that maybe some other officers are also going to be arriving as the
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night progresses here. you can see a large police presence in union square tonight. as for the exact amount of suspects arrested, that's unclear. they arrested a few people but they are still looking for others. we don't know the exact amount at this time. right now, they are still looking to -- to see what people may have done this. abc 7 news. dan: we will bring you any updates on this story on our abc 7 news that. -- app. ama: in the east bay, protesters took to the streets of oakland calling for change after a not guilty verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial. that was delivered in a wisconsin courtroom today. >> we find the defendant not guilty. ama: he burst into tears and collapsed into a chair after
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being acquitted of all five-county was charged with. he was 17 years old when he traveled from illinois to kenosha, armed with a rifle, claiming to protect lives and property during the jacob blake protest. he shot three people at the protest, killing two and injuring the other. his lawyers argued he was defending himself. the jury deliberated his fate over the course of four days. liz peña has more on how the bay area is reacting tonight. reporter: nearly 100 people took to the streets of oakland, responding to the not guilty verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial. ♪ the group marched from oaklands city hall to the federal building. they called the two white men he shot and killed heroes. activists categorizing the verdict as an emergency call to action. >> there's a green light to every sniveling coward, every
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want to be white supremacist vigilante. reporter: this verdict resonates deeply with the black community. in 2020, an oakland resident and his friend mobilized 50,000 people to march against police violence in the killing of george floyd. tonight, he responded to the rittenhouse trial. >> i'm going to be completely real. i was furious. i was so furious. reporter: rittenhouse's attorney argued he feel for his life and acted in self-defense. this law professor said the jury needed to answer one question. >> the jury was told to focus simply on the moments right before and when there was a shooting. there was no doubt that he shot these folks. jury was simply asked, do you find that he was justified in self-defense? do you find that the government hasn't proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he wasn't justified? reporter: there was one black
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juror in the jury. activists are pointing to racism. >> i definitely think that he was found not guilty because of the color of his skin. it's also because we live in a country where, since day one, this country was founded on racism. reporter: there's racial disparities in the criminal justice system. >> what would have happened if he was black in the same situation? i don't know. reporter: abc 7 news. ama: in kenosha, dozens of community activists and family members of shooting victims rallied outside of the courthouse. a few protesters were detained. in new york city, protesters marched through various bureaus. that event remained peaceful. dan: the verdict in the case is just one of several across the country that bay area police agencies are monitoring closely. another is the trial of three white men accused of killing a young, unarmed black man, ahmaud
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arbery. >> we are preparing. we are checking our intelligence. we are hearing from other law enforcement at the federal and state level. >> the more pressing case as far as african-americans are concerned is the arbery case. that's why al sharpton and jesse jackson are there. dan: closing arguments are expected on monday. ama: milpitas police released body cam footage of a police shooting at a shopping center last month. we want to warn viewers, this video is disturbing. >> gun, gone, gone. ama: police were investigating a stolen car reported by san jose police. the suspect exited the car armed with a gun. a detective opened fire and he shot back. a shootout broke out between police and nelson who was hit by gunfire. he later died of his injuries. dan: today was the funeral for a
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23-month-old. the toddler was killed two weeks ago by a stray bullet on interstate 80. friends and family filled the piedmont services home. the family provided photos of the service along with a video honoring jasper. the family burned paper toys and food, a chinese tradition. the oakland police chief says, we just have to do better. >> we are all responsible. i agree, we are all responsible. despite our opinions about police, we have to realize that there has to be safety in our community. so many families in this community feel unsafe right now. dan: no arrests have been made so far in the shooting. a gofundme campaign has raised around a quarter of a million dollars. ama: the mother of an antioch woman shot and killed yesterday is asking the shooters to turn themselves in.
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the 29-year-old was a passenger in the suv that came under fire as it approached the bay bridge on interstate 80. her fiance and two sons were also in the car. her mother told us by phone from her home in georgia, her daughter was headed for a job interview in san francisco. >> the coroner told me, the kill shot was a bullet that went through the phone and shot her in the head. she died instantly. no one would want to hurt her. my baby, she was the one that everybody came to. i can't see anyone coming after my baby. ama: authorities are saying little about the investigation so far including whether the shooting was targeted or random. anyone with information about any of these recent shootings is asked to call the chp investigation tip line. the numbers are on your screen. dan: let's move on.
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elizabeth holmes took the stand in her own defense today in san jose. she's facing 11 counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire sprout. she's accused of misleading investors and patients. abc news was in court capturing the unexpected testimony. >> she walked to the stand and took off her mask. she smiled. that set the demeanor for the rest of her testimony. dan: she testified for an hour at the very end of today's session. she talked about the early days of the company, testing its blood test technology and her investors. she's expected to be back on the stand monday and tuesday. ama: nearly one year since the fatal stabbing at a south bay church, this weekend marks the somber anniversary and a celebration of life. oakland has received a large amount of federal funds to improve the city's infrastructure.
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what is it planing to do with it? dan: drivers in socal finding free money on them on -- free money on the freeway. what they are being told to do with that cash. spencer: gray and drizzly tonight. i will have the forecast
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downtown san jose is nearing one year since a homeless man fatally stabbed several people. in november of 2020, 5 people were stabbed into died. as amanda del castillo you explains, the congregation is getting ready to celebrate the lives of those victims. reporter: the liberty theater oa
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special friday night vigil. ♪ faces of transgender people who have been killed. pictured here is ms. kimberly, one of two people who died after last year's stabbing spree at grace baptist. >> is painful still. reporter: for james, that pain is emotional and physical. on november 22, he was working as a shelter employee when he was stabbed three times. his lung collapsed and he needed surgery on his shoulders and spine. on friday, he took us through the hall where it happened. >> there was footsteps of blood. reporter: the church brought on a new senior pastor. grace baptist has rededicated itself toward fighting for justice for the on house, for trans rights, and for people of color. >> we've been able to turn back to life again, to try our best to grow our church and to be a presence.
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reporter: attendance at worship services has gone up 70%. saturday, that community is expected to come together to honor the victims in a series of events. services for transgender day of remembrance. a concert in the sanctuary led by ron beck. >> we mourn both of their lives because they were precious souls to the congregation and community. reporter: this survivor says it's only fitting to dedicate time to those who died. ms. kimberly and john paulson. >> it's good to take a little bit of time to celebrate the beautiful things in life. i'm just glad i'm here today. i'm here today. reporter: the events are free and open to the public. they are being held here at grace baptist church. abc 7 news. ama: a big step today. the fda and cdc say all adults can get a booster shot of the pfizer or moderna vaccine.
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you must wait six months after your last dose. previously, only adults at high risk of getting the disease were eligible for booster shots. we've looked up places in each county where you can go get a booster. that's on abc 7 news website. click on the first story you see. dan: with the passage of president biden's infrastructure bill, the city of oakland is celebrating the award of $14.5 million of federal grant money. the city will be able to begin a number of transformative projects on broadway and mark luther kuhn your -- martin luther junior king broadway. they create more accessibility to oakland's waterfront. the oakland mayor spoke about how important these funds are for the future of the city. >> this city is painfully aware that good infrastructure save lives. it's just a down payment on a
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total vision of equity, safety, resilience that cities across america just like oakland have been waiting for. dan: new fiber cables will be installed to improve access to the cities free public wi-fi service. ama: the 124th big game between stanford and cal will take place at stanford stadium. after playing in an empty stadium last year, officials projected crowd between 45 and 50,000 people. stanford will enter the game with a 3-7 record. cal comes in with a 3-6 record. larry beil have more on the big game coming up in sports. dan: crabbing season will open on december 1 this year north of sonoma and mendocino counties. no crab in time for thanksgiving but you could see fresh dungeness in time for the end of the year holidays. it was delayed because of humpback whales swimming through
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crab fishing zones. ama: the hillsdale mall held its tree lighting event. ♪ the christmas tree was lit in the main square of the mall followed by a parade with all the favorite christmas characters. there's the grinch. they all made appearances. kids took part in gingerbread house decorating and toys for tots. families were happy to get out and feel the holiday vibes. >> it's nice to see everyone getting back into the spirit of things after the lockdown, the necessary lockdown that we had. ama: the star of the show, santa claus. he will be available for photos with kids from now until christmas eve at macy's centre court. dan: there's your headliner right there. [laughter] let's turn now to the weekend weather forecast. ama: sandhya patel is here.
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sandhya: the weekend won't feel like the holidays, that's for sure. we will warm it up for you. find fall weather. let me show you what it look like earlier this afternoon. a couple showers came through. there was a rainbow from our camera, just absolutely gorgeous view of thatainbow. how much rain did we get? not something to write home about. will take any moisture we can get. hundreds of an inch in santa rosa. san jose picking up 707 inch. some places did not measure. napa zero. i want to show you what's ahead is the pattern is going to switch from onshore at noon tomorrow to offshore, gusting over the higher terrain. the offshore wind down sloping, warming us up. that's over the higher terrain we are expecting the winds to pick up. for the big game, stanford at 66
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degrees. coming down to about 58. when stanford takes on cal, it should be mild weather. lots of sunshine. a lot of cloud cover and fog. low-level moisture. fog has formed dense fog right now. visibility down to a quarter mile. definitely watch out tomorrow morning. it's a little bit drizzly outside. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. a live look from our exploratorium camera. it is decked out in san francisco. sunny and mild for the weekend. dry weather for thanksgiving. let's take a look at the planner. 7:00, cool with morning fog. upper 30's to upper 40's. partly cloudy by noon time. 1:00, temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's as we head into the afternoon.
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tomorrow morning, what you need to know about is if you have early plans, give yourself extra time to get to where you need to go because of the fog reducing visibility. upper 30's to low 50's. don't forget the jacket. for the afternoon, shirtsleeve weather. anywhere from the low to upper 60's. sunny for saturday. as far as rain chances, we fast forward next week. there's a system coming through northern california. really a dry pattern right through thanksgiving. it's a milder pattern for saturday, sunday. plenty of sun. temperatures come down on tuesday with more cloud cover as the system passes. a slight chance of flowers -- hours. the weather looks fantastic for all of those plans. dan: it does. thanks. ama:
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or get started with internet and voice for $64.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee. give your business the gift of savings today. comcast business. powering possibilities. the freeway. san diego has shut down. look at the freeway right now. oh my gosh. ama: should we hire her? traffic came to a halt this morning after an armored truck dropped a load of cash on the freeway. the doors of the armored vehicle came up and and scattered cash
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on both sides of i-5. drivers got out of their cars, scooped up all the bills. authorities are saying that any cash picked up off of the freeway is being considered stolen. a man and woman have always been arrested. chp is asking everyone to bring it to their office immediately. dan: it doesn't belong to them. the -- can the warriors went on the road? ama: larry beil is here with sports. larry: welcome to the pool party. jordan poole had the green light all night long. lit them up in detroit in a game that went down to the wire.
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on load management in detroit tonight. final game of therefore stop road trip. steph just relaxed on the bench. watching his understudy go to work. homecoming for jordan poole. back in michigan. 22 in the first half. to the third quarter. look at chris shows up. he looks like steph junior. a couple big threes late in the quarter. warriors up 16 after three. feasting, bee sting, reversing. 32 points but this game goes down in the final. detroit needs a three to tie up. frank jackson gets a look. all the way around and out.
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get the rebound. loose! time runs out. warriors hold on. 105-102 to go 3-1 on the road trip. >> to come in here and really ry get contributions from everybody , it turned what would have been a solid road trip into an excellent road trip. larry: lakers and boston. lebron james back after list -- lifting -- missing the last eight. they account for half of the nba championships. nice reverse. jason tatum with a game-high 37. the celtic's role 130-108. santa clara hosting cal poly. pj pipes to daily and williams. if once is good, twice would be better. williams led the broncos with a career-high 26. they rolled 87-57.
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the 124th big game tomorrow at stanford. 4:00 kickoff. cal snapped a nine-game losing streak. the resulting celebration has stuck in the minds of both teams. >> there's no greater feeling than winning. on the flipside of that, there's no worse feeling than losing. i remember 2019. i think that was the worst i ever felt after a loss. >> i remember the fans pouring on the field like it was yesterday. overall a great win. larry: spo
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tonight. dan: for all of us, we appreciate your time. have a great weekend. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- ryan reynolds. "science bob" pflugfelder. and music from ryan hurd and maren morris. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. that's very kind, i appreciate it. hi, everyone. i'm jimmy kimmel, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] you may not know it around here but tonight is a big night for country music here on abc. the cma awards. you picked a good night to stay up. we've got ryan reynolds, science
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