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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 19, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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answinerg your questnsio world ws. night ines xt and i'll see you 4. tonight, breaking wsne -- kyle ritteounhse foundot n ilty on l alcounts. ilguty on alcol unts. rittenhoeusha sking as the verdict is read -- not guiylt on each count. then collapsg inin tears. familiesf othe two otprestors heho st and kiedll with an -15 reacngti, sangyi today's verdict sends the unacceptable ssage th aatrmed civiailns can sh uowp in anyow tn, then e us e thdanger ty hehave creedat to stify shtioong peopline the restet. kyle rittenhouse's attorney sayi rngittenhou wseishes none of this ever happened. th cedc decirtor offiaiclly signed o tffonight. booster all adults in this untry 18 andld oer.
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nitoght, wrehe to get emth, how onso, and h mowany dsay does it take befeor you'reac bk up to 95% prottiecon? wha ty'hereow n saying. the tnkhasgivingee wk srmto with milonlisdr iving. thhee avy rain, snow in some plesac and gusting win adsnd at the sedpe of thisto srm migh mtean for thankivsging day. rob rcmaiano is rehe. the price for gas. authorits ienow prectdiing holidayra tvel thisea yr will nelyar reach wrehe wwee re a yearef bore the pandemic. what y'loul pay cpaomred to last year, anwhd o will p tayhe most and erwhe. > the morajic vtory tonight forre psident debin. eth house passes the second part ofis h domesticag enda, funding for childar ce, univealrs pre-k, d fhtiging climate. what hpeapns now in the senate. a tndhe results of eth president's physicl today just in tonit,gh and theic ve esprident kalama harris making sthiory. the breakgin headline. the shooting outdesi a high hool. at lstea threetu sdent shot. wh wate've theia dne sawyer excsiluve night, t shetory that griedpp this nation.
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c13hildren held captive by their parents for years. for e thfirs ttimeou y'll hear and e sethe moment o onef the ugdahters gets out othf e meho. she didn'knt ow what the ighborhood wldou look like on the outside. what are sidewksal for? e descrisbe calling 911, and weee s righter he tonhtig for eth firstim te wtha officser findhe wn theyho sw up at that ont ordo. the stunnedar pents opengnihe t do.or >>th> e new images comgin in tonit ghfrom chisene state-run mea,di claimintog showhe t teisnn star w'sho been arthe e image tso be beevlied? and the one team not far fr womhere we ear tonight. i promise you'll be rooting for them, no taking sides. our persons of the week. dan good eveng infrom our los anleges weav he a lot to tge to toghnit. we're ingog to beginit wh the
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rdveict in e thtrial ofyl ke ttenhouse. not ilguty on all chaesrg after the shtioong deaths of two men d injinurg a third. ttrienhouse a17t the ti wmeho me fmro another state to kenoash wherehe tre are protests agnsait police. he wasrm aed withn aar-15. leky rittenhseou shaking as he ardhe t jury's verdt.ic not gutyil. eabrking int otears. you seeim h collaps besefore the urcot. his mother closing her eyes in lireef, watcnghi on with her two dahtugers. so there,he tam fily of the two men rittenhouseil kled ledov eson holding hdsan ashe ty were unned heinarg the rdveict. rientthouse ssay it swa self-defseen. nitoght ritthoenuse attoeyrn yssa he wisshe none of this ever happeden. and wordon tight fmro presenidt biden. abc's niseor natiol na coesrrpondent rrtey moran leading uofs f from kosenha. the defendant wi rllise as the jury a hndearken tito s rdveicts. >> reporr:te kyle rientthouse,
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tremblg inwith emoonti as the court clk erread theur jy's rdict. >> joseph roseaunbm,e w theur jy find the defenda kntyle h. rittenhoeus not guilty. as to th seecond count of the informioatn, richa mrdcgniins, we the juryin fd the denefdant leky h. ritthoenuse not ilguty. reporte tr:hose jurs,or seven women, fe ivmen, finngdi ttenhousnoe t guiltyn oall e charges. a>>s ttho e frtouh count, anthonhuy ber, we eth jury find theef dendant keyl h. ritthoenuse not ilguty. as to theif fth uncot, ggeai grosreskutz, we the jyur find thdee fendantyl ke h. rittenhoe usnot guil.ty >>ep rorter: iedmmiately aerft, kyle ritnhteouse burs stinto tears,ol clapsing toin his chr,ai embraci hngis attory,ne erovwhelmed tbyhe moment. the jursro took thr eitime sifting theve idence a lndaw, liberati fngor about6 2hours over theou crse fofour days.
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adle prosecur tothomas bgeinr brieflrey acting ttho eir rdict inou crt. >> the jy urhas reprenested our commituny in thitrs ial and s ha okspen. reporter: rteitnhouse claimed se-dlfefense aerft he shotnd a kill jedoseph ronbseaum and thony hur beand wounded ige grosreskutz duri ang presott last yr eaover the poli scehooting aof black m an in kenos.ha th pearent of anthony herub isedsu a statentme. w>>e are hetbarroken anand gry at kyle ttrienhouse s wa acquitted. therwae s no jusceti today f or anthony foror mr. rteitnhouse's other victims. today'ves rdict mes anthere is no aouccntabilitfoy r the peonrs who murdeder our son. it sdsen the unaepcctable ssmeage thatrm aed citizs encan show uinp any tow in,ncite violceen, and th uense the dangerhe ty have catreed to stjuify shoongti people tinhe reet. le ritteounhse left the urcothouse are fe u see him heer smiling, are fe man. s aorttney spokeo t reporters.
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>> hwae nts to g oetn with h is fe. has a he ugsense ofel rief r what t jheury did htoim day. he wiss henone of isth would have er vehappened. >> reporr:te this trl iasparked a naontial conveatrsion about lf-defen asend vigiltiansm. ttrienhouserm aed himself with an ar-15 and chose to go to the presotts. kyle got i onver his head. heig mht have enbe flioosho tbe inha tt situaonti ithn at mome, ntbut foolhnisess is not a crime in the unitestd ates, and tathe end of the day, he still had aig rht to selfef-dense in that momt.en >>ep rorter: f morany black americs anwho belie evthat a black man whdio d what ttrienhouse did would ha bveeen treated dierffently inou crt and on the strtsee, thvee rdict was painl.fu >> wvee' beehen re every dayf o th tisrialan, d it is disheartening ktonow thathi ts systemti sll does t nowork for stjuice. 'sit a miscarria ogef justice. saw theid veo. u saw the veoid. >> repteorr: late datoy, pridesent bideren acted tohe t rdict.
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>> i stand by atwh the jury has concdelud. e thjury sysm teworks, a wnde ve to abe idby it. reporte ar:nd tonight the esident issuing ari wtten atementay sing tha mtany americanars e flieeng angry and coerncned about the vdierct, myself included, but jury has spok aennd he vsow to do evyterhing inis h perow to enresu all america ansrere tated eqlluay with faiesrnsnd a diitgny under the law. here in kenoa,sh officialsre a urging a peacelfu reaction to the verdict,nd a david, right rtnoh carolina its i very calm here. >> that is encoaguring. rry, tha ynkou. t's get to ourhi cefeg lal anysalt dan abrams tonight. eth reactio tnso this trial, as polazerid as theou cntry is, peopleav he had sontrg rcteaions both sides othf e seca. s wathere anony e thing that uyo can pointo t that could have been a turning pntoi for the jury? >> i think it washe t videos of the incidents. in ayp tical case like th,is enwh a defendant takes the tnwiess stand it all comes down that pers'son credibily,it
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t buhere the jorurs could aluate for themsveels what haenpped. ey actuayll aedskf ithe jury debeliration pceross toee s thosvie deosag ain. ani d think thamat de all the diffenerce here. rememb,er they were not deciding he,reho w do theyel bieve more? theyer we decidi ang very specicif legal qstueion -- do eyth think the prosecutors predov beyond rea asonableou dbt atth it wasn't self-defen?se and ihi tnk those videos mead a bi gffdierence. >> dan abrs amander try moran th us tonight. >>no> w to eth oerth major heliadne breakgin a srtho time tonightht e cdc director . rochelle walenskyre gen litighng bstooerho stsor f all adults8 1and old iern this country. wher teo get them andow h long es it take after the booster otsh to getac bk to 95% protection? what therey' saying d anhere's iellree shefon tight. >>ep rorter: tigonht, the cdc eaclring theay w for booerst
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shotfos r all amiceran adults. one udsty showina g pfizer boostebrr ought wangni otprection bk acup to abt ou 95%. on alybout onen ifive people who arale ready elibigle for a boosr tehave gotn teone. some c adcdvisors inpoting out manyeo pple weret n'sure if eyth rewe even elibigle. the guilidenes, thoh ug we-illntention, edwere geraonsi. today's tevos clearsha tt up. i eligie?bl the answer is >> rorepter: the panel tayod so specicafilly urgi pngeople over 50 gtoet a booerst. moreha tn a dozestn ates made thr eimove ahe oadf the cdc, antod night, a surgen idemand. >> forhi ts locati, onwe don't haveny a appointntmes. o>>h. >> reporr:te but manpey ople say theye 'vhad a ha trdime findg in a otsh. >>os ctco, ritaie d, cvs, safeway, and tn hei think i gave up. >> rorepter: david, as for those boostershe ty can srtta going into arms imdimeately. cvs and waleegrns say they'll artdm ainistering them tomoowrr. teafr the shothe t body starts
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builngdint aibodies in aew f ys but it tesak two weeks for peakpr otection. >> tnkhas to you tonight. wno to theha tnksgivin g stmor just as millison take to e roads, moving quick nerow this syemst, set to sweepnd a e thmidwest, heavy rain, snow in some places, gustingin wds and what t shepeed of eth storm might anme for tnkhasgivingay d seitlf. re's robar mciano timing it allut o for us. r>>eporter:he t forecast has anchged and it is the speed. let's fast forwa trdo sunday afteoornn, whichs i when tshi thing begintos takeha spe with low acro tsshe great kelas. thrae in pusheacs ssro the east. eaclrs the coasintle. gettgin confideenc by tueaysd and wedndaesy that thishi tng does ithn e linger,ut b iwit ll belu bstery and cold come esday wind cllhis will b ien the teens d 20s, not warming up much me wedndaesy. vid? ob r marcian onitoght. rob, tnkha u.yo millionofs me aricans prepare the trav felor the holiy,da the price o gfas this year, toghnit
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erwhe americs anwill beay ping the most. kaylee hartung with the prices roacss the tinaon, reporngti omfr right heer in los anges,le where icpres a sreetting rorecds toghnit. r>>eporter:on tight, mo trehan 48 mliilon peoplare e preparg in htoit the roadsor f anksgivi, ngnearly amas ny as before t pheandemic. and eyth'll be pinayg the highest s gaprices isen ven ars. accordg into aaa, theve arage price r foa gallonf oregular has soedar nationwe idto $3.41, up me orthan a dlaolr from jt us onyee ar ago. prices up more than 60% across pas rtof the nthoreast. eth highest prisce here in califoiarn. .7$40 on avegera. are these prices sustainable? >> no. no. i mean, not if you're traveling. >> rorepter: andha tnksgivin g r travels i up0% 8, approaching prepandemic levels. 4.2 milln ioamericanins the sky, payg inan estimedat 23% mo freor airfare than last year. d anthanksgingvi meals u14p %. thmoe st expensive evefor r mifalies. vidad,na alysts say we haven't
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ev seneen the highestas g prices t, but a drop coulde b on th e wa iyn the coming ekwes. vidad? k>>aylee hadtung with us in lifornia. w noto the moraj vtoicry for presenidt biden,he t house sspaing the cosend part of his domeicst enagda, the nearly trilliobin ll. where doeits stand wn heit goes to the nasete? it has mon neyor univealrs pre-k, fhtiging clitema change. d also just in, the rulest of esprident bin'des physilca datoy, and t vheice presenidt kalama harris kimang sthiory. abc'sts ephanie moras from t he whe ithouse. r>>eporter:re psident benid riarving bacatk the whi te house toy daafter vitising lter reemed dical ceernt for hifis rst physalic as presenidt. >> i feegrl eat. nothins g'changed. we're ginreat >>ep rorter: uiknle the trp um white house, the biden team releinasg a detaedil health mmary. the presenidt's doct or pronouinncg him a alhethy, vigoro 7us8-year-o fldit to successflyul exetecu the duts ie of t pheresidency. biden dearcling it aoo gd day in more ws aythan one.
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>> ie 'vhad a grt eaphysical and a greahot use of rreepsentatives vote. reporte tr:his morng,in the house fillnay passinhig s sweeping1. $75 trilln iodomestic agenda, clinuding unerivsal pre-k d ana histor iicnvestment ftoight glol bawarming. the build bk acbetter bl ilis sspaed. [ chrsee and appuslae ] >>ep rorter: cerhes in the hous be,ut still l aong way to go. e bill n howeads to e thsenate where paagsse is anyinthg but certain. david, earlier at walrte re,ed presidt enbiden also underwent a lonoscopy. wheas under anthesesia, so far 85in mutes vicpre esidentam kala harrisss aumed predesintial wers, becinomg the first woman in americanis htory to do so. dad?vi stephanie ramos at the white use. thank u.yo > we'reoi gng to turn now to the diane syeawr clexusive, the ory that grippedhi ts cotruny. children held ctiapve by their pantres for years. for the rsfit timeou y will hrea
3:44 pm
d ansee the menomt one othf e daughterset gs out othf e home. she didn't knowha wt the neighborodho wldou look like on the ouidtse. e descrisbe calngli 911, and we see for the fstir teim wtha officersin f wdhen they swho up tathe front ordo, the snntued pares ntopening e thdoor. here's 9is11. doou yav he an emeenrgcy? >> u--m i just ran ayaw from meho. d>>o you kn wowhat stre et yoreu' on? u>>m, no. uhi , just ranwa ay from he om cabeuse -- iiv le in a filamy of , 15okay? can you arhe me? d we havabe using pantres. >> whas t'your name? >>or jdan >>ep rorter: nrleay four yrsea late tr,his is jdaorn turpin, remeermbing thatig nht. >>y mwhole bo wdyas shaki,ng and when w ias holdi tnghe phe,on i rememr bethe phonwae s sh- -like, i ulcodn't reay ll
3:45 pm
dial11 9, becaus--e i'm sorry. dan then i fillnay, li,ke presdse it, an tdhen they answeder. lii terally neveral tked to somebo odyn the phone,nd a i was telling emth >> reporr:te i don't know how you d hathe coure,ag never havingpo sken to aonnye like atth. >> ihi tnk it wa ls,ike, us coming so oscle toea dth so many times. >> hi, jordan. >> you're lkioong at the body mera foogeta from the dutepy as he arveris. w>>hat'gos ing ?on okay. i -- i just ran away fmro meho. >> okay. and -- i live in a family of 15. >> okay. >> my two ltliteis sters right w areha cined up. >>he ty're chaedin up? >>es y. w>>here arehe ty chaineupd ? o>>n the bed. >> do u yotake any medication? what's medicati?on >>ed mication? y>>eah, whas t'medicati?on >>o dyou take pil?ls ydoou take pillfos r --
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>>h, o i d'ton thi ink've ever taken a llpi befe.or o>>kay. r>>eporter:he t girl with a strangvoe cabularyer nvously puts oa n litt hleat. >> this is one of e thmost ariest tnghis i've er vedone. m i'terrified. >> dyoo u have ptuicres of yr ou siersts chaineupd ? >> yh.ea >> yh,ea they're in here. >> i don h'tave proof of everhiytng, but hai ve proof that my siersts are chneaid up. so, e?se y>>our pares ntchained emth up? yes. cabeuse theyto sle food. >> ok. ay >> but they ste olit becau se th weyere hungry. r>>eporter: daylight avegeras ov aerle pasantub surban neigorhbhood. it's sunday, most residents still asle.ep qutliey, riverdesi county sherf'ifs detipues pull tupo a use. >> say i'm doing a welfare check? >> yh.ea >> reporr:te they knock f 2or minutesnd a 10 sendcos. enth suddeynl the door cckras open. >> hi. >> hi. >> repteorr: a mothernd a father aparpe. w>>e got a llca to checfok r lfare here ayot ur house.
3:47 pm
>> they are brehiatngea hvily. >> reporr:te david and louise tpiurn, who have ncealed cha amber of horrsro, for almost 30 years, now watch as deputiests art to make their way through the door. >> we're goingo tcome in and cheq check chk,ec ok?ay r>>eporr:te in one of the rmsoo inside the hoe,usom seone is wainitg in her bed, esyeid we open, praying that knock othn e do moreans heris ster mead it to eedom. >> knock knock knock. mik le -- anthd en they sa,id it's the lipoce. i'm like, this is it. >> i heav seen this twhoo-ur special. it is extradiornary porerting. these yngou mewon, their stngreth, and atwh they surviv.ed dianse' special airs tonight on "20/20 9,":00 p.m. eastn,er ght heer toghnit. > and when we come backhi ts eveng inwe'll swho y touhe new images out tonhtig of theen tnis star missing. tbuhe t question, shoulthd e rlwod belief them? doesn't ve. sifhe d, idit would be impossib tleo get in.
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postedy baep rorter with inchese state run media. e'shs not been seen in public since accusing a fmeorr governntme officia olfex sual asulsat. > >>when we come back here, it is aer vy big night aheador f a unyog team right i arguantee yowiu ll root f or th.em an d having more ofhe tm isos psible wi vtherzenio. e thonlyne o of its ndki proven to hp elyou live significtlany longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of mepanouse. verzenio + fulvestrant fisor hr+, her2-masettatic brstea canrce regardless of mepanouse. atth has proesgrsed after hoonrme therapy. ardirhea is common, may be sereve, orau cse dehydtiraon or inftiecon. at the first sign, llca your doctor stt aran anti-diarrhea l and drink uiflds. before taking rzveeniote, ll your doctor abt ouany fever, ch illsor, other signs iofnfection. rzveenioay m cause lowhw ite blooced ll counts, ch which may caeus sseris ouinfection. th catan lead dtoeath. li fe-threateni lngung inamflmation c oanccur. te yllr oudoctor autbo any w neor worsengni troublbre eathing, coug oh,r chest pain. seris ouliver pr oblems can hpeapn. sympto imsnclu fdeigatue, appetiteos ls, stomacpah in and bl eeding or bruising. blood cls otthat can lead to deathah ve
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>>fi> nally tigonht here,ri fday nightig lhts for a young football team defyi tnghe odds. our pernsso of the we. ek >>ep rorter: tonit,gh in rirsveide, californiath, e cubs e armaking hiorsty. r fothe firstim te in their school's 6ye8-ar histo,ry their varsy ithigh school fooaltbl te iams deunfeated -- 11-0. number 24 running back philip castaneda catching the ball nnruing it into the end ze.on another tohducown. e high fesiv from the team and the celeatbrion aftesir lent. the team is deaf. threi cchoaes th aeyre deaf, too. ch[ eers andpp alause ] these are the sdetunt athteles om califniora school for the deaf, riverside. theyav he been pyilang and nning aingast teams tt hacan hear. tonight they're getting ready for eithr bigstgeam ge t,ye the misefinal championshs.ip dig rht befo, rethey sig hn,i and th ratniunng backou y saw
3:58 pm
the,er number 24, phip li castaned ta,elling us, we can't hear, that doesn't mn eawe can't pl.ay we're heer to play, dane wcan. de receiver jori valenc,ia gnsiing we'reho swing theor wld we canpl ay. and ty heare, warming up, runngin ildrls, jumping, tating. their pctraice is quiet. ach keith adams signing hello, too. with aes lson foris h players andea rlly for us all. the cchoa saying, believe in yourlfse, we're impeecrft, we're all imperfec mt,ake the best out it and you're gngoi to be stju nefi. is runni bngack sniigng this -- deaf peoepl can do anhiytng. we'r neothe t stereotype that's out there. we're breaking tshi to e thnews. we're brkieang news atth we can do it. >> we jtus love these young athletes. incredible. the cu,bsur o persons othf e week. i' sllee you mdaony, good ghnit.
3:59 pm
>> buiinldg a bett beray area, moving forwardfi, nding solutions. this is c ab7 news. rrlay: thanksor f joining us, i am lar bryeil. isten: i am krteisn sze. a deadlyho soting inan s frciansco, a m aanrmed whit a knife shot. rry:hi ts happened afat ith and lsfoom. >> at 8:05 this ficers rpoesnded to calls at this hot relegarding m aan with a kne.if office mrsade ctaonct whit a spsuect and at let asone fired. >>ff oicers reernded aid and mmoned miceds to the team -- ensce. >>us spectas w tenak to the hospitalhe wre he di.ed residents of the buiinldg were >> i was like, wthahe t hell happened at mylo bck?
4:00 pm
it happed neat myot hel. >> wlehi much is under investigioatn, thecoy nfirmed the suecspt was unonkwn. pdsf planso trelease informioatn in thcoe ming days. >> whiitn 10ay ds, theol pice depamertnt will be ndcoucting a town hl almeeting for its commitme tnto accounbitality and transpenarcy. we will proveid informaonti as becomes avaabille. >> this is the second time this ar san fncraisco pole ichave red on seoomne. rry:et dails about the bay area wanom killed ain fitru -- freeway shooting yesterday. e was a mother ofwo t boys who we iren the cawir th her. the victim'' mother issk aing thshe ooting speuscts to tnur themselv iesn. >> she w tashe mom of two beautil fuboys. she


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